Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1911
Page 3
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L THE lOLA DAILY REGISTKR. FRIDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 29,1911. Saturday, the Lasl Bay of ttie Mg Sp^al Sale On the Entire Stock of Bright New Merchandise! 85c all wool Dress Goods, every shade, on sale at 49c , $1.25 all wool Imported Dress Goods 95c $1.25 Imported Broadcloths 95c $1.00 Silks 83c 50c China and Jap Silks 35c loc Toile Du Nord Ginghams... .lO'/zc loc best Percale 10'/2C 10c Percale, varcj wide S'/^c 10c Gingham S'/^c lUjZ Apron Check Gingham 5c All of our-best Prints 5c Hope Musljn, yard 7c ri '/oc Friiii of the Loom, Lonsdale and "all of ()ur best brands Miuslin.S '/.jC G (M )d Bleached Miulin 5c Yard wide Unble.icicd Mu.slin 5c 25c Table Linen for 19c 35c Table Linen for 25c 50c Table Linen for 42c 65c Table"Linen for 49c $1.00 Table Linen for :... .83c Every yard goes at proportionately low prices. Pretty Millioery The entire line of Pretty Millinery goes at Half the marked price. Everything goes; nothing reserved GreatestReduc- tions on COATS $7.50 Coats.. ..$4.75 $10.00 Coats... .$7.50 $15.00 Coata...$10.50 $20.00 Coats...$12.50 $25.00 Coat^. ..$17.50 $30.00 Coatsi...$20.00 $32.50 Coats...$24.75 $35.00 Coat^.. .$25.75 Biggest reductions on FURS ih'ui season. New Suits. A big line of new , Suits, new up-to-date styles; $17.50, $20.00, $22.50 up to $37.50— choice in this big sale J14.95 Every Suit carried over from last year at less than half the marked price. 6c Laces, Emb'deries, White Goods 5c 8' ijc Laces, Emb. and White Goods 6'/2C 10c Laces, Emb. and White Goods.T'/^c 12i/(iC quality on sale .9c 15c quality on sale 10c 25c quality on sale 17'/2<-* Pretty Millioery The entire line of Pretty Millinery goes at Half the marked price. Everything goes; nothing reserved GreatestReduc- tions on COATS $7.50 Coats.. ..$4.75 $10.00 Coats... .$7.50 $15.00 Coata...$10.50 $20.00 Coats...$12.50 $25.00 Coat^. ..$17.50 $30.00 Coatsi...$20.00 $32.50 Coats...$24.75 $35.00 Coat^.. .$25.75 Biggest reductions on FURS ih'ui season. New Suits. A big line of new , Suits, new up-to-date styles; $17.50, $20.00, $22.50 up to $37.50— choice in this big sale J14.95 Every Suit carried over from last year at less than half the marked price. w% «• mm m lARDSON 113 East P I/^IJ Madison 1 1^ |^ lARDSON ^ 113 East Madison EVERY CHRISTMAS ITEM GOING REGARDLESS OF COST. 3.5c Frills, also Fancy Collars 21c 65c Frills, also Fancy Collars 47c $L00 Frills, also Fan:y Collars... .73c 25c best quality Hose 21c 15c best quality Hose .11c 10c best quality Hose 8c $1.00 Underwear at 83c 50c Underwear at. 42c 35c Underwear at , 25c 2rjc Underwear at. 21c 121/.C Outing Flannel 9c 10c"Outing Flannel. 8'/,c 7i/>c Outing Flannel 4'/^c PERSONAIS Jolin ]i>-\\, of Caini'll, ir! a l)iL<ini -s •nr-iior in tlju city today. —6% Hone]-. It. M. CnnDingham. S. T. Kyber;:. of HuuiboUU, is in the city loilay on business. —C. J. Pc•tf>r^on: Farm Loans, Insurance, .Abstracts. <:\yth- Settle lias roturiK-d from a visit of .S '-viTal day.s willi frii'iiils in • Latham, Kas. ' .Tohii UiiiisU .rs Itfl loilay for Ida I lio t<i inaki' liis liuiiH- in tiii- future. .loliii I)e<li( r left this .-ifternoon for (">^;le.sby. Kas., for a business visit of ^evera Idays. n. H Funk went to Stit;Ier, Okla., ibis aftiTuoou on business.- Attorney Sheldon I'.rown, of Cha- iiiite is in the city today on leyal business. JOHNSON'S II)F:.\ OF -FIVK OF A KIML" Dr. S. A. Cfifmian return<d last I Attorney S. A. Gard went to Mil- riiiilit from a short business visit In dred this morning on business. Kansa.-;' City. ' Mrs. Eupene Tarman is visitinjr Tier brother, Robert Warner and family, I of Geneva. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress iilg. Office rooms 22 to 24. , Homer Bush went to Yates Center • yesterday for a vi.<;it of several days. .Mrs. J, Sutcliffe left this afiernoon fr>r Cottonwood Falls fr a visit of .