Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 30, 1969 · Page 1
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 1

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1969
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TEMPERATURE Wednesday high 58 low 46. Rainfall Wednesday ISi. 7:00 a.m. today 33. Downtown at noon today 43. VOLUME XLIX—NO. 103 T.VERNON REGISTER-NEWS MEMBER AUDI" BUREAl' OF CIRCULATION SQUARE DEAL FOR ALL — SPECIAL FAVORS FOR NONE MOUNT VERNON, 1LLINOIS,''THURSDTCY." JANUARY 00, IMP,;) A NON-PARTISAN NEWSPAPER WEATHER Soul hern Illinois — Cloudy and a little colder tonight with rain ending in the southeast. Low mostly in the 20s. Friday partly cloudy to cloudy and cool. High in the 30s. DENIES 40c per Week — Single Copy 7c ATTACK THESE OFFICERS of the lay advisory board of Good Samaritan Hospital have been reelected for a second term. From the left are Kenneth Olson, vice president; Stan Koziara, president; Mrs. T. E. Wall, executive committee member; and William Lee, secretary. Attorney Howard Campbell was named as a new board member to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Charles Ward in December. Other members of the board are C. E. Brehm, J. Lester Buford, Max Cornick, Jerome Glassman, George Heidenreich. Minor Pace, Hyman Rubin, Carl L. Schweinfurth, Sam Shaw, Carl Stephens and Mrs. H. B. P. Ward. (Delo Photo Craft) Bomb Enemy Supply Lines Inside Laos SAIGON (AP) — From 15 to 30 American B52 bombers have been attacking Communist supply routes through Laos each day, and some of them have been hitting north of the 17th parallel, U.S. military sources said today. The disclosure came shortly after the U.S. Command denied a charge by North—Vietnam's foreign ministry that the huge eight-jet bombers had attacked "heavily populated" areas Sunday in North Vietnam's Quang Binh province, which is just north of the 17th parallel and just east of Laos. The command said there had been no B52 raids on North Vietnam or the demilitarized zone astride the 17th parallel since last Oct. 28. Although the U.S. government refuses to admit any military operations in Laos, it is common knowledge that the end of the bombing of North Vietnam on Nov. 1 was followed by a sharp increase in U.S. bombing Pueblo Rescue Not Possible —Admiral REDS DIDN'T SEIZE PUEBLO SISTER SHIP Order Pentagon Pueblo Study CORONADO, Calif. (AP) The skipper of a sister ship to the USS Pueblo says he still to lieves in the concept of lightly armed intelligence craft but he WASHINGTON (AP) — Secre-' wouldn't again want to take one tary of Defense Melvin R. Laird , near Red China or North Korea. Df North Vietnamese supply J s *^} e . cost announced today he has ordered a high-level Pentagon study of the Pueblo case "to see that incidents of this kind do not happen again." At his first news conference as Pentagon chief, Laird said he had appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard to head the study and oversee matters involving the intelligence ship, whose capture is being investigated by a Navy court of inquiry in California. On other matters, Laird: Announced that Packard, his second in command, will conduct a wide-ranging review of the Johnson administration's defense budget, including whether some key programs should be decreased or increased to insure maximum national security at the lowest pos- traffic down the Ho Chi Minh Trail through Laos. Reliable sources said the B52 strikes on eastern Laos have ranged as far as 30 miles north of the 17th parallel in efforts to smash the enemy supply columns as far away as possible. Some of these strikes are near the North Vietnamese border. Otherwise, only minor action action was reported today as South Vietnam marked the first anniversary of the Viet Cong's biggest offensive of the war. The U.S. and South Vietnamese commands reported attacks from inside the demilitarized zone on a group of U.S. Marines and on a small observation plane, a terrorist attack inside Saigon and the usual scattered shelling during the night. Two Marines below the DMZ and two Vietnamese in Saigon were wounded. be going to In the not-too- Said he will South Vietnam distant future. Said the military sihuation in Vietnam has "improved somewhat" in the past 12 months and that the South Vietnamese army is on the upgrade. Laird declined to discuss possible U.S. troop withdrawals from South Vietnam, saying "I don't think it would be useful to talk about unilateral withdrawal now that we are in substantive talks" in Paris. Bomb Tested WASHINGTON (AP) — A nuclear test with a blast force of from 20,000 to 200,000 tons of TNT was conducted underground today at the Atomic Energy Commission's Nevada test site. The blast was the third weapons-related test announced in 1969. Mt. V. Chamber Office Moving February 15 The Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce office will move February 15 to new quarters in the former Hawkins Bakery location at 1108 Main street. Paul