Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 13, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1954
Page 2
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ft i ^^O^Ti}TT|S •t^ **, aif&fft 1'A* M, ind 4 P. M. Grove 108, toi^ Circle, .home of M>s. feft thfefr regular Mdfaay iilght, kfrtndaft, IMS i&rdl r wft, ftT<|ei :30 hi the Circle In the f will be hostess ircle. M Sorrels, i 'jttattbtt 'CJtcte fo the fa* 'J*4irX Moses, i 1 Circle will Mrs. Harry 8/MH tBrch, 1C, the V, F, l.ih^ct for a. notni- lectidn, ot officers bUs}ijess will be j4Ajber's' are urB**c? rohnXecK^ana Mr^s is f \WU,,be .hostess ospltal. r~* ' l OMahcinia lor Sue . from Great ? fietripsteacl, u Wij, StlllO R Donations to Continued front Page One fredt Petre Sl.OO, Ros« Bright r >0c, J. B Ellen 91 00, Hugh Reese ?1 00. Joe Lfwly $100, Em melt Hoekeit BOc, Mi». 'and Mrs Robt M Wilson $3.00, C<Jrhef C. Boyrlt $1 00 Mrs Otvit Phillips SI 00, Mrs J*ick HUckabee $1,00, Mrs Louis Mae Russell fi.OO^dHdc Browning M 00. Jewell J Honeycutl Si 00, t C Tticker S3 DO, Mrs E F Au,tm 81,00, Flbort Auslon $100,' Mis. "Peaii Tabor SOt S. 0, Cook $1 00, Mrs. P E Cook $1 00. Mi s Donald Dill $1.00. Mrs>, G It Martmdale $LOO, Mrs A. T Jewell $1 '>!) Msr. Russell Rowe SI 00, Ken Vel- vln $1.00, Shover Springs Mr and Mr?. Robert Olwell S2 00, Mr. and Mis. J. D. Rice SI.00. ttov Rogers $1.00, Mr, and Mrs. B. C. Lewis $?.PO, Howard Douthitt $1.00, Mrs. Grady Recce $1.00, Mr. and •Mrs. Howard Recce $1.00, Mrs. John Downs lOc, Mrs. Carrie Aaron Sbc, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Co'iier $1,00, Mr. and Mis. Otis Fuller $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McDowell $1 00. Hop* B. B, McBay $-.25 Mr<s. Dexter Bailey $1.00 Mrs. Leon .Bundy $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. II. G. Goad $1.00, Mrs, Will Dbdson 50c, Mrs. Arthur Gibson $1.00, Mr. aid Mrs. B. W. Edward $5.00, Mrs. JLqland Warmaik $1.00, Mrs. Bob Levins $1,00, Mrs, J. -R. Johnson 50c'. H", B- Williams $1.00, Geo. 'Brasher 50c, Mr. and Mrs. Henry 4*6rce S2.0d. Mr. and Mrs, Dwight •Ridgdill$5.dO, Mrs. PaulCobb $3.00, Ma-, and Mrs. Victbr Gobb $5,00, It, P. Hudspeth $3,00, Mrs. Joe B Eftitson $1.00. Mrs. C, C. Billings $1.00. Mrs. J. S. McDowell $2,00, Midwes.1 Dairy $15.00, Troy Butler $1.00 Ge.0. Waldon $1.00, Lile Cato $1.00,' 'Vernis Boswell Sl^.OO, Victor Campbell $1 00, Jessie J. Brown $1,00, Goe. Collins $1.00, Gjlcn Phillips $1.00, Mr. and Mib, R!, R. GiJlespie $2,00, Mr. and Mis. T f S. McDavitt $2.00, Mr. and Mr-. Geo, M. Green $2.00, Mrs. Clyde Hill $1.00, Mrs. C. D. Lester $1.00, Mrs. Dale WHsom$1.00, Mrs. S, G, Norton 50c, Mrs, W. 'A. Jean $1.00, Mrs. Harry Moore $1.00, "Mis. tiavid Davis, Jr.'$1.00, Mrs. Janies Balch r 50c, J, W, McBay 25e, Mrs, N,. B.'Brdcy $5.00, Mr. and, Mrs. Mrs! 11 W.''I.' Ro^isW 0, Mr., and, Mr's.. J.- I.-. Bpw^e^ fi, Mr. and. Mrs. Y, May/a5C; iyir. and Mrs,; T.' R. Bryant $4.00), Mrs. E'd PeWell! SOc, Mj's. 'Bqdd,y Mhoon 50c, Rufus" Maitinda!e, J $1,00,' Hope -*• Colored "Mr. and Mrs, Penninglcm 45c, Mrs. Annie wailiams' 15c, -Mrs. Ro* borta Muldrov/ 25c, Mrs, C. "Allen BOe, Mrs-, Satnmie L. Hendrix 2flc, Mr. and Mra, Muldrow 50c, Coromunity^— Colored TO INDO-CMINA^-Lt-Gen. John W O'Daniel ts expected to head the expanded U S milltary.mission to Indo-China. An expert In training troops, he probably will replace Maj Gen Tftomas J, H. Trapnell, GLAMOR DOLL-An artist's impression of Sylvana Mangano is being readied for the Viaregglo, Italy, carnival. The papierrmache figure will be shown* at the yearly flesla which