Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1954
Page 4
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r-BjjB, -^TfL,.* llB* SB, <lJHi ' I.OD .8.00 ^jfltftf&jp %m iipft R^srts-is \%\m i.« i.oo 16.00 SIFIED DISPLAY . 4tit Hfcl^SUiar Or _ Vrifl fokS ffi* on*-day rot*. ^.tu^mna oa<tMww eow iS-a^— ** .4.1-AII W *J. lu j£.* atl daVirflMftienW w- IfHtldn., artd to f*|itt Par Sate HAY, Johnson grass & lespedeza " S. McDavttt, PTlorie 84* Chicks. Large assortment. See these chicks before buying Several varieties, Dannie Ram* Htoft, Feb. 27-iMo Political Announcements »utfi&m*d to tn- thai the ioiifattfil fcft candidates fa? public dftiee nub- Ject t6 th6 66ti6h b! the ARKANSAS Mwlr Players- Paster thbft Ctittth WINIFRED, Mont., WM- Coach Chuck Kettering decided to give his Winifred High Sdiool physical education class s6me pdMters iri football. The • student* -caught otr t»0 fagt for Keltering. He went >to the hos pital with.an injured "leg. SPORTS ROUNDUP (JAYL6 TAL66t. SWEET Potatctes Sc'ed. - Mi|6ld • -certified, at $8.50 per bUshel,' B, Htfdnett, Rt. 3. Hope. Phone 7-4S&3. 4-tt Bl<5 st&rted pullets for early layers atso nice'tender fryers. 7,000 to 'plek from. St<e Mrs. Lester Muck- afcee, C6untry Glifb road or call MJdsd'ulh Cotton & Supply. 6-fll PAIR of mules. 1 to 8 years Old. J. E, Jones, 3 miles east on high way 67. 8-et _ _ weh o» houtw tmrnbttt Mont at 'On» star win not 'b« tttpoh. •iiJn^arti Ad* UnM* -ilid ,to eur attention "MrtAton..!* td ctfKI bgl-Y ,th* ONE ,lncorr«ct Sr:-"K<-~ S&Snjn;:. }]•£.*• j 'A^'' W '>ft*rfii>on by '"CO., .». r^J-JIHA&rt^ > i^SuA/*' StlMt, Hbfim,'I4ltor »,,t M., J«fat,ttMMVa«ina -Editor I*, W.< Hoimarj Mich. Supt. rvi.'fDgvls, •xaVitlMng Monagir _ .JiSifeeoiid class 'moftor at ta Office at Mope, - Arkansas, Audit Bur.au •! , , NOW AVAILABLE PRIVATE PARKING-CLOSE IN PRIVATE Parking space, by the month, now available at park. Ing lot, rear of St. Mark's Epis- cop'al Church, 3rd and Elm. Con- tack Joe Mason at Frisco Depot daily, after 2 p. m. 10-121 MASEY'S Farm. 80'acres and newly decorated house. One mile from town .$20.000. Will sell house and 13 acres, $14,000. Trade fdr pine timber land. Phone 7-3535,, Mar. 10-1 Mo, country eggs now 40 Cents 1 More 'flowers' daily. See them 'blbcVning. Arthur Gray,' Ozan. . »i ', ' 10-6t . ,Dutch houset.paint $175 ,aX ; 5PittsbUrg $3.'95.>Byers Bro• thers;Swap Shop. 105 SouthiMftirt- ' ' Plenfy jof baby chicks. Your Full- O-Pep L Dealer, Hope Feed 60 Phone 7-254:7. - 12-6t 19sT CHEVROLET. 4 door, power glide, heater, radio, and Seat covers. Under 15,000 miles. Grain Esso Station lfi-6t TWO "bedroom modern home. Two acres land. SlOO cash, monthly paynrients. Call owner, T. N. Belew. Phono 7-4308 \ 15-3t i : >'iM' B (pQyalili>ln od- mi .and .rwlohbor- t* . Reoresentat irllles,; Inc.; 1602 Storick fS'n^-Ii^-y .SPfcJ"*?' '" f|>alJo«»rexo»;.?WO*N. > " &60'?., ,of .'the/;Associated 'Prasij '-'-•"•-*- to *nWI«d «x: ir replication. ' printed In thli a'complet of il',B v Bea r uty Shop, Phone fef??;Jo,i.? 01 * fr« e?n- |*Qontractlrig- Service ath'EJm,'Hope |*E>REWIND « , ^^ERVICE :• &-*rt.fewt.M4W For Rent finished apartment. 1 Pri 203 .High street.' 'PJione ' - s • 5-tf Bandy Ife tiieast, fHope Caf forte ,7-2961, .night!' ( i> BEDRDCJM 815 West 12-3t THRE^**room apartment;']N.icely * jturj|abed. 20i"Bdn'rfeK ' ' 18.TF. 'GODlSOLD furnished apartment.. vafe' bain. j&,<f block' frpm town. '' kdiUts only. .Phone ^7f33H,, 15-3t I ] f-.i C i \\< Notice OTW'Bp^yTsj/all ne v w pourts'.' when.guests arrive- or ; tourists inv quire. 