Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1911 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1911
Page 4
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• THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, IRIDAV EVENING, DEC EMKER 29,1911. mm ,•• I II II. .11 I. • niiiii • >ii M— 111 _ III! If mi i —— ii t lOLA DAILY RECAST:::. The lola Daily Record anu -••c tui^ u*>ty Index. I THE UEtilSTEU nULI .SIIi.Vt; CO.' i(],t rrjiiii *i'.".,iici() to $,">o,0i)0 a' lijd it cvt-r oci-ur to you tliat Ilii- J!I;FI,I;«HONS OF Entered Mt Die lulji l'i>.«li.ffl.f iin S ".'i(iul- fliiBn Miiltrr. Advertising Il.ttia MaM.- Uin.ttii mi Ai'l'H- SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier in tola. Gas City. Lanyon- vllle, Concreto. LaHdrpe and Baisett: One Week 10 r«-iit« One Month 44 i-«-iits One Year JS.OU BY MAIL: One Year. Inslil... cmtitv J2.nii One Tear. <iutsiil<' ccmity JJ.On TELEPHONES: Buslpess Offii-'- IS Society RtT"'!"- Job and Eiridt-ry V<]'' HI Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. GOVERNMENT KOADIU lUUNG President Tiift spok- a timely w.ird in New York I'n- OI I HT iii;-;lit when In deprt'cated II K- idi a 'h:t[ O.f Govi-ni in<'nt should be fore <i lo <ni;ai;« the construotjon of jjublic hi>;h\v;iy It is a sirikiiis l< stiinoiiial t.i tin wisdom Willi whiili I I K- laws provid Jng revenue for ilie supiiort of ihi Government of the Inited Siaie.s lu-n bfcen framed, that the av. ra^e tax payer will advocate ilie mo.<i exirav agant approiirititibns from the Fed.r al treasury wiilioin a tlioiiKiii that will cost him anyihiiin. Th<- livyj are watchful of (he expi iKliiiiies in their school district and in ilieir loun ty hecause ih<y know ixaelly wlier fhi' money j'omes from. lliii ihe> look upon money Iroiii ih.- l-Vili-ral (P'atiliiy whirli iiiiiy lie sp. Ill in ih' ii locality »••< much clear n;iin. Of course that is .1 Iliniinhiand euiKTflclal view. Tile Keileral ury docH Hot i-ntitalli a ihdlar thai Hi jM'ople did net put llnre, and ll (iliould )]e ex|ieiid"(l ulih Just as niuili car and circumspiiiIon as tie- mon'': which cnmcfi from the tr''.ii7iiry of ; county or a schoid di.^itriet. Hut .'iiipiiose we .>;!art upon the |iol- Icy of the };overnmeiii road liuililinv where are we j;oins to land? There are more than two i-iillioii miles of public road in. the fiiited S'a'>'s. Tak a lead pencil,—a loiii: one. and • sheet of paper,—a hiK- one,— a ad h Kin figuring what it would cost to "•Improve" all Hit se roads remembor- ing while you do it that it always-costs the Governn-.ent ahout twice as much to do any work as it docs :>n individual. It will run into billions so faat that it is likely to scare you "Ob but nobody is asking the Gov- prnment to do anyihinir mor" than build the trunk lines," some oiie will say. Yes: that is all anybody is asking now. Hut how louK would it be. after the trunk lines jvere built, until we were askinp for more? Siip- . iK)se a trunk Iin>' should run throus'l Missouri and .Vebraska, missing' sas: Woiildn"t w > Iw d<m;!iidinc pi'; (y soon that a iirancli should be built down into our state, on the theory that is just as well entiiied ir share in the- expenditure of public funds as Missouri and .Nebraska'.' And suppose-the br.iiieh sliould bi built, but shotiild strike down throuph the eastern tier of Congressional districts, how lone would it he befor. the other districts wDuld lie askiii-- their Repr*siniaiive wliy In- di<In 'i Kef a Government for them? Talk about; IOIK rollinj;: We hiive Pnough of it how in lln- river ;ind h:ir bor bills atid in ilie ),ublie builditii: bills. Hut there is some natural limit to those bills. For iliire are ,1 itood inaiiy districts in the coutrry in which no publii- buildiii '.:s .are needed and thire are still more in which there are no navii;ib!e rivi-rs or harbors: Hut there Is iitil :i liistriet in tlie t'nited St:iles, with the exception of a few in llie cities, in w)ii( li then are not public roads tliat need im- provenieiH. And win 11 :i Rejiresc nta- tive 's r<'-clection dejieiidid upon fiet- tiuB "liis shari'" of the :<ppropria;io)i that was made for builditii: road.<. who can foreteij the sizi' of the appropriation tl '.ai woiibl anuuany b- demanded? No: it will not be. and it ought not to be done. Tile ;;.ner;il Government is doinir everythirii; i' sh(>;jld be expected to do ri.:'lit now lov.aril i!:e improvement of the public liighways of the land. It maintains an olfice iii the Department of .\:.;ri(ulture wli- n- expert :idvice on road building is Riven, where materials'for r(.:id m:ik- ing are tested free, where phins and Bpecificalions will be drawn without charge, and from which traimd road enfiineors will be sent out, if nces- sary, to supi'rint- nd icit[ioitatit road biuldinj; works Tile Government is expending a hundred ihoiisand ciollars a year on work of that sort, and it is ail it should be exixcted to do. 'The building of roads litis be-n regarded always as a loc ;il obligation and it must remain so Tfn- <-ommunity wlilch uses a ro:id sl.ou'd build it. The people of Kaiisaji. wliere roadH can be built for :{:',tMiu to |r.,000 a mile ought not 10 be-taxed to build rouds Iti Colorado or Vlrglula which The l'!ilii-d States Census shows! that the vuhie of one iicre of f.irmer's iTrops, taking the average all over the I'liiied States, was "li.T per cent great ler in lyu'.) than in isyy, while the cost of articlis purchased b.r faninrs had 1 increased duriag tiiai dectide l:.'.! jier } cent. T(:;t is to sa.v, lie- !;;is pow<r 1)1 • prodiici.s of cj;ie ;icre in l'.n>'.t was .'4 i IT cen; greaier il:;iii in }<>'.>. In adailiuii to tili^; increase 01 il'.e juir. ii.i; ing power 01 v iia> iiis i.'.il the bind i-.seit has i:;i:-. .1;;. d le'.i pi-r ce!:t ::i value from IV'ii to r.'lo, wlii. h in itself woald ;::al;e farmin.i; a iir.-;.y | ; ,>Iit,;lii. j business even if ilien- iiad been no profit in tlie actual operation of the fa^'m. .And tfie.s - c oi.din'.n.s ; .v. e.-e- vailed, ii :t:ay !e v.or:): u'..--- I'j i-mark, duriiii; a period ;'.i-c-oi'ci- ing to e. j-!aiii "rei'i.. • i.ii. eMini'III l.:is ase;; :•' 'le ;:i' resen;aii\e" and Ce.. -.- iia.i tind'-r th • conirol .f 'lie ". ":i!i Ipat-j ters" w'lo were iielpiii;. '-iie niter-I ests" roe • 1 !-e-l|.;". I' teri-stini; .' •' v r:,.; timi- to adverlisc Is wlien business is} naturally slack? Nearly tinybody can Kill goods will n f'verybody wants to buy.' The real pusher is lb- man I who can sell when the (leopli- doti't j care particularly wie ilor they buy or not. A ».V( IIELOR, I'nss. • ting of .