Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 29, 1969 · Page 10
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 10

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1969
Page 10
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 1969 MONEY CLIPS by Mort Reed HERE WE GO AGAIN The Joint Commission on the Toinage met Dec. 5 to consider •ertain recommendations presented by commission chairman, Secretary of the Treasury Henry -I. Fowler. Two of the more im- wrtant recommendations con- :erned the future of the silver inlf -dollar and continuance of he ban on melting silver coin- ise. As was expected, the secret ary had his way. The outcome of polls taken imong members clearly favored ill proposals made by the; chair- nan. A substantial majority recommended the Treasury request legislation to authorize the minting of nonsilver dad-type 50- -:ent pieces to replace the existing 40 per cent silver half-dollar. It further suggested that the Mint continue producing the 40 per cent silver coin at the present rate of 100 million pieces a year until such new authority was granted by the Congress. This decision certainly will never win a popularity contest with the Silver Producers Association and it can contribute only to Hie already short circulation life of the much-prized Kennedy half- dollar. The second of Fowler's recommendations to win majority approval was the continuation of the ban on melting U.S. silver coins. Authority to enforce this section of the 1964 Coinage Act was optional to the secretary of the Treasury and he elected to enforce it in spite of pressures brought to bear by senators and congressmen arguing in behalf of tse Silver Users Association. When ail the absentee ballots were in (many of the commission members were not present at the meeting!, the count favored asking Congress to enact legislation making the current administrative ban permanent and applicable to all U.S. coins. Fowler, who favored this course of action at the Dec. 5 meeting, expressed the view that the present ban should be continued until Congress can decide the issue legislation will be prepared battle Treasury immediately and submitted to the new Congress. I recall reading a sign in a Washington office that read: "Don't be a 'yes' man. If your leader says 'no,' you say 'no.' " * :K * DEAR SIR: Is paper money with a red seal worth saving"? T saved blue seal bills and turned them in. I have several $5 bills with red seals and wonder if I should keep them or put them back in circulation.—Mrs. Anne M. Sterling, Cohoes, N.Y. (Troy Record Newspaper). DEAR MRS. STERLING: Many factors govern 1he value of the red seal bill3 other than just the seal, I suggest you send $1.50 to William P. Donlon, P.O. Box 144, Utica, N.Y., and ask for a copy of his 1969 edition of "United States Small Size Paper Money." It will describe these notes, their condition and approximate value. * * * DEAR SIR: I wrote you sev- era] months ago and asked some questions, but I am still in the dark. If there is a charge for answering questions, I will be glad to pay it. Do the $1 and $5 bills with a letter K on the face and an emblem with Washington, D.C., on one side have any special collectors' value? (2) Do collectors still buy silver certificates. If so, what do they pay? (3) I have a newspaper picture showing the government melting silver dimes and quarters. How many have they melted to date? (4) Do silver dimes and quarters have more than 5 cents-on-the-dollar value??—Richard Budde, Minster, Ohio (Lima News). DEAR MR. BUDDE: First of all, there is no charge for answering questions. This column is brought to you by your newspaper for your pleasure and information. In answer to your first question, the letter K inside of the Federal Reserve Seal indicates the bank of issue. (2) Some paper currency collectors do buy silver certificates but they must either be several in a series or of special numbering arrangements. (3) You can write the director, Bureau of the Mint, Washington, D.C. They may tell you the number <>i coins melted to date. Last,' silver dimes and quarters are still worlh face value but some dealers arc pay- i ing as high as 13 per cent over j face in sizable quantities. * * * I DEAR MR. REED: A recent j news item mentioned a 3-penny I token made by John Higley in I Connecticut 200 years ago, Would j like your comments.- -Mrs. M. j M. Higley, Pamona, Calif. Pro- j gress Bulletin). DEAR MRS. HIGLEY: The 22nd edition of "A Guide Book of United States Coins" shows a picture of the Higley, or Granby coppers. The story has it that CA'W 'ur GEORGE DO IT- ' . lutein RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Your Moforolo Deafer Phone 242-2323 Higley minted his own coinage from copper he secured from his own mine near Granby, Conn. Although they were unauthorized pieces, his 3-pence coins did circulate in the community. When the supply exceeded the demand, Higley coined new pieces bearing the Roman numeral III and the inscription VALUE ME AS YOU PLEASE and I AM GOOD COPPER. 1 These Higley coppers are quite valuable. There are seven different pieces running from $400 in good condition to ?900 in very j good. PEEDY TRAVELER, the new Acrotrain 02 experimental vehicle rests on its monorail track after a trial run •ans, France. During tests, the jet-propejlcd train ro^V'! ~?oerfs n*"*,. *». ; >r. ?oo m?'«R :>n h«»—. Russian Space Junk Burns In Air Over Chicago CHICAGO (AP) The bril- li .Tit flash of light seen by residents in a four-state area Sun- ! America Air Defense Command. ' Sl-y watchers in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan reported seeking the brilliant glowing nMoct at 12:50 a.m. Sunday in the midwest skies. Some reported a sound similar to a sonic boom accompanied the flash. S"me reported to have seen landing spaceships and others .Tfici flaming objects fell a short duy was a piece of Russian distance from them. zpvee hardware burning up as Center said there are 1,536 it struck the atmosphere over , objects in orbit around the earth Chicago, an Air Force spokes- j; 0 ":ie 353 of these are payloads, man said Monday. including 274 that belong^feihe Brig. Gen. Martin Menter said United States. The Russian?Tsre the object was a rocket used to responsible for 67 payloads. The launch a Russian communica- remaining objects, Menter said, t'ons satellite, Moliya, some two are described as "space junk," years ago. which consist of spent boosters, Gen. Menter, command judge, coverings, and other useless advocate of the Space Defense ; itvms Command located near Colorado 1 Springs, said the returning hard- Honolulu, Hawaii's larges"t ware was identified 30 minutes • city, is located on the island before its entry by the North of Oahu. 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