Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 10
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THE lOLA DIAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING,- DECEMBER 80,1911. REIf. PBICE JIT UPPE IIK WILL SPEAK TIfEKK AT TIIRKE V. M. 10.MORHOW. His >>w Ypiir Dinner and Jlany Other IVrMmal and News Items lU'portcd. K \<T.v man. old and youiifi:, K I IOII I I I RO to till" I'rosbyterian oluiicli ^oiiior- niw aftf^rnoon at 3 o'clock nnd hear what Hev. John Price of lola has to say concerning the Men and Religion Forward Movement. The talk will b..> for organization purposes. The La iUn>e organization will be co-opora- live with lola and both towns will nso the weok of .lanuary 7th to Hth cani- jialgninp. _F. S. Halm M. a. Oculist. The iiipmber.s of the Mothoilisi ?Tjurcli .iro jifanning for a j;oo<l tiin. .\ow Year'.s Uay. The nioiiibeiK and tlipir frienils will brinR well filled bas- hets and a.-isciiililo in the Masonic hall :!t 11 o'clock. .\t liiRh noon a bij: ,\e\v Year's dinner will be served There will probably be an Imiiroiupti lirograin but the main object in for :. social good lime. .lohn Ijidd of Ijiraiiiy. Sloiifaiia. wh< is visiting his mother in lola dnritiF ilie holidays..was over yo.sterflay visiting .Mr and Mrs. W. II. UickotLs, .Miss .Mice Barker eniertaiiied tin lioiihle Four girls last evening with v rhaHng party In honor of Mr.*; Hesse Ijiwrencc-Uunyan and Mis: Kva Lawrence. Mrs. Hiinyan is visit ing here from l^wronce and Mis- Kva Lawrence will go to Lawrenc-. next week to spend the winter. ' I'I IDS. present were: Mlsg<>s (Jertriide Mar tin Kllla Kglf*. Klsle Ptevenson. ('l:ir: WiLsoii. Mrs. Hunyan and Mbs l.a.x rrnce. Mr anil Mrs. Tlert .lohnsoii umie lo Inilependonce to make i home. L Mrs. Sam Marlon and Mr.-<. Stell: ,^wart^. after :•. pleasant slay will H |bk,their niofuT Mrs McHenry. returner »^ yesterday to Peering. '1 At a recent ineetinu: of th" M. W. A lodije. it was decided to have theli hip supper on the 17th of .lanuary This supper is given as a result nf the big rabbit hunt the 11th and 1211 of this month. •Ben Ohifcst. who has b.een siiendini the lioliriiys v,-ilh liif: jiareiits. Mr. nni Mrs .fohn Ohifest. returned yi'.stc.-,! •• (0 Ho.-sville. T!:e I. O. O. F. lo.lge will h:^\.- t' • public installation of ofTicers Mi)n<l.i.> tiiphl in their hall over tin; bank. Stalf (Irann Master I.IU.* \siri be present The luembers and their fauiili.'>- :;iii the R(.yal Neighbors" and their familie are urced to attend. A big banque will follow the installation. Tlie I-aHarpp dancing coniinitr.-e h.i made arrangements for a New Year'^ bailee to lie given in the Opera House Shields' or.'liestra will furnish tlu music. A. .1 Myers is visiting hi.= brothers and sisters here this week. School will not begin until Tuesday .lanuary 2nd. The board first decidec to have only a one week vacation, but the children will not be compelled Ic go New Y'ear's day. L. A. .Avers and family visited Mr and Mrs. f). \. Avers Christmas. IRA B. FRANTZ 'REGISTERED OPTOMETRIST Huailioldt, Kas. Moran. afternoon of .Tan. IG and all day the 17th. I J-iHarpe, Jan. lS(h and lUth. EVERYTIilNB PET AT GUS A GOOD JTAXY rOMI>'G AND GO- ni;T LITTLE D(H\«. Loral and IVrsonal Ifents Sent in by Ihe JN>jrlsler's Ilnsv Suhiirb llcitortiT. h:iv. theii RESIOBEeillirHIIIII OIUTURIIICOL By Common Garden Sage, a Simple Remedy for Dandruff, Falling, Faded, Gray Hair., The old idea of Using sage for darkening the hair is again coming in VORUC. ' >tir pr.indmothers used to have dark. Kin^-i.r hair nt the age of .seventy-five. «hil.' our mother." have white hair before ihe.v are fift.r. Our grandmothers nse<l to in.nke a "sage tea" and apply it to their hair. The tea made their hair soft and glossy, and gradually restored the natural color. One objection to nsing snch a prep- arhtion was the trouble of making it, es,K>ciaIly as it had to be made every two or three days, on account of souring ouiekly. This objection has been ovcr- eome. and by asking almost any first- f-lass drupcist for 'Wyeth's Sage «nd '•'^olphur' Hair Remedy the public can pet a superior preparation of sape. with the admixture of sulphur, another valuable remedy for hair and .