Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 1,1912. FELIX AND FINK—"Reform fs a good thing," Fink tells Felix, "but you played it too strongly.'* TWO ACriDEMS THAT MIGHT HAVE BE EX JUTH WORSE. The Methodist Memlwrs Celebrutrtl the Da; bj a hta: Dinner at thtr Church. LA HAllPE. Jan. 1—Grandmother Crjse of the south pan of town met wJth a i>alnfu! accident last week. Slir •^as returning home and jii.-i Lefur.- TeacMnt; th*' hou .-ie, r^hi' sUpiitd on the Icy sidewalk, reit-lving a number of bad bruises. Mrs. Crute Is an elderly Tady and fur Jhls rea ^ion she will .be tmablfl to ait -ni! her huuschold duties for Rome tiim'. While prai:l ..nK their marksman- Bhlfj Willi air rii'.fs one day week, Herbert Newton and Harry Steithen- ^OTTCanie near ijieeiing with a M rl.uis accident. Harry was artciilng a eer- taln shot when he unconsciously pulled the trlpger. The shot struck Herbert on the rlgUt eye lid. Had not the shot struck glaa 'cin ^Jy it probably would have nenetrated the lid and ex- IRA B. FRANTZ R£GlSTEB£D OPTOMETRIST Huaiboldt. Kiaa. Moran, afternoon of Jan. IC and all day the 17th. I^Harpe. Jan. ISih and liJtb. TNEDIir'SNEiVSitlGilSCin S('HOi»L ItK(;i\S T (».HOItnOW AF- TEK SHORTEST WEEK IN YEAIL The Old Year Was Kanir Out auH the X ««H Year W HS Whlittlfd iu as I'suaL r Uitives here thl.^. week. \V. C. Sears with hl.^ household t;<H)ds, left Saturday for .Mt. Ida, Kan- , til make hU home. The family \i ill n 'J l;i'-er. .\<J 1 IC Harold, uf St. John.s, Kansas. Is \\>'.\ne hi.-, f;ilher, William Harold, l.'ii- ttiik. W fc. Hottler was In Moran Saturday. H.nry Iturger, of Concordia, Kas. I J; 1 ;.-lrn^' iii^ .-on Joe Hur*;er; and fa.'Ji l:y ior a few days. .\Ir^. C. W, Sn'ilth of north of town V. the ^ue^t of Mrs. K .Mollenkopt Saturday. 11. I.. IJooseiiieytT. of St. Jo.'ci>h, Mo a ca!ler on I. U Oraen Saturday C. H. Zimmerman, o IStark, Kansas . •.- .4^ a business caller here Situr*lay. ttng:ulshed t!.e ?!"g:hr. Herberts ey , the auspices of the V. P. B. is now beautifully decorated with a i ;>.:v.= Z:.c .\tchUon. of lola will i ^iie black frame. - • , | ,-n;erta:nmeni this evening in the >:^;':icd:'=t cLurth. Mrs. L F. Malcom la reported quite —F. S. Halm M. XX., Oculist. At noon today a big New .Years din ner was given-in the Masonic hail by the Methodist chujirh members for .their families and friends. Short talk^ •w-ere made and a joHy good time was reported. Mrs. Hatiie Fitzpatrick and son, Tommie, o fErie. is visiting her sister Mrs. E. WilliaiEs of Melrose. Jtrfinnie MacDonald says he will lose all his "HeXo" rfrls May Day. It would be a good idea to call central and ask the reason. Win Ward spent Sunday with his parents southeast of town. Miss Edna Wilson, of Moran. spent. Saturday and Sunday with Miss Vel- raa. Hurlock. Mrs. George yiichael after a pleasant visit with Mrs. £. H. Toby, retnrn ed Saturday to her home in Fort Scott. Lee Vandegrift has accepted a position as clerk in the M. K. & T. depot. Mr. Wilson who has been attending to these duties, left Friday for Bangor, Kansas, to accept a station agency there, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stevenson are vis Itlng in Fort Scott this week. MiSs Grace McGown arrived la?t week from Deering and will spend the winter with Mr .and .Mrs. Bert Shaul and attend the high school. Beryl Estes has returned to War- rensbure. Mo., after visitini; Mr. and Mrs. David Morrison. Roy Burton retumpfl Saturday to hlB work In BartlesvIIIe. The Elm township board met Saturday aftenioon and wound up tlelr 1911 business. Mrt. W n Domrherf.v and dfluRli- ter. Verl. vl.«lted her brother In Stark Saturday and Sunday. Dr. G. B. Darnell Is expected today from Sumner, Jotta, to enjoy a visit u-ith bit father, J. C. DanrnU. Mr. and -Mrs. E. E. Gates received a letter Saturday from their son Clarence, of Kansas City stating that he had resigned his i»o.