Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 1, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JAN U/JRY 1,1912. lOLA DAILY REGISTER iio:r r-opi ns-to roceii. the Th« tola Qally Rteord «nu loia Oaily 'flings •wlsicli nic wlihoul remedy" j"*"*- and without warning or admonition, THE- It£GIST£K FU»LISIII>'6 CO. -"><*8e are the things that should — : 6e forgotten. Entered at thtjMa JJn^oJf'ce " Second-, And having forgotten these things ' that are behind, let us "reach forth AdvertWuK Ratca^tado Known on AppU- unto those things which are before." — '. That means let us reach forth unto By C.*rr'!?r '?„"'roT ;°2a ."^TiffL,nyon. Kverythinjj for everything that really ^lle,^oncreto, LaHarpe and Baiiett: concerns us now is before us. Rven One M^tJv '!!!."!.!!!!.!!!!!!!!!."!!44 c^nts the surcpsses and triumphs :ind jsya One Tear $5.00 of the ol(^ year ^e ours no longf.'r. One Tear. Insldo^cmilav'!'." J2.00 We cannot win them over again or One Tear, outalde cuunty $3.00 live them over again. It is the wcrV: ~ TELEPHONES: which Ii( s before us thr.t concerns us Bu«Ine«» Offici; '. IS now. ili" victories we are lo win, t!i'^ Job'and B^l ?Se 'n- rv:>t .;.:::::::.::.:::;)4i scou v.c are to do. -Eyes Front!" T!i!it i^ the command that should ' sound in our oars this New Year day. I And th<n "Forward Marcli!" Forgetting those things wliich are bohind, intent on those whicli :tre before,— Forward: Forward! DC Happy Ne\^Year fi^lMany Nations Official Paper of Cty of tola. Official Paper City of Bauett. Official Paper of Allen County. J I E TERNAL God. in whom ^ is M hope ot all OUT yean, remember us in Thy mercy abo in t}us new yeai o( our Lord. Reveal Hiy glory in the experience oi its joy* and •ocrowi. ForettaQ iti tean with the abiding comfort of Thy pretence. Make us strong rightly to measure all our gains and to endure with patience every loss Thy love allowi, Strnvf us Thy meaning in the gtft* and opportunities of each new day. Assure us of Thy help in labor. Thy delight in our joys. Quicken our minds to clear viaon and our hearts to cheerful content Provide for our bodies such vigor as shall I>e needful for our allotted work. We leave to Thee the mystery of the year's events, assured that Thou wilt guide our way. Withhold from us all gifts which would prevent Thy purpose for our growth in wisdom and- in service. Only deny us not Thyself—^Thy Spirit to instruct our hearts. Thy work to share. Thy peace to stOl our restlessness. Thy presence to resolve our doubts. In the sifting of temptation grant that our faith hi not, and when our years are ended bring us to Thj^elf, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Arnen. One of t'.ic thir.t;.'' 'l:•;•> :'.:i ;:rr w^ould like to do io to i.r!:;' n comiilct.' livjin ; : directory of'loia. V 'i very w 'r! < ircu'ii -.rv. winter ^_Ancf the winter winds, are wearily "^Ebg. /Ji:oU ye theichxirch beUs sad and ilbW.ll IS? ( And tread feoftly bhd^sB^ai^Ioiir. .V^orUie^d ' \ ' You V^„^ , Old^yeafi you^she^l'^not'ciieli Ha. UetK stflh fc^doth'not rnovQ^^^- the' dawn of day,' ler life abqve^.^' 1 .ofissionr.l -i- ... . r ii;is :'. :• ( \mr- j . • II snuili iu i; ;;nd it" .1 (•;.:. i .Ti.soi'S . h' ;i .ioiJie one d and a true, "true love,>;^ I !I Watch Your Coal Bill I! 3b drfds ; v>lio l .erson ;il : •• .•.•iiint .-in.- fs protv i:..' tli-:t tw: c:'rt!iln!y r .-jl :•. wi 'f'K, of its r <'ad <rs voiil 'l rot lliie lo ItnoiV I lie name and addri-s.i cf si;r.c business man, j;rofHBslonal man. or ine- ihanlc who llvos irere If a directory <nnld bi' pilnlcd rv.'ry d;ty lh :;l would ^Ivf, In not In i'\eoed iliree lines, iln- iiniiii', lii-.slni 'HS i:nd niidrcHS of all ill - nwrclmniH, doctor:', lawyiri*, ear- p. n 'iry lirlcklav .MS, and all othi -r Ifii<'s (^r IiiiKini 'Ks ii:i(t tiandl- cnifl, ii would not cnly Ii.' :m r.dviT- , IlKrnu'iit v,lii <'li would | ;iy all on III'' • fi-.v ei 'Uls a nic.iilli It wmilil cost, but Ii wiMild 1 )1' ;i ".mtA boonnT for loia, .'iliouinj' (mi.'<ldirs In."! wo li:;vi' I;.'!-.'