-^calp troub- le.s, Daily use of this preparation will not only quickly restore the color of the hair, but will also stop the hair from Lalling ont and make it prow. Oct a bottle from your drappist today. Use it and see for yourself how <miekly dandruff goes and sray hairs vanish. This preparation is offered to' the public at fifty cents a bottle; and is recommended and sold by all druggists. Special Agent—S. li. Burrell -Mr. Sheltnn. of Amorlcus, Kas., is visiting his brother, C. W. Shelton, and family for a few days. V. .\clams cf Moran, was a business visHor here yesterday. .lohn Tolle has purchased the How> ell ino|ierty on North Main stieet and will move his family there soon. He lias rented his farm north of town. .Mrs. S. S. Forney has returned to r ^wrence, after a pleasant visit with ;ild neighbors here. I> A. Davis and wife, .lohn Rice Ho mer Kstes and Andy Williams will leave this evening for Mtincle, Indiana where Ihey have work with the Hall Hrother.s Maniifacturing Co. Frank Thayer lias moved .from the Farmer proiierty to the llraden property on North Main street. Mr. Chen- ncy will occupy the house vacated by .Mr. Thayer. llalleck .Scars arrived yesterday from .\rniarilla. Te.xas for an indefinite stay with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Scar.s. Miss nUIa Eglo entertained a few 'adv friends at dinner Thursday. Mrs. M. C. Lawrence Is the guest of Mrs. A. .M. Fergus In Moran, this week. Miss Eva Ijiwrence, who has been in efficient worker as bookkreiier and saleslady for .1. K. Smith, will resign 'his eiculng nnd have Thursday for I,:iwreiiee to t.ake a shorthand, book- 'veipinu and stenogratililc course In 'he l ..ix\ r>nce Itiisiness College, ller :iiaiiy friends hi re illsliKe to see her 'e ;ive. bii tnovertheless wish her uii- 'Kiund'il sucee >s. .Mrs. (5. .\. Cowd.n and Miss Nellie dwln will be seen on ;he dry goods side €f the Smith store. Miss Naiiyne Hal^or will return to ."offeyville Monday. MTss C.race MclJown; of Deerlng. is :!ip of Mr. and Mrs. Hi>rt Shault and other friends this wceX. Otis Harrell. formerly of here, but now of llfwey. Ok fa., will visit old 'liend? here a lew days. .Airs. H. Toby is having t !:e city •.v;;i'r piped to lier brautiful iioine on •^iv.,,!. \>^uir!iicton street. .'•Irs. Kcdand Himhes has retuined •o K ;'tt'.i- ''ity, iii'.rr a pleas.'uit visi.' with her sisters Mrs. C. J. Halm and .Mrs. C. A. Coi/den. ' Miss Zoe Atchison, of lola will Icc- •.u~o Monday evening at the Methodist cliurc!;. Che comes here under the auspices of the Y'oung People's nranch of tlie W. C. T- IT. You should hear .Viss Atchison and learn the CT 'at work tliis organizati.n is doing. Clirisiian Church: S. S. : ' 1" a .ni. Preacliing at 11 a. m. Subj' "The Oi>en Door of Oiijiorttinlty." i'ri'ach- ;ng nt l-'-'M p. ni. Subject, "Will the Old Rock Rtand?" KnUeavor at G:30 p. m.—V. L. Condrich. pastor. Prc-by'lerian Church: S. S. at 3:4."> a .m. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:.^0 P .m. Christian Endeavor at C:30 p. m. 55unday morning discourse: Ix)ok Ing r.aek and Looking Forward." Unusual preaching service Sunday evening—II. Clyiner Pastor. Mr -'indi .-t ICpi-copal Church: Sun- lay S .iMiol at I'tlTi a. ni. Kpworth U-agn- at rr.V.'t ]<. m. Preaching at It a. ni. and 7::!0 ]). m. The iiastor will 1 <• [ireach both morning and evening {•> ne.xt t ^ti!id;iy. The rvenlng sermon ; <• will continue the series on the life of j <• <••> <..;. •:• Chri.