-Ition with the Cunningham Invet^iment Company, and was now clerking In a drug store a; tiiat place. George Busier ma/ie a business trip to Chanuie Saturday. | Mra. Anna Choteau arrived yester- I day from VInita. Okla.. to spend the I week with Mrs. E. H. Toby. [ -Mr. and Mrs. H. Myer, are spending New Years in Lawrence. Prof. F. M. Hyames. formerly superintendent of the l^a, Harpe schools, ar- I rived Saturday from I.awrence to j spend a few days with friends. Mr. ' Hyames Is taking the law course in the university. Jack Myers of Pittsburg, Is visiting The .' 0 O. F. lodg-e will hold their public installation of officers this evening in their hall over the bank S:ate Grand Master Lilly of V.'iehlta ulJ! be present. A big banqo. will follow the installation. A. X. Kan,<om was a business iller in Moraii Saturday. .\ nur:ber cf the business - places c'osed flia/ at noon to observe New Year-a dny.. . , ..Miss Grace Hocker will rtsit friends in Kansas City for a few days. W. I; Hammer and family have move.d to Fort Scott. .\ndy Williams, B. .\. Davis, Fred -iilen. Archie Keller, Tommie Wark and Clyde Wark have pone to Muncie. Indiana, to-work for the Ball Brothers Co. Thomai Kobertshaw Is suffering from an attack of lumbago. A. H. Hines is invoicing his immense stock of hardware thi"i week. Curtis Mullen, of Mountain View Mo., is the guest of O. A. Brassfield and family this week. Miss Mabel and Lutle Barker entertained a few of their friends la.=t evening with a watch party. Light refreshments were served and a pleasant evnlng re;iorted. Thore who enjoyed It were: Misses Nadyne Baker, ol Coffeyvil!.', Allre'Barker Ida Kln- ni -tn, Lyn Skinner.- Nellie Kesslnger. M -ssr.-!. I.#ster Lawman, Mora Living ston, Charlie Kemmercr Harry Bark. r, Lee Vandegrlft and Ralph Barker. CALIFORMA LAXDS. W P are agents for CItras Height! fruit lands adjoining the ciir of Sacramenta. FrM roand trip to buyers. W« ar« solo agents for .this territory. CHARLES k FOTTEB. Iota, Kmnsas. A DEFE.VDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurate information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is' the basis of a good deed. There are no better 'Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETERS05 ABSTRACT CO. Plioae 97 Old Coart Hosse BUg. OLD HENS WANTBDl ~ We want 5000 bens, by the 3rd d;iy of January to fill an order, and win pay you 9c per pound for all yon will bring us. All other kinds of poultry wanted also. Tou have l>ieen waiting for a l>ettcr price so you could ebll—so cull out your flocks and get rid of all Indifferent and worthless birds' while you are certain of a good price. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO., (Saecessm t« lola Ftvdaee C«.) - MHOLESALE FOULTRT, BUTTER, E^S AITD HIDES G.\S CITY, Jan. 1.—Tomorrow morn- iic the school children will begin ! ••flggerln',' ••gpellin'" and "readin'" otire more, afti-r enjoying a week and II day's vacation. Hut ih <T" Isn't a scholar who dc'sn't think last weik till,' iihortoKt week In th<* year. I 'rac- ilc-ally all the out-of-town teadnrs win arrivi^ this evening. tJ. V. King return.d today from a visit In Ottawa. John Remsbcrg .ind family left Saturday for Hupert, Idaho to make their home. H, O. Adams left last wc-^k with hU household goods and will .Trrive at Rupert about the same time :is the Rrmsber^ family. Mr. Rems- her.c has been a resident of this city for y.