Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 31, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1943
Page 2
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MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Hope Star •$Ssr<*f Hep* >M»? Nut 1*tf C*ntt(t<fct«d January 18, '«'• u frVwfy • Wwit-ooy ofttnioofl bf , rf Star Publishing Co. Inc. tf^K*. EL Pdhtwr (tticf Atesr. M. WbsFroufffJ Jot th« Star buikJtoa. 212-2U South Walnut r ' - Hop* Ark. SfiFTD ME YOUR NEW OR RE- ftewal Subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Rey- nersort. City Hall. 1-lmcli %«. - fc *• ^^**'-?J IMhl ' rt> ? . H» WASHBUKN, v tnfwed as second class matter at the Postoffke at Hope, Arkansas. UfxM» the Act of March 3. 1897. IAP)—Means Associated Proa " is Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. ,' 1 ,Safisertp»i«M» *«t* (Alway* Payable Irv AdwweO: By city carrtef, per week ISe; jHempsfeod, Nevada, Howard, Milter ana t Latayerfe counties, $3.50 pef y«ar; else*her« $6.50. - M«mb«r e» The Attactaled Pr»n: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the u» for republication of all news dis- " batches credited to ft or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the loco published herein. Nallonol Adv«rtl»h»9 R«pMi«r»»«t!v«— <ukor.!o» Dam«», ln«.: Memphis, Tenn.. Stenck Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich toon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Ave.r Detroit, Mich., 2.842 W. Grand Blvd. Oklahoma City, «U Terminal IBda.: New Orleans. 722 Union St.. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will b. t mode for all tributes, cards of thanks, reso ?Mutions t or memorials, concerning the de * ported Commercial newspapers hold to this ?' oolicy in the news columns to protect thei i readers from a rfelUge of space-taking me * morals. The Star disclaims responsibility •r for the safe-tteeping or leturn of 4 unsolicited manscripts. Classified Ads must be In office day before publication. All Want Ads cash in advance. Not tafcen over the Phone. One flme—Je word, minimum 30e Six times—5c word, minimum 75e 7hre« »lm«>—3%« word, minimum SOe One month—t8c word, minmlum $2.70 Rates are tor continuous insertions only "THE MORtYOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." Notice SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES lor the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3tf Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — U you asked the Secret Service (which is responsible Cor the safety of all visiting dignitaries) you probably wouldn't get an answer, but those who should know will tell you that the oughest job of guarding they have >ad since we entered the war was :hat of seeing to the safety of Ma- lame Chiang Kai-shek. That may be surprising in veiw of the fact that Great Britain's Prime Minister Churchill has visited this, country twice President Roosevelt has been to Casablanca and Mexico, via all the intermediate states: and that there has been an endless parade of Latin American presidents. The reason Madame Chiang was such a nerve - wrecker for the SS men is simply that her cross-country junket was mapped in advance and there was no secret about where she was today or where she would be tomorrow. When Churchill arrived lor his latest visit in the United States, there wasn't a word of warning to anybody but the White House inner circle, a few military officials, and Secret Service. His was payed with precautions, but not the king that took local police forces, press, radio, port officials, and others into confidence. News photographers were allowed to take his picture as he climbed into the President's car for his drive to the White House, but there was no press conference. His visit made th e Secret Service. jittery. So did the President's trip to Mexico. And the Roosevelt hop to Casablanca was a night- CPU!. 1M3 BY HEA SERVICE. . INC.lT.V' REG. u. s. PAT: oft. Wash Tubbs \ c'^»'wirvfcii .