The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 5
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DEATH IS PRESENT W. C. Devier, One of the Oldest Settlers of the County MASONS ARE PLEASED Hello! Central, Give me 35, Central Coal & Coke Company's office. What) yon fay their line 1» baa, now ? Well, I'll wait and call them np again, (or I could oot taluk of bnyl< g my coal elsewhere One can always be sure of getting the beet, and at most reasonable prices. Central Coal and Coke Co., Telephone No. II. 311 N. Hats. B. L. ODBLL, Mgr And One of the First Business Men of Hutchinson is Dead. PREPARING TO BUILD Watch Inspector Hutchinson * South ern Rsihroad. 110 North Main Street, Hutchinson about 3 The Hutchinson & Southern Road's. Extension From Blackwell to the Santa Fe will Be Completed in Three Months. At 11:35 this morning W. 0. Devier breaihad bis last, 'the cause cf hie* deatb wu BrlgkVs disease. Hr. Devier was one of the earlier pioneers of Reoo county Away back la the early seventies ho came to Hutchinson, • young man witbsrul money,'but full of ambition and en ergy, backed with a good bead, lie came to this then new country to sees his fortune. About the first man the earlier set tlera of Reno county would get sc quainted with on arriving hero was W, C. Devier, or "Hilly," as everybody knew him. He was then clerk for With the Fccepticn Given Them Last Night at Harper, The Masons who went to Harper Inst night, where they wt-rc invited to assist in conferring the Royal Arch decree, compliment, tho Harper Masons very highly aa entertainers. Every thing possible for the pleature of the vUitors from Hutchinson was done nod the evening was a moat enj-iyablp one. The Harper chapter served nfJne bacqaet, and the g- neral treatment received by the Hutchiuaon people will be a pleasant memory,. I About thirty Meto-a and "The Kid" composed the Hutchinson crowd. Tbey left here early .in the evening on a special over Vie Hutchinson Southern and returned o'clock this morning. STOCK MEN TO MEET. — * The Local Dealers will Hold a Meeting to Arrange fur the Convention. The local cattle men, who have been dlaauaslog the plan for holding cattle men's convention in Hutchinson «t serin g, one of the motives of lebMs to establish a , market In Hutchinson, where the western feeder may rnebt lh*«astern buyer, will meet t the Ootnm«tci»l Club rooms tomorrow night to.discusB plana tot the cob ventiab. .Tbis'bi a good bufinoe* -move for ^Hutcbtntdji as a city, as well as for the stock men; The convention will probably be held in Apr)).' THE CAKE WALK. A Druggist Nowadays — Not only must bare a complete knowledge of Crvitn. I ul to sril pure uruRS be mini know their adulteration*, he mu*t Just what to .look lor. Thirty rears experience enable' us to tin thai. All goods are f mr in teed jure when bought of SWAN,."SHE DRUGGIST. PERHAPS" HERE. Waxl jsrhli never as available as a coutfortable cottage on earth, tf jou are a rent paver you can appreciate the vletaattudea of tent pay tag. mui be Old you e muncy you are paylag for house renfmlKbt be applied as payment on a houae. We would like to talk with you shout this. We stop and' thins that the ylsfi for ho >ayinent on can ftive y.>u easy teruis W<j have some of ,c choicest real eHttte In the t.lty or county, We are aim iu tie Insurance business— House nrst, then lesurance. Vaoghan-Fontron Co. Bs-tcblnuon, Kan. Oorner of Main a«<1 Avenue A J.H.F.PLATFS Defato Dptant Ia M Oetaplei* aa Erer. Cammed and Bottled. Goods, In large variety sir omtb a best known packer* in 'United States and Bogkaad. Nit Ytdtottn, SwIttM. Urtw|«( OfcMU— Beat *h»t oaa be ieetnd Ghase £ Mail Coffees and Teas. Oldest Bakery w Town Fraab Bread «ad Gate Every Das/. 