2 people $3.00, '4 people "•"i.OO,'.' •, , Feb. 17-i Mo. We give, the best Prices and' best Trades' for your old Furniture. HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. Phone 7-2261 i Feb.' 22-lMo. SUBSCRIBE Texarkana. Gazette. Complete sports. Other late ne\vs. KCMC Programs. E^u'ly delivery. Dale Hartsfield. Phone" t : 4fllO. Mar. 12-1 Mo. Real Estate Wanted 1C Security Ufe Ins, Co. |;,J-tjjeprve'Non-Canpcllabi9 -*•» msjpUa«?ation r Health "-Jr'.,.* Aeeidcnt , q s?^** m W HAVE buyers for all size farms. List today. United Farm Agency. 10J • East Front Street, • Phone v"7-3766. Mar, 1Q-1 Mo. Wanted CLIFFORD BYER9 W0OD1LL . AHMOLO S. MlDDLESROOfcS JOLLY (AM6KETTB) fiYERS for Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) R'WGGLfcS JlMMY C60JC ft. D. fSON) PHILLIPS TOM MlDbLE&ROOKS Alderman Ward 8 B, L. RETTIO Income Taxes TWO Accountants to help you. 101 East Front Street., 'Farm Bureau Office Phone>7"3766. 30-Ct Services Offered SEPTIC Tanks Clbaned. Phorttj' 7-6980. March WM6. CALL Payne Brothers. House MOV* ers, insured contractors. Public Service Commission Nijmbfer M- 1425. 313.Central Avenue,'Stamps Arkansas, PhOrte •' 3-448'l' ',in Stamps ( Arkansas. Mai'fch 2-lMo. IVtATTRteSS. renovation t and innerspring work. Cobb' Mattress ,Co. 316 South Washington. Phone 7-2022.' ' " - ' ^-tf MA'N and tractor for plowing pat- chds & gardens. -Write Ontee D6u gla's, Rt. 4 Bok 115, Hope. iS-S't ANYONE interested in taking bookkeeping and shorthand at night Call Mrs, Thurman. Ridling at 72057 after 4 o'clock. 15-TF 5:00 Bobby Benson Monday - • • '6:00 KXAR Suppei- : Club fl:-15 - Evening Edition News 'OldO Gabriel Heatter — M '6i45 !Perry Como Story — M 7:00 Inside Story Guy Lombardo Under Arrest — M ' News, Bill Henry— M Sports Ten — M '• Dinner Date — M President Eisenhower — M Music . Frank Edw;ards — M Land Of The Free Tunes By Telephone Final Edition. United Nations — M Dance Orchestra — M 7; IS ',7:30 6:00 8! 05 6:15 8; 30 8:45 9:00 9; 15 '^9:30 •10:00 10: is 10:30 10:55 11:00 Lets Look At The Weather Baseball By The Associated preis's Sunday's Results / Brooklyn ,(N) 9, Boston 8 Chicago (A) 7, New York (A New Ydrk '(N) 16, Cleyeland 6 Philadelphia (N) 14, Detroit 1 Philadelphia (A) 13,'. ''Was'hlnp ton 3 i •*% ;MT; ' St . ^ouis (N) '4, ChicrfgojW) ^ Milwaukee (N), ,14, ' CMeinnal -^ # .' ,i, r ,-Br6oklyn , (N) <. f 9p'!?i7,, Pittsburgl (N) 5 ' ^w' t ;| • ! j , Memphis, (SA) s ?-*lj.i } Pittsburgh "B'» 10. t',\* f^ 'rt ' I •Cipcinhati (NXJ-*'fe»' U0 r .Chica go ("A) "B" 8 Baltimore (A) 10, San (PCD 4 ,- • M s ,» Fights Lost Night | By The Associated Press /Cincinnati— Joe Micelij 156% NiC-W York decisloned Johnny Lorn- bardo,',15Q, Mt' Carrpel, 'Pa, (10V Hollywood,' Calif.'-^Jake Willi£)fn,(!. 182, Los Angeles stopped, Jimmy Sheets, 184' / ^» Long Beach, (3), ', •'• Basketball District 1 Class A Senior Boys Van Buren 53, Green Forest 42 Legal Notice ( A young lady.''Neat appearance fqr e^shiei; work, Apply Mr. Wil§on, 209 South Main. i5-3t Lost SMITH-ActHlene putting torch. Friday on main. E. M. McDowell J2.13 South Main. 15-31 Help Wanted HARDWOOD flooring grader. lim- mediate work available. See D. C. Pierce, Superintendent. Dierk? Lumber & Coal Co., Broken Bow, Oklahoma. 12-3t Graduation Gifts: The easy way, Ujy-A-Way. /.WATCHES of all makes. Mhoon's Jewelry ' Main SLAUGHTERING Rolph Montgomery IN THE HEMPSTEAD > CHANCERY COURT MILDRED ALEXANDER • . 