Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 30; 1911. f CHIXA'S CBI8I8 .>£ARS E>D. SENO SPEAKERS FROM lOU loliins Fnloroolcd In Forward Moiel ment (o S\wnk tn Siirrouiiding Towns. Arranirements have been completed for the sending of a number of men inrerestpii in the local Men & Religion Forward Movement, both jireachers and laymen, to -surrounding towns next Sunday afternoon, to give talks concerning t'u- uiovenient for the purpose of arous;ns interest in it, and in the eisht-i1ay campai^zn of the local movement, which is to becin .Tanuary Tth. It is hoped that enough interest will be aroused in some of the surroundin.E: cities and towns to result in their sending delegates to the cam- liaipn. •Arrangpniftnt? have also been com- I'ifted for ;;;e siDilin:: to nearb.v cities rn next Tucsdny ni ;;ht ;>. number of •peakers on ibu ''orv.a:\! Movement. At this time several si^eak< rs will go to each town, and fhanufe. Humboldt. Camett ro'.ony. Carlyle. Moran, Bron son and many other towns and cities nearbv will be visited. NKW TELKI'H(>>K DIREfTORY. >('iT jiiid Convenitnt Feafnros In the >ew IHrwtonr WMrli Is Belne Printed. NV -.V ifUjihoH"' di'fotory hooks for t 'le Missdur; i< Kansas Telephone Company are now in proce .ss of prep- .Tralion i!i tiie II. i:ifter"s job depart- iiunt ani f!!<y nil; jirnbably be ou* about .Tanuary l .-t. Tlierf are several new ft 'ati '.r- s a'.HM;; ti.o book d ^slgr ii! Ill iii .ik*- it moro comcnSent for I lit' parr'T.s- fif xh,- ti!.>)>!ione company. Wiu -ri- a- t!u- UK .• dl'-. (Torle.i: have roniaini -i! l .iit on. i u'.iinin of name!? on a pase. thi> new rllr«'. tory will contain two cohiinns, tiic «<tr<( "Main" belnt: onilti.-d firm b. ftire the naineB a.s being unnecessary and takiiic up valuable space Tl;i' sy-;< in arlDptrd in the last directory of indlontinc a farmer 'li 'iine by in-iitinc a i< t-r "V" between the "ir • n 'lnil .fr :!:';'. the rinp niimbf^r. v>ih : •• a ^iier^: !<) in th" new directory. * '^Fffll' One inter-^stine and convenient feature of the n^v. dirpot-ry is the manner In which the Gas City's 'phones are numbered. Each Oas City 'phone will hereafter be in the S'H'f series" That is. every 'phone in Ga.< City will bear a num- br -r between ?''>'<•> and 4 t 'HO. this ar- rnngemfC' bavin? b^en demised to elimina'e -he cMifr .'-ioa arising from patrons forgettin gtn call the Gas centra! offi '.c before callincr for a Gas Citv "phi .ne. For instance, an lola patron fariieitin^- to call the Gcs central, tnight call for'phone number 10 intending to eet a 'phone In Gas. but ca'licsr an lola 'phone instead. Herei- afier hi> will hpve r-all only a number in the 3000's without calling the Gas central. 1^ With the coming of Middle Aee —There Is a letting down in the physical force.* often shown in annoy Jng and painful kidney and bladder ail ments and urltsary irres;ularitles. Foley's KMcy Pills are a splendid regu- latJns; and strenctheElng medicine at such a time Trv them. J D. Mnn- dis & Co. 5(te Plaques 25c lola Farniture store lateroational Sooday School QaestloflS (Copyright 1910, by Rev. T. 8. LInKOtt, D. O.) . ' Lcs> on for Sundiiy. Dor. 31, IVli. KEVItW. GOI.OK.V TEXT—"If we confess our sins, he fa faithful and just to forgive ns our sius, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."—I John 1:9. The following questions may be used as an original lesson, or as a review of the thirteen i)receding lessons. The date and title of each lesson, where found, Golden Text, and one question from each lesson follow. Oct. I. Thr Proiihet Eieklel n Watchman—Ezek. 3. Golden Text—Hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.