Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVEN Of' NG,;DECEM§ER 30,1911. "HbUdaj romfort. He doOB -his .Christmas slipiiers, E^n^fdi»from his wjfe; And cuts 4" gift book's pag [iges with a ChriBtinas v^per knife. " A Christmas match gathers from - ' qril'Sk^ihtlstiDas jar And doth prepare to light with c-.tre a holiday cigur. He deftly flips th<? ashes into a Christ mas am; He wonld^not soil his Christm is tie j or hie/ new jacket burn. He sits with keen enjoyment amid his Christmas things. Oh, quite a lotof joys, I wot. the Yiil.' tide season brings. Mrs. James Aus, who has bet n visiting with her mother, .Mrs. .1. O. Osborne left this raornlns for hi r honi' in Springflsld. •:• • Rev. and Mrs. .1. H. I'rici' ^-ntor- taincd the niembprs of tho orRoia' Board of the First Methodist chnrcl and ^heir famUics last rvcnfni: itt th. parBonage, About fhtri.v-fivo \\<<".. present-and a vnry ijlj-asimi ivri-.ini- was spent A\*ith gamof and w.iaU Miss Bemlcc noot sinpInK Kiv.ra! ^Iileaslng solos. ,Tii?t hi-forc ilic il.- parture of their six'sls Mr. .'ml .M.-.v Price wore very aj;r«f>ably siir)irl.s. i' when presented with a lianiIsoii:i' f of dining rood) chairs. J V •> Miss ICdith ' McCnivi.v. of r.< Ijaiuir Pennipylvnhl:i. is ilin j-'in st of .Mi- i-olB Benn'-tt. ^ •:• •:• •:• —Dr. Wlrt,jOslropitth, Tel -IST, 3SS. • jr. Rev. W. II. jihui'K and fjiniil-; si' i; d>>'l'phtfl|l (lav Fr)il;'v. vi.-;i:inf: i" (he home of Mr. and .Mrs. .Vtwmni: Crowell southof C.i¥ City. You v.ill want to give for a MEW WEkR A Box of that Fine Candy from | BURRELL'S if^Ss The Itcxall Store West Side of tlie Square !l<).v::nl. .Mi:;. K. .N'orilinili, .Mi.<.; .^i ;lry .Voriiirni). .Miss Xorilir.ii M'sspti f.ui'i.liii' .\ui'tiiiu;', .Mlj^r. Hi;ilh, '.f Cliif i.iio. l .i'His .\(irlliriiir l {0!-v.i-il ;,iui l.a\iTni' .\</rilii .111 - Ilr. Ini-y *>!.'linll, 0.«i(o«p.ini. Tclcphdnc Ii'O iind (ifil. •> 'I' .Mi>. .'. '>\'. XifCliirv i-\iui-\fi )!• • ii'>.!itr MIS. \i. li;n <'S of .\'ii-'ii i -'.viis • ,if:i'rii'ioii 'r> '. i-it ".-lih '.r ••i <il ;,1 r .<•••••• V.sirV. •*• T!-.. U: V. :MK|' MVS* Carl W. .\:.••. i!: )<••]< op')i l<.i; aicordtn^ in ir c.'.x 'nTn dtiiint; iin>vi(jn.^ ;.'.irs ;.l ih.' r>'i \ ry L'n? N" Walini: v \"'.v \'r'i'r'< tl.iy from m ^r.'.V 1>. 111. .Vo r()r:;::il iavita'.ion.«; Iiav 'I'. 11 oxt<!;-I'il In; ail .ri<'ii ;s ;ir.( lai i^liirntr.-; i.rn rordiai'.y iir-i!i:!. vors. -Tl»e Xewhousc orchestra Lttwrcnce furnlsbed tlic music. Mrs. A. L. linilton of Kansas City has returned lionie after u visit wl'h Dr. .and Mrs. A. J. Pulton of ICis; JachKon. ; •'• V lola iri";nd8 of Ilr. .Mr?. <.'. E I'.i'iiicn, of I-'ort tjciili, wiW !•>• iiir:r- ••stt 'd in knov.inr lliat ihci,- -.J'JL-.; son, Dian Si-oti 'Jcnton was r.:;;;. 5^0 at one o'clcfl'. i.r.i afiPTnoon lo .~>i-.;- Itnih Jj'.n'-i f '.o'T, at tlio horao ol the bride '3 ii:ctli'r. .Mrs. J: nt t i-:. Flowrr. 54S5' Kiiiibark Avrniic, Ciii- cago. • •• V •> Tlll^ Ciirif'.ian Endeavor society of (Ii.