Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 30, 1911 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 30, 1911
Page 1
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XV; NO. 57. - Succeuor to ihe lola Dally Regltter. the Iota Daily Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS.>DE.C. 30, 1911—SjVTURDAY EVENING. Darfy it Register, Eitablfehed 1897. ;ly Register, Eitabllihed 1B67. ffTRKEB IOL\\ WIXS A\ IXTi:i{. iifi (rtX6 SlUIT AT L.UVKKXCE. MED THE STATE STANDISRO E. F, CALDTtELL PAfU L .VKOKKKS OKLr $IJSQ PEU hW. ^ Bronght ^«ilt to Comiirl Ton- \<traet«r to Par at L«ii?st tli(> Cun-pnt - Wiigi«i| .-fint Loiit IMarv Jury. ^ X curious and unusual law suit has . ^st been concluded tu l-awicncp. The defendant is Mr. E. F. CalrlwcII. formerly a Teaident. of Allen cuiinty aud a brother- of Henry and Mcrinn Ca]i]~ "veil, of Carlyle, and ilie plaintiff was tbe State of Kansas thiuuKh the? i',p|i- uty labor cpmmiBsioner.' It seems that Mr .('alilwrll sometime ago bid for and was awarded a contract for doing cerUln work on tbe streeti ^ot Lawrence. In carryinB V >\it .tbe conj^ract he eu))>loypd a nuui- ber of m«in>ayiQS them $1.20 a day. .N W it appears that a recent enact nent by the legislature of Kansa .-J in tbe'lnterest ot labor i)?avido.<< that men engaged b!y a contractor on. any public work shall be imid "the current wage." Complaint w!«s made to the State I.Abor Comnili ^Fiohor that Mr.' Caldwell was violating tlils iirovls iofi of law. and throuKh his deputy the Commissioner brought suit which resulted as above noted. • Mr. Caldwell adniittc.l t!i if $i 20 •was less than the current WHR*-. Hut he declared he^had takt-n the contr :«i -i at n price so low that hp niiiUl nnt afford to pay any more than $1 tliat he bad .made his bid so low borausc it was absolutely necessary for him lo have work during the wimer fnr fo -.n- teams of his own; that in additlnn tn making his own team.s jiay Oiclr v.,y heVwas anxious that three or four oth- «rc men with'teams who had iiecn vorkine: for him Vulght also he cm- ployeii; that In choosing hi.< lahorpii- he hafl- taunted out men with f^milic^ who, Jint for the work lie pave the>>i. urouIdsaTe Ijcenln absolute nond rtur- In? .Itt.winter, and finally :hat whilp he jniaronteed to the men only J1.20 a day.'tae promised, them that if there were.anT prBflts from t !:e contract lie woujrl divide It with them. Tne jury was out Ti'tppn minuto= and returned.with a vprdict rf acqi!i;- .taV. TteXawrence pauers cxi>:ain the • veidict Hs follows: Because the jury felt t^iat a laborer hid a-right to accept employment at any waee he saw n: to receive. E. F. Caldwell was acquitted in the lahor pfosecutioh brcught hy the state yesterday. The jury took but two ballots and were not out longer than fifteen minntes. Caldwell's own s'ory on the 'tnatl coupled with -th€ belief inherent 3n most men that no law can prescribe •what wage a man shall work for w^-n tals family is starving was responsible Sof the verdict of the jury. JTERCURY FALLS STEADILY. THE ^•i:ATHEH. I'onrnst lor Knni 'iiH: Snow flurries (oni^ht or Sandayi rontlniipd cold. Hat 11 recorded at Local Office Weather Bureau: Tejiipprnt\ire—HlRh^ft yesterday at 1 p. m. 41; lowest today at 11 a. ni.. U:; fxcofK in trmper:iliire yesierday 0 di'prees; excess sinco January Isf, 1177 doRreps. < Vestrnlay. 1 p. I'l - --M 2 p. ir .1 p. m it* i p. m. s: in 12 mi' V.i] II! :;:> in—_":t 111 :i2 111 :',i m ?1 Today. 1 a. ni._ 2 a. in. 3 a. m., 4 a. III., ."> a. III... a .III., 7 a. 111... s a. pi.. V n. in... in a. m._ It a. m. 12 noon —23 _-21 _-2>) .-IS --IS -17 .-Ifi -16 -.1.-. -.1.". -14 GET REimy f0 SXOW IS FALLIX({ VRm TEXA.