Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1954
Page 3
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Monday, March 15, 1954 MOM STAR, HOU, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pbon* 7-8431 Between I A. M. And 4 P. M. R [Calendar Monday March 15 Members of Poplar Grove 196, |uprcme Forest Woodmen's Circle, Hll meet at the home oi! Mrs. Jwight Ridgcllll for (heir regular lonthly social on Monday night, h 15, instead o£ Tuesday. This gu is duo to conflicting sche'd- les. Thursday, March 18 The Azalea Garden Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Moody Willis on Thursday, March 18, at two o'clock. Mrs. Raymond Peace and Mrs ; R. L. Hayden will be co! hostesses... Tuesday March 16 On Tuesday, March 10, the V. F. W. Auxiliary will meet for a nomination and an election of officers and important business will be jiscusscd. All members are urged to attend. Mrs. John Keck and Mrs. pmas Simmons will be.hostess. , Garland Brownie Troop Three will meet Tuesday, March 1(5, in the Little House at Fair Park immediately after school. Nancy Tooley will be hostess. SHiEiltJGlER '•TODAY & TUESDAY* Feature Times: 2:00 - 3:43 - 5:23 • 7:22 - 9:18 II A UNIVERSAl-INTCRN'AlSONAt P1CTUSE • • World News Events • SHORTS « • "Green Mh Speedsters' • "Fun For All" in 3 DlMEMIOH . - Mrs. Johnny Brannan will be hostess to the .Daffodil Garden Club members at two o'clock on Thursday, March 18^ in her home. Co-hostess will, be Mrs. Bill Tolleson. Mrs. Duffle Booth will present the program entitled "Building the Outdoor Living Room". Members are requested to bring a grab bag and an original arrangement in a kitchen container. The -Fidelis Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will have their monthly meeting on Thursday night, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Brown on South Elm street. NOTICE Game night, which was scheduled for Tuesday, March 16, at the Hope Country Club has been postponed until Tuesday night, March 23. Young ; Adult Fellowship Class Has Meeting ; The .Youhg . Adult Fellowship: Class of "the' First .Methodist Church met on Thursday, March 11. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Russell, Mr. and Mrs. LU)yd Guerin, Mr. and Mrs. H. O! Kyler, Jr. were hosts. Mr. Albert Graves spoke on "Local Church Organizations. and : Functions." Mrs. II.-p. Kyler, Sr. spoke on t ."Cornmission ,on ; , Educa-; tiqri, 'jit?!' Qrgaiiiza'lioii ajnd ' (Function*' * : 'Mrv 'ahd- ; Mrs.' L. ; B. Tooley were program chairmen. Births Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Wheeler of Texarkana, are the parents of a daughter, born Friday, March 12. Mrs.' Wheeler is the former Miss Nancy Hill, daughter of Mrs. Clyde Hill of Hope. Coming and Going Mrs. Clyde Hill spent the week end in Tlgxarkapa, as;the guests of Mr/and Mrs.'Carroll Wheeler. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt is,visiting Mr. and Mrs. George Fr'azier and George Thomas, Jr. in Austin, Texas. Mrs. Lula Katp'Mi^on has returned to her home iri'ufrib.cl, after a ten day visit ih the homprjof Miss Sue Wesson. I r^' 1 !;''4~ " '•' Hospital Ne»fes::. Julia Chester '•'': Admitted: Mr. ; ; A. J. McElroy, Donations to Hempstead Red Cross Contributions to the American Red Cross. Hope Previously reported $2,180.03 Arkansas-La. Gas Co. $50.00, Mrs. A. G. Fuller $1.00, DeAnn ' W. H. Burke $1.0(1, John Timberlake $2.00, Miss Sallie Timberlake $3.00, Monroe Samuel $1.00, Lon- nic Lumpkins $1.00,. Jewell Burke $1.00, J. C. Burke $.50, Leroy Samuel $1.00, Mrs. Elslon Willis $1.00, Mrs. Richard Arnold $1.00, Mrs, J. M. Arnold $1.00, Grover Clark $1.00 