Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 1, 1949 · Page 31
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 31

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 31
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2-B Sept. SO, 1949 Mason Cily Globe-Gazette, Mason City, la. Mason City Becomes Important Medical Center Doctors, Hospitals, Health Agencies Provide Services • By WANDA WALLACE A HEALTHY COMMUNITY is a strong community. A check-up pf the Mason City health facilities will indicate why Mason City can feel its pulse with assurance. Mason City is indeed a medical center with 2 hospitals, Park hospital and clinic and St. Joseph Mercy hospital, along with 42 resident physicians and members of the Cerro Gordo County Medical society and 21 resident dentists who are members of the Cerro Gordo County Dental society. These doctors, well qualified general practioners and specialists in various fields of medicine covering nearly every branch of medicine, serve* ; ; the community. cancer office here in Mason City to answer any questions and to stress the danger signals of can- They Keep Abreast Local doctors attend many out of state meetings to keep informed on the latest developments of new medicine and treatments as well as attending lectures presented 'by prominent visiting doctors at their local monthly medical meetings. Fourteen Mason City physicians received their medical training at the University of Iowa. Seven of the town's" doctors are sons of doctors. For the first time in war, disease deaths were below those caused by bullets, making the medical standards of the United States the highest in the world. Sixteen doctors and seven dentists practicing in Mason City at the present time served in World war II. Hospitals "Big Business" Too few persons are acquainted with the services of the modern hospital—a service represented by more than half a million men and women, hospital trustees, medical staffs, auxiliaries and personnel of the hospital. This staff of workers fights for health and happiness 24 hours a day, every day. Mercy hospital is situated at 180 Beaumont drive. It provides 200 beds for patients, has 56 bassinets and 77 doctors on its active, courtesy and dental staff. In 1948 Mercy hospital had 6,626 admissions and 947 births. Room for approximately 100 more patients will be made by the addition of a new wing to Mercy hospital which will be under construction in the near future. It •will include a modern pediatrics department, complete physiotherapy and hydrotherapy units, together with an isolation and out patient, so-called emergency, department, staff rooms and lounge lor doctors. Where Nurses Are Trained Student nurses receive excellent training in Mason City. The St. Joseph Mercy school of nursing here is a unit school of St. Joseph Mercy college of nursing in Sioux City. The central school in Sioux City is affiliated with Briar Cliff college in Sioux City. The student nurse spends her first 9 months at the central school and then receives her training in Mason City except during her third year she is given a 3 months' course in psychiatry at the Mount St. Agnes sanatorium in Dubuque. The Park hospital and clinic is situated at Washington and 1st street N. Y, r ., at the corner of Central park. It has 56 beds and 15 bassinets. Thirteen physicians comprise the staff. Park hospital had 1,880 admissions in 1948 and 314 babies were born there in that year. In the past year the hospital has installed the latest x-ray equipment. Equipment Is the Best The most modern equipment for both diagnostic and therapeutic x-ray is available at Mason City hospitals. 'A huge x-ray deep therapy machine is used in treatment of many diseases and illnesses. In the same department there is also cer. Not only are the doctors and hospitals active in protecting lives but many types of organizations play a part in safe-guarding the community health. The city fire department answers many emergency calls and has been credited with the saving of many lives other than those people rescued from burning buildings. For instance firemen have been known to restore a man to consciousness before a doctor had time to reach the scene. In cases pf electric shock, carbon monoxide from automobiles, heart attacks, babies strangling,, the firemen have been summoned. Often they are assisted by the police. All police squad cars are equipped with first aid equipment. Trained In First Aid All men assigned on the salvage truck at the fire station have their first aid cards and can efficiently handle the equipment. They have blankets, stretchers, and first aid equipment as well as two inhalators and resuscitators. One part of this piece of equipment helps make a person breathe while the other part furnishes oxygen for him to breathe. There is also a boat on the truck in case of drowning. All highway patrolmen have earned their first aid cards and are always ready to give assistance. The ambulances of the 4 funeral homes serve as complete first aid units for the city and readily answer any emergency call. Besides offering the newest equipment in their emergency and invalid coaches, an air ambulance and an air charter ambulance service has also been made available. The packing society places homeless and desolate children in a happy home. Mason City recognizes the fact that the family is the backbone of the community. Worry over family problems often leads to both mental and physical breakdowns so to combat this situation before it takes hold the Family Service, Inc., was set up. This is not a relief agency but a service for anyone. League workers help solve problems of unemployment, insufficient earning, desertion, illness — often two-thirds of the trouble is brought about through personality rather than economic conditions. A Public Nursing Program Often it is the case where a sick person can remain at home but has no one to take care of him. Mason City has a public health nursing program where Anyone may have part-time care in his own home. The nurse comes around when needed and follows the directions of the family doctor. This program is a "pay if you can" and is