> I'VMII.V.NDLi: TO THL DAKOTAS TEMFTATION VS. CONTEMPLATION. fBllUIS DEUYED OOT WESl (ATTLK, iiojt.srs ^M> sHKi:i' srv Prpr:p;!a;!nn for 24 hours endinc 7 a. ni. tod;;v. 113 iiic'.i: exrcs.s In iircMii- iiation 'Inrc .l.-:nuary l.<:t. 2.<;fi frcln^-. Relative hmiiii!'ty 7 a. m. tuday n?, per cent; dew print 1R iteGrres;; lia- | ronipter sea ipvcl "n OS II;C!IP.». Piinrlso today 7:?,S a. m.; Fur.FPt .••.:12 p. ni. Kvcn ihi- Beer liave llrcn Bouji from the .Hi>uniiiin« ('iiKi IIIKI >'iiivr. BriM 'M by CEINT TARIFF EXCESSIVE IMS IIM.T FAiTOKIES Wil.l, IMMAVAl.S i«>K KATKS. Action Will ilc llrnu'-'ht Karly In Jiiii- iiary, Arrnrdiiiif tn Hi'iiort—Hrief? tn Viii>Iiir.!rlnii ('<>hiuil->sinn. Suit will l(p !>;i)i:rhr .Jnnfiiry JKth hy th(> reiiK'iH i:.'an:;f;:cli.'ilim r';n *-ern.< in t'.ii- Sniithfiii K.-insjis ujis lipJt aKJ'i.ns't lli<- ralvays oppi'at- lUK in tlir.-; ciMric-t. (Ii'r.i.-iiiillnn a r''- 'iiction 111 fMi.iMii lv<-!!:'.!t va'^w. This ?'.li:iH!tiiT>ii I 'Ti; \vn.'- u'.'.ili' af 'i 'r a !ir :ii' ::i,i; belli in li-iis I'ily fii.l.iy iifi.r- riiiiu. After Iie;>r!lif; -nic', lu.' fur (wti (I;;vs. i-Munr II. I'l'•(!.'v --.i;i yiii'iia! i-\:i;ilii- fr f'lr i!>' I-:'( iir.i M T I-P ('•111- .ii,.-<inr.. iistr '!i -;"'i! I'l -Miciit I'ii";' in<l 'li' ::r'>-n-.ii 1 > 1)1 "j-'n'.'iivfs (fi lire; sn- )iri 'I'.-i I'licl uii -"fiif tli"ii tu till' 0 (i:"!|iiii ;;I \V;i>.!iili>tJi):;. Tin' iMirriii: >:i<in will •=>'! n <i:ii • wlicn •iii; linal liri-iiiu'lils wiil lii- l',r;;rd in Waphtnpti-tv I»!>inl<'vsir! r -.iv.Tii! vliMr tVe n-I '-nit rniiM'.T'ii"! ''n tV' ^o-'Hu 'm K:'.M- ir.Ts I 'llt i!( iiir' ri tip i-i:,- Id Kansns City :in<I Mis-o.iri ;io v.i: 'ip 'n>vri-pd tvvi) coiiipiinii'^ Ti.^'ir I\;iii- Pity !i;iv" rPliienl"ii;r- •i" ?;ic;ir f'l r.r.i! Pnt -iior'-^ '"rr; v --.j-itril i'l I'f'-r .ir if r ;>'1 ;-nr .'1 TV" r.-.i-' frniM tl-p cn--''>f ••• K-uv ripl.l f,-i \'!«.(>iir! n' • i •" 7'' r.-.its wiv'o IV-T c,-!--.. r.v "•• :'ri! ^fiTinerV "..rry fiic'or'": " rnir ';r ''vo l•f"^'<i r !i;ip<'r"l ;>i.i '"'^5. Ti -n .ii -i ('*,-i-'r'p ri **."aV'l Ml'' pen'. in* ••'lib a vi--^-- TT'i hrr>':T'• :< -V »^-«»tto p r--oI T'-p • -PtTt r,icr Kausa.-, fity. Ucv :;o._Si !VPr ;!l throii.nii ir.;ius are snnv.'bDuu'l in V.'o.-lprn Ki'U.sns ivwlay liy-^lip Iiyavv i-jistlniiind Kai-ilicr Nil. Ii-J. Willi II left "ipHver Thur.s- day iiij;hS. bi-uki-.i !;y ili? snow at Sliarmi Spriiuys. Th'' Main it: expptted to iirntpe-l ihi-. r.fter- iioon. It w:is (.'i.-i' Iii-re ye.itt'r- day afipiiiimn. -•8- Tenpenitnre Went "Bown Xcarly :'3 Dcgrers In 24 Hours. one o'clock vesferday fh-> mer- atood at 41 degrees at the local At caty ... office of the Weather Bureau, and at one o'clock this- afternoon twenty- foar houn haring elapsed, it stood at IS degrees, a drop of 29 d-?BTers^""s terday tbe wlnd'blew^ from the aCuth- •w«u up to 3.30 ill Xfie afternoon, whon It reered suddenly-to the norihwrat, ainco which time jit has bv^n bliiv,-in>; from the norUi alid north WPSI. T!I • mercury fell steadily though slowly this mofiilng, and- observer Holcomb .«xpre*K» the opinion ihai Ii vill tare fallen several dcRr-fos lower liy tomorrow. There was .t light and lntprmlit?nt ndn yestsrday afternoon and durlnc tlie night, amoijntinc. up to 7 this Bi &ming to about .03 of itn inch. A light Bleet fell this morning and about noon this ttrcamje heavier, and has continued all afternoon, M of an iiieh or more haring fallen. Alihouph the temperature hss not yet fallen to ten degrees, which it, necessarv to Terify the oold wave predicted lasi niglii, there is yet time for It to verify, as a : »liBce of thirty-six* hours is usually allowed for a cold xrav^ to appear. 'h'"' C*>1V^l** •"'fill-. II-; r» 'f 5' )•.•>•"*' '-.