The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 8
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HUTCHfUPQW DAILY WJBWBj FRIDAY JAMUAPTflT»-18W9 PI New • • Novelties! Jnet received from the . oast, an elegant assortment of new idea* in Brooches, Bracelets, Bangles and ornaments of every description. Now designs as well nn new goods - - — .... HENRY S. ZINIM. Scientific Optician and Jeweler, ' So. 9 N. Msiu, Hutchinson, Kansas. WB ARB CLEARING OVT( Iron Beds, Couches, Bookers, And Odds and Ends in Ibe Furniture bine at HALF PRICK. If you are lookloff for a bargains, call on.... H. KING i« B wtlnon N. L. Hollow, 11 Do Your Pipes Leak? it 4r fvissr It they do, they should bo repaired •t once. It dou't mailer whether it is • sw&ll leak or whether n whole joint is loose, the result will bo the same. Imperfect pi urn "I ng in the caulu of a arrest deal of Mi;knees and too great yrcaatttion crtnnot be taken to have the watar or pipes in {rood condition. U there is auyttilng the matter with jour plumbing phono 146 and we will do the rest. Our work is done well and reasonable. Wilson & Co., Plumbers and Gas Fitters. «M N". Main street. Phone. 1W. SCAUE BOOKS- Order them direct from the NEWS COMPANY, Hutchinson, Kanaas COMING ATTRACTIONS. <Vn Hsua* Dalei That An BUM Far KM Month of January., Tlia Opera house has nine showa dates) for next month. Home stood Shows will he found 1 D the list, which la aa fellows: OooD Hollow Co., January S3. Melroy 's Mioatrela, January Ik. When London Sleeps Co., January M. • FLORIDA. ik SsperiK 1 hrough Sleeping Car Line Between St. Louii and Idcksonville. Oemmencing December 17 the Louis- elite Air Line will Inaugurate fur the •aeon the great through Sleeping Car Bunte to Florida Through sleeping sag ears will liiivo St. Uoois ft:l» p. m. daily, passing Louisville 7:00 a. m, ataxlnglon JOiJB a. m , reaeblnir Obet- tanooira 5:?i5 p in., Atlanta. 10:40 p. m. and Jacksonville B:40 a m. (second saoming). Stopovers allowed. This iwate Is through large cities and in- trrtMtkug* country, and is opera'edover Most superior and well established lines of railway. The schedules are Jest and most convenient. » lo addition to the above schedule leering 8t, Louis at night, train leaving Bt. Louis 8:08 a. m. will arrive .Jacksonville the neat night at 9:30 p. SB., snaking only oao night out from AM, Louis to Jacksonville. > This Una alio affords pea. engera for SWIda trip via Aaheville, N. 0., the gjiaalsat American all year-round re v Oorreapondsnea solicited and tnfor- —atlon promptly furnished. R. A. ••Btpbrll. General Passenger Agent, '-|N- Louie. Mo. . , Tb <S la also the best line to points fat Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and .afsjftb »nd Smith Carolina. Old Papers For Sale. Plenty of olean old papers for sale •keep for use under carpets at the •aws office. Take a niqe elenn lower berth on (MM Missouri Pacific for Kausaa Oily •ad toe (Oast. Train leaves ;at o7:40 w * ' WOMEN MUST TAKE IT. Thousands Rely on Pain&'s Celer." Coin- pound to Keep Them Well. Do yon suffer with periodical head- acbe*? Do yon begin to comp'.ain