Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 29, 1911 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 29, 1911
Page 2
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I i THE IOLA:DAniY BEGISTEB> FRIDAY EVENING, JXEOBMBER 29.4911. gg J. •,- ^ou An After Dirge. Broke, liroke. broke, r Or my Kart darned bones oh gee! ;But it brfai^ aoiae relief to utter The thoughts that occur to mc. Oh. well forrthe beautiful gifts. As they f«8t In a fair array! Oh, well far-the. haunting thought That, intirades. Does the whole thing'pay? And the giving still goes on, Aa itbaiB''in the years gone by; But the latf of the merry holidays Brings'as«in the same old cry: Broke, broke, broke. Not a sin^ cent, oh gee! And the doiBgh that I spent for the Christmas gifts. . Will never come back to mo. i —Judge. Miss G6ra Klein was hostess to thr members of her card club and several other gueats yesterday afternoon. Whist was played at seven tables. Mrs. E. J. Bbndy receiving the club prize and Miss Bertha Swigart thr guest prise. Miss Klein assisted by her sister Miss Edna Klefn servpd .two coXirae luncheon at the close of the afternoon. —Dr. Miii, Orteopatli, Tcl 487, SSa /^MisB Volma Sleeper rntertalned at cards last night in honor of hnr frieml Mfss Vara Backus, of MlnnpniioMs. , Minn. Pirst prtzee were nwnrdod to Miss Edna Klein and Mr. Ben Vo- Haven, land thei consolation prize t(> Mr. Harvey Heller. After a chnfln; dish luncheon the romulndpr of ih<' evening waa spent dnnclng. .MIBH — Sleeper's gnests were Misses Vnvn Backus I.«ttle Woodlij, Kate Go.ver Mae Brighom, Hnzi>l Drake, Vlci-. - Rastwood, Blanche \'an Ruskirk, Alfi: Duncan. Trean l.owdrrmllk, ln"v Potta, Ruby Heller. Edna Klein. Cnth- erlne Smith, Messrs JOP • Hrylmun , Ralph MaXBon. Earnest Searing, OUE Weekly. George Delgarno, John Pru- Itt, Ii^mk Arnold, I^e HOWIUB. Harvey Heller Harry Haymaker, Hprsch- el Cox, Merle Munger, Elvje GliUntt and Ben DeHaven. / —DB. 0. L. COX, OenllsL <• 4- + Yeaterday Mrs. Frank Delap had af her guests for the day Mrs. Ixjul; Gatea-Lyons of BuffaJo, Mrs 1 Gless: - Parmen-Wolf, and Mrs. Madge Whit taker.Billbe In the pvening the lad ies were joined by their husbands am dinner was served to Mr. and Mrs Archie Lyons. Mr. and Mrs. Lesli< Wolf. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Billbe.i • • * —Dr. XcXnieii. Phnnes «? and S3« • 4- • The Trinity Aid soclrtr met yesterday afternoon at the church for the regular week's,work. • * * The Ladies' Aid society of th< Christian church mot yesterday afternoon in work sc^on. Arrangements were made ror the concert which is to be given at the chu^l: January 3rd by the Georgette Swlsf Bell Ringers. This company was here two years ago and it is considered excellent by all who have heard It. * * * —Dr. IWT M. Hull, Osleopatlk Telepbone 120 and Ml. • * * A number of yOung wotntn of the Baptist church met last night at ihc home of Mrs. C. A. Hurck and organ- lied the Young Women's .Mission Circle, Which will meet once a month in the future. + * * You will want to. give for a NEW REMEMBft'ANCE A Box of that Fine Candy, from t The Bexall Store West Side of the ^ave A party of young IMOIIIC KiiiliPn'<1 last night and went to Utv liotn<> <if Miss Florence Ragl*-. who WHS v«ry pleasantly surprised by her uupxpcct- ed visitors. - l^e evening was passed with games MpA music. Miss Raglp is a student of the state normal school and is spending the holidays ai home. In the party were Misses ly'o- na Strode, Mamie Hoerning, Verna Strode, Ltlelia Vamer, Inez Johnsnn, Hattt».Otntrd,.Jo«e Freeman, Alta Stop Straining Your Eyes! Don't wait until you are visibly affected before you take steps- to have your trouble corrected. By that time the most powerful glasses may l>e of little or BO avail. Attend to this vitally important matter NOW— •before your power of vision becomes any weaker. You may have only a slight case of eye- i;tra4n now, in which event our $2.00 e/eatrain glasses with pre- acriptloh spherical lenses, will correct, the trouble. Bxaminatlon by our Graduate Optician FREE! Ragle, Mildred I.