The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 7
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS, FBI DAY, JANTJABY 27, i8»0. nait <K <>«n Ttmm fin* BiUkliMt • HaatkHtra. viue tunc No. 31 — Taaina aflact Sunday December 4, IHUn. 1 2 -00 Noon. SOUTH IHlUND. R-i>d DoWO. STATIONS. Nn 1 Paw Hutchinson Pretty Prairie. KlDgmau Harper Anthony Cameron I Manchester f •• Waklta sJertmnl Beer Greek.... Mardlu BUekwell.. Pass!' N". 7 Frgt. a. m I T. 7 If,! 8 .0 (1 8.20 n.28! » a 10.10 io.:m 'p. ra. 11.141 8. .8 U.ilH 10 0»! 11.40,10.18 u.m, 12.oVl0.4S| So t> Prgt. 8 00 0 -.'I. 1 10. .0 . m.i 1 00 2.00] a.ioi 3 .18 4 .35| ar. a. m. I T. 10 00 10 40 1100 11.30 •VRTH Bot/HD. Bead Up. •WDS OF PASSAGE. STATIONS. Hutchinson Pretty Prairie. Klngtnaa Harper Anthony Cameron i Manchester I WaklU Medtord .... Deer Creek... Mardln No. 2 No, 4 No. 8 NolO cass. Pass. Frgl. FrgL p m. p. ro. ar. « an 4.4ft ...... o .m 5.00 3 5" n m. 4.03 13.4 • a. in 3.35 11.33 3.08 10.46 3.45 (•.'If. a m a. m. p. m. nr. lv ar. 3.13 7,00 8.45 7.3" 1.53 0.30 H 45 1.45 0.20 6.30 p. m. p. m. IV. a. in I T. 1.25 U.Ou U.00 i (ho tnaptc* flans with crimson And the- nlfrbtit am •till with froat. K-a the sumiuor's luring beauty • b In autumn glory lost, Yartrogb tbo raarahea and the fbreata An Imperious •umniona 111 em And from ult the dreiunlng r-rthland The wild blrda flock und rise. From streams no onr hnth rlpplod And litkuft that waft mi sail, From ruHelioti vmit nnd lonely Thrtf. know tui hunter's truil, Tho clumor of Umlr rolling And 11m whistling of their flight FID all Iho tiny with marvel And with mystery tho night Aa obb along tbo ocean Tho great obedient (Idea, 8* wave on wave (hoy journey Where) an anolont wisdom goldae, A-tbroogb the bate of autumn Tuny vanish down the wind, With the summer world before them And tho crowding atonna behind. —P. ItcArthur In Voutb'a Companion MATCHMAKING. Blaekwell Nos. 1 and 3 dally. Nos. 3. 4,7,8.0 and It dally except Sunday The couii-au> reserve the littbt to vary from the above schedule or to abandon trains without notice. OONNKCTIOHS AT mnCHntPOK. H. A S. Nun. 3 and 4 connect at Hutt hlnson W .th C, R. I « P. Ry„ A., T. A 8, P. By. and Mo. P. Ky. for all points east and west, 0., K. 1 A P. No, 33, due at Hutchinson at *i26 a. in., mike* close connections with 8 • S No, 1 for all points south. A., T. & s. V. No. 0 " akes cloae connection With H. * 8. No..') and ft. A. T. A 8. F. No. 7 makes close connection with U. • S. No. 3. Mo. p No. S and 10 makes eloae connection with HAS No. a. UONNKCTIONB AT KtHGMAW. With W. A W. and Mo. P, Ky. to points east and west. OOMNKCTIOHa AT BAOO. ••. With Mulvane Extension ot tbe A. T. A 8 f.Ry. OOMMBCTIOS8 AT PABPKB. With A. T. * S. F No. U03 for the Pan Handle connirv, and No. 20* for points in Southeastern Kansas. OOISJIKCTIONB AT AHTHOHY. With Mo. P. Hy. and with St Louis. Kan aas 4 Southwestern lty. OONNKCT10K8 AT M15DFOIIO. With 0. K. I. A P. Hy. between Ft. Worth and Intermediate points and via Ft. Worth for all point* east, west and south. C.B, HAHT. Traffic Mtuager. A. P. KIDWKLL.T. Kand P. Agent. AtabUnn, Topaka and Danta s>» In aflect on and after Jan. S3.1K| 9 waeiBurjKD. Trains. 