. He gavfe^e'a Anjd the New Year^^MaKe 'em away. ^\^-^^^^\d. yearfytiu must not go; So long as jrpfiniecye been with us. C " Such joy asfyqtt^'^Ii^Ye seeiv-'^fSl-U Old year, yqjjj'sh^^bot^ persMo And tho* his foes speaK iU^^cf hirn,7/ He was a friend to me. ^^VJ/C Old year, you shall not die/>k ^S8SEai ^cSol.laUgh and d^TwitKi you,^ "ij^jrv €j half a mind to di ^'M^ >v...v ,JP^gt year, if ^rgudmust- and. ie/ THE >E«' YEAR. "Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching for.ih unto those things that are before." If a te.xt is v .anted for a Xew Year sermon we do not know of a better one than that. May be the Old Year has not been a very good one for some of us. Ii may have brought sorrow and disappointment and financiail loss. It may have been marred by mistakes wl-.ich ^ we see clearly now although our eyes were holden when they ^veri made. We may have turned to the ' Tight when we should have gone straight forward or turned to the left. We may have bought when we should have sold. AVe may have said yes when we should have said no. \V< may have done any one'of*a thousand things that we should have left undone, or left undone any one of n thousand things we should have done Forget it! "What's without remedy should be without regard; what's done. Is done." If it Is foolish to worry about the things that have not happened.—and it usually is, for the chances are they never will happen.—it Is folly : thousand times multiplied to worry I about the things that, have already happened. "The moving finger writes and having writ Moves on; nor all your piety and wit Shall lure it back to c<incel half a line, Nor all your tears wash out a word of it." The pleasant things are to be rer membered, of course. The things-we have done that are done well the " Buccesses that were honestly earned the victories that followed a clean fight, the triumphs that were de. served, particularly the triumphs over our own selfishness or malice or other evil impulse, the words or deeds of others that were inspiring or helpful,—all of the things that it Is a joy to recall, the very thought of which quickens our pulse and gives ^s new courage and hope and faith,—all these things are to be remembered, of course. And even our failures, the mistakes we have made, the wrongs ^-e have committed through thoughtlessness or deliberate unkind- Dfss,—these too are to be remem- Itiered lest we fail in the same way, miike the same mistakes, commit the a^me sin again. '^Bnt the things thnt nri> not pleasant to renirmbr. rn-J that have no lesson In th<'»5i for future guidance, the things that it only suddens us or dlacourages us or embitters us or Dear, di-ar. the Old Times! There vas nearly a riot the other day be- ciusp the Daily R'gister did not issue any paper on Christmas, and so it 'Jidn't dare to let one miss on New- Year's day. But this writer can re- n ;rmber when the Weekly Register didn't issue any paper between Christ niiis .".ud Xew Year's at all,—two whole weeks from one paper to an- oher! Those were the days when a fellow had time to livo. (o make Xew Year calls and visit his friends. Two weeks between one paper and another! And now we begin on tomorrow's paper before today's goes to I ress. Jay E. House will have somcmore time in which to consider whether to fell or go to jail. Attorney General J^awson has asked the Supreme Court to think it over again and see whether -it really meant to say that he should taKfe all his orders from the C .Dvernor. With a thousand law suits hand all the time he insists that 'inless some discretion is left in his o.'Rce the legal business of the State V ill be all balled up,—or words to ilint effect. He - was^ full of joKi But all To se His s But h'e'U ^ teolciy my ^rfencC and bo^d, my t^^ir^ar^^h^ breathes! Over the snow I >3>eaFd-just now the cro-vvntng cocK, The shadows flicKer to and frO: pi^ jcricKk chirps: the light bums low* .-nTid ipiearjlyj twelve odlocK- ^'%^K ~~' Shfake hands, before you die. J^X^.f-^ ^pld y^ar, 'vye'll dearly rue forWtii;s|^ :s\it we can do for yo\^/ out before you die. £^\\ The Register congratulates the S-rlnp Hill Xew Era upon the pros\ f rlty evidenced by Its purchase of a good brick building on the main street, thus enabling it to gel out of tlie wholly inadequate little room It occupied on a side street. The Xi'W Era Is an excellent local paper .-rid deserves its success. ui^/'gro-wmg sharp ani ^urJfnehd is gone. ' eyes; Jie-up h^ ibhin:^ corpse, and >^et /mm in there alond;/ j/ The j ^g ^^The^^a n^w foo^ oh tlao^ .'^^ij ^/^L ^.^I ^-And a new fac^'at th« r'-.' A new face at ''^ Mlltan Russell's first husband divorced her. That taught her the trick .iad she did the dicorcing herself with the next two. Now she is about to take on a fourth, and it will b:' in!