^ IJ;-rori:!f|t} rhtirrh was »ni« riaim-! last ni!;lit at the home of Mr. an<i Mrs. K. ('. Kriiish'rp. A very pleaa- aiii 'Vt wu."; |iass(d with KBHies, .c '.ii -.s.^lng i-ontests and music. Uefresh ininir, Wffc .lorv .ii at ;. laic hour. .'Irs. <.;'M!-j:(' Ciir»'y .iiid JitlJf .=;onF dor'- - anrt Ilobort of StiLlfaii, Colo.. ].:t\'' ill tlic n^orniti;; a ;;er .". siiort vif ii witliMr. and .Mrs. W. K. I..e-Sler. K' •> a» .Mii-s .Mary Xoniirur. Miss Josv- l!!-i!i • riiddle, .Mrs. .i::i!V.'s T. Keid an; Mrs. H. If. i -iovaid win k.'ep or-: lion'i X. .V Year's day at the Howard home. 1* '1* Til-" members of ilie .\. T. T. e'lii will ciuertaiii Uieir luibbands .Mohd:::. ev( nili? at the home of Mrs. U. li SliermaHi Si>.< .Vortli strei-l. •:• V Mr. F'nvis I'rascr is ixne-.t'd i .^nr rive from Newton tediiy. where li' lias been visilini; with his brother. Samuel Fraser. • •:• Mr. and .Mrs. Dsvi.^lu h'akin. of W: : former residents of Ir.Ia uill iif lier for :'. .\cvv Ye .ir '.s vi.^ii twiiii ol. friends. • Word has been rec'iv.'-d h('r'= of i!; ] jTisrriase Thankscivint: eve of Mii?;.; Floy Sherman to Mr. T.yman I .-Tiinr . at BartlesviUe .Mr. and .Mrs. I,emon i are both well known h^ro. >i!s. on havine been a stenoerateller :•! 'b< Kansas Portland. Mrs. I>«'mon mndr her-home while here v>it)! )vr .ci.-t:;- Mrs. Richard Creed. Mr. nion now gcn--»ral manaper of a grirapc nt Bartlesvlllc. • • ^ —DB. O. L. COX. Oculist .> .> .J. Mr. and ily went Ing to attend; ihe gold»-n anniversary .wy Year's day cf .M'.r Waener's parents. Mr. and .Mrs. V. Parirsh. Mrs. J;'.i:'<"; lU-iil and Mi.-s K;itl' I Horton iii!(n::ii ti'e invni) ••.s uf Itlieir sewins/lulls and otli -M- friends at .be lioni'- Mis.= llortuii tiiis ^v. r ; The orri'-ii'titio'i 'if the Chris'iai; church elionis was completed n* ehoir reli. ;irs;il last evenine. Various ofl:;- 'r.T ;:nd coniinittees were lelcM 'd aii.l appointed wlsose duiiis jwiil he to Fiwitliiy ;ind ni:ike more •effci'r.t 'h" W (!rk of eht»:r. II: v. WiJKX IIKI! IliCK .iCHKS. .\ I'diiian KiiK' Ml HIT Fncriry )IM( i iiti .i'i'iti .Slipiiiiitr (n;i«. Inia wciiiien kn'nv liow liic ii'iie :;iid lains lliaf eu;r:- v.hen ;!ie kidney, •.ill make Hl'i' a l.erden. Ilaekacbe lip I'ain-'. iw ;!d:ii!ie-'. 1II7/..V .spells di •;i-.-.-in,; ii;in:'.i- yiniiilile.s, all tell o: 5 ^iek kliluiy- IV,:'. wa:D yon of th' r ;i a'lhy ap;:rn;: '.1 of or I!ri;rlit '!;-i:i.-e. Iinan'^: Kidney 1 'in .s^are fo the ki .Ini .-s (;:.;y. 'i'hty r. .a U Uii: my iU.-i:i.-< • hy strlkin.i; r.t i'le i-.'ifi llere',^ lin .i.r (if it in au Ie!a woman' V. ord.--: Mr.=. .lulia r.vy, :nf» R. Fourtli St. I.'la Kans . .'••.!>•.<: ".M.N^ kidneys wer. ('.i ?iir'.lere ;i antl caused my baek t- aeiie n LTerii liial. Wii-'n Hojin's Ki. ney PH;.- v.ert^ broiii;):t ;o my a'fi tion. 1 used tlieni and t'ii-,y ga'r n- i:ii::!I i "ia :e relief. Another member e my family wp.s afflicted In a siinilf way Iva; <in taking Doan's Kidn.- 1-ill.s i!'.- :ured. I take pleasure i; ,:;i\':i%' irAi: n meil.v my pndnr.-enien: [-,, ^^'p l;y all dealer?. I'riee ."•i> IV. :;;r-.\{i:!,nrn Co.. riiiffald. .