available to everyone. Mason City's medical facilities serves not only people of Cerro Gordo county but patients come here for treatment from all parts of North Iowa. And the pulse of the community continues to beat faster as Mason City doctors and hospitals keep up with the new and improved recognized advances in the science of medicine. Doctors Spend Spare Time With Hobbies After office hours one might says that the Mason City doctors become individualists for all except 4 of the town's M. D.'s have hobbies. Some, like President Truman, plant in Mason the fluoroscope chest conditions. for diagnosing X-ray pictures are taken of all broken bones before and after they are set to see that correct healing can take place. A definite diagnosis is essential in today's medicine and Mason City has modern equipped pathological laboratories located in each hospital as well as a private clinical laboratory. Tissue from every operation goes to one of these laboratories for tests. It is an ever present voluntary check of the quality of service given the patients by doctors of Mason City for it determines the cause of disease and results of treatment given, or type of treatment needed. A complete report can be given in a few days but in case of emergency a report is . given while the patient is still on the operating table. X-ray Is emphasized Photo Roentgen machines have been provided the hospitals to use in connection with their equipment by the Cerro Gordo County Tuberculosis association. This permits the X-ray of all City employs a full time nurse during working hours and has qualified first aiders on hand during the night. A doctor is on duty for 2 hours every morning. Employes Take an Interest The Lehigh Portland Cement company has a doctor on duty 3 days a week for medical treatment for employes. Too, a program is in operation by which all em- ployes are to receive first aid training. Of the employes 5 have the Red Cross instructors' rating in first aid, 7 the advance rating and 15 the standard rating. These men are spotted throughout the laboratory, store rooms and work as foremen in an attempt to cover the physical territory of the plant making experienced aid available at a moment's notice. The Northwestern States Portland Cement company and the American Crystal Sugar company also have first aid treatment available for their employes. Besides these, there are numerous service agencies set up to give health protection and some furnish monetary assistance for medic-'l treatment. Distinguished in Iowa The county Red Cross chapter has the outstanding record in the state for service to community in home nursing classes. Besides its first aid and home nursing projects in Mason City the local chapter provides a social welfare program for members of the armed forces and their families, seeing they receive the proper medical treatment. Treatment and recreation for crippled children and adults in Mason City is provided by the Society for Crippled Children and Adults and carried on with funds from the sale of Easter Seals. Each year a crippled children's clinic is held at a local hospital for check-ups and treatment. Every child enrolled in Mason City public schools is under the watchful eye of a school nurse. There is a registered nurse for the elementary grades, one for the junior high schools, and senior high school as well as a director working in all areas. are 'poker fans along with being authorities on variouTs subjects. One doctor, whose hobby is music, worked his way through medical school by playing the violin. Another doctor plays the piano and can play most of the band instruments. Like Farming: Two doctors flelight in farming during their spare time while 6 others have colorful flower gardens in proof of the proverbial "green thumb." One doctor is an authority on bird study, 2 are expert riflemen one an esquestrian, while 4 are expert cameramen with one ol the doctors specializing in color printing of landscape settings. Boating of one kind or another interests 7 of them, 2 go in for wood working, one for radio with a collection of recorders, receiving sets and different type radios and still another doctor h a E worked with a steel lathe making a steam engine and doing other machine work while another doctor goes in for model railroading In Little Theater The Little Theater has taken up a share of one doctor's spare time, one enjoys cribbage, anc another likes to design and builc homes. Still another spends his time reading and one travels extensively. Most all of. the doctors have a genuine interest in sports but 2 are avid sports fans with basebal highlighting their season, one is a swimmer, 6 put a lot of time in fishing, 5 of them enjoy hunting season to the limit, and more thar a dozen doctors can most likel be found out on a golf course whenever time and weather permits. Two pf the doctors enjoy fly ing while several find time t sing with various groups in town persons pital. admitted to either hos- There is no golden age at which men do their best work but a study of the achievements o£ 38 of the greatest men in historj showed, according to Prof. E. L Thorndike, that the "masterpiece age" averaged about 47.5 years. A Thought on "Slavery''Through Bureau or Board (From 10-19 commencement adilrest ol President Franklin B. Snydcr to Northwestern university »t Kvanston, 111.) I hope that 50 years from now freedom will still exist in this land of ours. I hope we shall not have been' enslaved by either an all- powerful federal government in Washington, or by" debt, much of it incurred in the name of a vague concept called "security," which will inevitably crush all initiative. I have no objection to paying a debt incurred in the defense of our country against Germany and Japan, nor to providing proper security for the aged and the infirm. But I do not wish to be taxed so that my grandchildren need not work for a living or pay their doctor's bills. I hope that the intuitive common sense of 140 million people is still strong enough to assert itself, and to re-establish the antique virtues of courage and honesty and industry and thrift in the minds and hearts of our