• resting to see whether she has lost liir cunning. At any rule, sumioslng you are mr.n, you can be a^)olite lo your own folks as you arc to others.—and that will go a long way to making it a Happy New Year for them. a , I'oor living tliaii earn a good one, 4- Set a liability and uot an as-; 'Ij'rsiands^ \\\ '.\\t and the crowd Is with you. Go broke and you go it alone. Tlie Goddess "Of Jiifiicir may be l)lin'I, but oce.isionally she winks the (. ih'-r eye. j A dlpluniat is a knocker who can. ; critlei .-'.e things in a way nobody un- EW YEAR'S day has for for generations .>bcen the occasion of revela, It has come down to us from the old German custom of dividing the year at the close of those months when it was no longer possible to keep cattle out doors, j ThlS| was made quite a fete and In :the sixth century was merged Into ; the feast of St. Martin. November 11, i on which day the opening of the New Year w;as celebrated. While In Germany Martinmas and the New Year were Identical, with i the Introductiotb^ the Roman calendar the celebration was gradually ' transferred to tiio first of Januury, and j with it went many of the Jolly Martln- i mas customs. I Traces of these ol^ Xew Year observances and supcrsltlons can still be ; traced In the way the season Is kept In different lands. ' Oiir decorations of greens, fpr instance, are a relic of the old Roman • superstition of presenting branches of ; trees for good luck in the coming t year. i The giving of presents has also come to us from the Romans. They outdid oven the generous Americans, for they ! usoil to ask for gifts, if not received, until one of the emperors forbade his ' subjects dcmunding gifts save on the Now Year. j Qiio of the favorite New Year's Rlfla after pins were invented in ICiiKland, In llio Mixleenth century, wore the rough hand -nuidu pieces of metui tliut took the place of bono and wood skewers. Later pin money was substituted. A gift must never bo omitted was stuck with Cloves to ' graco the wassail bowl. Apples, nuts and fat fowl were popular offerings of '(ho season. Gloves and glove money is a very old New Year custom which is still j kept up in tbe increasing use of gloves as holiday gifts. j Even more curious are the old New Year customs. Many of these are still observed by old-fashioned people who cling to the old traditions. The old-fasbloned Englishman will I formally open the outer door of his I house on New Year's eve Just at the approach ot midnight. This Is to let out the old year and usher in the new. I The Scotch make much of New Year. I It is generally ushered In with a "hot pint," brewed at home and drunk by the family standing around the bowl Juat as midnight strikes. | After hearty greetings to the New i Year, the "hot pint," with bread, cheese and calces, is taken to. the houses of the neighbors. The first to enter another's home on the first of January bestows good luck on the family for the year. In many of the Scottish regiments •even yet the ushering in of Xew Year I is most picturesque. At five minutes I before twelve the soldiers, headed by the olde;;t man in the regiment dressed as Father Time, march out of barracks headed by the band playing "Auld Lang Syne." Just at the stroke of twelve there comes a knock at the gate. "Who goes there?" calls the sentry, j "The Xew Year." is the answer. "Advance. New Year." is called back. The gates are thrown open and the : smallest drummer lad in the regiment, ! dressed in- Highland costume, is car- j rled in on the. shouTders of the men, ' and marched around the barracks to ; the pipers' tunes. The rest of the ulgbt is spent in carousing. Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- PHONE 116 lola Ice^ Cold 5tor.ige and Fuel Co BANK THE NORTHRUP NATION L cvi::: rouTV VK\iis or ( ON i :a .\ TIVI: ».V.\KIMJ IN IOLV Uepo^il.irj for (he Inited Slales, of Kiuisas, and .Vllen Coiinly Ol 'I 'K i;i {.S: .1,. I.. .NoirrilUKl', I'nslil.iit II. I>. NOltTimni", LMKI V-lTes. K. .\. XOltTllUri'. Vi.f-1';-. Ki.l.rit .MEIA'IN FKOXK. Casliier. K. ,1. ('()l''i'"KV. A.-- f.'a.sliior CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000.00 Interest Paid on Tiiiie Depeviis .Sufely DepoNil lto \tiH for Kent VOtK H( .SI.