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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 1

Titonka, Iowa
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Thursday, March 20, 1975
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oUIIstoiy and ™QNKA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA 50480, THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 1975 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*m TOPIC THE BOWLERS CORNER Standings and High Scores for the week of March 10 National League Burt Sav. Blank 64 48 Redenius Insurance . 61 51 Don's. DX 56 56 Farmers Co-op Oil .. 55 57 Heyer Shelling 54 58 Titonka Sav. Bank . .46 66 Koffee Kup League Superbowlers 23 13 Chatterboxes 23 13 Ding A Lings 20 16 Gutterdusters 18 18 Ifs and Maybes 13 23 Ding Dongs 11 25 North Kossnth League Rollie's Pood Gtr. ... 70 30 Chuck's DX 67 33 Heyer Livestock 62 34 German Val. Store .. 62 38 K & H Co-op Oil 54 50 U.B.C.. 50. 50 Beed Hardware 49 y 2 5.4 y 2 Farm Service 38 66 Trunkhill Tiling 31 73 Earl's Market 24 y 2 79 l /z Tyke, Leaguers Titonka Sav. Bank .. 72 N. Cen. Pub. Serv. .. 71 Tyke Lanes 59 Meyer's Painters .... 57 Cunningham Cafe . . 36 Stanley Products ... 72 36 37 49 51 72 36 Woodchoppers League Van Hove Shelling . .74y 2 3-3 V 2 Tyke Lanes 72 y 2 31 y 2 D.T.'s Lounge 67 37 Mike's Construction .58 46 Titonka Plumbing ..56 ] / 2 5iy 2 Callies V-Store 56 48 Titonka Topic 53 y z 50 y 2 Farmers Elevator ... 45 63 Anderson Impl. . .'". . .43y 2 45y 2 Carney's Std. Serv. . .42y 2 6iy 2 Crystal Lake Furn. . .42 62 Willex 22 82 RAMBLIN'. with Phil It's done! I was able to pick up most of my new equipment late last week and had some time to work with it over the weekend. It's quite .different than anything I have ever worked with, and the touch on the new composer for straight matter is going to take a lot of getting used to! I am hoping that it will get a lot better as I get more practice on it. We have made some minor changes in the shop, but still have a long way ,to go. We won't be able to get things anywhere near what We want until we are able to get rid of our big newspaper press, and I dont plan on having that taken out until I have proven to. myself that the change to offset is going to work. With only one more issue to get out by the old process, I am really getting jumpy about the change, and now that I have a chance to work with the new equipment and find, out how different it is, I become more apprehensive about the change. Women Over 165 Marilyn Womble 215 Eunice Mechler 210, 207 Lois Peterson 209, 178 Donna Dreesman . 199, 177, 176 Mick Jandl li89, 170 Janice Trunkhill 188 Caralee Folman 187, 183 Bonnie Rike 187 Barb Madsen 186 Shirley Amesbury 185, 16e Donna Rudisill . . 183, 166, 165 Kas Larson 182, 178, 174 Marie Limberg 182 L. Wibben 181, 170, 167 Donna Nelson 180, 174 Velma Nelson , 180, 166 La Vaughn Wibben ... 179, 170 Loriie' Van Hove 178 Caralee Follman 173 Kari Knud'son 173 Dora Brandt 17i, 168 Donna Rudisill ( . ... 171 Charlotte Anderson ..170,168 Esther Christensen 168 Donna Dreesman 168, 166 LaVaughn Witaben 167 Lois Sonius 165 Men Over 205 William Batt 231 Ray Carlson 226 Lester Eden 224 Jack Trunkhill' 223 Dean Boyken 220 Kenzy Korte 218 Francis Culbertson 216 Earl Knudson 213 Dennis Miller 210 Gary Boyken 207 Art Limberg 207 Leonard Stenzel , 207 Keith Nelson 206 Edward Boyken 205 Ernie Lavrenz 205 NUMBER 12 Engag&d . . . Senator Priebe To Be In Tifonka Thursday Senator Berl Prietae will be visiting Kossuilh County communities today, Thursday, March 20, to visit constituents, answer questions and talk about the action of the State Legislature. He will be at the Kountry Kitchen in Titonka at 9:45 a.m. and will remain there for about a n hour. A,t. 1:45 p.m., he will be at the Fireside Cafe in Burt. All interested persons are invited to visit with Senator Priebe during his short stay in Titonka or at any other site he is stopping at in the county. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hankey • of Graettinger are happy to announce the engagement arid approaching marriage of their daughter, Connie, ,to Leon Pannkuk, son of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pannkuk of Titonka. An April 5th wedding is being planned by the couple. Heart Fund Drive To Start Here This Week The annual fund drive by the Iowa Heart Association will begin in Titonka later this week according to the local heart chairman, Mrs. Joy Boyken. Envelopes have been distributed throughout Titonka to aid in this collection. Please send ,the envelope on to the next name Perform First Marriage At Titohka Care Center The Titonka Care Center had to be the most exciting place in town last Wednesday afternoon whe n Dale Davenport, 72, and Sylvia Warrington, 93, Were united in marriage in th e first ceremony at the Center. Rev. Herbert Hanson, pastor of Good Hope Lutheran Church, performed the double ring ceremony and used as his text the,,words of God, "It is not good for man to live alone . . ." A party atmosphere prevailed at the Center as Doris Leek, pianist, .played i n the small chapel were .guests were lined up in wheel chairs the vo'ws. Emma. Martinek to witness of Wesley officiated at the guest book at a linen-covered table centered with a pink candle surrounded by flowers. All was quiet as the. bride and groom approached the altar, where Bentha Nimz attended her former roommate as matron of honor, and Roy Mann served as best man. During the ceremony, Beth Gingrich sang "I Love You Truly" before the bride was given in marriage by Mr. Carroll Wells of Blue Earth, son of Mrs. Nimz. Beth sang "O Perfect Love", and Rev. Hanson introduced Mr. and Mrs. Dale Davenport. A reception was held in the bright dining room where relatives and friends offered their congratulations. Hostesses for Three Persons Injured In One-Car Accident Sunday Local Clubs Promote Paper Salvage Drive Don't toss out or burn that stack of newspapers! Tie them in'a bundle, because in a few week's we'll have a truck come to Titonka to pick them up for recycling. This applies ONLY to newspapers—NO magazines. The Titonka Lions and Federated Clubs are promoting the project in our area so that we can help do our part in this Heart disease kills people each year than any oth- assMant | er disease; it disables more people than any other disease; and it cost industy 72 million man-days annually. The Heart Fund underwrites research and educational programs in the areas of heart attacks, strokes, rheumatic fever, high blood pressure and fects. inborn heart de- gether! ..'•.', We did want a report of the ceremony, so I have gotten my information from the Algona Newspapers and the Des Moines Register. Tyke's girls didn't win any medals at the State Indoor Track Meet at Drake last Saturday, but Sue Kike/ and Vanessa Follmah came close to Qualifying for the finals, and all of the girls gained some valuable experience. Congratulations to the girls for representing the community. The Howevjer, I .have been assured i girls first meat is the Indian by those _.who have changed that as so#n ;as I become ac custonied to it that things wil go quite smoothly. As 'this Is toeing written, it looks as if .spring ha,s really arrived. There's a lot of snow lib get,rid of, 'but.I, for one, am hoping that i$ doesn't, go too fast. We cbjUd haVe sopie serious problems if it gets too warm too soon. So far. a little has been going each day, and with .the freezing at night, we may get rid of it without any trouble in this area. The motorcycles were out in force Sunday afternoon, and: I guess that's a good sign of spring not being too far away. I was sorry ,that I wasn't able to get out to cover the first wedding at the Tid/onka Care Center last Wednesday, but we don't have the staff for that, and they picked my busiest day for the big event. Our congratulations to the couple and may they find much happiness to- 29 DAYS A Fire Relays scheduled for April ,15.. We have notified all ^eade|s whose subscriptions 'have expired, and the respone has been very gratifying. Right now with the necessity of the added expense i n our changeover these renewals are really needed. If you haven't sent ypur check, why not get it done today. I don't have any additional names to add (to our list of members of the Tri-County Recreation, but will,get them as soon as possible. It's not too late to get your membership and help Titonka "go over the top". ,The last report showed Titonka with $15,580 and a grand total of $41,318. It's re- narkable whait can be accomplished with so many people pulling i n the same direction! Occasionally I will "steal" something .from' another paper, and thought the following is quite cute. An editor died after a lingering Jjliiie,ss and his meager, savings barely covered '•--"•" 4-H Basketball Tourney Gets Started Next Week . The Kossuth County 1975 4-H Basketball Tournaments will get underway next week at five locations in .the county. 