«3 THRU THE SLUE WATERS £>FA MOR.- VJE6IAN FJORD IS A DESTROVEP B6ARIN6 HU60 VON 00ERKOMMAND0, TWELFTH NA71 OCCUPATIONAL Popeye Vital Cargo Mondoy^Moy 31, J943 By Roy Crane_ "I'm going back to the city next fall and join the Marines —it'll be fun after playing tag with these ornery mules all summer!" FUNNY BUSINESS SHOUMAN PLAYER PIANO, $600 value, will sell for $150. Can inspect at 904 West 4th. 18-12tpd mare to Secret Service responsibil- ty. White Base Secret Service Chief Michael "Mike" Reilly covered every inch of that ground be ore the President took off, but if one word had leaked out that the President was going, Reilly's precautions would have had to be quintupled. HED CHOy/ AND COCKER Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded . by day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd HAVE RECEIVED NEW STOCK of first. line Atlas Tires. Bring your purchase certificate. Stand ard Service Station. Washington, Arkansas. 28-6tpd HOSPITAL BED. MATTRESS AND springs. Cheap. 1406 South Elm Phone 274-J. 29-3tpd For Rent 50 ACRES, GOOD HOUSE AND out buildings. Five miles on Hope- DeAnh. roachf-Seei John C, "Allen. <\. ;-'• '•: 27-6tpd T W O - R O O M UNFURNISHED Arkansan Decorated in South Pacific Somewhere m Australia, May 29 yp> — Lieut. Gen. Walter Krueger, commander of the United States Sixth Army, today awarded medals, to one of his generals, to a corporal who continued to chase the enemy though twice wounded, and to 73 other officers and enlisted men of the 32nd division. Most of the awards were for heroism or outstanding achievement in the Buna campaign in Nev; Guinea last November, December and apartment. Private West 7th St. bath. 821 26-6tpd CLOSE IN NORTH SIDE OF FUR- nished duplex apartment, two beds. Decorators just finished redecorating. Phone 164. Mrs. Tom Carrel, 29-tf January. General Krueger pinned the Help Wanted WHITE OR COLORED WOMAN for light housework and assist with children. Apply 315 West Sixth after 6:30 p. m. 25-tdh distinguished service cross on Brig. Gen. Clarence Martin of Columbia, S. C., for extraordinary heroism in action at Cape Endaiadere in the fighting from December 3 to January 1, during which the general undertook personal reconnaissance in- the front lines, leading his units in attacks. Silver Stars were presented to Staff Sgt. Wright Chambless, Van I Buren, Ark., and Sgt. Aaron rtyeers, St. Louis, Mo. SECOND COOK, MAN OR WOMAN. Checkered Cafe. 29-3tc Lost BLACK HORSE MULE. WEIGHT around 900 pounds. Scar on right inside.'.hind hoof. $5.00 reward. Willie Cochran, Fulton Route 1, Box 95-A. 28-3tpd Wanted to Buy GOOD CLEAN TWO-SEATED CAR Plymouth or Chevrolet. Will eon sider pick-up truck. Rufus An derson. Hope, Route 1. 28-6tpd Wanted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN furnished apartment, Conver iently located. Duplex preferred Phone 7G3 before 1 p. m. Satur day. 12 - 3t(U I WILL HAVE CLASSES A' Brookwooa school for student desiring credits in elementar work. For information call Mis Miriam Porter. Phone 780. 