Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 7
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"hlE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATUkbAYEVfeNING,^ DECEMBER 30, 1911. lOLA DAILY tlEJiSiER Th* lota Dally Record ana rhe lota Dally Index. HEM BE6ISTEB FUBLISU»G CO. Sntered at the loJa PoBtofflce aa Second Class Matter. AdvertUlng Rates Made Known on AppU cation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In loia. Gas City, Lanyon vllle.- Concreto. LaHarpe and Bassett: pne We«k 10 cents t:One Jfocth 44 c«hts flOne'Tear ts.oo • BY MAIL: a One Tear, InMdp countv tU.Oo f One Tear, outKide ciinty W.M e TELEPHONES: ^ Business Offico Society. R*>t«>rt«T & Job and Bindery Tv>!<t 141 Offlrlal Paper of City of Jola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. 4> fiCKirTiiM:. t I iMiiuh 4^:l0.1(i. Sing unto ilip si nvw soui; iind Ills prdlse from tho iinl of tho I'lirlli. yo thai go down to Hie 8i ;i, iiml all Ihnt is tlioreln; t1i<; ialts and tlio Iii- hnbltants thoroof. Let th<> wlldcnifss iiiul llu' cities tlnreof lift ui( their voice, llie vllUiges that Kcdar doth inli.ibit: ii.'t the Inhabitants of the rork sing, let them shout from the lop of the mouutulns. I>!t them .clve plorj- unto the lx)rd, and declare his praise in the ishinds. The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like v. man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies. 1 have a long time holden my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now I will cry like travailing voman; 1 will destroy and devour at once. I will make waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbs; and I will make the rivers Islands and drj' up the pools. And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will.lead them in paths that they havo not known: 1 will make darkness li .i ^ht before them, and crooked things straight These things will I do unto thorn an<] not forsake thetn. - i-cople thcmaeUea are conBervative. and always have been.. They move forward but they will not ttffii' upon shaky ground. Every Important step la well considered. The putcbme of the clash of opinions—4:adicali ^conservative and moderate—Is a safe and sane advance. This Js the reason why demagogues and professional politicians cannot induce tI:-> people to accept their nostrums. And with the of means of communication through the couu try districts the poliiiclaas stand poorer chance than ever cf fooling the pecple, even tc-nporarily. nemcntber Malcolm Patterson, mem her of Consr^ss from Tennessee for several terms, then Governor of Uiat State? You probably thought, If you thought about It at all. that he a fortunate and successful and happ)' inan. Well, he is oft in the State of Washln.ctoii new iryj:-- to keep his son from b'"lii,? ,-r •: r on the ground thiit li. hjs i>r- f -Irmik for five yrro and vn-- su'.- :'in;; from "aleohiMli- epllc'ps.v" \\'>u"; > etiinniit- tod the erime. Poor I'.* rj. Tai. writer ki; hi;n w.>:). !'<. v.-.i i a flnp miin :i viTV :it>:- i,;':! Iliit how ImUy h"' \ve«ld n;ii:<> till il\e l>onor« !)e has ever won If li • iiMnht thereby wipe out the imst five years of hia son'.'i life .iii;I S '-e him facing the >vcrUl clean and"ii^r.light and strong i» ' THE TARIFF OX F.VitM I'RODICTS A thousand nilles from the' border the farmers of Kansas are not in clined to attach much importance to the tariff on farm products, many of them being inclinsd to believe that it is only levied for buncombe and to fool'tiie farmer^ into believing that they are protected when they are not. But up right against the border it doesn't look that way. • At least we should" judge so by a news item which appeared in a recent issue of the Grand Porks' (.N. Dak.) Times. The iterti is from Winnipeg, Canada, and is as follows: "While in St. John. X. D. during a visit to that state Investigating farmers' conditions," said Roderlek .M- Kcnzie^ Fc*rtiary of the JIanliol;:) grain growers, "I saw faimers hein?; paid ninety-two cents a bushel for barley in a grain elevator tliere. .A sample of that barley 1 brought to Brandon. Man., and 1 was offered forty cents a bushel. "Binders $l.">fl In St. .John and $l"r» in Brandon. KIghty-one bushels of barley buys a farmers' wncon Dakota. .It takes 212 bu8b«Is In.Man- Itob . Eight gallons ol'ean) oil can be ^ughH Kjlth a bushel of barley i:i Dakota. Manitoba farmers must be satisfied with slight^- riiore than cne for the same quantity. A Dakota farmer can.'wlth ,^00 bu.shels of barley, buy a Canadian gang plow, a Manitoba farmer has to haul I'.TOO bushels 1' get the same plow." Ask nearly any "oldest inhabitant" of Kansas and he will tell you that • it rains more now than it used to and blows less. But official records have , a disconcerting way of conlradictinc even the most confident of old timers. A recent article in this paper inadvertently making some reference ic "the chapge of climate" in Kansas, brought a note from Prof. 