Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 19, 1974
Page 5
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iturday, October 19, 19?4 i IDE GLANCES ! C' h [0-/9® . HH fri.'iie'., T.M, lug' U.S. f»i.' on! • like it? It's an old family recipe of Ida's, called "hobo stew"!" HIT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN [WELL, HOW/TERRIBLE.' THIS &uy Pit? VOU *S OFFERS TO CADDV FOR SCORE \ ME AN'HE SPENRSMOST TOPAY fJ OF THE AFTERNOON IM TH' WOOPS AN 1 WAPIW IM TH' \ LAKE TRYIM' TO SEE HOW, MAW LOST BALLS HE CAN FINP.' WELL,<300P<3OSH,1 HAPDA GO IW THERE LOOKIW FOR YOURS, PIPN'T I ? AW I FOUKJP 5 OTHER BALLS PIPN'T I, SOVOU'RE OMLV OUT 2 ALTOGETHER.' • • THE AWFUL TRUTH )UR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE llTjS SATURPA.Y. AMOS! BEFORE I CHALK THIS UP AS ANOTHER WEEK OF TOTAL PEFEAT, I WANT Y0U TO CLEAN TriE I6ARA6E'. AMP LIKE ' P 5OMS SAY5, TOMORROW!" ESAP, MAKTKA, I'VE 1 5TARTEP NUMEROUS J BUSINESS VENTURES THIS WEEK: TRUE, S^ME MAV NOT PAY OFF IMMEPIATELY, BUT ' I'LL COtiSIPER IT RESEARCH FOR MY BOOK OH ' :6MLE\ &LWES!, BO •1> I97< by NEA. Inc . I M Rig u S Pal OH _/^j : -. io-/i EK&MEEK HI. JOHN... lA/HAT'S /M/EU. THERE'S f GOOD WEWS AWD BAD MEWS I8M ty NEA. Inc. T.M R<fl US Pll. On THt GCOD AJEWJ5 IS THERE'S WO BAP W6UJ.S... JlOPfc (ARK.) STAK Odds and Ends Answer lo Ptevlous Futile FLASH GORDON ACftOSS 1 Woody grass 7 Emblems of authority 13 Oak nuts 14 Satiric 15 Meal 16 Key fruit 17 Bitter vetch 18 Lamprey fisherman 20 Spider's handiwork 21 Insensitive 23 Divides 26 Native of Canada's capital 30 Athena 31 Foundation 32 Asterisk 33 Curved molding 34 Conoid 38 Trample 39 Elders 41 Streets (ab.) 44 Fixed look 45 Greek letter 48 Explosive 50 Petition 52 Click-beetle 53 Secular 54 Small Candles 55 Shows disdain DOWN 1 Denuded 2 Maple genus 3 Cleaning implements 4 Italian community 5 Attacks 6 Bone (comb, form) CARNIVAL :ISIA) 7 Cross 8 Biblical mountain 9 Cathedral church 10 Chew on 11 Ireland 12 Wound incrustation 19 Smooth (comb, form; var.) 21 Gapes 22 Toils KPauser 23 Time gone by 36 Penetrates 24 Canadian 37 Through province (ab.) (prefix) 25 Harvest 38 Surgical saw 27 Emolument 40 Certain tests 28 On the brinv 41 Let it stand U|STA E|g;M JTJ ECINJ 43 Fillip 45 Obsolete drinking vessel 46 European region 47 Ailments 49 Follower CALISUIA'S "SUMMER WHITE HOUSE*/ 29 Require 42 Indian weight 51 Pastry 13 15 17 3 14 15 23 24 25 14 8 9 10 11 12 THE BORN LOSER 27 41 42 43 28 29 55 145 46 , HAVE VOU ByARTSANSOM MOW co YOU 6»h By DICK TURNER ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE / .-/ CAPTAIN EASY OH,DEAR!...THE NEVER. R/SE5 AT SUCH EARUV HOUR! ^ TV 5HOW COfJ- TRACT FOP. THE "VULBTHORP VAMPIRE"i © 1974 by ttEA. Inc., T.M. Rtj. U.S. Pal. OU. "But they want$iO for that diary, Jahie, and I'm not sure I've got that much potential!" HM/VUHOW "Y/F YOU'LL 6\GM W(7lV, 5OOW CAN \ LORD VULE'.nL THI&APVAWCE 1PHOME LOWOC'W A.WP PAYMENT BE J HAVE ARRAN6EP? / PEL/VEKEP ''' APTEKNOOfJ 1 By CROOKS & LAWRENCE ' MAN, THAf'5 THE FAGTE^T RI-SB I'VE 5EEN 5IWCE THE TIMIW5 PUT A TACK ON AAcKEE'5 PB$K CHAIRJ BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG A sadist must design the seats for football bleachers. VI Spirits walk at night any time our bibulous neighbor takes a stroll. People in our neighborhood are making a joint effort to close the dump. DAGWOOD, I'M NOTAN6RY ABOUT THIS, BUT IN THE FUTURE- mpofly '( ITELLYOU > I'M NOT V_ MAD/ ^- YES, YOU ARE, MR. DITHERS/ I CAM TELL LOOK/ WOULD I BE SMILING LIKE THIS IF I WERE MAD? By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP / AWD THE BAD / wems is THeRe' I WO GOOD W61U5 By DICK CAVALLI WELL, ITfe A BEAUTIRJU IT; COSMO? 1974 by KEA. Inc . I U HIJ U S Pal bit PRETTY SOON IT'LL BF LUNCH TIME, I WISH SOMEBODV WOULD IN VENT A WALLOON. FRANK AND ERNEST By BOB THAVES CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS X CAN UNDERSTAND PEOPLE TALKING TO THEIR HOU^E PkANT KARRI JON, BUT YOUR CONVERSATION WITH THAT BOUTONNlEBE is RIDICULOUS/ /o-/ ® 1874 01 HEA. UK . I M Mi U S. Pjl On. "/KAV6 J I'M AFRAID VOU PICKED UP OF VIRUS BUGS BUNNY By HEIMDAHL & STOFFEL PRISCILLA'S POP ByALVERMEER 'THEN THE HORRIBLE MONSTER BARED ITS FANSS AN' BREATHED FIRE WHILE TH' PRINCESS CRIEP OUT IN u ANeUISM/' HE'S ASLEEP/ WHY CAN'T HE BE SATISFIED WITH HOOD'LIKE -^ ; OTHER KIDS ? VOU SURE ARE TALL, CARL.YLE. 1 I Tf-4!NT< TME BOY SHOULD BE TALLER THAN TME SIRL X DON'T

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