features colorful floats and artistic decorations. Mrs. Green $1.00, Mr. and S. A. L. West $1,00, Jaico Turner $1,00 ( Jo|; Walker $1,00- -Mr, and, Mrs. Jlrri Thomas $lr.OO. Mr. and Mrs. Wiyic Belcher $1,00, Mr. and Mrs, " I^pbert Hooves $1.00, K. D, Hill $1.00, Mrs. Tunis Carrigau $1,00,' Mrs. Julia Sampson $1.00, Mrs! Ellen Smith $1.00,, Mrs. Bcttie Cornelius ^I'.OO, John Frost §1.00, Mr. an<J Mrs, Henry Mack $1.00, -Mt -TUPS, NEW NON-CANCELLABIE HOSPITAL POl-lCJY IjsaMed by HOME SECURITY LIFE WS, CO, • Ages — Bfrth to 100 years' • Guarantee premium will . ,, never 'Increase Hr (Sood any Hpspltal or Dpctor 'In the world. . Call <?r write^ywr, reliable- local agenfc CECIL wlAYER Phone 7-314S ' P. 0. Box-104 Miv and Mrs. Arthur Nuhiley $1.00, •Mr. 4pd Mis, Monroe"! Muklrow ;$l"M Mrs. Mary Jane \Lqyfatto '$liOO, I M'r. and Mrs. Howard'Hind- >mah $1.00, MT.' and "Mrs. Henry Ma,di&on $1.00 " , > Hope — Colored Louis Hamilton 50c, Mrs. Joella Moss 25c, Mrs. Jewel Witherspoon 25c, Mrs, Martha Phillips 25c, Mrs. Ella Cheatham 25c, Mis. Elzatie Ragland SOc, Mrs, Leatrice Deloney 25c, Mrs. Elizabeth Whitley 25c, Mrs, Delia Muldrow 25c, Mrs. Lula Benton $1.00, Mrs. Jessie Hamilton 25c, A. G. Phillips $1.00, Mrs. iEddie Faucelt 25c, Mrs, Vora B. Carrington $1.00, Mrs, Edna Phillips lOc, Mrs. Willie Thomas 50c, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Pilgrim $1.00, Mrs, Jtttie Mae Neal 25c, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelson $t.OO, Raleigh. Rooks lOc, Mrs. Exie Vaughn 30c, Laura Powell 50c, Mrs. Margaret Burks 25c, • Mrs. Josephine Johnson 50c, Mrs. Isabella Pate 25c,*Mrs. Durally Phillips 10c; r Mrs, Leo Jackson 50c, Osby Cole lOc, Mrs. Annie Cole 30c, Mrs. Josie Stuart 50c, Elrogger Nash lOc, Mrs. Lue Daniels 50c, 1 Mrs. Mary Johnson 40c, Mrs. Louise Powell $1.20 James Lester Jones 25c, Mrs. S, Rankm $1.00, Grover Ranklns $1.00, Jake Bradford lOc, Napojeon Durham 50c, Mtrs. Coro Lee Smith $1,00, Mrs, Lula Mae Gamble $1.00, Henry Johnson $1.00, James Jordan 25c, Mrs. Rena Simpson $1.00, Mrs. I Mary McElvene 15c, Donation 15c. I Totql,$2,lBO,33, Hiavy Fire Fails to Stop McCarthy fcy JAMES MARLOW WASHINGON I*) — In the past I days Sen. McCarthy has been nder the most, intense cross-fire f his eight Senate years. Anoth- r man might have heen shaken^ hocked or stopped) Not Mt-Car- hy. He's still fighting. As events pile p ti seems his political life may o at slake. Here are main events t the 10 clays. March 2. Leonard Hal!, chair•nah of the Republican National Committee, visits President Eiscn- ov/er, comes out saying le can't o along with, the Wisconsin Re- ntblican senator when he attacks hose fighting communism just as conscientiously as he is." A few veeks before Hall called McCar- hy a party asset. March 3. Eisenhower, at a news conference, midly critizes McCarthy for his handling of witnesses. McCarthy replies in effect ie'11 handle witnesses as he sees it. March 4. Secretary of Defense Vilson says "just damn lommy- •ot" to-charges that the Army cod lies Communists. March 4. The White House says hundreds of telegrams pour in after news conference, run 9 to -1 n the President's favor. McCar- ,hy sa.ys letters and telegrams lo u'm run 95 per cent in his favor March 4 Republican members of ytjcCarlhy's committee dress down Roy Cohn, committee counsel, for alleged^ intervening with Army 'or special treatment for G. David Schine. Schine was Cohn's associate on committee until drafted. The committee's Democratic members ask the Army for a report on this. . • ' " '*,'••••• March 5: McCarthy quietly withdraws 