'WUHs 1- Mpore who runs the climate as Chi'f oL the U. S. Weather Bureau, with some figures on the subject. These ^figures show that taking the past thirty- years and dividing them into ^ ten year periods, the rainfall, as re, corded at Dodge City and two or three other points in ICansas and Nebraska, has not p?rceptIbJy changed •'The Arst and the last ten-year pcrlodp were periods of fairly abundant rainfall, while the middle period was our of deficient rainfall. But for the tirsi . ten years the total .average annual , rainfall at Dodge City was 22.8 Inches, while for the last ten years the annual average was Z2.7-Inches. At Lawrence the aveiage during the <, first period was 35.1, and during lh< last 36.7. 6o the chances are that It Isn't that the' climate Is changing: We are simply learning how to use It better. Washington Pest: The noise of politicians ^lakrs cue think some;times that t'le j H>p}(' ttiemselves are running aiviuk af^er half-baked "re- forins" ah<l revoluilouary laws, but a consideration of the real action of ' the people ab «!.xpr<>ssed in etectfons soon removes tb |s impression. The A story Is drifting around that S^n- itor G^rge Hodges mused notice to be served on the powers iJint he, ili .Tt n the event of an extra session of he legislature he and his I>-inocrat- ic friends, while favoring a presidcn- ial primary, would also favor an amendment to the present primary aw making it an honest law, a law under which every man would have o "shinny on his own side." That kind of a law would be mighty inconvenient for T candidate for I'nited '.stales Senator (just for Instancel "ho"- is depending upon Democratic votes to give him the "Republican" :\oimnation, and a good many people ire wondering if Mr. Hodges' ulti- •natum may not have had. something o (In wUh the cassation of the letters lemanding a special session. It is strange how Uie news of. the >.-orld runs. Somebody asked tlie telegraph editor of this pajM ^r the o.tber iay what country or countries we lero in the United States heard the east about. He answered, "Some of he smaller countries of Sonth Amerca,—Ecuador, Paraguay, Truguay." le would have lieen willing to take •ath that not a single news note about iny of those countries had appeared 'n the North American papers for months. But within three days after lis cock sure dictum he saw dis- iitehes from those very three coun- Will women NEVER learn to null ummaglng through their husband's ockcts? The latest warning comes om RoBsvllle Kansas, where the .Ife of the editor started through her 'UsTiand'e pockets in a perfectly in- loccnt search for small change— hat's what she says—and ran across • lot of love letters from anotlier wo- nan. She would better have done vithout the change. Mi'Tc is a declaration made by ex- "ongressroan Calderhead. and the lore you think of it the more truth •ou will find back of liis utterance: '.Vo president since Lincoln has ac- omplishjil so much worth while for he whole people of the country as President Taft." If you arc inclined m first blush to think that isn't so ;uppcse you look over the records and make a few parallel columns. is not. He has not forgotten the swift kick which dislocated bim from the Postoffice Department And so neither of them is so anxious for a presidential primary as he used to lie. Andrew Carnegie has given away over 200 million dollars during the past ten years. And yet he Is not ex- acFly impoverished. Kis income from what he has left is ?14,0oO a d.