-Xuric-ul- The Forty-first Ann' .M. the Ka:)sas S'a!e Hoard of tuie has till n c.illed 'o beviii in I'.'p- res. ntative Hal! W'iliesday, .I.i:;;:ary 1(1, at i o'cdock, and to cotitiiiue ih.ough the fol!owi:i:; d.iy and evening An unusually attractive pro- gr:'.in is promi.sed. ; eell Dr. Wiity Fay.-, h,- v.-iil ai!noi:!Ke a cure for baidiie.'-s so j:i. If lI;.' an- ie.i':;:(em< t;' i.s aer-oii'.]tai:ied by jiie- lures of the good'-.r !i:ii':^-'.f v.iMi 'his pristine hirsni" :iilonii!i. ni restored the cure will need no otiier testimony. From the .\ie,v York Soiumon ;id>eriisid his wisdom. :illd Vet he had wives, \Vh;it makes a girl see ihrough ii iM.iti i.-i lor iiMM 10 le her bioili' I-. I'or ;i siieie.-isliil man, gidng to selioo Islops only his grave. lively man talks ;i lot about the •"•li.-^tii iiion mili'ss )ii; knows sonn^- :ibi)UI it. The more work a man would like to do for fiiii ill' !• .-s ol ii ll'- wouRI V, ,;l!t iO <)•) for I'.i.v. , ... •> V .1' SI e if "K' .0; :u" coui'i d.; , r. :.l'.y ,. . — to b'lier. Th'' Mis.^ouri Supn lue Court, in pas-;iiig upcm the llarvisier Trust casi> found that the company 's tii'-th- ods weri- free from o'ojei rr;ti. its priei-s fair, its treatment of c-ii.-;to'ii- rs .ii:d (ompeiitors above <i-i:icism and its business a public li'-mlii: .ind y' the terms of tlie .Missouri r so sweeping tll;il the Colli! •.'}' eoill- lled Id pi-ii;ili;: • th.'; o'j'.: Iiiz 11 io:i wliieli ll d' w,-'-i a In ;i'lo il,. >-;i; I'-. ;iiid evpel il frol'l Ilie S'l' • I'll"' man who drew ilu.t >iaiiii-- in;'.- ll i-oti;'I.' 1 111..I.- ll iiiis' ll 0,11' !i: . • mad il "ali'-li>;hl ;" I'll' lio'.. .i!".ii' I he wisdom of the ell.lelmeHI ? l .ii'.M iiv.<irlh I'osi: The iiisar ';i nis , s.iy til.It Talt cant'o! 1' eUeied. lie ii.lll e.-;..:;ly b'- elect -i: if 'li-y \vi!! VO..' for liim. Will tloy '..01 the tieket" Knowing that li' v. i!| be ti:>miii;iiecl what are they d' ing to make iiis elee- I tion more certain? .\n\lio'.v all ilie raili'ui'.i's are not rei ri iiiliiin:. Wiiliin lii.- lla.•^l un days ll • .V''.v York C'liiial li;is plaeed or- for >:i:;',.(ii.11.11110' v.erili 01 new ei.iii|iiiii-ni Anion:', olli-r tliiiius ii h.cs Uememher that story in S'nr.idi .aFcdIetle's relllini'icelK-eS jilioill .Me- Kiiili'V refiisiiii;, ;il l,.i!'ollel |i 's r'- |ii' -;. to put a 11 riaiii Wisconsin man in his cabini t bi-eau.-;"' as alleged, le was a iiolilieal crook, th-- same man hat Uooseveli afteruard.s did put in iii.A Cabinet? Do you suppose tliat -itory had anythini; to do wiih the siid 1 appearance of Uoo.--'\ It's nan.' :i I'r.'i-ideiitial po-siliiliiy in Sia^' that were supposed to be s'rong for LaFollette? "I called Upon the ,irmy, I called uioii the people, and no on" r.-spoiid- d. " was the despairing cry of Gen. {eyes, the Mexican revolutionist, a? In submitted to arrest. And ihi- (|ues- icn is: If neither the army nor the 11 ople resjiond" d, was he revo- lu'ing for? C.en. Ueys must be siif- itig from an 'exaggerated ego. Vashing'on pai:i-rs say that I'r"S- ''tit T.'if:'s Cliri.