-t All mcuili-rs .and friends of the eliurcli are Invitfd to met at tlie Masonic hall on New Years day for a rally .and cliurcli dinner. Come and brlnir vour bashcl full, and let us have pooil time ti);;>-tliir—S. L. Chnge. Pniitor. .Miss Virginia Dodds who taught school b<>r(> for years but who Is teaching in Ft. Scott this year, arrived yesterday for a short visit with old friends. ProL Ramsey, formerly superintendent here is at the head of the Ft, Scott schools. Mias Uodds says the schools arc working in harmony. Mrs. Guy Roberts went to Colony this afternoon to* visit relatives until after New Year's. N Miss Agnes Shepard will entertain a number of her friends Sunday night with a watch party. Similar parties will be held in other homes here. Miss Jessie Hackett is reported on the sick list. Mrs."Casey, mother of Mrs. Applegate, who has been d.angerously Jll was reiiortcd to be some better yesterday. Harry Forresl<'r is working for the gas company this week. A large number of Cias City people were rejoicing yisterday on learning that the man burned to death In. Rartlesville was not .Lames Coman. rhe name was Coleman not Coman. .Mr. .lames Coman made his home here for many years. —XOTICK: Owing to the cool went'.ier, from now on until spring, we have decided not to open our market <in Sunday morning hereafter. And (hanking our many patrons for their patronage we wish each one a prnsiirrons and h.'ippy Now Y'ear.— Hobeits & Rallnrd. Chrlstl.iii Church-Sunday school 'J ,1. m. Pic.iching nt 3 p. m. by Elder ."Moom.iw pastor of the Clirla- tian church of lola. .Joe Eastwood was a visitor in town yesterday. Rolla Macon Is expected In this evening from Ft. Scott. There will be no school Monday. The rcgtilar sessions will begin Tuesday. If you haven't a cold you are not in style these days. A large number of cases of lagrlppe are reported. O. F. King went to Ottawa yestor- d.iy to visit relatives. S. K. Flemming is visiting in Pleas anton and Roycourt this week. —Our store will be closed all day Sundays, beginning, December 31.— Carl & Hunter. Mrs. C: E. Ryan of Th.ayer, Mo., is visiting relatives in Rose Hill. L<^luh Howlus and Boyd Hatton of lola were visitors In Gas yesterday. -Mrs. Rucker nnd Miss I«iVaughn of Kansas City are guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Abbott. Kev. Sluiltz of lola, will talk to the men and hoys tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Methodist church. He comes here under the au.splces of th<; Men's Forward Movement Association You should hear him. ' Methodist church—Sunday school 10 a. m. Preaching at 7:30 ,). m. Epworth League (i p. m. The pastor will jireach at Pinna in llie morning. Everyone cordially Invited to attend the servlriis. CXSH WHEtTMTTIIE SXIIIE FUTURES ARE DEPRESSED A LITTLE BY AR«£>TL\£ WE4THER. Llrostock Market Sloir TVlth Do-tni- ivord Tendency in Hog Quota, tlons. WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED FOR CUSTOMER-rA private loan of $800 on a new eight room house on paved t^treet, close in, east frcmt. Want It f^r three years and am willing to pay good Intereait. The Peterson Land Co. FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTED—WOOD TO SAW WITH bu/.r. saw. Will guaranteed to' do work quickly and .BatlsfactorKy. Phone -161. WA.\TE»—CLEAN WHITE RAGS. RpKhtcr office. LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE WAN- ted. No canvassing or soliciting required. Good Income assured. Address National Co-Operative Realty Co. Vl-123. Marden Building, Washington i). C. SALESMAN WANTED FOR KA^'- sas. If you are a business producer write us for strongest specialty proposition on the market before making contract for 1912. Staple line for general mercantile trade. Liberal weekly advances made for e-xpensc purposes. References required. Miles F. Blxier Co., Cleveland, Ohio. FOR SALE—GRAY MARES TEN years old, weight 1373; gray horso 8 years old; set good harness; plow and cultivator. C. R. Carmain, Gas Kansa.s. (By the Associated Press) Chicago, Dec. 30.