'PLAINTIFF VS. McKINLEY ALEXANDER DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The Defendant, McKinley Alexander, is hereby warned to appear in this Court within thirty days hereafter and answer the complaint of Mildred Alexander, Plaintiff herein. WITNESS My hand pnd seal as Clerk of this Court on this 8th day of March, 1954. SEAL Garrett Willis, Clerk March 8, 15, 22, 29 Legal Notice No. 7590 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. J. C. Welch etux Plaintiff vs. Francois DeLacquescaux etux Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Francois DeLac- queseawx et ux is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint' of the Plaintiff, J. C. Welch et wx. • Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 20 day of Feb. 1954. (SEAL) Garrett Willis, Clerk- W. S. Atkins. Atty, for P)aintltf Attorney Ad Litem C. V. Nunn Jr. iFeb. 22, March 1, 8, J5 LOOK!!! your old furniture to! will make a DOWN I P£, A ,MW W4r|om, •!»», ite, Djnette set, :,ypusTON i'SStoyiBi Ugol Notice No. 7000 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Betty Applegate Et Al .... Plaintiff vs. Wm. I. Belcher Et Al Defendant WARNING ORpER The Defendant, Wm. I, Pejpher Et Al are warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the PJaintUf, Betty Appl<jgate Et A3, < Witness my hand and the sesl of said court this 26 day of February 1954. (BKAU John Sigh Off Tuesday •5:57' Sfgn On •B:00 Rhythm Round Up 6:15 News :'&Marke'ts 6:30 Hillbilly Favorites 7:00 Alarm Clock Club 7:15 News. Breakfast'.Edition 7:25 Sports Report 7:30 Calendar Of Events ^:3|> Southwest Ark.. NeXvsreel 7:45 Mornins Devotional 8:'0ft News. Robert JIurleigh — M 8:15 Anniversary Club fil^S School News ' ' 8:35 Job. Call-Board , 8:45 Hi'Neighbor 8(55 9:00 Lis't'en Hospital TTotes k . New Arrivals 'fliSO^Hea'dliiies l^ews -f- M '9:35, Johnny Olse.n — M lOi'OP Society News 10:10 "Socjal-, Security }0:25 ( Headline News — M '1Q-.30. .Queen For-A "Day'— M lliOd Cur't^Massey ^ime — M ,11:15 .Headline NSWH 11:20 Old-Time Tune-Timp 11:30 Farm'News 11:40 Church Calendar 11545^.'Meet The Music Makers 12': 00 Noon ? Ne\vs' IS:45 .Eddy" Arnold 12;3'p Know Your Bible 12;'45 Market Repprts 12:50 Quartet Time 1:00' Bible Lesson 1:15 Nashville Hour 2:00 .Matinee Moods 2:30 Halph Flannagan '2:45 Spelling Bee 3:00 Ladies Fair — M 3:'30 Welcome ,Rrahch — M 4:00 Cousin Carroll Callin 5: OQ Sgt. Preston — M 5:30 t Sky King — M 5:55 Headline News — M 6:00 KXAR Supper Club '6il5 Evening Edition News 6:30, Gabriel Heatter — M 6:45 Eddie'Fisher — M 7:00 'Inside Story 7:15 Music By Miller 7:30 High Adventure — M 8:00 News, Bill Henry — M 8:05 Sports Ten — M 8:15 Dinner Date — M 8:30 Search That Never Ends — M 3:55 Lome'Green — M 9:00 New^, Frank Edwards 9:15 Public Haelth .Series 9:39 State Of The Nation — M 10: QO Jinal Edition 10:15 United Nations •*- M 10:30 Dance Orchestra — M 10:55 Lets LOOk At The Weather 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio Programs NEW YORK •'.($*- Selected programs tonight: NBC -T- 7;30 Barlow Concert; 8 /oorhees Concert; 8:30 Band America. CBS —7:30 Talent Scouts TAfcifcA 1/4—Speaking as a man whb is eminently qualified on the subject, Paul Richards says there isn't any question that shortstop is the hardest position to play properly in baseball This- despite the fact that the only thing the Chicago White Sox manager evei'did everything," he said. "He has to be quick and smart and has to kriOw.how to make more plays right than any other man on the field. If you haven't got a fine shortstop you haven't :got a ball club. You can g6t by without really lop men at other positions, but not there." .The reason Richards was chosen to settle the long-standing debate was simply the fact that, boy and man out of Waxahachie, Tex,, he did everything there war to do on a ball field, including pitch. He played at least one full year of minor league ball at ever infield position. No other player, so far as we ever heard, can make such a claim. "I started out as a pitcher in high school," he recalls. "A pretty good one too. The only thing that made me different from other pitchers was that I pitched either right or left-handed, depending upon the batter. 