of tlepp- leasness? Have you already l.ogun to have spells of dlzz'nesB? Does constipation or dyepepBie In any of its many forms warn you of tho inevitable oncomlur ol general nervousness or debility? By all mcana g > to your druggist end get a bottle o' th • most wonderful restorative within tie reach of womankind today—<el u. bi.ttle of Palne's celery compound, and an thousands of other ailing, half despondent, suffer log women have douo before you, nod aa thousands more must do, you will find in iia peculiar curative qualities the womanly strength and health that you desire. Take I'aine's celery compound and tho liver will resume ill normal functions, biliousness will disappear; the kidneys will find the relief they need; good digestion an i the proper aesi ui- lalioa of food will begin at once, diz- siuee* end constipation will no longer trouble, you, wasting nervous tissues will regain their health v tone, the blood will clear itself of its Impurities and y/oa will no longer fear the break tog down that cornea to so many wo seen early In life. ' Mlso Amelia Slegman.SB secretary of he fnmouB North Sldo Woman's Clul of Chicago, has been an eye witness t" the gool results that follow the use r.f ibis famous remedy. "For the past six years," sho say?, " I have bad ample opportunity to observe '.ho good results obtained from the use cf Palne's celery compound, as our medical advisers frequently prescribe ''». Our members all reside at tbe club house, and aa they are business no men tbey frequently feel the need of * remedy for building up a ruii-dotvn condition. We have it constantly on hand. "TbinVin? you might bo triad to know that Paine'a celery corap.uiru! is appreciated by our club women," FVIK wriLes to the proprietors, "I tuke pleasure in sending yuu this unsolicited testimonial." Many women are in need of nothing but Paino's celery compound to make them strong and well, and if after reading the many published testimonials frcm people in every wulu of life whom it has restored to health, there is tbe remotest doubt in any ooe'a mind of its unexampled efli acy, therein this to be said, that afttr -ill, the best test of Peine'* celery compound ia to try it, Paine'a celery compound has never yet failed to give relief. It has mode thousands of people well. TERRIBLE CYCLONE. V%»v* Dev**t%t*>tl Viimse ..UnatroyMi Coeua Itawtatmn* *n.l VCrnnawl' Maar Va*» nmkt lu th utli fceas. Victoria, V- c < Ja "- 27. -Thesteamer Aoraaigl from Australasia brinirs the detaila of a terrible cyclone wi.ieh awept the south seas about tbe middle of December, devastating: villages, wrecking ahipping nud causing many deaths. At Samurai, in Navt Guinea, on December 11. tin: gale was terrific Cocoa palms, went down by hundreds and were carried to win. Torrents of rain fell, Twelve vessels were wrecked. In tho Solomons tile hurricane did most damnire. whulu villages being de« atroyed. Hundred* of cocoa plantations were uprooted and yuoi patches leveled. Over M0 natives are reported to have been killed. 'M*v Order Acfonelllo Away. Washington, Juu. 27.