Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 12, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 12, 1954
Page 2
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Dissatisfied Control Funds Hurt HOP!/ ARKANSAS Friday, March It 19S4 WASHINGTON <*i —"An appro pfiati&H Of $45,200,000 ftif flood control work on the lowef Mis siSsfppi river &nd tributaries has been approved by a House Appro prlatiofls silbcofflmittee, Rep. Pass mnn-dOLa) said toddy. •The full Ap'pfepHatforts Commit ' tis' expected to bkay the amount later today aud include it ih a bill providing money for flood 6oHtrol ; and navigation pro! eets iti'the year starting July 1, The amount approved is what Pfgfeidetit 'Eisenhower budgeted, it i» li million dollais under the Amount asked by" the Mississippi Valley Mood Control Association. Passman, Who is president of the bdsociation, said! I am not satisfied with it but I realfisd that it »/o are going to have edonotfiy am! tax relief, pr'ojoclS in which I um interrsted •will have" to be cut sdnie." Sens. Ellender (DLa) and Me Clellart (DArk) members" of the Senate Appropriation^ Comitiitlee, have indicated they are dissatisfied with tho amouHtr Ei«OHhOwur budg eted; the hill .before iho c ommittee t'.Jay contained no brenkdo\Vn >t the lower, Missippi fund but Armj* nngine'ering have then proposed to allocation the $46,200,000 as follows: 'Mississippi River leaves $853,000, tt^B*».-.r. : ^afe x ffch(J6L . t., • &a ^t^t-f yr:^' K'flltJW.OMWP'i'; ; f||effi*&tttfp t s'Bsifiiijst, Hour' over Missipha'ry.' Society 31 ,-•» T t. j, v . thfe home Julia c6h ? ,< an & a'Bur ton .ear- in TA&yi re ,/nvited, to Evans -was with s home'in' ^. -.*,«. j BROWN MARKETS ST. LOUIS I". <JR — Hogs 8,OOd"'«tWe'j 180 tb up strong to 15 higher than yes* tdrday's average; ' lighter -weights Steady to 25 higher sowsunchang- ed ; bulk choice 180-230 lb 25.7S- 20.00 largely 25.85-90; several Wads mostly choice No. 1 and 2 26.10 240-270 lb mostly 24.75-29,73; few 270-32S lb 24.00-45.00; small' lot") heavier weights down to 23.50 150170 lb 24.75-2G.Od sows 400 lb down 23.2^76; heavier sows 22.25-23,00; boars 17.00-20,50. , t < ; Catlte 800, Calves 000 cattle clearing about steady at week' clearing about steady at week's decline in . alow . cleanup trade; incii* vldual Head and few small . lots commercial afid good heifers and mixed yearlings 15.00-19.00; individual head Choice to 21.00; utility and " commercial cows 12.00-14.00 canners and cutters 9.00-11,50; ligh shelly canners down to 8.00 or less utility and ct>mm<»rdlal bulls 13,6015.50; cutter bulls lh'00'13.00; good and choice vealers 24.00-28.00 individual head prime to 30.00 commercial and good I6.b0-19.00. Sheep Io6 adlive,' steady trade- throughout; load choice to prime 90 lb wooled lambs 24,75; scattered srtiail lots and individuals of good to choice 'grades 22.00-24.00 slaugh- met,, given by his wife, Mrs. Lurenda 'Evans. . Those who Congratulated Mr. jSvans were Mr. and. Mrs. Oscar Stewart, Mr, and Mrs. Elbert Tyree Mr. and Mrs.,W, ,M. Lawson, Mr. and Mrs. P. t. r Tyree, Mr. and Mrs, Author Phillips, Mrs. Mary G. Keggans, Mrs. Martha Armstrong, Mrs. Jtena Arnold, Mrs. Lebla Pennington, Sylvester Lawson, Douglas f Welch and James Ev'dns.. 'Ganges weite played and Maxine Evans served punch, ice cream and cake to the guests.' Mr. Evans re- qiJiVed rriany gifts. Revival Is in lirogreSs at Gar- rett-Chojjdl Baptist'ChUfch. Preaching each night, at 8 p. m. through WedHesdhy > night. Mdrdh 17. The public Is 'irtVitdd. , The Melb'dy ITiVe of Mdgnolid wlU give a musical program at'BeeBee Memorial CME Church' Sunday night, March 14. The public is invited. The Gospel Trumpets of Hope, and ; the Tfu& Light Gostf el singers of Idabel, Okla., will render a 'program at Bethel AME ( Church •Sunday nijjht, March 14. Benefit of thn ''Baby Contest.-" The public is 1 invited. >Time 8 0. rn. < itisn There will be a weniel 1 roast at the home-oil Mrs. Jessie Hamilton 'at 802 JJOrth Hazel St. Saturday •night,. March 13, sponsored by Group No. 9. Tho public is invited. • -American Lea Ion i News , 'i .Tuesday niRht March 9, at 8 p. hi. the American Legion members hiet at the Hut for the purpose of installing-officers for 1954. • ' Post Comander C. *G. Carmicheal palled ,the meeting, to" order for t™ opening service, which he conducted With Mrs, E. G. Carmjcheal at the piano ahd.jtrayef by Rev. A Mpr- After the- opening -service M. J. Wilson,- Vice Commander who served W master ot ceremonies presented the program, beginning with The following officers were duly the installation of officers by Rev A. Morris. Post Commarfder, C. G. Carmicheal Vice commander M. J, 'Wilson Adbiitant' commander R f . "J. JfttjilUi Service* Officer, C V. Cole- fnan,' Seargan't At Arm's R. Williamson Adjutant commander R. J, i>rla,n W. V, 'Rutherford Chaplin P. V, McFadden. After the installation of officer* the.'p'rogram proceeded with Mr's. McClellan, President of the Ladies' Auxiliary in Texarkana, Texas vyljo made a splendid talk on "The American Legion Auxiliary." She gave many high points on ,,s organisation, its purposes and its.'functions. " She was followed by, Commander ,/iHright, also of the Texarkana JPost, the principal speaker, who ive a very interesting talk on ;>rfi,pa.r.a$ipn. Service and' Reward." Quest Buddies from Texarkana ,,,ere M.r.,Mc,CleU9n and Mv. Mackey >vhQ gave' very Interesting re- .ivvd r lr< , ' '" * Sought Favofji CentiBued fram Page tip f- about Cohn's influence attempts' is "false." He said"! believe in what Roy Cohn has told 4 ' ffte.'* The Wisconsin Republican said "in far as I'm concerned]*'1 hope Hoy Cohn will be around,,Capitol Hill for a long time fighting Communist infiltration. 1 don't think ariyone is disliked more by tho Commuhists > th'Sn Roy Ctfhn Unless it' is : (FBi . Director) J. Edgar Hoover. 1 ' ,•.;.; McCarthy ' g^ave newsmen documents Which he said represented the McCarthy-Cohh side of tht» dispute. He also read a .telegram he said he sent this morning to army Secretary Robert T; Stevens, calling on Stevens to tell-the press that "the only time you and I discussed a commission for Schine Was in his presence." "I urged,' and you fully agreed, that his case had to be treated the same as any other draftee,' the telegram said. "We .Agreed that any Other handling, in .'vtjbW' of the investigation .: of the' Would be • extremely' bad '• fo the group to go iiito "all the facts.' Potter said Cohrt should be removed if what he cilled the "shofck- ing charges" against tttS i-year-fld committee 'counsel wefe true, 1?he Army report said Cohn had voiced threats that Army Secretary .$61* ert T. SteVfens would be "thrclugH'' and the Army "wrecked" if Private G. David 'Schine were sent overseas. Schine, a pal of Cohn, was a committee consultant until he wns drafted last fail. 2. The three Democratic members -p Sens. McClellah of Arkansas, Symington of Missouri, and Jackscfrt, of Washington — got out a joint s't&tement saying "We as- pume" McCarthy' will call an enr- tef ewes 4.00-6.00 saringly; thin cults as low as aged'.bucks 5.00. only 4.00; NEW YORK COTTON VORK, March 12 Wl — Cot- .on futures were mostly higher^ in Tipderately active dealings today. Mill- -and oxpot-t covering' readily absorbed heding hHd profit taking.- Sonw commission house demand was influenced 1 by tlghtrehing spo cotton supplies, reflecting , the- loan nrogram, Switching from nearby March Was extensive, as spot firms transferred hedges into old crop May and July, pridr to expiration of trading in March contracts on Monday. Late afternoon.prices were 35 cents a bale higher to 5 cents lower than the previous close. March 34.62, May 34.57 and July 34.35. the committee the army." POULTRY ANDPRODUCE CHICAGO, March 12 (M — Live poultry steady on young stock barely steady on hens; receipts 18 coop?; Fo.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 28-32; light hens 18-20 fryers or broilers 22-27 old roosters 10-18 ducklings 20-28 Butter irregular; receipts 1,190,524; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Ys lower 93 score AA 05 92 A 04.75; 90 B 02 5 U9 C 59,25 cars 90 B'03;'89 C GO Egg* mixed receipts 15,075 wholesale buying prices unchanged to >4 lower; U. S. large 39.5-40.0; U., S. mediums; S0.5 U. S. . standard's 3Gi5 current receipts 30 checks and dirties 34.5. . .WASHINGON l/P), — Four, members of Senator McCarthy's (tt-Wis permanent Senate Investigations Subcomirnittee — '• three Democrats and a Republican — today 'asked for an early meeting to consider an Army report charging that McCarthy and .his .chief'" counsel,,' ; Roy Cohn. applied pressure for social treatment of a drafted- aide. - ;; • And the Senate Republican ,lead- ershi indicated a dispostion — at least forth e moment. 8 to leave the matter in the subcommittee's hands. The sequence of developments, following disclosure of the .Army report by Senate sources last light, was this: : 1; Gen, Potter (R-Mich) . — a member of McCarthy's subcommittee — called a news conference and announced he had asked 'McCarthy to call a closed session of ly meetint'. Senate Republican Leader Knbw- land of California told newsmen he would think ,the ycpmmittee il- self" would * go infe the -Jtiiatter fully and develop..the facts,;/ ' "1 think both the Senate arid the country would ex[iec¥-them to ; do that," he said) '•'•', , .