The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 31, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Tuesday, October 31, 1961 From Our Readers The Mess We Are In No wonder Mr. Averyt was apprehen- Worker". In analysis, he does not offer sive. A "prophet" such as Ed Wiltze who any information to refute Mr. Wiltze's . * - , „ , ,, statements but proceeds to smear and spoke in Ottawa recently really cuts the Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Tuesday i. Does he question the in- ground from under one who has built on Jeliigence of the fine women who invited shifting sand. There ought to be a flood tn i s man to speak at their meeting. of protests to Mr. Averyt's letter to The H -ij Give us more men like Ed Wiltze, J. Edgar Hoover, Billy James Hargis, Dr. We appreciate the Ottawa Business Fred Swarz, General Walker, Fred Koch, and Professional Women's Club and their Robert Welch and many others such as choice of speakers. The substance of Mr. those who served on the House Un-Amer- Wiltze's talk was well reported in The ican Affairs Committee. Herald. Then, by the help of God, we can get Mr. Averyt's criticism sounds more out of the mess this country is in. — like what one would read in "The Daily Harold Staley, Williamsburg. This And That by jph Old India Across Tracks DELHI, India — Pass under the railroad tracks Sights To See JLTiLitll, lllUia — mas uiiuci mi. iui"""-^ „„>..... c, «. OH D« and y ou are ** J* W. a g a,n. J^^*- ££*£?£ ••-. i- i u..!!„„!, nnxio on<l cfiirrvino nfln- *""j *~> " - i .. ,, . ., sights Outstanding among them is the Pony carts and bullock carts, and scurrying peo- ^^ ^ pie in grubby clothes predominate in the traf- La i Kila which means nothing more romantic fie. As in Pakistan there is the sense of live- than Red Fort stock at every hand. And here two specimens It - s aU built 0 { a san dstone that is almost are .addd to jhe pervasive domestic animal life. brick red Its walls average 75 feet high and half Making its deliberate, almost regal way a circumference O f a mile and a half. At the along the street, forcing all else to make bage of them a Depression clearly shows where passage for it, is an occa- ~ sional sacred cow to prove that despite the inverted light bulb shaped domes and minarets of old Muslim mosques that supply the architectural high notes to Old Delhi is a And as a sur- Pakistan where the scenes, Hindu city. prise after they are even more fiercely JPH anti-pork than the Israelis, are a few lean and mean looking pigs. the moat used to be. The style of the fort, which was built just over three centuries ago, is the European one of that area but the fanciful decorations atop its wall and towers place it in a different part of the world. Within the Red Fort there are still a few marble halls whose infinite, graceful decorations are as well preserved as the old walls themselves. The treasurers of gold and silver, the hordes of precious jewels, and the fabulous Peacock Throne, of course, are long since gone. As a hint of what they amounted to, however, one of the former landlords of the place, who had the misfor- 5:00 4—Picture of the Dajr 8—Early snow 9—Popey 13—Roy Roger* 5:30 4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Camera Corner 5:40 13— Sport* — oev NeliOO 5:55 6—Sporti 13- Weather — Gordon Jump 6:00 4—News 5— NEWS with Harold Uaek 9—Ozzle & Harriet 13—News with Uou HarrlftoB 8:10 4—Sports—Monte Moore 6—Weather with Johnny Yates «:15 4—Huntley-Brlnkley Report 6-13— News with Douglai Edwards 8:30 4—Laramle 5-13—Marshal Dillon 9—Bugs Bi nny 7:00 4—Laramle 5—Dick Van Dyke 9—Bachelor Father 13—Whiplash 1:30 4—A Hitchcock 5-13—Dobie Ulllls 9—Calvin & The Colonel 8:00 4—Dick Powell 5-13—Red Skelton 9—New Breed 8:3(1 4—Dick Powell 5—Death Valley Days 9—New Breed 13—Jim Backus »:00 4—Cain's Hundred 5-13—Oary Mooie 9—Close-Up 9:30 4—Cain's Hundred 5-13—Gary Moore 9—Special 10:00 4-5-9-13—News 10:10 4-5—Weather 10:15 4—Jack Paar 5—Ichabod & Me 9—Peter Gunn 10:20 13—Sport*—Dev Nelson 10:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater, "Ride the Pink Horse" 9—Big Show, "High Sierra" 13—Hawaiian Eye 10:45 5—Five Star Theater, "Knute Rockne" 9—Big 3how, "Mildred Fierce" 11:00 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Big Show 13—Hawaiian Eye 11:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatre 9—Big Show 12:00 4—News 9—liaily Word 12:40 5-Late Show, "Hold That Ghost" In contrast to the rather stately