—Ezek. 3:17. (11 Verse T—What is the effect of preaching the gospel upon those who will not hear? Oct. S. The Life (Uvini: Stream—Ezek. 47:1-2. Golden Text— Whosoever Will, let him take of liie water of life freely. Rev. 22:17. {is Verx's I-i—^Vhat does water, when used in the Blhle as a tij;;:rf of speech, ucncrallj stand fori This Is one of the (luestions that may be answered in writing. I Oft. 15...The Return iri»m r.iiitivlty.—Ezra 1:1-11; 2:64-70. Golden Text—He rt-iaineth not i'is anger forever, because he de- UfiUieth in i:iercy. Micah 7: IS. . (3) Verses 1-2—Where were the .lews as a people, at the oi>ening of this leoson, and what were the circumstances which took them there? Oct. 22. The Foundaiidi: o» ihf Second Temple Laid.—Ezra 3:1-4-:.. Golden Text—Enter in^o bis gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise. I's. 100:4. (4» Verse 1—Which sbou'd have tlie right of way, or first place, our own business or fJi.u of the church? Oct. 2!>. .V INalm «! nelhenincp.—Ps. S5. Golden Text— The Lord hath <;one greist thinjiS for us whereof we are glad. Psalms 126:3. (.51 Verse 1—How much of the prosperity of our land and nation depends upon the favor of the Lord? .\ov. .N Ksthcr Pli-ndiii;: for H«T People.—Esther 4:1, 5:3. Golden Te.\t—The I-ord presiivcth all them that love him.- Psalms 14.".: 20. »0( Verses 1-:!—What were the circumstances which caused .Mordecal to rend his clothes ard put on sackcloth? \a\. 12. UorldS Tenircrunrc Sunduy. HrlMliHzur 's FeaKt and Fall'.—l>an. .". Golden Text—God shall bring every work Into Judgment. wlUi evcrv gecnt ihirg. whether It be good, or whether it be f\n. Kcil. 12:14. i7i Vir.-H 1 -" is lb'' social. Intellectual and moral value of "."nioki'r.'" ai:d i:iitikinK parties? >«». 1». Kzni's .lonrney to Jenisiilpni.-Ezra 8:l.'i-3G. Gold- t.n Text—Thi- ffhiid of our God Is upon all them for good that .seek biiii. Ezra S:22. (S) Vir»;.s l.".-2"—Wha and what wan Ezra? V.M. Ni'hcniiiihS Pmyer.—.\eh. 1. Golden Text—The f v:n( p::'.ir of 3 righteous man avalleth much.— James •'•: 10. V 'M .-e.s i-r—py whom, and when, had the wall of Jerusalem beirU broken dov .-u? Dec. :j. >eheniiah Rebuilds the Wall of Jernsalem.— Neh. 4. Golden Text—Watch ye. ;'.ind fast in the faith, quit you like men, l)e strong, r Cor. 16:13. (KM Verse 1—What progress had tieen made up to this time in re-buildiiis the wall of Jerusalem, and how had the work been done? Dec. 10. Xfiicniiali and His Fnemies.—Xeh. 6. Golden Text —The Lord is the strength of my life; of wldjm shall I be afraid. P^•. 27:1. (11> Vert ^e 1-2—When God Is blessing us with gre3t success in our work, how does that generally effect those who are doing similar work and why is it so? Dec. 17. Kzra T «»cJiP!» the Law.—Xeh. 8. Golden Text—The law of the l.ord is perfect converting the souL Pa 19:7. (121 Verses l-.'V—Where was'Thls great meeting of the Jews held, what was its object and result? Dec. 24. .Valachi RehnklBgr and EacoaniKin!; Jodah.—Mai. .•?:!. 4:3. Golden Text—Return onto me and I will return unto you. saith the Lord of hosts. Sfal. 3:7. • * (13) Verse P—If a man docs not pay to God's cause, at least ten per cent of his earnings, does the Lortl regard him as a robber? Give yoi;r reasons. Rpc. 24. ('brMma.*i Lesson. Jexns Born ID BetfalrhPm. Matt. 2:1-12. Golden Text—I'nto you is bom this day In the city of Itevid n .siivioi-r. which fs^Clirist the Lord. Matt 2:11. (141 Verse .5 1-2—What docs the lowly birth of Jesus signify to (he world? Some flrae a?o thn athl?tic association of the nigh school sent away for j some new jerseys to be donated to the I members of the hiph school basket ball team.. The jers.^ys. of which .