^ars and has helped the town v .ondorfuily. His many friends regret to lose him but wish him unbounded surcess in the new location. The old familiar bells last nighf were turned loose about 12 o'clock to the accompaniment of factory whistles, ushering in the New Y'ear. Have you made the usual resolutions. Mrs. Hattle Fitzpatrick of Erie is visiting her sister, Mrs_. E. Williams east of town. ' Mr. and .Mrs. Guy Roberts and Sliss Blanche Wade visited relatives In .Colony yesterday and today. Mrs. S. Agee, after a pleasant stay vlth her son, Stafford Agee and family, returned to Nevada- yesterday. Miss Josephine Goodnough of Chanute Is visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr. snd M"= H S Perry this week. Georgg and Fletcher Bissitt of Larned. Kas . visited Mr. and Mrs. Clint Martin last wc.?k. Dr. D. D. De.Voen, of Ciijclnnatl, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. DeNeen, has opened an office for general surgery at that place. Ivan Richards, who has been quite ill is much Improved today. .Arthnr Kinnian went to Collinsville yesterday. Dr.. C. W. Rennick. of Wellington, formerly a resident of this city was fn town Sa'urday shaking hands with old friends. Miss Rosa Corns returned yesterday from .Maplefon and Blue Mound wher--' sh" has hren visiting friends. .Miss .\da Thompson, of Moran, formerly a teacher In the schools her" stopped off vriSterday for a visit with MI 'S Ida Wil'b en route to Humboldt. .Ml.'»» Thompsdn I .K attending the St.ite .\ormaI nt Kinjiorln this year. .Miss Sophia Shawver, who has been spendlnp the holidays with her par- Hits In KIneald will r <'turn hero this iv< iiint; Ml»sf« Mall!.. :ind I.utli> Barker "-n- tcrtnlned a niimlx-r of friends with a watch p-irty last evmlng at their home In Laflarp". I^ester Lewman, Chirllo Kemmer'-r, Mom Uvlngston i!:d Miss Ida Klnman of this city attended Mrs. G A. Wood will visit relatives n Ft. Scott this w«>ek. Mrs. WilJI.ira Livingston has return"^ from a pleasant visit with her parents at Weir city. Mrs Apnes Shopard entertained a few friends with a watch party last night at her home In West XaGrange. W A \ TKB—MlSCKLLAXEOti*. FOB SALE—MISCEUJLSEOUS. WANTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan of 1800 cn a new eight room house on paved street, close In, east front. Want it for three years and am willing to pay good'lnterest The Peterson l.and Co. >V.l.>TED-CLEA.y WHITE BAGS. Retrister oiiice. WANTED—TO EXCHANGE PHO- nogRiph records. Also phonograph for typewriter, or will buy typewriter If price Is right. Address C, Box 204. lola, Kans. WA.NTED-DINI.VG ROO.M GIRL and dl .shw3 .sher at once. Pennsylvania Hotel. WANTED—GOOD LAND, WELL Improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more If- worth the money a.-<ked. Give price and full particulars for reply. Owners only. M.'.ihe-.v & Company, Tulsa, Okla. SCHUYLER'S HAPPY THOUGHT IF YOU WT A XT TO SELL YOUR land or city property; If you want to exchange for merchandise or land; If you want to buy or sell anything; Call on, The. Allen County Investment Co., 2U South W^ashlngioS .4-"% Bell Phone 900. lola, Kans. FOB BENT—XISCELLAXEOUS. How Revolutionary General Converted Dutch Farmers to HIa Plan for a Canal. lOLA K. K. TIME TABLES A. T. * S. F. HAILWAT South. Bound. . 201— Dolly "PdSu»rg»r I :ri5 p. i« .ZOS--l >jair Pa .«»fcri<tr 8;t3a .t% 2or— Dally (cxjopt Banatrt Pc»ta- ger S;i;')p. to, 21S—Dnlly (u.\i :<>vt SjnJ.ij) Way Freljrlit. Arrive 12:U1 p. m. De- mn .•- 1:05 p. m. North. Bound. . !d2 —Dnllj. Pa .ssPTigiT 2:22 p. nv . 204 —Dailv Pa.ssennor -i:2ii a. m, . I'OS—Dally (except Sunday) Fa.ssen- ' Rer «:3<>*.nL . 2lfr=DaIlv (.-xrept Sitnclay) Way Frelgtit. ""ATrtve- II:!»-«.—m:—— -part 12:01 p. m. .HISSOURT PACIFIC RAILWAY' Freight*—West Sound. 491—Local fd.'iilv er^ ~ 431—Colo _ ^ relghts .ooal fd.'iily eT^m +-tvrfrrTil45 p. :oIo^uJ-B !nr (<la:t>) Iv.. .g:3S p. -•—Prelghts—East Bound. m. It Is not known .who first conceived tbe magnificent idea of connecting by a cax[at iit^.. ' VtsHtlo ocean. Experiments to improve" uv/ navigation of the Mohawk by &i€aS34 of awall canals and locks had been FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED 1 tried years before Da "Witt Clinton 4 .18 —Red Ball'(d.