^im.'is mail l/rok-' .ill \"':iie House records !n' addition to luii'lreiis of letters til-re Wire sc-ores f -: li'.e'.;ratns and tele};r:ims from all V. r the world wisliins him ;i .M.-rry l.ristmas and expressing faith in his idiniiiislration. or .l .ri -d eo.lihej^ rn-w p.i-.--' )• I ;o-, I' i--|-..liei • Ailai-.- !i 11 ln!')!\ to p''o\ t- I lial 11> 1 r-' loll u :.->n'l lion '1 oi' a (0 III > I I :\ • lia\' a i orl of di'ii I il II t 'lat III V, on I he ii;'hl. r n v.:.; hill'.; ill I A'l'l I. eol' . i.iii'-s mi -'-^ it;i:- •i-li.'ii: lion V f'-.-ii !i- I i 1" ••• lii-i lo look as it I ;ri; l'"olii 11.- V. • f. i'|i a siiimp ill la.iiiv s'ai' .• Il sill's I lliio. Dr. Mary W.ilki-r says the button is driJiig ne 11 ins.'iiiif; is we;iring it, not losing it, sin l.ii- :.r.oil No. it savs. Any •hem: jail. way iloy h.ive tills to comfort Very few fat ni'-n g-t into Does anybody know jii.-t why l.a- Folktte cancelled his Kansas dal'S? I'OINTKI) l'\i :A (iIJArilS. Fro nillie Chicago .\'ews. Tile cradle manufr'cliirer is n.itu- rally on; for the rocks. "iil> :i woman ea;i .iinile sv,"etly when she wants to eiy. You don'l Iiave to d ;iim.- ]<],•: t) w,-:ie;- to mak • tli'-m drink. Yc-s. .Aloiizo it is easier to get inar- I'ii d tiian it is to siay marri'cl. A Woman invi r means it wli'-n sh'- sn.vs she doesn't care how she lociks. Some pi ople :ire so cone- iti-d thtit ihi-y are actually j.-almts of tin 111:;i |V"S. -Yearly evi ry time you meet a man VO nhi-ar of some other man he di.>- lik -s. There's one thin:; we .•idmire .-ihout Women: l-'-ew of them are c-albd '•I'lci fesoor." (o, Ab.-:-,i! Was!'i:m:c)ti I'osi: Wliy should there ll,- a hal! in industry ;iud growta in ill'' Inii'-d States ai Ihis time?<ll5. .1 V .Moi.Mii d< .-.criiji s ihe .su.sjiension :•> "psyi-iiolor ;i ; 1,'" -ind i.e:'liaps . i." V--- li'I". C'-r:.iiii!y li .ir" is no visibhe r i:iti ll ;• . s'aeki iii'ig of .iciiviiy cr :i sens.' of i:'i .isii;. ss. If Tin- b.isj- nes.; world is worrying ali'iut ai'virse b uj-l::i ion. !.'t il r'^I'M liiat llier" f:s a .lie-,:ioi-r;it;e Hon.-e .-.ud ,-i |{ep"l.i;- c;in .<''!i,-il.- ati.l !'ri -:iil tit an id'ijl c.'tidiiieii for lin- iii.iiiii -nance ol thj- sMtiis IK,I. T!i'r.- V. ill li.' a lot of t:ilk :i:i.l r •loiic 1.- w ill deoi;,nd ii'.l ll'.iis'.aiioii. l>\i. thi' 11.'j nut-.-ui of ill'' s is iikeiy to in- very small. ^Il ;ii wliil. it is worth while to t.iiie a gl.ciice at the imnieiise livuies which show 111.' jiroLT'-s-.s of th'- lir-d Strses ;is givi 1; in a rei'e:i! bulletin of th'' liU'aii of statistics. Tiies,e /'':-i."-.-• gi-e point 10 the sijijg.-stion III •• li' .'K-n who is a "livill" on the fiii'ir.- 0:' this country is on tin riglt .-i-i' i;i I ill- m.irket: Tile :.'e:i 111 eotiiineiii.-.| I'niri-I .Siai'-•• v,a.^- i;'..L'ri:". seiiar.- laili s iy I MI. aihatning to 1 .'1 :l t.i'.:iii sipiari' ill l*>li-: to i'.'i:i .'i..'i :{t; SI|U.IH ill lN.".o; and .•;.O:.'I;.7 MI si(ii;ir ill \^'<:;. s'ii:e'- whiili dale v.-> 11 ana is diowii Th" pop'il.i M-ll was milliuii.-< In l\<i-i • I million.-^ in I'U I I"-! ' d'-bl wliieli Was'jon dollarr, l«i IMHI. ll ai I.eil L'.i.7.'. liiiMli 11 di.llal-:- I- . e.i: !i in In •i>'itv f'l I'-i,:,. till- (iu- iM'.'i of I'MI l,eii:g I ill", liiillii.ii dot- The 1,1'V eaiill;. i! '.!. -vliii li v .i> .