^-T- lo "Ipr^ft. p T -pi'-n-fi rnT ^&*~»tn''" -1 "Ti'«- "pi-'pnt r.o :*ii »i -i :r': ore onf ^^r'"" '-i r T).- . ... fl -> ti"*!* f'*—• j'ttn i".t-,-. J- -..ri*..' ' nri. 'J"1io|.*-»- p If--^ ";;»"V f.T''nrip';." ThP remer* ni.ii'.i'fac'iirPrF ''•'k for n fniir-i'ont r?*" in pfr'i^'l I'>:B f-on- •hr> K^i^n* !"!<: li.'lr in tC'"ic.Ts Pi*'- pn-»t>*»n»o.; r9i^*-p -«»^*'Ti»' iirricti- •f^'-rct\-^'f^A "'],'> rl^ro*.'***.' : TT-o *^Tr •^'*c=-n "rl T'-^pip.. :lio "Toiu-'l:*- .-. v..r .«n T:*-" -"d the '.ti=sp-::-f- KmF.*'*' t Te->:as roads. (r.v 11' Kansas Ci'y. H-'i:. "i>. —Willi i-;;ow f;i1liiie friiin The T'-xu.-? P.iiiiiiuiille to liip Diikot:!.-;, I'lP tin rmniiiplpr loili'.y in e:isii-ru. .N'lbniska. Kans.'s ami t!or;liwi'si .Mi .ssouri rppisti-n il :i full of from fiflren to lw<^n(y d'Ki"<is. •-iiup yp .5t .Tday. Urivinii snow • in | ••vivtiTii Kansas and .Vi -liraska, dr-- I !:iV d iraiii.i and c.uisrd llvpslock .siif- fi'•'!•'.;. 'I'll'- t> iiireralur.' al DOIIKP I'iiy and Coiiiordia WH.«J ;:"ro. Th'-' ioi.-il forijast'-r s:ilil iliat zi-ro li'inpprj .•ini'i'M ".vould iiri '^.iil ilirr>ii.:;linn' iln- 1 Missouri Va'lry and wdl irio ihi- ;iiiihv.-psi by Sunday .iv.(;rii;>i;; 'Ilip i -nid wnvp «•>•.! "i...v wi\.-. f;:il In llip Sniiilnvi-sl and viit: '•.•i>\ iiii: I ti .ward liip .MliiBls^ilipi V :ii: y. Tin-] !cnir'r;:(iir< rang:!! from 14 hi'liiw in South M.'.kota in 1"^ nliove at Dkl.ii-.o- m:i f'iiy. .\i North I'l:'tt<-. .N.-li.. ili-j nil rcnry jinnd ;ii s^x li-lnv. ji! (lir.i-,!i:i f.iiir lit'low, at K::!is:!s Tity ir> .iln)\' .1 W!( !iita, ;v;!S., and Aiiiarill.o. T?x.. i^iv .-'in' p. !!p:<.vy r;.ini: feil i !i .-Vrkiii;- I r..'i; ;>.>id Louii-iiin:-. , ' CnJiiriiilij is .^hiicrSne. P<-nvi r. COIP.. 1>'P. Koiiri n 'J .-'crP' .s- h .'JoH ••.( i .s r<'i)orf»'d (nrn •".iT'V efpiioiis 01' (.'(dorado Tcd?iy. .^i I.-i.Tunta tv.-clv»- irfiles of snow rcv- • rs the .trroMTid. ;Miii lil ;>nk«!s cn thp range?. Tii" s-virp eo'd lir..-: fri'zeti Wip water .".T'd 'littlp hnr-ic-; .iiif! sliFpp arp .=;irfi'rir-T. rrnni 'i'-^ 1] cui:;iins wc sr of fxjvi liiiul. gresit j herds of depr have li-^Pii driv.ii to th vriiirie lauds to nnd food. ) A mSNi fHILS- LAKBLLETTK IS HOAHSE. ; .>Iuch Tnikfng HUM .Made the Wlscun-'. siu Scniitnr liusliy. | IBfflE DTiMITE SySPECIS A.i:i;:;u v>i IM(!'. ! (tiM i:it I'd (i.itsi; •liMM' ?o. ll.S IMHIK .M. ' Liiiliilitirs Are l 'eiii ;iariilMely Siiial] .111 (1 Oi'i'iif.ils S^i Ihi-y Will lie ' I'iiid. I I '.V 111.' .\^•• i .1. .1 i K -> i\:;:'..a; lily, D.c. an.— Tlit: .\nicrir :i 'i I r.u :i 'iin.-L i.'oiiiiMny lipre clo.-<- (V.s 111'" .\>i -«"il;il'<1 rri-ii). i Hamilton, I)., IJPK. 3( I.—Senator La- Fnllille moved toward I'residuut Tafl's home today. Uy way of pri-pa- i:ili(.'M \M- stuppod at Hamilton twcn- ly-iac mil.-.'-- from ftininii;';!, and r.iiute hit! lirst spppcli of- (lii^ day. SPiialor ljiF'<!!''ric-'s voii:<' was luisky i; ini liis week 6f sp-.ucii making. He: li'fiiiii .vii .-iitaek oil wli:it lie tcrmr.'d ' ( O! Moia'tion rule. .lIOitK IMIKIK Li:AIiKi:.<; Ai{ia:s.T- KB A.S t(».>SlM»Ai>»lc>. , They iliivf I'l i n Indi< ii il hy tjw Lns An!;:'lis (.rand .liny in CnnutT- iiiiu »illi Ihf .UrXuniiiriis. Los An.s-"..!(s. Calif. Iji :iO.—Olaf A. TvPitiiTPP, sPfT.'ti'ry of the State I. B. Wilt TO EIGHT^A^ESS HE ISES UP SOME FEBiFECTLt tlUOB LANUUAGE TELLDifi WHT. V f JIOESN'T mUE TREJiTlES ALSO HE INTIMATES THAT THOSE WHO BO ARE IITFObRITES. At Least That Thcr'BecelTe Themselves and -Hurt the Coiis^ of Peace. (r.v tho Asso(!lBted Press) Xew ^ork Dec. 30.—Why Theodore Roosevelt will not attend the.ban- ' ffuet tonight of the Citizens, Peace • CoinmittCG with President Taft «a'the • guest of honor, was made pti^IIc tn detail today in the correspondence between Roosevelt and". Millar 3. Uloomer, executive secretary ot'Ui^^jvJ committee. One letter from the forin?