24 Junior teams and 17 Senior teams will be involved in the competition. The Junior Valley Farmers will meet the Coed Kids of Swea City in the opening game in the Titonka gym at 6:30 p.m. Monday, March 24, and Seneca plays the Junior Buffalo Boys at. 7:30. In the senior division, the Buffalo Boys take on Sentral,at v 8:30. The winners of the two junior games will play at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, March 25, and the winners of the games played at Sentral meet at 7:30 i n the local gym. The wirmer of <the senior game plays th e winner of th"e Sentral/game at 8:30, , /V7inners,;WiU'advance to further competition 01} Monday and Tuesday, March 31 and April 1, and finals i n both divisions will, be played at the Middle School in Algona on Wednesday, April 2. A free will offering will be taken &k ,the door for all games tb defray tlie, qostg of officials and use of the gymnasiums. Center; Martha Ann Rurup, administrator; and Leslie Schroeder, activity director. Good Hope Lutheran Church Circle members who assisted with serving were Verla Brandt, De tlle featured speaker. Bonnie Erpelding, Alice Rakow, ' Velda Harms, Verna AJke and Helen Schuster. The entire staff of the Center assisted with ,the planning and serving for the wedding reception. Pony Express Riders To Be Here Thursday The Pony Express Riders of Iowa, Inc. will be making their annual ride for funds for the Crippled Children and Adults of Iowa on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 27, 28 and 29. Dan Hanson Coaching Waldorf's Track Team Forest City: An unusual situation has developed this year for the Waldorf College track program. When last year's coach Ed Grant left Waldorf, there was no one to take his place. So, who are ,the coaches Dan Hanson and Rollie Ehm the only two sophomores re turning from last year's team decided to take the job. '•'They're doing everything we ask them to do", said Hanson who is from Titonka. So far its been good. Th'ey realize if they are going,to get anything out of track they'll h&ve, fa wolfk h'ard. Hanson and Ehm have only ten other guys to work with. "I had an excellent track cdach in high school", Hanson said. "I've talked to him.about practices. We've got ,'eih in good shape. Basically we jusit run hard in the Forest City Civic Auditorium. All the guys have been lifting weights, too." Although they'd like, to fill every event with a couple guys, it's jusit not possible. "We'll just do what we can dp. best", says Hanson, although Ehm. in- GARY HOOVER HEADS MEN'S SINGLES EVENT The men took over the actio n at Tyke Lanes last week as they competed in the City Bowling Tournament. Gary Hoover topped 36 entries in the singles event with a 648 series. He was followed by Phil Jaren 645, Elmer Boyken 637, Lester Eden 630, Gary Boyken 628, A. J. Budlong 614, Harold Andreasen 609, Ray Carlson 608, Gerald Bahling 601, Earl Knudson 600, Paul Hasse 599, and Jerry Dreesman 596.,. Keith Nelson and Gary Boyken walked away in the doubles with a 1294 total, the best effort from 13 entries. They were followed by Art and Stan Limberg 1204, Ron Garrett and Do n Madison 1187, Jack TrunkhiU and Dan Meyer, and Howard Batt and Paul Hasse tied at 1165. With 25 entries in mixed doubles, Donna Nelson and Gary Boyken totaled 1230 to win the even,t. Following them were Kas Larson and Gary Boyken 1223, Lois Sonius and Phil Jaren 1208, Mick Jandl and Gary Boyken 1186, Dora Brandt and A. J. Budlong 1181, Florence and Lester Eden 1178 Caralee Folliman and Cecil An Athletic Banquet honoring 'Heyer 1175, and Kas Larson and Earl Kmidson 1168. The women's jackpot for the high single game went to Cara lee Follman as she totaled 225 Other winner were Donna Dreesman 219, and Mick Jand 212. There were 16 entries. j Art Limberg and Phil Jare r We'd for the men's jackpo,t, with games of 243. Following them were Les Eden 234, A. J. Bud long 225, Gerald Bahling 218, Gary Boyken and Gary Hoover 216, Jack Trunkhill 214, Earl Knudson 211, Arvid Boyken 208, Leonard Stenzel and Elmer Boyken 205, and Harold Andrea- en 204. 