•> were ordered, arrived this morning, and they are beaut leg. They are of ' wjlld .black and will be used for wear­ ing during practice. After any of the whom the iStueyu have been given baa played In two wln- Tiing games, a white "I" six inches In height will be placed on the front of the Jersey. —C; J, Petersoa: Farm Loani, In- snnince, Abstmcti. TEACHING MONKEYS A LESSOfI Oaubad With TrMMl* and Tkrtar Enwtle, Thtx Never Riflad Sagar Cane Patch Again. It la said tbat for cool tmpnden^ and aheer aodadtr tbe tiUl moakeya of the HImalayaa atand alone. Ther Blip Into the bogalowa at Dalhoaaie and, it ia averred, carry .off anythlAs that la not too beavr for them ^to handle. They epring from tree to tiue, from bonae'to hooae, gayly disportiOK the artldea tbey baTe atolen from tbe breakfaat or dinlns rooma of tbe Dalhousie people,' Few people Uke to aboot a xnonkar, and BO tbe little fellowa grow boljler all tbe time. A atory ia told of^an Englishman near Dalbonaie who traa trying to protect bis angar cane patch with a great trench and a paliakde covered with nails. All to no avail, however. The owner walked down to It one morning and found a row of monkeya seated on the palisade. Tbe moment he came within reach they thcew Ids oyffi sugar cane into bis face, after which they got down and stn*lled away, leisurely munching. The Britisher grew irate. Sjuch things were not to be borne. ^ He chased a lot of monkeys into a Jtree, felled the tree and caught four or five ycung monkeys. The parents walked near in great perturbation, anxiously watching while their infant^ :were painted from head to foot with tjeade and tartar emetic. On being allowed to go they rushed off into theffond and welcome arms and were immediately carried up into the woodb and there assiduously licked clean from top to toe by their loving parehtii. The Inevitable effects followed, and tjie unhappy condition of the old mt^keya can easily be Imagined. Theyjinever rifled that patch of sugar cane again. VIEWPOINT OF OTHER FEULOW _- , How Attorney General Wlektirsham Selwted His Playmates When He Was a Boy. When Attorney General Wickersham was a plain, every dayxiticen and lived In Tenth street nea^ Fifth avenue. New York, a few years ago. the tide of immigration was Already beginning to flow In that direetlon. In consequence, it was a rough crowd of boys of all nationalities tbt,t gath ered about the curb to pl^ their street games; '* Master Wickersham was frequently admonished by his mother to avoid the neighborhood toughs. On' one occasion she emphasized her renutrka by saying: "You know what I mean, ma; play only with boys whose father9>are gentlemen." This speech made quite an Impression on tbe lad. A few days later he entered the library, where bis matber was entertaining guests, acdimpanled by a dirty, unkempt little Italian. "See. mother," he exclaimed triumphantly. "I 've brought Tony home to play with me. I asked him if bia father was a gentleman, anl he said be was." ' , ?• Queen's MUd Rebuke. The carriage of Queen Victoria of Spain was checked for a foment in the crowded street, and siie was at once the target for all eyes»as she sat waiting quietly. Waiting to examine more closely the beautifully- embroidered garment which tbe queen was wearing, an American lady-raised impulsively -an opera-glaas vhlch she was carrying and scanned-the queftsn closely, although only a - few feet apart. Suddenly, to her dismay, she was cation of her ex- l|r mating the brought to the real treme rudeness queen's eyes full la the jglass—that spoke tbe rebuke plainly, although tbe steady look was both kind and patient Instantly the glass w»i lowered, and with scarlet cheeka''tbe lady's face expressed an unmistakable apology as Queen Victoria raised a mildly reproving forefinger and shook her bead slightly with a little smile as the carriage moved on.