Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 10, 1962 · Page 4
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 4

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1962
Page 4
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editorials Page 4 Cinrdon City Wednesday, October 10, 1962 Drew Pearson Reports A//-/mpor/an/ Helium TODAY'S DEDICATION of the helium conservation program at Amarillo marks the beginning . ol a new chapter in the history of this important element. It has been said the liquid helium may provide the passkey to outer space. Using this liquid, metals can be cooled to within a few degrees of absolute zero —more than 400 degrees below the freezing point of water. And at these temperatures, some metals conduct electricity so well that a metallic coil weighing less than a pound can generate an electromagnetic field that would require equipment weighing several tons at normal temperatures. Manufacturers of atomic reactors use helium gas as a leak detector. Fabricating industries weld metals in a helium atmosphere. Doctors mix nonflammable helium with anestthetiCs to prevent operating room explosions. At the National Archives in Washington, helium filled cases prevent the decay of the most precious documents in American history — the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. The government has undertaken a conservation ,, .program to make sure this versatile and important "'" 'Element isn't wasted. Southwest Kansas is playing a key role making, life better for all men, in scientific development and ;,£;$n space travel with its production of helium — " "which is found in the natural gas from the vast Hugo'""'ton field. These gas fields produce virtually all the helium in the United States. If this helium isn't removed, it is burned up when the gas is burned. a Precious resource which points up the" potential in an area which has just begun to Kennedy Hurt by Democratic Friends He Helps WASHINGTON — When the history of the 87th Congress is written it will undoubtedly show that Charlie Halleck of Indian*, the GOP leader, is right in claiming that it wfls a Democratic shortly after he gets back to Cap- Istration, Smathers was consid- itol Hill. Smathors partakes of ered "the man to see" if you JFK's bacon and oggs, listens to wanted things done around the the plans for pushing JFK's White House. He went every rtratfegy, then takes off for the week end with JFK to Palm Senate and proceeds to to op- Beach, sometimes flying in the J11S ,,,„ , .. , Congress which stabbed its own pode JFK's strategy whenever it same plane. The played golf and John F. Kennedy, in will help — not his" friend in the lunched together. White House — but Cfeorge Among other things, Kennedy Smathers of Florida. appointed Smathers' ex-assistant, Early in the Kennedy admin- Grant Stockdale, ambassador to QUOTING Jay Baugh of the Ulysses News^ who quoted Cecil Rice, this fashion note: There will be no change in men's pockets this fall. » AND PEGGY of the Flint Hills says/'when you .hear a woman bragging that she wears a size eight, '.you don't need to ask which it is, dress.'or shoe." 1 •*•*'* THE WORLD WAR II GI, the Veterans. Administration has figured up, now is a middle age' man of 44 with a wife, three kids, a mortgage and a $6,000-a-year job. And to children today World War II is something back in history that their folks seem to know quite a lot about. That's the way we, as a child, felt about World War I. * * * THE TRUTH is we are not yet prepared to give'a run-down on fall and *' '?>'-'*'; . winter fashions. We have glimpsed only d. h. a *' ew scattered headlines — necks will be muffled; silhouette is simple . . . jewelry is ornate; fur is the thing, the for-real kind or fake; there's a color called raisin beige; for $42 you can buy a leopard headscarf. # *T -v * * **% CARTOON QUIP: 'He's remarrying her for his money." •*••*• + ^f THE LEE E. TAYLORS are looking for their * «^cat — a black Persian with a white front. The Taylors moved about a month ago from 9131/2 North Second to 704 E. Edwards and their pet has been miss'"" since then. If you see or know of a straying cat his riAapviTvfirvn call fliom TToi- •nomr, \o "A/Tot>,M> President, the back. But both historians and Charlie Halleck can go further and recount that part of the trouble was JFK's policy of being too nice to congressmen who were too nasty. He followed the policy of turning the other cheek to congressmen who bit the hand that fed them, ; There is no better Illustration of this than the fact that Congress has been kept in session three extra