«jnd, Messrs. Kester Smith. Carl Hoerning, Ora Smith Bv erett Land, Henry Ninas, Orval Smitl Earl Smith, Earl Johnson and Russell Hill. • + * A social good time was enjoyed by several young people last evening at rhp home of Misses Edith and JoHi Baysinger. 606 South Oak. Refresh nients were sprvod at a lute hour t< Misses Hdith Robinson. Mar>- Robin son. Amy Anderson. Julia .ind Bditl Baysingrr, Mpssrs. Walter Graf, Ro> Anderson und Ralph Anderson. • * Mrs. A. M. Amey of Ft. Seotf Is vl iting Mrs. J. I„ IVote ot 54.-. .Noril Walnut. + * * Mrs. C. C. Kcnnpdy and dauRhteri MIRSPB Lillian and HPIPH cnnip u this aftrrnoan from C'hiinutp to spun ihp wppk pnd Willi Mrs. K<Mni<'dy'i parpnts, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. lilxlcr o «S01 East Broadway. <f •> Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Price entor tained the members of the offlcisi board of the First .M. E. church am, their wives this evening. • • * Mr. and Mrs. George 1 Knowltoi have returned to their home in Wich Ita after spending Christmas with Mi and Mrs. H. N. Knowlton. Mr. anf Mrs. James Knowlton of Parr/fg Wyoming, will be here for sclera Tionths with Mr. Knowlton's parents Miss Myrtle Knowlton who teachef school is also here for the holiday; with home folks. 4. 4. Mrs Charles I'hl has returned tr irr home in Holton after a short vis It at the W. A. H.vde residence. •> • • Announrements have been recelvec" of the marriage of >Ir. William Know •on. so iiof .Mr. nnd Mrs. H. N. Knowl- on and formerly of this city to Miss Winnie Jones of Parrington, Wyoming. •i- • •> Mrs. Roy Beadle of Weir, is thf quest of her aunt, Mrs. W. B. Culbertson. «> « * Mr.s. .Tohrr Dpiap rrcpived won Christ mas ove of the death of her si !pr in Girard, Penn. Tliore will be Litany servicp thl "vming :it St. Timothy's Bplscopa' ihurch :it 7:?-0 followpfl by rholr re hpars.Hl at drrtO o'rlork. ThTP w|l also be vestry meeting at eight. •:• • •> Mrs C V. Shullpnl)prgrr, of Kin raid rrlurnpd homp ypstorduy after : viBit with her iiaren'ts, Mr. and .Mrs T. F. Varnir. + • •> Till- Junior gymnasium CIIIKH of tlii V. M. C A. will nir'Pt tomorrow nt I'-rnoon at thren o'llook. A A ••. MIsK Alma Gobin went to LaHnrp. flild afiprnoon In Ih" lntpr»'sl8 of thf Y. W. C. A. there. A •:• * Mr. Rosrop Pons)"r left today for ("hirago aftrr sprnding Chrl-otmas at home. '> •:• Mr. and Mrs. .\rrh |p Lyons of Buffalo arp visiting with Mr. and Mrs. W E. Lyons this wepk. + •> * The high school club of the Y. W. C. A will give a masquerade party Monday night: •> <• ^ Mrs. George Weisbrod of Texas and Mrs. Nicholson, of Pittsburg, an the guysts of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicholson. • • Miss Julia MrClure is spending the wpek with her sister Mrs. R. L Thistler of Chapman, Kansas. <• • •> Mr. and Mrs. W. O. L#nhart had as dinner guests last night, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Jackson. • • The members of the C. E. Society of the Chrikian church and their friends passed a very pleasant even­ ting last «<ght in the church parlors. A variety of novel amoaementa and contests had been planned by the social committee. Unique refreshments were served to those present * + + Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Hottenateln were entertained last evenipg at the home ot* UTM. H(MteB8teli)i|a cotorin^ Miis. Chrta Black. Mr. HoUettftbeifai and Misa.^Un Blakely of Ogien. U:, r ABOUND THE WOBLD FOB CHILD WELFABE New York. Dec. 29.—Quietly and unheralded. Mrs. Ellen H. Thatcher smarted on her trip around the world on what is to be a worlO-wide move ment. frought with the greatest pos.