Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1954
Page 2
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a jaWMflSg feet- Ht ?ln 1952. fie teas die A statement vgMAtto when sentence necessarily JWoirtd £pend all ib* sl£*0tae«rms from die*, Ju&tke Ed McFaddin hat? »^W admire the can- Jejjlly o^ character of ••^V'Who .'tiftfiesittttefn- ,"' He , cqurt Conviction jest c /comninkatlon course for r v dissented. report" ifAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS MARKETS touts HATIONAI, STOCKYARD, 111. Hogs 11,600; active; barrows and gilts 2&0 Ib down mostly higher than Friday stronger weights mostly 23 highef-; sows 2550 higher; load and part load No. 2 26.25 next price 20.10 for Occasional loads and lots little over 26.00; which 1 main for 170-230 Ib to fttt' buying -interests; 'moderate sprinkling 25.75-90; bulk 240*280 Ib 24.25-75 few 270325 Ib 24.29-25 00 «6od early clear- dhce; choice 150-170 lb'25.UO-2d.OO; few 120-446 Ib 24 25-75 sows 400 Ib down mainiy 23 75-24.25 heavier sows(22.50-23.5d. Cattle 6,800, calves 1,260 slews finding limited early inquiry; heifers and mixed yearlings also With a small number 0* early sales confined largely to commercial and t 15.00*18 50; these near steady at Friday's close; cows finding slow demand with modest proof sales about • steady util* and commercial 12.00-14.00; canners and cutters 9.00-11.50; bulls loWcr Utility and commercial 13 00-13,00 cutter bulls largely 11.00-1250; vealers and calves steady; good and choice vealers 24.00-28.00 individual head prime; to 3P.OO commerciql and low good ; Vealers 17.00-23.00. 400; lambs active, 25r!50 ^Vy higher than Friday; top' 25,23, which new high Since early last August sales included load choice rf.pj 'prime J03 Ib and two smaller Tots at '25.25,; ^remainder supply Ihoice at 23.00-24.80; ; ".r o & some dtiJ2sli)l)-25 carrying utility end agd4[fheB)4» stcdd'y; slaughter ewes 4.00-$,00r 4fi<!d bucks -5.00. . • k >. . '.Ml ' _ ;orneys 'iim^diately' |and that • by .heir ja^kjofjobjection' at the time iad waited a* future* proest. The chief justice notd, however, .hat the trial lawyers did not represent Bill on appeal. T New VOftK SfOCKS NEW. VORk, March 15 t*> — A decline "In the stock market loday embraced just about all major division*. Irregularity appeared at- tho start of trading, and within the first hour the lower trned had started. It carried on down into tn4*,e;arly afternoon.; » . s at times extended't'O be- 1 arid 2 points, but' the off 95 cents a bale. New'crop months were higher on commission house and trade buying. Late afternoon prices "wer'e 05 cents a bale higher to 5 cents lower. May 34.51, July 34.53. Oct. 33.08. i GRAIN ANp PROVISIONS CHICAGO, March 15 $> — Grains opened firm on the Borad oftrado today and then went into a slow retreat which wined out tho gains and left the market w!ith losses. In the early run up wheat and soybeans made the best gains a'ncl soybeans made the best gains and wheat offered better resistance to ghiat ^majority 1 of changes • either Ithn subsequent selling than other Way were smalL'--, ( |cereals, giving up ground Rrudg- ingiy. Dry weather' and a plan to export wheat to Spain helped that • POULTftY AND PRODUCE JCIJICAGOt March'13 MV — Live pdiiltry s'tehdy; receipt^ 1,382 coops; F.O.B. paying prices : unchanged heavy hens 28-32 light hens 18-20; fryers or broilers, 22-27 old roosters 16-18; ducklings 2y-28. Butter unsettled receipts 2,045,067; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Vi lower 93 score AA 04.73; 92 A 84.5 90 B 62.5 89 C 59.25 cars 90 B 63; 89 C 60. figgs easy receipts 21,495 whole- buying prices unchanged to 1 cent lower; U. S. large 39-39.5; U. S. Is.estUosn.SS shrdlutaolntaoo standards 36.5 current receipts 30; checks a,nd dirties 34.5. .LITTLE ROCK w — . Floral' area: Market .seak. De- . mand irrjprovpd at loiyer prices. Of^efing's fully adequate .to bui-- dens6me. Trading at 20 cents !ac- Uvc, with light trading at other prices. Prices since Friday and-u,p to 11 q. m. today, broilers and fryers,' 2y a -2>A poupci^, 20-22 cents, 20 cents. ' VOfJK COTTflN . NEW YORK, March 15 UP) '-r-' Cotton futures were irregular today. Trading up to 12:30 p. -rn. was dominated by liquidation ,of nearby March, with that delivery at ohe \time-about $1'.10 a bale below the previous close. The expiring price of that month is 34.40 cents, cereal. Feed grains never made sauch hondqay on tho unside. Wheat closed V* lower to "4 higher, March $2.30—, CORN i/ fl lower, March $t.!