Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 6
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THE IOJA DAILY BJEGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, D^CRMBJBR a0.-1911. On the Entire Stock of Bright New M&rtMMMse I 85c all wool Dross Goods, eveiy shade, on sale at 49c $1.25 all wool Imported Dress Goods 95c $1.25 Imported Broadcloths ... 95c $1.00 Silks 83c 50c China and Jap Silks 35c 15c Toile Du Nord Ginghams... .lOl^c 15c best Percale 10"/2C 10c Percale, vard wide 8'4c 10c Gingham 8'/,c 7yoc Apron Check Gingham 5c All of our best Prints 5c Hope Muslin, yard 7c 12y2C Fruit of the Loom, Lonsdale and "all of our best brands Muslin.S'/^c Good Bleached Muslin 5c Yard wide Unbleached Muslin 5c 25c Table Linen for 19c 35c Table Linen for. 25c 50c Table Linen for 42c 65c Table Linen for 49c $1.00 Table Linen for .83c Every yard goes at proportionately low prices. 6c Laces, Emb'deries, White Goods 5c SVl'.c Laces, Emb. and'White Goods 6 «4c lOc Laces, Emb. and White Goods.T'/^c 12^c quality on sale. .9c 15c"quality on sale. 10c 25c quality on sale. llV/^e Pretty MflUnery The entire line of Pretty Millinery goes at Half the marked price. Everylliing goes; nothing reserved CreatelstReduc- tions (in GOATS $7.50 Coats $10.00 Co^ts. $15.00 $20.00 $25.00 $30.00 $32.50 $35.00 Coats. Coats. Co^ts. Coats. Cc^ts. Coats. ..$4.75 . .$7.50 $10.50 .$12;50 .$17.50 .$20.00 .$24.75 .$25.75 Biggest r^uctions on FtIRS'to season. New Suits. A big line of new Suits, new up-to-4ate styles; $17.50, $20.00, $22.50 up to $37.50— choice in this big sale $14.95 Every Suit carried over from last year at less than half the marked price. Il3 East Madison JL13 East Madison EVERY CHRISTMAS ITEM GOING REGARDLESS OF COST. 35c Frills, also Fancy Collars .21c 65c Frills, also Fancy Collars ;47c $1.00 Frills; also Fancy Collars... .73c 25c best quality Hose 21c 15c best quality Hose 11c 10c best quality Hose 8c $L00 Underwear at .83c 50c Underwear at. 42c 35c Underwear at 25c 25c Underwear at. 21c 12l^c Outing Flannel 9c 10c Outing Flannel.:.. :8«^c 7V^c Outing Flannel ,4'/^c i 'IV PERSONfllS I Mrs. I.uoy Nii;!i of Cliicajro, came ill ihis aftt'rnoon for a vi.-il of several (lays with IUT paronis, Jiidpe and Mrs. 11. 1!. D. Snu'Uzcr. —C. J. Petprson: Farm Loans, Insurance, .\bstracts. AlU)rn.>s i;. K I'ullison. P.. I). Mi- <"l;iin anii S A. (Jani Itfl tliis niornln^; l.jr Kansas ("i'.y lo take cIoiii)>ili(ins. In a ril•^ uf llirir (iaiin's at Ihr luivrd Aii ->s last nl«lii. the Y. M. A. liowliiis; tram was dcfeatrtl by R«iii:il It am by a margin of over -|>'| jK >ln ;s. — It will lip to your to buy .vciur Kli.ur and I'ccd of H. Klauiuann. •^:<i; t^. .loff.rxm. Plione 2.".3. .Mi-s Kdna Youns. who has been \is- iuns Mi.-s Pauline Ross, of Oirard for t!ir jpasl Wvi 'k. is (..\l":t'lLd hojuc !o- '.iioriyiw. —Frod Hon den, Period Decorator. Phone ;S6. Mrs. Koiijlp. of Kansa? City, •who !';(S tifca ill tiu- city visiting Mr. and Mrs. P H. Troutman, returned to her hi'iue ytstcrday. —AVticn you have a bilious attack ^ive Chamberlain's Tablets a trial They are excellent. For 'sale by all il alers. •"Sir, and .Mrs. Rusfcll Posp. of Cha- niite will 1 K> in tomorrow to si>end i\i w Year's vi.-iting liij luotlier, .Mrs. A Po?5- _ —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress Eldg. Office rooms 22 lo 24. .Mr and .Mrs. William IN-adicker left l::is ;;ft''rn".-n 'nr ("lianute !o visit v::; rtIaiiM.» o\er Sunday. -Mrs. Frank Wocid is exiipcii-d honie ti:i;()rrow, from a lioMday visit with i:<r ;iarenis. Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Tutl, of Kansaij City. —If Tou are troubled with chronic I oIl^ll|JJ|.JoIl. itie mild ata penile el- f'lt of Chamberlain's Tablets make^^ tiitai especially suited to your case. iVr sale by all dealers. Mrs. Martha Hutton and daughter. J!.>s Cleo, who have been here for a \ Il With .Mrs. Union's mother. Mrs. P i!. .^iiieids, will leave toyiorrow for :r home in Scdalia, Mo. They w'll '. • :f'Miiliaiiiert by Miss Kllen Shields will visit ;i; i!ii-1r liouie for soiue J. \. Shannon of Fredonia is vis- ^i- iting with bis brother T. B. Shannon i and family. Miss Winifred Shannon is visiting iriends in Wichita for a few days. Attorney R. H. Uennett returned last night from a briet business visit ill Ivansas City. —Or. L. Tozior. 