The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 6
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• .UTOh.NHnN DAILY M *W8, miDAY JANUABY 27. 18! 9. overei.&UO.OOO Coxes >( x V.VJOT A:;D KKBVOCS BBJOSBERK fir.'h r • '.VJivl r.ri'l IV'i In 'b-» Ptom.vM. ' "I •,<•<« nt>.-r n:.-ii'i. H.-.-td- I..-* of AdHMitc. f'-iSiivuli-sa. Slot-!. • >.n lUn Skin. O'l.J Chill*, bib* ttitb'-'f . . , t>. IVIir'iif'il Ji.-eums and nil Jfcir-, --',1 Tr('ail>lih« HBllil.-t: ianR. :•• I)03il "KTIJL OIVE EELIEP SK 'J L'.'V'Y MIKTJTEB. J Ivory sufferer Will ll;'Ill.o\vlertuo UlisOl tol<o • WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BF;[ t UAM'rf PllXft. taken iwdlrect- •4. willquicklyrestore Fainalm to torn- elctfl health. Thef promptly remove •bstriKtlonsorJ-reirtliiritlPrf of tho ays- tea ami euro blrk Headache. Fcra Weak Stomach Impaired Digestion Disordered Liver M MEN. WOMKN OR CHILDMRM Beocham's Pills are Without a KivaB LARGEST SALE OtanyTatenl Medicine In Hie Wort*. Pie at oil nrua Stores. AT CAMP DEWEY At the Owl Pharmacy, No. 1, Cor. of Main and Sherman SIB. 9am be seeo a beautiful line of Holiday presents— just received,"no old stock, 1 Mwi aa Elegant Perfumes, Toilet Wa vers, Soaps, Hair Brushes, Tooth Brushes, Toilet Creams, Face Pow stole, ele. Pare Drugs and Medicines OeH and examine our stock and we will guarantee prices. C. B WINSLOW. Druggist Prescriptions: Oarefully and Accurately oSoinpoanded. Hutchinson Boy Writes or His Experiences there. Son of George Barclay With a Colorado Regiment at Manila. is THE CAPTURE DESCRIBED Outline of the "Discussion" Between the Forces Of theUnited States and Spain Before the White Flag Mas Hoisted. COUNTERFEIT MONEY. Considerable "Quter" Coin in Circulation' in This City. The merchant-, nr.' bitin(F the coin tn'xen in at present and testing its rin(j in order to avoid getting tome of the ban money which has shown up in town. The flrst spurious coins no- iced were Imitations of the silver quarter. They were bad imitations, too, but nevertheless changed hands several times and no one seenis to ' hear STRONG CHORUS COMING. Ottawa Choral U .ion Heady to Contest at the I , Huxliinson Jubilee. I The Ottawa Cuortts, which will contest here at the Musical Jubilee, is doing nice work under the direction of I'rof.Bbor Cra7ena. The Ottawa Herald says: | The Choral (Jo ion 1B ready to go to I Hutchinson any lime. Tne rehearsal last evening was splendid and In speaking to aunie of the singers we nothing but expressions of de- koow where they started from. La-l-'ifht at the progress being made, ter a.ver.1 had half dollar, were found \ 'V„7 Vp'r.™"of' t'b. la cash drawers and no one con Id tell review of seleetiona laat evening, wuere tbey came from. A restaurant The chorus will number Qfty voices man in one day got a bad dollar, half strong, and at the close of the meeting dollar and quarter. The imitation of Uht P'« n . 1 ni "> c *'-» 9 rt »< M «»»•.««•> the aiiver uollar Is not much better than that of the q arter. It ia light Wright, off color aud easily recognized at a glaDce. Still in the ruaa of business and at cartles. .m imenta aeveral bad coins have been started tn town iod there appears'to be a good supply on baud. The question is e -ked, "Are tberu some loeal counterfeltera at work?" Anyone who can answer this question will confer a favor upon the buBinets men of liuich'rison. Sure Cinch la whit we have now toUne Suijar 0 teed II uns, II i-f, Mm- i/Sju and ull other Meata.. No winder SltaiaktrB tuo w liter's tontrnestick on 1 , of tho do„' lick bis chopB--tho very flavor of u sweet ham ra*kca a tier-on , aviutu huntf.