Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1912
Page 8
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 1,1912. § JANUARY SALE =Starts= Morning at 8:30 O'clock Come Early and Avoid the Rush! 15'; Discount on W. B. Corsets from $1.50 up to $4.00. 15';; Discount on Warner Corsets from $1.50 up to $3.50. •1-5'', l)i.<:count on all our Fancy Neckwear—including Coat Collars, Coal Sets, F'inished Yokes and fancy Dutch Collars from 75c up to .$;150. 15',, Discount on all Wool Dress Goods in colors white, navy, black red, brown, grey, green and sillj; and wool Lansdowns. 15'; Discount on all high grade Table Linen, f j-om $1 yard up to $3. 15 '7 Discount on all Pure Linen Napkins-bv tlie dozen only, from $2.00 up to $6.50. 15 'V Discount on all pure wool and silk and wool Underwear- separate garments or union-suits, from $1.75 to $5.00. 20';; Discount on all fancy Silks, fancy Satins and Brocades and Chiffons. 15'; Discount on all \VHITE GOODS, including Dimities, Sher- rettes, Long Cloth, Nainsooks, Persian and French Lawns, Piques and Dress Linens and Wiastings. . CHIFFON BROADCLOTHS— cG inches wide, in tan. mode, red, grey, violet, black, navv: values up t(» $3.00; in this bi.<r clear- OQ^ anee sale, yaril ,0 «fi» No. 710 t'Royal Brand" Bras- sicres with embrofdery insertion and lace edges, ribbon trimmed and shield: sizes only 40 to 46; QOA- regular $1 grade, now........ vOv On'iy 3 to a customer. "Rcis" Foundation Letters for cinbrbidery, 5 inch size, fancy or jjlain scrlpi were 15c each, now 2 for 15c "Reis" Stitchon Letters, Old English, by the dozen only, regular price 30c, in this sale, dozen 30c "Reis" Stitchon Letters, 2 -U in., by the dozen only, regular price 60c dozen; in this sale. 40c $1.98 for a $5 Gossard Corset. Sizes 18, 26, 27 and 28. None exchanged or fitted at this pricel. 54 INCH BROADCLOTH, in grey, brown, green, black, navy— values up to $1.25 yard; fi^p now Uwi/ 20*;^ Discount, on Costihne Velvets and Corduroys. 20^ Discount on all fancy Trimmings and Fringes from $1.5*0 and up. Women's Flannelette Gownk^ $1.75 values, now $1.49 $1.50 values, now $1.24 $1.25 values, now 98c $1,00 values, now 89c 65c values, now '. .50c Choice, of any Leather Hand Bag in the house.. HALF PRICE Choice of any ^'elvet, Satin or Novelty Bag in the house now at just .. HALFPRICfi Infant's and Children's Winter Caps, worth up to 50c each 10c Infants' and Children's Bearr skin. Felt or Silk Caps, wx)rth up to $1.25; now :. .25c 12 and 16 button length KID GLOVES in navy, red, green, grey and brown, sizes 6, B'/i, Gi/o, ^Yi; values up to $3.50; , Or now, per pair V "i«4iel None fitted nor exchanged. Only a limited number of these gloves. 2 button clasp RID GLOVES in white only, size 7, V/i, lYo, a]so 5%,-6, 6V4., GVo, in assorted colors; regular $1.00 quality; CAA now wvt (None fitted or exchanged) Children's Golf Gloves, were 25c a pair; now .18c Ladies' Cashmere or - Y a i* n Gloves, were 50c; now 38c Safety Pins— 2 papers for. Pearl Buttons, worth up to 15c dozen, now 3 dozen for 25c * Pearl Buttons, worth up to lOc dozen, now 6 dozen for...'... .25c Women's Black Cotton Hose-r- 4 pair for .......23e , Women's Italian Silk Hose, in light blue, pink and lavender, now per pair .\ . .50c _ Women's all white heavy fleece • Underwear—Vests and Pants—all si:'.e .5; regular 50c quality; J ,Q|» now, each 36 inch Skinner Satin Lining's, any shade, $1.50 quality now.