>=ibilitles of good to American chlldrpn She is going out in the interest of Child Welfare and before she returns wil have visited practically all of the important cities of the globe, studying conditions and offering suggestions where possible. Her trip will take her .hrough England,,touching France. Germany. Belgium. Russia, China, .lapan India, Australia and back to San Francisco. Mrs. Thatcher Is a residen )f Florence. N. J., and active in the National Congress of Motliers XKW 1>.\>("E FOR W.LSHIXdTON were married there. The bride was iccompanlcd lo Kansas City by her mother and sister. Mrs. Hottcnstein is well known lii lola having resided here several years ago and is remembered as an accomplished musician. Mr. and Mrs. Hottenstein after a short visit with Mr. Hottenstein'? parents at Humboldt will make an extended trip to points In Florida anO ather places in the south. .;. .5. .;. Mr. .Alfred Arlzbach, son of .Mr. ant Mrs. A. L Arixbach of lola was rled in nartlpsvllle Tuesday to .Mlm Geneva Kelley of that city. Mr. Art/, "inch Is w<'H and favonibly known Mere, having made lola his home un il ho went to Hartlesvllle WIKTC If 8 pmploycd In a dry goods store. .Mr ind Mrs. Arlzbach will bo at homo ir 1006 Armstrong atreet Harilcavllle. • •> • Mr. John A. Crowp of Topekii wli l)e here to spend .New Year's with lii: «lster Mrs. Carl Nau. • * • Mrs. and Prof. Dunlevy of South vest Kansas College at Winrteld wil irrivp this arternoon for a visit will Mr. and Mrs. Sawtell of East .Madi son. • •;• + Mis sMarlin, of Tulsa, and Mr. Sh- (ipld Geyer are e.xpcrted toniorrov. for a visit with Miss Kate Geyer. • • • • • • .Mrs. L. E. Searles very pleasimtlj •ntertained a number of friends a her home 535 South Fo*rth str.'c yesterday. Dinner was served tc Mrs. M. Hall. Miss Eva Hall, Mrs. W D. Hall, Miss Ellen Hall Mrs. Cowell and little son Wayne. Mrs. C. Ilai I • ind Master Wilson and Miss .Marj ^J/^ Washington. I). C, Dec. 29.—"Prince Searles. SHE (J.VVE IP HOPE. When Mrs. Joseph Lombard wh< Ives at 229 Starr .street, Brooklyn vrote this letter in the hope that i vould be seen by disrouraged wo:i:- n. she did something that will be oi elp to many thousands. She says: •"After suffering for fiv ear.s from weakness and loss of flesl: vithont finding any relief, I almost ,'ave up hope of ever getting better. •'About this time Vinol was rei-oni- lemlcrt to me and I have found it ruly wonderful remedy. I have re- aint'd my health and feel strong am .ell -.•sain. I cannot say enongli ii. rai.^e of Vinol." All weak, exhausted women am r.fu, all pale, puny children and fee!e old folks, can have new hoaltl nd strength by taking tliis deilciou.- od liver and iron remedy. It con- ains no o\[^ and Is agreeable to ever he most dell««te stomach. Vinol Is ; real apiiptl-/.er and body-biilider foi very perKon wlio IK run down an eak. WP give back your money i, 'Inol does not do all we claim. S. K ;uric'II l)ruKKl!'t, lola Kans. .Miss liOU .Martin, who liaH been hou or a visit with her .-Inter, Mrs. F. O. tuller; for the paiii several days, re­ timed tisis Hioinlng to her home in ;p «lalia. Ml). .Mrs. J. H. House, ol "pnler.lllp. who h.'>-'-: l»pen visitng M: ind Mrs. F. O. Uiitler, returned ti ler home today. .•\rranKements have been completed or a roller skating race at the Audl- orium rink Saturday night between lie following six contestaftts : James Mann. Eddie Todd, William McFar- and, James Hall. Walter Ballinger tnd Roy Walton. The race will occur It nine o'clock and a prize will be gl\ n to the winner. Attorney George Amos of Humboldt Is In the city today on business. Ladies'Black Velvet Button Boot Welt Soled Priced at $3.00 to $4.00 'upld, • whose full name is Jonah Ku- lilo Kalanialaole. delegate to Congress from Hawaii, lias broiiglit a nr:w dance to tlie nation's capital. It is called the Mumbo Jumbo, or Americanized Hula Hula, and e.xperts de- ::iro that it puts tlie Tinkpv Trot, the jrizzly Hear, the Walla Walla Wig- :1c. the .-Spficlie and the Salome danc- HO far in the sliade that they can ot be .seen wil!i an X-rayy^ "The dance was not /'c^isidered lauglity." said the Prince, '-lill A:ii- •ricans deiiiamled soinetliing with lo:al color. I he:ir ti:;it Wasliiiigloii 'ikes .