>3',4. oats un- chaneed to V* lower. March 76%, rye 2V 8 -3 lower, March $1.16'/ 2 , and soybeans 1 to 3% lower, March -3.47-$3.47!/ fl . Cash wheat: None. Corn: No. 2 yellow 1.58'/ 4 ; No. 2 1.54 -57'/ 4 ; No. 4 1.51%-55% No. 5 1.53& sample grade 1.44-52. Oats: No. 1 heavy White 81%-82'/ 2 No. 2 82; No. 1 white 80—81; No. 4 medium heavy white 77%. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal: Malting 1.20-62 feed 92-1.14. Field seed per 100 Ib nominal: White clover 10.2-75; red top 27.00-28.00; alsike 17.00-18.00 timothy 12.50-13.50 red clover clover 27.00-28.00. : . Cold Remains in Arkansas By The Associated Pr e ss A cold wave that moved into Arkansas early Saturday -rnprning still hung over the state today, sending temperatures to ' 'l"4 degrees at Gilbert and Fayetteyille this morning and below freezing in pther towns. • " Forescastsfor today and tomorrow wre for fair weather with a slight increase in .temperature to- (ndochlna Truce dontifmed 'ttota Pig* On* Communist strategy consisted Of applying heavy pressure on orte outpost after another, like Indians surrounding a wild west covered wagon train. The Hanoi airlift, which keep Dien Bien Phu alive, continued ferry in fresh supplies to mo food and arms to the estimate 30,000-nian French garrison. Rebel shells hit the vital gari son airstrip several times, bt French repairmen hilt-tied o< after each explosion and plugge up the holes. Wave after wave of CommUni troops trampled over the bodies o their fallen dead in an attempt storm the fortress Sunday. At dawn today the Communls resumed shelling the town, The have asked for a truce. The re quest was replayed to norther commander Gen. Rene Cogny Hanoi and the cease-fire was ar ranged. A wounded French officer re [eased by the Communists arrive at the French lines with a pape proposing the truce. • Before sending tho French off cer to the besieged fortress, th Communists contacted the Frenc commander. Col. Christian de astries, to sound-out his attituc on the r'uce.'. ••'•..•'.,',:.•'• French, military soiirces quick! pointed out- that the .'Comunist riad taken the initiative in askin for a cease-fire to .recover the wounded, indicating -rebel forcf had taken severe puhishmnt morrow afternoon. There were no reports of rai or snow,in the state, yesterday p today. '•• . .... : : High temperatures in the stat yesterday were in the middle 50i Other low temperatures th morning included Flippin, 21 de grees Fort Smith 22 -Arkadelphi Batesville and Qzark, 23; Walnu Ridge, 24; and'Newport and Da danelle, 25. , ' •'.' value-wise buyers are swinging to Ford! ,, , , , i > , i^^< i. ' , fcv i mmmmmmmmmmmm ii»f . i .-.-7 1* ~ , T1 • *7- that Ford -,.1-H.j ~ "-'tl- • them everything ;p *« n Vs - *• v •«. *•* #H - >^ * V f < . ,\, <. t f* ' °A&>' - ^ »< ^ f r< •* °* f * , '7 f \\ > <i * i j i «y*t" f* F 1 » v r v| You c««^ buy betteri it i the stunning Cwitotnluie Fotdor Sedan. the only low-priced car • • • all these "Worth More" features - • 'S f»e?9gn(zed leadership in styling >H cWpay more h.ut you'll riever 5nd a car at>'i?lpre $1wiw"whereveryoumoy drive ' .F» "le smait new '54 Ford is as modern " >l *% cl 'i s Pi commanding lines *. Ar>d U's.lwsJ: %$ W9$ t , . of mo*t modern angl ?f > <- ft r flW l>lone, in the l4w*pri %fe °! v " 8 or $ {K "-^ , V-bJofk V-8 or tii» %bi , I*UMk Sb(, $9th Fpjd, engines, savings and ''GO" of modern, high-compres- iion, short-stroke, low-friction design. pqll-jplnt Profit Suspension For U^ first time in any Jpw-priced car, you ffi the ^rofiptbef "ding and easier handling f of BftlltJoint Front Suspension — an advance ,'ypu'd f£j?0J!t fejj flrid only in the costliest cars, -* .