Leila Johnson (col) $1,00, Mac Warren $.50. Hope Mrs. Frank Mason $1.00, Mrs. Otis Breed $1.00, Mrs. W. M. Spairks $1.00 Mrs. R. E. Jackson $ttOO Mrs R. L. Hollis $1.00 Mary Roy Moses $1.00 Mrs. David Davis $1.00 Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Andrews $2.00 Mr. and Mrs. Owen Atkins $2.00 Mrs. E. Jines, $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davis $2.00, Mrs. Thomason $1.00 Mrs. Jamos McLarty $1.00 Mrs. Harrell Hall $1.00 Mrs. F. J. Burroughs $1.00, Mrs. Thomas Hays $1.00 Colored ...... .... Hope Edd's Place $1.00, .Black Diamond Cal'o $2,00 ,Conway Barber Shop $1.00, Thompson Service Station $1.00, Hazel Street Garage $1.00. Adell Beauty Shop $1.00. Harold's Rec. Center $1.50, Allen Brovyn $1.00, Harris Grocery $1.00 Wright's Cleaners $1.00, Chester's Barber Shop $1.00. ' Hope - .Mrs. Howard Byers $1.00, Mrs. Ernes'- O'Neal $1.00, Ben L. Robison $1.00, W. R. Huddleston $1.00 Frank Van Ness $1,00, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Bryant $2.00, Mrs. Dan Green $1.00, Mrs. Wyatt Davis $1.00, Mrs. Clarence Baker $1.00, Mrs. Norman Moore SI.00, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Young $4.00, Mrs. Clyde Coffee $1.00, Mrs. Lyle Allen $1.00 Mrs. C. C. Lewis $1.00 Mrs. Guy Card $1.00, Mrs. V. D. Keeley $3.00, Mr. and Mrs. John Hatlcy $5.00, Mrs. A K. Holloway $1.50, Mrs. Wayne Russell $1.00. A. L. King $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Reaves $2.00, Mrs. S. A. Jones $1.00. Mrs. Walter Mil- Boyle Hope Doris Fay Johnson Hi. 1 Hopo Discharged: Mrs. A. B. Patten Hope, Miss Sue Greathouse. Nashville. .!..'. ..!• . ' Branch •Admitted::.. Mrs. Delia Grain S.tamps .Mr., Br.ice Thomas Hope Mrs. : Sanv ftoaclit Hope, • Discharged: Mst. Sam Davis Rt. 2, Hope. Mst. Malcolm Hinton Hope Mr. J. A. Williamson of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bobo of Ful ton announce the arrival of a baby boy on March 11, 1954.. Admitted: Mrs. Troy Butler, Hope. •> AND CARPET PRICES CUT 10% S Days Only — Tuesday Through Saturday Wards big 5-Day Rug Sale is money-saving news. Our regular budget-wise prices have been cut 10% or more on rugs, carpets and pads from our big General Catalog. See samples of these wonderful rug values on display in our Catalog Office. You'll find beautiful and practical broadlooms in latest colors and distinctive paterns and textures. .Ask about our convenient Monthly Payment Plan and place your order today. Sale prices are effective for 5 days only — buy now and save during this sale. CIMARA WILTON. AI! wool-broadloom. Thick, dense loop pile in textured weave. 4 colors. Widths 27-in,, 9-ft., 15-ft. 9-ft.'width per run ft WAS 9.95 . . NOW 8.95 COURIER, CARVED WIUTON- Woo) and Rayon assures long wear. Leaf pattern. 4 colors. Widths 27-in.. 9-ft., 12-ft. 9-ft. width per run. ft WAS 8.95 , . NOW 7.95 TWISTETTE. All wool pile. One of the best twist carpets made. Best imported 3-ply wool. Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ft,;i5-ft. 9-ft. width per run. ft. WAS 11.50 . . NOW 10.25 TRENDTWIST. A scientific blend of the best wool and finest carpet Acetate. 5 colors. Widths 27-ln., 9-ft., 12-ft., 15-ft. 9-ft. width per run. ft W.AS 7.75 . . NOW 6.95 SURBANA COTTON LOOP, Callaway's beautiful, preshrunk cotton yarns needle-tufted through tough backing. 6 colors. Wideths 9-ft., 12-ft., 9-ft. width per run. ft. • WAS , . 4,98 . . NOW 4.45 SUNGLOW. All cotton cut pile. A decorator's delight at a wonderful low price. 6 beautiful, softly muted colors. Widths 9-ft,, 12-ft. 9-ft. width per run. ft. WAS 3.95 . . NOW 3.55 EMPIRE. Dramatic new sculptured carpeting. Beautiful carved effect. Longwearing. 