202 ICasl .Tackson. after 13 weeks of illness, is able to he . ; Ills offioe again, where he wilt be ileased lo see ills friends and custoui- • rs. .\ ('. Itankin l.s down from KaiiBas lit .v on busiiH'ss and for a visit with f rlinds, i;d. litissiiig refiiiiied this iiiortiint; '.roiii a visit of se\eriil days in Kau.-as City. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Morse, who have been making a holiday visit with |iolatives in Kansas City, are cxpect- . id home this eveiilim. ! .Miss Clulre Spink, who has lu -er JMsiting lii-r parents. Mr. and Mrs. I '^iaynavd Spink, of Mealriee. Neb., foi "ilip past v .eeU. returned to lola this 1 lornlnp. .Mrs. Hannah Nicliolson. of Pltts- liurg, and Mrs. George Welsbrod. of Texas who have been making a holl- (!av visit with Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Nicholson, returned to their homes today. Kugcne Tpton. who for the pasi yp;ir has been employed with the Hunt Ensineering Company in Canada, is now in Kansas City, and will arrive in lola Monday for a visit with friends and to atfend the Elks* annual ball. — T:ie Frn'ern .il Ordei- of Eagle: Ht their new !iome. 301 East, street, will on Nov.- Year's day keep oper i'.o'.ise from 2 p. lu. until 10 p. m. and everyiiody in tlie city is invited to viit I 's. Come and sec what .\ Mode! !'.;rd's .Ve .'^t is like. "\'ours for the suc: . -s of Fraternities.—The Committee. •\Viniam.son, Sec'y. The class r.ins for the lltl2 class I f the lola high school have arrived WORLD'S MO.ST POWERFUL FIRE FlGHTEIt.: 1 — I ^':'ou wi)i find that druggists ever> w. >'re speaK well of Chamberlain's (••ii .:;!i Heiaedy. They know from lone cxperienep In the sale of II that li. 1 ' > oi (diiL'hs and colds it can always be deepnded upon, and that II is iilc isant ana safe to take. For sale bj il! dealers. 1 ol .1. 1! -.Mehisfin returned last nic'it from Par.-ons wiieri- he went vpstordav lo aliend a social event ol the \V. O'. \V. For Sale—Nice y()i;ii^ horse.? and liiules at a 'jurjain al my plnee one mile east of lola. John T .Wood. Mis.s Ruby Test, of Parsons, who has been here, visiiing for several ' ,vs with Miss Fern Williams, will 1 e tomorrow for her home. and Mrs. .1. F. Parks who have :ere during the past week vislt- r parents. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. ifiiney. and family, will return to- Ajrrow lo iheir home in De.s Moines, owa: For Sale—Nice young horses and mult-; dt a bargain at my place one mi 'e Tist o' John T. Wood. M. A. Schlick, of the South Street Garage, got in three fine new cars tils morning. Two of them are Fland ers cars, and the third is an E. M F. They came by freight from Kansas City. New Y'ork City, Dec. :U.—What is said to be the mcst powerful Arc fighting machine in the world has just luen placed in commission here In connection with the many changes inaugurateA to perfect New 'Vork's fire defense system. The engine Is of 126 horse-power gasoline atitomoblle type and travelsf at the rate of 35 miles an hour. Pumps T44 gallons a minute. It Is the expectation of the government to have l'>0 jnotor driven fire apparatus by the end of 11*12. The weight of this monster flre en.glne Is i:;.UOO pounds. Winter Fashions T HE BuTTERicK FASHION SHEET for JbiNUARY shows thb newest developments HIEE OfM Mr M» he (htU « httn CMI« and are on display at the J. V. Merchant Jewelry Store. The pins are Jitlereni from any ever ordered here- -otote by the hfgii school, in that they are circular. Instead of triangular, ihe pins are of gold, and in the cen- ;er of the flat, circular field is a arge "1" on the "left of which Is a ;mall capital "H" and on the right of vhlch is an "S" of a similar charac- •r. Iinmtdiately beneath the large I' is a small "i:;"* Indicative of the ear of graduation. Miss Grace Sta/ks and .Miss Ix)ulse .JeUowell left today for Chanute for 1 visit of several day.s with friends. —All kinds of Paints at prices yon an afford to pay and keep until pring.—Dragg & Diidlne, Hiiinboldt, >ans. Harry Neal, l!