-.y. Suppose the doctor cr the lawyer or the telephone .girls or the newspaper reporters should fake a notion to tell all they knowubout folks, did you ever stop to think what a riot-it would make? Vou can't be much of a reformer these days unices /ou are of the opin ion that the Constitution of the Cnit- ed Slates Is an outworn antiquity that has long ago served its purpose. .1. L. r .rndy of the I.awrencn Journal must have had an unusually lasting Clirlstm:is dinner. lU; is sti'.l •alking iihout the w.iy wo abuse our stoiuaclis. Pos.slbl.'- it dawned on somebody iliyf a special session was as apt to i;<(k one way as another,—If not more so. ESTHER M. CLABE*B 4. COLOR. And I make you, now at the old year's eud, . A wish for the years to come good friend: Some one to love and some one to love you, pipe and a dug and a book or two. Now these be merry and homely things. Yet richer is he th:.n the earth's great kings Who hath .'ound a love that is fast and true, A. piiie and a dog and a book or two. The rei'son a !:rr:it many people arc poor is becaiise it is so easy to borrow i:!oney. Success Ma.cazine has suspended— for l:^ck of success. No physician can heal himself. KKFLECTIONS OF .\ B.VCHELOK Fro.mthe New York Press. A woman's big feet arc always by other women's measurements. The reason people have fierj- red hair is they think it's a deeji bronze A roan is willing to try to smile away grief, but he wants to_ cuss away pain. What makes a girl really indignant o be Idsjied by a man is for htm not to he the right one. After a woman has passed 35 the best way to convince her that you are a smart business man Is to think ihe is 27. POINTED l».\R.\«RAPIIS. Prom- the .Chicago News. Don't bite off more knowledge than ou can chew or you may have mental indigestion. He's a wise man who delivers the goods instead of wailing until he is caught with them on his person. . When one hears some people warble it is not difncult to understand vhy (I'.ey are saddest when they sing. The world may owe you.a living, but it Is easier to sell it :•. gold brick occasionally than It is to collect le- ^ltimately. Amanwith a trade Is generally ble to earn si living. 'TII.TI'S wher" tnide has the upper hand of art or profession. .H.iY .SKM) >0 >V.\RMN«. Of course It isn't pleasant to h:ive -oniebcdy knocking on you all the line. And still there is some con^o- •jtjon in it, for it Is proof poslttv; :iaf you count for something. As •>eacon Walker sitys, "They never kpock a dead one.". That old,proverb 'j)out the clubs under the tree with he best apples had a lot of truth in "t. The ambitious little town of Milired, .Mien county, has taken steps obc Incorjwrated as a city of the third class. Which reminds us that next to the cement plant, the biggest isset of Mildred right now is the Mildred Ledger, the best newspaper coming from a town of that size In Kansas. Wiley Alcorn, of Ionia, Kansas, raised eleven acres of alfalfa this year from which he sold $1,815 worth of product,—f 165 an acre. And he doesn't get a bit excited abput the talk :hat we no longer have a representative government. t .nn Jim'H Not lirriniro Trwisnrcr lo Art In I'rr.'ionnI Taxes. Contrary to.the usual custom no •varnlngs to dellncjuent personal tax pnytrs m.ty bo sent out this year. The w does not re<iuire fv.vh action tc be taken and Treasurer Ausherman is finding work accumulating so rapidly hat It will require th<j entire time of his clerical forco together with his own efforts to get the books in shape o say nothing of halting whil^ the us .tl warnings to pay are sent out. The delinquent personal tax list is large and fniiure to pay m'eans that the account will be turned over to the Sheriff for collection. No better way TO avoid trouble could be found than for those who know themselves indebt i;d to the county for personal tax than to send in ihe amount at once. Mr. Roy McAlisttr returned to hi: home in Holton today, Governor Stubbs and W. A. White are for Roosevelt Soiator Brlstow MRS. MGGILL BROKE DOWN Gives the Real Facts In Regard to Her Case and Telb How She Suffered. Jor.esboro, Arl:.—"I euCfored A complete break down la. heai<i^, somo tirie," ^Y -•.tcJ Mrs. A. McG'.Il, frara tbl; ;!l:ico. "I was very weak and could 2ct do any work. I tried dllforcpt ror:c<lIcs, but they did me no cood.' One day, I got a bottle of Cardul. It d:d me co much good, I \7as curprlsed, and took some more. , Bcfor* I took Cardui, I had hcadacha and bnckochs, and sometimes I would crj' for hours. Now I am over all that, and can do all kinds of housework. , I think It is the greiitcst medicine on earth." In the past flftv years, thousands of ladles have T .?rltlen, li'a.o Mrs. McGill. tD tell of the benefit received from Cardul. Sued testimony, from earnest irom«n, farely Indicates th? crcat value of this tonfc reDtfdy, for dIscasM peculiar to vrcmen. Are .voa B sufferer? Yes? Cardiil f- the nieriielno you need. Wo orce yo-j to tr^* It. K. n.