stores, in an tune to be captured, was able to produce enough old fashioned way, which sit back of columned chattels around his establishment to pay off a arcades on the other side of the city, the bazaar- type shops here do all the business again. Barely larger than a double bed, they hug the roads or are built right out into them. They are perched high enough so that the merchant, seated on his floor with his legs folded under him can look down a little on his patrons as he hands them a piece of his miserable merchandise after a barter has been completed. In Old Delhi a vacant piece of ground is no safer than an object dropped from one's pocket on the street. Whether it is a hillock, a ditch, or a heap of stones, overnight squatters will throw up their shacks, thatched huts, or shanties on it, and overnight create yet one more small slum. Wednesday 9—Torey, Popeye, and Friend* 13—Cartoons 8:00 4—Picture of tht Day 5—Early Show 0—Popeye •13—Quick Draw McOraw '4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show 9— Quick Draw HcOraw 13—Kansas Panorama 5:45 13—Sports With D«T Nelsol 5:50 13—Business News 8:55 5— Sports, Harold Mack 13—Weather with Gordon Jump «:00 4—News ft—News with Harold Mack 9—Man From Cochlse 13—News with Don Harrises 6:10 5—Weather with Johnny Yates 6:15 ».13_ News with Douflu Id warts «:30 4—Wagon Train • 6-13—Alvin 9—Steve Allen 7:00 4—Wagon Train 6—Talent Roundup 9—Steve Allen 13—Donna Reed 7:30 4—Joey Bishop 6-13—Checkmate 9—Top Cat 8:00 4—Firry Como 8-13—Checkmate 9—Hawaiian Eye 8:30 4—Perry Como 5—Mri. G. Goes To College 9—Hawaiian Eye 13—Beachcomber 9:00 4—King of Diamonds 5-13—U. S. Steel Hour 9—Naked City 9:30 4—Brlnkley's Journal 5-13—U. S. Steel Hour 9—Naked City 10:00 4-5-9-13—News 10:10 4-5—Weather 10:15 4—Jnck Paar 5—Five Star Theater, "Reaching For The Sun 1 ' 9—Peter Gunn 13— Weatner—Gordon Jump 10:20 13—Sports With De» Nelsoa 10:30 4—Jack Paar 5—FalhT Knows Best 9—Peter Own 13—Target: Corruptors 10:45 5—Five Star Theater. "Hazard" 9-13—Big Show, "Crime of Passion" u:no 4—Jack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatre, 9—Big Show 13—Target: Corruptors 11:3* 4—jack Paar 5—Five-star Theatre 9—Big Show 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad 9—Dally Word 12:10 13:J5 5—Movie, "Henry Aldrich For President" FLASHBACK - Dick first met when she was USO o'clock tonight, Channel 5. Van Dyke and his television wife, Mary Tyler Moore, recall how they ) dancer and he an Army sergeant on "The Dick Van Dyke Show" 7 $75 million ransom. And that was before inflation. The Lal Kila has a peaceful look today. Its walls are so well preserved that it looks as though the fort never had served its military purpose. Yet enough blood has flowed in around it to dye its high, massive walls a much brighter shade of red than they are. As a detail, in 1739, which was only 27 years before our Declaration of Independence, a Persian invader captured the Red Fort and promptly dispatched all those in the defending forces who had survived the battle. To emphasize his victory, he then massacred 100,000 of the people of surrounding Delhi. To Your Good Health An Emotional Problem By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: Is there medication or special diet that will increase virility of a man in his early 40's? My husband recently had a complete physical and was found to be in excellent health.-Mrs. C.J." . It's hard to convince people — but the usual reason for lack of virility is emotional. Business or other problems pile up, and the thoughtful concern of mid-life supersedes the febrile exuberance of young adulthood. Wise is the wife who recognizes this but doesn't talk about it; who cherishes the fact that her husband loves her and is devoting his life to support- army, perhaps he can get treatment from the Veterans Administration. Likewise there are other and less expensive treatments for athlete's foot. Drug stores have various remedies that are sold over the counter without prescription. And it's also effective to soak the feet in potassium permanganate, a one to 5,000 dilution. But remember that it is poisonous if taken internally, and that it will stain the feet and also the pan or other container. "Dear Dr. Molner: My two-year-old daughter has a sort of depression in the center of her chest. She also seems to have trouble breathing at night — snores so she can be heard all over. Could this 'chest depression' be the cause? -Mrs. W.K." IS ucvuiuic