<1.-. 1;:! In i.siiii. :iiid III f-.i-.'.is. Is 111 r.'l 1 .'•III s:: Th" imen si i li.n-,-- iie'r ';i|.ii:i. which .1 iiioiiiii 1 d 10 i;i i -i ills ill l'>iiii ami iJI.IJ ill 1M;I- wa.j in H'll c- 111 :. and the t<>al aiitiiial iiili ri-iit c h. rt 'i- which war! in l.St.'C ]•)« mlllian iloll.irs. was in l !i|l I'l 1-!! million dollars. Money in circtib.Uion slated :'S I'll'.: :iiillion 'loliars in tsiin. wa'- in I!ili "."<.i;-7,iiiC'. and the per (•••idia lirciila:ion. whi.-h was in isoo was in HOI •?:!! 1".. Deposits 'n all the banks in the country canii'it I I shown earlier th ;in IS?-"!, at 'Vlii< h date fh"y are set down .at :i little oy- • r '2 billion dollars and in H'tji ovi-r ITi biilioti dolbits. The numhi -r of t.'e|io.-itors in saving.s b:ink,s in 'i^'^d. the earliest year for v .hii h fiL'iires car 'e sliov.n, was a little 1. ss tl an !' ih')i!saiid, and in l:tlO ovi-r 0 niillirai. Gon rvment reeeipts.. w hii h ;iiiiouiil- -d to <-2.'>\ ;ier capita in 1^IM \ wi -rejii •siIi; .<14r.". and in I'.'U $7.4.'. or about oiH-half w.I:at tlo y w.' r • in 1M;I K -V• of dollli'Slie mei( !i..iidi;;.- wlii,--li oi;tit.-d lo .V2 million dollars in II'- In IMio. >M r" ovi 'r " liilllon •'.(diars •n I'lll: ;!!id imports, v .-fiicl: .-itnimn'eil 10 III niillii n dollars in isim w'< rv 1 •j billion in V.i\\. \XU\\ an enormous ana of un.-id 'and, liig c-r.o".-. ii:e!-.-.-..,;iii<; |.(,|;!il;i!i<.ii :n'; freedom from dotinsiie broil or 15\^ \l(l> AND os\t;i:. I ll. int.'-.- L"- -\ .idd rain !• ilow ii.\ a lii;'i; rH'i'-v \i.-.'eil tais \iii!n;> ('!iri>tm;is daj. .\li.-s Ve;ila Hest wlo ha.: In en attending .-ci.ool in St. Joe r(.iurned lioiii" TiiiHsday. I.a-.'ie-," .\lis.-ionary So; iety ciid very w.'.; .>-.;i tlnir lai:i-h siand a: K.u- gi n-- ;'ongherty's sa'.e la--; T'.Mir.-day Tiuy dialed m-i.rly fomtec-ii cicdiars. Ti.i- (;iend;iie scln-ol gave ;i very in teitsting i.rog;aiu :ii tlu >i-:iooi iiousi I''rid;iy afternoon ai;< r wiiii.ii tlu-y iiad a ('iiri-.tmi.- l:-ie. v.:i:,-li was jn - : wei! leaded with little toys, "rile si iiool was dismissed unii; I'm iii>t Mi iiday in .ianuary. Tlie te;i:iu-r is spending at'.- '.actition at her hon;e near .Moran Air.-. N'orri-.k wiic IKIS !.. en in <)'ul:i- homa attending tlie burial of in-r moi'.i e;. fdrs. .\. J. Crawfoid retitrned hotne Frid.iy. it(-v. Uoy llailiey, of William -I.-weM College, is s\n ndiug ;:is vacation at K. K. Drowns. .Mrs. Tom H.-wis, of I,;i Har]i,', si'cnt C'lrista.;!^ with lie" i-:iri nts, .Mr. and .Mr.-. 1:. K. Hrown .Mrs. Will \';inl'.-lt i.s \;-i:ing relatives near Itlwe .Mciund ti;is wi-k. Heynold.-i atid W III .-pent vi.-i;in- relatives family spi nt i;li. l.a.Miin- lor 'i'jii war. ' try ;;o :ihea I' i.-ans In ' :i- less fears : le! !!•. sl.ouldirt co^^ii- Ho'.v loiig will .Amere lllSelv.S V i(h b.jSe foei;.-h auitatio:!? Thi.^ :s till' '.^r. ati ll;.- riehi-st. mos: ra- von-d couiilry uii't'-r tlie (ir:iiami)ir and ;ill !h:!t its people n eil t'l do i.; •o ipo' bi-iti:; ;ifr;iid of themselves ape! ue; aheail. Ill i'aM- :lii d early '••la'.: iMn. •r (Oil »<.i; (.'«ovK. nilii-r l!v .Mrs. Will Stewaifs Captain .\iwm ;in of Ciianiite. Sunday le.ornin:: after a .Mr.- .