-ev- tral davs witli lier i^arents. I — > Mrs. W. E. Ferpuson of Latham, —Frpd Rowden, Terlod Decorator. ; i<as. is here for a visit with .Mrs. I'hone 786. : 'I homas miclps. • T'atrieU MeCalie is up from Hartles'. ille lor a visit wiih relatives. F; M. Green and I'aul ^r\\m 'eft tiiis iilternen fur Gainett fur a brief bu-i- H'-ss'visit Harry Zie-!fr. is here frauiMan'::!!- tiin for a durinsr tliu boliil.:ys with his iiarents .Mr. and .\h>. '1". F Ziej-'Ier. —*It will be lo yiiiir ii;ii-r' -t to b'i> ycjur Flniirand I 'eed oi ||, Kiaiiii.,ilili. > ^"'f t""l •'^''•s. .1. c. ijinL '-feril wi .'i ^fiie been s |ie !i(!in;r their l.nneyiiidi .n f iKitni; points In the . a>t. ;iie n^w in i ."^ITlnKlield. .M').. vi-iiinjr Mr. l.m;;;;- ford's paf-n's. Th'y are exiHcieil lionie next .Monday. Persi is not expensive. The work it does makes it worth five times what it costs. Persil ^Nvill wash your clothes without injuring them or your hands, and with less labor than any washing compound on the market. Persil :is self-acting. It ,* lives Time, Labor and Clothes. lOc At All Grocers Attorney Chris Kitter will so to Pa- olii tonight oti 1' ::.'il business. T. \V. r .irsell went to Fredonia this afternoon on business. A. C Ilotieyeutt came h) lodav from 111 i \t( tided visit in .Missouri, Oklalio- r.v .i .ind Te^a». MIKS llileti Harrison of North Colborn street Is reported to he eon- lined to her home with a serious 111- nc .--.s. f'h.irbHarr|-on wiio lias been here'f<'r a holiday visit with his fain- i|v reninieil last niKht to his work in Rartlesville. Mrs, .T. H. Moore went to Wichita ibis morning for a short visit with friends. Miss Marjorie Ciiirlinuhnuse is visit Inp Dr. and .Mrs. E. F. Clark of PI- qua today. Kdpar T. York, came in ye<;terd:\y from Dodce City for a visit with his family. Mr. York drove from Kansas City 'n his auto and returned to th .it city in the car this morning. Miss Kdiih Frost, who formerly resided her" is over from Blue >round for a visit with friends. Mr and Mrs. S. A. Strimple. of 41."> Vorth Third tire the parents of a boy born this morning. Kd St rone of Ft. Smith. Ark., -nhn been visiting his sister, Mrs. f.. I 'l iinitTiHn returned to his home lasi evening. n. O. H .irii'r of Helena. Ark., returned to his home <oday aftr^r a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Harner. Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Fitzgerald, formerly of this oily, but no wof Graven e. Ark., are hero for a visit with I friends. I"nr Sale—Nice voting horses and ri'iile.; .It a b *r ;'ain tit niy place one !i :i!<' 'ist or ',(•]:> .loan T. Wood. I). Houser wi-nf lo Ktinsas City to- d.iy to drive )n,me a new six cylinder, live passeiiuer MKchell U)iir!:i>: cur. which has beep i.tirchased by Attorney F. J. Oyler. It S Few returned yislerdiiy from :i brief business visit In MIs .Mourr. N. Lnl/ came In loilay with IIIH family from Norlonvllli'. Kas. and will nitiki' hl<« liomo In Hie future at ri22 N'otrh Sycamore sircrt. this city. Mr. Liitz recently bought the grocpry| store on North .Tefferson sireet. which bps been condjicled by Tl. C. Tylf'r. Mr. Tyler will Remain In Ida for tljc present. Waller Pinckney, who resided In Ihls city unfil about a year ago Is liere for a lioUday visit with friends. .Ni'W York City, liee. 2^. —.lack .Iri'mon. of pii;;lli.,tlc netiirlety Is hack •from Ilngland with the statement that diiiltii: his snjoiirn abr'nad he has re- eelved more attention tind been a bit :i -r <;i.iwiiii^ end than the King of ICnuland. While this nilglit be r'onsiriieil us a four-flush, .lidinson prefers to term It "i straight. In view uf Ihe l»e; limt he has been the Joker of the lieck since .luly 4111 last. It looks as tlioimh he. would get away with It. M NIGHT FIRES i^'-^^^ "'^ ^^^^^ 'atrolnien Fitrri'il Kiilrance Into Ttvo Storc -i4 to I'lil Out Uw (ins. j Negro Cook Didn't Permit Uc« Such Language to Her, Etpe- dally Over Phone. of While th"! consumer may not bo bothered by the high pressure of gas In the day tiinu. it is weli to remember that there is dangtr from overheated stoves in the night. After midnight, and before, the heavy drain on the giis supjjly ceases. Tlie hotels and cafes are through with supi>er, the stores are closed