-}'. Step in and look at oif Vmli, Gune and Poultry—they eau'i M beat In quality or price. Try us. I P. KNODE, telephone 85 - - - The Place to Buy ^A Hardware, Tinware, '..Builders' Supplies,! ' and all kinds of Farm Implements Is* at the Old Kclluhlo Botcisoo Oardwore. & ImpkmeDt Co., North Main, Hutchinson, Kan. OfTTbey also sell the Famous New Home Hewing Machines, or will repair your old aewlng mi •bins. C AHRIABE PAINTING 1 FROM S4 UP! All work guaranteed. " hand rlga for aale. Also • few and rlga for aale. SIGN AND HOUSE WORK. O. W. Steinhour, 103 Bast Sherman. V iff'* The Only Genuine MAITLAND Coal IB THE Niggerhead! WOT domestic ma* It has no •ajael. Order tho lump mni Bntalae. 1k Carey-Puterbaugh Coal COMPANY. mgr hone. Nr. 10 From a letter received recently by George Barcliy from bia sou, A. J lUrclay, a member of Couipmy M, Firat Colorado regiment, now at Manila, the following ia taWcn. The writer o( the letter ia a Uutcuiuaon boy, aud was ouce a NKWS carrier, i'ne part of bia .etter priuted la blr eiperiener at Uamp Ltewry aud will be fouud iutereallug: We win tne ttrnt full regiment t. land, but uot tne ttr^t soiuicm, on. baltalio i of tnu Flr»i Califoruiu'a bav iug landed the cay before. diiip U^.wuy was miae auottt two miU-b uijd,| a half back of the insurgent nriuti liuc. Ttie Spaniards auu Kiii|-i o. A ere juol eight iliou. u rt yardB apart autl tb.-y kepi u j a cuuLiuuil tire d^> .ml nit-tit, • very fchut of wlituu o.-• uu OJ lu-aro in our eci.ip. Two da>B alter wu landed lie iiihurecntB. i>y li^rcemoot, nioveo farilier around lo the rl^bt, Icaviiifr u. to ttiu di<ui, eXLetidiD^ frum ibe buy, uh< ut i. mile '.'> their lelt. Our fir t duty, WUB LU st.r n*lheu the vutri-uuhinuots whiub we did uuder ttr*-", fro 11 tipauiKh htiarp- Bbo iiera secrelt'd in clumps of batuo u bet veeu the lluea. 'I hi-u fulluw. d a mo .th of skiruii^hi[.g and several rea>x<0'i "aetapa." 1'icnet il iij iv«i. raider unheulitiy abnut iliai t;uie. Ou August liilh Adilitral UeWey lined up for aei ion, ^o did the tSeeoi d divNiim uli^hth army carp;.. Maj ir (lenerai • crilli wa« on ihe Cnllto, and Uev^i-y n iheOiyuipia. Mijjr tletierul An- l.-r.iiii MUB in entuinan.i on Imiil Hrijr a'I'er U neral O,-eene had the Seenud briga ie ou liie left near the beach, a<>u itngadier Oeueral McArt-hnr hnn tho l''iiht bngad on the rigli I wlid Aguiu-tldo's army for huppurc. In our our oriifade, the Second, we. held the ex.reine left, and the Ki^h- tecnth iiifariiiy United S'utet. nrtny tho n^rbt, and tho Uiuh artillery in the center. The FITBL C, I - <f rula, Tenih Pei>usy<vnutii UIHI Kirst v ' - ».ka regiments were our support. In tho Kirat bri K adu the Tiiii lei nil. Ininiie fourteenth iuf.iiitry Hulled Stat • a Army and Twenty third in- faulty Uniied Slutea rtrmy were on itio hr utf line. Tne At.ior buttery «aB in the cenier between the I hr.l^adus. Tne res', of the tronpa werel iu rebcr^e. At 10 u'clocn the Oletnpia euii.inenoed the •Sui-euM^ii n " Moi-t. of lliuir fir- wKB C'mceiiirat. tl riri l.'orl •>an Antone de Ab*d, directly in f out f my iejuneut. 'V<<L' firinjr MJips, Ulan .r iliery, Asi».r baiiery and Third nr.llicry kept up a o nilinnnus lire ou iho furl anil enlreuc 111 nts licfuro Mulate (a huburb of Mauilu) f <r one HOLT aud then we Btuned. We left our eiitrcnciitiiuuta, utlvaucing by rut-bes uiiil irregulur sktrinibb bailie 1 line. Wncn we were to their en nchinents tne Spaniards retreated t) Walle 1 City, Bring aa th<-y wen 1 , hut l.-aviug in« ir nuad aud wound-d b.