1 a twOrmilHon-dolIar libel suit against former Sen. Benton (D- bnn); who said McCarthy was unfit to sit in Senate. McCarthy says his lawyers could find no one willing to testify he believed Benton. March, 5. John P. Kane, special assistant to Secretary of the Army Robert T. Stevens, resigns, saying his chief has not had, "fighting support" in struggle with Me Garthy. McCarthy-Stevens feud, begun when, Stevens said McCarthy "abused" a general, has set 10 days' events' in motion, March 5. McCarthy flies from New. York to Miami tp consult,.he says, with his investigators. March, 6. Also in. Miami .Adlai Stcvcnsph,' on a nationwide 'radio- television hookupj attacks, McCarthy and Eisenhower for no^, being 'together with McCarthy. ' March 7. McCarthy says, he'll demand networks give him. free equal time to reply to Stevenson. March 8. The networks turn, down McCarthy, grant Republican National Committee free time to Answer Stevenson. Eisenhower had approved the committee move,; re portedly suggested it. Blocked, McCarthy threatens the networks will Doufe/e-DecJter— { A ! T he next time you buy beds for the children, remember that "Me girls love^ double-dech bunk beds. The one shown above is equipped wilh-.a, removable ladder for climbingto the top bunk and a sideboard to prevent falling. Nile green plisse, with cotton lace trim, makes easily washable curtains .and bedspreads that require little ironing. Starts Sunday at the Saenger \ ' MARJORIE MAIN and PERCY KIL13RIDE get romantic in a scene from V Universal-International's "MA AND PA KETTLE AT HOME." Saturday & Sunday at Rialto >:K give him free time or "learn what the law is." ' March 8. A highly placed: Republican, insisting his name not be used, says Eisenhower administration made decision to get McCarthy off front pages. March 9. Sen. • Flanders scorches McCarthy . in speech, saying McCarthy (R-Vt) Senate "Is doing-his best to .wreck-the party." March 9. Sen. Saltonstall (R- tfass) steps across ' field McCar hy may have thought he had locked out for himself: invesli- TODAY ANP SUNDAY ill 1 •* BLAZING SIX-GUN SHOWDOWN! I',/ , «(nmg . CATHY WPS • m mm *• "i "SCOT1KD YARD ?. * CJ3>|,QR CARTOON ation of communism in the The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-6830 Or brlno Items to Ml*« Turiur at Hioka Funeral H6m» Services will be held . Sunday, March H, at Davis Chapel Methodist Church. Sunday School at 10 i. m. morning worship 11 a. m. The public is invited. Continued from Page One But we can't afford a crusio," I groaned. "Oh, yes, we can," she saici They have a nice new man at the bank who says he is willing to lend money on character rather than on suspicion 1 showed him your picture and he said, well, if you didn't have 1 character you cer tianly didn't havn anything anyway.' hn lent us the money." Vm not getting mixed up in an deals between you and a near- lighted banker. We're not going sorry. I have <0 P ut niy foot down." "Well, sorry right back. We are loo going. I have to put my foot down. What do you say to that" "Ouch!" I said "Get .off my foot!" "Why don't you really want to go, Rover" 'It's that I get seasick, I cnn fessed, finally. "Terribly terribly seasick. Even in a bathtub. That's why I've taken showers all these years." Then Frances pulled her clincher -a magic new seasick remedy . She held up a bottle. Positively guaranteed. One pill, to cure a 012 zy blonde. Two pills and a man can't see the waves in a wire haired terrier. Three pills and evon a seasick elephant will swagger to the rail and spit in the ocean. "Okay" I said, "when do