-illy»-ar. 1:10 a.m. tVS —Local (daily ex. Sun) ar S:00 a. m. Passengers—vyest Bound. 4'>T—Kansa.-i City-i'ateS Center Mall and Expre,«« fd.illy) Iv 4:47 p. m. 4ft!>—f?t. I.<iuiK-Wlchlta Mail and ExpreM (daily) Iv 8.13 a. m. Passengers —East Bound. 41(V—SL I^uis-Kansa-! City Mall and E»- presw (dally) ar 7:1" p. m. 408—St, Louls-K.-insaa City Mall and Express (daily) ar. 8.S1 a. m. M., X J. BAHWAT South Bound. •No. 571—Wav Freight, (dally swept _ Sunday) 4:S0 a. m. yro. 75—Mixed (dally) 4:« No. 73—Pa.ssenKer (dally) 12:1» p. m. No. 25—Flyer (dally) e :SO a. m. North Bound. No. 24—Pnssenser (tlally) l:S5p. m. No. 7fi—Mixed (dally) 2:30 p. m. •No. 572—Way Freight, (dally except Siindav^ 12:19 p. m. •571 and 572 will carry passengers. front room In modern house, close to square. Phone 326. FOR RHNT—3 ROOM HOUSE FOR light house keeping; 310 S. Second St. LOST. AXD Frtuirn. FOR REST—ROO.MS FOR LIGHT hou.sekeeplng or sleeping; 212 West Mndliion. WANTED—MEN TO LEARN BAR- ber trade. Here Is an offer that Includes tools with tuition. A method that saves years of apprentlce-shlp. FosUlon waiting In city or country shops. Write Moler Barber College, Kansas City, 3Io. W.ANTEO—WOOD TO SAW VmH buzz saw. Phone 461. FOB SALE— mSCFLLANEOnS. TO TB-ADE. Good SO acre farm in Coffey county, close to good town Qve room house newly painted, good barn, fair or- c::ard, some fine creek bottom land; •>'> acres in cultivation balance In pasture. Mtg. $1700 at 6 per cent in-^ terest. Want good fair size residence property for equity. 53 acres fine creek bottom land ad- ojlning town in Anderson county. All in cultivation, very rich, black deep soil, no overflow. Fifty bushels of com per acre this year. Mtg. J2000. Want residence property for equity. THE W. C. TEATS BEALTli CO. Kress Bldg. LOST—GOLD BAR WATCH FOB. Phone 94 or 1258. Reward. LOST—CHILD'S WHITE FUR. BE- tween First Presbyterian church and 515 South street. LOST—SMALL BLACK PUBSE containing sum of-money, between 204 N. Chestnut and Merchant's Jewelrj- store. Telephone 3hZ.' MON-EY TO LOAN—WE HAVE A client who has $1800 private money to loan on Allen county land. It you want this, come quick. The Peterson .Abstract Co. FOR SALE—FIVE. WHITE OR- pingtcn pullets and one cockeril. Dr. .N'euscuie. Phone 824^' SO ACRE MISSOURI F.ARil FOR lola 6as or La Harpe property. 320- acre Colorado homestead for lola Gas or Ui Harpe. property. Call and set us about theni. Allen County Investment Co., 213 South Washington -Ave., lola, Kans. FOR SALE—A CHOICE, WELL Improved IKu acre farm, 2Vfe, miles south anil 2 miles wei^t of Moran known an the Wetherhold farm. Pee or adJrcfS A. C. Kohler, Agent, Moran. Kaa., Route 3. . FOR SALE—SMALL FARM HOME. A 'ldread C. B. Chandler, lola, Kans. FOR SALE—FINE DINLVG TABLE and 6 chair."'; 5 i-trar^ht chairs, roi^k- er.s, dresser rotnir.oiie, ?. b<("r. rpe*- rugs and other hou.'ehold furniture, .it reduced prices, lola Land Company. Farm aati CSiy Loans KANSAS AXD OKLAHOMA Low Rate; Annual or Seml-Aancal Interest—PrifUege to Fay In Full Rednced Bates on Fire In.snranrer R.M.Cunniogham Old Contt Honse Bldg;. I«la< Sas LASD FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in Allen County For a pasture It-can't be beat—ever- lasUng water—or It all can be mown Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also bare 60 acres improved land close to lola that I can sell at bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. nOLLI>GER THE BIGGEST BABGAIX IS lOtX A seven room, modem bouse with two-story barn and 73 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit. If sn.'d before January first, 11250.00; half cash. C. L. WHITARER. Pliooe IMt. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selliac Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate bmiinesB. We- represent three of the best loan companies doing busi- . ^ess in Kansas, and solicit a -share of the loan business, sad gaarantee as cheap rates and qvick service as can l>e had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. S.. L. ThvaipsM, 'Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDO. lOLA FOR SALE—15 BRED EWES. ONE Shropshire ram with papers. Phone 998F5. Wallis Ewing, R. 2. TO TRADE. Gopd 80 acre farm pood Improvement... 5 miles of lola, to trade for hardware. Good SO acre farm £ooi improve- menLs, 4 miles of lola to trade for general merchandise. THE W. C. TEATS REALTY CO. KRESS BLDG. FOR SALE—GRAY M.ARE TEN years old, weight 1375; gray horse 8 years old; set good harness; plow and cultivator. C. R. Carmain, Gas Kansas. FOR SALE—"APPLETON" TWO- hole sheller, like new. always kept under cover, for belt power; power required from 2% h. p. gasoline, op; fully mounted. Price 133 cash'. Phone ICIO. E. G. Whitney. Moraa, Kaifs. FOR SALE—RIDING PLOW ALSO walking plow, cnltlvator one set double bamesa and milk wagon; 1418 N': Cottonwood. Phone 374. FOR 8ALB—i WEEKS OLD PIGS, flne stock and will sell reasonable. Inqnlre first hoose south Electric pow er hoose.. J. K. Black. Oalny Woi .d'a Finest Port It is said of Dalny, the chief city and port of Kwangtung province, that It has the finest harbor and wharves In the Far East, vessels drawing up to 28 feet being moored alongside the quay. Goods • ^n be discharged, from a ship and placed aboard the freight cars, which run out onto the wharves. In one apei;ation. While ice forms in the protected parts of the bay at Dalny. It never becomes sufflciently thick, to interfere with navigation, BO that the port is open the year round and, Dalny being the sonthem term- inns of the main line of the Sonth Manchuria railway, the advantages ot­ tered are at once evident. Double the Depth, The unctuous undertaker was sympathetic. "How deep do yon dig gnvea. as a role?", asked the old mllHoaalre's yonne widow. "Sta feeL" "Make it twelve," she repUad. T will pay the dlffarenoe."—Puck. para CUBED nr six TO U DATS. -.-Tonr droingist will refund money U FAZO OIKTMENT fails to core any ease of Itehfag. Blind,' Fleedinff or ProtradlOf Piles to 9 t^U days 60e. hi^lt the Erie canaL The purpose, which was to connect Lake Cntarlo through the Mohawk with the Hudson, met with a formidable obstacle at Little Falls, where the river desoend* ed for a mile or two over a serlea «f rapids. General Philip Schuyler of Rovoln- ttoaory fame bad planned a series of locks to ovorcome this descent of the river. Knowing that the success of tho project would depend upon the fa vor with which tho Dutch farmers, settled near the river, received it, he visited them. Calling a meeting at a tavern, he unfolded his plan. The old Dutchmen loved and honored Schuyler, for he was the head of an old Dutch family. They were delighted with the prospect of the commerce of tho state sailing past their farms, but they could not comprehend how boats could ascend Little Falls. The general, by means of drawings explained tt i prlndple of locks. It was in vain: The stolid Dutchmen shook their heads, saying that they didn't believe a word of it Water wouldn't' op l^^'l. 1^ '^39 use-' less for the general to endeavor to make them believe that it would. The general went to bed^^mortifled at his failnre. Turning over the thing in his mind, a happy thought suggested itself. He arose, lighted a candle, took a knife and a few shingles and went into the tavern yard. Digging a miniature canal of two different levels, he connected