1 If You Have Not Read It You May Find , T \ K. Burrell at the Reno Douse, -th leading hotel of the city far many years, About twenty years ago "Billy went itto the mercantile business and the firm of Devier & Blackburn, afterward* Allison, Devier & Blackburn dea'era in groceries and drugs, was knowa all over Southwestern Kaness, Their trade was enormous and tbei profit* accorologly large. "Billy was realizing the dream of his youth making money. Shortly after enter log into buainesB be married the eldest daughter of bis former employer. Miss Alice Barreil, and she aud one daughter-are left to mourn his loss. ''Billy" Devier w»s well lrirad by a host of our people. Many a Beno county farmer faiaa fallowed -him in prosperity and reverse by dealing with him, whether his stock of goods was -large or small. Of late years he baa had many reverses, but-toward the last, with hia characteristic pluck and energy, was once snore getting on hls'fcet and building up a large business, but ill health was in bis way But -for that the probabilities -are that he would have again taken 'his old place in the commercial world. Tbe date of the funeral ha* 'not yet beea.annonnced, but will probably be held Sunday. Some of the Performers . Look like Very "Warm Articlei." The aggregation of prixe cake walk- era that appear here at the opera bonse this evening arrived in Hutuliin aon this morning. They register from New York, St. Louis, Oulvuston, Kansas City and nearer points. They are <lusky swells from the start and the performance promises to be, a highly amusing affair. - PECULIAR-AFfLIC I ION. I © bti 03 •8 & SCAUC BOOKS. Older them direct (root the HEWS COMPANY. Hntehlnaoa, Keaee» BEGINS NEXT WEEK. Hutchinson & Southern I ideation ;to*he San'a Fe to be Completed in T -hree Months. For aeveral week* t he civil enginrera for the Hutjbinnun A tjout.hern bav been *t work on the new extension from tflaekwell acroe* to tbe Santa, Fe road. • Different route* -have beaa survey ed.e,nd the choice between them will be made next week. Thla )• the only paint to be tcttled before the work begins. Tbe company da-ready to baildihe eztenaioa and will .-com mence as soon aa the stopping poict ia selected. Mr. Bradford, president of tbe-oem pany, aatd today that tbev extension will be ia operation certain inside of three months. Thla extension will iaereaee take boineaa at the road almost Bfty.aar feint. ' Oia* paper* for sale, aUtke Mew* tee Mrs. Smith of Avenue B East, Sufferi.iK From a Poisoned Eve. Mrs. T. H, Smitj ot 400 Avenue B east ia suffering from a very peculiar and painful «01 ction A day or two avo as Bbe entered the doorsltef .lt something strike in her eye. It c«n not be discovered what it was, built poisoned tbe eye immediately. Yes terday the affected eye ball was terribly swollen and tbe po'son was beginning to affect the other eye. The case 1 B quite as serious as it is peculiar. . Attention, Members, Commercial Club. Tbe ladies of the Women's Cub wVll entertain the members of the.Com mereial Club and their wives Tuesday evening. B.eny member of the Com mereial Club is invited to be present. Tickets Selling. Mr. W. 8. Thompson, chief clerk of the opera house committee, reports that he has sold several thousand tickets already for the concerts to be given June 1 and 2. Byea aeientifleally fitted at Plaak'a Sweet Nudgets. Sweet pickle-, no larger than the first joint of a lady's little finger. Just the tblag for parte*. Tnomaon Bos , groeere. Nnrrh Main street We quote the following price* on text Booka needed by pu- filftof the Hntehtnaon aohoola promoted to higher grade*: I .15 • M .44 .80 .88 .15 1.25 1.15 1.80 MeOuffey'a Primer Taylor'*,U. & History ru th B^ar.;.;........; — Wooda*.B ^aDg. ••.