Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on March 20, 1975 · Page 2
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 2

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1975
Page 2
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TOE TTTONKA TOPIC, TITONKA. IOWA. MARnH 20 , 1975 NEW AMD USED Cars and Trucks and * Fill the gas tank P ° rd Times Cookbook 1975 Demonstrators on Hand for Immediate Delivery * LTD Brougham 2-door, Red/Black * Cougar XR-7 Red/Red * Elite White/Green I I? 0 * LarMau Tan/Ginger, 4-door * Mustang II 2 plus 2 Silver Blue — ALSO — FULL SIZE NEW FORDS ' Dark LTD 4-door, Dark Green LTD Wagon, Ginger Metalic — INTERMEDIATES r Gran Torino 4-dr, Red/black Gran Torino 2-dr., red/white Torino 4-dr., Pastel Blue Torino Wagon, Blue Green Ghia , Ghia 4-door^ Black/Copper 2-door Blue/White 4-door, Light Green New Elites: Dark Green/White nv/ro, — SUB COMPACTS and COMPACTS — Maverick 4-dr. silver blue/ Mustang II Hardtop Dme Glow Maverick 2-dr. bright yellow ' Mustan S H Badtop, red/ Maverick 4-dr. white/blue ,. * hlte „ Mustang n Mach I, Bright _. Blue Pinto 2-door, dark red Pinto 3-door Runabout, silver blue/blue NEW MERCURYS Marquis Brougham 2-door, Black/Blue 'Marquis 4-door, Silver Blue/Blue Marquis 2-door Tan/Ginger Metalic Marquis 4-door, Ginger Metallic/Tan Marquis 4-door,-Black/Red Montego MX Brougham 2-door, Ivy Bronze/White Montego 4-door, White/Brown e/wmue Montego MX 2-door, Saddle Bronze/Brown Montego MX 2-door, Medium Green Metallic Monarch Ghia , 2-door, Black/Black Monarch 4-door, Dark Brown Metallic Monarch 4-door, Ivy Bronze/Green Monarch 4-door, White Monarch 2-door, White NEW TRUCKS F-700 Rangoon, red chassis F-150 Green Metallic and cab F-150 Green/Green S"5f2 °^ ndyapple red/white F-150 Raven Black/Red £"™?n i Green Supercab F-150 Baytree Green i>-250 Black/White F-150 Blue/Blue F-250 Brown/Gold F-150 Med Green Glow XLT F-250 4-wheel Drive, white/ F-100 Green/Gree n XLT v i 5IP-* /WKN. Bronco Brown/White *-150 Red/White Ranchero USED CARS C0pper ' A ' T " Air 1974 Cougar XR-7, slate blue, 9,000 miles, AT PS Air Speed Control ' ' ' 1974 Pin,to Waeron. 12 nnn miloc a.-vr. f ^j «/-. "'A** jjgj-,. 1973 Thundenbird, dark copper/brown, 2-door AM/FM Stereo, Power Windows and more 1973 Cougar XR-7, brown/tan, A.T., P.S, PB Air 1972 Ford LTD 4-door, green, A.T., P.S., PB ''AC JSS ^!? rySl f i4 : door ' ireen/green, P.S., P.B.,' A.C.', 67,000 1971 Chevrolet Impala blue/silver, AT PS PS Air JJ™ ™ Ukk> bla ^ k/whi ' te ' 4-dr., A.C., Power seats & windows 1970 Mercury, black/white, P.S., P.B. A.T, Radio 1970 Plymouth Duster 3-speed, 6-cyl.,'81,000 miles, blue JSJS £° rd L E 4 - door - A ' T " P ' s - P - B -. white/green 1970 Ford LTD A.T., P.S., P.B., black/green 1970 Ford Fairlane 302, A.T., A.C., white/maroon 1970 Cortina, blue, 2-door, 4-speed MANY MORE 1969 AND OLDER 1969 Mercury 4-door, yellow/black 1969 Pontiac 2-door, black/green, A.T., Pi's PB 1969 Fords, brown/black, 4-door; blue/b"lue 4&>6r: -and white 4-door 1968 Ford Wagon, maroon 1968 Pontiac 4-door, green 1968 Ford Wagon, 3p2, green, A.T. 1967 Ford LTD ,gold/wliite, '4-door 1967 Plytnouth, blue, 4-door 1967 Rambler Wagon, A.T., P.S., P.B., Air, white USED TRUCKS 1974 Ranchero, blue with 1973 F-250 blue/blue topper, P.S., P.B., A.T. 1973 F-100 blue, 3-spd., 6<yl. 1974 F-250 gold/white, A.T., 1972 Datsun Pickup " ° " 1971 F-100 black/green, 302, 3-speed 1970 F-250 tan/white, A.T. 1970 F-100 white 1969 GMC tan with stock box, 6 cyl., 4-speed A.T. 1969 Chevrolet red/white 1964 F-100 red P.S. 21,000, 2 fuel tanks 1974 F-250 orange 5,000 miles, A.T. 1974 F-100 Ranger XLT, green,loaded 1973 F-250 white/brown 1973 F-S50 /brown/tan, P.S. Plenty of other new and used oars and trucks will be coming to, so stop in today at Ley Motor, Your Gralndad's dealer, your Dad's dealer, and your dealer. Eteys call 886-3433, -for anevening appointment call .... Ron Meyer, Lakota 886-235,9 Craig Lloyd, Bancroft 885^2226 Dave Ley 562-2856 LEY MOTOR CO. LAKOTA, IOWA Portland News By Mrs. Victor Fitch Written Thursday,. March 7 The Four Corner Social Club met Tuesday, March 4 in the home of-Janice Moore. Attend- mg were Viva Ringsdorf, Hazel Carroll, Janice Moore, Leona Haase, Marian Spear, Leita Phelps, Karen Ruse, Wyona Harms, Lennice Harms, Margaret Phelps, Vera Fitch, Sandra Hanms and Emily Larsen. Marian Spear and Lennice Harms received birthday gifts from 'their Secret Sisters. After the business was taken care of, the meeting was adjourned and the afternoon was spent socially. Lunch was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be held in the home of Vera Fitch on Tuesday, April 1. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill spent two weeks at Muscatine in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weston. They took care of Lori while her parents attended a convention at Seat- itle, Wash. They returned home last Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hanson and .family of Chelian, Wash, arrived Tuesday to spend a few days in the parental Mennet Trunkhill home. Mrs. Hanson is the former Catherine Trunk- hill. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trunk- hill and Andy of Algona were Tuesday evening visitors in the Mennet Trunkhill home. Marsha Disdier, 2y 2 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Discher, spent from Thursday until Saturday in .the Park Clinic in Mason City having a checkup. Mr. and Mrs. Al Discher of Wesley were Saturday supper guests in the Jerry Discher home. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Meyer and family of Minneapolis visited in the Kenneth Sarchet home Sunday afternoon.. Mr. and .Mrs. Harris Harms and family were Sunday dinner guests in the Robert Thompson home at. Algona. They substituted at a card party i n the Herbert Harms home in the evening. Mrs. Wally Woods of rural Burt attended a birthday party last Wednesday for Eddie Metzger, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Metzger, Jr. of Algona. He is a nephew of Mrs. Woods and was six years old. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Woods of Shefield were in Algona on business Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brandt and children, and Mrs. Art Brandt of Elmore were Friday supper guests in the Wardden Smidt home. Mr. and Mrs. Wardden Smidt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Smidt and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Weydert and girls of Algona were Sunday evening guests in the Simon Smidt home, helping them celebrate their 43rd anniversary. God will mend a broken heart if you will give Him all the pieces. Written Thursday, March 13 The Portland Progress Club will meet Thursday afternoon, March 20 in the home of Lois Bristow, with Arlene Bristow as assistant hostes. Roll call: "What, we" ca n do to improve our club". ProgVam: "An Easter Fashion". Fun Time: Grace Atokerman and Sarah Stewart. Mrs. June Spa'rks was a n ^overnight-guests on Tuesday i n fthe 'hdime of her sister, Mrs. 'Carolyn Dawson, i n Britt. The ladies attended a Coffee House Concert presented by ,the Brltt High School. fylrs. Victor 'Fitch and Mr. Viiice'rit 'Eise'nlbaiciier o*f Wesley accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen to Spencer on Tuesday of last week. The men attended a Highbred Seed Com Meeting and the ladies did some shopping. Mrs. June Sparks was a Sunday afternoon visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nydegger near Fenton. She made the acquaintance of Michelle, their infant daughter. Mr. and (Mrs. Harold Harms and family visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Edon Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Gary Huber dropped in one Her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robent Kruse, on Wednesday mid helped her grandmother celebra'te her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harrison and Chad of Cherokee came up Friday for the funeral of Mrs. Melvin Ait. Mrs. 'Harrison and Chad stayed for a 'few days to visit in the'home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lainpe,' near Burt. : Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Larsen and Paul were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Do n Wolwood of Garner. Paul Larsen was one of the judges a,t the Junior High Science Fair at the Corwith Wesley School Wednesday eve ning. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Veerma n flew to Las Vegas, Nev. and on to Stockton and Sacramento, Calif, where they visited old friends. They flew back to Omaha, Nebr. where they had left their car, and returned home last weekend. They were gone one week. Mrs. Veerman is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Henry Smith. Mr. Phillip Veefman and Jeri flew to Hawaii where they spent a week sightseeing. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen were dinner guests in the Henry Smith home on Monday in honor of the Smiths 47th wedding anniversary. Mrs. Victor Fitch was a Wednesday coffee guest in the Earl Zwiefel home. Royce and Roger Dugan of Davenport arrived Friday for the funeral of Mrs. Melvin Alt. Tamimy and Ward Dugan, children of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugan, spent Thursday in the home of Mrs. Grace Trenary Mrs. Robert Weber, Melissa and Carri were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Antoine in Bancroft. 