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The Atchison Daily Champion from Atchison, Kansas • Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
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THE ATCHISON DAILY CHAMPION, SUNDAY, JUNE 20. 1892. 4 DO YOU Yesterday was farmer's day again in the city. The streets were thronged again last night with people down town shopping. 'I he cli.sui their n-gagement in this city last evening with the presentation o' "Woman against Woman." In the role of Florence Grat-ney in this great play, Edna May acquitted herself with great credit to herself and pleasure to the audience.

In full, during the week's engagement, Edna May has won a great host of friends who will give her a most cordial greeting on her next return to the city. As for Tirn Champion, It not only wishes, but predicts for Miss Edna May the great success she so rightly deserves. tlltltf II I I Where Atchison People Will Worship Today. First Christian church: Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.

preaching and communion, 10:45 a. Junior Endeavor society, 4 p. Y. P. 8.

C. E. meeting, 6:30 p. m. preaching, 8 p.

m. The pastor will preach this morning and Hev. Milton Elliott of Kirkville, Kentucky, will occupy the pulpit at 8 p. m. You are cordially invited.

Lowkll C. McPheiisos, Pastor. F. E. Malloiiy, Supt.

The First Congregational church, S. F. ST LlJD ALL FLAVORS MADE FROM PURE ROCK CANDY SYRUP, AND PURE FRUIT JUICES. GOUGHl DON'T DELAY BALSAM THE ttCarotOeliW.Coiiirht.lm Thrt.Orp,Inflo-M.WbeepiBff Ctmf .4 AaUma. A wr.

toln tar CBBBFUon trot WM, m4 rt riil ft4Ttal lUtffnt. nwttlMM. THwllllittW KMllt fft sfUr UkiBff Ut nt 4om. flM fj'ltrliantgiott. Atchison, kniiniiH, June 2, 1802.

I). E. Miller wnntB a menl cook. Apply at tbe restaurant. Putman Tin, ive you the worth of your money in a five cent cigar.

A. U. Ziniuiermann and family spent yesterday picniclng at (lie lake. Tlie choir to St. Kent-diet's church will picnic at the lukes next Tuesday.

The police have donned their summer helmets which are of a dark blue. ft Prury has in prospect some more manufacturing interprises for this city. The boys will be pleased to learn that M. Gerber has a flue supply of fireworks slready on hand. Poehlcr Bros, would like to have you send In your orders for ice cream as early as possible I( Isaac Horner yesterday paid the fine and ciwti assessed against Mart Clark in Justice Talbott'a court.

The Atchison drum corps, Bixteen strong, will go to St. Joe today to attend the Missouri river Turnfest. If you wish the best qality of ice cream (and who does not) in Atchison just try M. Oerber's ice cream parlors. Another new line of wall paper prettier and cheaper than ever hB bean received at Johnson's book store.

Messrs. Clark, Keller, Wolcott and Mibs Llattie Wolcott, with a few friends, spent yesterday afternoon at Hugar lake, Johnson's book store has leceived a new line of wall paper that is cheaper and prettier that the former consignments. Hherlff Larkin is said to have had a large number of applicants for the position of appraisers of the Zahn Btock, of beer, etc. The air was very comfortable day. Eighty degrees ill the shade is very comfortable weather, especially after Buch a hot spell.

Merwick has a flue line of Cleveland and Harrison campaign hats which he will sell at 1.50 each; special prices made to clubs. 7TT The case of Joseph Davis vs. Jacob Jacobs, an appeal case from Justice Graham's court, was filed in the district court yesterday. Mr. E.

C. Post of the B. M. system announces a one and one-third rate for the round trip to all persons attending the annual meeting of tbe Missouri Valley Turnverien, to be held in St, Joseph June 25 to 27. THE LaBt evening the police arreBted John Connell for being drunk and Hiram Shockey for disturbing the peace and vagrancy.

The implement dealers were busy yesterday loading farmer's wagons with binding twine. The Sunday school hour at the Kansas Avenue M. E. church has been changed from 2:30 in the afternoon to 9:30 a. m.