65 men were entered. vital program of saving instead of wasting. Recycling is proving ,to be of great importance, and in order for it to be successful, the program needs the support of everyone. The collection station will be located at the lumber yard but you are asked NOT to bring them to ,the Center until another notice appears in the Topic. For now — SAVE! For those who cannot bring their papers to the Center, the sponsoring organizations will try to arrange a "pick up" campaign. Let's all cooperate and we'll be participating in a tremendous project which is in progress throughout our entire nation. Plan Athletic Banquet Titonka Athletes Titonka High School athletes will be held at the school on Tuesday, April 1 at 6:30 p.m. John Grace, popular athletic official -from Emmetsburg,- will This pot the banquet will be luck affair with each family furnishing a dessert and either a salad or hot dish. The meat will be furnished and prepared by the Kossuth County Pork' Producers Association. Coffee, milk and dinner rolls will also be provided. Those attending are asked to bring their own table service. Tickets may be purchased from any Titonka High School athlete for $2.00 each. dicated they; r e...sjtiU. trying to recruit a high juniper to fill an opening. While the numbers aren't great, obviously the enthusiasm is present. "Track is an Individ Kindergarten Round-up Set At Titonka School The Kindergarten Round-up wiU be held at the Titonka School in ithe Multi-Purpose Room on Tuesday, March 25. Both mother and father, .as well as prospective kindergarten students, are encouraged to at- end. , Some of, the activities that are planned include: Welcome, Kindergarten Readiness Test to be taken by students and parents, explanation of School Health Program, and questions and answers about kindergarten. In addition to the Titonka staff, several county specialists will be present to do some work with the children. Letters have been senf, to prospective students as determined through .tile school census iake n in May, 1974. It is possi- bles others have moved into the district and wjll have children -- 7*5.7,- -£,1 i^'JJfTi'B', T^?; ng nothjng.for funeral,.^ es. A friend, after soliciting funds all day, lacked only $1.00 of having enbugii. .He westrily asked a stranger, "Could you give me a dollar to bury an editor?" The stranger pulled out a $5.00 bill and said, "Here, bury five of thorn." On Thursday, local riders will visit Titonka and Woden and collect contributions which may be left in the "boots" which have been pu,t in moat of, the business places, or money riiay be, given tq.any of the riders. ,C?almp Sunhyside, near Des Moines,,is the recipient bt.the funds collected, and several pepptej fr.om ,o,ur area have had the benefits of attending camp there. 'Please be generous to .this very worthwhile cause. ual sport", apparently says Hanson with Ehm who has molded ten other Individuals to their way of thinking. DUVK8AFKLY! BROWNIE GIRL SCOUTS 13 Brownie Girl Scouts met in Fellowship Hall of the Methodist Church on March 17. Denise Sch,utte,r called the meeting to order. We talked about the new Brownie Enrichment Program. Through .troop activities a pa'tch can be earned by girls e^ch year ,$iey are in Brownie pu% Scouts,,, Trie learned the Brownie., Friendship. Song. Wendy Bruns made a motion to adjourn. We went grocery shopping, and then made our treat, "Brownie Pudding" cones. Our next meeting is April 7. Pam Peterson will bring treats. —JBrenda Carlson, reporter starting kindergarten in the 'all. I n this case, they should contact the school, and information will be sent in regard to the Round-up. Your child, to be eligible for kindergarten, must have reached his or her 5th birthday by September 15, 1975. Parents are asked to bring their child's birth certificate to this meeting. There will be no regular kindergarten classes on March 25. Mechler Is Unanimous Conference Choice Four of Titonka's basketball players were named to the 1st and 2nd Stateline All Conference Teams for 1974-75. No other team had more than .two players receive the coveted honor. Dean Mechler and three other players, John Rasmussen of Thompson, Eddie Payne of Swea City, and Ted Riley of Ringsted, headed the 1st team as unanimous choices. Completing the 1st team were Lyle Karels of Burt, Don.