'From the time I was a kid I could throw as hard and curve a ball as.weir from one* side as the other.' 1 ' > As we ..ch.ancecl to live at that time in another, small town no far from Waxahachie, wo heaul tr- stories Of. the youthful phenom's ambid cxterity and can vouch was Iheir truthfulness. The classic was Richards' battle ' of witn with the bright young high school, batter Who kept cWitchin:; on him',, depending upon which haftd Richards wore his glove. : Hfichards finally solved that by tossing his glove away. .Richards' account of his early career was 1 interrupted 'by a courier bearing tidings that his last able-bodied catcher; Carl Sawatski had been beaped by a pitch ball in an Exhibition game over at Sarasota. - - • ' As a result of the accident Rich ards promptly ordered a full set o special skull protection care am announced that no player ' of hi; again go to bat without/one on his head Up now most man agers have left it up to the indi vidual player, - J H(1T SPOT - The speaking four of Scott McLeod, State Department security chief, has started a controversy among members of the Republican and ;D&rnocratic parties. McLeod ! t'tfbk a leave of absence to stutrip' for the GOP. Demo-, crats criticize the administration, for allowing a .man in SUch : a 'sensitive, position to .,. enter the political arena, i of final). Plitrlct 2N Senior Girls Strawberry 45, Calico Rock 38 final. • District 28 Senior Girls McRae 06, Tuckerrnan 50 (final) District 3 CISSS A Senior Boys Jonesboro 04; Leachviile 42 (final) District 3 Senior Girls Green County Tech 54, Dyess 42 District 4 Clas? A Senior Boys Mansfield 65, Greenwood 56 District 5 Class A Senipr Boys Sheridan 48, Conway 45 (final) Xlstriot 6 Class A Senior Boys Forrest City 69, PCS Arc 60 (final) District 6 Senior Girls Parkin 67, Marianna 36 (final) District §W Senior Girls Pes Arc 40, Stuttgart 38 (final) Rlstrlct 7 Cl»»s A 8en|pr Bo/8 MagOQlia 03, Stephens 57 (over- Surprise Cage ^iSms Battle for Title By SKIPPER PARICK KANSAS CIY Mt — Four sur prise teams whose chances .of ap pearing in Collegiate basketball' annual climactic show were con sidered'rather slim, will fight it ou for 'the NC-AA championship this WEEKEND. Coming -up" frbm : regional play offs last Saturday are the La Salle Explorers of Philadelphia, Penn State's Nittany Lions, Southern Cal fornia's Trojians and the Bradley University Braves. Bradley, which upset Oklahom*. A&M 71-57 at Stillwafer, Okla., and Southern Cal, '66-;65 double overtime victor over Santa Clara 'at Corval lis, will' meet 1 in the iirst se'mifina game Friday night. ' Penn State and La Salle clash in the second game the same night 'Penn State humbled Notre Dame 71-03 at Iowa City, La Salle got to Navy 04 ; 48 at Philadelphia. The finals are scheduled in Municipal Auditorium' Saturday; Both Penn State arid Bradley are at-large' entries.. /••'•• -, - • Of the semi-finalists; only La Salle was aiven much 'of a pro;tournament buildup. The Explorers were ranked 12th nationally in thi: Associated Press poll. Bradley, Southern Cal and Penn State didn'i make the top 20. .",'•.' Southern Cal, which lost to Kansas 42-43 in the 1940 finals of the Western chaniRtjonships took the only sho in the second overtime session at Corvnllis and won. After Dick Welsh, of USC scored a free throw early -in the last session, Santa Clar a elected to stall and gamble on one shot. The Broncos never got off a shot, Third places in the reeionals ivere won by Indiana, the 1953 national champion, 73-02 over Louisiana State by Iowa City; North Carolina, 65-54 over Cornell at Philadelphia: Rice. 78-55 over Colorado A&M at JCorvallis. 