•uiyfliing unique, and. Iiclievi! me his dance i.s wari-anlo<l to preveiit iuperfhious" At the^ NEW YORK STORE » Tomorrow, Saturday (OUR NEXIYEIie 'S CALENGHe^ C.VN BE ORDERED THROUGH THE REUISTEK OFFICE THIS TIME. Thf Finest Line of .Samples Evei '.Shown in loin AvuIIublc for r Yvnr InsperUoD. number of firms in lola habitually iiuy calendars as souvenir gifts foi their patrons. They make attractive prtsents and each year the variety oi Arv Calendars Is increased. The Regii-ter has made arrangements with the largest Calendar manufacturers In America to handle theli line for IHIS. These samples have jusi been re-.-elved. and constitute a most iieauiifiil Rfsoitment of Calendars, any one of which miiy be absolutelj eotjyrighled for exclusive local use .:y.":iiiy firm which desires it. Wdilo this office dges not make a prijeijfc of acting a.s agent for some iilliiM- firm. U has made .in exception :n tills cai<e for the rea.son that the lajit!! i;g of Calendars Hcems to be- or.i< In (I way to the priming buslnes."- inj iKcniiho It believes the business of lola prefer always to i>atron- Ml a liome institution, other things lie!ii^' pi|iial. Jn the matter of Calen h\\», "oiher lliing.s" are more than a-ial, for there is not another housi in'.'\nierioa that can siiow calcndar^ whicJ are superior to the ones tlia ir> on sale In this office. They are ol ill varieties,—reproductions of rare paintings; heavy mountings with silk cotds attached, and beveled edges flfixible mountings with ribbon effects folded tops and feather edging and rich and harmonious colorings lahil palnting.s rich enough to be cut Ml and framed,—all styles and nearl> all prices. Tlie time to place orders for 1913 aicndars Is right now, so that there may be time to manufacture ihem; although of course the purchaser will nrft pay for them until they are deliv- '-rjd, next November or December. A rejiresentafivc from the Register of- fioe. therefore, will call on such of the busines.s firms of lola as are accus- toined to issue calendars and this office bespeaks for him the sairie cour- tejJy—and the saine generous order,— which would be extended to the New YrJk traveling man who has hereto- ore represented this particular line of printing in lola. —OF— lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon uS. We'ard in our LaHarpe offices EVERY THURSDAY. -^ -. J Office hours: 8 to 6 Sundays 10 to ]2 Evenings 7 to 8 is GRIM STORY OF MISSIONARY Converted Dyak, Forced by Sweetheart to Hunt Heads, Brought Those of Her Relatives. Tho missionary llgntcd a frcHh cigar. "Yes," he said, "I have seen grim happenings In my time. Tho grin, meat, I suppose, occurred among tho Dyak head hunters. "We had converted a young Dyak. and the lad had abniidoned head hunting forever. Rut he met a girl. 1 beautiful girl, and then—" The mJsslonar>' abook his head and sighed. "Tho girl listened to his wooing, for he was a handsome lad, but smoked heads to a Dyak maid are what Jewels j are to a chorus girl, and with a curl of the lip Bbe said: " 'You vow you love me. but you bring me no beads to prove It.' " 'Rut I am a Christian.' he replied. '"When did a Dyak wooer ever go a-wooing without heads?" said she. •You are not a man: you are a girl'.' "The young convert ground his teeth and left her. Tho next morning early he staggered Into her presence with bloodshot eyes. There waa a bag on bis slioulder. 'You asked for beads,' be said. •Look!' ','ADd he emptied from the bag onto. tb^ floor the heads of ber father and her two brothers'." The missionary snfledsadlr. "That wasn't playing the game," he said. "It's the heads of enemies that the bead hunter muat'brlns In, not the heads of one's own brother tribesmen. Tbey shut the young convert Is a'slatted cage of bamboo to starve to dMth. He died und^r his aweet- beaft's eye." MILDRED Miss Rnlera McCoy of Ciiirnett iaiting friends here, yiss Krma Walker of Kincnid spent Christmas at Clmrley Cnrvoys. .yiss (ieorcia Sri.