--;" er president says: /*• "I can't permit the use Of my name- for taht citizen's peace banquet aliil-. 'X, ply because I don't know what'thei-yi banquet is for. If it is meant to overawe the Senate and force that body . to support unamended the arbitration : treaties th-'n I 'm not in sympathy;: with you. If you propose to support tlifi arbitration treaties, you're'. en-v^;:^: gaged In what is, however, uncjon-'"" • s(.lously a hypocritical move against th-? interest of peace and against the. I'nited States." - • ("olonel Roosevelt then reiterated what li<! said yesterday In bis editorial that "Hypocrisy never pays." •KOIT THAT OLB THVAT DEED. A .Slight Krror In a ^nmo Cnnsed Ne* Ihstruniciit, ('nnt. Stover Says. -.•1 I r.u :i I i.i.~L i.oiiipi.ny ii. re cio.-<- ^ y„ ^j;^y voUK.i B.iildinp Tnides' Council. J. K. .Miin- 1 : - u.,..:- .i> upi.r. (u-iler ol liii; ^ ^ , , ^..j. „(• j,,.. y.-^jj [^..t,. glrrc- Jtale (..iiiKi;;; l!.Mr(,. r ,ie hank ".id , lYesIdent Stopped fn I'hlluilel- ; ""-a! Iron Work-rs :inrl Anton Joh-''V'"' -'"-^ liWn lo Jlnkp a i-vietV.. • annsen. oi-s;Mii:ci-r of the Si -t- U:i:id. ' ''•'.','."•'"-•!••••,• yng Tr.idps' Coiilifii w. re indic-rpd to- MR. L8NG AT NOW ESKIMOS BOR>- WHITE. BlMk Spot on Back (irowis and Glrrs -Bark Conplexlon. X Chlcaigo/r--e. 30 Christian Leyden an Arctic exn!orer..oonnected with the nnlrerai^. of GhjifKiania, who is in <%icago prior to nls return to Nor•way talked tonight of the. ortgln the EaUmo.. (be-Inrestlgation of 'J^ origin of -w&|eb race he is engaged in. - "A pecdIilBr ifeatnre of ali tbo8<! axiBt nortfeii^m' InhabttanU," he said, ^ that a4w« bom tbey have akin ' even wblter tkaavthe Caucasiah. But they kaTeia.ttiuF black spot in: the iBlddle. of the taqk a«i| it is tn this 4^ that ibetti^&mpl^on'tiri^aated. "The Bpatt «|ra«lv|«(XV jand «t the .same ttnetlMa'Jpmgir colored. f3n-r alty it jiQi^eada<3)^^« entire t»dr- lOnkfej^ fonserlr aa .prlDclf. Another .Mvs ^en .Milfed With the P)is»inij of Time. Thomas O. Ixjn.:;. the .MisrOiir! Pa- .!ri'.- {•(;r.di!:-t(ir. whose iiiyfiirlous di.-''p frmr. a train Ijptween Me- Pliirson. Kan., i.ntl Denier, Colo, v.a-- noted hy T^e'Tlenwr ro.<j and till, stcry iri<rlnied in The R'giyter ha!! nrrlvrd I:(HiiP. C.nrd.^i rerelvi.'d In loin from Mris. I<ons tfll of her liuf- liands pnfp .irrlvnl and Ktiites that ilip fsmi'y spgndlng a happy holiday Keiitiiin .N'o explnnalioii '.•r .Mr. l^rig'.* bp1ai"d airlvn! Is irlv'n and if Is pre.-umtil tl'at lie wa-- luert Iv detained .'•umcwhere alo'ig the Hnp en route home. M"-. Long was f<;rnipjly yarL'niasier "•(ir t'-e .Missouri Parifi- railway in this city. IIEY JUST 60 TO TBim .•\ftpr V'voor i;-->>p days of raw ?oulh wind, vvhicli l-rovght u'l a nn::;- L'v. dis>.2rpcnl)'v lirizzle. thp win'l (•liiMiged to the north hfro in lola :;' di;r-k ycsterrtiiy. and by morning tlip •r'!v;vra;;irp li-.-.d fallen to spvi-nleen. ' hern crowin.e .s;.:'d!iy poU'.r since that time, the WeaUur Uv. r.u reporlini; 14 at one O'CIOPU. and ti>e drizzle has changed info a mi.vturp of snow and sleet. Jlr. Holcomb, the local Weathpr Olis'"rviT. thinks the tem iiprature will jirobably re:-,rli tiie or •=-!X by lonorron i-icrt i:!g. r;ri that 'iiere may be consiclprabie snow. SOCIETV LEArL 'R LEtVES l'i:>. Lays All His Troiihles in the Friday- IS.'2S HooJon. Leaventvorth, Ka.s . 1)PP 30.— ILirry ^T 'JrrlS. a fpr^i'Pi- leader of t '.'P young-: .!.'. it!.- iii",i.;..i-.iiv !ii ir. iiilf Tup (•.i;i!iiiiny's lijil l;:iyr,;il'j ; :P ^a^^.J i:> a .t:;;i<';-'atp IS:^. it.-: *:'.-.iri.i ,H'; TIip company vias foutiik-il a year a^ii Willi aiilli"!Ii-.''!! ii;' one iiii^ •:"n li.illai.