1 Colorado Al UUl V six Calif. Ex.... • Memo A Oil. Rx Calif. Urn , Ited Mixed.. . Fr«i»nt.. i freight . \ Bnndaya. ] i Only ... Leave Chicago. Otoe p. m 10:00 p ro 2:43 a. in 8:00 p.m. Leave Kan. Olty H:30p m 0.40 p. u Arrive Butch lusor. 6:4 p ' b.U3p 9:45pm «:20a.n 6:00p.u Bl40p,n 8:115am Lcavt Butcl lusoi 6:05 ..i ".30 a.L 0 S5r.r. S.JJa . SiBTBODSl). Trains I I Atlantic Ax, KansaaCttyAl Chicago V .x\ ' Chicago Liin tied KansasCltyA I Chicago ka . Mixed freight I Freight. Frelaht Arrive Hutchinson. 10:47am iu:00au S.aupnj ' B:35pij Leave Batch lnson. kmv Ohlca ll '35pn, 10i47ani 3; 13pm B:45ptt 10:00a i 3;30,.n 8 00am |»:00 p.r 0:48a.' |8:63a.m Arrtvt Kansa City d:ana ' 8:S0a .m Haiebinsoa llnwah Trains Mixed kkiiivrala Bipreas... Mexico A v all Kvi*reM». Qailf Llmll 'd Atlas uc Sa Mixed Chicago Llm W • * • i Leave Hatch- Isson. 8.30am 6 Sdpu 3:33. m: Leave Xlasley 8:40pL S:50pn Arrive Hutch laeoa. ll:20ptti ao*pm 3 .10PB •4:6i'pni| Arrlyt Kaaaar Olty 7:00- a~n No. a i ana bunaay .Tiisrday aiul Thursday. Mo. 41uus »n>uua..WedoeM ay and Friday • ,>u ill carries parseugers Irom Newton to •MchtasfB uu sundaya only '*»» uujtu, rouiiu inp ilckata 10 par cant ol fare may uc saved, For fall particulars cail on or Mares* W j. Buor.o. P. A,,Topeka,ilaa, 0. A. BioolPN A. O. P. A., Oliica .o i. U. fklBBBxt, Agent Baata re Rome. Butchtoaos ' ataea lussa. •AsTWAaB. M« m. Mail ana •xproa* •No. ««. Night Aatresa mo. tltFralght AtcoaxBtodaUoa at*. ID, Mali an>i a>apr«*a •Mo. ts. Ondge Olty Express , sMagi.Fraight Accoauaoaatloa. DltABfl «I«A A.D. UiUp.a. saraaei, 1 16 p.m 6 26 a'm HI7ap Mo*., lit rani to Hutchinson only. No. t* rau throsgh to i>uag< Olty *x MWral. Mo* aart V* dally axrent nentfav. Wtseoan FMUM AaamuimD. Mo.« Kaiwas City Mall ana Ax. Mo 10. 8t. Louis Mall and Ki pre**,Depart*.... .............. t o. I8S, Freight, Departo n »«IK Mined Depai'a... • MTtulWU. «o. *, Kansas City Mall and tlx pres*..... No. 46P. Mixed Arrive*, Do. 121, Freight, Depart*. .... " w. Polo. Mall ann>aprr*s.. 7:40 9- *». 'i:20 a. a 1* M> p. B 3 16 p, IL 11 :20 a, m 10:lilia 1:16 p. a No. IX* d< Hetchlnson Oars ran taroagh not carry l-a^oagcrs s«»i an to St. uo «u wlthJu Chair Oars to 0*ar*r frasof charge. Tin M tha shart lla* to all poluta wttt P. J. LAUUAUa, Agr o % R t> Txwtfsmio.nea. Pas A»ent. Don't Bo^ow Your Neighbor'i I Tkry may not like lo nftVnd .you bui jou may bo fcure that Chcy do out appieuiato It. You c»n anvt- tbn •ubMsription price by jjatroDizing Navra ndvertkna. Obetdle RD <1 I bad gpent Ibe evenina; •lone together, Mrs. Cucerilo being oat of town on a visit to some relatives, and this was onr crucial glasaot whisky and soda. We bad been very candid with olio arjotu .Gr and were in a fluo glow of bonesty. "It's n breach of confidence, I'm afraid," said Obecdln. "Aud itinu'ta tiling yon ought to know, becauee yon are quite vuiu encugli nlieudy. (No offense, of course, old man. We're being frank, yon know. Hang it nil, I'm vnin too). But I toll yon this for ber auko." "Her lake? Wbo«e?" I asked. "All in (load time," be replied. "I wouldn't toll yoaatall, Pbil, if I did not repose to ranch confidence in your good tucte; for, whatever else yon may be, Phil, you are still n gentleman. Von know my wife's comiu?" "Little girl with flaxen