Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 1, 1949 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 20
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[Autopsies Are Important in ' ,, A . * m. m ^^ Study Have Proved of Benefit to Living IXDften old timers used to frown jkid speak only in mysterious Whispers whenever they mention- Jd the word "autopsy." *%Hut the adoption of the practice £ autopsy examinations marks ,ie division between primitive jnd modern medicine. • As it grows in common practice [ 'he feeling that it is a disrespect : p the dead, which the old timers \ elt, is fast disappearing. Yet, a few Leople who do not understand the [ urposes and methods of an au- jpsy often believe it to be dis- steful and mutilating, even un- ecessarily so. Some believe that n autopsy would be an act gainst religious beliefs. But an autopsy is not a criminal 1»or disrespect for anyone's re- gious beliefs. Quite the contrary. is humane. It is scientific. It is great benefit to the living and ith present methods, there is no srespect to the dead. Most doctors will agree that in early every death an autopsy hould be performed, and certainly in all questionable cases. An utopsy is by far the best way to etermine definitely the cause o1 eath. Old Prejudices Linger Due to the lack of knowledge nd the presence of prejudice, doc- Drs find it often difficult and fre- uently impossible to obtain -the ecessary permission required to •rform a post-mortem. Ap- foached on the subject, the near- st relative of the deceased may e horrified and answer emphat- sally "No!" ;Then it is the doctor's task to reak down this old-fashioned re;stance with modern facts. Some- mes, however, the relatives gree to the autopsy because it is comfort to them to know jus I xactly what caused the death of heir loved one. No Mutilation The facts are these: There is no mutilation of a body in the per- orming of a post-mortem. Inci- ioris are made with care as in an peration on a living person. They re no longer than necessary to ibtain the desired information, ^he incisions are sewed up so that he use of a bit of cosmetics by the undertaker hides all evidence that an autopsy has been performed. Everyone permits embalming, t is not considered a mutilation of the body. A professionally per- prmed autopsy should not be considered more destructive than embalming. Of Scientific Value The "why" of an autopsy is very understandable. If by it even one thing is learned about the particular disease from which the patient died, the autopsy has proved its worth. An illness seldom follows the same pattern in any 2 individuals. When an illness reacts~in a different manner causing the patient's death, it is of great importance to the doctor in charge to find out why that sickness did not follow the usual pattern. There are many different ill- icsses that have the same symptoms. A severe pain in the abdomen, for instance, could be caused by one of several different organs or diseases. Should that patient die before the diagnosis is complete, the doctor does not know the cause of death. Even though • the person has performed many autopsies, something can be learned from each new autopsy he performs. Struggle Against Ignorance . The hospitals of Mason City are required by the American Medical association to maintain at least a 15 per cent and preferably a 20 per cent autopsy rating in order to qualify as approved for intern training. An autopsy reveals not only the disease but the doctor's understanding and treatment of the patient. The Journal of the American Medical association annually publishes the autopsy rate of all its approved hospitals. Some leading hospitals keep their rate above 70 per cent. A high autopsy rate in- HOW TO SEE A DOCTOR (Under Socialized Medicine)' LIHB t/PAND WAO£ THROUGH TAPZ GET DIAGNOSIS ON YH£ BLOW Off STCAM/ HIX Extended Services in Massachusetts Maternity benefits which were $7 a day for a maximum of 10 days for semi-private members have been increased to a flat payment up to $70 regardless of the number of days in the hospital by Massachusetts Hospital Service, Inc., Boston. This means that $70 flat payment can be applied to the entire bill instead of the $7 daily payment for room and board which maternity cases received under the old certificate. Ward members will get a maximum oi $50. The Blue Cross plan decided on this change because the majority of maternity patients were being discharged after 5 or 6 days o£ hospitalization and therefore did not receive the maximum benefits. MU«B city Globe-a»i«ltt, Mum Clly, U. Sept. 30, 1949 13-B dicates that hospital (a) the doctors of that are sufficiently anxious to make progress so they are willing to pay for an autopsy program, which is costly, (b) they are glad to have their work, and so themselves, criticized openly before their professional associates, (c) they, have convinced the relatives of the deceased the value of an autopsy and of the excellence with which they have and will carerfor patients. Yet, it is a continual struggl against ignorance to maintain that T. J. BRACKEN NEVA N. CISNE BRACKEN INSURANCE AGENCY 19 1st Street N. E. Mason City Phone 366 Where Insurance is a Business and Not a Side Line CONSULT US ... FOR YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS and prejudice rating. ' Need Written Consent Before an autopsy is performed a written consent of the closest surviving relative of the deceased is routinely obtained. If there is no relative, then the consent must come from the closest friend — usually whoever is paying the expenses of burial. The relative may stipulate a particular part of the body as the only portion to be included in the examination. A court order is necessary only where disinterment is necessary. Special permission is obtained before the head of the deceased may be included in the autopsy. Here, too, special care is exercised so that upon conclusion of the examination, no one could tell that a post-mortem had been conducted. An autopsy penormed on one person may save the life of another. The instances are endless. A few were listed in the autopsy article in "Colliers" which was officially approved by the editorial committee of the College of American Pathologists. They include a would-be-suicide, congenital abnormalities, tuberculosis; failure of healing in surgical wounds, blue babies, appendices, cancer, and early stages of common, little understood, conditions like arteriosclerosis. DAVIDSONS MASON CITY 'IOWA'S LARGEST HOME FURNISHERS' FOR YOUR CHILD'S HEALTH and COMFORT A comfortable