Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 30, 1911. 3 On the, Entire Stock of Bris:ht New Merchandise! 8oc all wool Di-o-.s (jonds. evi'!-y shn-lo, on sak-- Hlc S1.25 ai} \\\)<>l Impoi -Lcd i)re.<s (i .-oits f ).K' $1.25 Jni ;)Oi-iO() lli'oa.ic'.otlis .9."'' UM) Silks .S'V- 50.' Chirui and J.U) Siik:^ ioc T(ii!c l)u Xui-d riMiirhanis. irK- best .tVivalt' JOc Porcalo, yard 10c Ginghani •All of o u r I ) P i -i n I .s ....He k" ijopo Muslin, yard .7c 1'^^/ MC Fruit of iho Lcoin, J.on.'^d.-dc and "all of our host brands Muslin. S' ,c Good Hleadu'd M'.-''n H•yard wide rnblcu ho ; Musiin. .. .. .."jc '25e Triilo T.inyn fiM" i).">j Table biaon for."Mc Table Lini'n Tor (;:^e Tabh' Lint -A for :. .'. Si .UO TabU> Jjm-a for S:k- r ^;iry yard al pr ^iKirii '^nak-ly low l)!-ice.^. 12r V.y J. 'J-ii-j WMimy \ tiens aa Tlu- crilirc 'ino oi" i'roU,:,- xMil- lirKTV fir.vti ill } liali tlu; niiirkCn: L:lct•^;, Enil/rlcno.;. White (b'ods 5r 5 ^' ,,c Lacc.^ Kinb. ami Wliib.' ^l .>.t (is (>' .c j P ;ro- lOc Lacos. l-ari^ and W-db' C.uids.T'- ]2i :c q;-iity on sah'...: 5 £oes; flollimii i 'i" i ^ - " • Biuaesl rc:.iuetions on b 'lL- ({ualiiy on .^ale lUc 2oc (luality on .^alc 17 '/;:C Evei7thiij;j goes; nol reserved ) ?:T. O O CnatA . : :>i(M)0 CotHs. • 15 .1 it) (.'oals. ; >20.0() Coal-, i ^^20.00 (;()ifts. ? Si^O .OO Coatri. I Coals. . .S1.75 .$)0.r)0 .SI 7.50 .820.00 .S;24.75 .$2v->.75 FU1,^S tills sca.son. New Suits, A big line of i\o": Suit.->, new up-to-date .stvle.s; $17.50. $20.00, S22.r,0 up to $:]7.o0— choice in this sale EVERY CHRISTMAS ITEM GOING REGARDLESS OF COST. 35c Frills, also Fancy Collars 21c ,6'c Frills, also Farcv Collars .47c Sl.OO Frills, also Fancv Collars.... 73c Every Suit cai-rlod over from last year at less than half the marked price. 1&3 Ea^i Madiaon Ai3 i:.:st 25c best quality Hose .21c . 15c best quality Hose 11c lOc best quality Hose ,8c $1.00 Underwear at... 50c Underwear at ';<5c Underv.-ear at 25e Underwear at 12',.'.c Outing: Flannel. lOe^Outino- Flannel... 7'/-c Outing Flannel.. ...83c ...42c ...25c ...21c ....9c ..8 '/3C ..4 '/2C .1 -V Sli.-iiiiinii (if I 'l'i is \is- i 'ii>L' v.'i'Ai Ms linilli. r T. I!. Sll;imi()ii Miso Wiiiil i. (I .'-Jli.-siiHiii is visiliii!^ iri -'Ml.. Ill \\i(hii.i liir .-I 'li u (lays. " u ir'i 1, Ki a; ruiir; ::. i Mrs. I .U ^'y Niv'i of l"iiii;ip In'Mils afternoon :i \i.-i; cf >.v. :al da .V!; with lipr i«;inn;s. .M-.iij;" amf. .\Ir> J »_"n. I>. Sii !<Iiz< I- • i "_r. .T.'Peforson-. l"arni Leans. Insurance, ^slracls. i Aii.iin y l{. I! ni-:!il fv :i!i, .!! i\a!i-a^ Cm. '•I I ri'f 11; ii> if :!Si .(a 'cs.iii. is alili' 1.1 i.• :!<• wll! lif Kitsr 01° Kankiiii; i':ini|ilil<-t !''