Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 1, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 1, 1943
Page 2
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HopeStar rry WMk-dQV QttWnOOO bf star Publishing Co. Inc. f. P«t*« end AlSc. H. W«w»*um) Slat bulhfino. 212-2U South Wolnut strMt, Hop* (* MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS , Entered os second ctoss matter ot the Postoffke ot Hope, Arkansas, under the Art of March 3, 1897. f AP)—Means Associated Press s Newspaper Enterprise Ass n. &fa««(lption »«»• (Always Payable .I" AdVoriceJt BY eitv carriw, pv w<*k ISC MemfKtead, Nevada, Howard, MUlet ana Lafayette counties, $3.50 J»f year; else where $6.50. Member of The AMMtated PtettiiTh Associated Press is exclusively entitled t »he use for republicatton of all news dis patches credited to ft or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the loco flews published herein. • National Advertising RepresentoUv irkansos Oatiles, Inc.: Memphis, Term Sterlck Building; Chicago, 400 North M ch fean Avenue. New York City 292 Madiso AVe ; Detroit, Mich.. 2842 VV. Grand Blvd Oklahoma Citv, 414 Terminal IBdg.; Ne Orleans, 722 Union St.. Charges on Tributes, Ete.t Charges will b mode for all tributes, cards of thanks, res lutions. or memorials, concerning the de- oarted Commercial newspapers hole! to th s oolYcy in the news columns to protect then Naders from a deluge of .^«:»{*' t & iI K: mOr'als The Star disclaims responsibility tot the safekeeping or teturn ot any unsolicited manscripts. ^ Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken pver the Phone. One time—2« wor4, minimum 3«« Six times—Se word, mlplnHim 75e Three times—3 Vjc word, minimum SOc One m.oqth—IBc ««"•• mlnmJMm.$2-'<l Rotes are for continuous H.sertlons only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES for the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. . 3t < RED CHOW AND C Q C K E R Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded \>y day week or month- Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd HAVE RECEIVED NEW STOCK of first line Atlas Tires. Bring •your purchase certificate. Standard Service Station. Washington, Arkansas. • 28-6tpd HOSPITAL BED. MATTRESS AND springs. Cheap. 1406 South Elm Phone 274 -J. 29-3tpcl For Rent 50 ACRES, GOOD HOUSE AND out buildings. Five miles on Hope DeAnn road. See John. C. AUen 27-6tp Galbraith Resigns As OPA Deputy By KARL BAUMAN Washington. June 1, (fl 1 )— J. Kenneth Galbraith, the 34-year-old R foot 8 inch former Princeton eco- lomics professor, is out as deputy price administrator and the quos- ion today is whether his departure will restore harmony in the strife-torn Office of Trice Administration. Gatbraith's resignation climaxed a sharp, conflict with Lou R. Maxon, chunky Detroit advertising executive, and $1 a year OPA dep- tuy administrator in charge of public relations. In announcing late yesterday that Galbraith had resigned, Price Administrator Prentiss M. Brown merely said the resignation was effective immediately, and that "any personnel changes at this time in no way affect the basic QPA policy to 'hold the line on prices in accord with the president's recent executive order." Galbraith himself offered no comment, and Maxon was out of the city. Brown's mention of "personnel changes" led some to believe other key officials might leave. Maxon, it is known, would like to get rid of all important officials who were identified with Leon Henderson's administration of OPA Maxon has made it clear that he wanted general control over OPA policies and personnel. Galbraith said he would quit if Maxon took over as Brown's chief aide, and Maxon replied that if he had his way he would gvie Galbraith 15 minutes to pack. Following these sharp words, Brown told reporters that if "they can't get along, I'll pick the one I think is best and let, the other one go." The suddenness of Galbraith s esignation aroused some specula- ion that James F. Byrnes, new lirector of war mobilization, might have suggested to Brown that he ake whatever action he felt neces- ary to end the dispute. The Galbraith - Ma.xon dispute first reached public attention when hey took opposite sides on the question of compulsory grade labeling of canned goods. Brown, who once indorsed grade labeling, finally abandoned the plan in favor of a compromise. Much of the criticism of Galbraith, in and out of Congress, has concerned the complexity of price regulations, in defense of his ad ministration, Galbraith took the position that there is no "eas> rpad to price control." This road he contended, is so full of loophole and injustices that it would be t'rQad, to inflationary ruin." SIDE GLANCES By GalbraKh PRIVATE tS ON THI -ID FLOOR GENERAL _ YOUR' rOFFICE I- 6ECOND THE DOES IT HAVE A GOOD LOCK? PEMEM6ER,THE TRUNK MUST BE KEPT IN A SAFE PLACE!' Tuesday, J gne )? l^£ ^,.r^r-—-----.