—Showery weather in Argentine gave wheat :a lift. The opening was % to % up. May started 98% to 99, unchanged; rose to 99% Close—Dec. 93; May 99; July 9414 ©94%. CORN—Dec. 68; May 63%®%; July 6a%@%. OAT&—Dec. 46%; May 47%®'%; July 43%. PORK—Jan. ?15.45@15 .47%; May ?15 .95 @15 .97%: July $16.10. LARD—Jan. $9 .15; May $9.37l^@ 9 .40; July $9 .52»^. lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES i. T. ft S. F. RAILWAY FOR SALE—"APPLETON" TWO hole sheller, like new. always kept under cover, for belt power; power required from 2V2 h. p. gasoline, up; fully mounted. Price $35 Phone 1610. E. G. Whitney, Moran. Kans. FOR SALE—RIDING PLOW ALSO walking plow, cultivator one set double harness and milk wagon; 141S N. Cottonwood. Phone 374. FOR SALE;—8 ^'EEKS OLD PIGS, fine stock and will sell reasonable. Inquire first house south Electric pow er house. J. K. Black. WANTBl^TO EXCHANGE PHO- nograph records. lAlso phonograph for typewriter, or Will buy typewriter if price Is right. Address C. Box 204. lola, Kans. .;. .> .;. ,j. .;. .;. .;. ,j. MEEKLY .HARKET KEVIh'n TPLUNTISRUNNINC RnslMes> Has Improved For (he .Von arch Portland. Humboldt Herald: Residents of Humboldt were greeted with the welcome souhd of the Monarch Portland Cement Co.'s whistle at fi o'clock this morning calling the men to work The plant started work in the raw- end and two kilns this morning. .Vows that operations in the plant would be resumed this morning came as a welcome surprise to Humboldt. Several days ago it was not known just when work would be resumed, but in the past few days orders have been booked which made it necessary for the plant to start this morning. The Monarch Portland has always put out a fine grade of ccni^nt at a reasonable price, and this cement acquired a reputation in the commercial world, so that there was a demand for Monarch make even when the mon y conditions in the United States were close. It is hard to keep a good cement plant closed down when it has acquired a reputation for honesty and fair dealing and'its output Is famous for its superiorit.v. I OLD HENS WANTED! p We want'5000 hens by the 3r(l day of January to fill an order, and will pay you 9c per pound for all you will bring us. All other kinds of poultrj- wanted also. You have been waiting lor a better price so you could sell—so i- cull out your flocks and get rid of all Indifferent and worthless birds while you are certain of a good price. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO.; (Surcemtom lu lulu Trodttcu Co.) WHOLESALE fOULTRI, BCrTER, EGGS AND HIDES boBf 878 We»t of Suntti Ve Trafk« lola, Koniuif •:• • •;• •:• • <• • • Kansas City, Dec. 2'.i.—Cattle received here this week 17,t;w, last week 2'J.2(iii, same we(!k liist year 27- S'ju. The holiday .Monday and the >torm of the week cut Into the trade thin week. Demand was not iir- geni. but all kinds closed stronger, oows and butcher grades and calves, adding 25 cents to values for the week. Price range on steers Is closing up, and dealers say It will be hard to get above $8.00 now, and few steers scil under $6.00. Meal fed steers In the quarantine division this week have sold at $5.60 to $6.10. Cold weather will cause some c.vpansion in the meat demand, and eastern killers took a fair share of the small supply this week. Feeders sell at $5.00 to $6.00, and stock steers at $4.00 to $5.75 which prices are as good as any this season. Heavy native cows bring WANTED—DINING ROOM GlftL and dishwasher at once. PennsyUa- nia