sail." "Surprise," said Frances, morrow. Start pricking. I've the' tickets for days." So it was that my wife, our b month-old daughter, Tracy, and I moved seaward aboard this liner carrying 18 pieces of luggaff o of which only 14 were full of diapers. Are we going to visit the West we To- had Indies, or settle them" I asked. "Why did you leave the sofa be Hopewell School will present a variety program in the auditorium Tuesday night, March 16, at 7:30 p. m. The program will- consist hind" "Oh, quiet down, Rover," Frances called from the porthole "come to the window. I want to show you something." I looked out and said all I could see was the Statue of Liberty again the way the sun hits the old girl of two playlets: "Waiting for the L. ht now it loo k s s if she wore Train" and "Up in the Air," along ] au( r n mg." witb other variety numbers, the 30 . (I W Q nc j er w hy," said Frances, piece 'Rhythm Band will make its first appearance in this program. The band is under the direction of Mrs. Neva Carmicheal and Mrs Dora D. Kern. There will be an hour and: a'half of enjoyable entertainment. Admission is 10, Ib and 25 cents. The public is invited smiling. .-•' I 5s,, '! ; The Hopewell 4-H club held its regular meeting with the County Agent, Mrs. F: Smith and Walker Fleming present. The meetnig was opened by the-4-H officers and the regular procedures Were followed. After .the roll .call: 'Mr. Fleming talked'on "Garden Planting" he'em- phasized rotation crops and gavt> a list-of-'things that could be planted in the way in order to try to have- I something growing • at all times. Mrs. F. Smith gave a demon; stration on old lamp shade-coverings, which .was , very interesting against liee and- mites and care nt hen rost. We have lots o£ plans for our club, and we plan to call on other clubs. We were very glad to have James Wade of Bauxitu. | After the meeting refreshments were served. Mrs. J. E. Wilson, pre siderH-Mrs.' James Warie. secretary and Mrs. Amion .Richie, reporter. ftom "BANDITS OF THE WEST," a Republic Picture. rmed forces. Saltonstall says his Li-med Services Committee will in; estigate it. March' 9. Edward H. Murrow, CBS commentator, devotes 30-min- jtc program to McCarthy. Net- vork reports later being swamped with calls and telegrams over- vhelmingly in favor of Murrow. March 10. Eisenhower at his news conference publicly praises lortions 'of Flanders' speech at- acking McCarthy. Flanders ru- oals he got "nice letter" from Eisenhower. March, 11. McCarthy calls as witness a middle-aged Negro woman, VIrs. Annie Lee Moss, suspended A.rmy communications worker, saying he was going to show how Army 'handled a Communist. Mrs. Moss denies ever being Commu- list. Sen. Symington (D-Mo) says le's inclined to believe her. She says two ther wmen by the same name live in Washington, March 11. 'On time provided by a adio commentator, Fulton Lewis Jr., who asked questions which McCarthy answered, the latter flames back at Stevenson, Flanders and Murrow, March 11. The Army gives inquiring senators report claiming McCarthy and Cohn both interceded fr Schine and that Cohn threatened the Army and Stevens if Schine didn't get special treatment. TOQEXCITeD BERKELEY, Calif. W) - Pound- master Leo S. Vingo got so excited "chasing this female dog" that ho lost track of things yesterday. So police Issued a bulletin: "City truck' stolen, while poundmaster chasing hot dog." Then Patrolman JK, C.,Pine found the truck, right where Vlngp parked it and then helped the ppundmasler capture the lady dog, a very tired white and t?m cocker spaniel. Annual fur sales in the United Stat es have reached, half a billion dollars in. some modern years, far larger than sales in the ,exp' trader era, says the National Society, Needlecraft Sewing Ciub Me?ts, Miss Hazel Matlock and Miss Dorothy Bradford were hostesses to the Needlecraft Sewing club at their home on Tuesday evening.