Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 2
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\ VOLUME XV. NO. 57. Sueceiwr to tha lola Daily Reglcter, th« lola Dally Record and the lota Daily Index lOLA, KAS., DEC. 30,.1911^ATURE[AY jlVENING. DallX'-Regiiter, Established 1837. eakty Register, Established 1887. W( EIGHT PAGES M liW CMINDT FARMER lOLAX T^IXS AX IXTEK- SUIT AT LAWKEXCE. IGNOREDIRESIIITESTIINOIieD E. F. CALDWELL PAID LABOIIEKS OXLY $L20 PER DAY. V state Bronpht Snit to Cnmiiol Can- tractor to Pny at Leiist tin- Ciirri'tit Wage, Rnt Lost Hff«irf Jurj. V A curious and unusual law suit lias Jubt been concluded (n I-iwronce. Tlu- defendant Is .Mr. K. V. Caldwell, formerly a resident of Allen lounty und a brother of Henry and .Morton Caldwell, of Cnrlyle. and ilie plainliff was tlio State of Kansa-s ilituuch the deputy labor coiuinlsBloner. ' it seems that Mr .Caldwell soliic- tlme ago hid for and \va.< awarded a contract for doing cerlaln work on th« Etreet.s of I.awrence. In carrying out the contract he emjiloyrd a number of men paying theiu $1.20 a day. Now it appears that a recent enact ment by the legislature of in the Interest of labor provides that men engaged by a. contractor on any public work shall be paid "the current wage." Complaint was made lo the State I-abor Commissioner that Mr. Caldwell was violating this provia ion of law, and through his deputy the Commissioner brought suit whlcli resulted as above noted. Mr. Caldwell admitted that $1 20 •WBR less than the current wage. Hut he declared he had taken the contract at a price so low that he could not afford to pay any more than $1.20; that he had made.his bid so low because it was absolutely necessary for him to have work during the winter for four teams of his own; that in addition to VnaWng his own teams pay their way \ie was anxious that three or four other men jwith teams who had been working for him might also be employed; that In choosing his laborers he bad hunted out men with families who, but for the work ^le pave them, would have been In abso ini ^-tte winter, and fin» he puaranterij. to the a flay, ho promised then were any profits from he woujfi divide it with THE WEATHER. ForPcaRt for Kansas: Snow florrlcs tonli^iit orSnnda)-; contlned coM. Data recorded at Local Office Weather Bureau: Temperature—Highest yesterday at 1 p. m. 41; lowest today at 11 a. m.. 14;; excess in temperature yesterday 6 degrees: excess since January 1st, ll'i t degrees. Yesterday. p. m 41 p. m 40 ni 40 p. ni .17 p. ni....^.36 p. m 3 .T T p. m 3.1 S p. m .12 9 p. m 31 10 p. m 31 11 p. m 29 12 mdt. 27 Today. 1 a. m 2 .1 2 a. m 23 3 a. m.., 21 4 a. m 20 "i a. m 19 6 a .m 18 7 a. m 17 5 a. m Ifi 9 a. m IB 10 a. m l.'i 11 a. m 1.") 12 noon 14 Precipitation for 24 hours ending 7 a. m. today. 03 Inch; exces.s In preciii- itaflon Finco .lanuary 1st, 2.06 Infhes. Relative humidity 7 a. m. today 93 per cent; dew point Ifi degrees; barometer Fea level 30 OS lifchcK. Sunrise todav 7:3S a. m.; Fnn .'-ot .'.:12 p.m. CEMENT TARIFF EXGESSIV 6Er BEADY FO EAL WINIEfl SXOW IS FALLIXti FROM TEXAS PAXHAXDLE TO THE DAKOTAS TEMPTATION VS. CONTEMPLATION. MS OEUYED OUT WEST t'ATTLE, HORSES AXD SHEKl' SIF FERIXt; n COLORADtl. Eifn (hp Deer Hnro Rcrn Driirn Dnnu from lbt> Mounliiln.s lij fold »U(i Suovi. DAS ItEI/r KACTtHtlKS WILL SI" HAIMVAYS KOK HATES. Action Will l{<- Kroiiu'ht Kiiiiy iu Jan uary. Arconlinir to Krpotl—Ilriefs to Wiis|iliit ;(on Coninilssion. ute need dur- !y that while on only $1.20 tliat if there the contract ithem. Tne jury was out fillteen minutes ?nd rrturned'wltli a vpr.iict of actjuit- !al. The I-awrcnce papej-s explain the verdict as follows: I nec.iuso Jlie jury felt ^I'at a laborer had a right to accer.t employment at any waee he !