Thomas, Chamber president, said that remodeling work is under way at the new location. The Chamber office will be moved only a short distance from its present quarters, in the Jamison building at 1116 Main street. Chamber officials said they feel the new office space will be more convenient. Cmdr. Charles R. Clark, who commanded the Banner, outlined to a Navy court of inquiry Wednesday a story that in some ways paralled the expeirence of Cmdr. Lloyd Bucher and the Pueblo~-except the Banner was not seized by North Koreans and its crew held captive for 11 months. He did not disagree when Bucher's attorney prefaced a question by saying: "You more than any other man can say, 'There but for the grace of God go I' when you look at Pete Bucher." Clark took the stand in open session—the first in four days— after Rear Adm. Frank. L. Johnson, who supervised the Pueblo, said he had no forces under his direct command to provide emergency help when North Korean gunboats surrounded her a year ago and that planes and ships from other commands were unavailable or too far away. Johnson said the Pueblo's two .50-caliber machine guns "did not appear to me to provide a significant defense capability." The court goes into closed session today to hear classified information. Johnson, commander of the U.S. Naval Forces—Japan at the time, said planes could not Spy Charge? Iraq Holds American Engineer WASHINGTON (AP) — An! American engineer on loan to j an oil company may have been j charged with espionage by Iraq i when he was arrested three weeks ago, his family says. The State Department said Wednesday Paul Bail and his | wife Elizabeth had been arrest- j ed in Iraq, which has been con- 1 ducting a public and violent campaign against alleged spies. Howard G. Mayes of Huntington, W. Va., Mrs. Bail's father, said he believed his son-in-law may have been charged with espionage. State Department press officer Paul J. McCloskey said in response to questions the Bails had not been advised of the charges against them, but that a representative of the Belgian Embassy in Baghdad—which represents American interests there—visited Bail in prison a few days ago. Both said they were well treated, the embassy representative reported. Iraq broke off diplomatic relations with the United States during the 1967 Arab-Israel war, Allen Dulles Dies; Headed CIA 9 Years Plane Crash Kills General, 3 Others At Peace Talks Tell Reds To Quit Spouting Propaganda PARIS (AP) — The United States nnd South Vietnam challenged their antagonists today to get: down to business quickly to find a road to peace, warning that propaganda speeches would prevent progress in the Vietnam talks. Baghdad Leaders CLAIM IRAQ TROOPS IN JORDAN HIT MILWAUKEE. Wis. I AP) Four persons, including Wisconsin's adjutant general and his wife, were killed Wednesday night when a giant tanker plane crashed and burst into flames one-half mile south of r,en. ; fillers attacked Iraqi troops in Mitchell rVUl. : Jordan today but Israel denied Seven persons were injured in it . My TltK ASSOCIATED TUESS Iraq said seven Israeli jet the crash of the Wisconsin Air National Guard KC97L of the lL'Sth Refueling Group. Ma.j. Gen. Ralph J. Olson, tit, had been Wisconsin's adjutant general for IS years. The other victims were T. Sgt. Gerald L. Becker, ,11. Milwaukee, and Army Capl. Jerry Jcrreinan of Sun Prairie. The plane, on a flight (rum Key West, Fla., was attempting North Vietnam's ambassador,' to J;in( | in fo „ ;in(1 rajlli ,,j|,,t«>d by Col. Thomas L. Bailey, commander of the 128th and a veter- ALLEN VV WASHINGTON (AP) — Allen W. Dulles, America's master spy who steered the Central Intelligence Agency through nine years of controversial international intrigue, died late Wednesday. He was 75. Buan Thuy replied that military agreement is impossible without a settlement of political problems of South Vietnam. The atmosphere suggested a long deadlock. An Israeli army spokesman in Tel Aviv said: "I completely deny this report. I don't know what gave rise to it. There has been absolutely nothing like this along the cease-fire line." Newsmen on the Israeli side of the cease-fire line saw no sign of any unusual air activity. A communique broadcast by Baghdad radio said the planes attacked Iraqi units east of the cease-fire line with Jordan. One Israeli jet was seen to plunge to the ground in falmes, the Iraqis an flyer who holds the Distin- 1 saif '- guishod Flving Cross. I Tbr Ir: "li communique said: .,. ... , "At 11:30 Baghdad time this Bailey, It. was hospitalized in fair condition with neck burns and possible smoke inhalation. after the delegates seated themselves around the huge round _ . , ^..... ! table in the International Dulles appointed OA chief in | Conference Center, for the sec- charging Washington with sup-!?