-.e Ic'a wrestler, left this afternoon for Moran. where tonight he meets Harold Lambeth o! that city for a bout. The iftatch tor two falls out of three to r linish. Foster Wight, who for the iiast yen ,:is been storekeeper and tliiiekeepe or the big surfacing gang on th> •lanta Fe bi-twecn Ijiwrence and Kan as City. It? Ixuiie to make a No\ 'i -ar 's Visit with his psrents .Mr. an' Irs. It. I:: Wight of 12(t North Firs, treet. —A Des Moines man baa an.attaci of muscular rheumatism In his shonl der. A friend advised him to go to Ho Springs. That meant an expense o' ILIOOO or more. He sought for r quicker and cheaper way to- cure !• and found It In Chamberlain 's Liniment.-- Three days after the first ap plication of this liniment he was well For sale by all dealers ri'Ht charming comedy. "The Fortune Hunter." as presented by an ex- '-•ellent company under the direction of Messrs. Cohan and Harris will be seen at the Davidson Theatre In Fort Scott. January .'Ird. See display advertisement elsewhere in this paper. Mrs. Eli Horton. of Blackwell. Ok. and son Leo. came In yesterday for a visit with her parents. Mr. ntid Mrs W. Bartlos. Mrs. Maude Doggett. of Cherokee. Okla.. .ind daughter. Miss Wlltrn. Js also visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bartles. •—The Missouri Pacific will have on sale Janaarv 13tb, 14th and liStb round trip tickets to Denver. Colo., for National Western Stock show at $2333. with usaal stop over privileges, limit on return to January 31et. Phone 160. E. E. .Munger, Agent P. W. Brewster left last night for Kansais City for a brie/ visit with his mother, who leaves today " for Iter home 1 nPasadena, California, MR. ISBEL PIT THE CASE BEHT GARTflUGE UST m loiil W Ins V. lo 28, and Adds Another ; to Her String of Victories. I^la got another scalp at Carthage las^ night by the score of 43 to 28. A telegram to the Register this morning from Coach Harriss conveyed theje gladsome tidings, but told notb- ing^more concerning the game adding however, that the lola boys are in goo'd condition, notwithstanding their tw(v'games in succession, and that thC 'ir were due to arrive in lola on the afr&rnoon Santa Fe today. T^e score alone permits of any de- durtlons concerning the contest, ant" It 6f course gives conclusive evidence that Carthage was unable tc brcdk. up the local five's brilliant teata work, although they were ablf to P ,old the lola boys in leash consid- era^/ly better than did the Joplln boys Thursday night. An unofficial repon received by telephone last night stated Uiat the score at end of the firp halt was. lola 25, Carthage 10. 11 thls^report is correct, It indicates tha' the Carthage boys were much out Evertv were at once Playl 'd In the first half, but must Action .Igiiinst Fnink liennett uud Je >M' Everly Dismissed Today. The cases against Jtss Everly and Frank Uennett, charged with burglarizing the home of V. (5. Isbel), of Humboldt, were disnilosed In the court of Judge Potter this afternoon. Isbell railed to aiipear. \ few days ago. Ishell ran up to the fi • V- :,-.;orney"s ofBce and with bated 'i t:i i! a harrowing tale about "vo ;•;•'! v<):rg pirates, who moved i-io V.'.A hone while he was away. M)>; soire ;.f the furniture, tried to sei' ;':;> ':t)-se and finally rented it. W! :•! ' • aiijcurcd they ned. The plalntlTs tale was fairly well corroborated by neighbors and the warrants were Issued. But something happened to IsbeU. He took u change of front and did not seem to care to prosecute. Today he failed to show up and County Attorney Taylor was told that he had 'eft for Oklahoir a. Though Mr. Tay- sbeir .H action, it Impossible tc ake any action sa\o to dismiss the, nse. \ Berinett and RESUBS WOBKiKB. IJOtLEYi -X of Banliinif Jfainpliict Used, to Met Aames for Letters. Topeka, Dec. 30. —Someone has out- wl.ted J. N, Dolley, state Dank commissioner, and chairman of the Re- puii.ican state central' committee. Several months ^go a young man named Campbell, at Coffeyville, asked Ml. UoUey for the list of precinct eoniniitteemcn of the state. Therft^^ire i.bout three thousand of these coni- iin.iuemen one for every precinct