•<•(£ i\. an.: iiila- Clain anS S A.Jlar.i hit il for Kan .^as Ciry" ;>) tr.U 11 II. :•! - In a scrips i.:' ihyc- C. .\- bowlinii I' an! w 2ft" iJoUitii. iii 'i ..i- r. !raif -(I ,;a:-i;;;ii.;M c , <] u.n in 1\ 1:. —It wii! Ill' to yi.i.r inirri 'St to l>;:.v ; yonr Flour unc! T 'od of ll. K'.anni.ini;. ; ' -20(; S. .I^l•;V;•^f.n{ I'lianv 2"-:<. j C Miss Kdna Voor.u. vvJio Iji n C hinii M'isi I'anlini" iios---, of <;:'a-.! ;.tv ^ the oast week, is i'.\i'f<!i'(! iiomi' in- ' morrow. < '^^T— VroA Kuniion, TorloO Decorator. I'bone ;S6. itr.-'. K«'!~l('. of K;ii;sn- Ciiy. wlui .-!ias bi' t'-.i' r-i'.y vi .iiinL, .Mf. am' , .>l.'-.s.-P. }{. Triiiitiuiui. iMiji'liivl !o !i.-r home yi>,-tf: ilay. —Wncn yon liavo ai hiii'ins .ilta'k phe Cliuniixrlain'.-- Tnlil.N a trial They are c-.\.;or.i'nt. For : .iK- hy al! dcalora. • ^" .Mr. am) .Mr- I '.iirs. ii I 'l :..'(.: I'.a• null- will U- in loiiiormn li; .'.'icni: .\">->v Yfurs \j.-;,iaj; lii- :\u''\.>.. V.. Tlio \V. (V Toals i;ra!'y Co.. K:. s — r .KR. Ofnii; rooiijs 22 ;o 2t. ill i-;.. (I . ' ; a • ; a: i| ' • :. ii •U !l'i!:..ill. I.. 1 ..111 1. : , iv in •Ml iiii'iiil .'iiial lial! .Ml. ; i !.J ... w. I' .Mr . illll. a;;i. ;r a : V. V 111 I 111 ( .-i.;.' (';(,' aii.'l uil' 1 ^:..Ill!.l, for \' ' nil :ii a.M iiii KII^N' 1 > > ' .: 1 ,• i!:.y < ii';--i !" ii 1: ;••,!• .M:. nnd Mr.--. \VJ<!'.-.:; '.U a'l--' .this aftcrnii.n r«v.- C .aiiMif l;i wW.) M-laiiMs ovi-r Sun^illy. \i-i " .Mrs. Frank Wnml is < vp.-c!.-!.! \.\\\\? • rbniorrow from a iuili'iay v:;ii' vi;-:! ')pr pftrenii. Mr. ami Mis F. K. Tnr. . •! Kansas CMty. 1 ~" I —If you are troubled with chronic foiistJi-micn, llii-' JUiia ar;ii ,i:''Ut:e ui-; ffcl or Chaciberlain's TaUi.i? m:ik.-.- . .them especiaUy .united lo your' • JFor sale by aU dealers. ! Mrs. Martha Hutton and Uaughfer. ' jMiss Cleo, who have l>et>u here lOr a • visit with Mrs. Huton s inotJicr. .\I;s. ( H. Shields, will Ipuve tomorrow for ; their'home in Sedalia. Mo Tiny v.-i1' j be accomi'-iii*'!^ by Miss i -a '.fn .-iii-'I'L- j ^^<•bo will vi-ii u. r'l" i.' isotn. .• ; Ume. —You-wSil find tha: Un:~:;-.sTs <v ry vhtre .sptait we!i of ('kaiub'-riaius 'Congh Remedy. Ti.ey know !ro:n Ions experience in tise sale of it Jlia'. it. ca>es 'oi >.-ousr!is anvi coiils i; can al•ways be deejinded upon, and that it ia ^Ir^sanl.anU salt to take, i'or sale bj ~- Col. i. i: A;:-:;i=i,n rr:-;n'ii iy.^f nifcht from Parvotis wh -ii' ac v.tnt TeBterdAy to attend a -I'cUl event ol de .0. AV. For Sale—Xiit yours uor-i s and luules at a 'jiir;;ii!c at ii:y [i!;...,- oi.e telle ea.?t of lola. Jol.a T.WotMl. , MUs Uuhy Tes-t, r .f Parsons. \Oi<i has been here visiting for B<'\.'.'al .y» wltb .Miss Fern Wllitan..