Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 1, 1949 · Page 28
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 28

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 28
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1 Early Diagnosis of Cancer Is Important Tumor Clinic Is Maintained Here Weekly Education, Service Carried on Here "Why. doesn't Mason City have a cancer clinic?" is a question often asked. Although few people realize it, Mason City does have a cancer clinic, only it is called the "tumor Clinic." Not all tumors are cancerous. Some might be and some might _not be cancer. The tumor clinic ~~is where one finds out for certain, perhaps finds out in time to prevent cancer! Mason City is one out of only 10 cities in the state that makes this service available to its citizens. How does the clinic work? First, in the establishment of clinics the prime objective is better cancer service, not cheaper service. Thus, while anyone regardless of residence or financial status who is suspected of having cancer and is referred by a physician may be admitted for diagnosis, only indigents receive treatment without cost. All reports and treatment recommendations are made to the referring doctor to be transmitted to the patient by him. Treatment For AH Thus everyone, rich or poor, is assured of the benefit of at least 5 practitioners of diverse specialties with a better than average experience with cancer, and the poor can receive as good treatment as the rich. . The meetings of the Cerro Gordo county tumor clinic which meets every other Saturday morning are open to'all physicians interested and 'start with a break- last at 8 o'clock. Special meetings are called at any time if requested by the referring physician. Organized on May 1, 1947, by the Cerro Gordo County Medical society, members of the clinic are selected from the staffs of both the Park and Mercy hospitals. Family physicians are encouraged to refer all patients suspected of having malignancies. New bron- . choscopic equipment recently purchased by the clinic is to be paid for from funds from the Iowa Division of the American Cancer Society and the clinic. Mason City cancer headquarters Is the location for the state can. cer office as well as for the local chapter. Of the money raised in the campaigns in each county, 60 per cent remains in the state to further a program of research, education and service among the people. Nearly one-half of this money Is pro-rated back to the county chapters for a program of education and service here. Twenty- five per cent of all the funds is earmarked for the national research program. Fifteen per cent is used for literature, press, and radio publicity, movies, and for service and administration.. at national levels. Workers at the cancer office are willing to answer any questions they can if people will call or stop in at the office. A registered nurse is in charge every Friday afternoon. Early Diagnosis Important ' The early diagnosis of cancer Is important. In World war II, from Pearl Harbor to VJ-day, the United States spent more than $317,000,000,000 fighting the Germans and the Japanese. It lost 280,000 lives. Thiring the same period the nation spent $2,000,000 " in the research fight against cancer—and lost 607,000 lives. There were more than twice the casualties yet only .1/159,000 the expenditure. Such utter inadequacy, declares the American Cancer Society, is proof that the nation must exert a tremendously accelerated effort or it cannot even hope to control cancer. The society advises citizens to: 1. Inform men, women and chil- Get MORE Rest Every Sleeping Hour THE MEDICAL CflRE DOLLAR J929 Source: Survey of Current Business 1935-1939 1945 BURERU OF MEDICAL ECONOMIC RESKH BMERICBN MEDICAL PSSOCIflTION Hospital Supplies Are Costing More Files of lo::al hospitals clearly indicate why they have been forced to raise their rates. Comparing prices of 1940 with those of 1948, the following items are worthy of note: 1940 Sheets $ 8.23 dox. Pillowslips 1.98 dot. Washclollis fii doz. Patients' gowns ... <)."> itoz. Surgeons' gowns .. 111.IS doz. Thermomclers H5.50 gr. All types of syringes have more than doubled in price. Surgical gauze and all other surgical supplies have increased in proportion. Surgical scissors cost $9 per dozen in 1940 and increased to $22 per dozen in 1948. All other instruments have shown a similar increase. Throughout the entire pay roll the average salaries have beer multiplied by two and on'e-hal: times since 1940. 11)48 $21.70 doz. 7.:« dor. 1.50 doz. I ft.00 doz. 3.VJU doz. Ti.OO gr. Dentists State Case Against Compulsion Service Cannot Really Be Free In a booklet entitled "What Are We Arguing About?" the American Dental association presents its case against compulsory healtn insurance. •'Compulsory is a word Americans don't like and which they have learned to distrust," the association states. "Under federal compulsory health insurance you will be compelled to submit to a monthly deduction from your paycheck by the federal government "For this deduction you get whatever benefits are offered under the scheme. Compulsory in this connection doesn't mean thai you have to go and get treated when you are sick because no one can make you do that in this country. Under compulsory health insurance, you are compelled to pay for the treatment even if you know ahead oi time that you don' want the kind of treatment that i will be offered under a federal system. Not Really Free "It's 'obvious, of course, that if you are compelled to pay, it isn't •eally 'free' denistry.