'Other than the USC-Santa Clara jame, there wasn't too much contesting in the regional finals. Bradley, h a n k s p a n k e d and arved from NCAA postseason {ames last year because of rules infractions, pured it on Oklahoma: A&M by H points in the Aggies' own gym, Bradley played like its 'ine teams of 1950, which went to ;he finals in both the NCAA and "TT meets. Penn State employed an effective shifting zone defense in snapping NTotris Dame's winning string at 18 James. Ed Haag's three set shots iiUe in the third period were the deciding blows. AH America Tom Cola and s>ph- ompre teammate Bob Maples got ;ogether to put La Salle into the final playoff. Maples hit |or only JS joints but he got B of th~fem eaorty n the third period when the chips w ( ero down. G.ola scored 5$. —Brig.rGen. Carlos .URomulo is Philippine Presi- int Rqmon Magsaysay's newly ',' appointed special representative to the U S Previously he Had been ambassador and chief of the Philippine mission to the United Nations TAKES OVER-Hashem al Alassj is Syna's new president, .succeeding Gen. Adab Shishek- ly, who fled after an army revolt. AtasSi was president in- 1951, when General -Shishekly •"' seized power. St. Kfj? -r $:l9'OMr«l^i4iMimff« IPS ^ 7s~ ~ ' St. Benedict's College Wins Cage Crown KANSAS CITY, (ffi— The Benedict's College Ravens, a earn that 'didn't have a chance i week ago, today boasted the National Intercollegiate basketball pennant. The Ravens climaxed a series if upsets in bpating Western II- inois* Leathernecks of Macomb, 2-56, before 10,500 in Municipal Auditorium Saturday night. Coach .Ralph Nolan's Kansans got the job done with a rousing inish after Western Illinois had ed most of the way. Springfield (Mo) State had a omparatively easy time in the preliminary game, beating Arkanas Poly-technic of Russellville, 751. Springfield won the. small col- ege national title in 1952 and '53. jy the'monks Of the Order of St. Senedict, had only one close call, 2 T 6l over Pasadena Calif College, St. Benedict's a Catholic school of 450 all-male students operated jo getting up to the Hope io Play Leachviile Tuesday Nigh! 6y CARL BELL LITTLE ROCK Iff) — High s'chpbl balkelbcill tournament action shifts to ens! Arkansas this week-for set^ tldmont of the last wo champion:hi;i issues, but both stack up £s Ttero iortnalities. The big one the scramble for .he Class A Senior Boys crown, *ets underway at, Jonesboro tomor- •ow afternoon. The host Jonesboro Hurricane, winner of ; 29 games vithotit a defeat and regular season conqueror of most Of the stronger learns in the tourney field. s an odds-on favorite. Van Buron's brilliant POinteret- os arc such strong favorites to vin out in tho senior girls meet )eginning at M;iriann a Wednesday hat the tournament is being called he "Van Buren benefit." The Children under 5 are about 11 er cent of the V. S. population. The "foot" as 9 unit of measure- merit started ut as the length of a ...... :}5 Qft^ra, AudAtton,^ WR '« |oot aft* the ^gtj» has oarj- pan. uv s^.f^Sai JlW.V^.«L» «ff«3|jMtf rtftPW ^d j?lace> ie|st M &Aifa^-fS&$&v&W* *-W MW^ ,^^;' t *< -TOT? m&M*3&Mm!$^ 'ointerettes have again four al!- tate stars who ..led them to thi ill e last year. Oden with as accurate a bunch of long distance shooters as has ever been seen in a state prep ourney, took the Class B senior joys championship with a 75-67 victory over Valley Springs Saturday liaht ........ • The wind-up 1 of the ; • five-day dribble derby nt spacioiis -Barton Coliseium herd, was 1 a tingling one for a half, during which, time "'the score was , tied three times and the lead swapped '-hands 12 times'. The Timberwolyes.'