Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 1, 1949 · Page 15
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 15
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2-C Sept. 30, 1949 Mason City Globe-Gazette, Mason City, la. Asks Dr. Bauer— Shall It Be Doctors or lators? Legisl Doctors and not legislators are best equipped to handle health problems, points out Dr. Louis H. Bauer, member of the board of trustees of the American Medical Association, in an article on "Medical Care for the American People." "One does not consult a doctor it one wishes to draw up a will. One goes to a lawyer. Neither does one consult a lawyer if one wishes to build a house. One goes to an architect. "Yet there are many who think it is not necessary to consult the doctors on any problems related to medical care but that legislators, those engaged in social welfare and other laymen can draw up a complete program, have it adopted and then expect the doctors to make it work. "Better" Along With "More" "It should be borne in mind that, no 'matter what system is eventually evolved in this country for delivering medical care the doctor is the one who is going to have to deliver it. It cannot possibly be delivered by a "social uplifter." "The answer to any complex problem ip usually not simple bu also complex. So, in our problem of medical care, the answer is not a single one but a multiple one. Yet the social security board and Senators Wagner and Murray and Congressman Dingell refuse to admit there is any possible answer but the single one o a national compulsory sicknes insurance, regardless of the fac that no where has it been as sat isfactory as our own system o private medical care. Elemental Factors "A careful analysis of the sit uation would seem to indicat that there are certain elementa actors which are responsible for ur problem. These factors are 1) improper distribution of doc- ors, (2) lack of proper diagnos- ic facilities in certain areas, (3) he costs of illness—particularly o-calied castastrophic illness— nd (4) a general economic fac- or. ""Why are certain areas devoid ir short of doctors? There are two easons. One is that certain areas are so sparsely settled that there s no attraction for a doctor, not only because he will have insuf- icient patients, but because there tre no educational or social facil- ties for him to bring up his children. The other is really the second factor, the lack of proper diagnostic facilities, so that he cannot practice good medicine. Cost of. Diagniols "The costs of illness, again is led up partially with the second; availability or non-availability of Droper diagnostic facilities. The ligh cost of illness is not in ordinary inter-current illness but in :he cost of diagnosis in the more complicated illnesses, in hospitalization and in private nursing care. "The fourth factor—the general economic one—is the matter of housing, clothing, nutrition and sanitation. This is a social problem, although the neglect of it results in an increase in the prevalence of the disease and the necessity for medical care. The solution, however, is not the pouring in of medical care but preventing the necessity for it." An Operation to Talk About ... If the Patient Pulls Through is Scientists Determine How Hot Is Hot Waco, Tex., (U.R)—How hot 100 degrees? In the interest of science, the Baylor university department of physics conducted an experiment. Dr. Herbert D. Schwetman did the checking and found it was: 100 in the sun,—same as the official weather bureau reading. 98 in the shade. 114 on an aluminum surface exposed to the sunlight. And 140 on a stone ledge exposed similarly. THERE'S SOMETHING HERE W1UHAVE ToPEREMOYEPt Handicapped Given Boat Trip on Hudson For nearly 75 years, undernourished and handicapped children from the city of New York have thrilled to a boat trip down the bay or up the beautiful Hudson river aboard the St. John's Guild floating hospital. The floating hospital, a non-sinkable, all- steel ship, is operated by the Guild, a non-sectarian organization founded in 1866, and is the only one of its kind. The present ship, Lloyd I. Sea- is the Guild's 4th floating hospital. This ship makes trips 6 days a week during July and August throughout New York's har- the month of June the floating hospital is used as a pre-camp medical and dental examination center for those children who are referred to the guild by agencies who do not have such facilities. SUr . . . the new MICROTOME The worlds finest-smartest- smallest Hearing: Aids! Beautiful silver case — small as a ladies compact — light in weight-T-a joy to hear and see! No "set-noise" no static. You hear naturally and perfectly. The new Microtone classic is equipped with the famous new "Cat-Cell" "A" batteries that are guaranteed by the lactory for one year of use In connection with the Microtone Micro-Miser. Also a one year supply of "B" batteries. No batteries to buy the first year of use. The "Cat- Cells" will probably last much longer than the guarantee period. These are the batteries you have heard and read so much about. And waited for so long. Exclusively with the new Microtone classic. Send me more information about this new and different hearing aid; NAME Reformed Alcoholic Puts His Bill Over Columbus, Ohio, (U.R) — State Rep. Clarence L. Wetzel wanted to get a bill through the Ohio legislature to provide alcoholics with institutional treatment but the measure was having tough sledding. After listening to the pros and cons for a while he decided there was only one thing to do—tell the lawmakers and the gallery of his own experiences as a chronic alcoholic. "I personally am an alcoholic," V/etzel related. "I drank for 25 years. It was fun. Then I found out that I was an alcoholic. That was 8i years ago. I don't drink now. l" can't take that first one. "An alcoholic is the only person who lives his life backwards.- He starts at the top and works down, finally ending up in the gutter That's what I did. "But alcoholics can be saved. I'm an example. If you believe I'm a fair example of a reclaimed alcoholic, vote for this bill." The bill, which provides a $100,000 appropriation for a study commission, passed the house by a vote of 115 to 1. ADDRESS MICROTONE OF IOWA, INC 423 West 5th, Des Moiues, Iowa MORE SPACE The first step in what may lead to a real cancer research center at the State University of Iowa was taken last month when the Iowa division of the American Cancer Society purchased a double barrack building in which to house more laboratory equipment and provide more working space for •*• _ . _ .' -, •___!