Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 28, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1943
Page 4
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POUR lope Star 4<<«V«ry Wwk-Atv otternooo bf Mo* Publishing Co. Inc. , 6. Pohner oncf A!ex. H Woshbum) Star building 2I2-2M South Walnut street, Ark; C t. PAtMER, Presfoertf . H, WASHBURN, tdlfer and PuSll$h«r os second class matter at We fffc* ot Hops, Arkaruios, under the trf March 3, 1897. Means Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ais n. *eHpt:on Kate (Always Payable in By ciry carrier, per wee* '5e; Nevada, Howard, Miller ana totmf.es, $3.50 per year; else- re $650. trtw of The Awoefated PMMI The Sfeioted Press is exclusively entitled to tee for republicoticn of oil news dis- td.es credited to n or not otherwise ftftdltert in this paper and also the local Bifcvf published herein. ___ Advertising R«pre«nto<!ve— «e» DoSles. Inc.-. ^Pjl'i,, 7 ^- fc Building; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- » Awnue; New York Ciry, 292 Madison Detroit, M,ch., 2812 W. Grand Blvd.; Uma City. 414 Terminal IBdg.; New fclMns. 722 Union St.. SffCitaraes on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be foVotl tributes, cards of thanks, reso- or msmorfols. concerning the de- Washington By JACK STINNETT Washington — Although it didn't get a mention, the night o£ former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman of New York, won director of foreign relief and rehabilitation, to England and back was his first airplnne trip. The Governor admits he has never been particularly air - mind- j ed. has not had occasion in recent 1 years to Wander far afield, and j when such occasion arose always had the .leisure to employ more prosaic modes of travel. When his plane was set down in Horta, in the Azores, he felt that he was just about as far off base as a farm boy from the hills of Tennessee head • hunting for Japs in New Guinea. Imagine his consternation then on his arrival there to hear a shout from a cluster of hard looking youngsters: "Gripes, it's the Guvnor." Better acquaintance disclosed that the lads were a gouup of U. S. merchant marine sailors who had been torpedoed off the Azores and that most of them were from Brooklyn. SIDE GLANCES HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS By Galbraith I Wash Tubbs ' I ** JM>,Jt>itlfft A Guy Can Change His Mind Friday, May 28, 1943 By Roy Cfana * • i > ; J :-eeoino or rnanscripts. of any Classified must be in office day before publication! All! Want Ads cash in advanco. * Not taken over the Phone. * One tfme—2e word, minimum 30c ?•$!« times—Sc word, minimum 7Se ^\ Three times—31/jc word, minimum 50c 4' One month—13c word, mmmium 52.70 fjliRotes ore for continuous insertions only I-'THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER W* ' YOU SELL." For Sale '^MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES f" for the children, delivered com- Vplete with clean washed sand. "' Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. The faces of our city fathers here (the three D. C. commissioners appointed by the President) probably aren't red but they should be. They have just handed down an order that knocks out a generous portion of the Victory Gardens in the District. It seems that when the city was milaid out, the District retained 90 feet of properly for all thoroughfares. With most of the streets 30 feet wide, that mans that 30 feet still belongs to the District. In the older part of Washington, it means, right up to the building line. In the new parts it takes in most of the front yard. Because the city city is such a jigsaw of streets, there are thousands of homes which are built on V-shaped corners which have no front, side or backyards they can call their own. An old ordinance forbids the planting of vegetable gardens on District property—flowers, shurbs and shade trees are okay, but no Phone 89. 3tf SHOUMAN PLAYER PIANO, \ value, will sell for $150. Ca S600 Can in, spect at 904 West 4th. 18-12tpd SHED CHOW AND COCKER If' Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded I" 1 by day, week or month. Padgitts f• Kennels. J 20-lmpd X)NE BOSTROM'S FARM LEVEL, $ ,No 2 Mrs Clyde Hill. 303 North ' £,Fiiie, Phone 427-W. 2G-3tpd •i llAVE RECEIVED NEW STOCK . > of first line Atlas Tires. Bring ! | If your purchase certificate. Stand- i 1 i ard Service Station. Washington, If Arkansas. 