\. V •eh !iL -ir.,f for i!;.' I'nited States. t;cii!en;!:er tile r.:in;e—IJoan'.s—an' take no o'.'.'.er. C J The IVrw^rd .Mou-ineut Ciimpulyij and Ifci-k 01 l'rsi}('r at Hand. TIu! eoiiiins '.veclc Is (he wee prayer ; iiroiigl.otil t'mr bind but ..IK i« t);c faet thai tiic Men uadj .i;;!iin i'orwr.rd .Mo.eii.oru Eight t ';ir ;/paiv'.i «i !l eD .iie Inu folio, v .tk ii;:!v Iwo .sirocial i.ietllngs !!cid ijiiiijij,' tlie Week of I'rliyer. liiihj aieeltiss will be us foil !'l:i;r.sdriy evecii:?: ;M the Cbri eiiL'rcb. and "t'liday < -.••ninj; at Reformed elnircii. Ti.e wi.o:e should attend these unfmi in iiieelinss- A union wateh eie «tins will bo in the Hrcslyterian cbiire!: Sunday evening, following the retfiilar serxUes In the sevt ral Vburcli'^t A program has been arranged by a foni- ii;,e<r •••( leliiislers and a very lelp- :ul and insiiiriri; servlee has jeen planu-'d 10 occupy t!'e time up ii the eoniluK of tlic New Year. !'K!'K.l'" "\«iI.JSi CANDIDATE : of ow- Re- IJay will! IV-'3: tsan the city tyer held Inext Thanking OTir many patrons and friends for their lu^ and generous patronage the past year, and hoping-for a continuation of the same we wish you~' Store closes at noon Monday Store closes at noon MoEldiiy ,••.,„ , ' .Moo:n:.'.v is pr-tiiiiiii. .^^iss H^'lle .Mc- MrB. F. A. Wauner and f,';-> , r]. •„ -i,;,:! ^r- ;.;-.v. .Mr. Dro'lierto.-: to -Vntes Center Hiis e. :n- jii„a.-ian Mrs. A. W. I.enbari, Mrs. H. Tho'.-n enter;;;ii>s at illy dinner tomorrow. f. •> 151 Miss Mande Minrow bav-s Tr-;-day for Empori.! after KiienOinc li"i vacation with Mr. and Mrs. .A. .\ Mitchell. man of 'In flora' e;'r:;:;ille-.' Mi3. "lyrile iCiisi«out', ol tlie enlirtai;;- Tivnt e;«ii!mtrt-'' T'.d .Mri^ H. A. Sny- lir of i^:^ social eo.'!iiiii!!>e. ; V.r. Vii-.-\ fnVr /iu 'is .= pend!nK b;^ vaea;••'"ii wK':^ ii'.s mii'ii r, .Mrs. Id: , i'arri.sii. * * * Mr. i;-.i''i:n;; ol li--';;iny I'.dlcue i 'Vtio ),;i.- 1:.'n a eii-:si :.! tie- \V. II * * * ; lloi-i '-.or^ iiurii'd Id I .iji'.'.sbor;; ilii- Miss Myra Hull of >i;irvsvi!U'. Mo.. , ... ... ... who is tdkichinR se'booi in Hiilekdw. ; Mrs. E. <". Tti-e'sbrrC- en' •••tuincd bi- Mo, arrived in lol .i Fridnv afitinoei. ;.c^iind;i\ st -liool elars !be I !;L1C li .li- i -nd la siiend!p<i ;i f'w 'luvs visitinv •'1 rs v("si<rilay a 'te: not:;!. A m. rry :if- the family, of Rev. W. H. Shuli^, \»ho | niroon w:is"s;) n; wi'!i :;. l.ip 'r are her cousins. • r< fresbnn nts wi rr sr rv 10 .Mls!;<>i-- * ^« U 'oiiKlRrie'- Ml «'!i, .Tr!i;iie .\ll "ii. Marv Mrs. C. P. Johnson en' 'riained lier P.iuiit. .^r«Ill•• Tliotiipson, Mbineli class of young men of Trinity !»ii!i- Ki "i^bi rtr, l.eiii<, Hn-.t \'IK- day School lust evenlnw al tb<- par- r. I!iit!: .MeAlib'er, Tr'ssa Vlcl- ' sonage. A very plejisant I 'V .-nlni; was aiid I .imia I '.lii ptissud with Kames, muHle and refreshments. The lust feature was a Round Robin story told while sealed in n circle around a lumr i.aii 01 1'i - 1 com. ' •V •> . ] Jfrs. Frank Travis was iiost'ss to ; the members of tli" Five Iluiidrn' card club last evening. V * •:• —Dr. JfcJIIIIen. Phones «2 and 282. .