.; opened up! a seven-point advantage just before halftimc. and boosted, their margin to as much as 10 points at times during the final two quarters. Marc Wilson and Bill Abernathy, a pair of unbelievable sharpshoot ers, poured 30 and 24 points, respectively, through the baskets to lead Oden back to the top of the Class B ladder, a perch they held once before in 1948. Rangy Leroy Kisner, who gave Oden trouble from start to finish, tallied 27 points to lead the losing Tigers—who didn't have a senior in their starting lineup and .are due to be heard from again next, year. Oden's five starters; played the full game without a substitution. Abernathy and Wilson both land ed berths' on the all-tournament first, team,.. making the Timber- wolves the "only team with more than one representative .on the. hon;or five. Others named to the first team: Jim Home, of.W.atspn Chapel, ' who like • Abernathy, ,jyas a unanimous ' choice : • Kisrieri;!;;. '.'and Quitrnan Sullins of Luxora.'. The schedules for this week's tournaments:. - ' ; Class .A^Senior Boys At> Jonesboro. Tuesday ; . '•'•'• '.' • 2 p.m. — Hoxie', winner District 3, vs. Des Arc, runneri-Xip- 6. 3:20 --: Jonesboro, winner 3, vs. Magnolia,- winner ,7E. . ,, 4:40 —Mansfield/ winner 4, vs Little Rock, winner Big 7.' 7:30 — Monticello, winner 8, vs Con way, runner-up 5. 8:50 —• Leachviile, runner-up 3, vs Hope, winner 7W. Wednesda y 2 p.m. —Van Buren, winner 1, vs Greenwood, runner-up 4. 3:20 — Crossett; runner-up 8, v Fort Smith, wi/tfer Big 7. 4:40 — Newport, runner-up 2, vs Sheridan, winner 5. 7:30 — Green 'Forest, runner-up 1, vs winner Jonesborb-MagnOlia. 8:50 — Forrest City, winner '6, vs Leachville-Hope. Girls At Marlanna •-.•'•• Wednesday ; . ....... 7 p.m. — Parkin, winner 6E,, vs McRae, winner 2S. ..;,'" 8:20 — Southside, winner 5N, vs Fourche Valley, winner 4. 9:40 — Watson, winner 8S, vs Dyesfc,' runner-lip §.. ^ , .- : ;. 10 a.m. -7- Bergman, winner IE, vs Stephens, winner 7E. 11:20 — Des Arc, winner 6W, vs Ozark, runner-up 4. 2 p.m. — Texarkana, winner i'W, vs Green County Tech, winner 'a. 3:30 — Altheimer, winner 8N, vs Strawberry, winner 2N. 8 — Van Buren, winner 1W, vs Lakeside, winner 53. Plenty Boxing < on Schedule This Week * NEW YORK UP)—No champions are in action but plenty of the top contenders will throw leather this week in a fine national boxing program. The four t6p bouts of the week, all scheduled for network television, shape up as corkers. They are middleweights Joey Giardello and Willie Troy at Madison Square Garden Friday nighW light heavyweights Harold Johnson" and Paul Andrews at Chicago Wednesday, bantamweights Nate Brooks and Henry (Pappy) Gault at Brooklyn tonight and lightweights Cisco Andrade and Hoacine Khalfi Saturday night. Brooks is the 20-year-old Olympic flyweight champion who moved nlo the pro limelight with a bang fist month by knocking out Billy Peacock to win the North Ameri-^ can title in his eighth fight their* ten rounder from Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway Arena will be telecast by Dumont Starting at 9 p. m. (CST.1 Johnson, winner of 11 straight, clamoring for a title shot at light heavyweight champion Archie Moore. He ranked as the No. 1 contender with a 47-5 record. Andrews record is 23-2. Starting at 0 p. m. the ten rounder will bcv, telec&st by CBS. • The Giardello-Troy battle in the Garden' -Friday night figures to be a slugfest. TV fans still are talking about no-clinch Willie's sensational knockout of Moses Ward in Detroit last month, -NBC Will telecast and ABC will broadcast the 0 p. m. scrap. Undefeated Cisco Andrade of Los Angeles arid Hoacine Khalfi, Algerian lightweight champion, col*^ lide in the Saturday night ten** rounder at the Toledo Civic Au- dito'rium. ABC will telecast the bout, starting at 8 p. m. tion, ', chance Feeding the Sporting Dog Sporting dog owners 'have the same feeding problems as