bait? Rather —a abude—too conscious of her prolile." Yes. Ha, ha I Mis* Uarab." Ha tipped Bolamnly. "Well?" "It is a pity. My wifo told me. I sbonld never bare suspected it myself. Bile's a little bit impressed by you." "Poor Rirl I" aaid I. "Sho isn't a fool either. That make! it all tbo more extraordinary." I don't sea that." My object is to warn yon aRalnst playiug otr that infernal trick of yours. Yon know wbat I mean? That way you have of talking to a womnn us if •be were tbe only one of ber eex in the world. Do bo oarefal, old num." We were silent awhile. I got tip, mnrmnriug again, "Poor girl!" and went home. I bad not intended to be at tbo MiiEBies' party on the following evening, lint, knowing that Miss Marsh wonld he there and feeling anxious to begin tbo orue) disillnsionmeut at once —that it might ba sooner over—I dressed and went. Tbe drawing room was crowded. I looked about for Miss llursb and espied ber in a tar eorner. By Blow stages I made my way toward ber. Sho marked my approach with n wistful faoo, and when I was close made room for me. Poor thing! Wo shook bands, and I noted a tender light in her eyes. "How hot it is in hero!" said she. Ob, tbesa hollow commonplaces ot­ tered calmly iu a gale of passion I "Yes, "eaid I. "I wonder if wo could get oat into the conservatory?" We managed it by dint of many polite bustlings, strewing our path with apologies. Oar end attained, we sat down nnder u tnb palm and looked at one another. "How pleasant ilia oak here!" aha mormared. "8ocoolt" said I. Conversation waa certainly difficult. "Tha nsusl rumor concerning you it Mt." said «fbe. "Indeed I" I cried. It waa no tim* to be wilty. "Tbey bava married yon again, Mr. Wrongbtnigbt." " Wbo is tbennlnoky lady this time?" "It wonld uot ba fair to tall. And— two ara mentioned. Poor girl I "Yon know that rumor It a lying jade, MiseMarsh." "By nature, yea, bat sometimes—by accident—sho speaks the troth." How. valiantly women caver op their tears I "Ot oonrie," said I, "there it DO foundation for the rumor." "I bad hoped there waa," said the softly. Brave heart! It waa a dire business. "There may be tome day,"I mur- mnred. "I mean that I expeot I thill merry sooner or later." "Oh, I hope aol" said aha; " yon are a little older. 8ome strong, helpful woman with ideal*. Not a poor little society bottetay—like me." "11 *be were like yon," Mid 1 and (topped. "She won't be," said Mitt Marsh quickly. My heart wat torn with pity of her. "One to seldom marriee tbe person doe wants to," aaid 1, breaking the troth 10 her gently. "And bow much better for ot tbat it, Isn't it?" Tbe rejoinder hardly pleased me. "How do yoo mean. Mis* Marsh?' "I mean tbat tbe object of oar first love is so rarely the person to make u* really nappy." I rememboted that tbia wat ber third esason, "First love i» tbe 0017 love," said 1. "Oh, uot" said she. "Ob, yes!" 1 repeated firmly. It waa so time for mawkish {altering. My doty wat plain. "Mr. Wrongbtnigbt." aaid the, "be Have wbal 1 am about to say. Yoo ire too yonug yet to know what it best for yonr owo welfare.'' it seemed au odd way to talk, at 1 was at least two years ber senior but I reUerted 1 bat she was diftraugbt —thai the waa fighting ngaiust her own buppi