> * + Mrs. M. E. Xorlhrup enlertain'd ii! family dlnn»r Thursday ber.cbildr"T and grandchildren. Dinner \v;is served at one 6 'ciock at a bandsoniel) decorated-table, the cenier jdece being an immense basket of fruit artistically jirranged. Plates w-re lait for Mr. aijd Mrs. I). P. Northrun. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Xorthrup, Mr. ami Mrs I4. L. Nofthrup. Mr. .md Mrs. 11. Ii Your Eyes The prudeut person does not wait until hi sor her vLsIon te- comes PERC.KIPTiHhY weaken. cd before attending to it. Yet Bome jpoople will persist in believing their eyes to be the' es- ,deption to tlie rule. .•:nd that they will never lie ojj '.ip .ed to . weijj-'glasses. JDon't take any efe^ces with your, eyes. Com* to us and we will irive them a tbo'h>ugh examination and-ad^s« ypa as to their condition. ' We i ^ke no charge for this. ' Xtat prices for glasses are mod- «ratit-as low a« |1100. Mm. I., I,. .VoriiirMp ..-ill Ix- bost- e>:s to i!i<- Tliiir.s'luy Wlil.-;! club 'rinir: ib'V ariiTnooii el I'<M ue .-k. * * * Mrs. .M. 1.. Itlaek ba« relure .il 1 lur Imie-- in I.v lufots, Iwili .sa.s. ;ifti r : ii'it ;!i I 'rjor Cr-' k. Ok':-.. :':id lur son \V. K. Hlaek, of loI;i. The various romniiif -'s' i'.-iviii!; i: ebaTj,';? the .irranitene'ius for Mir C'V-- to take plajp .V.-w Y>-,ir'.s 'liiil bavf coinpl'tfii 'their v.fn-k |i : wiiliout siyii;*' that n"Mn-.; ''as be;' left undone r ven to Ml.' rni!!ii:''st di tail, to make ;liis tin- b••s^ oal! In tir 'listory of the local lodge of Kik.> The program !s an '"laborat" one ar ranpi^il to avoid any e .enfusion witiiot;' "IfmirntiJis L -ny of i''ie ('.ineos. Members of the order who have not "< • r.-ivrd an inviiarion ihrqiiph a:'y nv- er -ii?.h? wbetber th <"y dr- memb 'r- 'lere or el.=pv.b're. IhT^ cominitrei tisl-o taat ili'y will pardon 'hi- ov'-r- .sisbl '"'nd rODSider theijiselves invit- «^d, also m^mb '-rs who lliave fri'nd.s 'hat l^uve beon ov"rIobkPd extend th -'Ti th'.' invitation to be. present. As the programme is a'tong one and every number sn excellent one and to avoid any misunderstanding the j Grand March will begin promptly at 9 o'clock. Luncheon «'lll be served as indicated on the programme. Rob- rrts' orehestra. o' elovcn pieges will furnish the music which this year will b-:» on an elaborate scale. In past years the Elks' ball has always been the social feature—the crowd making it so. Genial jolly, and mer- [iry it is safe to predict that the KIks iTJairof 1'J1M2 wUl be a brilliant success. • • • •:• Tllss ElUabeth Apt and Mr. Fred pt entertaine.d at their home 222 South Oak t.^st nigbt for their house quests Uiis Caroline K. Williams of Ahderaonville, Ind.,,MlsH Blariort Sapix and jiiiaa Hacel Sande:rs of Galena urijl Mr. RlUa Daihiell of Kansaa City. Tbe.ere£in|; wai spontiby ^ut twen trrflv«'<dDa|^ea3<uw!ii8'<ni wi V. o. Fi>n.« .s.wrA's AnnREsy Ml I.eft .Ts .\di!rcss,.,I f» S.inia C!;!" Will he Diilv OeJiu-nil. !