Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 11, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1954
Page 9
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Thursday, Marcn 11, 19S4 ri v ••• t Ike Will Have to Put Brakes on McCarthy t By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGON W — President Eisenhower, at the moment he was indirectly rebuking Sen. McCarthy for his treatment of a general, said primary responsibility for fair play in Senate investigations rests with Senate Republicans. If he meant this as a recommendation to his Senate Republi- C «fi s *° c ^ am P down on McCarthy, hWfound out fost they wanted no part of it. So, any brake on the Wisconsin Republican will probably have to be applied by Eisenhower. In a news conference statement last Wednesday. Eisenhower seemed to be disclaiming any responsibility for McCarthy's actions when he said: "Obviously, it is the responsibility of the Congress to see to it that ^procedures are proper and fair t, of course, expect the Republican membership of the Congress to assume the primary responsibility in this respect since they are the majority party and therefore control the committees." And he added he was glad to near the Senate Republican leadership had taken steps to "set up :odes of fair procedure.'" He wa<: :-eferving to the Senate Republican Pfifcy Committee's meeting o£ a iv'w;k before. This committee made up of too Senate Republicans, had huddlod ,vhcn McCarthy's quarrel with the Army was reaching a peak. It decided to study rules and policies 3f procedure. That was pretty /ague language. ' It was vague enough to coVer Jverything from doing much to Joinrr nothing. The committee :oukl decide, for. instance, that the •v'ifale Senate ought to lay down ironclad rules to be sure its committees acted fairly. That's a step Congress hns never jeen willing to take. Each committee makes its own rules. Or Iho policy committee could just dc- :ide to let the committees alone. A few hours after Eisenhower made his statement about the "primary responsibility" of Congress to seek its procedures are 'ajf>» and expressed gladness about ,vhat the policy committee might Jo, the committee met. When it was over Sen. Ferguson (R-Mich). the chairman, emerged md aaid there was no intention of asking the Senate itself to form now rules. "I suppose," Ferguson added, "each chairman thinks ho already liad all the rules he needs, otherwise he would have done sorae- lj£,.g about it." "nd Sen. Knowland (R-Calif), Republican Senate floor leader, said there could be no question of "forcing a set of rules on, committee chairmen." In short, it seems, that whatever is done will be left up to the committee chairman and committee nembers to do, although the policy committee planned to talk iome more about it. Nevertheless, Sen. Douglas CD- l§> yesterday introduced a bill to sstablish by law a "code of fair play" for congressional invesliga- ,ions nnd to create a single Senatc- rlouse internal security committee, rhat would mean taking authority 'or hunting Communists aw&y from McCarthy's investigations subcom- MOP Reorganization Plan Hits Snog ST. LOUIS Wl — The latest reorganization plan for the bankrupt Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. has met stiff opposition from the directors of the line. The directors called the plan unfair to common stockholders and yesterday announced plans to file protests with the Interstate Commerce Commission. Some bondholders predicted the plan would stymie management by requiring an 11-million-dollar annual capital fund. That amount was reached only during three years ino the history of the railroad, the directors said. The latest plan drafted for the railroad, which has been in receivership for 21 years, was proposed by an ICC examiner. Mother to Trial for Slaying Children WATERVILLE, Maine W — A distraught young housewife who wrote a message that "God told me" today faced a murder charge in the bathtub drownings of her three children. County Atty. Joseph B. Camp bell said Mrs. Constance Fisher, 24, would be arraigned in Munici pal Court. Richard Fisher, 6, his brother Daniel, 4, and their sister Deborah, 1. were found dead in their home yesterday by their father Carl 33, who smashed a door to gain entrance. Richard's body lay face down in the tub. The others were on beds Campbell said Mrs. Fisher was huddled in a blanket under a bed. He said she had sw^lloped some liquid shampoo in a suicide attempt, but it had no serious effect. Fisher, a Maine Central Railroad employe was temporarily pi/oslraled when he discovered the bodies and a note scrawled on wrapping paper. Campbell said Mrs. Fisher wrote her husband: "It was so hard to do, but God told me it was the only way I could save them. They are in heaven sate forever from evil. The Fisher family physician said Mrs. Fisher had been subject to periods of depression and had con suited a psychiatrist about them. mittee, and from others. This seemed a piece of sheer optimism by Douglas. Other pro posals, similar to Douglas', have been introduced earlier this year. Meanwhile, McCarthy waa de< manding radio-television time to reply to the Miami speech of Adlai Stevenson, who Saturday night denounced the Wisconsin Republican and the Eisenhower administration tOd: - ..... -.V And McCarthyr*. J be'lng' a -Tnarr-ttf many surprises, pulled another surprise this time. There was nothing new about-his demand from airtime to reply to a critic. But this was what was brand