S. H. Kelsey's oleanders at his home are in full bloom, perhaps the first in the city. They look beautiful and are greatly admired. Physicians say that these cold waves from the north in summer time, such as we have had here the past two days, are exceedingly unhealthy.

Merwick has just received another nobby thing in gents' wear a red, white and blue shirt for the Foruth of July. See them at his store. J. A. Fisher started his harness shop three years ago, and today he is employing five men.

Atchison is the right place for young men. Miss Belle Scott will give a party at her home at the corner of Sixth and Spring streets, Tuesday evening, in honor of Misses Sophia and Hose Larman. Last week witnessed a large run of cars in the Missouri Pacific yards at this place. No less than 1,100 cars have been received any day during the week. There are twelve insurance companies interested in the loss at the Central school building, which is estimated at $200.

The building is insured for $20,000, and this loss will cost them half of the money they received for carrying the policies tli is year. A prominent young lady Democrat of this city while discussing politics yesterday Baid that the Force bill was an outrage for she did not believe any person ought to be compelled to vote unless he wanted to, and this bill would make them. A. W. Tesxhout combined business with his pleasure trips while he was away attending both of the national conventions, and if you will take a look in his show windows you'll be convinced.

He has just added a fine assortment to his pictures and etchings. Call and ask him to show them to you. Wm. Wells Is local agent fpr the Kan sas Mutual Life association of Topeka, Kansas, This company is' noted for promptness as shown in the two late losses of John Schreiber and Henry Brandner of this city. If you wish to in sure in a rood company I ill be pleased to have you call and Bee me.

Wm. Wells, 033 Laramie street, first house east of Ham Jackson. We understand the educational inter est of the city will collect on the banks of Sugar lake the coming week, and try school the fish. They will minnify for croppy but will catch a principal, or catfish. Mr.

Keene had better educate a normal training class among the finny tribe to defeat these educators and intruders among the pond lillies and wary nibblers of this placid lake. A mistake was made in the item in this paper yesterday morning in regard to the Symns' case. It was Commissioner Mitchell who Bat by and made no dissent when Gov. Anthony threatened to reduce fifth class goods still further if tbe rail roads attempted to preserve the differen tial of five cents between carload lots and less, instead of Mr. Vanlandingham as stated.

Milt Dix, the night man at the western bridge office, noticed some one slipping up the stairs back of the office and trying to sneak across the bridge last night. On running out he saw it was LouTofte, and grabbing him around the waist and arms disarmed him and taking his gun marched him to the union depot and turned him over to Officer Robinson who took him to the city prison where he bunked in the steel cages last night. Don't Stand In Front And do nothing but look at the dis play in front of Infent's, but step inside and buy fresh groceries at the lowest prices, if you don't You Will lie Sorry, Just as sure as hot weather comes there will be more or less bowel complaint in this vicinity. Every person, and espe cially families ought to have some relia ble medicine at hand for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent bottl of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di arhu'a Remedy is just what you ought to have and all that you would need, even for the most severe and dangerous cases It is the best, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and is pleas ant to take.

For sale by all druggists. All leading Medicines at Allen's. The following item, clipped from the Ft. Madison (Iowa) Democrat, contains information well worth remembering: "Mr. John Koth, of this city, who met with an accident a few days "go, spraining and bruising his leg and arm quite severely, was cured by one 50 cent bottle of Chamberlain's l'ain Halm." This remedy is without an equal for sprains and bruises and should have a place in every household.

For sale by all druggists. The OloriouB Fourth will be celebrated at Goodhue park under the auspices of the Hacred Heart Church. Several good speakers have been engaged and the programme for the day is both extensive and interesting. As there will be no other public demonstration, the Atchison people will go to Goodhue park. The fondest dream indulged in by humanity is to live in a climate where everything good for the table is pro.

duced. It does you Just as well if your grocer can furnish it to you. Intfen is always stocked with all the market furnishes and can supply you in everything you wish. John Ilohr, who works in the baggage room at the union depot, says he has lost 7,000 young catalpa trees by the river cutting away the island above the city He has caught some ot the trees as they came down and has put a few of them up at the western entrance to the bridge. The implement dealers of Stockton have sold over eighty binders already.