• is announced in ih • IVf, -.'ib- number of tl:e I'osial G;:!';''. v-liii has b< en reeeived ;:t the pos 'offie thai al! lettt -rs and paekag<s ri ci'i\ I'd bef.vei n I) -ceinb'T lii and Janiiar 1. ii^dusivr. iiddris ;seil 10 "Saiii: Clans" will be duly deliverer!, liers 'ofore.- .".!tlioi!i:li < Vi -n Christmas p;iti apes so address"d ;'.re r ^Ci 'iv.'d. 11 satisfa «tor.^ jirovision h:i~ bi ••';i mad for Their diiposni, and the iios^jiilfi' has been 'ip ac -ii;.';! a prcblem. ''"f new ruliii:^ \vill !:;iiisf:ie!oriIv .s.'!' ;lie matter. Says the Hosnil C.irl "Fostninstrr.^ ar»' a'.ilbori/iil in d. l \v (;r all letters arri\iii'.; at Ileir r< speie, ivc postoflieis li -i-eiii i 'er it;. rUI and .laniuMy I, 11112. ii. elusive wliif 'r ;irc arldressed plain 'y and uiiinl'-|;iljably to "Santa Claiiis vvllboil' ::liy other lertliB or eviire; slolis Meniityin(,Atlie per<.'nii fi.r . iie- '-III b li'it'Ts ar- iii'.einl 'Ml. lo n'sponsi bir iiifaltiiiloiiH or iiiili\ idicils In tli 'DUii 01 eity or inldr .'S}'. wlio it ;;iv il -If lo !"!<' Ibetri eM 'lusl'v .'ly to idiil :ntbr (i "le purpose^ In (he •vent liir llie;'e letler.i are refjiiesled by irior liian on - Ijistituiloii <ir Individual, il- ••osiniii >-'ier shall 'lisiribiiie llui'i I' Kiieh proportion as li"' iii;iy deem prii IH.T." $100 Reward. SI00. •III. ^rmicn o." thlj pjtxr will tr pl«iw<d to !«>• ;llal !li*TP 13 III IraBl eiic drrailrtl UMruto lluil rcwv mi ir»n able Ui cure in all a? natn. :!iai •auirli. li.ill'j lalarrS 'an- is <;,!• r.nly i-i>:r. arc Kinra'il Itm in-.tu-^l t.altniily. •r.s a r..:»»it.;tui.^;l <;. •:..<\ l.-.'a!-:-'.t. I : .'.; <t e. • • I.:;... r.r.'. : .L- Jlr. and Mrs. Jlert Starks of .\e«' k^k. <Jk !a., who have been h'-re for ; holiday visit w,iih his parents, .Mr and Mrs. \V. E. Starks will return !• their home Mondn.v. 5Ir. Rird, of the country seven mile' northeast of IOIJ. IS reported to bi dangerously ill with jmcumonia. WE WISH EVERY ONE • A- . PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR Siiields ^ 'it-. '^1 s< ,IU> • •hc •. "1.-!: i;.i:;!!>ll 11 (111 .s< rijae-r ii'i::.'. : ::i .i;.! as lide l!.:yli. -.i. ;, ; The IJaioiii'ss I.- -ian nobli'innp. i:i!err.atjoTri' •;i ileli 'aYi ^i !i> '.•> III. iiai? I;;- i.-bip ! iinors I (hi- •!.<•( r.s !,e:.t. .1 ! Mis. .\ 1 i?f a Kus iting in Xt-w Yi.rk for a few weeks St. Tiniothj's Ki>isrop:il Church. , .-Jiiniiay aPer Ciiristma;-. Colled for I'l," day. "Aimigli'.y Cod. v.'lio hast;^ •u'.v. II 11- C.iy only bepot'en S<!n to 1 .al-' our na;i:r'' i-pon bi'u, and a.s at! .ime i.'i la born of a pure v'irj;in; , .li'nt liiai V !• 1,1 in '4 ri'viineraif. am: ijj ;',,!e Cry cbibli-.-n by aiiiiptinn ;inil i HI J.'', taa.v dally be reiii'v ^'i 'd by lliy I l.ii.'y Siiiii; Iluiiiu^h the !-anie dur ' L'oid .li -ns Clirisi. who livi'lli and i i'-l,uneili witii thee and tlio same r'pir- | it ever, one (!od, world witlioiit end j .\iiien.'' j ' t *t .'r\ice .s tdiiibrrow v. ill !>i': • Holy eiHiiiiiiiniun at T::;o a. 111. ' Voung .Men's IJIble class la; 1 e- 'eiyi 'i ::;(i a. 11;. .-^'.I'l'I.'iv Mdol '.1:4.'. a. 111. Md.-^iii; :iiaycr ai II a. in. The s-i'b- j-r: ,!r- -'.rnicn being "The CMl I 1 • hi .:;iaii Calendar." i'.