** n i ^T" Prosx ^ n \ porting Israel. ^jDwight D. Eisenhower, retired 1 to private life in 1961 following Bail is in prison, the State De-; the Bay of Pigs invasion of partment said, but Mayes said: Cuba-which with an earlier U2 his daughter Elizabeth is being | plane incident was one of sever- 1U I al controversial matters involving the intelligence agency un- morning, seven Israeli planes launched an air raid against, our units operating on the eastern front. "Our antiaircraft guns shot down one attacking plane. It was seen with the naked eye crashing in flames over the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Air Guard told newsmen that t Tho- plane was on instrument! South Vietnam led off the day Five of the other six survivors also were burned. Olson was returning from an army school on civil disorders at Ft. Gordon, Ga. _ Lt. Col. Ronald Daniels ,,f the! (Continued On Page 2 Col. 4) kept in a "detention home 1 Baghdad A son, P. J. Bail, is studying medicine at the American School in Beirut, Lebanon. Mrs. Ralph Youngk of Conneautville, Pa., Bail's mother, said tjie younger Bail stayed for»10 days in the Belgian Embassy in Baghdad after the arrests, but returned to Beirut and re-entered school. The Bails' daughter, Kathy, 20, is a sophomore at Michigan State University. Mayes said V Bail was an em­ ploye of Humble Oil Co. in Houston, T6x., but bad been loaned to the Iraqi Petroleum Co. a year ago. He said he had been asked by the State Department not to comment further. "I was terribly shocked," Mrs. Youngk said. "Paul is just over in Iraq working for the petroleum company. He doesn't have anything to do with the CIA." There has been no public statement from Iraq about Bail. Iraq began a public campaign against alleged spies Monday by executing 14 men—9 of them Jews—after trying them 1 - on charges of spying for Israel. Mrs. Youngk said her son was one of only three non-Arabs working for Iraqi Petroleum. The others, she said, are British and Canadian, although several Iraqis have American wives. der his command. the piano was on landing approach to Mitchell Field and that the co-pilot was watching the ground from his window when he called out that the plane was coming down short, of the runway. Daniels •re were no Iraqi cnsual- ond round of full-dress talks. Saigon's Ambassador Pham Dang Lam lashed out at the opening of the second session of the four-party talks. In a 5,000- word statement. He told the delegates from North Vietnam and the Viet Cong's National Liberation Front they had deliv- The White House denied at the ; ered "negative" statements at j sa j c ] nc w ., s tok] „ t f , .. time that the invasion fiasco, or- j the opening of the conference i c -illed for' a "f| v • round " ri ' Tsnif '' u ' as preparing an at ganized to a large degree by the J Inst Saturday. I u '. hic|l tl ' n , |M '.,..!,, Z i ti,ck in maHa,i,,n f( "" ,h '- hang. CIA, was the reason for Dulles' j "Your statements," Lam! aml a „pro-,cli again H we >' 1of " Ira( » is ' nine of them retirement, saying his plans (said, "contained nothing J the crash occurred seconds ht'i J ° US ' conv,eted o[ «V |n S in ties. At the same time, a Jordanian broadcast said two Israeli fighters had violated Arab air space over the Jordan River but were driven off by antiaircraft fire. Iraq had charged Wednesday were known well in advance of; empty and" unfounded calumnies j er that. • against the constitutional, legal, Since quitting the government I authentic government of the Re- service, Dulles wrote four' nublic of Vietnam. They con. j tained nothing but outdated,! (Continued On Page 2 Col. 7) ' propaganda." Would Celebrate 5 Holidays On Mondays I Groen said the proposed Illinois law is uniform with the Baghdad and Basra on Monday. There has been an outcry in A crewman who asked that he j Israel, the United States and several European countries, condemning the executions. Iraq has an estimated 20,000 troops in Jordan. They had been there since the Arab-Israeli war of June 19t;7. Israeli planes sfrafed and bombed the —Iraqi forces Dec. 4 10 fire de-! killing six soldiers, according to not be identified, said Bailey and the co-pilot both pulled back i on their control wheels but. could not gain altitude. Because of the fire, no one who got out was able to get back in to look for others, he said. Equipment from partments rushed to the scene a rolling 400-acre "clear zone' south of the field. SPRINGFIELD, HI. (AP) — The Dlinois Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday approved . .. , a bill to set celebration of five' federal law except that Lin- Illinois holidays on Mondays so <= 0 ! n 's birthday is added in I1U- as to create "long weekends." n ™ n G wm , am Hors , cy> R . The holidays are Washington s Springfic j d who p i aye d the part birthday, Lincoln's birthday,, of Lincoln in a New Salem Memorial Day, Columbus Day, eant for many yearSi ob j ecte d and Veterans Day. j to celebration of Lincoln's birth- Sen. Egbert Green, R-Pekin, day on any day but Feb. 12. He sponsor of the bill, said he held sa id pilgrimages to Lincoln's up similar legislation in the 1967 j Tomb and home are set to coin- legislative