— The Times this morning asserts that the arrest of Aganeillo, or an. ofUetul ordur to him to luave this country within a few days, may lie expected us the next turn in the Philippine affairs. Agoucillo'a rffroutory has irritated the president and the state department to such a degree that summary action is expeot- ed against him. According to the Times this will bo followed by a request of the United States to England, France. China and Japan that the Filipino jun tun be ordered to leave their respective Jurisdictions. ilea C»mln« llotna trnm M mile. Waahiugton, Jun. 'Jl.-Adjt. Oen. Corblu received a dispatch from Geo. Otla this morning, dated Manila, January 36, which read: "Transport Zua- landla luftyesterduy for San Kranoisoo with 1st oflleurs and enlisted men." This shipment of men was referred to by Oen. Otis several days ago. lie said then he proposed to send a number of >-ick men home for recuperation. Thee uru men who have suffered from fevers incidental to the. flitnalu of Mauila and who could not t>n restored lo pvrfeul henllli in thut. vicinity, 'Nol ho* eneap, but lirnv good work can be done," U the inollo of tlio NKW. Job IUn>ut> and Bindery, PERSONAL ABO LITERARY Tbe father of Maj. Marcbund Is an old carpenter at Thoibsry, in tbe Ain. and he ia va»ily proud of hik soo'sachieve-. meats. Urn. Wheeler ascribes his hardihood lo regular hours, lie goes to bed every nighi at len o'clock and rises at 7:30 in the morning. ft ia aiiid the two Knglisbmeu who speak French besi and with the purest ui-eent are tbe prince of Wuleaand Sir Charles Dilke. A brochure, by Mary Foole Uender- sou. wife of cx-Seuuior J. U. Uenderson, of Missouri, advocating a new while buiise to be tievted on Meridian hill, iB being distributed si the capital. I'lirenologisis Iind in Lord. Salisbury's brm) I be bumps of self •esteem, eaulionsaeKs. iinuginutlon. peacrptiun nod resvoji strongly dev«lo|ied. Hope and prr>onal umbiiion are amall, but tlxainesH is very large.' Dr. Sbwriiingrr. who won fame unci fortune I hrough Prince Uismarvk. bus aeeepird I lit* headship of u big bospnul which is bring buili in Sieglilz. fie will open a college of medicine iu COIIDCC- lion'wllh ihr bosplial. Two of the most famous living Scotsmen are tripples—lord Kelvin, who IK the greatest living Seoilish selentist. und Dr. James Maegregor, of Kdin- burgh. who is said to be the greatest living Scottish preacher. Mori- I bun 300.UU0 copies of UIs- nuirek's uuiobingrxphy are reported to have been sold iu tirrmauy alone in the first len days after il wna put on the market. The book waa also pill out In New York and London al the sutne time. This eclipses all records of any book. Mine. Patli. In a recent Interview, raid I hut she intended to write her minmirs us soon us she bud definitely retire) from llie singe und roiu'erl room, but ill flu red hi 'i-htlf unable lo suite when thai would be. Ilertlrriun of the future is lo iitlti/e her ibeulriial experieiiee in giving counsel to young and aspiring urilsts. Have your utagaalmw baundi THE MARKET IS STRONG] And, Wheat is Gradually Going Higher. , Corn Follows the Leader Cldte- ly .and Makes a Fractional Gain. THE