Hotel. • WANTED- Spencer's. -GOOD E.IVELY BOY AT WANTED—GOOD LAND, WELL Imiiroved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more if worth the money asked. Give price and full pj'.rtlciilars for reply. Owners oOly. Mcshew & Company, Tulsa, Okla.' IP YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR land or city property; If you want to exchange for merchandise or land; If you want to buy or sell anything; Call on. The Allen County Investment Co., 213 South Washington Ave. Bell Phone 900. lola, Kans. FOR RENT—MISCEUiANEOUSr- • FOR RENT—NICELY FURNISHED front room in modern house, close to square. Phone 326. FOR RENT—5 ROOM HOUSE FOR light house keeping; 310 S. Second St. LOST AND FOfTTD. FOR RENT—ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping or sleeping; 212 West Madison. LOST—GOLD BAR WATCH FOB. Phone 94 or 1258. Reward. Cbtragro Lirestocfc. Chicago, Dec. 30.—CATTLE, receipts 600. Steady. Beeves $4.75@ 8.60; stockers and feeders $3.25@5.85; cows and heifers $2.00@6.40. HOGS—Receipts 29,000; slow to ten lower. Lights $5.70@6.1O; mixed $5.80@6.20; heaver $5.85@6.25; rough $5. 85@6.00; pigs $4.75@5.75. St. Lonis Grain. St. I.<ouls. Dec. 30.—WHEAT, close, May 99%; July 93%. CORN—May 65; July 64%. OATS—Dec. 48%; May 43%. fit L AO I S LIrcstoek. Sjt. Louis Dec. 30.—CATTLE receipts 600. Steady. NatlTO steers $4..i0®>5.7{>; cows and heifers $3.75(0^ 7.00; stijckors and feeders $3.25(85.25. 1 OGS—Receipts 8,500; ten lower. Pigs and lights $4.75(3)6.20; mixed $."..90®6.35; heavy $6.25®6.35. Kanm!) City Grain. Kansas City, Dec. 30.—WHEAT, receipts 13 cars. Cash .wheat, unchanged. No. 2 hard, $1.0001.05; No. 2, 98 ®1.04; No. 2 red, 97@98; No.- 3, 95® 96. Close—May 90%; July 92%. CORN—Unchanged. No. 2 mixed, 66 @67; No. 3, 63; No. 2 white, 66®57; No. 3, 63. Close—Dec. 68%; May 64%®%; July 64%. OATS—Unchanged. No. 2 white 48® %; No. 2 mixed, 47®%. RYE—93® 94c per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $21 @21.50; choice prairie $13.25®l-2.75. BROOM CORN—$70@140 pei: ton. Kansas City LWcstock. Kansas City, Dec. 30.—CATTLE receipts 200; steady. Native steers $5.40 ®8.75; cows and heifers $2.75@7.00; stockers and feeders $4.00®6.00; bulls $3.40® 5.25; calves $4.00@7.25. HOGS—Receipts 3,000; five to ten lower. Heavy $6.10(rr6.15; packers and butchers $5.9.-,(fi 6.15; lights $5.60® 6.05. Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Dec. 30.—BUTTER— Creamery 38c; firsts 34; seconds 32; packing stock 21. EGOS—Extras 30c; firsts 28; seconds 17. WANTED—MEN TO LEARN BAR- ber trade. Hero Is an offer that In eludes tools with tuition. A raettiod that ."aves years of approntlce.slilp. Position waiting In city or country shops. Write Molor Barber Colloge, Kansas City, Mo. uiand for stock heifers and cows from all parts of the country. A buyer from Belfast, Maine took a load of 4J0-pound stock heifers this week at $4.75. His Intention Is to put a Jersey bull with them and raise milkers. Hogs received here this week 39,800. last week 71,000, same week last year ,"{3,000. The market started out Tuesday with a hurrah and prices here that day were 5 to 25 cents higher than anywhere else in the country. Since that day enthusiasm has waned, buyers apparently getting Instructions to establish a margin between this market and Chicago, and prices are lower. The run today is 8000 bead market 5 to 10 lower, top $6.22%, bulk $5.80 to $6.20. Dealers look for a better market next week. Sheep received here this week 23,500, last week 26,500, same week last year l!1.200. The market has gained strength all week and is ending the year Aith a floarish. Lambs brought $6.40 and $6.45 today for several different lots and yearlings sold at $5.20 Wethers are worth $4.25, and ewes $3.75, or best. Nearly 2,200.000 head of sheep lambs and goats bare been received here this year, wbicb number l.