-. i:n enlly it i:ip M\ S:- A:.\. I'.Mii lr.>.y ftank. flitirei:' '•i t'r.f- Tr.•.^; ;-ijiiip;iny ti?(::iy s;iid tlit, ;aiM.- mii- u !!(;n: the abt:.;!,ci! ins.i- ii.'id C;MI.-('(I I!;P i!ifIi-.-al'V •ri;e All .\M;:!:t aud Hay Uank l:act '•••11 I riirii;:.-'•> a!., it a ytar and t, '.la'-f win n iiL'^orliid l,y lIii! .Viueri.-iit I i; \v;i.s ;.u !ir.-t in.-.iuuion <;.its kind to tic rhi'.nered in MiSrouri- Thp .-Xiiierlcan I'nion liad r.pM-r so .•iirpil aiiinis.'-ipii to tlie City . '.. ii !-:r .ir lio;i p. its di:ii»jsil3 were al- n small ir.divtn.i;;! aei-Diii^ts, uianv [".om .saloon k(.V|ier= .--nd imall ici- iiiarant mm. Tiu Kiinnaiiy liys beet? in (iifficultjrs fo:- .-oiui; time, jfiie of -i li^-er.s cf the lian!: .'irp: Pri>.>i(lent,^ L !i. .^Iu .=.-er; (i.-e i^rc-sidi'nt | H. L "; .-^c-.T. y. M. K. l»ix;in; trea.r inr, \V. .J. ;i !:.d.:.n. <!!•.- th-- .\s<.i. i ..:<i1 I'n-=v>. I'hiliuleliihi:!. Die .Id.-Prpsiden Taft si'pnt ihrr-> lioura here lodiiy en roiifp to XPW -York to the l'e:ice din ner. .HP s'tippi.'d here ro dftlivor ih .•idilrPF.^ of (!< dication of tlie N'pw Iv.iililing of M;-" .Tolm Wanamak:' store and lo visit tiie ['hiladrlj:!!! I'uLlic Ledger office. TliEY BII.X'T LIKE HOOK, TIKKS lUU TKB ITALIANS. Mes^ngp irnni ('iinstaniiMi >|<Ip Telis oi' II Tweul>-f«nr lioun;' llaltlc. ' W.ishiiigron, I)(o, "«».- A iv.-.nty-, four hours' b.vtilp in wliicii il'.c TurW, "•r Focietv set of flevelund; Oliin left rroops dpf.aied the Italian force.'. '•>p |.:.dpr,n| prl'on at Kon I.eyi-i:- •-•i|iini; lialf ot it in the n.'.it. ia diyj .Vildr?d Xnn Held for Attacking John Ilelder, >.AV. E. Maley vas held for trial in tie district court on a charge of felonious as.'uiult' following a it^e'imi- f nary hearing held in the court ot Justice Locke at Mildred, yesterday. His bend was fixed in the sura of J7t)0 which ^'aley v.-as ur.abic to give and '^e was returned to tbe county Jail. Maley. it will lie recalled became Involved in an altercation ifith John Heider. near MildVed. About a week ago. During the controve^, UaXfiy sltacked^ Heider with a bammer, in- (lictln^'an Injurv which, tor a tinie. WIS feared to be fataL - A'eurgfcal onerction has. apparentlv.- relieved Heider and it Is believed he trill recover should no complications arise. v'>illi today, havif!.',' enniideipd hi.'i cussed 'i ii<ci( p ot tw«' yp:r..-. 1P-:I five n.ontbr ' I'or ri'oil liphavlor. .MurrN was pon- vlflL -'l for ntten.pllug to hiackinall Mrs. Hon O. Cn.-iwe!' a !iiilllonaIie widow of rievelund 'from whuin he l-i'ipnili'd $2100 Mnrt'r tlireal of kld> nnping her two younger elilldren. Morris laid his hard litek to the Ip. 'Iiiencp rf tin- "hoodoo" niiinbers "13" uid •"-.•?" .trid to ;lie fact that his trial Icgr.n Frldsy. .May 13 niu. The verillci tintllng lilni g-.iillv wis re- •^rn>'i\ I't iwenly-'.liree ii'.lnuiL><« past s otliick and he was turned over to 'he iirNon i.uthorliles May i:?,rd. KINfJ t.-EOKtiE'S BKi HIXTI.\«. ;:p"«a ?L-pi|'' Thirty Tlwrs and Thlr- tfpn RhtintTro .>'P<< Last .Vnnth. •nv Ihf A..<s4vliitp<1 l'r<.««. Ca'ciitta. India. Dec. 30—King-Km- neror Geo:;^e and Queen-fcTinpress Mary returned hero this mornicg, the former from a big game shooting ex- pedlti^p In «he northern dependency of Xapal. during whlcji he bagged thirty tigers and thirteen rhinoceroses. — in an official m* s .-i ;i ;;r' Iroi; t'oiistaiitinople, made jnibUc at 'I'lii'-vlsh iiiili:!-sy toniglil. The inis- sngi^ was transmitted tu tin ipi|..