LIVE STOCK MARKET Cattle Steady to. Strong at Prevailing Prices. Hog MarketActive and Prices Range from 5 to 1Q, Cents Higher. ' Range of Lvadlrur Futuret al ^hlcsgb. . The followtus Is the rang* of prices 01. <rslas and provisions as f urnlaked by thV Christie Htreet Oomlsston Oorapaay, Hl«ley Block, HuUhlnnon, Kansas: wtrssi .Ian . Mar. July 0 H» Jan. Mar July. O-TS J..n.. May July. I'OKM May. L.4U!) MKT |Open- Ing. 77X 2Uii 10 «7 6.117 BUb •••t tew-' est Olosr Today Olose Yes'dj '"Vti" - 70H ""77s 74". "*7RH 7&t« 74\ 77* .74?* nnx !<!> , aos SOX »H :IH\ .W SRV4 tlx a S7H !i7 27 H •Mi, 27S 27 374 2B-4 2U» 10.70 10 ,55 lO.Oi 10 67 5 nr. 1)00 5 02 ft 87 Recelolit tiy car lots—Wtteai Onrn Oatp Onlrnvn 170 6.")7 1UK k.liisaB City K7 22 10 BBtti».»^n cArH fn» tomorrow at Oalcato: Wlieut. 171: Oorn 170 2ND E-Hlinaleil ions f'" tomorrow at Calcagc: 22.U00. Ohicairo. Jan. 27. WHEAT— Msy, IS^c; July, 7SVc CORN—January, 38?BC; May, 39h'c; July, 3BH@i«5f;e. OATN—January, 27Kei May, 28%c; July, 27c. PORK—January, f#10.4f, May, tlO.05. r.ARn—January, 85-75; May, 85.92® 5.95; July, Sfl.Oi RIUS—Junnary, #6 10; May, 55.25. • • • ttentsi City. Kansas City, Jan. 2S WHBA V —M •- liiibcr-. No. 2 bare, 08 09o; No. 3, 05 iMlSMa; No S red, "4@ He: So. 3, 7(it*"tc; No. t spring, 60v» 6Sc; No, 3, 0f><at',7j. OOR • — t$e>hlghar; No. S mixed. 3i(<p 34>Sc; No. a wiute, 34!!fc; No. 3, 34M<5- wOATS—Firm; No. 3 white. 29Kc RYE—Steady; No. ». 55><c. • HtVY—Steady; unchanged. KUTTRK — Steady; Separator, 18.; dairy, 14c, BUOH—Kc higher; fresh, 13c- POTATOUM— New home grown »0c; new sweet, 30@3Sc. MaitestJMfood 4.80; atoekers sad feadatrs, |l 23(j|S.0O; balls, U.7»ajt.OO. Jo. TopSAijas. Weight. Ant in native steers «B M 18 Texas steers .....1280 5 JO 3tt Texas eows 848 3 ill 19 nativeeowsandhelfnn. oil 4 5Q 38 atockera and feeders... 587 B to 7 bulls 1183 4 00 H0G8—Useetpta, 14 0i)0; strong to S D)10o higher; active; heavier, S3:0'@ 3.81); packer*, t3.h^'<t3^V^;m\scd, 83 50 <it3 711; lights. 83 45&3 00, yoikcrs, 83.50 @l d«; plga, 83.30tvj3.4S. KPBSKK— Keeeipts, 1,000; Ftfa'lv: lambs, 84 0035.00; muttons, 83 00@4 50 DWAPLR BALXS YXMTXKIIAT AT KAHH ^r CITY. HIllI'l'lXC Nov Av . l'rlea No. Ave. l»rica 48...1.. ... 1, 0: 680 12 . l.+il 2tl ....l.Mt »4-l •it '.I.B n IT ....1 .2SJ Mil IM . t .ori 4 »i «. .... 1 li 2........ .1,4,0 (,u:i wusuits sTgrcus. 14. ....t.rsa »..« Ii>.. 07 a ....I.Ul -81 it-........ .1 ,1 :1 4.1-5 07 a ....i,ir> 19. I'S T«x... . UK tlS 7* .... m 415 till 11*.... . 7.1 4.0a KATIVH HS1VUIW. t .... J.glU ,46i ^ <# . IITO f4.S1 IS...... .... Till 4 0 !>.... . tlio :t01 , J .... Mil S7. t , ..... . nm S .7D *»...... .... 8j6 Ul 4 . 7ii 1140 ' NATIVS cowa « '. ....l ^'VJ iUO II........ .i ,20t nr* s ...I.IM nr>i 4........ .I.eH) ;lli 8 1. .10 Sl'i . i ,ti«i :iw I .1.0*1 iOJ ia MATiva nauGiia. ia ....1.051 »t7i y . i.isn f4 .m 4 ....1.0 7 4.01 1 .I.IM 4n.V 11'. .... mi 4 *o 4 . w-lt 4.4 > 1 .... m 4 ii 1 . o;o :i»i NATIVr, HTOCKKRM. I...... .... Nil tft.(X) an.. . (»i MH'I 15....! . 7AJ • 4.!rt • 60 Til 4.45 2 . 041 4.1X1 1 OTJ ill »'.','.'. 743 » - ft). .S31 «X72V< 26. M. .;18 01. 