-. w iil ve tomor.'ow for her how*'. [ ". • *{ Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Park.s who bav j been here durlns the past week vlslt- l Jay her par."i);s. Mr. and >Irs, it, f \ liTcKinnttyi and family, will return tomorrow lo tiielr home lu Uis .Moines, ^lowa.. .V^'P'^ Safe—.Nice young and •^Hle^at. a.Jiargaln at my place "one Jil'e.'fst or ^L.Ia. John T. Wood. Ii'.'a .•I 'i'' insi-.-i' !• • •• ;.nii •••• Hi!-.; .\ \I i'!r' V .'i!! - lor tli" sii'"- : r i:!.-s -Ti i- ('ojiimilti.'f. :!, Si I v. •;s U-.x \h<- r.'li: clris' i. sciiool have arrivi'd. W. .i 'i( i '.•I- :',o. -Son-i'o'ic has <»iil- j .\. U-iKcv. sfiii') oarik <</i!i- .1.: Ml -aio:.. r. aail t'lairiiian of the J!t- ,.i i> : -11! <•<•:;, ia! SI • i-r ..l IMM.lllS UKO il aa . . ll ^'a.;...!.-:; ai i • , : h :.. • i'.H- I::- :-I : 1 .t M.;-. ;lii,;sa;ni ' , Oi.i* joi" t'-.«*i; ! .' y i:a': i i it 'oiilil be iirociircil . so.i rci -s, his coiiijiieto li;.' 1 a ^.Ma- • ::a'ii' :• iin- Ii; uiailiini' in t!:.- world has just ;.a .'.•••^ i.v.i.'ct X.u )o:l;'s fire d:'f<'n>'o :. .,i I .• ^ a- • i ati' in : iiii!.-^ a!i lii';i:. I!.oil;:- 'lii'.i 11 iiii' ai'.iiaralua liy ili I ir y:\<y.^ . all y .i!a . a>;! ,! •II I'lCiut! •. 'i ill -re aK' 1 'us:' (;( uici ' .11' i Wiii'.f ii'oi!> on 1 coiaiila;;'!:: . , :•. • .-.a.v il. iM.i-i; as.a firianii'i- •:.'.\o vv..-, Koiii.i; to .'•end out a fjatsiiilib't <;:; • 1. . . y ... •: ; :ii!i :i. .••i;:a ;M' • . . • I'oiai.i 'iici 'a'an ic tiyii;: to thi'lr coninl•^•!-!l an .iibo.iit .•,.|, c'lrn-ui V )ila!i. Ili'. s'li''.!.- ted a draft of his pamiiliict ant! fioi 1 . llioiig!it i' ,!;oou. ll !l.^!•l^ .<!ni oai riii i;i;at. b::' i I' 1 i.i' r -i'ntioai .'il fac I'lin'n'v ijii'.-s- lii- "i"v.i r .-iT. .-ai i- •TIirouKh tlii^ fon,r».". y of Mr. .1. .\' iloiley, state bank coniiiii.ssiourr. :iTi< (.1 :l .i- l ;.--|''iii 'icall st;.ta i-iiii i;;! <•,:,- ji,i :,>.(•. I ha'.-- i.'v'n C'li-cjslicl i.j;: ,Mi- r iMiiii-. Will you pl.-asi- s.^nil ii:' II 1 i; •.ii)lU-tiy Tim: i..ili'. .1 V'l '•: . I • 111 .. II • .. .1. .• 1 a • .!• .iii.iar. . 'i" '• a 1 • •I idi.i w m cat M mrm im NIBHI tii.r 'I "at •'H. It ... ii;;. • aim ,it f'lila). H a 1 • ..a .1 I. I .e. • y i A .'. al! iJ • o! •.;railii ii^ilJ. A:i s i .'-ai •• Sia. i..; T ; I M :.-s 1. .. •; ! 'I,, . '.I :• ' i I •.'a. lar ( a'' 'i:.' 1 vi^i; I a' • 'Via' ila>s vsi .'i iiiv^-il -A'.: kimlF of l 'a!a:.i ill to pay ani JLf-Schl!ck..o the South Street Qw»«eif,jiot in three ttae new; cars Two or them are Fland ttd 1*5 jfttrd E. M. Fi bjR •in an i-ring.- suns. tiisb prii'i.'.s yor. k<-!> nil":. r .iMSin A: Diidiuc. Uuiilb.: Iv Ma.i.Il I'll lor a laiut. v.