^iMi :;ave ji party Wf^nesday iii,"<lii in l.onor of Miss Kulcta MtCov of Carnei! The young folks .ill ;:; (1 ;i pli;iv:ir,; •>-nii'i;. .Mrs. Ml!":; .Morris'iii :I;ITI dii'drpn of ,L;i!I:ir |ie .-;i-eiii I'llr;••!with Mrs. .Mt)rri>-(;i:"s iiiroiij Mr. ; ii'i .Mrs. W. II. May. Mr. .mil Mr.i. Kuniesi I'avis, ot Mr^tlsliort;, K:i.s.. .Mr. iiiiil Lewis Gll'ixoii <;f lolii, .Mlv.s Auniili'-Mi" Craw- forll, of I ;i\vreiiei.. .\i;-. .\;i-.s. Al- pliUH Ho:;.IS. ,Mr. HIII! .Mr.>. George liiixllio iiiii! .Mr. .Mn (^I'l ItilxloK ati; Winnir tin ir par- iiiW ,Mr. .iii'l .Mrs. U. \V. Uu.\'(m. Xi'. (t. MiiyV eriii !'jri .'11(1 iiimily of Miil'iouri iir'.- \isiiing ijii'in this week. .Mlllnnl KLIIJI .-I'HI l;;j..i*v .-iiiil Kd .Totjes f;i:::!ly .-.ijeii: i 'lirlHtmas witli <;e(in:e /Ijt-.J ,iTi(.' i: nii.'y. ArthiT Kudisiil Ijiieily have moved on Grjirit hiio.-l.ey'ii >.i;r?). . Hugli Smitli anil fi.ii;- spent ChristmiiB at Llur W'l ^Irs. -..iiit City last week and ;ido|(tit! :i l.:;ljy girl six weeks old. N. T. t^urlev iijul f.-nni!y spent j-C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans, In- irance, Abstracts. , Chr.lstn'as at Frank ('ur!\vs. The boy.s from the schools of this townshii) had .i track m-'^X at Mildred 'Saturd.ay afternoon. Relay races, hurdle rac-s, running and jumping orcrinied the .-iftermon. Sm^'l souvenirs were given the winners. The Mildred school closea Friday for.a week's vacation. The pupils of Miss Perkins and Mr. Kent's room gavle a program In the afternoon which was well* rendered. Miss Has- klns and Miss Perkins went to their bonnes to spend the holidays. Walter Miller has gone to Mexico to iook at land with a view to locating there. fir. and Mrs. Jonathan Davis are spe;nding this week with relatives In Br^inson. "Ehe young folks are enjoying the Ice'during vacation and skating par- tleti are numerous. K^ildred has a petition out for incorporation which is being generally 8lg|>ed. l/owis Wilson and Jameq Fisher who are working in Tola came in to sp4rnd Christmas with bome folks. ifr. Fbrsythe's sister from Iowa bafi been viaitins him. 4 1SS Carmen Dickenson la here » Lawrence for tbe bolldajra. Miss Mae Hite was taken into the Rebecca Lodge Tuesday night. Lee Davis is spending the holidays with his sister .Mrs. Uessle Davis. Ralpli Sprague and family tff Lorn Elm ate Christmas dinner with Tom Jackson. air. Lewis' baby wjfj was .so biil- ly burned a few wpeks ago died Friday and was laid to rest in tlie Fairview cemetery Saturday afternoon. Rev. Shullcnber.ner coiidueli'il llii' funeral services. Mr. lii'wis is back from the li (;.s |)ital Imt slill lias to walk on crutches. The family have the S.VMip.-itJ.'.v of .-iJI. C. E. Locke and family spent Chrl:H mas with her mother, .Mrs. Patterson of Moran. Mrs Florence Hluc Is visiting hiT parents at Altoona. .Miss Fanny Fern Fergus spept Christmas wiih relatives In lola. Mildred celebrated Christmas wilh a Christmas tree at the hall. - Two trees decorated the stage and were laden with gifts for the little folks. A good program was given.. It was well rendered and all who took part deserve much praise. ^ large crowd attended. Miss. Ruth Lieurancp and Jonathan Davis went to lola Wednesday of last week and were quiPtl.- . -i. 'il..' bride and groom need no introduction The former was born and grew to womanhood here, and the latter has been a resident of this vicinity for some time. They are among our best and highly respected young people •and have a wide circle of friends who wish them all the happiness it is pos sible to crow-d into life. The .groora has a jiosition in the olacksmith shop and the happy couple will go to house keeping In the east part of town. Zola Ellinwood came down from Kansas City Saturday and is spending the holidays with relatives here. Mrs. Corda Worth and children came in Christmas for a