and the gas "couies on" with great volume. Then it Is that carelessness may r<,-siilt se-riously. Last night. Pairoliuan Thomas Christy and Phillii) .Moss, a jirivale patrolman, were obliged lo break into two store itinldings to prevent fire. Passing these jdaces of busin<'ss soon after midnight, the oliicers saw flames jiouring out the doors ami c-racks in L 'as stoves and the stovi-s and jiipe were at a While heat. Danger being liiitninent, tin re was no time to call •be owners of the building or the occupants and Ihe olllci-rs for '-ed the doors in and turned dowii the gtis, thus previ'iitiiig a confhigiiitloii. Homelimo. t!ie result will not be so fortunate. The oliicers will be engaged in chasing a c-lew m s.otiie off.nder or some other duly and the gas will come on with no one to Aalch it. A disastrous blaze will follow and tlieri' will be long and loud, though unwarranted, condemnation of the police. It Is the biisim-ss of the people to see that their stoves tire left safely r'gulated at iilglil and It Is not safe to g<i on the a; silliiptlon that there will he no higli piessiire of gas. There always is in the midnight hours. Another soiiree of danger Is the burning of tiiish after four o 'eluik p. III. and the leaving of Imriilni; piles of i -efiise or triisli iiliatt' tided Itotii Instiinccs .lie violations of ilccltyj firdlliances, .'ilid havi' bei onie so frequent that Chief .McCariy. of ttie lire depiirliiK'iit. is urging every one to ccasi^ these dangerous jiracllces. i The toloiihone bell ning yesterday j afternoon in a South Side apartment. I The negro v.otnan cook answered It. "Hello." she said. "Is that you. cookie?" asked a man's Toic 't at the other end. "I'm -Mr. B "B cook, but I ain't no cookie." "Don't try to fool me, cookie. I know your voice. "Look heah, what you talkln' about?" "Now. angel pie, jou fooleil me once, dear heart, that way, but you can't do It again. You are by little Bweet cookie, aren 't you?" "You get away from that telephone. You ahe talkln' like a fool." NVIth that the receiver was slammed on the hook with all the virtuous indignation of an Insulted maiOen. The head of the house was standing near. Turning to him she said still fuming: "Some man wanted to know ef I wiiz 'cockle.' An" he called me some- thin' like 'angel pie.' I don' let no man call me them names— specially oveh tho telephone."—Kansas City Star. SOME MORE WANTS WANTKD—MEN TO LKAHN BAll- ber trade. Here is an offer that In- eliides tofds with tuition. A method th.-it .=aves yejirs of apprenticeship. Posltiun wjilting In city or country sliops. Write .Mfder llarber College, Kanstis City, .Mo. A. C. Ilrown. secretary of rli"> .Mon- arc'li Porllaiiil Cement romjiany. died at his home In Humboldt ye-terday morning. He had been ill for some time with asthma and couiplications. He Is survived by his wife and several children. Mr. Ilrowji moved lo Hiimbuldt from Atchison, becoming auditor of the cement company two years .ngo. WANT|-.1)-C,0<)|) LAND. WELL Improveil lyinir near lola. Will buy hair idttlon or more If worth tho money ajked. Give price and full purtlciilars for reiily. Owners only. .Mfshew & Company, Tulsa, Okla. LO.ST—SMALL BLACK PITRSK containing sum of money, between 2u4 .\. Chestnut and Merchant's Jewelry store. Telephone 3."?.".. PILES CUBED IX SIX TO 14 DATS. —Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls to cure any case of Itching, Blind. Heeding or Protruding Piles in 6 to 1< daya 50a VUlVX. December 2.**. —.Mr. and Mrs. Osborn spen'u Ciiristmas day at the home of ilieir daii;;liter, .Mrs. J. O. brown, of lola.; .Mr., and Mrs. Wright and daughter, ate ("lirislnias dinner with .Mr. and .Mrs. ji. Punell. Giu.<^ie Ferguson Is visiting with .Mrs. tSine Uarnhart and family this week..Myitle Conover returned to Neosho Falls" Tuesday after a few diiy.'i* visit with home folks. .Mr>!. Dershein visited last Friday with Mrs. .lulia Fisher. .•\ jarge crowd enjoyed the school enteniainment and pie supper last Frl day n '.cht. Over .125 was realized from tiie sale of pies. The program at the Methodist (•liurc,;i Saturday night was enjoyed by a large and apiireciatlve audience. Tile tree filled with presents delighted th^ children. The treat to the Sunday .