crib and properly built mattress will give your child the restful sleep neces- 'sary for good health. Our stock is complete with cribs designed for baby's safety and mother's comfort. Complete range in prices. CHILDREN'S CRIBS, Priced as low as. . . . $18.95 Simmons Baby Beauty CRIB MATTRESS $16.75 Models Similar to Shown 27.50 OTHER BABUCRIB MATTRESSES AS LOW AS $9.85 WELSH FOR HOME AND TRAVEL . . . Just lift out the body and have a comfy crib, bassinet or travel bed. Ideal for small apartments, for vacations or travel. $19.95 EASY TERMS If You Want Long Life, Watch Diet Mr. and Mrs. America, who like to eat what they want when they please, have begun to see the handwriting on the wall. The warning has been posted by medical authorities, and it reads something like this: If you want to live to a ripe old a'ge, watch your diet as you turn 40. People who eat whatever suits their fancy in middle age are shortening their lives." This is not idle talk. Geriatrics —that branch of medicine which studies the special problems of older persons—has collected plenty of evidence to convince skeptics that diet is most important to good health in the sunset of life. • It's ironic to think that Americans aren't living as long as they might — ironic because today's adults already can anticipate living a full decade longer than the folks back in 1930. Thanks to medical science, average life expectancy in the U. S. is now in the neighborhood of 70 years. About 50 million Americans are 40 years old and up. More than 9 million are 65 and over, and in another 30 years there should easily be 22 million in this group. On the surface, all would appear to be rosy. Should Live to 80 Yet doctors have come around to the view that the present average life span isn't as long as it should be. Given no complicating factors, they say, the average healthy American should live into his 80's in full good health—if he would consult his doctor during the critical age period between 40 and 60 and watch his diet! Doctors think, too, that there 'are entirely too many of our older citizens suffering from the so-called diseases of old age—primarily because they didn't pay attention to their diets as they approached middle age. The facts of life are simple enough. As we turn 40, we begin slowing down, like it or not. As we age, our organs, cells and tissues change. What's more, we don't age evenly. We age in parts. And aging is a highly individual, highly unpredictable thing. Mr. Jones across the street doesn't age in quite the same way as his neighbor, Mr. Smith. At 45, say, Jones may have a young stomach and old kidneys. At the same age, Smith may have an old stomach and young kidneys. Both Jones and Smith, if they're smart, can go great guns for another 25 years. That is, they can if they consult their doctor, follow his advice, and eat the right foods to correspond with their constitutions. There's no need for them to look for a "geriatrician," either. There are only a handful of physicians in the country who limit their practice to the problems of the aged exclusively. General practitioners, who have been established for years, and specialists in internal medicine are well qualified to minister to the special needs of older persons. The day of "Doctor Doakes, Geriatrician" is just beginning to dawn. Interest at New High This method of individual diagnosis and specially - prescribed diets is a vital part of applied "geriatrics"—a strange word to most Americans until the last few years. Interest in geriatrics has recently reached a new high. .The public has been made aware of some sobering statistics, which show that the overall health picture of people 40-and-up isn't what it should be. For example, doctors claim that almost 3 out of 10 persons in their 60s are dangerously overweight, and that 1 out of 4, 65- and-over, is anemic. Even more important, some 3 out of 4 persons in their 60s don't have the minimum required amounts of calcium, iron, vitamins or proteins— and these are absolutely essential to general body health in late years. Important research Is now being conducted by leading food manufacturers which is expected to lead to new special products for the aged. YOU CAN AFFORD BETTER CARE When you have Accident, Hospital or Health Insurance to pay the hospital, doctors and nurses, you can afford better care than if you have to foot all tho bills yourself It costs surprisingly little to have this important protection Prescription Specialists Our Congratulations to the Members of the Cerro Gordo County Medical and Dental Societies Filling your doctor's prescriptions is our first aim and we take pride in doing it well. When you trust your prescriptions to Engler's, your doctor knows and you may be assured of it being compounded accurately and that only the freshest, purest, full strength drugs will be used. America, is the most progressive . . . the most prosperous and healthiest nation on the face of the earth. Let us not tinker with its success! U61C IS ESSENTIAL ... BETTER YOUR HOME. . BETTER YOUR LIVING WITH MUSIC Watch a child's face as she listens, and you will know why music is like sunlight on the human soul, Essential to your home. * WURLITZER ORGAN SHOWN . . IDEAL FOR THE HOME PRICED ONLY $1095 MATTER OF COMPENSATION "We ure intrigued by the statement recently made by a physician, thnt people with allergy do not have cancer. We arc not ready to accept that dictum, but there might be a compensatory satisfaction In boing the victim of hay fever." Iowa Tumor Clinic News Letter. WE PAY TRIBUTE TO THE MEDICAL AND DENTAL SOCIETIES OF CERRO GORDO COUNTY For nearly one-half century these men have worked to improve health standards in this area. For this we are truly grateful. Music helps develop fine co-ordination, clear perception, self-confidence, and the ability to think. Musical ability provides a pleasurable emotional outlet, contributes to social popularity and ... in some cases ... to financial security. The best time to start musical training is when a child is abput 7 years of age, and the best instrument to start with is the piano. VANCE MUSIC COMPANY . . . FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE FOLLOWING FAMOUS MAKE PIANOS: • Steinway Everett • Haddorff Cable & Nelson Checkering • Wurlitzer Wurlitzer Organs, For Churches, Schools, Mortuaries and Homes RCA-VICTOR RADIOS AND RADIO-PHONOGRAPH COMBINATIONS ANCE MUSIC CO. •" EVERYTHING IN MUSIC • SHEET MUSIC • RECORDS BAND INSTRUMENTS FOR GREATER MUSICAL ENJOYMENT KEEP YOUR PIANO TUNED

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