them by a lock of sliingles. Then he summoned the Dutchmen, who came grumbling at being aroused from their slumbers. Pouring water from a pall Into the little canal, he locked a chip through from the lower to the uppdr leveL "VeU. general, dot beats eferythlng!" exclaimed the astonished Dutchmen. "Now ve understands und ,ve goes mit yoii nnt your canal! Tafclng No Risks. "Tes," said tho suburbanite, "I am fond of mushrooms and we often have them on our table." "But," asked tho city man, "don't you incur some risk of eating a toadstool now and then?" ".Not if the person who picks them un'lerHt;ii:!l:4 hU business. Invariably I MTrls.^ tlio iitnioat caro, 8o does a c'.Tt.klu ncl^bbor of mine. Wo are not on very good terms with him. Imagine my surprise tho other oven- ing when his Bm.tll daughter brought over a mess of roushrooma, sayins ber papa wanted ns to try them for supper. Well, they„were all rlghf. Wfl' ate them and they were enjoyed. La' ter I met an acquaintance of xny Und neighbor. *"pid you eat those mushrooms?' he asked. '•'Sure,' said I. •"No bad effects r "'None whatever. 'Why do you ask?* "Well. Mr. Blank was In doubt ahont them, so he decided to take no chances. That's yrhy be tried them on you first.'" SESCHA5TABI ']^..AB^BACTSr Every Abstract made In our otCIee Is guaranteed tb be a merchantable abstract or money refande4 lOLA ABSTRACT COMPANT. Frank Wood. Manager. PVOFVAflTO^AL nTHFCTOWT * MflVET TO LbAlfl • y will lud OD bouMhold ciMt4s, 9 Vlaaoe, ngaaM, Mwiac m> • * skUw, JlayBjto Md Iswelry : • * " IMMk ftml • S Royal Typewriter AgcDcy « "3 Controls Exclusive Sale of ths 9 •9 Boyul Standard Typewriter 9 3 In Allea Connty - • ^ E. B. Bnsflfog', A^sit • % Northrup Bulldlsg loia, Kans. < $ Typewriter Repairs and SappUes a « Dr. & M. Bnss • 3= DE5TIST a ^ Boom 50. 1, Korthmp BIdg; * 5 ExtracUon without pain by the £ use of^Urons Oxide 6aa V S Phone— 533; Res. 853. * WBY KOTI • 5 Have Your Piano Tnned by aa • Experienced Tuner—One Ut- • S lag in ^ouT home town • « T. 0. CAKATSET • 3 Piano Taner and Repairer • % Roberts Miislc Co. Phone 421 • » F. L. B. LEITELL, M. ». 5 Specialties— 3 Diseases of the Chest. 3 Diseases of Chtldren. « Phones—Ul/Ice 147; Jtes. I«. S lOLA STATE BANK BLDQ i IP • Seal Estate and Lhesteefe AUCTIONEER Satisfaction guaranteed.Wtrs or phone at my expense for dates B. B. CLABK, Tales Center Orer Con. Baak •^•i•<f•l••»•4••i'<••l^'^•i••9••i••»•f••« ^ PHILLIP IIEICELI . • llOVb South St . . EiB!f£8S AND SAODELBT \ « • Geaeral Bepalring, All Kinds 4i • • MOXEF TO LOAX • on al] kinds of household goods # or Jewelry—anything of value. • BIgus Pawn Shop, East Side • Square. OfBce In Fruit Store. • All transactions strictly confl- • dentlaL • • "A Perfect Saw." "To say nothing and saw wood"' seems to be one of the most sagacious phrases passed down by enr bard- working forebears. Like most sayings wliich have ^manated from ^''•""^i labor, this Is blunt, homely, ^ed, fo the loqoacloasly Inclined, painftdly. accurate. Show me a man bent Jack-' knife fashion over a sawhorse, with a short log under his hack, and I will point out a man who la minding his own business with admirable xeal. If he speaks, he ceases to saw. 'While he saws he is necessarily mnte. Hence this shrewd phrase, which Is. pnnnins aside, a perfect saw.—Atlantic Moatlk- ly. Hei Sprlaga, Ark. Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs. Ark., with retnrn limit of three months from date of sale, with Stop-over privileges going and return on sale every day In the year, for $18.60 The one way fare la IU.M. E- E MUNGER. Fhoiie 1€0. Vo. Pas. Afent •—Fanners Attention! High grade distillate for sale. Telephone 735 lola, or Humboldt Refinery. iL Htmger- ford, 304 Wesc stuet

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