-'i: b liiirini; ilie week: ; liiu.rri:;:) neeii.ion <if f-iends and . 1. by the l!cy. and Mrs. \V. .Vai; a! iiie icfior.v. 2''T .\ 'iV'alniit .'^trer... on .\ev,' Year's IDay. Itij'ii 2:.'!ii to •'.';!i) 11. in. ' li:>ii!.':iiers of ti;e King will meet Fri r::y afiornccu at the eliureliai :> u'eld'-k. 1; '!;jnic i'eivi'e and (jioir ijraeii'.c State Savings J. D. AR.\ETT President J. F. NIGH V. President II. HOBART Cashier JOE AI'KIxr.EY Asst. Cash. mm FORTIFY YOUR SAymofjl ."avin'-s :i(!eiimiiliitcii with llirlft; per«6V^^ ' aiiee, und self- b'jiial, .slioul^ be fortified t^j|(i tin- lime of bi tlnesi: unrest or flniindal'^'ci b.v deiiositiiig (belli |iioiiip(ly and regularly: our bank, v. here their s-afely is jibsolutely':'—, ^ .and by our eon.';er\.itivc b :;iiklng methoda^j^'r,** funds are udmiui.^torod wllh utliMMJt^i n Hid deposiiors' interests, and a,wl«l€iy if security p.'ovirieri. Fo .-tiiied wltb-fttf!] Ciipltal - *'.V..IUIO Surplu-^ - J2..'i(H! I0I.1, Ka.s. Our regard for 1; ;ir;;in of senirity p.'ovirieri. Fo .-tiiied wltb-^Bj^, sireiigib i :f our buik. yoi:r ijrincipal iS safei^l — intirest eoiiii'rianiled • insiu'e.s steady incbmeS; —We wi.^li to call your attenticu to he faet tlial inffctious di.seuje.- •iuch as whooping courii, diplitiieri.-. .Hi luvei are cr .utiactod wlier lO c!.;;.; 1 as col ;i. 'Ci amijsriain'fl oii'-rli r.rmiJy w;!! quickly cure a j F\i :p !e 's .Meeting at yV.'.W p. in. I .'', '.iy :.*. T::;>' p. ni. •.*••• a'l' J:taM:ly inviied to ati^ml -t ( ivu es. trAl ^I. \V. XAC Ktttor. Preshjlcriiin Church. Ki'.': t. Ciiiireb: Kev. S. S. lyisci'er. •/.I pa• .'nr.. wii' preac;i in the mornnii'. .la "The Vp.felded Fuinre" and in OMnlr..:.' on ".\ Hai'iiy New Year." There will be a union watch servi-c after the regular , scrvi.res. Younc Teoyle's meeting at 0:;!i'. Sabbail; S.-;.crcl at '.t:4.". a. m. Little Builders' Chapel: Mrs. E. N. .iones. Supt. Sabbath School at 2 p. HI. Keg' School at :'. p. ni. Yuan^ obi .i;'.d i;ro ;i !iy l.-ssen the danger of on|ra''ting these This rcm- ily I--' famous for its cures of eolds t contains no oi'.ium or other otic and ;iiay be t:iven to a child wit! nplieit loafldeneo. Sold by all deal- rs.. A.\ APi'i;\i, iniroKm.KK. '*,:i'al.- of (ill l'««eriHl (II V .ri IIIMNI i'npcrs. ':'< I ' I (j.'r;:; rl. K:lli a.- I'D tl'l I r 'I';,,. .\|;||,Sll I' ii .'.rd ..{'.11 , lillllee .i A V, !<<. II a.s III'i I'L- ltea.>-'o;i v .as In ;:i',i y. s.'-i'bit' ti'rrilig \Mtli Ideal So. lall •••l.^. "Till- power of the Sdi 'l.Tlim pre.s.' 'an bardly be I 'stlnialed," .Mr. Kock- ••r siijii Id ,ii >ii '|itl",: 111 iin- .si:gj,"r. ion l!i:i( Til.' .Vpiii,;! .'.(uiM Kodii .b 'V. ssi t 'I, •• In ( In..-, : '(li-'c!. liier. I 'l .•')(':ili I iMi"'.- b -i 'V.; pl.m- '^••1 for If. Ill ;.:;il vii r.i 'y "Wi- s'v.'i.v le lMlltilWl|.>. 1'.':' illSt:ilK-.!. V .-JIIM '•'.ill L-:ri-'[ 'aiitii bt 'd tli" .Men and ;"i^ie ,ii Mo'.eiiiciit we dis-> liliruM -d it beean^'' of its. origin and .<• r :; oal I'll' li,dveii;i III pcr- eptil ,:y. • -Mr. Ki I 'r''"r'.; d:\ly obj.'";ii)n to tirf "o'waril .'