—Youth's Companion. To Our Many Friends and Customers May the New Year dawn with joy and prosperity for you and those whose happiness depends on you; and may each succeeding year be happier than the last. The GLOBE Shoel;& Clothing COMPANY (Published Dec. 30. 1911.) Townpship Treasarefs AaDdal Statement of Receipts, £xpenditiues and Indebtedness. . The undersigned. Township Treas^ urer of Carlyle Township, Allen County Kansas, issues the following statement of Receipts. Expenditures and Indebtedness for the year ending Mon day. October 30, A. D. ISllT Receipts. Jan. 9. 1911, Cash on hand % 54.69 Jan. 5, 1911, Received from County Treasurer 100.00 Mar. 3, 1911, Received from County Treasurer 200.00 Apr. 25. 1911, Received from County Treasurer 200.00 June 1, 1911, Received from County Treasurer 500.00 July 8. 1911, Received from County Treasurer 200.00 July 29. 1911, Received from County Treasurer lOO.OO Aug. 11. 1911, Received from A. M. Arnold, poll tax Aug. 26 1911. Received from County Treasurer .\ng. 12, 1911, Received from A. M. Arnold, poll tax Sept. 2, 1911. Received from A. M. Arnold, poll ux Oct. 4, 1911, Received from CounJty Treasurer 100.00 6.00 lOO.Ob 1.50 6.00 11568.19 88.26 Modems Outdo Ancients. Stories of the ancients who performed prodigioua feats ^>ale into insignificance compared wit^ modem accomplishments. For example, the story of Leander, who swam tbe Hellespont with the praiseworthy object of passing an hour in the presehce of his sweetheart. Now. the body of water knowp in ancient times sk tbe Helles- point is in these days calDed'the Strait of Dardanelles, and the diatance across is rather less than a mile. Compared with such a swim as that of Captain Webb, who first swam across the Strait of Dover, a distance of 21 miles. Leander's performance sfjems not mly credible, but Incignificaii^ Rivers Figtit for Exiatanea. The discovery that there la a kind of struggle for ezistencf^ and anrvlva] of tbe fittest amone rl^ra is one of the most Interesting r^nlts of the modem study of pbysfograpby. A notable example of this'contest ia exhibited by EnsUnd's two biggest rivers, the Thames and tlw Severn. Between their valleys H^^the Cdtawold Hills, and exploration ^ows that tbe Severn, by eating bqt^ward among these bills, where softer strata under lie them; has diverted'to itself some of the headwater! which formerly flowed into the Tha^nes.—Harpar'a Weekly. * Toul Balance Expendltaret. .Tan. 9, 1911— C. E. Sawjer, work on Vezle road - —I 22 Paul Klein, road material M. W. A. Ass., rent for hall J. H. Christian, labor for road J. D. Christian, services of Trus tee and Incidentals A. M. Dunlap, services of clerk and Incidentals „ C. E. Sawyer. ser\ices of treasurer April 1, 1911— Corrugated .Metal Co, two culverts X. M. Arnold team work overseeing \V. H. Keefe, labor and material , grader house T. B. Shannon, tools and material lola Dally Register, printing— Ed Powell, team work Paul Klein, bridge lumber April 24. 1911— Northrup Lumber Co., iTridge lumber — Crane & Co.. stationery and books .\..M. Arnold, overseeing and team work 24.&6 6.00 12.00 26.40 22.30 26.00 19.60 28.00 7.35 4.03 1.70 3.00 30.35 25.76 12.90 overseeing 166.25 J. H. Worster, team work 30.75 C. A. Stlnson, labor on road 76.50 Edd Shores, labor on road 1.50 P. E. Xewton, making forms 2.00 R. Shafer, dragging road 13.50 Paul Klein, lumber : 31v46 Corrugated Metal Co., ten culverts - 103.78 L. B. Gardner, blacksmlthlng__ 2.05 I. T. Lieake, dragging roads 7.00 G. F. Bates, services trustee and labor 15.00 W. S. Dickerson, sertdces treas urer and labor 13.25 W. S. Dickerson, dragging road 1.50 O. Sutherland, services as clerk and Inc. ^_ 12.25 George Kettle, dragging road— 9.50 Oct. 30, 1911— J. R. Dunlap gravel for culverts 15.00 A. M. Arnold, road work 68.35 J. T. Jones, road work 24.75 D. K. Caldwell road work 12.75 Oct. 30. 