- .$1^5 209r Discount on all WOOL BLANKETS from $3.98 to $10. Infants'Crib Blankets, OOp were 56c; now, each ,..-. w^C Women's heaVy fleeced Union Suits—No. 908, $1.00 quality.. .79c Children's Union Suits and separate garments, heavy fleece, were 25c; now .21c Infants' and children's "Forest Mills' Sleeping Garments; 90p were 50c, now dOi, Boys' and girls' heavy fleeced Union Suits, were 50c; now 43c Roys' and girls' extra heavy fleeced Union Suits, were 75c. .64c Children' sSweaters—Small Sizes 50c quality, now 38c 98c quality, now 75c All white, $1.50, now 98c Little girls' Middy Sweaters- were $1.25; now $1.00 Little girls' Middy Sweaters- were $1.50; now .$1.33 Any Girl's Sweater in the house marked $1.75; now $1.48- Any Girl's Sweater in the house marked $2.50; now $1.98 25c 8-4 Bleached Sheeting.... .20c ^30c 9-4 Bleached Sheeting 23c 35c 10-4 Bleached Sheeting... .25c 25c 8-4 Unbleached Sheeting.. .18c 30c 9-4 Unbleached Sheeting.. .20c 55c 10-4 Unbleached Sheeting. .23c 7-8 Bleached Muslin, was 6V^c a yard, now 4'/{c 4-4,Randolf Bleached Muslin— 16 yards for;...... $1.00 No, 60 Berkeley Cambric, now per yard 12c Hope Muslin, now 14 vards for '$1.00 Peerless Cambric, 12i,^c quality now SYzC 20% Reduction on all Draperies and Curtain Nets from 50c a yard up to^2.50. Fancy Dress Ginghams, also plain, regular price 12T^C ; 7 J.|» ' now only ." • 2 ^ Fancy Ginghams in checks or stripes, was 7i/>c, now... . .5c SOISETTE—all shades—regular 25c quality, yard..19c PERCALES—pretty dark pat•terns, 12i /jC quality; 7—1* , now, per yard • 2 ^ Ribbcn Lengths at Almost Your Own Price! 5c Cut Length Ribbon, 7 lengths for 25c 10c Cut Length Ribbon, three lengths for 25c 15';;; Discount on all COMFORTS! Bradley Mufflers, all colors— were 25c; now, each.. 19c 18c fancy fleeced Flannelettes, suitable for kimonas and dressing sacques; 18c value; ill* per yard 32 Inch Fancy Ginghams—1912 patterns, .only a limited number of styles; regular price 25c; iAp now, per-yard Lorraine Tissues in vei-y pretty stripes and checks; always sold at 25c; now, yard 18c 81x90 Seamed Sheets, 50c quality, now, each .39c 50 pieces of Calico, yard .4c 2nd Floor Bargains—Greatest Price Cutting Sale Clearing Sale Ladies' and Hisses' Suits Any Suit in the House at Just Half Price! Orir Serges, Che\nGts, Broadcloths and Scotcl'i Mixtures—plain tailored and trimmed styles—snug-fitting skirts with normal or high waist line. Colors, blue^black, ame- th\^t, brown, tan and grey mixtures. Size • 14 to 46 bust. Nothing held in reserve. CLEARING SALE OF LADIES' AND MISSES' FANCY COATS In this assortment you will find many nobby Coats of medium and lighter weight materials that are just right for milder weather and for late wear in the spring. Polo Coats in white, red and navv/^formerly $18.00; now $10.00 Reversible Coats, formerly $18.00,.. $10.00 Fancy Mixtures, formerly $15.00.. w.. .$7.50 Fancy Mixtures in grey, formerly $10.$5.00 Six handsome satin and broadcloth reversible Coats for afternoon and evening wear; formerly $30.00; now.... .$15.00 Clearing Sale of Women's Black Coafs Three hundred Coats to be closed out regardless of former prices or even cost In this lot is also included a big number of Black Coats for large women, bust 42 to 54. Women's Black Coats- formerly $7.50; now .