\ii>\ ":!.>iii . MI .- 'irai In bi;i .^MiLniidi.. i' II I di!''<i ,-.'ii !•> •.irii;il .11 d '1 r \" iMriiiib- I..''- di' brierb ari aiip 'ii lo i.!ir'!oiis ici- leiicli-.;. : —Vv 'itiv .ii? (.; i.-iros ,)r barmful dr'igs •f any kind Foley'.= Honey and Tar 'ompoiind ftops coughs und cure? colds. Do not .Terept any substitute U. .Mi'.n .lis .V Co Itai -Ke;: Chapel: \V. H. Means, Supt. yabbaih School at 2:3i> p. m. KK.MSK'E AKK lUlO.STKIlS. Kraiise's Cafe feed niore people ban al! oiliers ed :iibin''d. AVhy? Be•au.'o tlipy buy tiie bc-.^L. and under- tand •!'. :r bi:.-!niThry are Boostrr: they beiii -ve i-::a is the best city a Kaciaf. ^ <iu < in ^always get a Kcfornicd ('liurcli. Sunday School at '.':4.'i a. m. I'reacliing at 11 a. m. The tbcnic o.' liie morniiig sermon will be ".Man's I'ersrnal i;e.-;.nRc!bi"ty iV.r Men.' -C'l! li.ii! IJniii '.iV 'vir at iI:."?!!. . -Seri^. n \.ris!'i;. ;>( T:;:0. - 'I"!;e .,;:.':••: 1 .11 :r..- ii'c: .Inij for • iu' I ;i I'll ' . diil'er.-' nm: h.caring ;'ii'.d;t!' i:::i ..e (o;;;re.u;!:bin and • '.I- \ • ',: 1. Ce. v II' i:i in Id on Ve-i \. ;i: ^ :\:. ill • .i'" at l'l;':il! \i. :ii. .V, I'J r.i. :l:' ::• . !;'•; will ad- 5(ii:vn / I i!..> V M. C. S biilMIng for a Jjanui'i iim: ioii-;.^ '',<• ".I '.en. lOv- ery ;n'li.!n r i.;' V .m' rliiii'- : i- iir.grd to .'in:; ( I':'- f.;• I'f .iie ;'M> .•';•.::;•!';, 11. d. •i ilri C'leii ("irri;-. a. :•;. !•: ":r'ii \ ! .1. \\\. ; e.: !.:e .Vew Yi ar." At 1! c'clock, admin 1^ icira;i(,n or' j)je .Saerameni of tiie \ I.srd .s; ]l:4r,. altar scrvio;-; i 11! o'clock, sinuiii?; of liie lio.xology 1 and eongratiiiations. j We e.vpoet thi.s wateii-night servici' j •0 be line of great interest and spirit-; ual b.'ne.'ii. an;i lius: i:ia" many of ihe 111! iii!v:is Ti'inivy will plan to at- ler.d ;!•.£; er.ti.'e service. V;^' aUo hope to have many cf th;- :• ni' East loia vvi'.o are not .a oi" ti;e eliurcii present. Tiiose wl -o cannot remain for the entiie service, may eoine ;;nd .20 a.s taey please. Tburiday night, .lanuary 4. will be I 'ivi 'H tlie .se.'oni! nu::ibcr of the Trinity Lyji u;ii course, a reading and lecture cn.i.'l'jd Enoch .\rden. illustrated witii fine sicreoiilicon views. Long- fe'luw's pcuin. 1 be \'il!ave Ulacksmith will aiso be given witti illustrations. Single ao'mi.ssioii lickeLs 2u cents. I.', cents for under 12 years. C. F. .fOIiXSO.N' Pastor. be jiri'iT' eiilii :;:. • r :inil .-!'b- iii- an;:' for every weather. •, 'i"-J :iiii F:*r- :' • :;;v, \ '- - •. •\.M'-. •• : ,! ;:,;i -nd- •'• "• r • '..araied .'••o :'eifa:'i:':'-s e" the I. B. "RATI'.KPL. Pastor. meal Our Ti 'ililly 1lriUodt >t Chnrch. • Csiia! lu .irning .=erv''?Es wirli Sunday S;''iorl ai !i :4.". .".nd i':(a -':;n!r ac II. Subject of morning fermon. "The World's Illuminator." ; On Sunday night there will "be a watch-night setvi^c as follcw: : At .S o'clock .s 'ervice In charge of Ki>worth League; at 9 o'clock there v.ill be an old-fashioned love feast; at 10 o'clock, recess; at 10:15. sermon, by first \. il. E. ( htirch. Preaching a: 11 a. m. liy pastor. Cia.s.s inetting .it.l2:.:it p. m. Siiui'ay S''bd(d it! 2: l.'