The dealers at Goodland have sold two hundred and fifty binders and eighty headers. The McUormick harvester company at Kansas City are fifty car loads behind their orders in Kansas. There will be a grand annual concert given by the Atchison Turner society Monday evening, July 4, at Turner garden. There will be a platform dance an athletic exhibition, grand display of fireworks and music by Phillip's band. Admission 15 cents.

W. C. Johnson, the landlord of the union depot hotel, has leased the rooms In the second story of the building occupied by the Santa Fe ticket office, and will furnish them for the accommodation of his customers. James M. Jones and family of the Seneca Neat, are in the city to spend Sunday.

They are the guests of Mrs. Fred Pausch, a sister of Mrs. Jones, He waB formerly a valued employ of The Cfiaui'ion. Jim Dobbs haB purchased another steam threshing outfit and will operate four threshers In Kansas this season. He operated three last year and intends branching out this season.

The Atchison drum corpse is composed of boys of all the various political beliefs and in consequence of the fact and to promote harmony and prosperity politics has been tabooed. Vhere will be a regular meeting of the jard of education Saturday, July 3, at 8 p. m. The Fourth of July being on in-day the board called for a regular meeting as above. Miss llattie Smith will entertain a number of her friends at a lawn social at her home at 718 Y.

street Monday evening, the occasion being her sixteenth birthday. FAIR! Q1Q Fourth and Kansas avenue, Rev. Frank II. Allen, pastor: Services at 10:30 a. m.

Subject, "The Aims of Religion, and at 8 p. "The Sweating Septem." Sunday school at 12 o'clock; Y. P. S. C.

E. at 7 p. Normal class Saturday at 7:30 p. m. Free seats and a cordial welcome.

Trinity church (Episcopal) Fifth street and Utah avenue. Rev. H. L. Foote of St.

Joseph will officiate and preach at all services and at St. Andrew's services. Holy communion, 9 a. morning prayer and sermon, 11 a. m.

St. Andrew's chapel, Fifteenth and Commercial Sunday school changed to 9 a. evening prayer and sermon, 8 p. m. Eat No Meat But buy fresh vegetables and fruit at ntfeu's, 509 Commercial street.

Ail leading Medicines at Allen's. THE WESTERN MILITARY ACADEMY. We take pleasure in calling attention to the advertisement of this school in another column particularly because the uperintendent, Colonel Willis Brown, is a formerly of Kansas man, for many years a banker at Seneca, and of whom the Tribune of that place speaks as fol lows: The. institution composing the above caption has more than a passing interest to the citizens of Nemaha county. Col.

nuns Drown, its present owner, is known to our people as one of the most successful, eaterprising and energetic of men, and in this county established a reputation for business sagacity and foresight for building on broau anu sound finan cial basis a number of the most pros perous nnanciai institutions in the country, and which to day stand as living monuments of his ability, power and skill. For many years he was cashier of the old State Bank of Kansas and president of the First Na tional Bank of this city, and in the bauks of Wetmore, Sabetha and Centralia bis name gave strength and stability for years, either as president or director. There are few who can point to a more worthy and successful business career than he has left on the records of Nemaha, and with such a one at the head of affairs succeBS is assured. Later, he moved to Lawrence, where he organized the Lawrence National Bulk, now the leading bank in that city, and of which bank he was the vice president and general manager until he disposed of bis interest there to engage this school work. We can heartily endorse all that may be said of the energy, enterprise, and sterling worth of Col.

Brown. Aside from a liberal education, widened by much reading and a ripe experience in business ail.iirs, Col. Brown has also a decided taste for schools ot this kind. In the early days of the Kansas National Guards he took an active interest in tbe organization and gave it valuable assistance. When the First regiment, K.