oats. "1 think," aaid I "I know wbat best for me, young aa 1 may ue. Wfcta | my fate comes aloug"— "That time is not yet. of courser' said the. Ob, anxious, despairing heart 1 "No," I cried, and shuddered Is drend expectution of same tragio elga from her. But she was strangely calm. It nlruost socmed to uio that n light ot relief leaped into her eyes—tbo rulief ol the tortured Quul at hearing son ten co of death I | A great silence fell on nn. She mused, j lookiUK at me with strange iuteutuess. "Mr. Wrougutuight," she said, "I have a mind to be honest with yon. I have a strong prejudice in favor of honest dealing. My honesty may coat mt yonr good opinion, bnt 1 don 't mind tbat. I moan tbat I have enough faith in yonr good sense to believe tbat yon won't tbink me unwomanly and immodest 1 in laying what I propose to toy." I rose in great agitation. "Miss Marsh." I said, "panes, reflect I Don't speak yot. Yoo may save os both much piiiu." "Nonsense!" she said sharply. I was surprised and a little affronted. "I beg your pardon," said I. "Go on." She flattered her fan nervously. "1 am afraid," she enid, "wo don't qnite mnierstuinl one another. At least, 1 think I understand, bat you don't." I moistened my dry lips. "Go on," I •aid n«uiu breathlessly. "Mrs. Cheedio has told yoa something about mei" "No." "Mr. Cneedlo, thon? Somebody?" •'Yes,".soid I. "What bavo tbey told your* "I—1 cannot repeat it. Miss Marsb, let mo implore yon to say no more. Let us go book." "No," she replied. "I will tell yon what they said. Tbey told yoo that 1— B | 1 am—am in lovo with yon?" "Tbey were mistaken I" I cried, still Willing to spare ber. "Yes, tbey were,," she responded calmly. I gasped nnd leaned baok ln'my chair. "Tbey told me," said she, "that yon were in love with mo." A bittornesa of humiliation flooded my soul. "1 have no doubt thoy meant well," said she. "Ob, there is no doubt of tbat!" I agreed sourly. "Perhaps tbey thought they might make a mutch between ns that way. Young married couples are always the busiest matchmakers. And really, do you kuow, I think they showed soma kuowledge of poor human nature in this instnuco at any rixle." 8b« smiled. I folt too sick to smile. "I am sorry," sho said, "if you feel at all hurt by this revolatiou of truth." Then I saw tbo absurdity of my position and summoned my sense of humor to iho rescue, It was not possible to remain lusensihlo of Miss Marsh's magnificent command of her own dignity. 'I was u fool," said I. 'I, too," said she. "Bat it does not matter now it is all aver, does it? And, anyway, nobody will know. We shall both keep the secret inviolate, I dare say, for our honor's sake." I am afraid yon mast tbink me rather a conceited ass, Miss Marsh." Oou't be silly," said she. "Yoo thought as 1 did." "But with lest reason," said I, bowing. fcibe looked reproachfully at me. "I bave been sincere with yon, Mr. Wrouglit/iight." "Tbui is why I pay yon compliments. I want to restore tbe balance of things." ' We seem to understand one another now. I think we might be friends," said she. She gave me ber band, and I clasped It warmly. Bat whenever I recall that absurd interview my very body blushes, Edwin Pogh in New York World. AWFUL SKIN HUMOR My 1ft To daiiglitcr 'fl bead arirt faco trofco outiuM oii'.ns snrea. Cr.ooEhr.t C:.T » va$so aftcctcil wo I'ao'.i^IU it would B ^ounliorr. Kcr aulloritu wa.i Intense, getting no rest unless Under opiatrs. Tho fhysteirin tz'.