« 350.000 head more than In the '"best year previously, 1910. J. A. RICKART, Market Correspondent. FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS;' TO TRADE. Good 80 acre farm In Coffey couMty, close to good town five room house newly painted, good bam, fair jor- chard. some fine creek bottom land; 60 acres in cjltivation balance . In pasture. Mtg. $1700 at 6 per cent Interest. Want good fair size residence property for equity. 53 acres fine creek botton) land ^d- ojining town in Anderson county. AJl in cultivation, very rich, black deep soil, no overflow. Fifty bushels of corn per acre this year. Mtg. $2000. Want residence property for equity. THE W. C TEATS RE.ILTY CQ. Kress Bldg; LOST—CHILD'S WHITE PUR. BE- tween First Presbyterian church and 515 South street. LOST—S.VtALL BLACK PURSE containing sum of money, between 204 N. Chestnut and Merchant's Jewelry store. Telephone 335. • FOR SALE—FIVE 'WTnTB pR- pington pullets and one cockerll. "Dr. .Neusome. Phone 824X 80 ACRE MISSOURI FARM FOR lola Gas or La Harpe property. ^20- acre Colorado homestead for lola Gas or La Harpe property. Call and see us about them. Allen County ^Investment Co., 213 South Washington Ave., lola, Kans. i FOR SALE—A CHOICE, WKLL Improved 160 acre farm, 2% m{Ies south and 2 miles east of Moran, known as the Wetherhold farm. ' l?ee Qr address A. C. Kotaler, Agent, ^o- ran, Kas., Route 3. MONEY TO LOAN—•VVB BAVB A client who has $1800 private money to loan on Allen county land. If you want this, come quick. The Peterson Abstract Co. CALIFORNU LANDS. We are agents for Citrus Heights, fruit lands adjoining the city o{ Sacramenta. Free roiind trip to. buyers. We are sole agents for this territory. CHARLES & POTTER, lola, Kansas. Lead and Spelter. St. Louis, Dec. 30.—Lead, firm $4.37%; spelter, firm, $6.30. ^ , BETTER THAN SPANKING. Spanging does not cure children ot bed-wottlng. There Is a constitutional cause of this trouble. Mrs. U. Sum mers. Box W, South Bend, Ind.. will send free to anyj mother her eucceas- tul bome treatment, with full Instmc- tlona. Send no money, but write b«i today if your ctaiiaren trouble you In this way. Don't blame the child, the ch.-'nces are It can't help It Thl'» treatment also cures adults and aged I'cople troubled with urine dlfficoltiei by dar or night South Bound. No. 201—Daily Pasaeng^r........ 1:05 p. « No. 208—Dally Passenger ».3:U a. 1% Na 207—Daily (e^Foept Sund»y> PaaaaB- ger S:50n.ixv No. 215—Dally (except Sunday) 'VVay Freight Arrive 12:01 p. m. Depart i 1:06 p. m. — North Bound. •No. 202—^DcUly Passenger SiSSp.!!^ No. 204—Dally Passenger 2:20 a. m. No. 20»—Daily (except Sunday) Faaaen- ger 6:30 a. xn. No. 216—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight Arrive 11:16 a. m. Dopart 12:01 p. m. MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILWAY Fratght»-Wa«t Bound. 491—Local (dally ex. Sun) Iv.....«:45 p. m. 451—Colo. Red Ball (dally) lv...g:38 p. m. Frelflht*—Eart Bound. 458—Red Ball (daily) ar. 1:10 a. m. 492—Local (dally ex. Sun) ar.... .8:0<> a. m. Patsengera—\yest Bound. 407—Kansas City-Yates Center MaU and Kxpres.<» (dally) Iv. 4:47 p. m. 409—St. Louis-Wichita Mali and Expreaa (dally) Iv ...8:83 a. m. Pauengera—Eaat Bound. ; 410—St Louis-Kansas City Mall and B!