5 colors. Widths 27-in,, 9-ft., 12-ft., 15ft.. 9-ft. width per run, ft WAS 9.45 . . NOW 7.95 CORDETTE BROADLOOM. Rich tree-bark texture of woolj carpet Rayon loop pile. 5 colors. Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ft, 9-ft. width per rlin, ft. WAS 8.50 . . NOW 7.60 TONELLE AXMINSTER. 5,790 tufts of longwearing vyool, carpet Rayon per sq. ft. 6 id colors. Widths 27-in., 9-ft., 12-ffJ, 9X12 ft. r.ug. 9-ft per run ft. Continued from Page One one of the first passengers to get her sea legs. She fell asleep on her stomach while friends were telling her "bon voyage." That night at a gathering to meet the ship officers, the chief steward said: Did you notice we were, severe! minutes late in sailing this morning Do you know why We wcte held up waiting for a case of baby food for your daughter to get aboard." The next day as we were pushing Tracy around the. promenade deck in her stroller, another ship's officer bent down, and said: 'So you're the little lady thr.t delayed our sailing 1C minutes." He chucked her under the chin, and smiled. "Promise you won't ever do it again." I suppose all proud parents arc told this as a joke— ifiai the ship's departure was delayed to get their baby's food aboard —but when I tell Tracy about this some years from now I'm going to treat it as gospel truth. "When you were 8 months o)cl you'kept a 35-000-ton liner and 1, 300 people waiting," I'll tell her "Now don't you think it's about time to learn to be prompt" No one has 'gotten more out of the cruise than Tracy. The crew couldn't have pampered her more if she had been the daughter of the Cunard Line's board chair- Barnes, a father himself, treates her as if she were his own. Babies hate a change of routine as much as grownups do. They're really very conservative. But Tracy adjusted to shipboard life within aday. We Were afraid to take her ashore at - any of the ports but she didn't mind. She has had a high time in her crib or on deck flirting v>4th Barnes and learning to play patty-cake ith the young stewardess., Miss -leather Butler, who has a hearl or children. Tracy after patty-caking -her .ands nearly raw, has learned to peak with a British accent. Her rst word was "Coo" which, as vcrybody knows, is'a Cockney ex- iression of wonder or surprise. Everything brings a "Coo" from ler — flapping gulls, a sudden ireeze, the foam in the • (Ship's .•ake, or the passengei^ who stop o chat with her. They'have, been vonderful to her, for she is ;i the nly 1 baby between her and"latid' "Doesn't she look exactly like ier father!" exlaimed one of two women who passed us on deck My •ride-expanded che^t collapsed vhon, as they strolled on, the wind iluw back the remark of: the se'c >nd worriari — "but she'll probab- y outgrow it." Another woman stopped many imes to play with Tracy. Once she urned away suddenly with we yes. Later I leained she had losi a dughtei ot hei own, and I felt low often in this: world our per- lonal happiness is but a small »s and washed by the seas of others' sadness. Tracy will end this umemem- sered fiist voyage of her life with at least two distinction Capt A B Tasting had her as one of hjs guests at a party in his cabin, anc said she was the only one who howed up barefoot. As for the other distinction ['racy sailed with only four teeth out will end the cruise with five No other passenger can .make -his claim. WASHINGTON, (UP) <- Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., has flatly denied a charge hat secret FBI information is hiding its way into the hands of congressional investigations. The charge was levelled