Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 9, 1976 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1976
Page 8
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Tliailand Closes U.S. Spy Stations Published by the Students of Carroll High School Vol. 23 Carroll, Iowa, Daily Times Herald, April 9; 1976 No. 28 Marijuana Today By Deb Danner There is no easy answer to why people use drugs but. no matter where you go... All human beings look for methods that change their state of mind or alter their sense of consciousness to better satisfy their pleasures. That is the secret to why life is such an experience. If you want to get to know yourself better, you have to experience different levels of your own consciousness. This is why marijuana has such a great appeal in our everyday surroundings. Everyone who uses marijuana has his own reasons for doing it. Up until the 1960's, the decade of change, people believed that the pot smoker was either having troubles with his or her parents or was plain against society. But today, smokers are just ordinary kids. All types of kids and grown-ups alike. Some are smart, some aren't. A few might have hang-ups, and then again they might not. It is easy for anyone to see that kids using "pot" are as different from one another as those that don't. Some of the why's to marijuana are obvious. One influencing factor is the availability, or just for the satisfaction of curiosity. Others think marijuana is a good time. Since the suoject of marijuana is controversial, the attitudes toward it have varied. But whether or not it's the right thing for you is totally up to you and no one else. The support fordecriminali- zation of marijuana possession has grown rapidly. The American Bar Association and the American Medical Association, two distinguished professional organizations, have independently recommended that possession of small amounts of marijuana should be considered "at most, a misdemeanor." Despite numerous attempts to research marijuana thoroughly, all questions have not been answered so. . . If society is against marijuana and the use of the drug, wouldn't more extensive drug education be a better solution than criminal penalties? Auto Mechanics Busy When you stroll into the auto mechanics class workshop, the sound of young mechanics is filling the air. Boys from Carroll High. Breda. Manning. Coon Rapids and Kuemper are busily at work on their car repair projects. The mechanics, under the supervision of their teacher. Mr. Jorgensen, keep good and busy fixing automobiles. At the same time they are learning to be good mechanics. The class, which meets in the morning 'with 18 kids from Carroll High and Kuemper, and in the afternoon with students from all the schools that participate in the semester course, is funded by the Des Moines Area Community College. The shop is run just like a regular garage with each student having his own responsibility. The time for the course is split up. one-third of the time for class room, and two-thirds for shop activities. The "mechanics" get the autos to work on from local people whose cars are in need of repairs. The owner pays for the parts, plus 10 per cent. A two dollar shop fee is also charged. The semester is divided into four quarters. The first quarter is spent doing mostly tune ups. During the second quarter, the class works on brakes, mufflers and valves. In the third quarter the class completely overhauls engines. Toward the end of the semester, during the final quarter, transmissions are topics for discussion and work. Mr. Jorgensen spends most of his time checking on the progress and quality of each job. He reports that the work being done is good and precise. It is his belief that students are learning and enjoying simultaneously. INDUSTRIOUS mechanics class. Alex Hathcock hard at it in auto Spring Fever Hits CHS Spring Fever hit the Carrolland area and has been spreading rapidly in the last month, so beware. If you are worried that you have this fever, here are some of the symptoms. Restlessness, a short attention span, a uncontrollable urge to skip out of school, or an itching to be outside are all symptoms of Spring Fever. The worst cases have reported seeing orange people running around in circles wondering where to find the finish line. The cause of this ailment is unknown, but it is thought to be related to the change in seasons. In certain cases it occurs when the first warm breeze touches the face after a cold winter. One sad victim stated that he became afflicted when he saw the first robin. Doctors have found that there are thousands of causes that lead to this type of fever. Physicians say there is hope. The disease can be treated. Here are some of the best remedies: ride a bike, put SWING SHOW clowns have only seven more rehearsals to whip their act together. Newsbriefs The Junior Class was the winner of a contest at Petersen Motors last Saturday morning. The contest was to see how many people could get into an Omega at one time. This contest was open to charitable and non-profit organizations. The junior class managed to stuff 25 people into the car and won the $50 first prize. The money will be used toward prom. ACT's will be administered Saturday morning. Testing begins at 8.