<lew;irl li;!s the ItUSsell <".:ris;inas wi.-k near Ci tiier.iile. Toiu Ui.Munyon and till' I'.ay Sunday at C voti'--. V.iM ;:ri<l»DeII Grii-ves i.f. Fb asaiil '/alley, were visitois at .biiiii I'orii 1 s the first of the- Week. I.lovci and .\Hie I'arkir :ir>- lepoit.'i! ..'aii.iL. (iii.-Iy ill wilii pn-unionia fever. Dr. |-ai Clin niings, of Hnmson iiiic! i;o:! .Nevitl. of .Mildred, !ie!d eoun.i; Tiii--.;ay. Hiith Cliristni;is i-iiti ilii:!':: ii! • o' Drag.- Valley and Itayari' i.iil .-. • r- Well ;itteiidi-il and iv-ry tliiirj w.-ii. off VI ly ni .i ly. Ti;i-;e »:<• Ciui.-.!";i.; 1 . .-s a In III ain! ..',1 S.ill- . a I.;:,'!.- Iii- il:-iial eall. 'i''.. f. toil Vail, v M :. "I V.:,- i.'i II i 1,1 I''. iil;.i lor a w 1 . I. ', ii;it inli T liool lioai.l i-. piiiiii.i. Ill 1,111.-.••:\ -1 a s dm iiii- v aeal i'.ii .Ml- Sam Triteliie I-; : priirim,' l]n ,1. 1 li In le');i V i il iiig. .\lr. ;iiii1 .Mn Van. a ;i :.i| I'.iii.ii,' I.a llarpe -iieiii Cliri>iiiia-; with .\li- \'aiigliii's parent.^, .Mr. and .Mr.-. K. I. Fr.'ime. (Irandiiia Sl--on. of Ciit/.-r. i- vi.-- ',titig !ii-r i-iin, .lac-ol) Sissoii. tiii- v.'-el; .Ml-, and .Mrs. Cii.-irlie Ilootii riidi.'i! .'!ei)!!! Ik" Dicker and l.viin I". 11 Iks. iiei t'-. :i- V-imilies spent Ci.ii.-tn.a.- d;iy at lliram Hooi'as mar Hronsi.n. C. .\. Trimble a;iil lam!-!y w i;; tu litis City .'Saturday fn;- a •i !>i, with \!r--. Trliile's pjni'i-- r.-tiun-im iiniiii- Siindtiv. t{i-y ;:i:d lli:'da'i Ur-]].. \ .;-riek are i-er.iiing their vai-;iiion visiiiu'^ rieiids in and around I'.u'.' Moand. .Miss A'eiila Hi'st is v:-::itig wiiii friends in H-i-onson" this '.v.-* k. •^e't r:il o f'i.e ymitig peep!" were in ei! tl, CU:i.-:!iias dinui r at .Mrs. .A He-t. Ti'ose present cnj'iyi d a fin" •i.'iie and a ::,(;.-! di-licious dinner. The iiies wiio ^pt-nt tiie day wer--: Mis-e.- \liiui .Inck.-on. o:' Hnmsc.n. ami l.auva .Sorrick and .Mr. .Austin lledi-n.jin. of tronson. Mont .Milb-r of .Miidinl atid ;!oy Co. k. Several of the' yoiin.-- pfei'idi' \ve;-e in :;_•- t'lis week. M'.-s .Minii:. I'lri. •: =s spending "o- ;-t,-r p:.:-; oT !::'• wi-i k visiting rela- i\ I s In l.oiie Kim. .Mis.-' .- Siipiiia a.'ni l.illie I'aire who i"e wctkiii- iii';ii- Kim iu.- sp. nd rg the w.ik witii their iiaretus. KvritM Id :ide and f;i:iiily spear •::ri.-:ii:.!s day witli liis wife's paints in .Meran. ( IM.Si .»^; M V lI.i.t .Y. iii.'ii ;- 1;^-- I.a.-; Wi il:ii -i :ay U Watch Your Coal Bill !! Vol' Iii'st Lump and Anthracite Arkansas Semi- loia Ice, Cold .Storage and Fuel Co THE N0RTBRUP N.AJION I BANK 101. A, KAASA.S <?VKK r!i!:;v w.wis OF (cvsri;; rrn r: IJA. M I JV *.' I.\ U)L\ l !<-|r<tvi |(ir_» fi,:- ti:e rnitcd Sfati S(;:lc < t" Ivaitsa^. and .Vllcn Coimli- M'!; 1 i;:-; .\- .I.Ttli. I'r -.1 !. .). 1'( -i-'l-'liV \S: liitere-»l I'aiil em i i - i I;i-[i(..iis I. F. N'OKTllRl'l'. :;i!d V-Fre-s. .•M-:l.V!\ FKONK. (.'a.shifr. ':: i; C;ishi.-;- SURPLUS $20,000,00 Siiicty I>('(I (IM' I i !»\«-s for Ht'nl i! lii >IM;SS SOi.ll IIKI). Highest I'or Iiides and l''iir.s. iV.V' Prices Also Mne Luinp Uoal for sale KRITP'S JUNK YARD Phone mi TUOS. H., IVcvident- .). F, SCOTT, Cashier Mien County Zthte Bank lOLA, KANSAS i:sTM!i.!sin:t5 A (jrvjiMi OF A (KNTri;v. 11. -ning .Mi.