- c • . . i' s ' K a Winter Fashions T ^HE BuTTERicK F ASHION X S HCFF for JylNUARY shows the newest developmexits fm.««fa mti m W«UiiK< ft ^ tan Zmta Foster Wi^ht. who t-ir t.u' p: s, s I ••.•!• >f.!;-- ' r. ; ' r a::i! f.-.r k.:• t!i- bi= s,;v :a-::i ;t i;:.n- —.\ I .Mojia's i.:"n !."•" nn n't.o-' • n^rt-^-alar rhrvn-.!-Ms~i in liis shoai- 'il r .\ frim! jidvis'-i; ''ipi lo 1:0 to Hr^ S"!>rincs. That lacar.t nn .vjii-nse o ."I'li.ii" or n^orf 11" souul-' for t naickt'r and cl^rnr'rr way to 1-i.-o i rr.''. fcimi! it in I'lian-l.r-vlairrs Lini taint. Tlirr-f; r'yys after the t'.r^i ui • 1 !:"i '3tj(in of t!-.i< linlim-nt he wa.- wa^li Kor sale by al! ueilers. <•! rv",:i-.« ^••'-tv.'.'-l-.- "'T'a- l-"or- tunc Hunter." ns pre-iiited by an cy- '•••'lotit coiiiiiatiy iinii-'• ib" •'iieitio- of Me.'^s:-s f'oban and '.^r'.-' •••'<\) )r p.'i-n at ;li- !;.i\^'K-in Tiii-'.Tr -n K-.-v •^(• .!aim-':.v "nl S.-.- i-Iay a-i vo:;i'e:!."-!:' (1. in ;'is iiap-r. Mr.^. i:ii liortov if ' •..'•'•v.a.ii (1! a 'Ml enn I."o. cu; • in yi .•;i!ay a vlKit with '.-.if o.-"..r' :-<r ;ni | \V. I. IJartl.-s. Mr-. .Mn>"!.- pi-jci;.f of t'herolf'M Okin aful (ttuplitor, . • V.'i!.--;' i'l al;-o \' irio!; ':<•: pttr«'n;t< .Mr. aad .Mrs l'..:i<'< -^T!ie >t;5-r-oii-t Pr.-;i:' • wil' I.nio on s.nle .Innu-'v ir-h. Hth and IMh round trln t{riieti» to Il»r,vi r. f'olo., fcr National WeRtrrn Ptnrk sho*" a> iSS.Si). tvtth OFiir.! f:rf\t ovar prlvll- eges. limit rtn return T<J January 31st. Phone 180.. E. E. Miin^er, Agent. - v;;^. W, 'B^viter'Ictt last ijJuhl "for I.. . .1',. , i ••' o .- • it. V, liiai-'T "I! -i-r' (i:-';'a . '". o . •\ .IS :' :lr^:. -f ,a.- a 1 Mil- 'Ait:- ;;' li ;o 1 i., :;. (.•'•'• and <iW. \. •?t • T"- ••.ci '•rii:.;i; .1 :f.-ii ha-': >• :'. Mr Ta'-- •-.•.iri -siiiif ?11 rl-a'i-s tl .i' I' at otti---' >• 'iv.. at (•!;,;•- •ii.i'^ n !n:i) IN SIX rn ii P\TS — V>ir 'iT'T 'at' win -ff'ind nsone' r V.:7.n (•|!\T\:KNT rails tr rnre ar •ISC tif lt(:="?. nii'id. r!"«'dinpj ••r'^t'T:('i:i.^ f'i'< - In <" !'< t! <t.Tv« .a"i MKK .'r\!!S \ visir. 'Vhi;. iiKr-< (ii'-n fieri', l.'rr Jioitf Biirned. '"•Ir.^. SniiMi of Kansas <"i'y. v.ho i<: '•r.kiiis a holiday visii with Mr. and Mr-. .1. n. Sc!mM<'. v •< I'ivcd a f-I'- •frani this rr>or:ii;>i: s'.uin? 'l:'f b-r i.* '11- • ' .1. j--, and Add'. Vnotiicr I 1 '.'ci- .-"IriiiT; 01 \i< (i(rii-<. io ^a ; • ani.lui'V siai 'ii ai ( '•;rtiiaiM' .-; •. . 'a,- M-I..-,- II' I.' .0 A ': • •. .) (:,.• I:...- iiioraMia: t 'ii;\i !i ilarri ; r''IM-VI il •'.-ai.-oaa .ii'lnf.'-. i'liit )"!d norii- o;a .'inrrrnin^ ta.'^aiiii- adilint; ..;•. ti .a; I'.io loia I'oys are in a.iitan. ca; V. iiii.--landinK thi'ir • 1 .;;.:aa in' a-M'sioji. anil that •^ ;. -Wll- i;- o arriie in lola on the ill -aa.n S..n!a K" toilay. Tiie .