by Sen. J. William Fulbright (D-Ark) who said he is convinced Sen. Joseph S. McCarthy's senate investigat- ng subcommittee gets any information it wants from FBI files egardlcss of whether it has been verified. Fulbright said he is no longer giving the FBI material it seeks in connection with its security investigations. Brownell, in a formal statement ssued thrdugh the Justice Department yesterday,sai d the FBI has never given congressional invest! Rating committees access to its secret files while he has headed the Justice Department. He said Fulbrighl's assertion was based on "a misapprehension of the facts." H-; also said it is everyone's "civic duty" to give the FBI any information t h e j liavo on subversive activities. "Both Mr. J. Edgar Hoover, director of thy FBI, and I are dedicated to keeping inviolate the' con fidential nature" of the FBI files This must be clone to protect confidential informants and the in vcstigative techniques of the FBI in this nation's fight against communism and crime." patterns and WAS 7.45 . . NOW 6.70 * DURMONT AXMINSTER. Over 4,700 tufts of wool, carpet Rayon per sq. ft. 6 stylish patterns and colors. Widths 9-ft., 12-ft., 9x12 ft. rug. 9-ft. width per run. ft. Prices do not-inqlude transportation charges SHOP BY CATALOG — IT'S EASY, ECONOMICAL MONTGOMERY WARD 212 South Main 7-3441 Denies FBI Data Given to Probers wiuifcttrk— "-P- Walter Judd, of Minnesota, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee, is currently holding secret sessions concerning the critical situation In French Indo-Chlna. According to reports, Representative Judd says the Reds have no chance of ultimate victory In Indb-China. 'Cat Woman' Trial Underway SALINAS, Calif., (UP) — The defense opened its case today in the murder trial of Mrs. Winnie Ola Freeman, 53-year-old "cat woman" accused of murdering a wealthy rancher near here last November. The defensA case was expected dista'rice. The navy refused to say anything about the planes even after a San Diego newspaper photogra- phere made and printed a picture of the Consolidated Vultee plane using £ "^ a tolephoto lens at cou- s,ideiable distance , i' ' The plane had been 'rnoved fiorn; thenfactory'and was shown standing on its four tail fins, surrounded by a work stand with the large contra-rotating p;ops pio- tiuding at the top like a helicopter rotary wing. Benton Slaying One of 9 Violent Deaths By The Assoelafd Press A slaying at the Benton unit of the State Hospital yesterday was among nine violent deaths record ed in Arkansas for. the week -end ed last midnight, Deputy Sheriff Giiy'lGrant of So line County said IV-ycar^old Jesse Dee McGarrah of Sprlngdale, a pa tient at the hospital, was - found beaten to death. Grant described the youth's death as an ougrowlh of trouble "between McGarrah and another patient, Alfred L'ce Pfeifer, 43, of Monroe County. '-.' Lennic BUrrctt, 66-year-old Negro woman, was killed' yesterday when she was struck, by a'car near Bloodhounds Use to Trail Firebugs LITTLE ROCK (ffi — The State Forestry beparlment said todalp that bloodhounds are being used to search for firebugs — believed to be disgruntled bootleggers — Iri north central Arkansas. "Ranger Jim" Martin, department information officer, said the bloodhounds Were takerk to the Jasper area yesterday where a number of fires broke out ovcir the Weekend. He said Forester Sterling Davis had asked the State Police tot help in tracking down persons Who started the fires the State patraV men called for the dogs from Cummins Prison Farm. Martin said residents of the area told forest service agents thy believed the fires were started by boolcggcrs "Something stirred Up those bootleggers 1 are now they are setting fires;" said Martin. Martin said that of the 87 flrps in Arkansas last Saturday, 35 of them, covering 3,274 acres, were in the north, mostly In the Jflsper and Harrison area. He said • 52 fires in south Arkansas covered 14 ffre* ttattto 2,884 acre* wfert state yesterday,, Since thfe efid ojt W&tftd^ number of ttfc , &££4 jobholders has tfeeJffiM million .