29- OUT OUR WAY The Hwang Ho river in China as changed its mouth 11 times in centuries. Dive-bombing experiments were onducted by Marine Corps fliers s early as 1920. Hold Everything 8» »EA U*VICC. UK- t. M. HCO. U. S P»T. OFF Take a ticket. Miss Smith! THIS CURIOUS WORLD fly'Williom Ferguson A TWO-HUNDRED POUND MOUNTAIN LION CAN DRAG A /=£/6 TROPICAL ORCHIDS BLOOM IN THE SNOW-RIMAAED VOLCANIC CRATER OF ANIAKCHAK, ON THE By J. R. Willioms WONDERFUL/ A PERRCK LIKENESS OF SISTER/ MARVLOUS.' IT MUST BE-HER WPS ARE ' MARVLOUS--NEVEI2 OO NOTHIN' WRONG-IT MUST BE eOOD.THEVRE SO '• OH.LIL,' COPR. 1943 BV NCA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. a J MAY BE A-1 AND YET 4-F," Says NEAL DEEMER., \ JA.6ENERAL! AOV.VOU ARE W 7 ' SEND N\Y THIW65 \ LUCKV TO BESENt HEREIMSTEftMf ASHORE.CAPTAIN, K OF RUSSIA " YOU TO YOUR HEADQUARTERS 7p L/A MARRIES MESON, T'LL BURM'A It Pays to Advertise! AHO4, OLIV/B T~<-f& KNOUJ MOMMA'S SHIP 1<5 DUE- IW . Thimble Theater ^ 'Z:\n SUG UJON'T LIKE IT WBM^/igOOO •SHE FIND'S MfX MARRIED J^eAveW^ • TO HER HUSeiNCd f~^r^:( I DIDN'T ^" ' '^\ THINK OF THATJ Donald Duck Writer's Cramp! By Walt- Disney HELP THE WARf JPUTTOURJ Blondie "•'"|P CAM 1 You Can't Win! By Chic Young _„ . ,.„ THERE'S W- TMAT POESKIT )|lll" 'ill'^OKAX HEREjIlll BORROW XMO iy_K } MALTB^-J JUST ^ X_ 1T '^/""^ V\ WAWTITTOPUNCH ) Al-k3LE INMV / LEATHER < ^^ BELT <( <?. V^X ^ i — ^ i?5 I Csy( l^J. <^*l '«*«'" !|ii.l«.i',!«, WulJ i.^f 5-31 ''.'Jn-MMEATIMSTME;!!' 1 ' ^y POWTTO > MAKE IT . (EASIER TO S P'JWCW Boots and Her Buddies What Goes? By Edgar Martin >.*..,**.%*. t. I Red Rider Dignity and Charm? By Fred Harmon OH,THIS VJIUL BE A GRAMD \ TRIP- BUYlNSG NrWKJO RUGS-M I'VE PA.CKc.'D BEAMS ALItv) 1 VOIRE Ar^' BE\ BUT 1 NE.MER HIT TRWL LOM5ED WITH SILVER DOLLARS BEFORE, rr\ GLAD NOYO TOU DiDK>n ALLOVO THM DOCTOR ADDER TO JOIN US, RED; fAEBBE 1 WAS Vs'ROSSS, \ / \\W. RED.' BUT 1 DIDN'T LIKE TH' )/ 1 THOUGHT HIS WAT HE STRAINET? \l BEARD ADDED TriOSE 'DECORME.O WORDSiXDIGMnt TO HIS THROUGH HIS vim SKERS/ ) ( CH/\RTN .' 3-3/ icr. INC T M. err, u. s- ^A" ( GE.T OUT YORE \-xlltvJCHESTER, DOUG.' Alley Oop Why So Critical? By V. T. Hamlin NEXT: The many-named province of Quebeto. OTHERS GETGRAV OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople .-, .' WAT A PICKLE/ FATHER'S RIVAL FOR TH& WAND OF MISS FRANKEN THE AUSTERE 3UD6E MUST FACE HIM. ON A GAMINS CAN i\ IM THE: 3UD&E TH& CORDIAL GLDVVJ OF MA3OR RENCHV (<b A«S, ACCOM. M.ODATIM6 A.LUEV OOP ANOG.O5CA.S BOOM, B\CK A COUPLE OF THOU5*ND YEAB6 IN ANCIENT 61C\LV J BUN INTO A arr o? AN A.UTEBCATION NNITH A ROMAN 6MRCI5ON V£H, THAT'S RIGHT... ^X-/- BUT, ~ BUT IT'S NOTHIN' TO f GADFRY BBAG ABOUT! LOOK J OOR DON'T ACT 'EM.. .6HBIMP5, / ODDS ^AEA^( TH/vr'6 WHAT; <A ANYTHING JU6T A BUNCH ) \ TO VOU? OF RUNT6? fe^ M. c» V. Freckles qnd His Friends iVE HEARD ]BL 3R. —SO / R ? we >i-S- X Marks the Spot By Merrill Blosser ] pHINOS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN TWe EDITORIAL OFFICES OF THE SHAOVSIDe HIGH SKIOOO- ONBOFTWE CO-EDITORS IS IM A WHINS' DlfJ& OF SO YOUVE A RUMOR-- _ WHAT? we DOW'T PRIMT RUMOR.S / BUT THIS CAME FROM A RELIABLE SOURCE/ WELL.,WE CANT PRINT IF UNLESS IT HAS SOME THIM& TO DO WITH SCHOOL/ OKAY---THEN IF YOU'LL HELP ME, WE CAN DRA< THE BODY OVER. HERE AND LEAVE If IN THE" GYMNASIUM// COPH. 1»43 BY Nl

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