-30. Monday at the Municipal Golf Course the CHS girls' golf team will once again be swinging. They will battle it out with Kuemper for the town championship. *Staff* The Carroll High Tigerettes and the Glidden Wildcats will be the co-hosts of the Tiger-Wildcat Relays at the Carroll Athletic Field. The Carroll Tigers will also be in action. They are travelling to Denison for the Monarch Relays. Editor: Jane Bliss Asst. Editors: Rhoda Hein, Ron Kruse Photographer: Jon Merritt Sports Editor: Rich Riesberg Feature Writers: Deb Danner, Jeff DeBower, Lisa Fredrickson, Kelly Gordin, Deena llamer, Annette Hathcock. Mike Heuton, Brad Johnson, Tom Lengeling, Tom Morfeld. Donna Pudenz, Steve Schechtman, Darci Vanderheiden. Typists: Janet Conrad, Carol Wegman Advisor: Miss Farrell on a pair of shorts, ride.a motorcyclei play frisbee in the park, walk barefoot, go to a party, cruise around Swan Lake, or just act squirrelly. Treatment counteracts the fever, but only for a short time. Thus, treatment must be taken often. The best thing to do is to wait the fever out. It will pass as summer vacation comes. Until then get plenty of rest, drink, lots of liquids, and indulge' in prescribed treatments. Easter Is. Easter is on its way, and all the children are awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny. To the adults, Easter is the time when Christ rose from the dead after being crucified, but to many of the younger children it is a time of eating goodies brought by the Easter Bunny. Questionnaires were given to each of the second grade classes at Fairview Elementary and the children were asked to answer the questions using their imagination, and they did! The questions are as follows: Who is the Easter Bunny? A very intelligent answer given to this was: A rabbit. A few other children must have watched through the steps while the bunny came, because they said the Easter Bunny was their Mom and Dad. Where does the Easter Bunny live? A good answer to this was. "In the East." Some of the others were, "in the grass," "in a forest." "in a hole." and a few said, "in my home." With magic, he paints them, he dyes them, and he puts them in an egg coloring machine, ar,e all answers to the question: How does the Easter Bunny color his eggs? Where is the Easter Bunny's workshop? A one-of-a-kind answer to this was, "in the bedroom." One of the students also answered, "in a giant egg." The last question was, Who are his helpers? The most appropriate answer to this was Jesus, but the funniest had to be from one little girl who said, "an eagle, another rabbit, a snake, a toad, and a bullfrog." Imagination was the key word here and each of the students certainly must have used it in the questionnaires. Many of the boys and girls said the Easter Bunny was Mom and Dad, yet they said they believed in him. Sixty-two per cent of the kids in the second grade at Fairview believe in the Easter Bunny. CHS Relays to Be Run By Rich Riesberg The Carroll High Boys' Relays will be held next Tuesday, April 13 if 'ole man winter' stays away and the beautiful spring stays with us. Sixteen schools are going to be participating and will be divided into classes A and B. The meet will take a new look this year as officials are going to try to cut down on the break between the preliminary events and the two mile which starts the evening events. Other events will be the 100 yard, 220 yard, and 440 yard dashes. The 120 low and high hurdles will'be run as well'as. the 180 yard lows and shuttle hurdle relays. Other relays will be the 440 yard relay, the half mile. mile, mile medley, and two mile relays. A special event at the end of the meet will be a freshman 440 yard relay. The sixteen teams that will be competing are: Class A — Jefferson, Sac City. Denison. Audubon, St. Edmond. Rockwell City. Manning, Carroll. Class B — Manilla, Lake City, Coon Rapids. Ar-We-Va. Glidden-Ralston, Schleswig. Dunlap, East Greene. Class Dines on French Food i Miss Farrell's French classes decided to take a day off last Monday ... to eat. The eager French classes boarded the bus at eight-thirty a.m. for a lunch appointment at La Creperie in West Des Moines. La Creperie, otherwise known as "the creepies" by neighboring store employes, is