Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 10
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By Yatrtif I JUST REMEMB3?£D IT MYSELF, DEAR " BOBBY PINS! AMD IT WASN'T VOL! X ASK=D IT WAS ALEXANDER 1 T YOU DON'T R6MEMBEP? WHAT IT VWSI VVHAT nun *TAR, HOPB, ARKANSAS Thursday, March 11, 19S4 02ARK ttCt ByRoyGoH* HOTCAWNUH .. AESW ISJ/R* CONDITIONIN >owrt on the Form 62 Weird ; fifMeasitfe "ofcl&lh 1 Dispatched Answer to Previous Puzzle w VIC FLINT 0v Michael Q'MaHey and Ralph Lane E Blr N OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Will.'ami . new-mown |animals I Observe, Sirmers"/ Jfeftke feather I Closed car forest 21 Born 42 Cares for a 23 Former sick one Russian ruler -H Storehouses 25 First man 45 Organ of sight ,3 fiaVe existed 26 A farmer's 47 Chora) »4 More heated woik is never composition «IrfdiVldtial 40 Bugle call s6 Narrow inlet- 27 Farm calf in 50 Curved 7 fclassifles the city moulding 8 Follows after 28 Female sheep 51 Erect .fllowa farm (pi.) 53 Speed contest crop 30 Profound 54 False god •'10 Oft the 31 Poker stake 55 Nobleman sheltered side 32 Approach 58 Constellation tlParaptt 35 Lampreys 59 Russian 19 Mimic 41 Mineral rock community ;everentiai Compass point Collection of „_„,tish v .' ftsheepfoW "- GreeH Mtter <*OP 1 IZ 1 J . is* ' tt, IB >",*• s 33 S7 *1 r "*'. Sb " bl V\ t • * ^ • , i ? 50 ' i 2 •• Z7, » ' ^1 / *'i 19 ii. ^ P (1 % 4 13, Id • i p 4Z b7 6Z bS 5 ^ /i M i8 ^ H/ b ^ ii is H3 ^ « bfl < 7 20 i4 ^ $5 HB y //'j ,' // W » 8 Z9 * % W. S2 •tl n, n w f 9"1 H 17 30 3fa 39 53 bl) <A U> 10 31 9I.V-. II 3Z .'•.•"•' 551. -./;. II YOU LET NEARLY Y AND THEM Y VEH,THAT'S A ) ALL THE Alte OUT J PUMP THEM 1 QUICKSAND X OF TH'TIKES r-^UPASSOOM I AN'THIS DOES • OUST TO CROSS) AS WE SET /BETTER.'THE RE'S />' TH«T WTTL'E r-< ACROSS? fi FOUR. Of- US AM' ,v,_£^, .,4* 1 v J \ VVE CAM PUMP < 'EM BACK UPIM ' HALF AM HOUR / ER. SO/' J-.-* ''' l '' l< ""' HEROES- ARE MADE -MOT BORM VOUR POOCH MAY HAVE) teLL MB, WHAT vo HELP ME SET SOME'S.!, AH, HAVE A t?O6... , A 5ICK PRIEMP/ gOiUTIOM) gEEM ACTINS StRANCE - • SOUNDS you USUALLY INJECT INTO THIS LITUE I. ATELV-LKE HE'S PAK- A PO& WITH—TO PAR At7VANCet7. PELLOW'S EVES,WILL\ T/ALLV PARALYZE P., . IT'S NOT TOO LATE./ VOU? ANC7 WHAT „ V KB6P5 WLLIN6 UOWM/ CANJI DO FOR VOU? WASH TUBES 0y Leslie Turner OUR BOARDING HOUSE OOM'T VOU £E6 WHV IT'P BE $0 LUTHER £W& THE FOLK& HOWE KEEP A.SKIMG HOW I LIVIMS LIKE (>v tAOVIE QUEEM TO GO BACK VET, E^V,,,THEV'R&lOOK!lfe TYKE OF THE- LITTLE SCHOOL WILL BE OMLy N.L 50 SURE I'LL IWKKB GOOP1 WJD TOLP. LUTHER. TMT \ SOPP& HOLLOW THEV'P N5VER UNPER5TANP .HOW JUMIOR COUE0B BV THE-UEW ••/&• WAS PROUD OF WY SUCCESS! A . COMPETlT/OWJ&r><5KE'6 OWE STAR wrvoi MEEfi HE PIPM'T KkJOW My NWE WHEN I W& THERE I With Major rroopre THBRe/ AFTER BLOOMS fHf?Ee F<E .THE BLASTED MACHINE |5 HAK-KAFF/.?—MOT MORE NOIS&TMAM A 6AWMILL, By Edgar Mtfrfin BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ' MAKE OF IT.TWISGS 2 . A TOM OF/ MATO'< CAM6'/ By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberge* NOTSLD SNRCTU OAMN/CM KOLAZWT FJCLJTSOKM By 1 . T. Hamlin LLEY OOP I'VE NO IDEA,.. I I ...SO HE'S JU5T\ LOOK, OSCAR, WHEN JUST WHAT PIP-HAPPEN TO OOP? WHERE PIP HE .SO? SOT TO BE >OU PEAL WITH THE OPERATIONAL 5OMEWHEREV PHYSICAL. FOURTH BETWEEN r'PIMEKlSlON., NOTHING 1OGG AND ) HAS "JUST GOT TO BE" 1954 k yN - .ANYWHERE/ iW ocpiirred^o me, pet! I wonder if you could make ' ' I'm sponsoring A sound IPE GLANCES By GalbroHh By Rusi Winterbothana CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer "Now are you convinced you need glasses?" HENRY By Carl Anderson iAy/ YOU WO.,. ON J) VOUE FBET.' TH£ -<si POLICE WILL WANT TO HELLO - HENRV! THIS I HENRIETTA By Wilson Scruggs THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE SPEAKING OFTHOESITCHIT'6 lTlgLffeM.lMAFWRPQN^ WQRIZVA*OUTtT...WEb TOE FOR ME TO LEWE.l'VE TOLl'VE WISSEOTHE .VBg PRETTY INHOSPITABLE TO THATS MVRJLLV COT TO CATCK THE BUS BACK. / LWT BUS TO THORNTON//^T VOU STAY IN THAT OLE) V I DECEWOF HQTELINTHORNTON WHEN WE \ \ VOU, BUT*HWE *. PEPFECTUV COOP euesT WVIPsovcjy'geWBITINS *> BOOK ASOUT PUR BLAH Bi-AH ;i , /'{^'VXV',"^ ^,\, ' % l'"^^'/ ^ C' ' ,. '^ V »-', ' ', *, *r I pi till ]be to du of ; tln * iri' 111 ye b> CO by pe ;tk ho Hi. A^ du )ni So I cu wi in CP CO rif ^ Cll 30 sa of •« it oj: i ( W "] ur to lo N 'I '* I l?riS

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