citizens. I hope that the young people who this month are graduating from American colleges and universities still have the hardihood of their pioneer ancestors, and do not wish to be nursed and coddled by the government as if they were weaklings. I hope the college men and women of this country will make heir voices heard in every legislative hall when they say: "Our universities encouraged us to think and to live like free men, and we do not propose to surrender the freedom which above all else makes life worth living. "We shall plan our lives as we think best, with due regard for the happiness of other people, and any bureaucrat who tries to plan them for us we shall toss out of office. We shall not be enslaved by foreign conqueror of domestic theorist or even by our own government. "We want no state socialism in this land of ours; we want no special favors for ourselves; all we ask is the freedom which is our birthright as Americans; and that freedom we shall certainly maintain!" . CITY SAFEGUARDS YOUR HEALTH—When Mama's .ittle girl or boy takes a long drink of milk and then comes up for breath with a laugh and a milk mustache, Mama gives one of her satisfied smiles—but seldom gives credit where credit is due! One can't begin to count all the interests of the city health department on one's fingers—and that is where credit is due so much of the* time. The little girl enjoying her big glass of milk is 3-year-old Pamela Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cameron, 210 3rd St. N. E. It is amazing to learn the part the city health department plays in the life of every family in Mason City during a single day—when Freddie wants a glass of water or Susie begs for an ice cream cone; when dad's council. He is responsible for the enforcement of regulations set up by the city health board. hungry for steak or mother wants extra 'nice fruit and vegetables for the company at dinner; and when Ted wants to go to the show or little Mary wonders about the colored sign the man tacks up by the front door during a quarantine. Make Water Analysis Your non-hesitancy to drink city water comes from the fact that the city health department makes bacteriological analyses of the city water supply 8 times every week. It makes a sample water analysis of farmer's drinking supply upon request. Weekly bacteriological and chemical analysis of all bottled milk products in the city furnishes nothing but the best. Monthly bacteriological analysis of milk from farms and sediment test of milk-containing guard as well bacteriological and chemical analysis of all ice cream sold in the city. Inspect Dairies Inspection of grocery stores, restaurants, dairies, ice cream establishments and theaters as frequently as possible are more interests. Too, there is the inspection of meat animals before and after killing in small slaughter houses, and stamping of individual cuts, inspection of dairy farms where milk is produced, correction of all sanitary complaints within the city, bacteriological analysis of swimming pools in the city, and forwarding all communicable disease reports to. the state health department. The vital statistics are collected every month and forwarded to the state department of health. The city health officer works under the city health board of the city Doctor a la Barber Doctor (After barber's removing his appendix)—-" And now, my dear sir, how about a little liver or thyroid operation? And your tonsils need trimming terribly." ATTENDANTS EMERGENCY CALLS AMBULANCE SERVICE Day or Night CALL NUMBER 651 / J ¥ '&^and<Q*cit <? FUNERAL HOME PAUL D.RcAUlEY.Mracfcv MAION CITY, IOWA • PHONI »I1 at 30 E. State cans is a safe- as the monthly Rural Nurse on A .special nurse .n 46 In the industrial X-ray program conducted in Mason City and Clear Lake by the TB association, 7,035 persons were X- rayed on miniature films. The use of the iron lung, which has been placed in readiness at Mercy hospital for any emergency is available to any person in Cerro Gordo county without charge. The lung was purchased by donations from citizens and clubs. . . New bronchoscopic equipment has recently been purchased and put into operation at the tumor clinic. Mason City is one of 10 Cities in the state that makes the sprvice of a tumor, or cancer, clinic available to'its citizens. A Co-Operative Venture This clinic staff is composed of doctors from the staffs of both hospitals and any family doctor to free to refer a patient to the clinic. A registered nurse is in charge every Friday at the state rural schools and 7 town schools, Plymouth, Swaledale, Thornton, Meservey, Ventura, Fall township and Rockwell. Parochial schools in Mason City also have an extensive health program. The city health department maintains a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Those who man it are responsible for the non-hesitancy to drink water and milk. Additionally, they inspect grocery stores, restaurants, dairies, ice cream establishments and theaters as frequently as possible for the protection of residents. County patients receive free medical care whenever needed and the welfare board allows them choice of doctor and hospital. Any application to the University hospitals for free medical service goes through the welfare board and is dealt with through the quota of 122 patients given Cerro Gordo county this year. Welfare Society Active Hundreds of children have been given medical—both physical and mental — checkups through the Lutheran [Welfare society. This (mm Cool, appetizing, and full of nutrients, ice cream can be enjoyed in many, many ways. Whether you take it in a sundae, a frosted float, or between hot waffles, it satisfies you. BAKER'S Ice Cream Store SCHWEN'S ICE CREAM . . . ALWAYS GOOD 411 No. Federal Open 9 A. M. to 11:30 P. M. Daily We Tip Our Hat... of course it's a to the members of tKe Cerro Gorclo Medical Association and Dental Society for their untiring service to this community. We are tipping the Dobbs Cross Country, outstanding for its distinctive styling and light weight. $8.50 30 E. State WHERE GOOD CLOTHING IS NOT EXPENSIVE

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