ma me \,\j ouyj/w*. *~ -, , _ ing the family; and who makes him feel that » depends on the depth of the depression. If their's is a sound, happy marriage. Surprisingly, J is extensive, it can be repaired surgically, somewhere along the line the hard-working hus- before puberty (There s time, in other words, to band relaxes and forgets that he is worreid about nave the condition studied carefully.) If the de- losing his virility. Unexpectedly, and happily, he pression is small, I doubt that it has anything finds that he's as virile as ever. Maybe not as often as when he was young — but his love is as ardent, and it's deeper and sweeter and more meaningful than ever before. "Dear Dr. Molner: Would you write something about a peritrate for heart patients? I have taken it for four years following a coronary attack.— R.C.M." to do with the breathing problem. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heaberlin, 527 N. Mulberry. Croquet was becoming quite popular in Wells- This is a drug in the general classification of ville. Players were continuing their activities into the evening hours, with bonfires to help keep them warm and were thinking of erecting canvas windbreaks. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Browning, of northwest of Ottawa. 50 YEARS AGO County Clerk Fred Baldwin went to Kansas City to see the play, "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch." Elmer Jordan of King Street was recovering from injuries received at the car works. Attorney J. L. Shelden went to Lawrence to see the Kansas University-Drake University foot- fa a i 1 game. Attorney Sheldon graduated from Drake University, Des Moines, in 1903. Prayer For Today "Brothers, I have lived with a perfectly good conscience before God down to the present day." (Acts 23:1. Moffatt.) PRAYER: We thank Thee, Lord, for this inner force that abides in us. We pray that it may be blended with Thy spirit. Let thy voice speak nitroglycerin, used for dilating the coronary arteries. Its action is slower in starting, but more prolonged. For example, taken four times a day, it gives a more continuous beneficial effect. "Dear Dr. Molner: I contracted athlete's foot during World War II army service and have had it every since. "I have heard there is an effective pill to be taken orally. A druggist says there is one but it should be taken only on a doctor's prescription. "I earn only a fair living and it would help if you would comment on the oral pill and why it is important to get it only through a doctor.— • F.F." There's some variance in reports on the effectiveness of pills for athlete's foot. Some doctors say yes, some don't. The real answer may be that all cases of athletes foot may not come from the same fungus. The drug attacks some, not others. The government decides which drugs require prescriptions. All powerful ones do — because there is no way, except by a physician's supervision, to be sure that the right amount is given, and that side effects (which can be anything from skin outbreaks, nausea or nerves, to se- 6:00 4—Contental Classroom 6:25 5—Profile 6:30 4—Contental Classroom 13—College of the Air 6:05 5—Farm Facts 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour. 7:15 9—Good Morning 7:30 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 9—Search For America 13—Rush Hour 1:35 5—Cartoonland 8:00 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9 Heckle and Jeckle 8:05 9—Cartoons 8:15 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Whizzo's Wonderland 9:00 4— Say When 5—Jack La Lanne 9—Romper Room 13—Calendar 9:30 4-Play Your Hunch 5-13—1 Love Lucy 9—Masterpiece Movie, "East of the River" 10:00 4—Price I« Right 5-13—Video Village 9—Movlt 10:30 4—Concentration 8—Your Surprise Package 9—Movie 13—Your Surprise Package 10:55 9—News 11:00 4—Truth or Consequences 5—Love of Life 9—Texan 13—Love Of Life 11:30 4—It Could Be YOU 5—Search for Tomorrow 9—Love That Bob 13—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:115 5-13—News 12:00 4—Cartoons 5—News 9—("nmouflag* 13—News 18:05 5—News, weather 13:3« 4—Accent 8-13—As the World Turns 9—Make a Face 1:00 4—Jan Murray S-13—Password 9—Day in Court 1:30 4—Loretta Young 8-13—House Party 9—Topper 2:00 4—Young Dr. Malone 5-13—Millionaire 9—Number Please 2:30 4—Award Theater 5-13—Verdict la Yours 9—Seven Keys 3:00 4—Make Room For Daddy 5-13—Brighter Day 9—Queen For A Day 3:15 5-13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—'lere's Hollywood S-13-Edge of Night 1—Who do you Trust? 