a French restaurant which serves crepes, omelettes, fondue, salads, soups and broiled meats. Crepes fillings vary from creamed spinach to perch to ham and apricots set on fire. It is a little place with a very unique and interesting decor: the tables are oak. One of them was fashioned from an old sewing machine. Church pews served as seating. The most common crepe ordered was the "country beef" which consisted of chunks of tender beef, mushrooms, green peppers, and broccoli wrapped in a thin egg batter crepe covered with either cheese or tomato sauce. This entree was topped off with a strawberry and ice cream dessert — another crepe filled with ice cream and garnished with whipped cream and strawberries. After the exotic three course meal, the class managed to further enhance their day by visiting the Des Moines Art Center. All this, along with hurrying back to Carroll in time for track practice, made a "full day." BANGKOK — (LENS) — Less than a year after the collapse of Indochina, the last American troops in mainland Southeast Asia have been given their marching orders. The departure of the 4,000 servicemen in Thailand and the closure of their bases, which the Thai government says must be completed by the end of July, will make Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines the only American military installation in Southeast Asia. Thailand's decision to order out the remaining Americans was a sudden one, and many thought it might have been avoided. The United States had long ago fulfilled its original pledge to withdraw all its combat troops and fighting aircraft from Thailand by March 20, the deadline fixed a year ago. The argument was over whether Thailand should allow it to continue to man a number of military installations set up in the 1960s to detect Chinese nuclear tests, track satellites and monitor Communist radio traffic. The most controversial of these was the so-called spy station at Ramasum. At first the Thai government was not strongly opposed to letting the bases stay. The army, worried about the intentions .of Communist Indochina, actively supported some sort of continued American presence. But a sudden build-up of anti- American sentiments as March 20 approached cramped the prime minister's negotiating style. And the Americans did not help by refusing to soften their own —' demand for sovereignty over the installations. The deadlock ended on March 20 when the prime minister. Kukrit Pramoj, ordered the monitoring stations to be closed and the 4,000 military technicians manning them to leave within four months. The American ambassador, Charles Whitehouse, declared. "We do not stay where we are not wanted," and started the withdrawal. The only American military men left will be some 270 advisers who will continue to work in Thailand under the 1950 military assistance pact —the only bilateral military agreement that has not been abrogated. Theoretically, the United States could resume negotiations about the withdrawals with the new Timei Herald, Carroll, la. Friday, April 9, 1976 8 Thai government which emerges out of this week's election, But Whitehouse does not seem to think this will happen. If the Kukrit government, now in its last two weeks of office, thought that ordering out the Americans would defuse Thailand's atmosphere of tension, it was mistaken. A grenade thrown into a procession of left-wing students marching towards the American embassy on Sunday killed four people and wounded dozens more. The march was organized by the National Student Center of Thailand, which was behind the 1973 student uprising that led to the downfall of Thailand's military dictatorship. Most of the political violence which has punctuated the past few weeks has been the work of right-wing elements. But its effect has been to unite the left-wing students into a powerful pressure group and to widen the gap between right and left. Confrontation has become the order of the day. All this makes it increasingly unlikely that the election, in which 39 parties are competing, can produce a stable government. stock in^merica. Join the Payroll Savings Plan BREAKFAST AND THE PAPER L '.^r: A cup of our delicious coffee, fresh rolls or toast, or a ** complete breakfast along with the morning. paper begins your day. We'll help you start the day, or stop for a mid-morning refresher. FULL SERVICE JK A Variety of Dinner Specials Featured Daily PARTY RESERVATIONS — DIAL 792-91 23 Jet. Hwy. 71 &30 Carroll YOUR CHECKERBOARD CORNER / New 'Hi-Octane' Pig Starter Going Great! We've started 62 sets of pigs on our Carroll area customers' farms on our New Purina "Hi-Octane" Pig Startena the last couple of weeks -- and the reports are great! 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