-Wagner of Armstrong, Jim Naumen of Ledyard and Larry Hagedor n of Rake.. , Named to tne 2nd team were three Titonka juniors, Jeff Loeschen, Eugene Zwiefel and Steve Dietrich. Also receiving 2nd team honors were Jeff Ulrich of Ringsited, Ken Rasmussen of Thompson, Joel Jaeger of Lakota, Rod Prather of Lincoln Central, Glen Gibson of Ledyard, Eric Torkelson of Rake, and Dave Thackery of Armstrong. It had been a nfce spring Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa, but it almost ended in tragedy Sunday afternoon as Mrs. Kent Brown, the former Janet Bahling, and her ,t,wo sons of Hampton prepared to return holme after spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bahling. The two small children were tired, so Michael, 4, got in the back seat to lie down, and Layne, 2, crawled in front wLth his mother. The family had driven only about a half mile south of the Bahling home, about 5:00 p.m., on Highway 226 .south of Titonka when Mrs. Brown apparently .tri^d to help Layne get settled. ,The front wheel of th e car dropped off the blacktop onto .the soft shoulder. When Mrs. Broiyn pulled it back, she lost control of tiie auto that .traveled part way across the highway and then back to th e west where it rammed into a bridge abutment just south of the Ted Hoover, Jr. farm. Jae Givens was already at the scene of the accident when Ted Hoover came out of his house and saw what had happened. After going to the scene of the mishap, he rushed back to the house to summon an ambulance. Unable to get anyone at Titonka, he had ,t,he operator call the Algona aimbulance that rushed all three occupants of the car to Mercy Hospital in Mason City. Fortunatly, Connie Heyer, an aide at the Titonka Care Center with some first aid training, came along and administered" emergency treatment while they waited for the ambulance. Janet, .the most seriously injured, suffered fractures of the jaw and cheek bone, leg,, arm, and pelvis, and severe- lacerations. Layne had both- legs broken and suffered contusions, and Michael escaped with bruises. Mrs. Brown is i n intensive care and reported as making satisfactory progress, while the two boys were in Room 657. Mike was released Tuesday. COMMUNITY GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE AT IMJW ANUEL The annual Community Good Friday Service for the Titonka area will be held at Imtmanuel Lutheran Church, rural Titon- ia, at 1:3.Q p.m., .Friday, March 28 with PaSJtor^ Baak^Hansoni Hjelmaas, Jannsen and Agier conducting the service. Their respective congrega- ions will also participate with musical selections. Everyone is welcome and invited to attend. TITONKA FEDERATED CLUB TO MEET THIS EVENING The • Titonka Federated Club will meet Thursday, March 20 at 8:00 p.m. in the home of Donna Kitziinger, with Caroline Gast as assistant hostess. The program consists of a Morality Panel on "Reach out for Empathy" with Betty Brandt as chairman, and Shirley Aimesbury, Jo Ann Hoover and Sue Krantz, as panel members. . Roll call will be ."A disciplinary action that brings results." Karen Krantz will present ,the G.F.W.C: Notes. Ten Lettermen Return To Titonka Track Team "It's early, but we have a lo,J; of potential, arid I'm looking forward to the track season", said head coach Larry Goodrich when asked about prospects for the 1975 campaign. With 28 boys out for track, it is expected that the team will be strong in the middle distances and stronger in field events than they have been 'for several years jTj , Assisting Coach- . Goodrich wi,th the team will be Toni Bergstrom. Lettermen returning are Roy Budlong, Tom Grandgenett; Dean Mechler, k ^jteye Dietrich, Gary Goetz, Keith Huesttnari, Kim Krominga, Brent fiippen- 'trop, Eugene Zwiefel and Leroy Ruse. Also .opt. for,, the varsity sport are Wayne Bruns David ' Everding, .Rode, Gall LIONS CLUB SPONSORS EASTER EGG HUNT The Titonka Lip£s clufe is planning an Easten Egg^ Hunt for Saturday, March 29 on the Titonka school grounds. Check next week's paper for further details. ' ., Stoddard, Myron Carlson, Doug Fox, Jeff Loeschen, Alan Grandgenett, ,Larry gray, Joel ETjelmaas, Faul Jansseri, Neal Struthers, Mark Anderson Wendell Christensen, Mike Or- ;hel, Roger Spiidt, Kevin Wilbeck and Mark Zwiefel. The. team has been working on conditioning lor some ,time, )ut official practices just got started this week as they prepare for their first meet, the Pocahontas Relays on Tuesday Aprils. GET ACQUAINTED OPEN HOUSE FOR GARY BEEDS You are invited to a n open house get acquainted and rea- quainted with Gary and Nancy Beed v and children, at the Charl.es Biped p.m. Come as yoti are. m , Jaren and Mrs. Helen Jaren were Friday evening visitors in the home of Mr. and Mm. Charles Beed.

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