-•'•. Chol«e of 9 power qjjjsts ,, t , , InclMfiips Fordomatl*; , Only,Ford i«j tlie'low-price field oifers-power 0^ all four svindowsj , , . a 4-wcttj power seat wJUoh adjusts Uft «w»« faw as wpll as forward and bplf. P«vver jeering, pqvver braj^eis and versatile Fprdorn^tic Drive are also, avajlable-r ft»d they ffl»}^ yqwr ^ ne ^ wd ^ V PO ni w e *' u w AUTO Choice of 28 new models ^Yith fourteen stunning body styles available with either of Ford's new engines, Ford offers a car to'suit every taste and need. In fact, for '54, Ford offers the widest selection of model$ in the entire industry! . Top value qt resale Used car prices show that in recent yeajs Ford, has consistently returned a higher proportion of its original cost at resale than any other car. And for 1954, with all its advanced ne\y tea? tures, Ford is worth even more when you buy it , . . and it stands to reason it should be worth more when you se//it, too, We cordially invite yov to Test Drive the 1934 Ford ,_ CO. e , 5e«<ittsJ two days of attack on the French defenses. French high command spokes- rnert said the weekend fighting w&s "probably the most savage of the War." they said, however, that De Castries, one of France's World War 11 heroes, would never surrender the fort. De Castries gained fame in World War II when, as commander of a group of 60 men, he held off an advancing German battalion for three days. He has won 20 decorations in Indochina. Reports' from Dien BienPhu said the Communists tramped over the. bodies of their deed yesterday in a screaming attack from three, sides. "The barbed Wire entanglements disappeared under haps of comfes" a spokesman said. Rebels hit the encircled fortress in ways at Comunists troops trumpted bugle calls. Altogether five assaults were made before the Reds pulled back to regroup in the outskirts of the town. On another front, souh of Hanoi, French union forcss attacked Viet Mihn troops threatened the Han- oi-Haiphong highway, which has been used for movement of Amer- Court Upholds Tidelands Law WASHINGTON (UP) — The Supreme court today upheld the so- called "tidelands" law. In a 6-2 ruling, it rejected a challenge by Alabama and Rhode island. The controversial 1953 law gave coastal states title to submerged lands — some potentially toil-rich — out to their historic boundaries. The court, in an unsigned opinion, cited t>revious rulings that "the power of Congress to dispose of any kind of property belonging to the United States "is vested in Congress without limil^tion'." The "tidelands" question was a major issue in the 1952 presidential race, with President Eisenhow- ier favoring state ownership and Democratic nominee A-dlai 1£. Stevenson favoring federal ownership. It was the first major legislation approved last year by the! Monday, March 1§, 1984 Republican-controlled 83rd Congress Alabama and Rhode Island had sought the court's permission to file a suit against Texas, Louisiana, California, and Florida and several federal officials. The court refused. f ican supplies to th eLoyallsts. An assault fore landd on the beaches of Central Annam province Saturday and reinforcements poured in throughout the night. Some 600 Reds were reported killed in the Annam fighting. • There are about 1, 900 million Hcres of land in the United States. . —_ <— Piles Keep Coming Back?- No Matter What You Do! There is a way of dealing with piles, so effectively that this can actually be guaranteed: "If piles come back after this medically- approved method, any further therapy required is free!" Details are toid in vitally interesting book written under supervision of the medical staff of famous Thornton & Minor Hospital; completely authoritative. Get your copy now! Write Thornton & Minor Hospital, Suite 319, 911 E. Linwood, Kansas City 9, Mo. ERVANES ''tailored-'ky The new Weathervanes button down fashion for you. With new softer lines. With new fit and finesse. In Gelanese*, fresh to the touch, fascinating to the eye, and resistant to »f , / • . • ' , i - ••: , wrink / •...•' 1 , As seen in the < SATURDAY EVENING POST .Two of many New . Styles ?s or rainspots. (Left) Collar-Bultoneer With all round .b.utton-down collar. 25,95 f Sizes 9 to 20 ../ (Right) Pocket-Buttoneer on slender curves. (Also in Linenweave Weafhervane, a new exclusive Celanese.*) 29.95 ours alone}"% ^^^W^^^P? - Fintit etfitrtmint Iltn

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