pet owners—magnified. They usually own more than one dog and those dogs may 'be called upon to run the hills for many hours a day. To keep a sportin? dog' in top condition, three factors must be considered in selecting his food'-^quality, convenience and-cost. And there are three general types' -of foods to give him—hcmemadjj mixtures, commercial canned food antf meal. Home prepared foods involve snowing your dietetics if you are going to achieve « balanced diet. If the ingredients are purchased especially for the dog, they are apt to be expensive. If table scraps are used, the cost goes down, but i does the quality. The best grades of canned food probably provide as fine diet as any dog can get anwyh.ero and are the most convenient. On the basis of cost, they are pjob- abiy less than espepiajly purchased foods, but a jittje more than, meal, which is generally tfee. Star of Holy Cross May Not Turn Pro By RIP WASON NE WYORK Iff)— Togo Palazzi of Holy Cross,- -probably the only bas- Ketball playeF'irf'hTs'tb'ry'named for a Japanese admtr*al,"also seems! to .be the only person who's worried •about, his ability to make good a's : a.-pro. ; •• T t The crew-cut, stockilj? built youngster whcuJfid ^Holy Gross to itsj first National . Invitatioi) Tour- na'rnent chafmpjorigljfp isn't even sureithat he r 'lKg6 for the pro i like to play all right, .but in purpose in going to Holy was to 1 get a good educa- he said today. "I have a for a good industrial Job, when 'I- graduate, and ( I'd hate. to^ pass it up and then flop as a pro." "I am pretty sure I can shoot well enough. I believe I have the strength to p}ay .that 72-game schedule . and I know I'd hustle enough. But I don't know whether I can play defense well enough for the pros." Palazzi left little doubts as to his scoring ability with a torrid 32-point , demonstration against Western Kentucky in Holy Cross' { semifinal ujlset Then he showed his .appreciative fans that he can play deferiseX\too when he restricted Duquesne's great Dick Ricketts to 13 points in the Crusaders' 7162 upset victory in the finals Saturday. night. Niagara defeated Western 71-65 earlier in the evening for third place. With all of that, it came as 'no great surprise \vhen Togo was named the tournament's most valuable player. In addition, he headed the all- tournament team selected by The Associated Press. Named with him were his teammate, Tom Heinsohn, who tied him for scoring honors against Duquesne and did a great job of rebounding against the Marshall of Western Kentucky; and Dukes big men Ricketts; Tom Marshall of Western Kentucky and Maurice Stokes of little St. Francis n Of Loretto, Pa. « About that name • It seems Togo's father did not want to give him an ordinary name and named him instead for a Count Heihaichiro Togo, who is predited with planning the strategy in Japan's surprise victory in the Russo-Japanese -War. sidered by some experts to be an IrpcompJete diet because they lack£d sufficient fat. But a couple of years ago, Swift v Company developed a way to maintain quality jn animal, fats without refrigeration and today the best meals are a complete diet, In tests on litter mates in Swift's Nutritional Research Kennels' jn Chicago, puppies fed entirely oh Pard Meal gained weight arid stamina just as fast as th;te brothers and sisters fed on othei diets. But what do most ^porting dog owners, actually feed A recent survey of several hun' gred dog owner shown that mast of them varied their dogs'' diets according to situatipn. Canned were particularly popular toy feeding in the field. Meal seem 1 ed to 'Jprm the backbone of mqst diets. Put niilk, beef, oat meal, ~" J —-'--- weve all mentioned

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