^iX every known remedy, but InSsCad of gctU:;;; be '-tcr, £«. worse, lilstractod Willi her condition,! v:is advised to try C UTTCUHA K IEMK- tia*. /;.'/t?re thejirst week I noXieftd that the little miffarcr uras to pot relief,and In than ftw month* was entirety cHrerf. lira. J AS. MELTPV, r» TTi vrTen St .Atlanta ( a». fit.ww r<* ihtit.TAWirD IU*>ttl tVsr fn» •n.| •• , n-t> niinintinff With Cutlrt' H*. *>rt-0t'«t tif «tn'.|. wtMBaliclodAa. _______ opt^t Uo<u>a. Hu«r u> Cars Totturlug Uuoio.i, ft«a* IMeaK ^sn lYiaae Vigorous its? trstwir jfjws>ir syeii.. •Vhal PEfFER'S NEHVIGOR Didi II acts it them fiin rruiiy nml nulcilv cures whet, HL \t'uu^ men reyiilti lop! nmnbonil: oi,t snrcquyci yi<imi?ui rlijur" ylli»i>luti-ly Oit'.r - tnM ^|, a n, y luteed to I ur/t >i>rvi>i>*r>e«i<, _ ImiiutciHT. Mnrlilly Iviuisslon-,l.nsl Powrr, liber sax, Fnilliiis M.inoi ;, \Vu»tiiiK miHis, ond t'i/^fcr.o/ nrJf- abutt or es.crne* »i-il ntli'cretltm Wurtte ntr iitsaiillvmul corwiimritloD. ton tlet (l,-u:;nlht iitil)()to a wurthlvts Buf.stltute cti »'i b^aiiw it ylnWstt-ri'iiti r rmllt. Insist on unv- (IH rttrFKK 'H NKKviCtni.nrcMiiiror It Van *ipamfHllti vest )»>(-ket Pi.'i-alil. I 'litiii wraptirr. H IHT l.oi. or o ror »r,. with A Willl.n i .unr ^ , !I'f?l,'/?i; ll^ " 0,, lte'ftiril Mniiev. 1'. mpblur Irrn fBt'FKK MKDIOAI. ASSN. Cliicallo, III. ror sale in Hutchinson, Kansas by A.a. a rat Go ». Of W, E. Burns, County Treasurer of Reno County, Kansas, Showing Balance In His Hands for the Quarter Ending January 23, 1899. BeaevolaBM la Aalaxatl*. We have seen a small pig stook In • piling through which it had tried to eqneeze assisted by an elder one inside. Attracted by its cries, it took the small pig 1 * head in it* month and tried to poll it tbrongb, in doing which it almost pnlied tbe sufferer's bead off. In another case a cat deliberately fetched ita owner to assist another oat wblob w«» lying helpless in a fit. Moreover, domesticated auimil* are to some ei- tent "progressive," and bave realized the uoiion of common good among otber creature* than their own stock. There are a good deal of service and benevolence among very different do- masticated animal*, especially in tbe form at protection, sbariug ot food and forbearance. Specialized instaaoet in which dogs or cat* bave taken food to otbers oooid doubtless be authenticated, though tbe writer baa not witnessed a ease. Bnt there is tbe strongest of ill evidence tbst tbey have a teudenoy to perform these s>ud otber services to other animals, because the doinettioated ccaa- tnrss voluntarily offer these tervioee of beuevolence lo man. How oan any one doubt tbat animals (in domestication) ere willing to teed each other, when tbera are cata all over Bnglaud and Scotland which delight In briuglug food a* presents lo tbeir owners? We need not go baok to tbe historic cat wbiob canght a pigeon every day and brought it to it* luuster when a prisoner in tbe Tower.