4:00 4—Kukla and Ollle 6— Early Show. "Henry Aldrich For President" 9—American Banstand 13—News 1:05 4—Mr, Magoo 4:10 13—Weather 4:15 4—Picture of the Day, "Woman and the Hunter' 1 13—Kracko's Komedy Klub 4:30 4—Picture of the Dty 6—Early Show Midwest Napping? LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP)-Dr. Elmer Ellis, University of Missouri president, said Monday that the Mid-West has "grown at about half the national rate since 1930. Our area has been caught napping.' It will take a crash program of research financed by private grants to catch up, he told the Lawrence Rotary Club. Big business clusters around the huge, progressive research centers of learning, Dr. Ellis said, and the big federal grants go to the schools with advanced research facilities already made possible by private grants. "Public grants," he said, "go to the 'haves,' not to the 'have nots,' as far as research is concerned." To help the massive program of recovery, he said, all schools in the Big Eight Conference, plus Colorado State University and Iowa University, have formed the Mid-America Universities Association. The MAUA will save money through prevention of duplicate research and will present a unified voice in regional development, Dr. Ellis said. Do Hogs Have Ulcers, Too? LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) - Do hogs, like humans, worry themselves into having stomach ulcers? Purdue University has been given $45,000 to find out. The National Institute of Health granted the money for research by Dr. G. D. Goetsch and Dr. T. M. Curtin of the Purdue Veterinary School. It is hoped the project also may result in something to help prevent or treat ulcers in humans. Cannot Sell America Like Soap By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-Charles H. Brower, president of the big Madison Avenue advertising agency Batten, Barton, Durstine and Osborne said in a Chicago speech the other day that the United States should sell democracy to the world with the techniques used to peddle cornflakes and soap. In the days since I have been watching TV commercials with special interest, attempting to figure out which ones could be adapted easily to hard-selling democracy. And I just don't think it would work. For instance: Pretty girl stands smiling into "Congressional Record," while man's voice is heard singing, "Nine out of 10 Hollywood stars use this document—and life is shinier, lovelier with it." Man is shown holding a ballot and saying, "For fast, Fast, FAST relief from pain of dictatorship use this..." Native woman is shown looking sadly at a grubby kitchen towel decorated with a map of her country, while an American housewife is smiling at her gleaming towel with its map of the United States. The American housewife says, "Not just clean, but clean clear through." But no matter how you switch the pitches, they don't seem right. Better we should muddle along with out usual conservative institutional type of soft-selling our system. It's more convincing —and dignified. Director Booed By 'Consent' Cast By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Notes and comment on the Hollywood scene: Another first for Otto Preminger? He may be the first director in Hollywood to be booed by his own cast. He was berating the extras in Senate Gallery scenes for "Advice and Consent." "In Washington I was working with amateurs and I got much better reactions than I do from you," he said. The extras boed in reply. Unabashed, Preminger continued his work. When he started shooting the scene he told the extras, "Now react to the scene as wll as you reacted to me." Jose Ferrer, directing "State Fair," and Charles Brackett, producing, are having a feud. . . . The Bobby Darin-Sandra Dee baby is due "sometime in December". . . .No TV series for Alice Faye and Phil Harris despite the reports. "Family shows have been done to death," says she. "I'd be embarrassed to try one." Horst Buchholz won't be doing European pictures. He figures to do two a year for American companies' and that's all. . . . Peter awford did two days' work in France for "The Longest Day," has to go back and do seven more. The film is living up to its name. In his new book, "The Blue of Capricorn," Eugene Burdick ac- knowledges help from Marlon Brando, "who sees the plac* (South Pacific) with a fine eye." Brando made one of his rar« social appearances to help launch the book, a fascinating study