- hind Our band was ou ">e firing line all the iliue plaving 'A lljt Tluie in the Old l'own Tonight." We ra Bed Old Ulory over Fort San Antonio de Aoad at 1 p. m., tbe nrst Dig ramtd that day. So far so go, d The fort and Malate weie ours, and sua for tie final charge on the old welled to vn of Manila. U> wey moved iu close a id pushed tbe Mou'etey up into a go HI porliion »beie th' could ke tne nitteriea on the. water f runt. The army closed in throu.b Malate, and watte I for the bu«rle 10 sound " lo he charge" But it never came. Dewey dropped two ln-lnch shells inside tbe wall; fi«e mtuutes later Maj Anderson, oijur of our bat'ellou.ttsine riding down the line khouting, "Boys, its all ov -r except the cheering" We lunked o ernnono corner of the big black wall and aaw that tbe large red and yello v dig had b.-en replaced by awhile o. e. Well, we cheer, d for everybody from MeKinley to the low est private in the Eighth a'my corp. Sn ended the capture of Manila Since that time w« have dune garrison duty In Manila and H ia gettlnv very monotonous. The Invargents are threatening, but, for my -elf, I think that Apuinaldo Is far tio ahrewd roan to wage a war agalnat the United Slates, which would end only in duas ter tn himself and irov, He ia no In Malnaes, and bis army ia encamped ebiut flva miles outside of Manila. No armed native la allowed to enter the city, and a strong on-poet o' lofan'ry and artlllerv U kept all around It. Wa do not fancy we aball ace Auisrloa un til next summer. In Olden Tim-* People overlooked the importance of permanently bem fijlal effecta and were sati .fled with transient actioi ; out now that it is generally known that Syrup of Figs will permanently overcome habitual oonstipalion, well- informed people will not boy other lax- dives, which act for a time, but finally • jure the system. Buy tbe genuine, made by the California Fig Syrup Co. COUNTY CUHKES°0N0ENCE. M.dford. Hr. and Mrs. Fred II • well visited his parents near St lvia over Sunday. Mr. Ledger W(od and daughter, Grrce, who have been sick, arealowly improving. Mr. aud Mrs, Magonegal, who have heen visiting iu Illinois, have returned and will go to boui-ekt eping in Salt Creek towuabip on biw brother^ farm. Mr. liaalb' children have the uiciifiles. Mr. and Mrs. George GUlock are the proud parents of a little girl. Arthur Rialey bas been on the bick list. Clay Smith who is attending li.iei- >i s. college in Hu'chin^on, spent Saturday and Sunday at home visiting 'riends aud relatives. Cut 1 Ei siniiitfer is upending the winter in Indiana viBtin^r friends. G W. Hodge truns&c'ed business in tho county hist Saurday. W. L). Clarke has sold his farm to Henry Pike. We understand Mr. CI »rk hiiH bought proi erty in KioUer- ton aud will move ihere. pupil a short exercise to take home and practice till uext meeting. It is a orill to perfect tin tones and mike them round and clear and full of melody. Judge Child expresses himself as being much elated over the i-ueccsi of the practice so far mode and say»; '•Ottawa can lay all other sli.gnrs of tho state in the shade." The Union will meet owaln next Monday night promptly at 7:3(1. The Ravages of Grip. That modern scourge, tbe Grip, poisons ibe air with its fatal germs, so tba no home ia safe from its ravage*, but multitudes have foil d a sure; pro tecti in sgalnst this dangerous maladt in Dr. Kl n 'n New DUcovery. When you feel a soreness in your bones a. d muscles, have chills and frver, with sore throat, pain in the back of the head, catarrhal symptoms and a stub born cough you may know yon have the Orip, and that you need Dr. Kiog'a New Discovery. It will promptly cure the worst cough, heal tbeirfltmrd membranes, kill the disease germs and prevent the dreaded a'ter pffecaof the malady. Price 60 cents and tl 1 0 Mon»y back if not cured. A trial bottle free at C. E Sidllng'r's drug store. There are two kinds of flat opening