•••••...•«..•.*•.. Ta'r'a Pnyaleat Orography awlntOn'a Word Analysis Gregory'* Political Boonomy Bak er'« P»yeholngy • •. Myer'k General History All th* ether TJCXT BOOKS In use, not above apeelfled, can he foond at Campbeil's Book Store, No. 20 North Main Street. School Snppplies of every kind. Old booka taken io exchange. Remember the place-?20 North Main Street. hVatoiti Second Avenue «fest, Will gi»e you a correct estimate on ail Wind" of wood work. If you thii.k of building consult him. Mailoid;rs pfomptlv attended to Balttaa awd Gerasaa Vanantar. In Belgium a two acre holding is sufficient to maintain' a tanner and his family. The typical two acre farm in that country no'ntaina a patch of wheat or rye and another of barley. 'Another fair portion grows potatoes., A row of Oabbngo grows all round-ou the sloping sides of tboditohea, .with • row of onion* Just inside, leaving bare walkmg rootn between them and the grain. Tho shade trees roond the house are pear tree*. Every toot of land ia' made to produce, and the farmer keep* pigaand ^ickena / ' In Germany, etrt of ' B. »7«.tarma, l.MS.OOp, or Sljper debt of thrwoetev are each tinder l%'*cnk in extent; and of the tarma above fit) per ceut an cttl- tivatcd by the owner hiniselt over lift per cent partly auV -or about 8* per cent titltogether, leaving IB par cent oot of Lavery 100 per cent thai are let to ten- Lanta, - in- Uermaaa;, notwithstaiidittg /this small aiaa of a Jarge proportiou of the farm*, 178 out of every 1.000 innab- itanta are nevwtfaa^aaa engaged in agr|- Ailtare, whereas in Kitglaitd no mora than 63 am tho* occapwd, in Hoot laud mOf 61, though 185 per 1,000 iu lie- land being thus engaged raises tho proportion in the whole United Kingdom to 1» ant of that onmber. I OKH tliuo half, however, the purobuutge so employed in Germany. Open All Night! ; Mclnturff Bros.' Restaurant— First l».M.r Mnrih first N.M'l Bank— Kewly I'aperrd and 1'aiuted — Bveryihti g flret cla«*. Table and lunci counter furni-i,< d with tie beat in the market and properly cooked. fry Their i 'oB*|*r Merchant IMaaeriu It In Thla Column. 3 dot. eggs 23c. Sweet. New onions at Colin Campbell's. It Boy a cake Saturday at ateOiaason'a. •• • • a * Bemcmber tbe market at Mediae soa 'a. »t liion coffee 10a a package at C Miller's. ' Plenty of A No. 1 good oelery at O; UntOamubell'a. It DA. Moore 1* in Kansas City visit log'hls brother. Wir -8. Wells of Sterling was a vUltor in city tOtfay, Chas. Ycunghelm ia eonflned to hia home with the grip. D A. Eiuteobur of Partridge was in Hutuhlnsoii/ today. ( The grab'd eake walk at. tho opera house this evening. Colin Campbell went to Harper on tho excursion last evening. | Howard Myers purchased ticket 11 last evening, and won't talra $11) for it Nice, t r^'sh, green lettuce at Colin Campbell B^the^ North Kud Grocer. It 8am Junes the Lyons lawyer was io Hutcbiusun on legal bubinea* yesterday. Kiopiucda of corn chop* 70 eenta at p. Mlllur'o. If you (Usire celery, lettaes or new oniiius lur Sunday ainuer, aee Colin Campbell. St ' ' Mr and Mrs. Lon Smith of Bsst Jjhernmu are the parents of a daugh ter boru luat ntgnt. Buy doughnuts, homemade bread, cbiclteub