^=rr-T'.-.•••.:•--:-•. ^ ^ CfOlie N °' "" ROOM AND Al HBINF^X ^^j>^-^y , vs if" " * AJ '(ft ,*K!- L-«. 1 to it:*?- BRIM6 YOUR , MEALS,.. / "MM HV^-i LL .Mi i > ty -e > J* /. S- v/i/ /( »., ' . '*• a 1.1 ' Al ;1 ™"*-R !i«l/H. m>'TSYMEA~l ? Popoye "Soiled Linen!' Thimble Theater "I don't see why my husband comes to these ball games- he just works'himself up into a rage every Ume over something or other! ( _ _Cop W.Ki«if«i>«"l5r»*"!rrr«j W fi WW* fol C v /D / ^ ^Ife ^M Donald Duck In His Own Backyard! By Walt Disney FUNNY BUSINESS T W.O - R O O M UNFURNISHED apartment. Private bath. 821 West 7th St. 26-6tpd CLOSE IN NORTH SIDE OF FUR- mshed duplex apartment, two 'beds. Decorators just finished redecorating. Mrs. Tom Carrel, Phone 164. 29 " tt Blondie 6-I_ A Reserved Seat! ! I By Chic Young TWO-ROOM APARTMENT, FUR- nished or unfurnished. 218 West Ave. C. t l-3tpd. Help Wonted ~ WHITE OR COLORED WOMAN for light housework and assist with children. Apply 315 West Sixth after 6:30 p. m. 2§-tdh SECOND COOK, MAN OR, WOMAN. Checkered Cafe. 29-3tc Today in Cpngress By The Associated Press Senate . Schedules vote on reciprocal trade agreement restrictions (meets at 10 a. m. CWT) Byrd committee hears Jesse Jones on RFC agencies. Agriculture subcommittee resumes hearings on OPA food price roll-back order. House Considers joint conference report on pay-as-you-go income tax legislation. Military committee hears Secretary Knox and Perkins and others on anti-strike bill. Smith committee resumes investigation of rent regulations. r 1>-I COI'VlWBYNEASEIWICt.mC. T. M. »IO. U. s. .•».."" | "John has great things planned for him when he up!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD Wonted to guy GOOD CLEAN TWO-SEATED CAR. Plymouth or Chevrolet. Will consider pick-up truck. Rufus Anderson. Hope, Route 1. 28-6tpd Wonted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnished apartment. Conven iently located. Duplex preferred. Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Saturday. l?-3tdh I WILL HAVE CLASSES AT Brookwooa school for students desiring credits in elementary work. For information call Mis Miriam Porter. Phone 780. 29-t Lost BOYS' BROWN L E A.T H E R pocketbook. Lost Saturday, Ma 29, near Saenger theater. Con tains four dollars and ideritifica tion papers. If found please return to Hope Star. 1-tf Hold Everything By William Ferguson 7/ia. PROVINCE OF WAS KNOWN AS fsJEW FRANCE "1535 TO 1763 QUEBEC, 1763 TO I79O, LOWER CANADA, 1791 TO IS46, CANADA EAST, • I84fa TO I8&7. AND THEN QUEBEC AGAIN, CANT A MAN TAKE HOME A WI6W-CMA1R FOR HIS BABV ? WOULIMAM, TAKE A SOUAP CAR UP Ji.CKSOM STREET AMP SEE WHAT THE TROUBLE \S OSJ j\ 11 THAT NUMBER W^~ SIX BUS JfOKAV ••'^-^^ ' ^ f! fjfX* r\ /^ / ^- ^-— l Boots and Her Buddies cv a -X Red Rider A Man of Tender Feelings By Fred Harmon COPR. 1941 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REa U. S. PAT. OFF, MOST BEARS ARE "It's a habit—the general is always reviewing somebody!" OUT OUR WAY - By J. R, Willioms ,^ % ^-^w^^-//--'.,6^; : ... ^*^-'-^^ >*,.-•£*$ vj ' •' *~'~^' *-%s?,ffll8&3X ^* j^-\ W" ""^^5^3L VOAVT'U triET GET CLOSE ErtouoH A oOOD SHOT, TH 1 Wardrobe While You Wait_ By V. T. Hamlin mm * UM& ANSWER: Panama Canal Zone. NQ', JUST ON TH' ISlKaHT"SHIF WHEN TH' BQSS IS FLAT YOU FLIP TH? SIGN OVER WIP THIS BELT POLE.' IT'S A LITTLE EXTER WORK ON THIS MACHINE HERE BY TH'OFFICE. BUT IT &.IVES TH' REST OF TH' GUYS A CHANCE TO--YOU KNOW--A LITTLE POKER.... SLIP OV6E TO TONYS... A LITTLE .*- BORI-J THlRTV OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople — ——^^^—^^^———^•—•••••^•^•••^•^^•••• PUT MM COUSIN OM ICE GO LOMG HE. VSlALTZ.E:O ODT Of- THE CLIKJK WARDS, \MITH DO ANN OF- NOLI BROTHER. OVJL'b KMO\M 3UDG& REMCVAS ?— C.UPPPSB ONE VJERt SLPCTED TO APPEAR BEPORE HINA TO TALK TO HIM yJOULD OME A <=>P\R\T - Olr ' UP DUST LIKE BRIDE'S HOLLHR.- IN6 /\T P>. 6\M1SS ECHO/ y.'osa^.M i g*yr jggs^mr ^^^^I^-.M IAISUTJOUK .^ U A R f:N e i^.c|F /^SP M A " ICE PLUMP ^IfetELVFb'uNTSirrTBUT., THEFJE MUST BE , E WAV TO SHUCK PUT OF JT... AH, , OSCAK;.. , VA C.OT A GR\P ON TH' M OUT OF IT... AH, J\ ON JH' / Y£Sj MQW 1 ^l^lEi*^/ \5r T k ^ihf 7/'- not-H. tMi bv The Strain Is Too Much By Merrill Bl«s?er ""^ mi ^L^u^ tes^l |^»ra i ssSL Tr'c PEOR&BLV JUST A RUMOR/.. -V.^H, .^rT,?, W1A.KIWG A FUSS ^~ "~T, 'WHAT BOD* \ ^^^S^f^^ ^^^ LAPD? WHO'S I AUQ IF ir IS A MULDER. MYSTEJRV, /i-D I>AENIION n. ; SHOT? J f/^- OFF' LET Tne POLiceJA 1/^=^ _-< LAY Wl-r-. ^ ANOLE|T / pj^sT^ ^-)*^r~" I '•• ^> \ x'\ vo X / i,^ IF you DON'T ~n=U- WE WHAT HAPPEMJD .I'M GONNA BUST// '

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