131. .203 271 M. nr. . ~r :i .nrvi 114. 7 ; . .ill :i 71). .-4: lur. 81. .217 :i .tr, m. 12. .:li:t IU. 41. .1114 :in:.. *•,. 0'. .Sill Jii. U. .2 8 :i m 42. 60. .194 11 S7« ::. ni 81. (it. •74 11 S7« ::. ni ill. «;. 2IS 8,->S 41. I. .2 HI ii-'iif mi. 73. .i:i :t t;i. 1 1. .-.•If :u, i •M. e5. .17 J SK: 7U. HOOS. 26...S 0 ilrv " ..2<» »;o ..2Bi' :».7i) a«.-i4l ..241 3.111' i ..2ti :iii, ..:!•'!• :l«i ..271 :ID:'.' ..20) :t u • •,! 1 ..2-1 a,ii | .4: :i.tjl ' ..•-••14 ..-.'18 n.;>. . .2 it. ,-:v4 ..•••.ii a 52.i '.'.~i'si 'in.i ai.. ..-tr "ir^i i0... :S iM 3 711 78. a.70 ' ii-...-.':l 387 ,14 0,1... 214 3'it S!I...:7I 3 .8ri n'l.. 2U) :i fi.'i^ 07. .3 7 ;l li.'i ••i): ;iW) 2*J :tni 2 ni :li''7>4 cw. ,.2i! :ti. M...2I8 a«-. in. ..2in :! s ',4 B1...20I 3.S. 8 .... 2 I :s .VI ia.. u.i ;ti7'i :4t.. 81. . KUTCHINSOW MARKET. Grain. WHBAT—Now, No, 8, 61c; Ho. «, 59c. CORN—Mined, »7c; white, i7c. BRAN—60e per hundred, HBORTS-70e oer hundred. HAY—Rsled, 85.dr. 0HOP—05c; mixed 75. LIVH Stock. CATTtiK—8 -year-old steers 83 .500 3 Cn; fat cows and heifers, 82.75^3.00 yL -arUnrfB, 83.50@4 25. HOUS—Wairon. «3«0O3 15. Produce. BUTTER— Country, 17c. EO'S -^-riKc COUNTRY LARD— 6c. POTATOKH— fiOo. CHfCKENP—HI>HB , Be; springs, 7c. QISMIStsEO THE CASES. Efforts tn O'uai. tb .H Ponl Kwa, M< | Uaeket- h"n« la Kaoaaa flltv Dmoaad by a U*-r.l-luti nr ,lailce Uarsbaatu St, Louis. <• BV Lonls, Jain. 87. WHEAT—Irregula-; No. I red ceab elevator and track, 78e; January, 78lie May, 8lK@8U4o ssked; July, 73Hc asked: No. 8 hard. 7Iis. OpRN—Higher; No. a cash, St%c; May, 87Xc ssked; July, 38c. OATH—Higher; No, * eaah, »8c; traak SOWc; January, 29c, May, 19JSc asked; No. 8 white, 31 Xc PORK — Firmer;-old, |9 50; new, •10 37. LARD — Nominal; prime, 18.45; choice, 88.55 LB AD—Higher; 84.8334*. HPBLTiSR—H gherj »5 40. LIVE. STOCK. Chicago. Cbloago, Jan 37 IIOQ3-Receipts, 28.000; active, »Q 10c higher; lUhts, 8»,55m3 B0; heavy, »8.60(gi3 00; rough,. la.COu ».C5; mlxon, 84B0@3 b7K; yorkers, 83 70(?3 75. ' 0ATTLi> — Receipts, 3,0nu; beat steady; othera weak; taavet, 84,00(8 6.00; cows and heifers, aj.ootaH 70; Texas steers, 83.60^5 00; stoekera end feeders, »3.20®4 80. , . 8HEKP—Iteveipts, 7.000; steady to strong; natives, M.65C44 85; weslema, 83.00(414.20; lambs, •4.0005.00. St. UWII. lit. Louis. Jan. 37. 0ATTLI—Receipts, 1,800; steady to easy; native shipping export steers, »4.50rt»|R 80; light and dreaaed best and butohers' steers 88 0095.85; stoekera and feeders, 88 7594.50; eows sod helf' era, M 00 fa) t 60; Tessa sod Indian steers, ft* 7094 80. - tJOGH — Keeeipu, 7,000; 'Bo higher; pigs and lighU, 81 *5«Jt 80; packers, .J,60ft»- 85; butebeis, sa.8u94.8O. 8HEEP—Keoeipta. 4,000; firm; native •nuttont, »3.70-<M 00: lambs, S4.5095.00. Katiui City. Kansas City, Jan. 38 OATTLK—Receipts, 5.001); steady to strop--; native steers. 43.00(1*5.80; TVxa ttoora, S3 OOftit 10: Tt*xaa cows,. C3 00 •j.a 15; native sows and heifers, t».TS(u) : •. •••••) Kansas City,. Mo.. 'Jan. 27.