^roi-i- alone permits of any dc, . as i.;i. la.^):; ilie i--''n><-s;. aa.i iv oi' ,inr.-.-i rJ>es <,-oi:'.-;us!v(.• ovi- .;;-n'.^ l!!a. Car.hage was unable ta btt-al; lip iocTl five's briliiant i»ni:i wiiik ait!i(>m;h they w.-re abl.- ta aaii tUr io'.a iitiys in leasl; consid- •ir.'iy '.'.•>;• taa.ii dfil. liif .loplin boys 'I '-.MV-1; • •• n-u'it. An iinc.'flcial repi.^n ;:a livid by tt 'epl'.one last night stat•1 ilii; Ir..- >cii;'- M ct'd of Tlii' rirs' laii'• •va?. ki:: 2.'.. Cartha.:;e 10. If tjiis rfpoit IF cnrrtct. it indicates that t;..> V a: i:.a;;r boys v .a -re iiu ;ch, out- l 'i.\ in tiip fir-t half, hut ninst f r. :iu .::;puc.! v.i.'uderrully in tb.e -r .n ' ail', iii .(aaL ;1ni; to hold their ;:a;:onf n:.- to .">. scorn of IS to IS for 'i-i iaiV o:' ti.c ?aii!e. T!:o irij' lo the south has been one ..-^i i!i-i ll ior tr!<? iolu fain, tiiey hav :. . a'laa': • ''a: icaliis a; their belt ;. .t; ' ""p;.i; and Carthare They •y w.'M .•arncil the breathing spell ; :•.•>. "-Ml ! •• ibiirs until the game f./tc rrxi '.Vrdncsday ni;;'il with Ciay : : in your i'ii''-< iai r WIK • ill fjivor of i<-.^'.:>i;(itt/n.:; ibo pro lii.iry a.i! iidiia iii "" :''!••_ l!i|i.'(ir ill!"'(•; I.' wlio .vra !))•!:;• a iMaipaif,':: to ii, .'\aii.saK w.'" • nr.v'v •(!(•'•••! 1 (>i) .yir l);il|i-y. lni .•!"' ' - ilii ti' btti ajaii'ir a. •a If •• ;.s 111- pi::: !n I !,'• r'> '<!'<• • ira V. . • i., •.ir. ' 'oiliy ia jivriiat a !.•.' •;• il' i.i- <i.;i to i':ii';. •!••!:. .:':iti 1 vpliii.j'i!; Iio.v On' 1: was playi"l and ibMio'incltr,; i: HOW COOK WASTES COFFEE Mistake by Which Dcifcatc Aroma Is Lost—DIffcrunce Between Ordinary Couk and Culinary Artist. , IlilHK'i^; A yHW UKV <»LrT10X. W.nshini;tnn, Pec. 29.—Ectiador if ('^riIflns tow: a 3-torE,-rfd revolu- t ,i >n a.-; a rrsa ' c,{ the fudden .rieat! (T I'reridpnt i; trada. December 22 I 'rr-r,-s;: 1 . M V.-jsl. id IF OV :• *i IT; S "(.•('itia- trilay '.Isi'inr; r»'i- .1 ivi'.s . t„ Kansas fiiy biirnr-d dow-r>|..;^; .f „,;,.V'Vp/,:;pj,r wa^ left in charge o; last night. 1 a^fr.or J'.:-.i:'.'i,n!bide. pendlntr elections tw '';ct'. niont! . Ad'.Ires to the .state de- ;;::i-, tni'Tt t.ada yib.clu:'p the troojia at j (^layjiiui) fht- p;''t>'-f|'a! city o." Fma- iVor. !:..>- url rn an diiporlalincd Grn- iir. !. .\ioa 'ro !!n:>:eii.f cTL'^'f of the re- jiubllo. !!.• lias fortivd a provisional .'^•n-i'rniii< I!.. .M-an vhi;.. fornilduLle If'jvcniri:; :;r.' orKanlzIng In favor of QeuiTJii I'.'a:!.t .a fornx.T president. l?!uWf> .Mfaro. n nephew of a former |i .fs|.!iR!, also I.i 0 f-iinlender. Ten jflT.