- y V/'t tn I a C ,«.'>t«xv Dept.. rh.-f a- irtofTJ A*.rJ tbx<-u., Chat a 1'.—o.. lor ^;>«r,'.„ ^:trtrufiii\ai. art *».p«» I-"k. "Kooe Trriiiuta W'c have been looking carefully into the question which has been setting the literary v.orlil by the ears of late —the question of the female of the siiocles bring deadlier than the male, which .Mr. Kipling says la no question at all, but an indisputable fact. I ersoniilly, 1 objwt to being referred to as; a female. 1 h;ive an almost"' ladylike horror oj^ being singled out frnm other liuiiian' being.-! by that •e!i!i .\t for being deadlier and that roit of thing. I have a certain dell c.'icy about getting Into an argument Hut when you got down to brass tacks there is one Instance when the fe- •eale of the human species Is fa .ieadiler than the male, and that Is with her tongue.. The most striking illustration I have ever seen of this was once when the nev.- stenograph •r r.nt\ the Old Adam got mixed up in a mortal combat of words In my hear-: =ng. And if I were as nimble with ray fingers as the new stenographer was with her tongue, if I had the abll ity to Impoverish the language c£ good round words In-the limited time she had there'd be no ofllce west of the Mississippi that could command me. And If I'd been'the old Adam; I'd have pocketed my chips and quit Ihe game before she had me euchreti out of it. I may not know man}' things, but I always know when an other woman has me beaten on argu' inent and exposition—which Is more than some mighty fine men know. KetUes for home cooking—the venture! a)Sme pioneers of Grant county who ^ve, advertised their loneliness and tijieir comfortless condltibn to a disinterested public—are; awaiting do- Yelopments. The female of the species is far more deadly than tlie male In the matter of wisdom in matrirnon- fel bargains; and, as I said before, i^he isn't v^ry keen on the mail or- i^ler business when it touches the more Intimate phases of life. She likes to J^EE what she is getting for her mon- *;y before she puts up the price. AWAY GOE.S CATARRH. Ureatbe Sootbinir, llr>:>ing Hyomel— Relief in Fire Minutes. ^Vhen It comes to. tjiklng his chane- ''s with the female the ppecite In domestic relations, ,tho average man risrs to the occiision with a truly beautiful fortitude. Out In Grant eonnty some one has discovered t.n Eveless Eden towards which it is 10 iie expected the females of the spo- eies, without resard to race, color or )revions condition of servitudcT, will soon be flocking. An allui'lngly IH- ustrated catalogue, ^setting forth tin attractions of the young and un .'i .ir 'ae.iied men of that region, may l;f had on apjillcatlon. A quarter B«V- llon of land and ti two^room sod house wcs with the man ,''"n8 a sort of premium. The advertising matter also mentions that the landscape con- il.^ts of an unbroken stretch of prairie for miles and miles, which adds materially to the prospect. Any sane, healthy and unmarried woman woiild fairly yearn to leave her nhtivc to^n and tie up to a man ishe had never laid eyes on befort?, with the promise of such simple and primitive s-ir- roundlngs. And that it was all ^tine^. 'hrough our modern mail order system would add another and extra hca- xy coat of rose color to the romatice. appe- do' j-ou thjnk Ir I v.ere a young and unattached r:ian of I'lysses (which Is the name of the lately discovered Eden), Grpnt county, Kansas, with a quarter t'ce- :ion of land and a tjwo-room sod house, and an uncontrollable tite for home cooking. I'd fool away any time with such a fool scheme? Not-on-your-llfe! Jt's one time when full page advertising doesn't bring half the results that taking a day off and showing ,-the goods personally does. Any woman who might be out on a still hunt/after a running mate would rather take lilm warts and all. In a hand-me- down suit In person, than to pick tilm out of a catalogue with seventeen other men of varying styles of.beau- ty and Income. Il4 W>u.a There must be a sore need' of gumption In the short grass