—Jadf^e Bum bam hopded, down a decision in the oases a7S .'nst the commission companies, bucket-shops abd pool rooms, dismissing all the oases. In his decision Judcre Uurnham roalntalnod that there was no material difference be-' tween a bucket-shop and .the board of trade and- that both came under the. ban of the ordinance. He hold, however, that tho- sepreme court bad decided that the- board of trade wsa le-t gal, and therefore the bueket.abo-ps were leeaL Moreover he attacked the validity of the ordinance, because there Is ah ordinance la the Oity statute* licensing bucket-shops and pool roosns,' too. . '''•' Htat« tha Baal Wa* Hart. "Washington. Jan. 27.—Reports of 81 officers, -representing mora than 1 dozen regiment*,' scores of com pan lei nnrt thousands of soldiers, were laid before tbe special investigating com' mission, furnishing ov'erwhelmliig proof that the men in the array wcrt made victims of an outrageous bee: scandal. Corned beef escapes withou' great censure, but canned roust bee; an,d the so-called fresh. beef witl : which tbe soldiers were served is de uounced without exception. Accord ing.^.to. the evidence placed io th< hands of the commission the beet vvai unflt for use. It.was tasteless (in< nnusealinir; all of it was stringy ant devoid of nourishment; none of tin soldiers would eat it except, from ex trerao necessity, and many of tn,n-4 wbb'did were made ill thereoy. Grea' quantities of the beef were throwt away and Maj. J- M. Lee. who serve* as a sanitary inspector in the camp a> Montauk point, recommended thai larg-e lots be removed "as a sanllarj measure." M _,' The beet job printing and bookbl nd; Ing done the. cheapest by the News. Ia the Boass of Csmsaaaar MomberB are not olkrwed to refer to each Qtuer by naino In debate. The only member who is properly adib-esaod by name ta tho cltsirmnu .who presides oror the deliberations.of tho hooso in 00m- tnltteo. On n iftoinber riaing to gpoak in committee he begins with "Mr. Lowther .'V and not vvitb "Mr. \"hnira«ui,V as at pplilio meetings. Whei> tho spenk- er ig in,the chair, tho formula is "Mr. Speaker/, sir." lu debate o, niBmbor is Ciritingnislicd by tho office bo holds, ug "l he right houornblo gcntlemuu tho clinnccllor of thu exchequer, " or by the constituency ho represents, us "tho bonorablo gentleman the ineinlier for York." Some n;ako nsuof tho forms "My houornblo friend 1 ' or " My right honorable, iricud." lii enso of fuiuily roiiitions the snmo form i:: usually observed. Occasionally "My buiiorablo relative" or "My right houornblo ri lativo" is heard, but "My right houornblo father" or "'Aly right, honorable brother," though no donbt allowuhlo, has not been hitherto sited. •"•Nineteenth, Century. Tell Your Wants The NEWS Will Tell the PFOPtf .„UuM ljU fcUM »1U,u,u u ..^ ...... VWU r»ni. a Una. No ad laktMi tot ie» lhan ten nauta. L'aali uinas seauui |>aa' aiifty. Persons ausweribK ails lu tue NIK . Waul Column from this city ibrmiKli me lXMtof- tlce are rei|urste<l tn place a 2 cent ataniD 00 their letlera, inc full ainount of pontsee. r -r7 AN-TED-At once, a pirl for ceneral rv hnuscwort. Mis. J. M. Tajlui; santa r e Blnrk. m W 'ASrKU— A coai|i>ient )ili'l for hDUHrwnrk. Small fmnllv and emxl wages. MrsJB.S.Moore, 1117 .Vorth sFalu. ' 3t U /ANtiiD-aood appearing young men to ' go i'U the ruatl, MUJI Ue unou talkers. Expcures ai.ranced. ij.uti ruoier 10 in*- rlgtit parties. Call In evening between 7 and 11, ltooin 4.i, Brunswick Hotel. 