\KSS SOMCITKI). \ Highest W^mh^l Prices For Hides and Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPFS JUNK YARD Phone 314 TUGS. H. BOWLCS, President J. F. SCOTT, Cashier Alien Coiioty State Sank lOLA, KANSAS EST.VltLISHED A QIAIMKR OF A C'l-NTLKY. Capital .$30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 IMEIJEST PAID OX TIME DKIOSITS SAtKIV DEPOSIT BOXES FOB KEXT Hale is s«t. It always hurts him most who j rlierlshos It. not him against whom it j may be directed. This is a good day j to get rid of it. j lOLA STATE BANK AGENTS OF SANTt GLAOS WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS L. E. UOKVILLE, Pres. W. S. KAl'F.MAN, 2nd Vice Pros. J. H. CA .Mnil .I.L, Cashier. A. W. BKCK, Ylcc-Pres. F. 0. ISENSON, CavMcr WOHST COLDS BHEAK EA.SILY. •l>?t not your heart be troubled." vrhlch, being Interpreted is, don't v.orry about yourself. "Fret not your self because of evil doers." That is to say don't worry about other people. "Sufficient unto the day is the vil thereof." In other words, don't worry about things. Here's a happ.v New Year to lola! ind may the knocker see the error f his ways, and every man within her gates boost in every way he can hink of for th- best and brightest town of 9,022 peoi)le that there is in Kansas! Wipe oir the slate, particularly if here are any old scores on it, or any old grudges, or any old prejudices and misunderstandings and uncbarl- t.iblene8ses. This is the day when we tegin all over "a^aln. Wipe off the iate! "Here's to IUOFO that we Here's to them that love us. here's to those that love them love. And lion lo Cure a Bad Cold and End l'rli«pe .Misery In n Few nour.<). \'o:ii!ng else tliat you caii take wili. • lireak your cold or end! grippe so I ij:oi>nitIy as a of Bape's Cold Compound every two hours-until three that j consecutive doses are taken. we love, and to them that love those! The most miserable headache, dull- ihit love us " nei^s. head and no.?e stuffed up. fever- i.^hness. sneezing, running pf the nose, _ _ .. s "rc throat, mucous catarrhal discharge?. .=oreness, stiffneaSi. rheuimr The best Xew Year resolution any j ti.m pain.s and otlier distres begin man can make is thai he v.ill Do the , to leave after the very firiit dose. Bf'st he Can, Every Day and Hour. Whether the Xew Year is to be a good year for you depends more on | fp-Mve yourself tbai^on all the other people i KS'I^'Pe- in the world put togpiber. Pape's Cold Compound i,< the result o ftisree year.=' res-earch at a cost of more than fifty thousand dollar.% and contains no quinine, which we have conclu.sively demonstrated* is not ef- in the treatment of colds or KEFI.ECTIONS OF A BACHELOR. From the Xew York Press. What mnkes a person popular is to fll other people they aro. Coin? throneh tunnels in an elec- Take this harmless Compound as directed, with the knowledge that there is no other medicine|'made anywhere else in the world 'which will cuie your cold or end grippe misery as promptly and without a»y other as- Fisfance or bad after-effec';« as a Z.">cent package of Pape'sl Cold Compound, which any druggist in the It wouldn't do any harm to remember that every morning is the begin" nlng of a New Year. We don't have to wait until the end of the year to correct our mistakes or to get a new grip on our courage and cnersy luid unbiuoB. trie lighted train Is wasted oppor- i world can supply. tunity for a girl. ! »— A woman hn.s just as much right to \ Business Better, lie about hi-r age as a man about his j lola merchants generally have en- poker hands. I joyed a good De'.^emUer bijsiness. C. What makes ihc baby lock so much \.. Cown reports the busiDe5 .s like Its mother is its father knows it month just c'o.scd as jhe largest De- looks like him. j camber busine.'s in the history of the A man would rnthrr have the coun-; hou.=e,.wiiich was estabilshOed In 1S79. try ruined by hie political party than excepting only December, 1903 in the raved by the oth?r fellow's. i • paimy days" as we say .