-aw fit to ireceive, E. F. Caldwell was acnuitted in the labor l>rosPvUtinn brinmlit by he state yesterday. The jury took but two bal- "ts and were not out longer than ifteen minutes. Caldwell's own s'.oryJon the stand coupled with the belief inherent in most men that no law can prescribe what wage a man shall work for when his family is starving was responsible for the verdict of the jury. MERCIRY FALLS STEADILY. Temiirratiire Went Dovni Xearlr Z'\ Degrees in 24 Honrs. At one o'flock vestprday thp mercury stood at 41 degrees at the local office of the V.Vathrr Bureau, and at one o'clock this afternoon twenty- four hours having elapsed, it stood at 12 degrees, a drop of 29 d''grces. Yos terday the wind blew from ilie south- wets up to 3 .30 in the afiernoon. when it veered suddenly to riio northwest, since which time it has been blowing from the north and uorthwost. Th" mercury fell steadily though slowly this morning, and observer Holcorab expresses the opinion that it will have fallen s^-vcral degrofs lower by tomorrow. There w-as a licht and intermittent in yesterday afternoon and during night, airsountine, up to 7 this rrarning to about .03 of an Inch. A T-i^it sleet fell this morning and about noon this became heavier, and has continued ail afternoon, .03 of an inch or more having fallen. Although the temperature l-as not yet fallen to ten degrees, whicli is necessary to verify the cold wave iiredicted last night, there is yet time for it to verify, as space of thirty-six hours is usually allowed for cold wave to apt)ear. Suit will he brought .January ISth l)y tl'c ceu'.cnt iiianufacturing con cerns In Mii' Southern Kansas gas licit against all the r.-.-iways operat ii'g in thi? <li.-^t^ict. demanding a re hiction in cement freight rates. This annoum-i'ivent was made after a hear- ng held in Kansa.s City Frid.iy after :ioon. After hearing evidence for two days, Kdga- T*. Hender.^on. special exaiuin r for tlie Interstate Coipmerce Com '.lis-^lnn; insirr.ctcd tli" cement men nnd till' r.".'"i;oad representatives to ;i:viiare liri'^f.-? and present tlicin to the coiiiiiiisrion at Washington. Tl>e roiniiiission will set a date later when 'he final arguments will be heard In Washington. Henderson fopnd that v.hile the cement companies In the Southern Kansas gas belt demanded the rate to Kansas City and Missouri River points be lowered, two companies near Kansa.=! City which have cement factories Sugar Creek and Tonnor's Ferry '•"tervened in behalf of the railroads. The nite from the Pri.-fherr) K-TPS-".' field to M's;-oiirI Kiver i<oints is 7' '•enls. wliHi' the figgar CrpeU and tli" Bonner's Ferry factories hivo a rate of two ee"*s 3 luindre<l no'irds. The evidence revpaled th.-* e?mep1 w»i;ch a yepr ago broucbt ?2 n har- cl now sell-i in Knn^TS C;ly for v-Iy• v rents ,T barrel. Tl-e content men ipol^retl ."ley "re Ir)«iv?r tnon'-v. "Tbe^ rei'roads aro "''t In hhiiv for 'hccement '•onMinnies' hvvl 'nek " -'i*. "tared a r.iilronri rei>resrntn'i"e "Th" •^ement cnnrniles are onjjnc''"" 1" e rulroiis ".Tpin cf roTiii »etlHnn. 'rill- f"- •neni. hid"''.'rv t'ulvcd nndT t''e seve" •"lifn hnlf ci>"' r.nte The Incrence le he nnii'lier of faf*'>rl'>s hn« fo-'-^'l •vprn'-nflon. There are too iiip.ny fafiorles." The cement manufacturers ask for a fotir-cent rate In carload lots from 'ti" Kanv-.Ts ras belt to Knnsns Cilv Virio eoin'inries. reiii-psTMnc nrncti- — llv over<- ""v 'oTit nin-if In Southerr 'T-«-nt- yr..'it>n^-i ov ^'^honta. wo'-o •o.