21 •¥W ANTICU-To Invest a few .Ibnusand dnlUrsin a wellestablliU 'ed busluess. and to tn «e an nclvc pail Ic the business. Parties ineantiiK buolucss adoiiBs. IC. It, 1^ care of the Nmvs vv ANTKD lir AN 1KD—A competent (ilrl, or woman. ttir.-e. mil.3 lu the country. ti..i,d Home Bond wa^es. Intjnt e at Talbott's store, orad.lresa A C. nfltce, clly. 2t tlT A">,TED-An apprenilcc c rl to learn vv drcs-iiiaklna. wilt board a . nod girl. Mrs. V. A Prune ill*, Soutll Main St at w InqutrL ... . Nprtb. WuonlnnUir, IN* rl'.I) A girl fur uetieriil li uscwork. Inquire At Mrs. M. 11 Colville, 10U'{ Yyr ANTED—Cook. No. 8 South Main •tr*^ W ANTED---Furnished rjom and barn convenient to room. ..ddress B. A. care Ms* B. tf W ANTSD-Five or six toon cottage In sooi locatl m. Must be Ltieap for casb. State price and location. Address '.-«. U. S.,".NxVfSomce. W ASTED^-M^n Our .illustrated dialogue explains bnw 'O le .1 u tbe barber rs e in eight weeks, nr. lied tree, ho­ ler's Uarb, r colli ge. St I- .ula, Mo. Ut L 41 ANN. A BUNDANT money for real estate loans, insuranre written, raertKainw bnuKht. to U.' A Hunker, Uutcola- Eail on ot write on LOWtY. r 'OST-Chafn bracelet "Floreoce" eav j gravctl on tbe lotket. Leave at tat* omcs. Bt Ti b iL^ji J.*! r , of « n >hmtdery sclssnrs. JU floder will please leave *i N«»S < fflce. Scissors were lost between 527 AvenueA east and corner of <4«1 a „d Shrrman, streeis, probably in Sberman street school yard.' roa SALB port BALE -jlersey heifer, ia month old. .810 107 11 West, 81 F° iBSALE-CJood milch cow. 80S A enst. at D. M'KEE, City May and Grain Market. Corner Had Avenue and Wsahtniton Bt., At John Hess' Blue Front Barn. Telepanne No. 117. tar Most Bailable Sealn'in the City. OeaB .Manc.Pres. J.U .Wi * Tresi- lliD€stf LIVESTOCK DArk>l. COMMISSION GO Kooms tau -lbO Live Slock Kxcnause UIUK, OAP1TA1. (41O0K 8250.000. PAID DP. If you want Stocucio or Peeders, write as Heaiin/iable Aitvaneeii. t^xperleacea salusinra In I'SCB tleiurlinent. OiUIc, Ho A and t.Keeu, Telephone 1*4.'!, • Kansas Oltr, Mo, POR SALE Nice a rear-old mare and bus> *• KTv Call at No. 14Twellth east. - at 4^- • 14*4011 S A L'h -Trade, or rent', a farm and A..v. clt> re»ld,.nee. call .or address aoo, Flfih eaut .Uutcbiuson, Kana-a. 4t F OIt SALK -Oneof toe best, well Improved hull, m laruis la ArilnsLn i,.wimble. e-veryiMng retrty tose totaimlng fcmull cash piynient down, balance nn ifme. Ad- are8s J. K. tat&n, cashier Al Hug tun State faatik. n ,Ott HA'Ut-Two'B. .'B.tockerels.1 (One ! dollar each, ISuOFttib avenue easttt K «R SAXIS-Oue Black Minorca cockerel ' and bens: Flm-clsss stock. 018 Koutlla avenuceaet.. St F , H SALt-Full blood, wldte Lannhaa co. kerels ten bf.e S00. e *tr HeTUbte e **t- • , , 28t Won SALE'-Qiwal Partridge Cochin fk'law r J .W Cook, 000 Mouroe, • c » F OB SA LfS-.Partrldse" Grchtn cockerela. J. VY. 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