«press (dally) ar... 7:J7 p. m- 408—St. Louta-Kansaa City HaU and Bx- preas (daily) af. 8:tS a. m. M. K. ft T. RAILWAT South Bound. •No. 571—Way Freight, (dally exeepf Sunday) 4:30 a. m. No. .76—Mixed (dally) 4:«p. m. No. 73—Passenger (dally) 12:19 p. m. • • No. 25—Flyer (dally) 6:B0 a. m. North Bound. No. 24—^Passenger (dally) 1:15 p.m.'' No. 76—Mixed (dally) 2:30 p. m. •No. 672—Way Freight, (dally except Sunday) ; 12:19 p. m. •671 and 672 wlU carry passenger*. . MERCHANTABLB ABSTRACTS. • Brery Abstract made in our offlee Is guaranteed to be a merobant^ able abttract or money reA)ade< lOLA ABSTRACT COUPANT Frank 'Wood. Manager nmnmnojiiki nntsrTORT nunsi TO Lolv! « Will lend ofi bOQsebold goeta. • ylaaos, (l«*V> sevlac am- • sklus. diyi ^jg Owelty. • • • • • 4> • • t» • f ' 9 Royal Tjpewrfter Agency 91 9 Controls EzclnslTe Sale of the 9 a Royal Standard Tnietrrlfer « a In Allen County « v3 $ E. H. Bnseing, Agent « * Northrup BnlWlBg lola. Kans. « $ Typewriter Repairs and Snpplies «4 , « Dr. C M. Boss » « DENTIST « •B Room No. I, Northrnp BWg. 9 % Extraction wltbont pain by the 9 9 use of Nitrous Oxide Oaa • ~ $ Phone—Office 653; Res. 852. • WHY NOT! « Have Tour Piano Tuned by as • . Experienced Toasr—One IJ T- 0 ing in yoor bome town.. • T .O. CANAT8ET «, Piano Toner and Repairer ft Robert? Masle Co. Phone 491 «i $ 9i & $ $ % $ $ 9 $ 9^ 9 9i $ ^9 Farm andi Oiiy KANSAS AND OKLAHOMA Low Rate; Aniinal or Seml-Annnal Interest—PriTlIege to Fay. in Pnll Reduced Rates on Fire Insnranee! R«MXuniiiii)g:harh Old Court House Bldg.' ie)a,*Sas. LAND FOB SALE! I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land in Allen County. For a pasture It can't be beat—everlasting water—or It all can be mown Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also have 60 acres improved land close to lola tbat I can sell at bargain. Terms reasonable. C 0. BOLLINGER FOR SALE— SaJALL- FARM HOME. Address C. B. Chandler. lola, Kana. FOR SALE—PINB DINING TABLE and 6 chairs; 6 straight chairs, rockers, dresser commode, 3 beds, carpiets rugs and other household fumltur^^ at reduced prices. lola Land Company. FOR SALE—Li BRED EWES. ONE Shropshire mm with papers. Phcjne 098r5. WalUs Ewing, R. 2. A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one wblcb contains acenrate Information of all records relating to tbe property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract is tbe basis of a good deed. There Jire' no' better Ab>. stracts tban ,tbose prepared by THE FBTEHSOir ABSTRACT CO. Fbone «7 Old Coort Bonse Bldg. ~fo CURB A COLD 11 ONB DAT" —Take Laxative Bromo Qoinlne Tablets. Druggists refunds money If It falls to cure. B. W. Grove's'signa­ ture is oa sacb Iws. 26ft The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of ail kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate butslnesa. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be liad anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. R. L. Thompson, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLDOi lOLA THE BIGGEST BARGAIN DT^OLJU A: seven room, modera house witb tworstory, bam and 75 feet front, cement walks, shade and fruit It sold before January first. 11250.00; half cash. C. L. WHITABXR, 9 F.L.B, LEAYELL, K. 9. ft ' « Specialties— .ft.jii 9 Diasases of the Chsst 9 *^ao « DIsMsesotdblldrea » 9 nmit—tMn 147 f Ass. 147. ft 9 lOLA STATS BANK BLDQ • • 9 • «iBaa «eaa «a«• Real Estate and UyeitMk AVOXnUwSB Batlstactien cuarattteetf.Wirsor phone at^ntyxgehMMfcr dstss. Tstot Center OvereoBbBaak JPHILLIF HEIGELl • m% South St f . HARNESS ANBT SADDELBT fieoenl Repairing, iJI Kinds * • *. * MONET TO LOAir * on all kinds of household goods • • "> or Jewelry—anything of value. ^ Blgus Fawn Shop/East Side ^ Sqoare. Office in Fruit Store. ^ All transactions strictly conll- ^ dentlal. •7- Hei SpHugm, Ark* Round Trip Ticiets, IbM to Rot Springs. Ark., with return limit of tliree months from date of sale, with stop-over privlleget going and return on sale every day in the year, tor S18.60 V The one way fare Is IU.W. E. E. MUNGER. Phone 16«i Xs. FM.UWI A ,1 —Farmers Attention! High grads >^ distillate foe salow. Telephone US lols. ' or Humboldt Rsflnerr. U. Hwpstr- lord. 80i Weit atreak f1

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