—Speota tor. Not HerMltr. "The children have been onroly today," «»iil .Mr. Meekton'i wife. "Tbey bave 1 refused to mind me. eeveral time*." "Goodness ajraaiooal" exclaimed be absenttniudedly. "Well, there's one thing cvruiu. Tbey don't take after me."—Washington Star. The War •« th*> Warit. Wallace— 1 wonder wbat the French will do if Dreyfus should be proved io- nooeut. leiry—Probably eat bis bead off for having mailt) such u foul of them.—Qia- nicnaii fciiO ,Qire». FUND. W F. Burns, county Uoixurer. Deli.t Uaukof Hutchinson— • 1>. bit Uutt b'nson National Uunk— Uebtt ^t>tc lielq Tan— Credit ,.. .. Couu y surveyor— CrtUit County lnU-n at— •Jr. tilt County sli,klnu— Crfdll City of NUkerson, geneiai— Crcult oltv oi NkKcrouu, li.tercut— Ored.t City of ^ Kkerson. blt.klnit— tin»,'lt Arlliulonl lty - o«heral." ti «- 1 It Arl ngtoii Olty— Int' rest credit Arlington CI y— Sinking credit -yivlacity General, crt-dlt South Uu chliiMin lty— Ocneial, i:reiilt South Hutclil hoaclty— Siiiklnir cie. 11 South Hutcbinsoo City— Inieret-t " re It Cond AC Ark Ulver 4WSB- Credlt Has j Tax Ac— Orfdit • o P liy Tr Fund— Cndli Coud A S - 4 El Haso Ry— Credit l.'oud.Ac Kaiif MltlUhd Ry— Credit C nd AcPac MutTeleCo— I redlt Onnd -c OKI i PR Iter, dll Sch B is BD 100- t rulll PnuSch Fund— Credit County Redemptions— Crci.t ( ountv Oeneral- OreiHt S CUIH. I uaud Fund- credit .. .Normal Inst fund- D lilt In itvidual Keileui(,tiuns— Credit 1 ax -»lf, 18U7- Ueblt Cuttuly Court House— cr « In.j Hridseluterrat— Cre.lU Iruo B Idge ^luk— • redlt T JX »aie, 18H8- Urbll Qenrral ux- Oiedlt TOWNSHIP OR CIT' Albion t»p- Ut'D rai levenue. credit Arltu*tiiu i v» p - Oeueiai revenue, credit...... K ail? credit Belt two— General re eoue, credit Ca^net in twi — Oe.i. ral revenue, credit Center iwi — Ueiitrai revenue, credit ... . K H Ini, cr. lilt UK sins. crcJlt Ciav two— (ieneral n venue, credit Kaierpri-e wp- Ueurrat it v. uue. credit ..... R .ad, credit Orait twp (Je>i«,al revenue, credit RRlai, c elii n it ^1, k. c etltt Orove mp- Oeaeral revenue, credit K KIB1, . retllt K K tti.k, ciedit Hsvtn iwi>- Qcurral revenue, credit " Ult B R Hares twi>- Oeneral revenue, credit Laogdoo (wf — Ucu. r»l r. venue, credit Koad. cr.'rtu Lb.r^il,. twp- Oeoeial revel ue, credit .... 1 « li.t. cr. dlt R K a nk credit Utile hlver twp— ' . sr. HI r v. uue. credit R R Int. > reilt' KH sink, credit..-. l/«<ta i»|e- Orni ml revenue, credit Mmfiird to-ii fl'ner»l rcveDue, credit at.-aliira IVII- ••r tr I revenue, credit.... Miami IWI>— iJeurral revenue, cred't Kn4i1, credit Nlnnencah two— Ueiieral revenue, credit I'le»u • t*p- '.riier*! revenue, credit R i> It, creflll « Rtl'i*. ere Hi Benn|«p~ Ce- era' reve ue, credit ... RRIul.r eillt H ij ,lt k c edit TW|. bridge ml. cedlt Tap tK|u b u sink, ctedlt... 51D2 017 80 13,701 0.1 14.U17 118 41S 04 :j si u ,s ;i :i 58 9,831 'Jl 754 5 102 00 08 04 160 81 8 44 U 03 10:1 uo 150 o» 13B Hi G01 40 28 0- 8 H:S a.- 44 70 5 (JO 14 01' 1140 300 00 30 00 2,477 50 B."> M. 408 4(1 787 42 110 Oi 1,1180 bU 0,000 In 12,0I»04 842 81 4 ,e.iS 17 7.011 81) 8.012 00 23i> oa 30 11 22U 21 100 0' atis :r. 338 71 . l.»2>2 . a,uo u7 » I 23 lao 71 4P0 6B » 6 00 4.1H4 UU OK 2 674 21 2.4.0 41 :is8 on u;iu uu 4.0V4 U» 17 58 41 3 lot 2a 210 27 1.015 28 1.8H8IIO I H:I O:I 045 80 3.241 1 04 70 60 & 250 UU AH OH 48 1 2(14 110 JIM a< 1.4 •' a.ouo a HI' r,o 7 7 1 70 I OH »i .14 827 78 Rosco«twp— General revenue, credit.. Salt ere, k two— Oeneral revenue, credit.. Sumn* r twp general revenue, credit.. Tr \ twp - O.neriil revenue, credit., Vajlev twp^— (Jen. ral r-venue, credit.. " W.