of things Pacific, at a literary bash. Brando will start Burdick's and William Lederer's "Ugly American" 30 days after he finishei "Mutiny on the Bounty"—provided he ever finishes it. Mickey Rooney on the foreclosure of his San Fernando Vtl- ley home and its purchase by Lot Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty: "H« got a bargain, but I wish him good health in it". . . .Gregory Peck's pleased look comes from news that "Guns of Navarone" will earn $20 million. He has l nice percentage of it. "The Hustler" is the best picture I have seen so far this year— the front runner in the Oscar derby. It is downbeat but not depraved, a masterful job of taste in direction and acting. All th» players are fine, but Piper Laurie is a revelation. Could she be the* same flower-eating starlet of yore? "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is like champagne—delightful when iff bubbling, sorry when it's flat. "Judgment at Nuremberg" gets a negative verdict from this juror. It takes a plodding 3 hours and 11 minutes to tell what was told in a gripping 80 minutes on tht original TV version. Settle Joan Davis Will HOLLYWOOD (AP) -A settlement has been.reached in the contest over actress Joan Davis' will. Her ex-husband, Si Wills, 57, receives assets worth $52,000. The actress' daughter, Beverly Colbert, 27, receives the rest of the more than $l-million estate in a compromise disclosed Monday. rious blood disorders or worse) will be detected to us through our conscience. Help us so that soon enough to prevent them from doing serious harm. That's the plain, logical reason. In F.F.'s case, if the trouble began in th« sin may not sear our conscience or destroy our moral judgment. In Christ's name we pray. Amen. Ottawa Herald 106-108 a. Main Published dully except Sunday and Holtdayi. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mall, one month .88; three months. »2: six months, 13.75; one year, |7. Subscription rates outside trade area —By mall, one month, 11.50; three months $4.25; six months. 18.00; on* year, (15.00. MEMBER 'OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Th* Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for publication ol all the local news printed ID the news, paper aj wall ai all AP dews <U» Bttcb. This Evening's TV Highlights 6:00 Channel 9 — "Ozzie and Harriet." 6:30 Channel Sylvester and Sylvester Jr., have quite a time at a "Mouseum," or 9 — "Bugs Bunny." Channel 4 "Laramie." A man just out of prison arrives at a ranch with a wounded U. S. marshal. The marshal is unconscious and the man just out of prison has a little difficulty explaining things, or Channels 5-13 — "Marshall Dillon." 7:00 Channel 5 "Dick Van Dyke." ©1961. King FtAtnnaSyndicsle, Inc., World rights reserved.' • IO-3I "Your college resume'is interesting. We'll call you if wa&el the need of % dxeerli jader M The zany-sounding title of this one is "Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced," or Channel 9 — "Bachelor Father." Bentley doesn't care for college pranks. 7:30 Channels 5-13 — "Dobie Gillis." Dobie's big problem is to get rid of Zelda, or Channel 9 — "Calvin and the Colonel," or Channel cock." 4 - "Alfred Hitch- 8:00 Channels 5-13 — "Red Skelton." Rhonda Fleming is a guest, or Channel 4 - "Dick Powell." Dick Powell himself is starred in this one, or Channel 9 — "New Breed. Police series 8:30 Channel 5 - "Death Valley Days." Fella looks like another fella and the other fella is a killer. Causes the first fella that looks like the other fella som« trouble. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Garry Moore." Moore's guests are Gwen Verdon and Jack Carter, or Channel 4 - "Cain's Hundred." A narcotics boss quits the racket, but Cain finds it hard to believe, or Channel 9 — "Close-Up!" Documentary on automation. Late movies include "Ride the Pink Horse," 1947, Robert Montgomery, Channel 5, 10:45 p.m. Disarmament Effort Pledged LONDON (AP) - Queen Elizabeth II pledged today that Britain will do its utmost to achieve world disarmament despite the Soviet Union's "nuclear tests on a massive scale in defiance of world opinion." Opening the new session of Parliament with her traditional speech written by Prime Minister Macmillan's Conservative government, she said the government also will continue to negotiate for a Berlin settlement "which will preserve the security and freedom of the people of West Berlin."

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