>ria iiilnisiry of «:ir at ('oiMiniii ir.ijp!.' Iiv the eonimiindpi of 'ii" Turkliili i .rooi-;< from Tiiliiuk, Trliioli. under tli • ilaiK of llpccnibpr 2-'. Tli'- rpport follows:. •"We have attacked the tortinp'." jiosls of tlip eiutny. Notwlthslandlii':i 'he lip- fr.nii ihi warships niir! fori b:ittpr!es, we i ;M. ri:d tin; fort imd the garri=^^nn has \,f> 'i :';inl!illii:pij. Ammunitions, jirovLioiis war inhterinlK and a uuiek firin;; pun h ;ivp irjen car-- ried Into our ramp. In 'I A JorwariJ march one of our winss cut !off th* OKIahnmn ( orT'orafion liMnnii -i -iini Protects His Ai.iiointmeHt., ' th" .-V .K^-i.i -l iteil I ' Oklahoma Ci'.y. Dec. 30.—Aft?r dis- (•is.^ion r.r thp announcement that .ludgp Hook of Kansas was being ser- ioii.sly cnn.^'d'-rtd i;y r;:p President lor ap'.ioinim -nt to ih--- S'lprome Court •i) rt Place .lusfice H.-.rle.n, th-? Oklahoma Coriioratiou Commission lodny sent telrsranis fo the I'r-'sident pro- 7pstlnrr acrainst Hook's apjiointment. eETTLING OETtllS IN CKINf •.griemenf Keiirhed nx to romposi tinn of Xntionnl Cnnvention. • H\ iti»- AMNiN -intPit t*re!<«f Sh.trpli:!!. Dec. 30. —The composi- 'loii of thp -National Chinese cohven- '.inii, s!i!!.i;p 'stpd by Premipr A 'uan Shi !\ai and afCiM'f 'd by the Impprlal •^mrt at i'pking to sPlfl.! the future "iir :ii f-f' :,'Oveviimeni in China, was Ipcidf'd on lodny during n session of (he Pence cobference. Each of tho IS iirovlnces of China proper,-will, •••'•ording, to th'- scheme adopted, form one section: inner and outer Mongolia will each compose om? stc- 'ion nn deasiern and weatrrn Thibet, one section eiieh. liach section will •If ud three delegates. r. and Mr^. G. W. Shannon, of An- ,,_jrteii, Vaah:,- who. ha%* bnen her•or a. holiday visit with Sholraon T. R. Sbabpnn and fsnttt7-:3«Ct4hfs morn frjr^ia^t BlthKES RAIL' WRErKS TRAI.V.' •A L?:r»» Three KrilH When •TThe n-epnnfmi" In rftrbed. (By the A «.«oclaljrd Prws* Aneta. N. D., Dec. 36.-^Throwa into the ditch bv P . broken rail, the train known, as :The Ore^onian" on tbe Gre .1t >iurthera railway, killed at least three persona, and injured a score of oth^rn todaf tiesr Sliarnn. \. D. A later dlspx't'h states (hat five "•^re knied. The wreckaae caught Are =nd_tbe Bodies were cremated. A marriage iicenr<> wii9 Issnfid ttaU DiomiAg^.ln ^-linaf HaxeJ M. Denker ••"L*!re<l R .Hojrman. i««.»b .of loin. Uy.'HntfhiwBii-dime to loTa racentlr froijj WnBtaifl^.rlmRra. ip "lifr- ^'<»»isd, ib>4tt|ia Becker BultoD Omx Wtr3at of the enemy. wlio..1pd the const, liiirirsr ih" relrrat emy lost half of their numbe^. "i'iii' tjattie l .ist'd all day and nljjlit -Vmon? the killid were ihrtv iolTicerF^ iof Ih-' enemy. Our ios.sps werp seven killed and a few wounded. T Ikh Meii who, with liis five soij^, came at the head of liia irihe. is ainting the: denii. The coiir;iEO cf cur off.?' soldiers is . exeniplarj-.. LU 'i .Vodjib rjey was th.' first to eni fort.' He destroyed tbe qulcH tov.-an). the en rs and- i:-;u:inf rer the firing guns and carried away one iijto our camp." XOW •i^rCPESS" IS A FA I UBE. Luck of Funds t'an«rd Br. 0, t. War- dm }IagHzin<> to Saepeo New York, Dec. 29.—J. U lllbart. vice-president .ind treasurer of the^l .Vatfonal Post Company, pul lishera of Succes.t Magazine. - annoiisc !d this? afternoon that because of aek of fnnds it bad b <!cn decided to -^iuspGnd- publication with th? cnrrent and turn the property over td tors. Tbe m ^gssine was foui ded 13 years ago by Dr...O. S. Sfarden "Gen-;; eral condltlonB in tbe magaii^e field* are reailonsible," Mr, Gllbar( -lasne' credi-ij ••Ta ANMVERSAJIY OK TRAtJEBY TUo Inii^nnls Fire llrcurred Elgiil Yeurs Ago Todiur. CUy jhp Ansiipl.-itPil I»r".«s> Chlc .TCO. Dec. 30.—The elgftth annual iiiemorial service for the hun- •Ired persons who perished December :it\ iSO.'J^jn the Iroquois Theatre here. w.Ts held today in the Iroquois Meni- orJj »l Post, which is maintained by •l.c BRSOciatlon formed "to perpetuate th? memon' of the inartxj'ed dead, who sacrificed their lives on t^ aJ(-| tar. of future public safety." rilRISTJIAS MAIL BESTROYEB. Af.ont -1A,CW*. PosLtl Pards Reprr- sent Wa .stPd Effort. ; Washington. Dec. 29,—Though the "ostotRce department haodled an unprecedented amount of mail this y-?ar v.