^rpsprif p-l Tl-p i1pfprirl'>ntS !>re Tjci^-piiri 'Pnctp.c (hp ^tflitco- Tn-inVn r. cn..)n FP -rd t!ie Missouri. Kansas .t Texas roads. m. 18N6 AT HOME NOW ESKI.MOS «ORX WHITE. Black Spot on Back (.'rows and (Jtvps Dark roniplexion. Chicaco, 1. c. 30.—Christian Leyden 'an Arctic exulorcr. connected with th'P , ilniverslty of Chris'lania, who Is in .,'rhlrago. prior to his return to .\or- • V talked tonight of the origin of f Eskimo, -he investigation of the »'*n of wlilch race Iip Is engaged In. "talU pflcullar feature of all thos'? north'-rn Inhabitants," he said, that whin born they have skin "even whiter tlian the Cuucailan. Hut - they have a Uny black spot in the ^ middle of tiip back and '.t is in this - snot that their complexion origInat>s. The spot grows larger and at the ' same time less strongly colored. Finally It spreads over the entire body." Vnofher Mrstery Melted With tlie Pii.sslii:.' of Time. Thomas O. Ix)ng. the .Missouri Pa- •:-ific conductor, whose mysterious dis ijipearance from a train between Mc- Pher.=on. Kan., and Denver, Colo, iva." noted by The Denver Post and :;;e story reprinted in The Register has arrived home. Cards received in iola from Mrs. Long tpll of her hu.^- band's .=afe arrival and states that the family is spending a happy holiday sea.'jon together. .N'o explanation nf Mr. I/)ng's belated arrival is given and it Is presumed that he was merely detained somewhere along the line en route home. Mr. Long was formerly yardnia.ster for i!'e Missouri Pacific railway In •his city. Kansas City, Dec. 30.—Several ii:r()ugh IralnH arc seiiwhoiitid In Western KnnsnK today by the heavy storms. lOast bound I'acllic . .Vo. 101. which left Denver Thurs' liny night. Is blocked by the snow at Shartin Springs. The train Is ! expected to proceeil thi.s nfler- ! noon. II was di :e here yester- I day afternoon. f, *. "(tlv til.. ASV.K.IIII.MI IVns.<) Kansas City. Dec. 30.- With snow fiiUing from the Texas Panhandle lo the Dakotas, the thermometer today in eastern Nebraska. Kansas and northwest Missouri registered a fall of froin (Ifteen to twenty degrees since yesterday. Driving snow in western Kansas and Nebraska, delayed trains and caused livestock suffering. The temperature at Dodge City and Concordia was zero. The local forecaster said that zero temper atttres would i>revail throughout the Missouri Valley and. well into tlic Southv.-esl by Sunday morning. The cold wave and snow was cn- tral in the Southwest and was moving toward the Mississippi Valley. The temperature ranged from 14 belowin South Dakota to 18 above at Oklahoma City. At North Platte, Neh., tlie mercury stood at six below, at Omaha four below, at Kansas City l.T above, at Wichita. Kas., and Amnrlllo, Tex., six above. Heavy rains fell In Arkansas and Louisiana. folorado Is ShlTorlnp. Denver, Colo., Dec. 30.—Fourteen degrees below zero Is reported from many sections of Colorado today. At l»iJunta twelve inches'of snow covers the ground, and blankets all fped on the ranges. The severe cold has frozen the water and- cattle horses md sheep are suffering. From 'he iiiouiiiains west of Ix)veland, great herds of deer have b"eii driv.