visit with iier brother Millard Heath and her sister Mrs. Jones. The commercial club met Tuesday night. They are making an effort to set a milk condenser to locale at .Mildred. Dr. and Mrs. Foisythe spent Christ mas with tho Doctor's brother at Lone Elm. The Ladles' Aid had t!i«ir bazaar Tuesday of last week. It was quite successful considering tho Inclement weather. Keveryone present enjoytd tho evening and spoke in tin- highest erms of the good supper furnished by the ladles. The receipts of the evening amounted to forty seven dol- ar« and seventy cents. Mr. and .Mrs. Frank > Holden of We.slerji Kansas are here visiting Mrs. Uolden's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. L. E. Mann. Miss Eva Davis is visiting her grandmother at Moran. Belfry school closed Friday for a week's vacation. The pupils presented their teacher, Mr. Boatright with, a bible and he gave thera a nice treat of candy. C. E. Wilson and family spent Chrlstmsa at Klncald. Ray and Cecil Byrd spent Wednesday at J. B. Fergus's and entertained hem with music. Wlllard and Miss Nellie Blbens at- ended the Wedding of Leslie Spidgu;> and Miss Alice Lhcey, which occurred at the bride's home near Diamond Sunday. . i Mr. Menefee is having an eight day special sale. Mrs Sylvester Coffev is on the sick list Tom Fergus of Wichita Is visiting his brother J. B. Fergus. They went to Moran Wednesday to see their mother who Is III. Mrs. Hattie Ashley and Robert Nich Olson of Oklahoma, who were called here by the death of their father- have returned home. Little Benita Hutton of Bayard drew the five dollars given as a premium at the Menefee store Saturday afternoon. , Dr. Xevitt has the frame work up for his new drug store. Bam Ewing and family ate Christmas dinner with Fred Crane and family. Grandpa Nicholson died at the home o{ bis daughter Mrs. J. B. Fergus Sun day of lakt week. Be was laid to rest Let us tell you the Thirty. Reasons why you should buy a Lorain Steel Range. Brlgliam Hardware Co. A Good Harness Means more and better work. Let us fit you out with a GOOD Harness Today !! IJI 1.1. in tho Falrvlew cemetery, the'"ili.n- eral services being conducted at thltir view church by the Christian tninfl- ter from Moran. The bercavad'rel|* lives have the sympathy of thei;r ina> ny friends. Cornelius J. KjcbwMB was born Alay 3 In Pike county, .Hli^- , nols. lie was united in matrl^e'^to. Sarah Jane Hoover of that plae0 * " rll'6, 1853. and nine ohUdreu...' born to ihem. Ih early manb^ waa converted and united vttb; ^^Chrlstlan church. They"K sas In the fall of 1866. They absent from the state three years' Missouri and six in Qklahowit. an[d. Arkansas, returning in 1898. He the oldest of eight children. tbregr,0t whom survive blm; a alBter ]fi(ib<>BiiV tie Itush, of Kansas City, Ifo., a brother H. J. Nicholson, who livj^ la- Nebraska, and a brother B. F. Nieliolft son of San Antonio; Texas. Hl^fv^ passed to the home at>ove Aprit"!!^' 190S. He is suWived by four-<d(tt |ii^> "-^ DaUd Nicholson, of lola. R^^H: Nicholson, of Oklaboma. Mr&- Ram>.' Axley of Dartlesville, Okla., andafn^^ * ^ JCmma Fergus of this placer. •'•.itiyi,'/"',' twenty grandchildren and istt. ; ."V grandchildren. Coming to iKsawti^jj^' -i^^ the early sixties they anffercdraiiaft, privations but they hore^ mem••ib.if ^^'i•'ifM• f \lUy and courageously. His llfe.JiriMt^-:^^ one long record made bri^; tq^jjUtr^l'^^^V.^ riy deeds of kindness, charity^ denial and while we moum., shall no ij^re look upon face nor again hear bis we may find comfort in the I tion of a noble life spent V and in the assurance tbat' . him was but a trafisitloit, i| step* a moment in the "darli then forever In the light. ' _^ home of his daughter. Mnr.' J-^i gus. Sunday, D<e. II. 1911 ate^l of 78 years 7 montba and ifia fell asleep in the faitb ;1CIU For. Sale—Nice Tdttng. mules at a- bargain at mr-- mile east of lola. 7oIin; T

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