-irii little congestion or confusion, ^•iptiroximately 175,000 postcards bpar [Jna Christmas greetings w^ere destroyed today repfescntins the wasted efforts of th» senders. In addition to »ri average of 12.000 r>lpc*a of uYim.iIlabJe matfr received dr»ilv by the' dctd lettFr office, aboat4 23.001Viinrtlnlmi^d post cards were cOiit- flscated todoy." I'ay by til..; F^-d-. n.l grand jury in con- i-«ction with the national dyiiamitin.e toii.sijiracy. Thpir arrest fcllowi-;!. Tilt thr.-e labor Ipaii T-S '..-Jio !-.a.-r I'.-'eii hero''some timp Tis witiniises i:; :h? i;ovprnraeiit dynamite probe, v .i IT arrested in the wliness room nf fli-'- i'\'drr;!l building a few minurr-s iifrer i'lp iiidicimpiits were liled. Nciii- nf them e.rprt'ssod surpris-.:' and wlipn toll', by D'.'paty Ijiited Sra'-is .Marshril. Sii:cll that they v.pre rnder arrest .'or alleged oonspiraey '.vith thp Mc- .\"amKra Brorlier.s, and were wanted in !li? Fedpral court they . proceeded there without a word. « Ti!« ;li'o a!;Di.T.-^t the (.'tree lsl>'<< enilet-s i.-; (.-o .iSKivEcy to •i .i-a.CEVorl dy- I'ariiitc in violation cf Federal laws. Th" Trup I)j"lls under which the three v.-ere taken prisoners were but a iiart of a packet containing an uiikhowr number of indictments. It was said nthpr arier-ts ,we'.-e ::ii::iinent lioth a' liis plac? p.nd in San Francisco. -iiOrily afitr returning the indic;t- ;:";!ir. the gr.ind ji;ry adjourned Jintl" •ext Tuesday. SAI ('ilARI.";E ORBER POSTPO>EB. The Pure Pood Board Will Consider A{i|)!ic»tffln for Rohcurln^. i4i .v til,' A<:.s,K.|!it.-J Pre -S) Washington. Dec. 30.—The Pure Hoard trday iiostponed until Febiiiary one the operation of It.y order prohiblfing the use of saccharine In food products. The prohibition was to have become effective Jnnu- a:y one hi't the application was made t.) I'.ii!.board for a rehearing of the and I'O.-.tponenicni was iaaile to ow the Thmrd more time -Jo consider tiip iiiultcr. I'.VBERIVOOII HAS APPE .\BItrnS. riic Beninrniiir HOU.>'P Leuder Muy lline to rudergv Openitloa. (l !y ilip .NMMiciated frcHsj Wa.-:iliisi<m Dtc. 31).—Democratic Ilou'e Leader I'nderwood Is confined to bed In his Washington apartments iire.itened with apiendicitis. His i 'lyskians to:lay exjirested the hope ;:at ::r. .operation would- be unnecessary. The full significance of his iU- ness Is not known. His condition ap- paiently is-due fo acute intestinal rouble. * >0W .WTER ZAPLSTA. Th<» sksting niirty:RlTen at the an- ditnrium lest nirht bv Company- was very, ancr^ssful there being an nnnsnalJy .good attendance, aa, the tnembdn of CoffiBasy M. received par ]I?xii>nn tiorernment Will Try to Suppress Another EI Paso Dec. 30.—Advices irom Chibuahuii. Mexico; say thct General Giigalis with a force of 1.000 men. who hav'e been doing-garrison duty in the state of Chihuahua, h^as been or^ dcred to proceed- againsT Zaplstas' in the stateiof Morelos. v The order is in line with the government's announnjnent. nersnant to tlte surrender of C^eraloMyes. that it wouU! seek to.>ist?-nip ontitfhe Za- oista moyemect i|a:-the nekf .weeks. • ' ' • •"T-. three AVInficld Jones .who wss recently; fiangeronsly burnedrrl^ electricity at Cherrsrale. contiaaes, to' do well,,and, O M 4ittehdiae: pluifi'pian sa.rstthere fs' iftUe' donbt bnt that, he wHl:-recover,' If: complications are avdtded.. of-Vrhicb t^ief'tF.nqw: adeems 'to be ir gbod'prdlba- In itipntionlng the filing of a tnifll •f'td iiu-.