'Mr. Weber spent the weekend snowmobiling with a group of men in Wisconsin •Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Andreasen attended Travelogue in Algoha, Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and family, itor. and Mrs. Donald Weber and girls, and 'Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller and family of Algona were Wednesday supper guests in the parental Dave Weber home at Lone Rock in honor of Dave's 78th birthday. Later in the evening the group enjoyed ice cream and 1 cake in honor of ,the occasion. Anyone who is too busy to pray is busier tha n God intends him to be. Written Monday, March 17 Several Portland ladies attended the shower for Sharon Patterson Saturday afternoon in the Burt Presbyterian Church Mrs. Guy Dimond and Mrs. Carolyn Dawson and Melanie were Sunday afternoon visitors in the June Sparks home. Duane Spear spent a week quarter break with his folks, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spear. He attends Bemidji Stote College in Minnesota and made the Dean's list last quarter. Mrs. Johnny Spear, Duane and Darell Visited in the home To the End of Time the Spirit Lives Though life ends, on lives the spirit. It is this thought that oar services express. WINTER FUNERAL HOME Phone Collect: 582-2858 or 562-2731 If no answer call 562-2309 Buffalo Center, Iowa of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ryerson a week ago Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spear and Duane, and Carol Behrend visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hilto n in Burt a week ago Thursday evening. Several Portland families at .tended th e 50th wedding anni versary celebration in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Lance Riefhoff held l n the Burt Methodist Church Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy of Des Moines, and Sister Mae Murphy of Algona visited last weekend in the Lawrence and Vincent Govern home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Harms and family were Sunday dinner guests in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schadendorf, of Lone Rock. •Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Mieater drove to Rochester last Thursday to spend a couple of days visiting relatives and friends They visited Mrs. John Daschle and her sister, Mr. and Mrs Harris Feller of Lytl e Creek, Calif, who have been visiting for the past five months and were leaving soon for .their home. The ladies are cousins of Mrs. Meister. The Meisters also visited in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Donovon on Friday Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hutoer and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Harms and Michael of Des Moines were Sunday dinner guests in the Willy Krus e home at Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard'Meister Worth Money Trade in your old Furniture. You are Invited to Hjus troms Furniture. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS Established 1925 Carpeting, Floor Covering Large Selections. Use our easy payment plan. BJI T STROM'S FURNITURE COMPANY Algona, Iowa and Linda Meister drove to Ft. Dodge last Wednesday o n business and also did some shopping. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Klein of Irvington, and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach, Sr. and Leonard of Whittemore were Sunday dinner guests i n the Joe Loebach Jr. home in honor of Joe Loebach, Sr's. birthday. They also came for the Science Fair at St. John's in Bancroft Kay Erpelding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Erpelding of Burt, made her first communion on Sunday, March 16 at St. Cecelia's Catholic Church in Algona. After services, the Erpeldings called on Mother Amanda Erpelding in the Algona Care Center. Luncheon guests i n the Erpelding home during the afternoon and evening were Mrs. Martha Hellman and JoAnn of Bancroft, Mr and 'Itors. Ed'tigges and Mr. and Mi's. Ed Foerttsch and 'family of Burt. Mrs. Harris Harms and children were Friday afternoon visitors and overnight guests in the home of her parents, Mr. arid Mrs. Robert Thompson, in Algona. Mr. Harms and his father, Mr. Jess Harms, drove to Rochester to visit Mrs Jess Harms in the Methodist Hospital. Harris came home Saturday night and Jess stayed to be with Mrs. Harms who was to have surgery Monday for a broken bone near her hip. Mr. and Mi's. Harris Harms and -family visited Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rfrunke and Renae in Algona, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harms, Jr. and family visited her grandmother, Mrs. Galena Zwiefel. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyer and Rodney spent last weekend in Minneapolis. On the way home they called on Mr. .and Mrs. Arnold .Anderson at Lakeville. Mrs. Linda Meister and boys wer e Sunday dinner guests in the Bernard Meister home. (Continued on Page 4) 3rd ANNUAL TITONKA TOPIC CLASSIC TYKE LANES - TITONKA, IOWA PHONE 928-2413 SANCTIONED BY ABC and WIBC FRIDAY _ _^^_ SA™.DAY APRIL 4-5-6 SUNDAY Shifts at 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. ENTRIES CLOSE AT 6:00 P.M. THURSDAY, APRIL 3 QUALIFYING: 3 lines across 6 lanes ENTRY FEE ....$1.50 Expense 1>00 Jackpot go Prize Fund 4 50 JACKPOT DIVIDED EVENLY BETWEEN 2 BOWLERS NOT PLACING IN PRIZE LIST WITH 2 HIGH GAMES (Included In entry fee) PRIZE FEES RETURNED 100% PRIZE RATIO — l FOR EtACH 5 ENTRIES Top 5 Qualifiers in Roll-Off SATURDAY, APRIL 12 21? Send Entry PHONE (515) 9?8-2723 ffefeyyed D»te and Time To . ... THE TITONKA TOPIC \ noo'orvno ™ r^^T •• ^" , llTONKA, IOWA 50480

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