district, else tMe Macedonian cry had ..not gone forth. So far. as I know, In; my own Immediate territory, no . school teacher, stenographer, telephone glrl, clerk, feamstrees or mald^of-all-xvork has resigned a paying Job to do h>me missionary work In the vineyard'out In Grant couiily. The ^exodus Is a stealthy one If thers Is any. To the woman who works the drawing pf a weekly pay cbc<k gets lo bo a Ip^lt— she can't take It or let It alone. It's a moral stimulant and shet gocii> on taking it till' It becomes an Indl^en- slble part of her life. Meanwhile, the young and "tinat- tacbed men ot Ulysses, with the ({nar* ter section farms and the two-^oom Where there's catarrh tM'ere's tbous ands ot catarrh germs. You can't get *ld of catarrh unless, you kill these germs. J'ou can't kin these germs with stomach medicine or sprays or douches because you can't get where they are. You can Hill germs with HY- OMEI a penetrating antiseptic air that you breathe a few times a- day directly over the raw, sore, germ infested membrane. For catarrh, asthma, croup, coughs, colds and catarrhal deafness Hyomel Is .sold on money back plan by C. B. Spencer Ai Co. Complete outfit $1.00. Extra bottles of HYOMEl If attcr- ivanl- ne-dcd only .lO cents. Remember. IIYOMKI does not contain morphine cocaine or any drug that could po.=si!)ly d') harin. LIBERTY. Dec. 27.—.Mr. and Mr.i. Cahab-n entertained a number of relatives and friends with a big turkoy dinner on Christmas day. .Mr. A. L. Towns'nd and fi:inil.v. Mr. Cox :I:MI family. Miss Irene Cox. of lola. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Helnrlch and little son AHen, Ornnd- uia Lowe, T. J. Townsend* Delose Porter, Clarence Rou«h were the lu^sts. A. L. Townsend furnished music on the graphaphone. An en joyable time was had by all. We were glad to see so large crowd out to the Christmas program and hope all had a good time. Mr. and .Mrs. J. S. Wheeler are In Oklahoma visiting friends, and rola •Ives. Mr. and Mrs. Aldcrson spent Christ mas in lola Several of the young folks called on Irene Cox Tuesday evening and en joyed a social with music on >he Pi anola until a late hour. Mrs. Alma Veteto spent Christmas with* Home fo1k.s. Miss Shaw and her brother spent Chrlstam sat Gobies. Harvey Townsend of Sharpsville Ind. is visiting among relatives in this neighborhood An.Alarm at Mghf. —That strikes terror to the entire household Is the loud, hoarse and me •alUc cough or croup. No mistaking it. and fortunate then the lucky parents who keep Foley's Honey and Tar Compound on - halJd. H. W. Ca.ssel man, Canton, N. Y. says: "It is worth =ts weight in gold. Our little children ire troubled with croup and hoarse ness. and all we give them is Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. T always •ave a bottle of It In the" J. D. Mundis & Co. Out-Ro .Tiancing Romance. The diver prowls over the ocean bed bearing a water-tight searchlight and a water gun, one shot from which will blow the liver out of an octopus, His helmet telephone (more convenient and clear than yours) keeps him in constats communication with the surface and .directs his boat. Science has equipped | him with a kit of deep-sea tooln, * operated by pneumatic pressure, with which he can accomplish prodigious amounts of work. Altogether, bo has a very com fortable and Interesting time of it. And to think that Jule.s Verne was considered a halr-bralned dreamer! Fnimaglnatlve romance! How weak and short are threads of your fancy.— Woman's World. LB IJ Watch Your Coal Bill !! 'Mr .5 For Best Kansas Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- PHONE 116 lola Ice, Cold iStora^e and Fuel Co \ THE NORTHRUP NATION I BANK - lOLA, KANSAS OVER FORTY YEARS OF CON.SLRVATIYE HANKING IN lOLA neiiusllory for Ihc United fSljilcs, Sl.ite of i{,•lu.sJ)^, and Allen County ori'in ;R .s; L. L. NOUTIIUtrP, President D. P. NOllTHRUP. 2nd V-Pies. F. A. NOltTIIKi;!', Vlce-Pre.