-n to tlie jrairie lands to find food. A. WSCinfB:N( FAlLSj LAFOLLETTE IS HOARSE. , Afucta Talking Has Made the Wiscon- i tiln Senator iiusky. A.lilil{It'AX IMON THf.ST ('0. FJJRCED TO ILOSE ITS DOORJ^. After two or ihrpc days of raw outh wind, which broiiglit np a mug- disagreeable drizzle, th" wliid hanged to the north here In lola at usk yesterday, and by morning the mperature had fallen to spyenteen. t has been growing steadily colder since that time, the Weather, Iliirean reporting 14 at one o'clock, and the Irizzle has changed Into n mixture of snow and sleet. Mr. Holcomb, the local Weather Ohs"rver, thinks the tern iieratare will probably reach five or ix by tomorrow morning, and that here m.ny be considerable snow. Liaiiitities Arc i'onipanitlvely SnuiH and orriciais Say Tiny Will Be Paid. SOCIETY LEAPER LEAVES PEX. Lays All His Tronliles to llip Fridiiy- 13.:i3 Hnndoo. Mr MtlEY MUST GO TO TRIiL -P'ofes^"- F. Minkley formerly of this city, but now acting as principal of the .sfhools at Frontenac,. is in the city on a combined business and pleasure visit. Mildred .Man Held for Attacking John Helder. W. K. Maliy was lield for trial in the di.-^trlct court on a ciiargc of felonious assj'ult following a preliminary hearing held in the court ol . TUB- tice lAxke. at Mildred, yesterday. His bond was fixed In the sum of $700 which .Maley wis unable to give and he was returned to the county jail. Maley. It will lie recalled becamp Involved In an altercation with John Holder, near Mildred, about a week ago. . Durlnl? the controversy. Maley attacked Helder with a hammer, lii- rilcting an Injury which, for a time. W3B feared to be fatal. A surgical operation has. apparentiv, relieved Helder and It Is lielleved he will recover should no complications arise. iHy tl:.> ,\..'.„fT ;ilPfl IV -sM) l.pavetiwoith. Kas. Di-c. :!0.—M.-irry (-•rr;.'--. a forirer leader <if the young r socii'ty set of Cleveland. Ohio. lef e Federal pri.-:on at Fort Leaven worth today, having completed his entence of tw(.' years, less five months for good behavior. Morris was con icied for attempting to blackmail rs. Don O. Caswell, a millionaire widow of' Cleveland., from whom he 'leinnnded $2,000 under threat of kid­ naping her two younger children. .Morris laid his hard luck to the In- '•'upnce of the "hoodoo" numbers "13' and "23" and to the fact that his •rial began Friday. May 13. 1910. The verdict finding him guilty was re- •urned at twenty-tliree minutes past > o'clock and he was turned over to 'he prison iiuthorities May 'J3rd. (Hy llif .\s:.Mil:il<<l I"r»-s..<) Kansas City, Dee. 30.—The Amerl- jan Union Trust Comirany here clos- .'d its doors today upon order of the State Babklng Board. The bank ijadl three thorrai'd* (i-iiosiior;^. Most j of ;he accounts are t-uiall. The oXflci-rs .iHv the d"!>o-sitors v.ill li<- iiaid in fiili. The company's bill payable are said to aggregate $4'J3,43,S, ii.vsets $3y.=i,i*<ju. The corap.-iny was founded a y^ar ago with authorized capital of one ijiiii lion iloilar.s. Recently It absorbed the .Ml Night and Day liank. Officers of tlie Trust company today said the paper taken from the absorbed Institute had caused the difficulty. The AH Night and Day Bank had i;fin organized a year and^ a half when absorbed by the .\un;riciin I'nioii. li was the first in.stitutlon.ol its kind to be chartered in MiESoiirl. The American Union had never'se­ cured admission to the Kansas City Clearing house. Its deposits were nil n small individual accounts, inahy f:om saloon keepers and small restaurant men. The company has been in difficulties for some time. The officers of the bank arc: President, L. H., .Miis.=er; vice i 'lT -sident II. ;L. .Viomhs; secretary, JI. K. Dixcn; trcit.' iirer, W. J. .Madden. tny the Assoi-latod Pr.'.s-s) TIamllton, O., Dec. 30.