-liiut twp— a.ner I itvcnue, debit.. Wesitrln tcr i« p I Hi neral r. venue, cied't.. K K lul. cr ilk It U sink, credit sciioou DuvrktOT. Nn 1 — Vat let. credit Milling, credit .... 1.oud, ctedlt ..I No 2- DHtrct,credit IJond, credit No.'l- Ulilrlct. credit No4— Wn'.rlct, credit No o— Dutrlct, credit UlHtrlct, credit S.. 7 - Dl>-trlct, credit Ko8— uutrt t, credit NiO District, credit No in Dtnt'lct, credit 11— in trict, credit No 12— i li-trlct, cr dlt No 111— Dl i rict. credit No 14- uiMtrlct. credit No K>- Uirtrlct, credit N.. Id Inn.rlcl, credit No 17- L>l irlrl. credit Iloiid, credit No 181' Blrlct, credit No 20- Uistikt, credit No 21 D .H rlct, credit No .a - Dl-trlct, credit "<>'-'* District, credit • Ilivd. cr dlt Nu 25 - t l»crlct. credit No 2U- Msirlct, credit N o 27 - Dii-irict, credit No 2»- t Uutrlct. credit Il,, il, debit No ao— Di.iirlct, credit • N,. Ill— UiKiiict, credit N :i2 Dl« rlct, credit No ai— Insirlct, credit No IH- us rlct, crudlt N.>ai— in- tilct, crcJlt SSoafl- Ui-tikt, credit N. :17- Ui«irlct, credit Nuab- LiiHirlct, credit N.-an Dlclrlcl. credit No 40- DiHtrlct, credit No4l- ui trlct, credit No 42— uiBtrlct. credit. Holm, debit No 4.'l U.,-trlct. credit No 44 |.|>irlct. credit Disiiitt, credit SiHB- Ul» rlct, credit N 10- Ul-tilct. credit NO nine aej Dlntrict. credit tTS4r No 113 203 »8 | District, credit 15* M 04 .7 70 Olsi'rlct, credit 1M 1* No 115 - 8ia0 U'siri t. cretlt I»w, ; Nn 111122910 Ul-titcl, credit S1504 Nn 117 — 10 «0 Iilsii let, credit 1S8 8C No lis- tnoin H..1.1I. credit 310 5» Mioso No 110- 2,;i20 l.'l KNi, let, credit S"Sa* No 1-J1 - Uisti Id, credit , 30 ... 2.1113 22 ... .t,7n0 7U .... S«5 111 .... 172 SO .... 458 48 .... 102 24 .... ltOHK .... 200 24 ... aw oa .. . 1 .52 40 .... 157 20 .... 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I hereby certify that the foregoing state ment w.ts subs* rlbed and swora to before me and In mv presence, by the above named, this 24tb day of Janu^rv 18Dft. 18KAI..I W. S ys.osa, County Clerk- Climate Gvre For Weak Lungs, Weak Throats, Weak Bodies, The Health Reeeru of Mtw •exloe and Arlxoaa are nnrlvaled. fore, drj air; aa equable temperatar*, the right altitade, oooaUnt eanebtoe. Send for deecriptlve pamphlet* laened by HsaU V* Boot* Fsssea- gar Deperteaeak. J. Q. Roberts, l|t. The Atchieoe, Tepek* 4 S M U Fe R'y., Hutehioaon, Kaunas. The the Red Cap Will eseefall BanU Ve traleeat Dearborn HUllon. OatV eeifo, no' render desired nail tanoe to patron*. Ybla avrvtee at particularly devlford for tts* benettt of tbe atfed or intra*, also for ladle* traveling aloa* mr aconmpanied by •mall oblldraav. The aiteedaot will carry lurk* band baggage and escort psas»a- gere to omolbna, cab or itreei ear. The service I* absolutely tree and should prove Meapteet* , toeveryoae. J. G-. Roberts, Agt., HatRhioaon. Kanaaa. SOO'<S. Order tbesa direct front U* NEWS COMPANY, llatebuaeoa, -i " 1 II w tfn I

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