1911— L. W. Bates, road work 21.00 C. A. Stlnson, road work 13.50 C. L. Wllmoth, road work 1.50 C. C. McCarty & Son, blacksmithing C.85 J. I.. Wilson, dragging roads.. 14.75 George Kettle, dragging roads. 20.00 E. J. Powell, dragging roads.. 6.50 Carlyle Mer. Co.; merchandise. .60 O. Sutherland, dragging roads. 5.00 City of lola, gas pipe 6.25 J. T. Jones, team work E. A.' Powell, team work —— D. K. Caldwell, team work E. H. Powell, dragging roads.. L. W. Bates, riiad work L. B. Gardner, blacksmlthing _ July 31. 1911— D. W. Wolf, culvert forms A. H. Ensmlnger, dragging roads . P. E. Newton, making -forms and labor on road 7.00 E. A. Powell dragging roads — 3.75 A. M. Arnold/incidentals 3.55 H. C. Worster, tabor on road— 4.50 J. T. Jones team work ..l 120.00 E. A. Powell, team work 126.75 D. K. Caldwell, team work 104.25 A. M. Arnold, team work and 31.50 21.00 21.00 21.00 7.00 4.50 2.53 22.02 4.00 Total 11479.93 The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. 1 Do Solemnly Swear, That the within and foregoing Is In all respects a full and true account of all moneys received by me and expended, to^ getber with the indebtedness of said Township during the full period of the year ending the last Monday In October, A. D. 1911, and for the full time for which I should make such statement. So help me God. • Signed W.S.. DICKERSON;.-: <Township Treasar ^r. Subscribed and swdm to before .me, this 7th day of November, "A. D. 1911. G.F. BATHS: Township Trustee- Try the Register Want ad -way., , What They Both Said. Horace Greeley, onpe wrote a iHlt» to a brother editor in Nev To4b whose writing was as illegibto u bte own. The recipient of th« note^ niiti being able to read it, sent It baek >ir tbe same messenger to Mr. Chnid «yi for elucidation. Supposing it to bei tliia^ answer to his own note, Mr. Oraeiicr. looked over it. hut likewise* able to read it. and fald to the boy: "Go take it back. What does tK* damned fool mean?" 'nTea. atr," said the boy; nhat U Just what he Bayi" ' _ ECZEMA CAN BGC CUKBD TO wtu>n I Mr nind, I •caaJoMwbai ~ van* ttasa btlnra. lUoMakvr 1 •tatcawntBft«i;inttliuct«a jMnofmriaMM on« dlM«e vtfa iwodbOf la tkasMSa UJMa or a inKiioa nuM <tt fkk dm lib* Uo not«» wbU (II roo atr* awd. oor Sow Muly >i«tnn ban laid fog tkat TOO eoBld aot ^tmSr alt I a«k l«jtt«t»rhsnr»toaha«vroatMIlMa*r •noUUoir, KiiaraoU>Mi core tiiat will coowBte mt .morr in » d» Una I or sofnM dto.eoaM »« ninotb'atime. tr rniura rir>fiiitiii1inil i1>liii«liisil. I darr TOO togir* tin • rlinn In iimn •/ iltriiiil' By WflUoCBMi^darroawiU miMmor* rManaa- Airt ;tl»a rna awl (Tpr thoastit tbia *orid boMlM roa. JiMtrrUaod >aa«m aeo I sa telUae pm , ibt tinUi. ^ • ^ • The Ideal Reading Lamp Optldans agree that the light {xom a good oil lamp » eaaer on die ^es tfum aiqr other artificial li^ " The Rayo Lamp is^ best oil lan^ made.' It gives a strong; yet soft, w^fi^t; and kaererflkkm. Itpre* sems the tytatJM of tbe young; it lid|n and qoicketts that of the okL. YoQ-A pay $5, $iO. or $20 for odier laaps^ but you camot gel l^effer thaii tbe low-priced Rayo ghres. Made of solid bcu*. nickid-phted. Eaaly lighted, wiaiout ing 4ade or cimnne;^. Easy to dean and remcL D|«Ww aiwjwliua; tt wrila far iliiinin oKJki Sna l» aay a—cy «l lU Standard Oil Company (la •4) A-

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