-T -and • that year only exceeding a few POIMED PARAOKAPHS. From the Chlcngo News. • Most girls dislike being kl3s:»d—by th" wrong fellow. Even the u;vto-dnte woman may be lehlnrt her ag^. Some olllees so-k the mnn but most Of them try to dodge hiin. Some people would ratber steal a dollars. The large Increase can be accounted for In part, Mr. Cowan having in Nove.mbcr opened; an up-to- d:i;e meat department wh'ich* stimulates the whole business, but it does not nciourit fo:: the w'ro^e year's business exceeding ttint oif any;year since the panic of 1007. Verity, lola Is all rif ht Two Deckers, Itedfeani, Cain. Kelsey ifludden lleiirt.x of Orphans. A pretty little story which has; been rather slow about coming to ligiit bc- 'ause there was nobody to tell it—a itory of huw the true Christmas spirit .such as springs fioin big and sympathetic hearts, was seen at a certain jilace in lola,—has just, been dis- closeih The incidents whic^.go to uialtc up the story 'happened tiie day :.fter Christmas and even up to this time they would not have been dis-s covered if cliance had not intervened. I^ast year the Diamond barber slioj iflade about ten of the boy.-; of the Orphans' Home Christmas presents ot haircuts.' Several days before Christmas W, B. Cain saw one of the Utile boys, and through him extended an invitation to the boys to come to the .-hop and receive another Chri.stmas iialr cut. The mornins after Christmas five of the boys put in their appearance at the shop, and were duly given the presents promised . It was •I cold n:orning. and ttie little fellows v.ere shivering. John Decker, who happened to be present, didn't exactly ike the idea of being, excluded from t.'iis maniieitation-cf Cbrisfmas charity, so lie tok one of the boys out and bought him a new pair of gloves. This .ict excited- a spirit of iivalry, and •Huliets" Iledearn .although be had given one present, disliked ilie ide^ of being outdone or even £lpproached in bife-heartedness ,and he took "his" ^oy out nnd got him a jiairof gloves. iJiJly" Cain, having the ChriHiuias •plrit and an eye to variety as v.eil. his toy aliair of brand new truuf- crs, and Toy Kelsey who had a boy as ignid 'o him bccauje of the fact thai their tul't:;n locks matched, played Santa Clsui with a fine pair of gloves. Then Walter Decker gave in his share of tlie Chiistmas • spirit .vliich amounted to ten cents apiece for i!ie I oy^f, and aroujed a consider- •;h'e di^c^iK.Mon among the mas to the bftUvwcy of tending It. They thoug)it ct first they would like to take a ride on the street cars, and then they ve- SAFETY DEi'0!<iIT i:6XES FOB Ki;.\T. Uir.{\ this idea in favor of candy, wliile tV.e various agents of Santa Claus !!)'>ked on witli amu.sement. ^AlthouKh. the boys presented v ii:;ich different appearance both a.s^ to the growth of their heads and the ixpreo-sion on their faces, by the time t.hpy left the shoj), and they unanimously agreed that it was the best {, Christmas they had ever iTad. As to ' V.\p. benoactois they found pleasure in 1 actin.s? as agents of Santa Clau.s an.:. ^ .'ay they,intend to do it every Ciiri.-i-' [, :nas hereafter . j H \ J rST TBV -iV TEX CE\T BOX OF CVSCAKKTh. liisnns VoH for MontJ»< A!.-:il"s» a SiiK j Headache, BlUonsne-s. ( envtliiaticn or a Bad Stomach. Put aside—j'st once—the .salts, cathartic pilLs. ca-stor oil.s or purguiive waters which merely force a paasa'^e- way throiijcli the bovvois. but do not thoroughly clean.-:e, fre.shen and j)ur- !fy these drainage /)r alimentary organs, and have no effect whatever upon tiie li '.er and sloiiiich. Keep your inside grcwns pure and frcsli with Ca.scarets. which thoroughly cler.:!ie the stomach, remove tin- nn<iigested.. sour and fermenting food and fou! ga.'ies take the excess bile irnm i!ie liver and carry out of the -^y^tpi:! f'l the deconiposed waste inat- '?r nnii. jioi.sons in' the Intestines and bowels. A Cascirt t tonight will make you feel great by. morning. They w(ork ••vhilc you Kleeri—never gripe, sicken, and cost only lO cents a box from your druKgisti Millions of men and women take a -Cascarct now nnd then and Tver hrtve headarhf. hillonsne .ss. Indigestion, ce.'-fed fr>-iriie. sour stoni- rtch or constipated bowels Cnsc.irots belong In every household. Children Just love to Uke them. 15)12 CALENDAR PADS Blank Books Filinir Cabinets Office Supplies Desk Stationery Pencils, Pens, Inks Jros. Stationery Store Auditorium I SKATING RL\K » Tuesday, ^ThursdayaiiV ^ Satui-day Evenings at o'clock, ' and Saturday aftei'noon. AD.MISSIOX Erenlng lOr Skates l.'>r Afternoons 5c Skates lUc The same folks who were ccmplal'j ing a few days ugo of ihe iiiiseasonj hie weather are th.' identical onJ who are now growling about llie a^ petite o fthe furnace.

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