28-6tpd edibles. One energetic patrolman in the Northeast section of the city remembered the ordinance, ordered the wife of a Government Puint- ing Office employe there to plow under her Victory Garden or else, and brought the whole thing FOP Rent light. The city fathers . not only backed up the copper but in structed the entire police force to go snooping for Victory Gardens that are on the "public parking" as the District - owned space back from the streets is called. Legal Notice 550 ACRES, GOOD HOUSE AND i^ out buildinss. Five miles on Hope- It DeAnn road. See John C. Allen. b • 27-6tpd fl_ _ . __ . — - - ITWO-RO.OM UNFURNISHED apartment. Private West 7th St. bath. 821 Help Wanted +4 .^'E OR COLORED WOMAN for liRht housework and assist with children. Apply 31!> West xth after 6:30 p. m. 25-tdh Lost NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law to apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 214 Hazel street, Hope, Arkansas, Hempstead County. The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. A. L. KIRKPATRICK. Subscribed and sworn to before BLACK HORSE MULE. WEIGHT around 000 pounds. Scar on right inside hind hoof. S5.00 reward. Willie Cochran, Fulton Route 1, ,, Box 95-A. 28-3tpd i? Wanted to Buy [GOOD* CLEAN TWO-SEATED CAR h Plymouth or Chevrolet. Will con II- elder pick-up truck. Rufus An derson. Hope. Route 1. 28-Gtpf Notice ME YOUR NEW OR RE ,> newal subscriptions for any magazine published. Charles Rey / nerson. City Hall. 1-lmc me this 27th day of May, 1943. DAISY DOROTHY HEARD. rSEAL) Notary Public. My Commission expires March 11, 1945. Hold Everything J STILL PAYING TOP PRICES FOR cream. Try old reliable Thompson's Creamery. Satisfaction as- stired at Barton's Store. 27-3tpd Wanted to Rent tu_ — THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- i furnished apartment. Conven' lently located. Duplex preferred. F Phone 763 before 1 p. m. Satur*„ day. 12-3tdh • <•» ~ \ t OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WELL, VOU CAN'T SAV MUCH/ I DOUBT EVEK1 CST A MOT OME THOUGH I OF ALL THE TOIL, BRA'.KSS AW CARE IT TOOK TO MAKE THOSE FINE STEEL TOOLS--JUST BLAM.' " GIMME SONAE KAORE/" AM' NOT OME THOUGHT— SOME MORE. DPHJ..S I'VE THOUGHT OKlTH 1 WHAT VO THEY MAKE EM OUT OR SOPA STRAWS FORKFULS OF HAV IT TOO^ \ JUST SO VOU I COULD STICK A I FOR-KIMA. / j^Z- , ,^ 601^6 CELEBRATION) IRED TO CELEBRATE 8LA7E5I Y VE5,OF 1 HOPED \ COURSE, IT WAS VOL), EXCEPT I'M BUT — ARE ou AIL / HUMSRV itAJ SURVIVOR is HANDED P0WN WHAT WOWOERFUL Thimble Theater " Raspberry Flavored!" •/POH, HELLO lOOULD YOU LIKE ^ AS, t ^VAM GO' •STOP CALLIN 7 <3U)E,ETIE JUME— "SO UJHAT? ) MOTH I W GO'MER 'AT COPR/1M3 BY N£* SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. P*T, OFf. By Walt Disney Through Traffic! THiYVt FT IT OPEN You and Ihc old rooslcr do all llic crowing around hero but I notice llio. hens and me do all the work!" Donold Duck OH ir\4KC5 OKAY! FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young • Mind Over Matter iilili' THE TROUBLE WITH VOU IS, IT SOUKJPS LIKE); ' THERE 1 MEARP IT AGAIM VOU JUST POM'T AMV BURGLARS .' • ,||!|ll> DAGWOOD I MEAR 4H, FOOTSTEPS^' IT'S "-x \f >H( AMOISE POWMSTAIRS 'It's his afternoon off! THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson By Edgar Martin The Last Straw Boots and Her Buddies BELOW . OF OU MECHANISMS' By Fred Harmon The Doctor Vows Vengeance I'VE GOT JUST LIKE FOR A, QUICK R\DE. THAT BLASTED RED HEAD AIN'T AS DUMB AS AH FIGGERG.D--E.UT VJE'LL TAKE. CARE OF HIM/ GET TH' \ HOSSES, DOUG/ / COPS 19« BY IIEA SERVICE. INC T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. WHISKERS ! DO GROW FASTER IN HOT WEATHEf2..,, AS MOST MEN HAVE SUSPECTED. MORON IS A\02E OFP THAN CN/' Says A\RS. G R HEFFELFIMC-ERj ' By V. T. Hamlin; The Going Gets Rough IT. FELL/\... \<3 DUCK 6OUP / OKAV, OSCAB-, I HERETHEV . COME...LET / THEV'L-L. 'EH HWE / GET IT... ' T/ ' ' &OOD! NEXT: What is a "hedge hog" defense? HOUSE with Major Hoople OUR BOARDING v/OO'R-E BOTH tHRO\MIKi& TO THE OM.KJO/ I'D TRH THfe 6UPP05.E DOES KMONM MOD SOT PIMCWEO IM A 8OOK1E RAID, POP/-**- 6O TO SEE HER.-"-\MALK LAUC5WIMG ANiD PRH- -rewo TVAS -sow-, 6HTTIMS A TOLD- 1M& BED/ i \NEMT TO see MM3GE WAMED ME AWAV "SPOILED FOOD -**• ALL COULD STICK IM TUB DOOR AW MOSE/ LIKE A COP E A By Merrill Blosser : The Flame Still Smolders Freckles and His Friends I'M NOT INTERESTED —WHAT DO I J'RRV IS MAO AT LARD FOR TAKING LAMA AWAY DANCIN& A KID HAS A GOOD TIME I HMMPH / PUNCM LARD'S NOSE / RtTREKT EO ACCORD IKi&TO PLfXM- COPR. 1943 BY NE* SCRVICE. INC. T. M. REG, U. 6. PAT. prF

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