—Senator Ui- Foilette moved toward President T.tft's home today. By way of preparation he stopped at Hamilton twen- i ty-Jive miles from Cincinnati, and ma^e his first speech of the day. Senator LaFollette's voice was husky from his week of ppeecli making. He began an attack on what he termed coiporation rule. JTAFT OX HIS WAY TO M-W YORK. MORE SUSPECTS MORE LABOR LEADEHS ARBL.ST- ED AS t't»XSPIRATOII.S. They Ifiive Been Indlcied by the Los Angeles (•'mud Jiiry in Cohnev- tiiin with the .VeXamaras. Los Angeles, Calif. Dec. 30.—Olaf A. Tveit'mcp. secretary of the State Building Trades' Council, J. E. Munsey. leader of the Salt Lake Struc- The Proslilmt Stopjicd In .Philadcl- i tural Iron Workers and Anton Joh- phla to 3Iake a speech. ' annseii. orgarii&er of the State Building Trades' Coitncil werp indicted to- 1 F5y tlip Ass-M'hiti'd l'r*.s>«> Philadelphia. Dec. 30.—President T.ift spent thre<> hours bore today en- roitte to New York to the.Peace dinner.. He stopped here to deliver the •iddresK of dedication of the New bu.ldlng of the . John Wnnamaker stare and to visit the Piiiladc'lidil;i Public Ledger office. THEY DOXT LIKE HOOK. TIRKS IHMTED ITALIANS. KlXtJ (JEORI.'E'S BHi HFXTIXG. lie -Bagged-' Thirty Tigers iind Thlr frcn RhlnoreroKps Last .Honlli. •.Bv the Asso'-lntml l'rr-««i Calcutta. India. Dec. .10.—King-Km- peror George and Queen-Empress Mary returned here this morning, the former from a big game shooting expedition in the northern dependency of Napal. during which he bagged thirty tigers and thirteen rhinoceroses. BROKEN RAIL WRECKS TRAIN. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Shannon, of An- .Tcortes. Wash., who have been here for a holiday visit with their son T. B. Shannon and family left this morn Ing for Toroiito. Kas.. for a visit of several days with relatives. \t Lriisl Three Klllort Whon "The O'eginlnii" Is Pltrhed. Mty the AII!«H-I:II<-<I Pref"-*) Aneta. .\. D., Doc. 30.—Thrown Into tlie ditch by a broken rail, the train known as "The Oregonlan" on the Great Northern railway, killed at least three persons, and Injured a score of others today Dear Sharon. \. D. A later dispatch states that five -•n-n killed. The wreckage caught ilip and the bodies were cremated. A marriage Beenre wtjs. Issued this morning to Miss Hazel M. Decker '»nd Fred H. Hoffman, bo'h of lo't. Vr. Hoffman came to lo'a recently from MuEcattne. Iowa. We is em- n'oved by the Becker Button Company. Hessnge from Constantinople Tells iof Vi Twcnfy-l'oHr Honrs' Butile. \ Washington, Dec. 29.-V Iv.i'nij- I 'our hours' battle in whi <li the 'Aiik ish troops defeated the Italian forcps tiiilDe half of it in the rout, is discussed In an oflTicial message fronr. Constantinople, made public at the Turkish 'embassy tonight. The message was transmitted to the Imc.eriiil ministry of war at Constantinople by the commander of the Turkish troops from Tobruk, Tri|-.oli, under tli--" date of December 22. The report followfi: "We have attacked the fortified posts of the enemy. Notwithstanding »h© fire from the warships and' fort batteries, wo iiifrpd the fort und the garrison has bet n r.nnihiiated. Ammunitions, provisions war materials and a quick firing gun Iiiive been carried Into our camp. In Its forward march one of our wings cut off the retreat of the enemy, who fied toward the enast. During the retreat the enemy lost half of their number. "The Ijatlle lasted all day and nlgi .