uud eggs at the Christian la dies' market Saturday. at A telegram received from Indianapolis thla eie log atatea that lliok Clearwater i» uiucu butter today, Tbe Ladies'Ohorue will give a con cert ul tuu First, M. B. church oi. VVednetday evening, February 15, Wanted—To buy five or atx room cot- tnge lor cash. cUalo price and loca lion. Address "Si. II. Naws Office. Clarence Uurbridge hsa returned from on extended trip to St. Louis and Chica^u, purchasiLg new goods fur Liscugood, lleou C juncil F. A. A. will hold a abort, Bpeeiil meeting before tbe social ibis (I'ridty) evening. By order of tne preaiOent. It E. L Odell, of the Central Coal <& Coke cotnpauy, i. Jutt reoovcriog fruu a five weeko' tuaa.e with the grip and rheutuailsm The Fraternal 'Aid Association will give uWuial thia (Krioay) evening for tue membara aud their lamiliea. Ten cents aduiiabiou, Henry Zihn and wife returned this muiuiuK lruut'KansaaCity. Mr. Zini, purebred a lilt ut now goods for his atock while away. The cheapest house In the city to buy all Uiiidb of feed such as oay.enop, br«u and snorts la at Colin OampOella, tbe N^rth Kud Urocer. 3t Ft aucis M. Davis of Abbyvlllo and B >sa al- Bin ul. Laogdou weie married iu this, city ycateruay eveaiuga 'l '.ubate Judge Stuart kBtciaiiag. The cake which will be given to the cake waikera at the opera house Oi. Kriday nignt, January 87m. ia now on rxuibiiluu in lae wiudow at th* Bon Ton- Mr. and Mre. a A. Hsaa of Plevna were vi.iiura in toe city yesterday evening. Tney are one of ah* Beno county joung cuuplta ua-nw tnia week. The cold weather lsat evening kept many aaeniiiLg ttae uwuus at tua' auuituiiuui.' Auuiner "opKr« nju.e" uieDtiug will ba Le.d In the uear future. Tbe ladies of the Chriatlan ebnreb will hold a market at S. McUlaaaun auire Saturday., 'hvmr'madc bread, duuguuUta, Stressed- cuickena and «*gs wui be uaaatl*. ' St jpuu Ue.H, the wide awake livery iuau wlio uwii* the livery vswlnraaun Blast Sherman ai-d ih« Blue afruut Laru on Ua*t Svsuno, haa laomtiaaay with T m Pibkertbn |>are»aa«a the R«o Fru^i uaru. •<•,. • On 3 B eld B. A: Stewart have found it neveatarj, la order to pay uloaer attention to liiCir ttospltat tu more their office front. Weat Hberaaa to'tne bo.pla.1 %t'7ta Wufih Mala street, where tiejr 'will. baKUeaadtt-, %u attend tu aft '»arg)eBasse; >! f atrV. U A. Baa hot g, wbe left thU city about two aeaka age to visit her deugbier in l>rkrcr r aica in that • it> ye*ite|d,.y frum*»u*or. mm Baaaoeg uyme w »»'a* fleaaei>t. Pi >•, la ane via* ti e uioiber ul Mr*. Owe Wkilaeli ui *ua B..t Bigger. biieet, and viaiwd hef«,i>efurvg</tag to Ovatrar. .The coloie t eliiaea* held a deaee at t|iaeld Beit Ben hen le»t night; Tbe ffkir wa* k 'ghly ri.Ju'yable with the 'auvpiiuouf a allgiit u »<p,'a taeniae** at life cloa» of the d inie when one tie brethren trleo tu cut < If the bu tfink iroui anuiber gaoiUmaa'a eoat, No blood « aa ahed. There was a pleaaaat eet »r»-ln yi •• .i Ha i) y abapvi I. t ev la/ hy ii.o L dire' .id Society. A a I, program w.a reLde-rril iu a pre. leg ua«aii. r tu a foil buu.e. A ap.eial lea tlirent the eveiiinar was a Ujn-peraaee dr m emiileti "Nlvmnir th» i *Urlge ilRVANi BROWN • i i BS~We will be in OUR NEW ROOM Monday, January 30th- Corner Second and Main - -- -- -- Formerly Occupied by W, M, Craig & Co. v 4 One nore WccRof—- Our Removal Sale The Chance \ou wi\ Have to Buy Dr «y 3oods! IO Silt Discount All week on Ladies', Men's, Misses' and Children's Winter Underwear 25 Sit Discount All Thla Week On All Blankets 25 & Discount • j • . - • • • . On All Hoods ,_ and Fascinators IO !