-ses .Maggii '. tiliiu-- eiKi rtiiim -, iisin. M:-S .Vl.l.y V and Helen W;!I in iii-iio:- • ' ;:.. Ir Tiissini.'. o: i)i;a .i;;. ".Sunkisl" Orsnp :s3 arc allowed to fii!Iy nisture on the trc: 'ri ''..^in a p:'r'(ct\y tloiiciotjs Jlavor, Utterly laci::.;;^ in n-.::ny oi\.iv:vs t'.-.j: j ou hjvo hatl to put i;p with in the p:i-it. Eac!: oraiiv.c w'l.t.:: ri;i'j, if pi-rfcct, '; 1 .•.rtfully pierced c:i>J i).icl;i.d j.lovcl ;..aie?.;. Kv.ry "\ ni-.:,t be •c.-c'.'.ltis•, swi-ct a::o v.-:y, ' 1 i i:;: .vr .'p-^cr. For tlie vvrappi." !;K-n:;.- ;.. . i, :.;.':.! fi,:i: .-.r.ii tru v:.i-.:ai.lj in oSta.:.;--.' F-o;;-'.-:,' I i.-. ^r,.-:;re. V< ir d ..i.r .v.:! supply yo-i v.;:.i d-jl..: .;.s :-;'', 1; :d:!.f'.:l fruit. IK 'g'.n savin-^ v.-r-ippcra toe.". :y. lii-iisi on th'-'m. Get T.'ils Bcaul;Jul Grange Spcon S..v..» 12 "Su-il.i-.t" or..:;".-- crU-nu.n w^.^pper.';, or i:.ide:i ;2r 'K-; c'-;l frerawi..; i-trs, a,..] str.d ti.cai t- 1 :!S,v. itii 12-: i:i st.irae.:; > i.-'r> p-v.-v .:<:•,•,•••.'•'<- iav^, e;-j., \vj will's. ::d :'• •;i.;;;c I • „s:r' siivLT or ;i:;-.;j spoo:;. F'-r •? .oh •i-T.-l -p..' n :;i. nj I? wr.:;i;iers<ir IT~-'I r' s ;i ;.o lli:;. -...r.ip'-. r ;j: r :;.:-i ;'."--.ible (.T L.IS I I -^-nt ti;.' '., tl:-ii^-diJ. Fruit Kivie for 24 Wr^ippers ^ Clo in st.-iinps. Fx-cllcu: auu!:;> — i^eaiiiice c;--:' . .''.'er. 14 "Sunklst" Pre ;rauM Ec3 ! '-T (i.i; ,1-.-. ripaen. r:;pihe.- < : w.-.i[>p.r» aiuu-n: 1. f Ci^a ni it->»urv to Mfuri- ej. .ViiiocL'. Tah'.r Ki .fc TibI- S'crk Cefc rt Eyocn Sci-ilicii St;>}Cc C^ol!'-c 5T-,on SalaJ To 'c . - d'aic EpciM r .-u :i Hci.'s ^Sjv ^t TsUespfvon Tti^raaa *JV "i >i Ovltcr fcrU Economical "S -iCtaiil" Lcroous Thin-sl-iniad, t -xtr,> juiiv. ..iic.' , :i,li ii:r<.- ic a ''^'"'gfji^ clik- ".'^i;i:»-i>t" v.-.-a; pt-r. T:.. -.- • e::t n !: en- j:.-. e tn^:: -til. r Icin-r . Tin . •• -t :i" : '-r. ..: f.e wi.-.pptr:. uii. 1.ft-. J't'Cip. i'-- Lilt J-'K ;-;I; i t-.i,''". CsUfornia Fruit Gvovfcra'Lxchanf}'.: 192 Norib CUils Street, Chicaio. "!. Cliild'3 Fork Ch.W s K.iiff Dietlcr Spreader uui yiiii-atliv of the loinmuniiv in i er ;iil loss. ">'•• and Ml-; Nov. - at.' I'li! i -rtti 'n- Ing'forthe hididays. Mi, - Il.ize) .\..i. and Dr. (lirin .\".vi-. of Vie at lo •. •• hr and .M i • H i; .\.i> I'f .Inner, !.,iiii..iana .Mi- MiM:. d llell, '.' !ia- I)' -n vt-i;iiig in C;ilifornl:i '111 aMivi-d laiiii. in tin., lo .-pi ii,. < ! 1 isi ma - w ith l-.-r pa n lit -. '-li- \V li S:ivaue w'o I ;is h.-iti 'I'l -e iii at (1,,- ii.Ki:.- I.f I.,. ill :-unite, is alile t.i le- n-nan • .1 M !ii.- 11 lie in Kaii-as City -Mi-, -M A. Iio'.viis w:is in Cliatiiite li. .'ping In can- I'.,;- liiiij .Mrs. Hugh and Ft'ddie -pi iit('' li-' Ilia- will. In r mo;':--; at Siark. Ka- T!ie !,:g!i selioo! stiidi-nis f:oiii t'i:!-- nil,-" and linn i.o.'.i: an- -p.-miit,:; Ue- w it ll :..ia.- i 'Iks. .Myrlli- .lohnsoii i- visiiin'.; tai-w.-.k wirii K. i; .liihu-.-n a'ld tamiiy ef Har- ai-'iiv Mi.-- iio.-r-il-r i -li a f.n I-i'-i tainn.ep; till- .-lii. ,'1 i.ei -I .-'.iiufday ev.-ninu The . iiiliiri n w.n- w.-ll driil'-.l and a. t-d tl.. ir, ;•»:•.Well. The tiny little folk in tin- waliil 111 1 .1 :iiiil .111.- Dninl.iii in •.liiie'M .liiiii" di.