-ioiu were killed and a niitubcr <joii!:d<d In Oiiayaoull ns a result of lifie ,Mi.nte;-o tiiiriflli5. Blood Humors Commonly <.v.j.--e plnipl.-", boll",, ei-;.>.'iiia, or rai; iluaij.i, ur "ioir.e olh'.T forn of <:n:j'iiiiM. but .^onu tlnios they exist in file isy-ifni, Ir.lic it-d by feel- ui;.')! of \v>ii):w . -r. la:i'-i:f':-. less of apt-.'Il:". "or i.-f'! ll la;'illiy, wUUaut eauUfir :'ny ;;r'. ' cui, Thoy .ir^' CJ:p' "Id .I'l-i wiio'.n .y:tern is rtnijvni-i'}, itrcnsijjceeil and A odor a'jccn.ded to the i;r.'Sl rooiir :':-il or<.' v- the visitor? L:- ::f d it ilaiiitily. •The eoffee smells f.a aci," i^lto said. h:;sti-nii).g her prepa ra'ionb iir u:-c:ikfast. The othei r'uast shook bur srldly. "Yes.' ,.lc> replied, "it i.s scad coffee, but it na.kes me .•••orrowriil to have anybody n.ako CiiTo? so lr:i:s bofore a nieal is I . .'.iy. • many prrs'.-ns do that. It .^I'ows at <-i:ce the difrereace bet^wcen nn ordinary cock and a culinary artist. .\ earcU .'iS cook often makes her cof- :co the nrat thin.n; and puts it on the h.iri< of the rang-o to keep hot. think- injr tlKTr^by tq hi>re it re-idy for the, ta'ilc wiriimt furf:;.>r'trOubl3 and •well cut of b.f-r v.ay. it 13 a fatal mistake. Aii the rich, delicate aroma of the eoffee is lost in Ihtit v:?.y. Wo are getting it up here no'.v, as you perceive. Ir is, as yot! have very appctiz- irg. bx:t coiTeo is not intended espe- ci.TlIy for an appcUzor;. and you dor.'l it while you .".re conibing youi hair. To be pe.nect, with all Ito '.rcma and str-^nsfh praserved, coffee jhoald be serred I'iping hot, jfist as soon as it is made." iaaesflay Eve Janufiry 3rdl TKi: ;•».•.Y i:\KHYKODY • I-;,K!.^^i AUOUT! (all.;:; 0. aaivly Fresmt WJnelieli Sniiili'!) t'onirdy The Fortune iunter .•\ piay every .Xuierican should ipc. The jiiirest and cleanest lOinedy on the stage today— (;i.niiripr iatact with the Gayety Ti.aairo. .\ev.- York,' cast and l<ri)dii(;ij"oii. Seat Sale. irrniiliN Hook Store It. Si<»tt—.ilail Orders \«w PIIK K .S-.-iiif, 7.-,,., $1 ana J 'lU "t.\J?rnO.N CHITICAU 'aniiile roracr, I'tiitturnl llorc, May l>t«> ill IIU.S|lit)ll. :-;!ii;;fl' Hoover Kerr htie received a biter from the ollieer.s at Hutchinson tatinu tliat Susie I,cinlngs, the youpg A'oiiiaii who wa.s arretted here on a liarKo of forg-ry. Is a total physical 'M'cU anil is in a lu)spltal at llutch- tisun v. i!li but slight chance for re- •overy. .Miss faaiiinr;a Was a resident of lutrhii 'Poti jirior to coming to lola. before her arrival here,, she pass- d several worthle.