N. G. was organized he was elected its colonel, although the junior captain in the line, and later, when the Division was organized he was placed in command with the rank of major general. His many KansiB friends will regret that it has seemed necessary for him to iemove from the state, but will wish him every Buccess in his new field, and will commend bim as a gentleman in every way worthy of confidence and esteem. You are On When we tell you that the reason you did not get sound fruit and fresh vegeV ables was because you did not go to Intfen's, at 509 Commercial, All leading Mrsislnet at Allen's.

Caution to the Board ot Education. The many readers of Tna Champion hope that our Board of Education will act wisely and economically in the dis bursement of its finances. Indications point that intelligent discretion is de manded by the public at this time. The body of men comprising the Board of Education are thorough business men and this admonition may not be neces sarybut we cannot forbear in enjoining on them strict economy with its funds in order that its regular nine months schooling may not be defeated, as re corded to neighboring cities in Kansas. Hon.

W. V. Lucas, ex-State Auditor of Iowa, says: "1 have used Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and have no hesitation in saying it is an excellent remedy. I believe all that is claimed for it. Persons afflicted by a cough or cold will find it a friend." There is no danger from whooping cough when his remedy ia freely given, 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by all druggists.

Did You See It? The nobby display of fruits and veget ables in front of Intfen's, at 509 Commer cial street. He keeps ther on ice and they are fresh and sound." There is nothing better than Boston Root Beer, sold at Allen's Drug I SOU DRINKS. Cherry Phosphate, Gunther's Catawaba Sherbet. Orange Phosphate, Kylo, Lemon Phosphate, Malto, Red Messina Orange, Champagne Mist. EXTRAS.

Ginger Ale, English Mead, Root Beer, Swiss Cream, Moxie, MilkShake, Ice Cream Soda, Meleto. Fifth and Commercial Streets. YOUR SHIRT And yon can sleep cool, provided you wear one of those dandy night shirts now on sale at H. W. MERWICK'S.

I has 3 no Vel line 6l campaign badges, also Cleveland hats for some and Harrison hats for the others. SPECIAL RATES TO CLUBS, Be in the swim. -4 Vi VP ATI Wrrrmnn ittnfilnlfA tu limn lUMiuiuV i'MK UPPER ALTON III. WESTERN MILITARY ACADEMY. A through school; prepares for College or Busi ness; within 20 miles of St.

Louis. Address WII.I.IH JIROWN, feftnpt. P. J. LYONS, Practical Plumber, STEAM And dealer in ENGINE SUPPLIES, 126 North Fifth Ave.

KigH do not grow on Tliits, Xor do clothe grow On 31 en'H Itackw But the perfect fit in clothing iroduced by the ikillfu! hands of De Winter mieht convey tne impression that they grew upon the wearer. Ladies fitted with the same skill as FRUIT SYRUPS, Chocolate, Vanilla, Raspberry, Coffee. Strawberry, Nectar, Sarsaparilli, Blood Orange, Lemon, Banana, Crushed Violets, Peach, Cherry. MINERAL WATERS Waukesha, Saratoga High Rock. Saratoga, Saratoga Excelsior, Saratoga Vichy.

OUR MOTTO: DIUTsCIST. Corner TAKE OFF No Flies Will bother your horses if you buy your FLY NETS J. 1 FISHER. He has them from heavy leather to tbe finest carriage nets. Look at the fine hack harness made for Charles Johnson.

EXAMINE our line of SADDLES. REPAIR WORK QUICKLY DONE. Five men constantly employed. SPECIAL SALE I will sell at either of my stores for a very short time the best, strongest and most comfortable chair; hammock style; will fold up, for only 59 cents, the regular price is 1.50. Plenty of bargains in Groceries.

Lemoms, choice only 25c. dozen. The best display, the cleanest and cheap est place to buy groceries is" 400 or "ill Commercial street. Telephone 150. Telephone H' Frod.

Barrett, I ns wiae-nwaae oargain-uiver, WEAR A i CAMPAIGN HAT. PLACE TO BUY FIREWORKS As we sell everything cheapest, so we sell FIREWORKS! THE FAIR, COMMERCIAL, STREET, v..

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