new now: If he gets the radio-TV time, it was learned autoritatively, he plans, for the first time, to show in advance a copy of his remarks to the White House and national committee leaders for their suggestions. While this could'be considered a sign of new spirit of cooperation with the White House, if the White House approved his speech in advance, the Democrats might claim the President was now publicly blessing McCarthy. •*• • You can it you use Natural Chilean Nitrate of Soda for your top-dressing and side-dressing needs. It costs a little more because it's worth more. But the difference in cost usually can be measured in pennies per acre, while the difference in value often amounts to dollars per acre. Chilean "Bulldog" Soda gives you generous extra value. The nitrogen is 100 per cent nitrate. It's 100 per cent available (quick-acting) ; 100 per cent dependable. The minor elements make crops stronger, healthier. The sodium—26 pounds in every 100-pound sack—is a key lo maximum returns on your entire fertilizer investment. It offsets llie bad effects of acid- forming fertilizers...increases the efficiency of mixed fertilizers containing them. 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' The man who is being groomed to step into the shoes of the 38- year-old Slaughter is Watty Moon, an outfielder who technically still is a member of the internation- — League Rochester Redwings but who is the brightest new face in the Cardinal camp. Unless he goes into a complete eclipse, Moon is a cinch to become a full-fledged member of the Redbirds within a matter 6f days. In the short time he's been here, 23-year-old former Texas A&M athlete from Trumann. Ark., has caught the eye of Manager i Eddie Stanky with his fine all- around performance. "The boy hasn't smiled since he's been in camp," observed Stahky the other day. "He's all business. If he continues to look as good as he has been, I don't .sca how we can keep him off the club." Moon has the- advantage over most of the other rookies in the Cardinal camp. He put in an entire winter playing in the Benezue- lan League with the pennant winning Pastore team of Maracaibo, Venezuela. The rangy flychaser \vas adjudged the most valuable player in that circuit, leading all hitters with Gl runs scored, 60 runs batied in and seven triples in G4 games. He was second in homers in 12 and in batting with .322. His run batted in and runs scored totals ore all-time league records. Moon demonstrated that power in the Cardinals first game of the grapefruit season. His first hit was a 385-foot home run to right field against New York Yankee Soys U. S. to Fight on Own Terms Now K \ PHILADELPHIA' (#— Vice President Nixon told a Philadelphia Bulletin Forum audience last night the United States Ms, adjusted its thinking to thfc point' '"where we will now fight on 6Ur own terms." Nixon in the fortirh's keynote pitching. Later he slammed a 400-foot double off the Center field wall. , address said U. S. armed strength and ifiilitary planning is being rearranged "t o carry out that policy," a plan which he said has already born visible fruit. In not one area of the world." he said, "have the Iteds gained this year—and in imny areas we have made gains, for the first time in a generation we are experiencing peace arid prosperity at the same time." He said much of the credit for this successful shift can be traced to President Eisenhower as well as the National Security Council, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and th e "defense team" composed of Defense Secretary Charles E. Wilson, Army Secre- Robert T. Secretary Robert A He saM the United Sfcrtff aid the Associated 3tafesJft/| china becuaSe sf Red vitAm?*-!!.- _ wbuld :fjpan the tiveMital Mfflf*,* all Asia to communistic ''.$*£ He Said the presort sihiftttafj the far East cart bfe ihttfi»«f|r thus: t ,$s i "If Southwest Asia falls Ifr^ cdmefc Under the CostittttttlUt 1 inatian or Communist brlfeftU what happens to Japari* fftevi by necessity it IttUsi WeCottlt . ecbhomic satellite fe thS S&vt btbit. 4 . ' * "The toss of China tea to Kfc. and to Inaochifla and the Wsr; Asia." DEL MONTE SPINACH IMPERIAL PURE CANE These ore but a te* of the many values Friendly Piggly Wiggly Store Friday .and Saturday, March 12 and 13 — Shop Pig- lyWiggiy and SAVE. v 1 >•* TV .-*' I '-<' > <4,v*te 'n f | (/ ,'.';7h4 r '{'(V,^ y>,x ^-Sn'^f'^Wr^Jg A: v . ? tALi >'' ^--te^swS ># 303 Cans CAMPBELL'S VEBETABLE SOUP lOLb. Bag P 1 No. T Cans MRS. TUCKER'S PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER ORTENING 12 Oz. Jar BRIGHT & EARLY MACARONI or SPAGHETTI SKINNERS COFFEE „ , . ' 1 i -v' • 1 Lb. Bag vOnf*', h tfM^ 1 - *y Pks. ^«#tfe^ DEL MONTE CRUSHED STANDARD TOMATOES 303 Cans PINEAPPLE 2 80z. Cans *it DELCO ALASKA PEAS TEXSUN GRAPEFRUIT 300 Can JUICE 46 Oz. Can &$ lM > >-, ff v v V.W DEL MONTE CREAM STYLE GOLDEN CORN 303 Cans SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK EAGLE BRAND 15 Oz. Can SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS 1 Lb. Box SUNSHINE MARSHMALLOWS Large Bag YELLOW GLOBE ONIONS :\^(/%Srm 5 Lb. rnjte*$ '\*m ™ fi ~ y^ ^ii s ^ "• »' f^'^V^^ ROME BEAUTY APPLES . '* CALIFORNIA SUNKIST LEMONS t,f n ' •*• Lb. „ , ...-,.„.„ ^ ~, RED * _ POTATOES 10 Lb. Mesh 609 Bag -.v: U. S. GOOD BEEF CHUCK ROAST Lb, CUDAHY'$ WICKLOW TRA-PAK FRESH LEAN GROUND Lb* rl U. S. GOOD BEEF CLUB -MIP ^ii^mb ^f ^^ n WE OIVE EVERY fc T <•« f T .ff^. ^ W <•& 'i*S

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