\mong the killed were three office of Ih" enemy. Our losses were seviin killed and a few wounded. The Sh ikh Meri who, with his five sons, can^c at tlie head of his tril>c. is among t !v* dead. The couraj:.' <.f our offlcprs Pijd .soldiers - is exi niphir.v. Lieutenant .Vodjib Bey was ilip first to enter tlie fort. He destroyed the quick flriiig guns and carried away one Into oijr camp." j Okiahnnm Corporntlon Comniissloii • Protests Ills A|ipointnien<. ' • (Hy thp AxMoplrilviI PMMS) Oklahoma Otty, Dec. 30.—After dis- pusision of the announcement that Judge Hook of Kansas was being seriously considered hy the President for apiiolntment to the Supreme Cour' to ,'eplacc Justice Harlan, the Oklaho- ma."iCorporntIon Commission today -vnt telegrams to the Pr:'sident protesting against Hook's appointment. SETTLING DETAILS IN m lay by the Fed(!ral grand jury in con- ii'ction with the national dyoamirin? conspiracy. Their arrest follow-.'d. The three labor leaders who Iiave iieen here some time as witnesses in the government dynamite probe, wer." arrested in the v.iineus v-tiom of the Federal bulldin?; a few miiiuies ::f:<-r the indictments were filpd. -None cf I hem expressed surprise and v.hci. old by Dpputy I'nited States .Marshal Slitcll that they were ui'.dcr itrrest for iilleged coiisiilrncy with Ilie .Mc.'Namara Brothers, and v.-ero wantj'd in .lie Federal court they proceeded there without a word. The ci.arge against ii:e t!::'ee bl.oi paders Is consiilrat.'v to tia;;r.i;ort dy- .laiulte In violation of Fptlcral I.TWS The True l>ill.<; under which the three were taken prisoners were but a part of a packet containing an unknowr number of indlc?ments. It was said other arrests were iiii!:iincnt both a' •his place and in S:'.n Francisco. :'.:orlly after returning the indict- iient tlie grand jury adjourned unti. u-xt Tuesday. T. . WILL NOIGO UEf HE rSES TTP SOME PERFECTLt tJOOD LAXtiUAGE TELLLXG WHI. DOESN'T APPDDVE TREATIES • i\ • 1 ALSO HE IXTIMATES THAT THOSE WHO DO ARE HYPOCRITES. At I.etust That They Drco^re Them- sehes and Hurt tho t'uusc of Peace. (I!v IliP A.s.siirhitrd J 'rL'H.'i) New Vork Dec. 30.—Why Theodore Uuoseveli wilt not attend tho banquet tonlglit of tho Citizens Peace t'oiiinilttee wifh President Tuft as tho giiest of honor, was made pi'iblic in detail today in \\w "correspondenco between Uoosevilt and Millar J. Bloomer, execuiivi- 8e(Tetary of tho .cTommltli'e. One lettpr from the form er president says: "I can't permit the use of my namo for taht citizen's peace banquet simply bcciiuse I don't know what the banquet is for. If it is meant to overawe the Senate and force that body to support unamended the arbitration treaties then I'm not In sympathy with you. , If you propose to support the arbitration treaties, you're engaged in what is, however, unconsciously a hypocritical move against the interest of peace and against the United States." ' Colonel Roosevelt then reiterated what he said yesterday in his editorial that "Hypocrisy never pays." ABOUT THAT OLD TRCdT DEED. Agjeenient Reached as i« Composl- ' linn of Xatinnal Cnnventinn. t ttip A.s..trfinl('rt lYfcsSf . Sh;iri:liai. DPC. 30. —The conijiosl- ioii of the .National Chinese convMi- tioii, suggested liy Premier Yuan Shi Kal^ and accepted by the Imperial "nnVt Mt I 'eiiing to settle the future form of government in China.