«ide!it MELVIN FUONK. Cashier. U. J. C0KFI:Y. Ai^slfitant Cashier ' CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 lulprrst Puid on Time Deposiis Safety Deposit Ro.xfcs for Rent YOUR nrSINESS SOLICITED. Could lay Pin In Cracks. Four Long ~¥ears of E^czema. Only Relief in ' Scratching. Used One Set of Ctrticura Remedies. Hands Entirely Weil. "I can tratlifully say Cutisnra Remedies havo cured mc of four long years of cK 'zema. About foiu- i-cnrs ago I noticed some little pimiiles e.»rninj; cn Kiy little Kngor, cixl r.ot giving it any attention, it fioon l>t<'amo worse anil 8prs »ad nil over my hand-s. If I would havo them in water for a long titae, thoy woulil burn iiko lire ana larfo cracks would como. I could lay a pm in them. After using all the li .ilvcs I could Vbitik cl. 1 Tvcnl to three d.ffer-nl doctors, but .all did me no good. Tho. only relief I cot was scratcliin;;. " So after bearing .so much about tho wcnd'-rful Cuticura iteraedics, 1 pur- chasc <i onc'^mpici*' ?et, nnd after u.'-,ini; them lii:ee {lavH i:.y liand.! were rtuch Letter. J'o-(iny my htnd-- are entirely ^•lil, < ne : ;-t Ijein,-; all 1 d." (Sii;ned) ili: s- Knc Ncrlvr, R. F. U. i, Sprins i^c, Hi-.t. -Jf,. lUlO. No rt.-o ;!»'r '"Vide.ic." then th:,- f oald IC fT'Ve/i i>f the f .ueri-.i ami ccon^riy cf th,- Cctii 'iira Itenvdn-:- In tlie tn'ili;:"r,t Cf U.-ili ling, dl ligtiria;; hii-i 'Dr."! 0/ tho skin. \:;ii.?le hot britli v .ilh t'liticura Soap ni„l a ?entli> r.iiointir .g with Ciiti- ccira tJirilmeat are ofien sufijciest ta aiti.-rd iir.-mediati' reiief in the,most di-- trw -in;'. ea-ie3 and permit ref.tnnd iivrp \fli<n 1.11 ibe fails. -*;uticura Soap nwi Ointn:ont ore eqcally effective in pre- Bcrving, purifying a«id beoutifying tbt c'Sin. ^cfj .o,. hair .ind bands. •.lliM.;a jhest For Hides and.Furs. arket Prices Also Fine Lump Coal for sale —at • L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 THOS. H. BOHLUS, President J. F. SCOTT, Cashier leu Coysity State Bank lOLA, KANSAS ESTARLLSKED A QIAKTER OF A CE.NTURY. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 1>TERE.ST PAID 0> TIME DE^'OSITS SAL'ETV DEPOSIT ROXES FOR REJTT lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock .. ..: $2.^,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TLME DEPOSITS 1/ L. E. IIORVH.LE, Pros. W. S. KAFF.MAX, 2nd Ylce Pres. 4. IL CAMPin I.L, Casliier. A. >V. BECK, Yire-Pres. F. 0. REXSO.V, AssL Cai-Mer SAFETY DEPOSIT ::0XES FOB REST, mmammammmM^mmaKmmmmmaa AXOTHER OIL B003I. Two ."JtW-Barrel lin.sber.-s Brouirht in at Jenks, Okla. Tulsa, Ok. Dec. SD.—Excitement at i ;§ .Ienk.s, the little oil village south of Tulsa in the heart of the Perrymtn rield.s. which was greatly- stirred b.v ; ^ iie bringing in of a huge T,m barrel •>ve!: nln.ost in the center of tiie onn.'ite It.'elf about tea days aj;o. re;;ehed il.^ zenith today when the t< .s: •veil o.f the (^yi)sy Oil Company on tie xnnie Fee indian iillntment adjoining he town was drilled in and proved If- a ."<'it» t;irrel producer. h (;:utic-urft Soap (LW.) and Oiritment (.'Oc.) are soiti isoil boiisea,*and the oncontroIUble ap> Y— Uint:.;0.i''i;t the vorld, a iii»eral Ji^tnij-ie of each, villi ."i^-p. lioolt oft the si:;/! cn ' Bcaip, will bff mailed free on applii ciio; to Potter l>ruif & Cliem. Corp., I>ept. 2B, Boatou, Masa. Cured In Her Own Home Town, j Wichita Ka.s. Mrs. C. L. Grounds, ! ells: th" her fellow townsmen o be cured of fluir kidney and blad- ter ailments, as .'^he was cured. "Some Ime ago I suffered with Kidney tro-a- ale. I had a severe pain in my bark nd siile and when I laid down It eeined as if I could not straighten up. viother told mo what good results my ather was grttln?: from Foley Kidney llhi so i went to the drug store and ot .some and commenced taking them begun to get Ketter very soon, and ow a Tier taking two bottles the pain iia8 left my hack and side, and I B.TI nred of all my kidaej: trouble." J. U. Mnndls &• C '.i. Circuitous Retribution. "Did you help elect that man because of his personal popularity?" "No." replied Farmer Corntossel. "I had my suspicions of him for a long time and wanted to shove him olonk to where the muckrakcrs could get a good go at him."—Washington Star. . ' —<% Moaef. K. 3L Conslogluuu. ^ iai3 CALENDAR PADS Blank Books Filing Cabinets Office Supplies Desk Stationery Pencils, Pens, Inks usiiros. Stationery Store Auditorium SI^ATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday Saturday Evenings at „. o'clock, and Saturday af ternopn« ADMISSIOJf EvcuSnK 10c .Skates AftemooKs 5e Skates I Foley Kidney pais. —Tonic In action, quick in n Will cure any csse.of Jrtdney or'bU. der disorder not beyond the reai^kiri medicine. No need to say more. Mundis & Co. f

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