Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 10, 1962 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1962
Page 3
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Garden City Telegram Wednesday, October .10, 1962 Mathematics Gave Rocket Expert Trouble Bw PETER REHAK OBERAUDOHF. Germany (AP) Is your child having trouble with mathematics? Don't worry, rocket expert Wernher v: n Braun did too when he w.-is a boy. His father, Baron Magnus von Braun, was exposed to as many ups and downs in his son's early school career as any space-age father. The elder Von Braun, at B4 an imposing man with . s!i white beard, recalled in ->n interview that hit, son failed the 9th grade because he wasn't in jrested in the arithmetic and ! ndred subjects he later fouiui c-.sential to his career. Wernher von Braun, whose complex calculations years later were to send the first U.S. space satellite into orbit, at the time was enrolled at Berlin's evclusive College Royal Francaise. His father, a wealthy landowner in Lower Silesia, was general manager of an agricultural lending bank in Berlin. Speaking of the Berlin school, he said: "I enrollerl Wernher there to give him a )v."kground in languages. Most of the school's subjects were taught in French. "Unfortunately, languages bored him terribly at this time." Even then, however, Wernher was interested in the heavens. "His mother, who influenced him greatly during her life, had a great interest in astronomy and lit in him a passion for the skies," j the baron said. "He would spend j hour after hour looking through a telescope." The elder Von Braun said he could not recall hi s son's early rocket experiments, the experiments which led him to develop the V2 rocket for the Gem ans i in World War II. ; After Wernher failed at the Berlin school, his parents decided he needed a change of environ- ; nient and enrolled him at a i boarding school at Ettersburgh, j near Weimar. It wa$ at the Hermann Lietz High School at Speikeroog, on the North Sea, that the trend changed. ! "When I opened a letter f om ' the school I got a big surprise," the father said proudly. "It said Wernher was way ahead of his class in mathematics and that his progress was remarkable. "Later I was told that h e had ! substituted for a sick teacher and ! taught the final school year in mathematics." Tlie baron said his other two sons sailed through school with ! little trouble. NOW SHOWING WILDEST PARTY EVER FILMED! News and Color Cartoon STARTS FRIDAY! A NEW TARZAN . . . SPECTACULAR WITH GIANT THRILLS . . , GOES TO INDIA CO-HIT . . . Blazing Action . . . JAMES STEKAttT RUTH ROMAN COWNNECALYCT WALMBRENNAN FAR CQUNJRY • JOMUfcltniK- TECHNICOLOR* WATCH FOR THE BIRO MAN OF ALCATRAZ It will be most unusual and memorable entertainment . . . 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