^ -The rooms were decorated wain an artistic rray, of--spring blooms. i--At the close of a pleasant evening spent sewing and visiting refreshments were served to the ISTnem- bers including Miss opal Darnel and Mrs. Lee McCain of. Hope. The United States." was presented by Mrs.'Vuel Chamberlain. Mrs. Paul Koslosky was welcomed as a new member. The .meeting was song by the club. closed with a Hope isipgro iJaseoall club met on Wednesday night, March 10, 1954. The team has been named the "Hope Bears." The club president is Frank Turner of Texarkana, Texas, Sam Deloney of Hope died at his home Friday, March 12. Funeral arrangements are incomplete • Keystone Lodge No. 43 .will meet Tuesday .night,. March 10, the regular rneeting place'. Time 8 p. m. All rn'embers are to be present. Marilyn Buchanan Hostess To Jr. G. A.'S Marilyn Buchanan was hostess JMrs.. C.arol Bratton, Hostess To Rrescolt H. D. Club •The home of . Mrs. Carol Bratton was decorated with arrangements -of spring flowers on Tuesday afternoon when she was hostess to the Pregcott Home Demonstration Club. - ;The vice-president, Mrs. Allen Erskine Jr. .presided. An inspiring devotional talk was given by Mrs. Lewis Garrett. Mrs. Madge Burgess gave an informative talk on "Do's and Don'ts In Sewing," ' p-eft'fisihments were served to the ten members at the close of the meeting. to the Junior Girls Auxiliary of the First Baptist Church at her home on Tuesday afternoon.with 12 mem 3ers. ant| 2 visitors present. Mrs. .Wesley Lindsey, . counselor assisted .by -Doris- Ann-Roberts Mrs. netle Lewis, Carolyn-•Sar.rett, Lo•1113 Mitchell,.-Jennie.-'Rose Jones and Nancy Kososky,;presented tho jrogram on "Jesus'the Best Gi- •37 Contract Club Entertained By Mrs. J. B. Bemts ' On Tuesday afternoon the home of Mrs.J. R, Berriis was colorful with bpuquets of red bud, spirea and jonquils when she entertained the '37 Contract Club. The high score award was won by Mrs. Dan Pittmen Jr. Mrs. J, T. Worthington and Mrs. C. P, Arnold Jr. were.. guests, members present included Mrg, Tom Bemis, Mrs. George Christopher, Mrs, Frank Gilbert, Mrs, Frank Haltpm Jr. Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. O. G, Hirst jilr's. Archie Johnson, Mrs. Mark Justiss, Mrs. •"£>. L, McRa.e Jr. Mrs. C, D- McSwain Mrs, A. V. Regnier, Mrs, S. B. Se'ptt anij Mrs, Pittman, ^:|A. dessert course was served, The Blcvlns Iron Springs 'Horn? Demonstration Club, met at the home of Mrs. James Wade on Route. 3, Hope. The meeting was opened at 3:25 :p: m. with devotion and with Mrs. Velma L. Maxwell presiding. The reading of the last minutes was read by the secretary Mrs Wade. The house was open for unfinished and new business. Our, Home .Demonstration agent, Mrs. Smith emphasized our improvement in our work i'or 1954. The club will have a one day baking school on yeast bread. Each member was given a recipe. The class will begin March 30, at the home of Mrs. Am ion Richie. Time 8:30 a. m. Queen selected for the club. Mrs. Velma '.;. Maxwell of Blevins. Mr. Flem- ng, Assistance County Agent, gave a demonstration on delouseing hens Sandwiches, cookies and hot coh- colate were served at the closing of the meeting. Mrs. Sleele Moore and family in Dallas. Intermediate G. A.'s • Meet' In Hanning Home Seven members of the Intermeddle Auxiliary of the First Baptist Church met on Tuesday afternoon in the home of the counselor Mrs. Thell Hanning for the regular meeting, . The president, Ava Lou Garrett presided. The minutes were read by the secretary, Betty Erskine. Mrs. Hanning gave the devotional talk and led In prayer. The program topic on "Keeping Stars In The Sky" was introduced by June Hines, program chairman, Mary Buchanan spoke on "The Significance of Christian Churches" "Just one Church" was given by Wanda Huskey. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Hanning. Mrs. Carl Dalrymple and Mrs. J. B. Franks were Tuesday visit, ors in Mflgnolia, The monthly dinner and business meeting of the Preseott Business and, Profess jona.1 Wojnen's Club was held on Tuesday evening at •the Lawsoii Hot^l, TUe president, Mrs. Jess Hays, presided and conducted, Wte business, The program on "The Charier pi Roger Smith of Magnolia was a Tuesday visitor in Preseott. Miss Lillie Butcher has returned from Dallas wliere she was the g-ugst of; Mrs, Hilda B;, Warren and attended the dedication of the Lake» wpojl Baptist Church, Mrs. Jim Hamilton ajid M>'S. R B. Blakely Jr. spent Tuesday in Texarkana, Mrs. Brozie Haynie, Mrs. Mrice Stewart and Mrs. L. J. Duke were VIonday visitors in Texarkana. Sid Peachey, who has been a patient at Veterans Hospital Little Rock is here on two weeks leave oefore returning to the hospital 'or further treatment. Last week 12 farm leaders rep- -senting 10 communities attended a Forestry Meeting held at Bethel A-. M. E. Church. Hope, Arkansas Mr. John'Adams, vice president of the Ne'gro County Farmers' Association conducted the devotion, after which Mr. Walker Fleming, Assistant County Agent for Negro work, introduced Mr. Harold A. Howell,' Extension Forester of Little Rock who had charge of the meeting. We also had Mr. W. K. Williams. Extension Forester of Washington, D. C. in this meeting. ' During the morning session at the church. Mr. Howell discussed "Farm Forestry Management." with the group and showed slides on "Forestry." Mr. Williams spoke to the group on "Growing Trees as A crop." Each one, present express ed himself as having enjoyed the meeting immensley, and to have gained- helpful information. For the afternoon the group went to the farm of Shep Jackson five miles, south of Hope on the Patinos Road where 18 farmers ana N. F. A. boys along with their instructor Mr. H. M: Smith of Yerger High School were given points on.diseas- es, selective cutting and haivesting by Mr. Howell Mr. Jackson was complimented by Mr. Williams for his fine work on forestry manage* ment. Those attending were: Dave Evans, William Lawson, New Hopo C. G. Washington of Union Chapel Floyd "Maxwell, Union Chapel; John Adams of Oak Grove, George Richardson of Green Hill, N. A. Wilson Iron Springs; Arthur Frierson, Patmos; Shop Jackson of Haynes Chapel; B.-L. Johnson of McCaskill, and Andrew Legans of William Chapel community. Witnesses That See in the Dark Mrs. S. O. Logan has returned from a visit with her daughter,} • ,y^r awvv •*;<*' &**$, v, •- .......J-lAf... Twelve witnesses co«W l)»ve solved a murder, but they weren't talking. The witnesses wer«j the well-gropmed pets of a cat j fanJier whQ lived near the scene of the crime, But what the cats i saw was only a P&rt of an e*citing drama that involved a private i eye. 9 flrl and two "monsters,"- It's all tqld In the mystery story— i KIU WITH SARI «y Hugh lowrtnce Nelson j STARTS MONDAY IN ., , ,, « v ,. tl l^M^M

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