$5.00 Women's Black Coats— formerly $12.50; now $7.98 Women's Black Coats— formerly $15.00; now $8.98 Women's Black Coats— formerly $18.00; now $12.98 Women's Black Coats— formerly $27,50; now $18.00 Women's Black Coats— formerly $30.00; now $20.00 CLEARING SALE OF FURS! Furs reduced to just one-half former price! Choice of any Hat in our Millinery Department at just. ONE-HALF PRICE Clearing Sale of Caracals, Velvets and Plushes. $15.00 Caraculs, now. '.. .$8.98 $18,00 Caraculs, now $12.00 $20.00 Sealettes, now .$15.00 $50.00 Velour Coats, now. $35.00 $30.00 Sealettes, now ,. .$20.00 $30.00 Velvets, now $20.00 We have one very handsome full length Marmot Fur Coats—original price $100— and we will accejJt any reasonable offer for this beautiful garment Clearing Sale of Women's and Misses' . Sldrts---All New 1911 Models. Skirts of French serges, fancy stripes, grey mixtures ajnd voiles, Panamas and a few brilliantihesf^former price $6.50, $7.50, $7.98—in this bi^ sale, choice..$4.98 V Big Bargains in Night Gowns Some; are slightly soiled frou/handling and these are the biggest bargains yet High Xeck Gowns, were 'lOc, now 39c Slip-over or high neck Gowns, were $1.25, now^ 75<S SHp-o\>er or fancy Gowns—slightly soiled—were 98c, now 50<^ Slii>-over or fancy Gowns, were.$lJi5. now 89<J AU Gowns marked fl.50 and $1.35, now 98* All Gowns marked 11.75. now All Gowhs marked $1.98. now —»1.50 All Gowns marked $3.98. "ow 9IZ.m All Gowns marked $3.50 $:t.50 And up to $6.00 Gowaa. Women's Petticoats Greatly Reduced! In this lot you w-lll find a nanibcr of sampled al almost One-half Price! $6.50 Petticoats now ^S4.98 $4.50 PetUcoats now f92.98 $4.98 PetUcoats now i$3.50 $3.50 PetUcoats now IS3.50 $2.50 Petticoats now . , iSl.98 fl.50 PetUcoats now —-f$1.25 Wpmen's $5.98 ^kirts reduced to $4.50 Jbii Clearing Sale of CHEDREN'S COATS All sizes—6 to 14 years. Children's Caracul Coats— formerly ^6.50; now $5.00 Children's Plush Coats— formerly $6.98; now $5.00 Children's Cloth Coats— fonperly $4.98; now $3.50 ChilSten's Cloth Coats-^ formerly $5.75; now $4.50 Children's Cloth Coats— formerly $6.98; now $5.00 Children's Cloth Coats— formerly $7.50; now .? $5.98 Children's Cloth Coats— formerly $8,98; now .$6.98 Clearing Sale Children's Wash Dresses Age 4 to 14 Years. . 50 Wash Dresses, formerly 75c 59c 35 Wash Dresses, formerly 98c 75c 125 Wash Dresses, were $1.25-$1.50,.. .98c 90 Wash Dresses, were $1.75-$1.98.. .$1J25 Women's Conibination Suits! Corset C 'oTer and Drawer^ or Corset Corer and Skirt Some are sllghtl:^' soiled and mussed from handling and these are n^arked at less than cost.. Women's ComblnaUoa Corset Cover and Drawers— were 11.50; now, !___ 7St Women'^ ComblnaUon Cgrsel Cover and Drawers— were $1.25; now- . 98<^ Women's Combination Gorset Cover and Drawers- were $L75: now^_L_-„.^— ._„-_f|1.35 Women's Gorset Covers. At Greatly Bednred Prices—Tite Notice! • Greatly 85 Fancy Corset Coverc, were 25c, now _„ .1 ^—19^ 96 Fanny Corset Covers, werfe 50c, nov,- ^^394^ 48 Faniy Corset Covers, were 98c, now 75* : 36 Fancy Corset Covers, were $1.75, now _ $1.25 BIG REDUCnONS 19^ WOMEN'S DRAWERS AT Women's good quality Drawers, were 25c, now., ^ Won)en 'B :good quali^Prawws, nicely trinuned, were 50c, now __39^ Women;s.good-quxl |Qr Onifps, nicely.trimmed, were SSc. now _'3'5^

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