> 11. m. AVarfli n!;;!!r .-cni.'rs li.''.,'lnning al li.:4."- I. Ml. ly .Mil II Liideavi.r I.iagiie. I'i'e:,<-liinf; at 112" p; m. fidbnvd with aiier MM 'vi'i'- listing unlil I2:ii"i a. 111. Oil t'diiic ;inil Hdrsbip with us (bis may lir- y :iiii l;;sl time, .Ml are «eI,-oiiie. .\Iii.-,I.' by .liinior <'bolr. Til" pa>.dr win iiei;iii revival .-services Jrom tta;:)! meeting nlglii. C. A. WOODS. Pastor. of every should be to st 1912 with a , class .WashingsSi^^ chine^ Buy our- WIZA:Bi.., —highest efficiently machine on:inark^^| I . •*'"-*-';.r-';if5 Ism First .M. i:. Chnrch. Sunday School 0:-!.'i a. in. .\:!rfss on Clirirlian Literature 11 a III 1 I '.'j .wr .itb. Le :iL'UL' iI:".') p. m. .V.w Ye.-ir V.':-.;-h .ill sermon . p. ni. lit servicLS !»:"0 in the Pn .- I.yli riaul c'!!. .1 H .i PinCE, Pastor. FIr>t .1. }f. t. Churclu «n, I'JIr i -'l'e Pa^to"-- subject. "Ae .Message for Sund;'y dinners are thej ' ' ' 1° i-.'t in ;ti,- .jiiy and if you .=>hould want^ ' Nsw. Year's Iiinuer, don't forgei Craus^ep will sureiy satisfy ycu. Then %nie day try our l .'ic lunch; the best people In the city eat our merchant lunch. What do we serve for I5c. Why, roast beef or pork, brown gravy, potatoes, vesettible and bread and butter, tea, coffee or milk. We cin^ 'others cant. Why? You know. Fresh Oysters always on hand, ser-» red or in. bulk. Hcuser and F. .T. Oyler got In J^ast evening from Kansas City,., cold but happy, In Mr. O.vler'a new fWfev passenger Mitchell car. •' Theyj rtpotjH that they drove through mud OTcr.fbg whole'loute, itnfil tbe rbtda fro)t4. 'yej»terfa/aftemono^y* _^ 'i-f..' " lftCi»yrt«lfej>f;» AT FQUNTalNa^ HOTELS. OR ELSKWMERE -. G«t the Ori^oFand Geniiine Milken Second Kuplist Chiirrb. You ar- cordially invited to attend lb" following services: Sunday school at 10 a. m. Mrs. J W. Gordon, superintendent. Preachiug 11 a. m. B. Y P. r. 6:;t') p. m. Mrs. \V. O. Pllpplns. president. Preiiching at X p. m. Theme of BPrmou: "True Freedom."\Yatch meeting services will b2 observed as usual. Come.. You arc we .r come. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. First Cliri.'iliuu <'hurch. Sermons morning aud evening at the Io!a church, and at Gas City church at ;{ o'clock p. in., by the pastor, Otho C. Moomaw. Sidcndid anthems by a large chorus both morning and evening. Adequate heating plant so ^hat the buildmg will be comfortable even though the weather Is cold. Subject of morning sermon "A Standard of Efficiency for Our Church for the Xew Year." Evening—"Standing Between Two Years." This will be of special belpfnlness to the young people.. . A large and enthusiastic "Bible aeiioal at 9:30. Toung Peoples Meet- Ing-Bt 8:30, .Time spent in! either of th'^acLln ^eUi^j}>«Bi . , • Letui^>M||ip Reasons 'why^'' ' " a Lorain, st • The jtt||Ki#< of 213 SotttlH pleted tjijff,;aa dale ~ " county* J beautlftitl qett. at'*] dett ta% acres ^^efci Soutbe Red l)rodn5 tOU'i.*

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