_?_!._ _. ^ the' doctors and ployed there. scientists em- WE PAY TRIBUTE We are happy to pay tribute to the members of the Cerro Gordo County Medical Society, Cerro Gordo County Dentai Society, Nurses and Hospital staffs . . . for their vitally important and unselfish service to humanity! o shoe you can walk in ... work in and play in! Step in Wrong Direction, View of Noted Writer Dorothy Thompson, newspaper columnist, denounces national compulsory health insurance as a step in the wrong direction. "It seems certain that we are going to take another step on the road to bureaucratic collectivism," she writes, "by the passage of a compulsory health insurance bill, to which President Truman is pledged. "The United States public health service is for it, as every government agency is always for a vast expansion of its powers. The labor unions and farmers' organizations are for it because it sounds good. "Industry would like to saddle the federal government with the I expense of workmen's compensation cases. Professional social workers foresee great opportunities for themselves. And a mere 150,000 physicians, 90 per cent of whom are against it, cannot buck the trend. Besides, they are supposed to be 'prejudiced.' "But before congress passes any bill for universal sickness insurance—falsely called 'health' insurance—it owes it to the American people to tell them exactly what a person with, say, an income of from $2,000 to $3,000 a year is going to have to pay over a working life of 40 years to take care of his illnesses, and just what services the government positively guarantees him in return for his money. "Will it, for instance, sign on the dotted line that if his wife is in labor, the government guarantees a bed and a physician at the critical moment? "Don't make me laugh! I've lived under these schemes." Tea Relieves Sunburn, Specialists Advises Chicago, (U.R)—Sunburn salves which contain mild local anesthetics may actually interfere with healing, according to Sigmund S. Greenbaum, dermatology professor at Jefferson Medical school. Such widely-advertised greases are of little value if the burn has blistered and are harmful to persons sensitive to them, Greenbaum leported in Hygeia, publication of the American Medical association. The best remedy for mild sunburn is compresses of strong tea, he said. Animals Also Found to Have Hay Fever Lincoln, Nebr., (U.R) — Animals like humans, suffer from "hives" and even a 4-footed counterpart of hay fever. The American Foundation for Animal Health reports the same types of anti-histamine medicines often successful in treating these conditions in man «ow are being used with pets and,farm animals. Upon coming in contact with or eating certain plants, the founda- tion said, horses and cattle commonly founder, or develop nettle rash or a severe form of sore mouth. The foundation warned use o£ anti-histamine drugs must be carefully supervised. Improper dosage may result in death, it said. Membership in the Blue Cross Paid Off Total payments made by the Blue Cross Plan and Michigan Medical Service, from Jan. 1 through June 30 inclusive, totaled '$16,061,479.04. Of this amount, Michigan Hospital Service paid$11,598,037.26 to hospitals and Michigan Medical Service paid §4.463,441.78 to doctors in that state. Hospitalization Protection I We Pay You... $3.00 to $10.00 a day for Hospital Room and Board. $15.00 to $100.00 for miscellaneous Hospital Expense. $3.00 to $200.00 for Surgical Operations. $3.00 per day lor Doctor's visits while hospital confined. $30.00 to $100 for Pregnancy, Childbirth or Miscarriage. $500.00 to $1,000.00 for Accidental Death. ALL OR ANY OP THE ABOVE} COVERAGES IN AMERICA'S NO. 1 FAMILY OR PERSONAL HOSPITAL EXPENSE PROTECTION POLICY. Small Monthly Payments—Doesn't cost you a cent to find out—Protect All and Play Safe Before It's Too Late. MAIL THIS CABD TODAY Gentlemen: Without obligation on my part, send me Information on: n Hospital Insurance Folio Insurance NAME ADDRESS Douglas Insurance Agency HONESTLY ITS THE BEST POLICY I 2051/2 North Federal Mason City, Iowa Just What the Doctor Ordered! THE Alert by JOYCE 8.95 Service-wise arTd comfort-right, our Joyce oxfords are scientifically constructed to give you that extra comfort and wear with Joyce good looks. In white glove-smooth leather, finished to make care and cleaning easier. —T«oiweir • Flrnt Tloor Compulsory Health Insurance Opposed by Many Groups The following organizations have taken action as opposed to national compulsory health insur.ance: The General Federation of Women's clubs (5,000,000 members) . The American Legion. The American Farm Bureau federation. The American Bar association. The National ' Association of Small Business Men. The U. S. Chamber of Commerce. The National Federation of Small Business, Inc. The National Grange. The Associated Women, American Farm Bureau federation. The American Medical association. The American Hospital association. The D. A. R. (national). The Women's Patriotic Conference \»n National Defense. National Fraternal Congress of America. Legislatures of various states. Governors of the great majority of the states nurses' organizations. Catholic, Protestant and other hospital groups. The American Legion Auxiliary. B u s i n es s and Professional Women's clubs in all parts of the nation. Lions, Rotary and other service organizations. Various city, state and district Federations of Women's clubs. City and state Chambers of Commerce throughout America. The overwhelming majority of hometown newspaper editors, whose first interest is protecting their communities from crackpot schemes. Hundreds of organisations interested in public welfare, not politics, which have no. wish to trade the American medical system for the sorry record that politically-controlled m e d i c i ne has made in every great nation which has tried it—notably Germany, France, Russia and England. FAMOUS AUTOMATIC WASHER TRANSMISSION Slanting front ** *°*Y unloading. No awkward bending or stooping. When loading washer ... or taking clortits from it.. .you'll find the convenient load- ing shelf a time and work saver. Th« Laundromat automatic washer ls\ \ \ f / self-cleaning. It hot no lint trap to require periodic emptying. The wash and rinse waters keep the laundromat's interior sparkling clean. Phone Kay's Apollanc. today, T.H them you want to see the Laundromat wash a load of your clothes FREE. They will arrange an actual demonstration. You come to the store; see your clothes washed in the Laundromat. 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