«< Discount Woolen Hose •v I jlRVAN i BROWN That usually follow* an attack of tbe grippe is annoying and unnecessary, and also is dangeroua if allowed to run. Our remedy will cure it—get a bottle and try it. All who use it recommend it.' It is' The A. & A. Cough Remedy A. & A. Drug Co. UK J- W. MAUUiK£ SPECIALIST. io diaeaxa of tas stye and aar. Moat aa l-nr..»t. Bpecuclaa actr. ttacally adlaalei uBee la If asualc twmpM. atatcaiaaaa. OON'T THROW GOOD MONEY. AAAY On poor groceries, when you can buy freib, pure, and bigh-^rade goods from ua at tbe same price*. No matter how cheap we offer onr groceries and fruits, you cast always depend on their quality;' being standard aril worthy. Nice Eating Apples! Jonathan, King, Wagner, Belle-' flu*or aud Urimea' Golden. " Monarch Vanned Vegetables— 3 lb can Monarch -quanta ,1Sc 8 1 lb can* Monarch Pumpkin... >5c 3 lb can Monaroh Clam Obowdar, 15a 3-lbcen Mnnaoh Spinach SSe Mi. arch Kidney Beans ....15b M Tarch Succatash SSc K 'arch Wax B"«r.s ice Monarch I anni d fruits— Bed Cherries—pitied.v.. '. :.\ roe' strawberries '.aid Kaapbrrrles aoo*-! Bartlett Pear* tie: 1 qt Monarch Cherry Preserves..., 1 qt Hon Raspberry Preserves...Uo 5 ih e*n Coin. Priin.—extra.. ..'75e] SWEET «&. CO, 18 North M „ln ht. forced Sale! Cash Needed! .u n \'°u° ."5 k v °' Hu t" hi n»» -«» Woair-bought for esan-eonalatlng at th« Celebrated brand.: u. * Patent, Cap Sheaf Patent and Gilt Ed« iW sale at LOWEST POSSIBLB PBICB& sso uii) far PRICKS. CALL AND GET PRK3E8 BEFORE BITYINO! 7,cCan 3 fill A cana of standard 1 -lb Toaaatoea— ,UUW During thla **!*... 400 l t ^«BSr; ^.!r.r .65ciiushel ter- Don't Forget to Call for Tleketa oa Plana THESE GOODS MUST BB BOLD FOB CASH IMMKD1ATKLT— *- • ~ r- 1- - H. DEVIER. Wtileh 'sree'ea »pch an interest that aj ireDera| r> quest' was made to repeal tbe drama el an?early date. If you feerdrowsy, dulf, languid, la expreaaibly tired or debtlitatedi II tou've no appetite and frequent bea-f- adaee or dlztiatas, a furred or onetrd tongue—It prove* that yon're billou» In that ease you should use Dr. Pleree 'e Pleaaant Pellet*. They are anti- billion* granule*, wbich est In a prompt, and natural way without, griping. Wm Radchff, Sr., of Medford tewa- ahln, one of the oldest and beat k avow a residents of this county, peaarri aaa- laat week at hie home aouth of S'vrl ing. Be aettied in ibis county aboal twenty-two yrar« ago and ramaire on tbe bomestesd until hia death. Hr leaves a wife and two « OI>B to snnurn hi* departure. The funeral aerviaa* were held last Saturuay, A pointer for advertlaera—The Weekly News prlota mora paiiera ever] week than any other weekly paper la iheeuntv, and haa more pmid tat %tt va'nee auba<rlb.<ra than all lap> weekl) papers printed In H nhfri-oa. - fisvenus Stonir,*, The New* Company will ntahe fa* che<k hooka with the reeeona eta sap all printed In the check.. My sjeiuaj cheeks of this kind you can save trouble of cancelling- ndliaklas'. Vamlly Bsaetssy. TJnole (so tho children, who hay* '^dat had a dose of cod liver oil all arounrtt' a i Well, do you like cod liver bW ' " Children—Oh, no, hut mamma j aa & ceuta for every spoonful Uncle—Aud then do yoa buy I thing nic*7 ,, .Children—No, nuunaa pnta It hjke the savings bank. . ' Uncle—And then yoa bay anm*tKaha| by and by? ' Children—No, mamma boys aaeaa end Uver oil with it I—Fllegeude BhaV Undertaker's Ooods At One Half Present Price* At No. 128 North Main HI. P. HiTTLE.

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