in -n». Dolley had the list and while it could be procured from, other sources, his complete conipilallon eiiBlest way to get it Cninpbcll posod as a flnnncicr who was going to send out a pamphlet on 11.; ciiiieiicy question to each precinct comniitteeman to get them to write to their congressman about the A Id rich currency plan. He aubmit- tod a draft of his pamphlet and Dol-. Jey thought .lt was good. J araphiets went out all right, but not one mentioned the currencyi'liues- tlo-'. The letter said: "Through the courtesy of Mr. J. N Dolley, state bank commissioner, and of the Republican state central committee, I have been furnished with your name. Will you please send nit the names of three Republicans and three Democrats'in your precinct wbc are in favor of resubmitting the prohibitory amendment?" The liquor interests who are making a campaign to make Kansas we« not only deceived Mr. Dolley, bu' they made their letters appear a; •'hough he was helping in the resubmission work. Mr. Dolley is prepar ing a letter to be sent out to eac* TOtuinitteeman explaining how thi Tick was played and denouncing it HOW COOK WASTES COFFEE Mistake by Which Delicate Aroma la Lost—Difference Between Ordinary Cook and Culinary Artist. eleased from jail, lufe. They live at Cha- •ILE.S CITRED IX .SIX TO 14 DAT.S —'\'our druggist will refund mone; f PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure an- ase of Itching, Plind, Fleedlcg o "•rotrudlne Plle.<» In to 14 davs 50' FIRE .MARS A VISIT. While aKns^^ C'llvun WRH a Gncst Jierr, Her Home Burned. hav«j strengthened wonderfully in the lecohd half, managing to bold their opponents to a tie score of 18 to 18 for '.ast^half of the game. The trip to the south has been one if triumph for the lola team, they hav l*ng kdded to the scalps at their belt liost! of Joplln and Carthage. They lave! well earned the breathing spell will be theirs until the game lerenext Wednesday night with Clay Jent^r. HKRE'E A SEW REVOLUTIOS. Mrs. Smith of Kansas City, who is •naklng a holiday visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schutte. received a telegram this morning stating that her home in Kansas City burned down last night Professor L. H. Wishard Is over from '\'ates Center today visiting relatives . Blood Humors Commonly cnuKe^ pimples, bolls, hives, eezoma ur «:>.it rheum, or some other form of eruption; but sometimes they exist In the sj.'tcm. Indicated by feelings of weakiii ."s, lanijtior. loss of appetite, or gtiii ral dei.r.ity. Without canting any broakhi? oul. They are expelled and the whole system Is renovated, strengthened and toned by Hood's Sarsaparilla G«t It today In usual- liquid form or cbocolaled tablets called 9«rMtat>S. Wtishlngton, Dec. 29.— Ecuador is drift^g toward a 3 -comered revolution as a result of the sudden death •oi President Estrada. I ^ecember 22. The government was leftrln charge of Senojr Zatdumbide, pending elections next >month. Advices to the state department toda ydeclare the troops at Guayaquil the prlqcipal city of Ecuador, have arisen an dproclaimed General ^ontero supreme cAief of the re- publi-fc. He has formed a provisional government. Meanwhile formidable movements are organizing in favor of Gene^l Plaza ,a former president Flavli> Alfaro, a nephew of a former presitlent. also Is a contender. Ten persoiHs wera-UII^fl and , a number wounded in Guayaquil as a result of the >&ntero uprising. > ' ' • Mis^ Norma Gardner, of Moran, was slightly injnre4 in a runaway which occurred Ctanstman^ eve. The Iiorse wbich> she waJB jdriving became frightened, ^the bueg^ overturned and Miss Gardiner ttarown tp the gi'ound. Neighbors ^ortunatUlpr near assisted Miss Ganln«r to' Her borne, where she is reporfed t9 recovcrlBj; n^Mljr.' -' A pleasing odor ascended to the Tuest room and one of the visitor: niffed it daintily. "The coffee smelk Tcod," she said,' hastening her prepa .ations for breakfast The othei niest shook her head sadly. "Yes,' he replied, "it is good coffee, but II nakea me sorrowful to have anybody nake cofiTee so long before a m^al if eady. So many persons do that. H hows at once the difference betweei tn ordinary coo^and a cnlinary artist V. careless cook often makes ber.eof ec the first thing and puts it on tht jack of the range to keep hot, think Ing thereby to have it ready for th< table without further troubla andjn^ out of her way. Tt is a fatal mistail All the rich, delicate aroma of tfci coffee is lost in that way. 