session because 'fed- ; c ido with events that occurred ; eral legislation on the subject on specific dates. ' Woodlawn High School Prin-, was pending. j "it would give us a longer > ci ' ,nl R - '-Stafford said that Such legislation has passed,; time to celebrate and commem- i water on roads in the southern Rain Cancels Woodlawn School District Classes the Iraqis. Israel on Wednesday denied charges from Iraq that it was massing troops —for an attack the Iraqi force in Jordan. At the ! same time, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan cautioned his country they must give the government of Iraq no excuse to do more harm to the estimated 8,000 Iraqi Jews. , , ,. i Along with the official denial Heavy rams forced the can-' ., T ,. r . I I, <• i „ . .1 IT- i : from the Israeli army, foreign I cellatton of classes at the Wood-: . , , , , i „•„, . „• „i „., J i- i i newsmen m Israel observed no i lawn High school and Grade • , , _ ,. , , . , unusual troop movements. In 'School today. • . i addition, rain and snow were blanketing Israel and Jordan, imposing quietness on the he said, but it applies only to: orate, both in schools and in the Dfirt of 1,10 district prevented federal en stallations cease-fire line. — federal employes and federal in-: Republican party," Groenre- j busses from making their nor . j <iy,in ' ono of Israo1 s lencl) ng plied. ~"-•— ..!"^-KS. jmal runs today. Stafford said ; the school buildings were not ; effected by the rains. also was scornful of President. Charles de Gaulle's AND EVERY SATURDAY A NEW REGISTER-NEWS COLORED COMIC SECTION 260 school. Fashion Show, Barbershop Singing Too Auto Show At Ramada Inn Opens At 11 Saturday A two- day Auto Show at Mt. Vernon's new Ramada Inn this Saturday and Sunday, February 1 and 2, promises something special for everyone. Everybody is invited to attend any of the sessions, which will not only include displays of the gleaming 1969 models but will feature a fashion show and barbershop singing. And too, it will give everybody a chance to view Mt. Vernon's newest motel and dining place and a large tent at one entrance to the dining room. The Auto Show on Saturday will open at 11:00 a.m. and continue into the evening. A special Saturday feature will be a style show at 8:00 p.m., featuring the latest in women's, men's and children's wear. Sheryl Merkins, speech teacher, at Mt. Vernon high school will be moderator for the fashion show and Don Wealer will be master of ceremonies. The Auto Show will open at The big show, sponsored by noon on Sunday and close at 8:00 the Mt. Vernon Auto Dealers j p.m. Barber shop quartet sing- Association, will be held in Ra- ing is scheduled for 3:15 and mada Inn's main dining room 1 4:15 p.m. f attempts to promote France as a peacemaker in the Middle "We expect to resume class- ! East. Referring to De Gaulle's es Friday unless we get some j ban on arms and military spare more hard rains," said Staf- j parts to Israel, he asserted: ford. "All this talk of justice and Woodlawn High school has an • peaceful aims coming from enrollment of 130 students while France is hypocrisy. It is being ,)aa students attend the grade • used to deny arms to a nation under siege, while Iraq continues to receive French arms." Amid reports that another 35 persons, including 13 Jews, were b e i n g tried as spies in Baghdad, the U.S. Department of State disclosed that American oilman Paul Bail of Conneautville, Pa,, and his wife are under arrest in Iraq on unspecified charges. Bail is an engineer for Jersey Standard's Humble Oil Co. and is on K.-.— i to the Iraq Petroleum 18 of the country's top Color Comics will oppear in The Register-News every Saturday. Follow the adventures of these popular comic star» shown above and many of your other favorites in The Register-New*. Severe Quake In Philippines MANILA (AP) — An earthquake of intensity equal to the one which killed over 300 persons in Manila last year, struck the southern Philippine city of Davao, the Weather Bureau announced today. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. A spokesman at the National Earthquake Information Center in Washington said the tremor measured 7.2 on the Richter Scale. — The Weather Bureau said the quake, was felt to a lesser extent in the big southern island of Mindanao, and some parts of! the central Visayan Islands. jC.'o., a Western consortium. A ' member of the Belgian Embassy in Baghdad, which handles U.S. interests in Iraq, reported the couple were well treated and said Mrs. Bail is under "what amounts to a house arrest." Eatherly Contest Is In Legislature SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) Rep. J. David Jones, R-Spring- hVid, will head a subcommittee on the contest by James Eatherly of Galatia, a Republican candidate, against the election and seating of Rep. Ben Blades, R- Fairfield. | Blades had 66,021 votes in the • Nov. 5 election. Eatherly had 65,169 votes.

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