days, largely because one of the President's best personal friends, dapper Sen. George Smathers of Florida, put tip a roadblock against adjournment because he wanted to override an expected presidential veto on a pet pension bill for doctors and other professional men. Srn. Dick Russell of Georgia joined him — in order to get a U.S. — financed peanut laboratory in Georgia. Smathers had voted with tihe doctors against medical care for elderly people who have a hard time paying their doctors' bills. Then he turned round and pushed a special pension bill permitting ,doctors and other self-employed, generally among the top bracket citizens, to get special tax concessions for preferred pensions. The bill will eat a further hole in the budget, and th e treasury considers it. so unjiwt that it has recommended a White House veto. But Senator Smathers, who has long campaigned for a balanced budget, announced last week he woulrl hold the Congress in session until todav so as to override any veto from his old friend and golfing partner, at whose wedding he served as usher. The interesting thing about JFK is that he has turned the other cheek to Smathers for two long years. The more the debonair senator kicks him on the legislative shins, the more his old golfing partner comes back smiling. It's gotten to be a Joke around Senate cloakrooms that the President's shins are black and blue — though not merely from Smathers. Other "loyal" democrats, such as Bob Kerr of Oklahoma, have contributed to the bruises. But Kerr doesn't come to White House breakfasts every week as does dapper George, and look affably across the breakfast table at the man he is about to kick Garden Citv Tctatfram Published Dally Except Sunday and Five Holidays Yearly by Thfl Telegram Publishing Company at 177 Eaat Chnstnut Ireland, where the Mississippi- born Florldlari' was not a huge success, and has been replaced by the genial irishman from Philadelphia, Matt McCloskey. But after about nine months of patiently tolerating Smatheais' biting the hand that fed him, the White House leaked word that Kennedy was "cooling" on his old friend. Whereupon the hand- some senator from Florida got an appointment with Kennedy in the private, upstairs part of the White House and called for a showdown. He told friends later with some glee how he had informed Kennedy that he couldn't sufi,-ort mm on everything an-1 thai '•' "•-•' had said th e "cooling off" report came from his staff and did not represent his own personal feelings. After that Kennedy went further out of his wa'y to feed the mouth that bit him. He journeyed all the way to Miami last March to speak before a $100-a- plate dinner honoring Smathers and raising money largely for Smathers' re-election — though he's assured of being re-elected. TET.EPnONK BE 6-3231 Bill Brown Kdltot Mnrvln Smith .. Advorllslnc Mnnarer this description, call them. Her name is "Maverick," and she's dije to have kittens any time now, the Taylors say. Phone 6-8112. '« • • * * * ; POEM (copied): Reflection on Seeing the Twist I think that I shall Never. Member ol the A*nnc1ated Pre«s The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to Hie use for reproduction of all the local news printed tn this newspaper as well as all AP news and dispatches. All rlerhta of ouhiicat- also reserved. Terms ot Subscription By carrier a month In Garden City, Jl.TiS. payable to carrier In advance. By carrier In other cities wher« service is available, 30c per week. By mall to other addresses tn Flnney Lane. Scott. Wichita, Oreeley, Ham..ton, Kearny. Grant. Haskell and Gray counties. $7.50 per year: els»- where $15:00 per year. Second class unstage paid at uarden City Kansas. If Telegram motor carrier service Is required to .have publication-day delivery bv mail in cities that have local carrier ssrvlc*. local carrier rnt.-.(i apply. 'On Your Toes, Now! I Want All Of You Clean And Fit" GOOD/YIAR WESTERN KANSAS CAR-OWNERS! HURRY! FACTORY* WAREHOUSE DISCOUNT TIRE WHILE STOCKS LAST! 196 Factory Cloes-Oiits! PREMIUM TIRES NYLON-TUBELESS WHITE WALLS SAVE UP TO 40% ON THESE NEW PREMIUM TIRES Sizes 750x14 850x14 800x14 820x15 RETREADS!! DEEP CUT FULL TRACTION FACTORY TREAD DESIGN 4 For Only plus tax exchange INSPECTED USED TIRES! NO TRADE-IN REQUIRED! Inspected by ourTire Experts I Wide range of sizes! Big Selection! Some Matched Sets! ' DOOR-BUSTER SPECIALS! BE FIRST SAVE 20% to 50% IN LINE! Quantity Six* Type . 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Fulton Garden City — The Garde* jpat Phone BR 6-4323

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