'We are get ting It up here now, as you perceive It is, as you have said, very appetiz Ing, -but coffee is not intended espe dally, for an appetizer, and you don'; wish it while you are combing youi hair. To be perfect, with all ib aroma and stcsngtb presenred, coffet should-be served piping hot, Juat ta. soon as it is made." F -r. SCOTT,.KAXS. January 3rd ~ THE iPLAY EVERYBODY LS TALKLNQ ABOUT! Cohan & Harris Present WIncbell Sniitli's Comedy \ A play every American should see. The purest and cleanest comedy on the stage today— coming intact with the Gayety Theatre, New York, cast and, production. Seat Sale, EmIeiiV Book Store Ffc Scott—MaJI Orders, Sow . I PRICES—50f, 75c $1 and $L50 % 6^ I HER COSDl-hoX CRITICAL. •'emule Forger, Captnred Here, May Die in HospKaL Sheriff Hoover Kerr has received a ".etter from the ofiScers. at Hutchinson stating that Susie Lemings, the young woman wiio was arrested here on a :harge of, forgery, is' a total physical vreck and is in a hospital at Hutchason with but slight chance, for re- lovery. i Miss Lemings wasi a resident of , lutchlnson prior to coming to lola. fust before her arrival here, she pasB- d several worthless checks, aggre- :ating $300. She was easily traced tq Ola and was arrested in a house on •outh Chestnut street by Sheriff Kerr tnd Usdersherlff Ed J. Dunfee. Miss Lemings had led a life of dis- dpatlon and was on the verge of a Teakdowu when apprehended here. / Wed at Hnmboidt Miss Blanche Sho'ckey, of Hura- >oldt, and Everett.E. Sprague, of La larpe, were married yesterday after- loon at one o'clock at the bride's tome In Humboldt Among those •resent were Miss Ruth Sprague, of Humboldt. Miss Bessie Ball, of Kin- aid, Messrs. Ben Sprague of Colo-ado, Armo;ir Sprague of AUoona, Ar<; hur Sprague of Altoona. Mr. and Mrs. Sprague have gone to Ottawa for I short visit with relatives. : Tljey vlll make their home in LaHnrpe. Beetle U Strona. If asked to name the strongest aoi- mala, moat persons begin with tlie lai^eat; the elephants, and continue wUI\.oj;en. horses, etc. Tbla ia, of coiurse. correct In ;Bo far aa their total- horsepower fa concerned, but for real Btrensth^ proportioned to the size and weigfbt of tlie animal, one must go to the insect world. Compared with in- aects the strength of almost any large animal and especially of man, lar absurd. A man is considered strong if jbe can drag a mass weigUngr three or fopr times as much as bimself. but the beetle will wa )k witb MO times his own weight. lC.4|ZDaawera placed tinder a wooden box, with five timesi bis. weight .pn top to bqld it down, be wbnid remain. there indefinitely, but to retain a stag beetle priAmer In the iame way one must pile on top of the box at leMt 1,800 times lU weiclit. SANDING WALKS TODAY Street Department Takes Every Pre- raotloB to Protect Cttlieaa. , Street Commissioner. Frank .Butlec ad his street force out at' an early loiir this morning taking precautions to prevent loians from coining into too violent contact with the pavement. First salt was sprinkled on the icy walks around-the square, and this was afterward covered with sawdust. The salt melted the ice, and when this froze again with the sawdust In It. It formed a very fair walking surface. THE WILLIAMSONS BEC05CILED. After the FIrht Came Remorse and , , Forgiveness. James 'Williamson and his wife Lot tie Williamson, who arrived in lola. yesterday morning in a covered war. goii. and who Just after their arri^-*! had a 'Sisagreement which resulted In Mr. Williamson being arrested and fined j >5. became reconciled last even ing. and were on the seat together when they left to«'n with their wagon yesterday eventag. Cards announcing the birth .of a son to.BIr. and Mrs. Milford Page, of Uoran, on Chrlstuus Day, have been received by friwds In loin.

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