=v;' checics, aggregating Si.e was easily traced to ola and was arrested in a housd on 'outh Chestnut street by Sheriff Kerr_ nil [•::i.orsh»rifr Ed. .J. Dunfee. .MfFf. Le:i ings had led a life of dis- ijiation and was on the verge of a irenkda.v.ii when apprehended here. . Wed at HumlKiIdt. MiKs Blanche Shockey of Hum- oldt. and Everett E' Sprague. of La larpe. were married yesterday aftqr-, 'oOn at one o'clock' at the . bridfe's' lonxe in Hiimboldt.- Among those >resent were .Vlisfe Ruth Sprague. of- Tiuinboldt. Miss Bessie Ball, of Kin-. ;i;'d. Me.s.»rs.' Bed Sprague of Colo-• Armour Spriigue of Altoona, .\r- httr Sprague of Altoona. Mr. and Mrs. Sprague have gone to Ottawa for a short visit with relatives. They' will make their home in LaHarpe. [A y ia<i < Miss N'ornia Gardner, of Mgrnn. w.-i-t sJlgbOy iJ'j'ired In a nmaway which c>curred Christiiias eve. The horse ^hlch she wan ilrlvlitg became frightened, th« btiKliy overturned.and M (3S, ^ - . -.• e ^rdner thrown to the groand. XelgU- .to rei«i|». a atoB b^eUe prisoner in, the Beetle Is Strong. If asked to name the strongest anl- mdls, m^t persons begin with the largest; the elephants, and continue with oxen, horses, etc. This is, of course, correct In so far as their total horsepower is concerned, but for real strength, proportioned to the size and welgtit of tho animal, one must go to iho Insect world, f'ompared with irk spcta the strength of almost any large nnlmat anil especially of man, is abdurtL . A man Is considered Btronff if bo can dntg a masii weighing three or four times as much as htmsolf, but the bccjllct '>i)l walk with 500. times liiB own! w^ght. If a man were placed tinder a| y (>oden'box with fire times his weleht od'top to bold'it down, her would retnaln .^ero indeSjiitely. but SAXDIXC WALK.S TODAY . .Slr.-et Department Take.s ETcry Pre- cantlon to ifrotect Citizens. . Street Conirals^oner Frank Biitl^ 'lad his street force out at an early-' hour this morning talidng precautions', to prevent lolans from coming; IntO; too violent contact with the pave-' nient. First salt was sprinkled on the icy walks around the square, and'this wa.'? nfteiward covered with sawdust Tb.e salt melted the ice. and when this froze a.i^aln with the sawdust in it; it^ forieed a very fuir^ walking surface^^ THE WIIiLlAMSONS RECONCILED. .\fter the Fteht Camp Remome and Konrtfeness. • . James Wlillamson and his wtff. Lot ' t-c Willlnmson, who. arrived in Ibla- yrsterdny mornlnK In a cotereit wa-' injn. and who Just after their arrival. h;t<I a disagreement which r ^BUl ^fd In Mr. Williamson being arreat<2d<-and <!ncd m. became reconciled last '^^a^al ini;, and were on the-seat together when' (b^y left'totvn with t)i«ir wa^ba;. vestcrday evening:,' ..^ ' ;Ji .III. /• I I I 1 iii'T I •• ' ^ •'*i.'i-.'*^ f -.i^ Cards annoiintii^ th^' • bli^'.-b

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