-rchool numbered eighty sacks of candi" and nuts. l.a>t Friday afternon our teacher, .Miss i D( nner, treated her pupils to or;inj .i 's and candy and they in turn preseiited her with a lovely jewel bo.\. Mr.' Ueach who has charge of the Wilsi.n hardware store here, was mar rlrd iin Christma.s day to Miss M:ie \V|;-(^ of .Necsli.i Falls. They will a.ak-i'heir l.f.mi here, having rented ;. . i;^ i: Putie'.l property. Mr. Hetuli In- t^uiievi.a- ft lends here who admire -liim for his excellent traits of cli.arai ler. and know him to be worthy the 1( ve !y girl he has won. .Mtiy much happlliiss be thefr's through life. Dr.tClark was In Rosalia a few days l,'..i w *i I k on biL ^^lness iniitfrrs. Mrs. Floyd Flake and sister, of lola, were t-e >;uests of .Mr. and .Mrs. Herdman Christmas day. EXTFKI'KISK. Defy tuber 27.— .Mr. and Mis. Zink and sons. Pert and Willie, and .Mrs. Fisher and two daughters, of Plqiia. took fhrlstnias dinner at S. C. Barn- harl's, H. F. Clark and family, George Kills and family and Bert (Mark and family, of Humboldt, visited at E. H. Crook-'.s Christmas. Several from this neighborhood at- tcndeH a very interesting progrjim at Uberiy 'Saturday evening. .1. M. Preston, sister and sons, Frank and Free, Mrs. Jonse's brother, wife nnd daughter, of Fort Scott and I .Mr. ajid Mrs. Kldrldge ate dinner at j .Mrs. Jones' Christmas. Mrs. Jonc's | brothirr, wife and daughter remaining j for a i'ew days. | Mrs; Speck was taken to lola to the j hospU]il today. -Mr. .Van Heaver of Yates Center, stoppe.,d over night at A. C. Hayes' Thursday. Grandma and Grandpa Hayes Mrs. Ilert Hayes and family took dinner at A C. iiayes' Christmas. Come to the summerland where all pleasures of all other "wiiiter- i n 'j;'. ' placesarc coiKbined with jcys that you ditiii't//;;J elsewhere. You'll he delighred 'with tlie hrilliant social life, the siiperH hotels, tlie un- liiiiitcd recreations of land and seaside; and with the climate tliat makes your simplest diversion a delight. Your vacation in Texas will he a new treat to you. I should like to send jon our Rple »<lid ii.-w hollies on the winter resorts of Tux.isj lull you cost of lung-'.iiiiii, l <iw fare tickets and make up :i rutnpUU schedule from vour citv. Wiite today. W. S. St. GEORGE. . General Pauencar Acui, St. Leuu, Ma* P. .1. Southard went to lola Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gee of Blue Mound, arc visitng at the Hayes' home. Mrs. Gee is a sister to Mrs. Joel Hayes. Ed Osborn, Mr. Sullivan and B. F. Clark butchered this week. Mr. Southard has five horses on the sick list this week. GENEVA. Died, Dec. 24.— -Mr. William McKinley. who lived three miles northwest of here and had lived there for many years. Mr. McKinley had been in very poor health for some time and the end was not unexpected. He leaves a wife and two sons to -mourn his loss. Funeral services were conducted by the Masonic order of which he was a member, and the body was laid to rest in the Neosho Falls cemetery Christmas Day. A Mr. Hampton, of near Northcott. who had a large sale yesterday met with a misfortune on "Tuesday night. Some malicious party gave poison to two of his fine horses, with the result that both died early next morning. It hardly seems possible that such malicious people live. The Christmas entertainment given by the school Fridaiy<. night was well attended and enjoyed by all. Th little folks especially appreciated the tree and presents. Miss Marguerite Knowlton of lola is here spending her vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Knowlton. ' We'll be with you in a few days with our CLEARING SALE; Prsces cut deep into ALL MERCHANDISE in our DRY GOODS ^ DEPARTMENT. 'Twill pay you to wait! Busy hands are now working day and night to get this ONE BIO SALE in readiness.; —In the nnea.itime don't ove look our— Qur Big Remnant Sale on Saturday It's going to be a big one I • h New York Stbre

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