> St.Josepti ASPIRIN WO MM Bottle Onty Bay, Ark.' State Police identified the driver of the automobile as Tomie SteWart of Jonesborb. NIW! ' Ml INTIOTUCING AM io-tht mod „.,. hlttoty bf MirM-HM ., «»Mtf. N« m«r» uVt Hrt M _. MitMtMft of MrtZOW Mittafy. x IT tWIMi-M Jprtop, uttt M tent M you Iwy* Km tM unidu* procaji of talMet MM dMirtd dtttit—ta taki ittmi.. flih thit WIN tttlkt i mfaiww wife This I* na «*JgM..l<x>lu trkl . diKkwretah, . Send tf.OO . 4. • It TACKLE CO, P.O. ftwi fttK THEY'RE OFI to be short. ^Mrs. Fi'eerhan has claimed Rancher Harold Jonassen, 78, was accidentally shot and killed while rabbit .hunting with her. District Attorney Burr Scott said the case might go to the jury by Wednesday. Mrs. Freeman who Is alredy on parole from another murder conviction, h also wanted on a AutMoriHe4sirWMi|Wr Qk&ho" 'dhferge'd 'Her* mtff^tHe slaying "of 'R'dbert Sheldon^CUkinson, whose body was found floating in Grand Lake on Aug 27, 1948 Mrs. Freeman's husband, Jim, 33,, w^as.also auested Jicrc^ in 'Connectloh^wlth the slaying" "" *"' ""* """ Lv. Hope 10:50 a.m. Ar. HOT SPRINGS 1:05 p.m. Lv. Missouri Pacific. :Passenger Station, 'Phone 7-2740 J.A* Navy Planes Land Without Runways By CHARLES CORDDRY WASHINGTON, (UP) —The iavy this -week will announce the development of two experimenta ighter planes which can take ot and land vertically and thus need j neither runways nor carrier decks ;o operate. Despite the fact that two national magazines have been allowed to make pictures and shortly will un stories on the radical new ships, the navy does not yet concede officially that the planes exist. The "secret" label apparently is ;o be removed from the VTO (vertical take off) planes coincident with publication of one of the magazine stories in mid-week. The two new planes, experimental forerunners of types that could revolutionize certain tactical operations, are the Consolidated Vul- tee Aircraft Corporation's FY-1 and the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation's XFL. Both are powered by 5,500-horsepower gas turbine engines produced by allison division of General Motors. The engines drive two contra-rotating propellers. •. • • The Air Force has a similar project underway, involving jet propulsion. Both services aim to build planes that can take off straight up, fly and maneuver at speeds of 600 or 700 miles an hour and land straight clown in an area about like that required for a helicopter. Similar developments are in progress in England and, reportedly, Russia. The Lockheed model already has flown briefly, but some sources indicate that was an accident. Mounted on temporary landing gea,r, it \vas put through fast ta:vl tests, took off and flew & short m,m$ mmm JBL Ai^i .'.m~A >'•<'« i $3 ^ j, >t*\ '.''• •., XV'H'~ 1 ,J/ "^ X, . ,,,»,»' - 'U ler $1,0,0, Mrs. C. A. Hervey $1,00 p. ]U Boss $,35, Mrs. .Homer #ea.v»s ' /' J4f K ./^p0|| M!P Wear this Imported Irish Uin$n piece^drpss with slim straight lines, sho/Pl'Ieeves, peter pgn cgjlqr, two §qtin piped s_imyl$t§4 qnsj a tiny .emfejfm ' V i ?"i. '''Irfll .'•<•* »'-VV|Sl ,v •.' X 4^i ' :-<.',i" PrU'^l P^^fe

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