- was decided on today during a session of the Peace conference. Each of the l.S provinces of China proper, will, •ceording to the scheme adopted, form one section; inner and outer Mongolia will each compose oiie sec- ilor. an deastern and western Thibet one spction each. Each, section will sen-J three delegates. NOW ^•ir ^^Ess'• is A FAIU'RE Lsrk of Funds I'nused Dr. 0. T. Warden Magazine to Suspend. New York. Dec. 29—J. L. Oilb;«r vice-president and treasurer of thie .Vational Post Company, publisher 3 of Success Magazine, announced this afternoon that because of lock cf funds It had bten decided ro suspenjl publication with the current is:;u and turn the property over to credij- tors. The magazine was founded 1 years ago by Dr. O. S. Marden. "Geii- eral conditions In the megazino fielp are responsible." Mr. Gilbert said. Resl»<trr Want Ads Get the RIs. ST1| AXXIYERSARY OF T!!A«EDV Thf Iniqnnfs Fire Ocrnrred Eight A'pjirs Ago Today. 'Hy the. Ass'wlated Pre.-'^') Chicago. Dec. 30.—The eighth annual memorial service for the liun- dred persons who perished Decemlier :!0. 19113. in tlie Iroquois Theatre here, y.-n.' held foda.v in the Iroquois Memorial Post, which Is maintained by the as.'ioclatiou formed "to perpetuate the n.emory of the martyred dead who sacrificed their lives on the altar of future public safety.". SACCHARINE OHDER PO.STIMJNED. The Vwry F^iod Board AVIII Consider .VpplicA^tion f(»r lipheartng. M:V ill.' -\..:^iM -!atr<l I'rp.^.'^i Washin'gtou. Doc. 30.—Tlie Pure Food 'Board today jiostponed until February one the operation of its order prohibiting the use of saccharine in food products. The prohibition was to have become effective January one but the application was made to the, board for a rehearing of the ease and postponement was made to allow the Board more time to consider the matter. fXDERWOOD HAS APPEX-RICITIS. (IfRI.ST.MAS MAIL DESTROYED. Ah^iit 'I-'KOAO POSIHI Cards Reprp- sent Wasted Effort, Washington. Dee. 29.—Though the postodlce department handled an un- tirecedented amount of mall this yar wltft little coRgestlon or confusion, approximately 175.000 postcards bear Ing Christmas greetings were destroyed tmlav rppresenting the wasted efforts cf fh° senders. In addition In en average of 12.000 iMec'g of unmnllablo matter received dnili' by the dead letter office, about 2'>,0(ul unclaimed post cards wore confiscated today. The skating party given at the an-^im last night by Company M, Was verv successful there b^ng an unusually good attendance, as • the meniberB of Comnany M. received pay for three month's serrice. The Beniocralic House Leader 3Iay Htne <<> I'lidergo Operation. ify Ih.' .\ss <H :i:e^-iI I'rr.'-s; Wa^hing;on Dec. 30.—Democratic House Leader rnderwood is confined "o bed in his Washington apartments •.i:reater.ed with appendicitis. -'His p'iy!--icians toiljay expressed the hope that an opera ion would be unneees- .•ary. The ful significance of his ill- nehs is not knpwn. His condition ap- Iiaienl.'y is due to acute intestinal trouble. « XtlW AFTER ZAPI.XTA. .Vfxipun (.ovprnnienl Will Try to Sup- prpss Anofher Rof oI:itiiMil>t. El Paso. Dec. 30 —Advlce.s frou' ChlhuiUj^ua. Mexico, say that General Eugalls. with a force of l.oiiO men who have been doing garrison duty In the stale of ('lilhuahu;i. has been ordered to proceed agaiii .Ht Zaplstas in the state of .Morelos. The order Is in line. with the government's announcement, perstmnt to the surrender of .General Be.ves. that it would seek to stamp out the Za- plsta movement in the next three weeks. . . WInfleld Jones who was recently dangeroiisly burned by electricity at Cherryvale. continues to do well, and the atteiiding phys'cian says there Is little doubt but that he will r-3«over. if complications arie avoided, of which there now seems to be" a good prol»- bility. A Slight Error In a Xamc ran .sed Xew Instrument, Cupt. Storer Says. In mentioning the filing of a trust deed covering the property of old Leavenworth. Lawrence and Galves- on Railway compaiJy in