-eivi- s',-'--ial tiieuii.,ti. Th':e;i ,-!.i :• L-;ue ,t ::ii. .li r;-.-r i.'i. S'liie-.y Mil alM' -ave a tn at, ' D W. .Matsler made a husiness tiip '•• 'I'a;.,:- last i-i;.!a> aii'I .-',i; lirda' .M?, r.t. nm-!! a.'ol i- il-ii-n i.t ' 11 i-;;i. 1 - il:i\ wi;: :i i |;iui;ii;.-r. "d-Al :iiii:- l.intn. r in Iliimlio!.!:. 'II-. lo;ii an n: lleail.,iJil.. w.i- v-:s:-::ii: in. I;d;- !;i :• , tai; w. el. M;-> Hi -itia .-iiii.- i,.r Siitiir.'.My ni-.,' • ij,.' li.e (1 .1 i-ima? ii-.-.;i.uii at hi.UM-, ill-. !-,! ar.d .\!,.r ;.in l^!.-r v.-.-i "> - in: ;i -i.::"> S ite'ay -vnin,.' Ka,-,, the following gii'-,-: Mal'-l Twi-eil.'-. Floy l.yile Sadi. Hoin '••^h. lioia Kiii'tie ;i. Hi an. .Maggie iiid Katie Ui'!. nlei; .^,e -r-! Wright, .\itl.ur and Fi. d Tw...iy, Kim si 1*1 ake. .loiiii il.pkins. l.i iiie -• -ii'ii ins. lia Ki lli-y, Kmnn t Kndi- I -t .M.'ISlels Fl-.II.|-)S Jllld .lerollle Vi ill.-nlii-i-:; W|-i:;-it and Ua.v I. ,'.iii;.-:a, Gaines ami ii.ii.-ii- w-re iii.!-. in until a late :-i.:ir, trysi.-is 11 r .-.-ii'd afl. |- wi:i,-ii the : ii.',-i,if. par;, d vll pn-- • lU n i-". i a V'-iy 11 I- lin- Ml- V, ilsiin an,I liii.'d i'ti iefi .<a;- iirdtiy for Sheldon, Mo to sp. ml i ..i;i.l:i;. s Willi i:- r i.ileli. iilnl iilli .r n lati\. -. .Mis.- .\ld.y Tiis-iif,' of l^ltawa. Ka-,. ,;:.aie in .S:i;,ii.lav ;i '..ul.i,..;. \i -. -, - -1 !. • 1: i \. - .'ll;- and .M;^ Fn-ti-r .iiid ,;,i!ilr'-ii .1, I .Mr.- Fi'pkins and .I'eii: wiie Uapiial . SurphLS . f/epo.sit.s . i^;]0,000.00 . 10,000.00 .S5.') 0,000.00 INTi:i!l;ST I'AII) (.'N Tl.Mi; HKHCSJ :s sAFFii i>i;i 'osrr HO.\I;S FOK itE>T lOLA STATE BANK WE Capi(;jl Sloi-k S2.',000.00 Surphis ::*.12 ,r >00.00 PAY fNTLRKST ( N' TLMI-: i)EPOSITS I.. ;:. iioin ii.i.r, Fns. "..K UFV W, I'n .i vice Prr.'t. .1. II. C '.A/Hi 1 i !., ( ashiir. .4. \\. liFFK, Vice.J'ie». F. O. HFNSO.N, .\s^t. ("n 'Mcr v \:i.iv i;i.i'ii>ii ::i .'.IS i oi: I !I:M'. Si i.l.ol 1. • )a- Mi - ir. 11! la.- 1 ,-. :i:i-l a,, .1 :a.i l.;..ii. i: C:.ri.;; - i luk.-. - '"1 We.-k Hran ! i • al '' t • .Ml- am! S'. • !" !l..r «f ;•'.: ..; :;•' •;- i-a'-. v.'- in Im i.l '''• t'.ii'.- .-^ti wait and i".-iiii;,\ I ! : visit. .1 at W111 Itoii-'.- I-; H .lid.tlM-n .'li'l taiuily Ci ;i-;;'iii- iliiy wlili Id- liro'l; an ! fiiialiy. Till- Uavis' tl t;: II l |U i'H :!!!•! , .- w.::i • Hum- ling inaihiii, 1; :-. .1 at Mr, it very I -:ii.:. • i:;,g i.oliday.-, ..ll- ,ie ;.ii,l • an-' -'.ill..;. ..: ''•!•; '!i:i.- w i:h Mr. ar.,1 Cart.-r IlhoJes. .Ml-s \'ir::iii;a Viuneis on: t-: :, • i'. .:.':;: . ''ii: isli.ia.s Wr.k w^; 1 .:.r.;- \li-!:iii. Klis ; .lo.':n Hi -i. k.-. of dkiali'iiaa, :.nd l-:t.!i 1;. ,.d.- of llaaitiol.'t, to.ik Ci.ri-tn.a- : e'.;!- ; at (' Kiieile.s. We >\:-i, a'.l a Happy and Hrn-p.-:-- -1 1- \|r :.:i-! Mr- .-'mi':, an! S'.i an,I . .M. - Ciiaiiil .i -i s and t.iiiiily vl.-i'ed jbouth ui lovMi Suuduy. .I.e.-ph i.iii! or I,.!;! vi,-it,d ;it I Til. -day: .Mr and .\!i : Fi..:ik ,\lai-, 11 Sill;!,-! II. Wheatteys da I' K and ill.' (ll »;art Alill I'or ,Sn!|.. s' r. lit p'.iidlc auction .Satur- 1!'11, at 2 p. m.. on east •-'tate Hank iit llum- ;,ii •II-, art, spclil Chli .-iUnaa at I. ii. Whcil hit. Kalis , Olio Saw Good mill iind KOO U tejrms. •Mill Outfit.

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