-,'*•" , •••;" Knowland'' holed that Potter already had called for a full inquiry. McClellaii read the Democrat members' statement at nn im- prompt news Conference in his of fice. Symington was not present, bill Jackson sat beside McClcllan. Children who are hard of hearing repeat, grades four limes as ofleri os normal children. •>. Agri Dept. Cofttteued from Page One Sft?er "Ves" must score a strikeout against himself. If the B6tt-scorer makes 90 points 6f ifiore ih answering the questions, he may term himself a big leaguer. Between 80 and 90 points puts him in the bush league clasr; 70 to 80 in the sandlot division. If he scores under 70 points, he must mark himself "benched" that is, for scornng purposes. LITTLE Chonging the nome from Col* lector to Director of Internal Revenue hasn't softened'the blow b- bit. 6NCA4 The British radio industry employs 135,000 people,. People over 65 are now nbout.'S per cent of the U. S. population, ^ , CityrWlde usher board presented to those present, The meeting was adjourned. During the social hour coffee and do* puts were served to the 30 people prsent B. F. Djjvis is reporier. fW" vi?J>«' VVfeW*?™! «**-<!l^ !j%&ppy'1b announce that vylth us 0s salesman, in a new cdr or pne come ih and NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, March 12 UPI — The stock market niftved on ahead 'into new hifeh ground today from the 24 year peak established yesterday. It star.ted ralfier slojvly but higher. The pace of trading increased sharply in the morning, and prices 1 held stable: In the earl afternoon, however, many stocks began to back down from their best. Prices spread , out over a range of around a point either way With only occasional exceptions such as ouKlas Aircraft Which was up between 2 and 3 points at times. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, March 12 OP — Wheat prices advanced on tho Board ' of Trade today even though some week end evening up operations ne&r the' close cut "early gains. In-back of the -wheat uptut-n was a- storm «Ver nubh-of the winter wheat belt, from which area came many reports of blowing dus in the air. Also creating some de mand for wheat was news the Con^ modity Credit Corp. was exchanging some of its hard wheat for red wheat. . Soybeans had gains "extending to nearly 5 cents at one time. Wheat closed ! 7 /8'2 higher, March $2.30 , corn %• % higher, March $1.54. oats unchanged to Higher ,•• March 77, rye 1 to higher, March $1.19%, and soybeans 1 to 3'4 higher, March $3.50'A-'/ 2 , Warm Air Waves Bathe Arkansas By We Associated Press Waves of warm' air bathed Ar kansas for the 1 second straight day today and in the western part o! the stdte a dust storm moved into the FayettevJlle and Fort Smith areas. The U. S. Weather Bureau .said visibility was four miles at Port Smith and three miles at Fayetteville. Temperatures yesterday soared into the high 80s, the bureau said, but no h eat records were broken. '{"be highest temperature was 00 degrees at Cgmden. Othef temperatures Included : Arkadelphia 99 degrees Texar- and El Porado, 8.8; Pine Bluff, and Little Rock, 85, . bank gtab map 114.775,000; m More protein nourishment than expensive beefsteak! Unmatched ett RESPONSE fr<>m the accelerator, an instant onswcr'-'froin th'e tvhcel, and quick action from the brokes jnake 1'omiac perfect for Jrafflc. Fnp extra-eager "go", Dual-Range Jlydra.Matic, op. tionul at low cost, has a speciftlXTraflTic Range, Of all the fine things you get in the big, baauliful new Pontiac, none will please you more than its performance. You get something that no ojher ear of its low price offers—a balanced all-around performance that delights you every milfl t Pontlac's big, high-compre?sion engine has all the power you'll fvcr need—for acceleration, for hills, for the open roa<J. PONTiAC's MIGHTIEST ENGINE ami generous si/.e provide higlus'ay performnnoe uusui-passcil for siijooibness, fjiijctness and rou.d-leveling ride. For .added riding ease Pontiac offers n Comfort-Control Seal and Air Conditioning, optional at Uw cost. And once you drive the 1954 Poiuinc, you'll reiilitce that it'gives a lot more than .just outstanding peiforinaiiee!. .It gives ypu the CQmfort o|- » long wheelbase and of big, self-cushioning springs plus wojiderful economy and dependability. Combine, all that and what yon have is performance unmatched «^ the price! Co^e in for a. d,d«ion?t'r»rton. PARKING IS HP PROBUM*^vitll tliis woude r f\illy responsive car. Turning radius is remarkably short, visibility is very great and Power Steering and Power Brakes, optional at low cost, reduce effort to mere touches of finger and toe. von GANTT MM * HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO

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