^ "It's a pretty safe bet that if compulsory health insurance is adopted, the new, and additional payroll tax will be at first 3 per cent of the first $4,800 you earn each year, or $144. There is little assurance that this rate won't go higher as all taxes seem to have an unpleasant habit of doing. Someone has to pay the bill unless the government finds a new way of raising money, it's a sure thing that this will be the job of the taxpayer." "The patient will be compelled to limit his choice of dentist or physician to one who has agreed to work under the government scheme, the statement continues. Prevention a "First" , "There is good evidence that compulsory health insurance does not emphasize the prevention and control of disease which are the chief targets of any health profession. Under compulsory health insurance, . attention is concentrated on treatment, treatment anc more treatment. This is not a gooc Sept. 30, 1949 5-B lason City Globe-GueUe, M»Bon City, I*. program for any system of health care because it is based on the 'alse assumption that health can never be better 'than it is today.' The real advances that have been made by dentistry 'and medicine n the last generation certainly prove that this is not the case." Almost everyone has dental disease sometime during his life," observes the association. "If almost everyone wants dental benefits in a given period) the premiums that have been paid will not be enough to pay the bills and the insurance' scheme will go bankrupt. "If the premiums are raised high enough so that almost every-. one can have dental benefits there is no advantage to having insurance because the. cost will be the same as if you didn't carry x any. So compulsory .health 'insurance* as it is 'applied to dental care isn't insurance at all. It's a system ot. taxes and government subsidies out of taxes for 'health care.'" The ambulance driver uses his siren to keep a clear road ahead but seldom does he exceed the city's speed limit. Safety is stressed in classes for ambulance drivers. dren everywhere of the danger signals and urge people to consult a doctor immediately at the first sign of cancer. 2. Provide better facilities for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. 3. Expand widely the scientific research attack now being conducted by The National Research Council in 90 scientific centers in the United States alone. 4. Protect themselves by consulting a doctor when a sore throat does not heal, a painless lump is left in the breast, lip or tongue, irregular bleeding develops from any of the natural body openings, a wart or mole grows and changes color, persistent indigestion develops, or there is persistent hoarseness, unexplained cough or difficulty in swallowing. 105 EAST STATE • HAMILTON ELGIN s o \ CITYS family drink I '•^^••^••^^•••••r & ^•••••••M SERVED IN HOSPITALS IT'S A FRESH-UP DRINK IT'S wQQD FOR YOU IT'S ABSOLUTELY PURE SEVEN-UP BOTTLING CO. 701 S. FEDERAL AYE. PHONE 1800 Com« in and let UB «how you why Spring-Air "Controlled Comfort" w best for you, and •very member of your family. GUARANTEED FOR 15 YEARS Tyler-Ryan Furniture Company • HUTU. •• «• phon * wl * A 10 YEAR RECORD OF PROGRESS BREAD IMPROVED 331 In the Milk Protein Factor To Help Children Grow Bigger and Stronger 8 Ways A " PROJtIH-m KEY TO UfC AHD 6ROWTH" A THE FATE OF THESE 4 CELLS IS OFTEN THE FATE OF THE ENTIRE HUMAN BODY ! HEART CELL AND HEART The human heartbeat cycle lasts about .8 second. 100,000 boats a flay pump 10,567 quarts of blood! The heart rests between heats—n total time of 12 hours a day— about 35 years in a life- lime. The heart develops about 1/240 horsepower. Yet outwears by yeara the most perfect auto! MUSCLE CELL AND MUSCLE G3fl separate muscles contain some 6,000,000,000 muscle cells—less than half the number of the "thinking" brain. Each muscle cell lias 400 fibrils. Each fibril bundle can "lift" 1/1,000,000th ounce; a muscle ',6 inch thick from 68 to 140 pounds.Tongue rmis- cles aro tautest—25 movements per second! BRAIN CELL AND BRAIN One of 6 types of cells in cerebral cortex of the brain .. . which contains a total of some 15 billion cells. A principal factor in cell life and development is protein. Thus, in life, nothing is more important than the quality of the food wo eat. BONE CELL AND BONE The skeleton has 222 bones. Each is made up of cells . . . some living, some petrified cells. Human bone can carry 80 times as much weight as hrick; 3 times more than granite! Shin bone is strongest—it can support a load of 3600 pounds! Serve Wonder Bread To Help Your Child Grow Bigger and Stronger 8 Ways Note How Amazing Wonder Bread Compares With Meat, Milk, and Fish In Certain Growth And Energy-Building Contents (as stated in chart) Without protein no child can grow In body or brain. Growing children need TWICE the protein per pound ot body weight as grownups. These foods are good for protein: Meat, Milk, Fish, Eggs, Nuts. And Wonder Bread, Penny for penny, Wonder Bread gives your child 46% more bodybuilding protein than tho average of meat, milk, fish and eggs. Goad For Energy Without energy no child can work, study or play. Wonder Bread is a good and substantial energy food. Then, too, Wonder Bread is more quickly converted into energy than fat. And, of course, is better in protein for child growth. Helps Build Strong Bodies 8 Ways The chart shows the 8 body and brain-building properties of Wonder Bread. Serve Wonder Bread together with fruits, vegetables, meat, milk, fish and eggs in a well-balanced diet. Give your child every chance to build body and brain. 8 ounces of Wonder Bread for a growing child cost less than a dime a day. Cwtainly you can afford Wonder Bread for your child. Doubly Fresh Children love Wonder Bread. Plain or toasted. Because Wonder Bread is doubly fresh—fresh when you buy it; fresh when you eat it. Because slo-baked—13% longer than many ordinary kinds for lasting freshness. Get economical Wonder Bread fresh from your grocer today— you'll be glad you did. Site a Meal aSamhiidt &«%: »£ Blood u Found in •*" 3 Lamb Chops. Continental Baking Co., Inc.

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