booka, the "patent stub" and '-bent leaf. The NKWS bindery is the only bindery tn the city that makes either if them rir/ht. To Cure a Cold in One Day. Take Laxative Itrorno Quinine Tablet*. All drugifi^ia -i-fuuil the unonej' if it. f.ils ta cure, -5J. The genuine L. It. Q un tablet. eodetw '4 i Minute Count. Curt-, cures. That la what II was mz&v ter. Never Saw Its Equal. "I was so weak I could not walk, hut af' er lakloir Hood's Sarraparilla a short time I was able tn do my work. I never r>a v aucb a medicine lo ulve strength and energy. It cleanses the l>lo>,l and creates an appeiitn I recommend it t all who wre w«>ak and' run d wn Mm HKI.KN Mo NCV I'ostvllle, Neb. Hood's Pill" ar,< tn, only pills to tak With Uood'a Sartaparilla. ii5o. 707 WHAT DO THE CHILDREN DRINK? Don't elve the in tea nr ^off.*e. Hiv- vou tried the new food drink cilled Git VIV- »V ItUd Hct'tus ati'l nou Hulug and t.Kea the pi iff of ciiffet*. Tne m'> t* 1 J r.iui- ) you ulr-; th' 1 children the mnro ue-iltu y »u ill^i-Hiutu through thi*If MVSM-IIH. Grutu-OtR mad<• of pu rti Kniiiw. .\ivl w-h.Mi nr <pt;rty pr*pin>d t-iHifS ike ine cholcf ur;i(lt.'ft ot cofT ; • Diit cfstH iitt.i t * iuu;)i. All -*»r <cerrf «ell I \5c. aud -Jc, Pants VafUas UNAPPROACHABLE We h»ve about 2 000 odd- Pauts—Ukem from suite—made fjtjr the boBt makers known iu this couutry. We hrtvo wont throagh tho entire line and marked them down to the following prjoee: $3.00 Pants—now ....$2.00 4 00 Pants—now 2 50 5 00 Pants-now.-..--- 3.50 6.00 Pants now 4 00 ^--vDURINQ JANUARY ONLY Now is the time to visit oar Pant-ry nnd avail yourself of our bargains. An extra pnir of pants comes in handy and this saving to you is just iu time to help your winter suit out. ?nppial Nntipp f No Cuton staple Pants 0|JCUla I HUllbtJ i No Cut on our$2.00, $1.50 and $1 Line— * . Have you Been our 25c Dnlnnnrlered White Shirts ? Have you seen tho 8uits and Overcoats thnt your friends have been buying of us ut one-quarter and one-third reductions. When you are down town step in and see our bargains, and you'll find tham so cheap that you will buy them for next year. I.aven. Rev. Mann is recovering from at attack of the. prip. Mrs. WilluiLu Astle hau been quite, sick, but ia reporied belt r now. Mr. Oka Novilia of Oxford, Kan . has been visiting friends in and near Haven this laBt week. Mibsllutiio Cuuhrano has gone to Wiehtla to atleod Fairmuunt CDllejre. Mrs. Jenuio Reiser anil children of Colwich hive moved to Haven aud wilt opy tbe boitbu vacated by l£d Jack Bon. Our school teucher roports quite H numlier of pupils atisent the last twi, weeks. La grippo Ihe ciuse. Mr. Diititils Cox of near Castleton if ut hia father's just east of town suffer- ug from scute, .Hack of rheumatism. The Odd Follows gave a public installation last Saturday night and after the installation Professor BUCK gave a lecture on "Odd Fellowship." Tbe regular monthly teachers' meet ing of Uaven township will be held a the Congregational church next Saturday evening. Tbe Haven soboil will give a box social at tbe halt next Friday evening, the proceeds to be used for buying an organ for tbe school, Wednesday evening the "Christian Endeavor Society" ot the Congrrgs tloual church entertained the young people of the Methodist church at tbe residence of Wm. Bast Mercantile Company. Remember we will discount all prices made on Staple or Fancy Groceries— Te!eph!in 41. No. 76 N. Main Yaw Brir nf Us as Low as Other Stores Bay ti BUY THE BEST • WHICH IS Perfection Table Salt. Sold in Z. 3 and 5 lb Pasteboard Boxes. Ask your grocer for it, If he does not keep it, send to us for a sample, Miitchinsnti PacKiflg Co. HIITCINBON, KANSAS. How's This, We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot oc cared by Hall's Catarrh Cure. P. J . UU*NEY k CO., Props.. Toledo, o. We, the undersigned, have known I 1 . J Obeney for the last 15 years, aud believe him perfectly honorable lu all business trautaction*. and financially able In carry out any obligation wade by their Ursa. Wa»T*TttV*3. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. WAIJJINO. KlMNAM 4 MAHVia, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Ha'I's Oaurm Cure is taken loteraally acting ilirecliy upon the blood and saucous sui laces uf lUe system, twin by all drUKgtbtrt, price 75c per .bottle Hall's Family Pills are tbe best. To! the Public. We are authorized to guarantee e» cry boitle uf Cnsiuburlaiu's Oougli Keiuedyfaud if not HutMuciory to re fnlot the money to the purchaser Tnere is no b-.tler niedieiue made fc la vr'pu-, colds and whooping cough '•rice, 25 a d Sua per bottle, Try it. For sale by K. S. Tree'. ALWAYS USE COCOA PURE! HEALTHFUL.!! .PERA HOUSE. W. A. LOB, Btft-r. F RIDAY N IGHT January 27 Colored Carnival of Cake WalRers Ten thousand people sea the Oake Walk at Mechanics' Pavillion, San Francisco, Oot. IS, '08. Twenty-three hundred paid admission tcaeethe O.ka Walk at Madison Square Garden, at New York, under th* management of H. Ireaviit. The contest at Hutchinson oa Friday evening will be between Hutchinson! Newton, 1 Lawrence, Wichita, Topeka, Arkansas City and Kansas City. The msnageweiit guarantees the theater-gong i eople of Hutchinson one of me gran-'us' treata of the se son. Ilriig voir f.iuiiy to a trip to Uoontown, Friday e«enirig, Jan. 17. p3ST RATIONAL. QWK H UTCHINSON, K ANSAS. E. L. Msyer, President LW. H. Eagan, Cashier. We solicit oorrespoadenoe We render prompt aervioe in oar oollention department Transfer of money mads by telegraphjtot the United titatea aud Europe. aovei-nirierit* st-te «n«« c-nnty Soiidi Bought M « Spwi, FREE OWE TRIAL BOTTii This Of l«r Almost Satpassai Itlltf Aa Exunsl Tauv. inUsd ti the Skin. BcsntUlei it assy static. THt DISCO VERY.%AQE A Wonaa was tba Iav^ui. BlaavprsparaUms lo««l*»4 «» bvauUfjr Iks auaplsilsa ksrs isilad. >II,M thai do a - woaaas a team ««•.»«•> Uw Slna. Boc.urf. IUS^IIHM UsU's ttoiil»liis"™|ii T!l%«Jlt ;H .nooMdsahan all mors cwiaolios l»»»rj.bljr rail. This ire.t r.iieJr dl^.r»d b. isi fiSJll U«tl. (h. <uiin.ii. suraplulm >|4<iaU«s. uf Ko. tl ruta AMOU. In V«X ctS ^IrriL .stS irapsriilw. which U>. bl,»d lorcw to ih. .arfMS o« »h. teJr. it u^?.hif.,.ii» I'^TiHiuJ^l ^V2v ximeM and trnptiost uiMj>, sad ik» Stia as- r's. ««tkiri.» e* in was » - .'-"Mr 1 - • TT ** wial bottU of thsir Cota- Tbowwha tin at a aiitasts mar avsa fros tott 1 - k •'— ^* SUailiSloerwrr •omis soft sad rosy ft V Ths Miim B*U will thU 'saath (.+ ssll ft inelt pukim. s fTM trial bottU of tlisu- Com- Bliaioa Tosie. Tbow «ha tin at a aiitaats mar havsa fr«« tottl- by sraaias ti rsnu la -.IIVMrar " "• ti- "01- f>! partial, an.t dslimrma. «( tli^ Koacoital tsals to Oa* IMUra i^£« "fcT I ft 0 .'*!|j?*f**> "J!!*? u a^aalsii to ssot fr w. ( ft ted. h«w a'woriian can" ssiVaad . p '.•J!"' sarnataiiou. Bpn-UI ch .uUrl ea tU f «r» of Ui« to-, to DraMtva its volar aad 1?^".'- «n rrieanosoTsie. Al.o how toswl tn I of suixrlMious hmr oo in. art* sa4 arm. a-ka• ~\,^" w •"•••'a Thi.vsla .hlo book w^l Ci mfiW to .nr • itdMH on NqaMU ••- ,— "„Jj\ luraiallrwlioilod. AddrMa. " I THB KHin BBLU »» Pitth Xlvcniie. Rear York eity. The Mlaaes Bell's Complexion Tonle, Complexion Soap, Skin Food and t'DeDtlo .are for sale by all druggists. * In answering advertisements please menPrices: 25. 35 and 50 Cents. Ition this Dauer.

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