the office of he Register of Deeds recently. The Begister stated that the -instrument was being recorded for the purpose of completing title to lands along the line of the- road. Captain T. S. Stover says that this explanation is an error and gives the following first hand statement of .the deed: "In your issue of yesterday you no- Ire the filing for record of an old •"ruKt Deed' as you call It, and state ; is rr'.ordcri at this time to perfect the chain o.f title to many acres of lanil in different counties along the lire of tlie L. L. &. G. \\. road.) ••Thinking that jiaities ownfiig some of the land therein conveyer! may be intcre.-ted in this matter andiinay be wijn<::':-lng why this deed has been so lon.g iin-rciTrdrd, I thought best to •t:;i(.' jMvt v.'.at t !;is recording at this lime was i"n;-. ttnd therefore give the r.illowing as ;;••> history of this deed. ".fuly l-"t. K>>i>9, The l.«avenworth, : awrenc-p & Cahe.-ton R. R. Co^ then iwnlng the road now known In this •ounty a.s .the 'S.inta Fe' together wltli Its large land grant, made a mortgage to The Farmers Loan &. Trust Comp .-ir .y, (I might say this company was MCL composed of local farmers) for a' ";nayi;num amount of $.iO,Ot50,000 for he pi;rpo.=e of rai.=^ing money'to pay .'or the road and its proper equipment riiis mortgage was in due course of time foreclosed in the United Staes Circuit court, and Charles AV. Blair of Fort Scott was appointed special master to the railroad property, o satisfy the judgment obtained. This ';e did and four men. Moses Taylor, !'er.-IinEnd W. I'eck Nathaniel Th.ay- ix Geo. S. Hale and Charles Merriam liid in tho entire lot at $760 000. These -entlemen conveyed to the reorganized railroad company. "The special master's deed was fil- ^d in the several counties along the :ine from Lawrence to the south, line )f the state, in Allen county it j«-as 'iled on the first day of February, STO .".nd recorded in book Q at page • "In tl'.e recording of this deed, the '•e^ister of defds made an error, and -hows in the part of the deed reciting the sale of the property, the name of Mr. Peck as Frederick W. In the granting clause the name is correctly stated as Ferdinand AV. ".Vfew weeks ago > an Abstract of Title to a half sectiofa of land, conr veyed by this deed was made, in the usual long form style and was submitted to an attorney in Kansas City, or examination. Kansas City attor- :iey.-i in.'.i?t that the real estate of the universe and especially Kansas, mu^t '>e conveyed under the laws and usages of Missouri, and under special rules adopted by each e^^amlner, so this particular examiner required the vendor to furnish an abstract sbowtn; ojiies of all instruments recorded ;h!:--. was complied with and this im- ainterlal error, always known to local abstractors, and attorneys, was discovered and a certified copy of tbo^ ' record of the deed, was procured from riouglis county and recorded here, to -•low that tn* name of 'Ferdinand' In' the granting clause the one that conveys was not 'Frederick.' No new conveyance Is made no title changed and but for the length of the instrument no inore attenUon should be given it than to hundreds of affidavits made to correct names which are so often recorded. The transaction, certified copy and recording proliably -ost the grantor ten dollars. Just a llt- •.!e carelessness on the part of the reei.ster of deeds, and if it serves to itake recorders more careful In the future, the public could well afford to -?lm.hurse him for the outlay." .

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