^rlng the property of old (.eQ\enworth, Lawrence and Oalyes- 'oa Railway comppny In tbe office Of • he Ue.^iiiter of Deeds recently, Th*^ Kpgi.^ter stated that the instrument, wa."! being recorded for the purposeof. ;cniiileting title to lands along the line of the. road. ' i Captain T. S. Stovet: .says that thft • pxplscation is an eri-or and gives the ."anowiai; firft hand statement ol- the deed: N ../ . , 'In yr ,i:r ;ssue of yesterday yoli a6» ;:re the filing for record of" aa' old Deed' as you call ft»'4il4'fctalta - ;r rt.-tirued at this time to iKirteCt :;ie chain of title to many at;rea-^b^, lard in different counties alon? the' Uf.e cf the L. L. & G. R. road. "Tiiinking th&.t patties owning some of the ?and therein conveyed may be ::iterp?:ted in this matter, and may be ••vc .':,;ering why this deed has bepn-ao Dn.E. un-rccorded, I thoughi beatito itato just y.-:.r.t tills recording at thU' time was for. and therefore giva'tby rollowing as tbe history of this deed^jV . "Juiy 1st, 18G9, The Leavenwbiftji - * : : awrence & Galveston R. R. Co. " " .,v.-ning the road. now known in •Qifjtfyas tlie 'Santa Fe' together/ ^. 'ts large land grant, made ambrtgake to The Farmers Loan & Trust Coalr i . pany., il might say this company was ' iiG= :cmpc=ed cf local fairiners) for . i-srdninm amount of $5(>i000,00ft fOt^ 'he purrose of raising money to pay for the read and - Its proper equlpmeiit This mortgage was in due course'of time foreclosed in the United S)^a . Circuit court, and Charles-W.Blatr nf Fort Scott was appointed apectal master to^ sell the railroad propertjt, :o satisfy the^ Judgment obtained. Thla ^.e did and four. men. Moses Taylor. Ferdinand W. Peck Xat&aniel Thayer Geo. S. Hale and Charles Merrlam hid in the entire lot at S760 000. Thesie •-•enflemen conveyed ' to the reorgaa- liifd lailroad company.. "The -siitcial master's deed waa flf- Rd In the ."everal counties along t^ line from Lawrence to the south fine of the Ktate. In Allen county It.Waa. riled on tiie first day of Febraar^« ~ <sT)' and iccordcd in book Q at page jxs. • "In the. recording of this deed, thV ^ nglsier of deeds made an errorrliad shows In the part of the deed reclt^ltgr the sale of the property, the naiiia'or ; Mr. Peck as Frederick "W. Ta, tha . granting clause the name ia cort^cily stated as Ferdinand W. • "A few weeks.ago an Abstractv 'bf Title to a half 'Section of ]and,-'eiHfe-. veyed hy this tferf 'TiwB made .'UVmr' '' usual long form^'style and wtfe|»BJS^' • r- mitted to an attorney in Ka&m»:|5(9^' . for examination. Kansas Citji: attjirr' > neys insist t'aat the real eatata .of:^^ '' universe and especially Kana'i^ tt^i^ o ;-4 : he conveyed undei' the lawa anSjH(life r ages cf Missouri. <8nd anderVn)||eW'^ ; ^ rules adopted by each ezaaditef.'t.a&V . >~. this particular examiner reQnlref'ii^V' '^ vendor to furnish an abstract shditr^^:; copies of all instrumenut .recozdl)^:.^;. this was complted with and t&jja^'iift': . material error, always knowaVta''=I«^- :. cal abstractors, and attomeya. •'lirik ^ •; • discovered and a certified ropy of-Jha*- •'^ record of the deed L «a prociir(td,JE(miqL ' Douglts c'cnnty ahd^recordedhflW^X^ > ' ' show that the name of 'Perdlaaaia^litLiv the granting clause the one that-tini^: : v veys waa not 'Frederick.^ liS^^iiiSr ,cosveyaoce is made no title ohaa'i^-r and but for the'length" ot'tha t »rtm-^/.\^^^^^^^^ meat no nore atteatioh sbdnldjltf'j^: ^. en it thaa to bnhdtieda of iijl ^^l^la? ' l:^ mpde tQ:eoTre<^ namaa, wUch aJrit'^''' ~ "^"^ oftej^rfisorded:!The tttMUBt""^- t^fled' copy and TeoohUnJi; ct^t tbB .granfor'teQ'aoliiii< tie. carelesaxie^a OB >tlie-': Tegicter.j,di^:deea«;raad. if mm B **ic'

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