The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 31, 1961 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 5
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Americans Are Paying $16 Billion A Year For Medical Care BySAMMWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) - Dlness- and its prevention—grows more costly. Individuals don't have to be told this. And business is finding it more expensive, loo. Both are well aware of the rise in medical and hospital costs in recent years. More firms are offering em- ploye medical services. This grows both more extensive and more expensive. Companies also are increasingly involved in meeting all or part of their employes' health insurance costs. Medical fees and hospital care grow more expensive because costs themselves have gone up but also because care is increasingly being widened and improved. Hospitals have higher operating costs and pay employes more. They also offer services today with equipment unknown a few years back. New drugs, new doctoring and nursing techniques, new equipment—all push up costs. Adding to the total outlay is that Americans, with increased incomes, are seeking more medical care all the time. Each year a larger share of the spending is for prevention rather than cure. This all adds up to more than $16 billion a year that Americans now pay for medical service. Many individuals have had to go into debt to meet costs in major emergencies. But many have had | Those offer services all the way ' • help from various sources little used by earlier generations. One is from health insurance payments. Insurance companies are estimated to have paid out ?3 billion in benefits in 1960. A second aid to individuals faced with illness or accidents is the growing role of corporate medical departments. from preventative shots for influenza and other epidemics and patching up of on-job injuries to regular and complete medical examinations—the latter usually for the top echelon of executives or key employes. The National Industrial Conference Board finds the cost of such services up more than 10 per cent in the last five years for 96 com-1 panics queried. The firms now pay about $17.5 million a year to provide medical facilities for 890,000 employes. Included arc physical examinations, visiting nurse service, on- job nursing care, accident prevention programs, dental care and medical supplies and equipment. Excluded are company supported health insurance programs or sick- leave pay. Higher salaries in the medical departments, increased supply and equimcnt costs, and expanded medical facilities are cited as reasons for the rise in spending. Companies employing more than 10,000 persons report visits that range from four to eight a year per worker. Visits range between eight and ten in the smaller firms. fTHE OTTAWA HERALD E Tuesday, October 31, 1861 * Jerry Giesler On Critical List HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Famous Hollywood attorney Jerry Giesler is listed in critical condition after taking a turn for the worse at Mt. Sinai Hospital Giesler, 74, is being treated for a recurring heart condition. Hf was hospitalized Oct. 14. Wellsville News Win Sales Contest By BERNICE HOLDEN Pete Clark, of rural Edgerton, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Clark, Wellsville, placed first in a contest for the best increase in sales over the first nine months of this year among Phillips 66 service stations in the M & M Oil Co., area. His prize was an A.M. & F.M. radio and stereo record player combination. Announcement of award winners was made follow" ing a dinner Thursday night in the Big 8 room of the Hotel Eldridge, Lawrence. The dinner was given by the M & M Oil Co., who sponsored the contest. Clark and Orin Trabert, rural Olathe, own the P & T Service at Gardner. Clark operates that station. Trabert, who owns and operates Trabert Service in Olathe, won third prize of a $75 merchandise certificate at any store of his choice. Mrs. Rowona Pinkerton has received several pieces of ceramic work which she had started while at Biloxi, Miss., this summer while visiting her son, William, and family. Included were cherubs with musical instruments, an angel and a vase. The firing of the ceramics was done after she had returned home. Mrs. Pinkerton attended a ceramics class in the hobby shop at Keesler AFB where her son is stationed. She recalls there were more than 200 molds available for casseroles, dishes and decora- ,tive objects. The creativeness of making ceramics was especially rewarding to her. She told of pouring the slip into molds, adding that it is "such a thrill to open your mold and find you have made something." Her son had also studied ceramics at Biloxi. A large turkey platter which he had made for his home was of a raised design of fruits and vegetables, including grape clusters and pumpkins. Some 28 or 30 colors of paint were used in making it. It could serve doubly as a platter or wall plaque. Attending a party for members • nf the Twenty Year Club of the American Oil Company Thursday night at the LDS Temple in Independence, Mo., were Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Collins and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Omer Knoop. Anyone with the company more than 20 years is eligible for membership. The party included dinner and entertainment. KHSS Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Collins, Kansas City, spent Thursday and Friday with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Farrell and Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Collins. His parents joined him to visit over the weekend, and he returned home with them. Attending the Region 2 meeting of the Kansas Association of School Boards recently at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, were Supt. W. E. Peterson, and the school board clerk, Norman Shannon. Shannon served on the nominating committee to name a regional vice president of the KASB. Nominated and elected to this office was Mrs. Elaine Martindell, board member from Eureka. Kenny, 7-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene O'Connor, placed third in his age group in the Punt, Pass and Kick contest sponsored by Beedles Ford Motor Co. at Baldwin Oct. 14. He received a football as his prize. Divorces Pegler TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Newspaper columnist Westbrook Pegler was divorced Monday by Mrs. Pearl Doan Pegler, who testified her husband had treated her cruelly. Mrs. Pegler, 48, received $35,000 cash and two parcels of land totaling 35 acres in a property settlement. Pegler, 66, was not in court. The couple married May 11, 1959. '* 'exa ORIGINAL STARTS NOVEMBER 2 10 DAYS ONLY! 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RANEY REXALL DRUG Prescription Druggists Phone CH 2-3092 3.00 Value BUBBLE BATH 3 boxes of 20 packets ea „. 1.59 3-PACK TOOTH PASTE Rexall. 9V4-OZ. total _ _ 6.49 Value BATH SCALE Rex-Way. Modern styling - 99c NYLONS Plain or dark seam, 60 gauje. ._..._ 43c QUIK-BANDS sterile adhesive bandages. 31's 1.98 STATIONERY "Starfire" with envelopes. .. 18.95 Value ELECTRIC BLANKET 72 x 84", single control __ 3.98 SYRINGE Snugfold folding fountain type :...,. 29c FACIAL TISSUES i Tnr -JQ Rexall. 400's 0 IUI .19 75c MINERAL OIL Reiall. First quality. Pint. .„..._.......„_,..._..., _ .98 _ -89 4.29 3 pr. 2.01 .29 .98 13.99 2.59 .49 3045. Main Phone CM 2-3092 , |

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