Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 28, 1969 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 28, 1969
Page 16
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8—B THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, JANUARY 28, 196* Mt. Vernon Register-News Readers: Special INTRODUCTORY OFFER brings you as much as '10,000.00 EXTRA INC0M WHENEVER YOU GO TO THE HOSPITAL —Only 250 enrolls your entire family for the first month Pays you cash benefits' that increase each year.,.to a maximum of $ no extra cost to you! Pays in addition to all other coverage you have- including Medicare Pays up to $10,000.00 tax free cash for Pa y s a " cash d[rect *° y° u < not to doctor or hospital) each hospital stay No age limit—no medical examination required Pays $100.00-A-WEEK cash each time you go to the hospital...even up to 100 weeks -Jc No salesman will call ACT NOW-YOUR ENROLLMENT FORM MUST BE MAILED BY MIDNIGHT SAT., FEB. 1, OR ST CANNOT BE ACCEPTED One out of two families will have someone in the hospital this year! It could be you—or some beloved member of your family month. Sad to say, very few families have anywhere near enough coverage to meet today's soaring hospital costs. These costs have tripled in just a few short years. They are expected to double again in the few years ahead. Stop for a moment. Think how much a long stay in the hospital will cost you or a loved one. How would you ever pay for costly, but necessary, X-rays, doctor bills, drugs and medicines? What would you do if your pay check stopped, but living expenses kept going on the same as ever? The same rent, phone, Xood, all the day-to-day expenses that never stop. What is the average breadwinner to do? We believe we have the answer in the famous Presidential Extra Cash Plan that ... Pays you $100.00 a week fax-free cash when you go to the hospital. What a blessing it is when you know you have an extra $100.00 cash coming in every week — beginning the very first day you enter the hospital. Now, Presidential's economy plan enables you to enjoy this protection at once. Because it will NOT cost you $20.00. It will NOT cost you $10.00—or even $5.00. Your special low price is just 25£ for the first month's coverage for your entire family. Then continue at low Presidential rates. four cash benefits Increase each year — af no extra cost to you! And what peace of mind not to worry about rising costs. Your protection automatically increases $3.00 a week each year. The first year you get $100.00 a week. You get $103.00 a week in the second year. $106.00 a week in the third year. $109.00 a week in the fourth year. By the eleventh year, your policy will be worth a full $130.00 a week in benefit payments... at no increase in cost to you! This generous cash reserve protection will belong to you for as long as you keep the policy. You can see that your insurance will be worth much more than the present "face •alue" of the policy. Certainly, our increased payments to you will help keep pace with rising costs and — best of all... ... The increasing benefits come to you at no extra cost. You stiff pay the regular low Presidential premium! What other Plan protects you like this today? What other Plan keeps protecting you against rising living costs in the years ahead without increasing your premiums? And that's not all. This special Presidential Extra Cash Plan (#HP 18L-1067) ... . .. Pays you $100.00 a week CASH tor a registered nurse at home. Tes, in addition to the $100.00 weekly checks we send you during your hospital stay, we pay you an extra $100.00 a week if the doctor says you need a full-time registered nurse to take care of you at home. How comforting it is to know that-after your stay in the hospital, if you've been there three days or more, you can return IF YOU ARE 65 OR OVER YOU WILL COLLECT $70.00-A-WEEK IN ADDITION TO MEDICARE Why are smart folks over 65 now hastening to protect themselves with the Presidential Extra Cash Plan in addition to what Medicare will do for them? Even though Medicare is a great boon to folks over 65, it will not, of course, pay all the bills that quickly pile up as a result of illness or accident. Regardless of your age, you still need additional health protection. We have designed this plan as the important addition to what you receive from Medicare — or any other health insurance you may have. Remember, all checks will be sent directly to you (not to the doctor or hospital), to give you that "extra" help just when you need it.most. Use the tax-free cash any way you see fit. And you will be glad to know the checks will be biff ones! In addition to what you receive from Medicare, Presidential pays you . $70.00 a week... EVEN FOR 100 WEEKS if necessary! . You can receive as much as $7,000.00 for each illnoss or, injury when hospitalized! Plan must be mailed on the convenient Enrollment Form NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT of the date shown. This midnight expiration hour cannot be extended. If your enrollment form is mailed later, it cannot be accepted. These are the ONLY exclusions! Your Presidential policy covers every conceivable kind of sickness or accident except conditions caused by war or any act of war; mental disorders; intoxicants and narcotics; where care is in a Government hospital; pregnancy except as provided under the maternity benefit provision; and expenses resulting from any sickness or injury you had before the Effective Date of your policy... during the first 2 years only. This last item is a real help if you already have a health problem. If you are sick before you take out this policy, you will still be covered for that condition after the policy has been in effect for 2 years. Meanwhile every new condition is covered. How can 25£ buy so much? You can buy ordinary insurance at any time and pay the regular rates, if you wish. But Presidential can now provide you and your entire family with tax-free Income Protection for just 25(S the first month only because we enroll a large number of people at one time — direct by mail! This highly efficient "Mass Enrollment" method cuts costs to the bone-amd the savings are passed on to you! PAYS PAYS PAYS PAYS PAYS PAYS PAYS PAYS NO up to $10,000.00 CASH for each accident or illness, starting the very first day in the hospital. PAYS up to $7,000.00 CASH at the rate of $70.00-A-WEEK if-you are 65 or over... in addition to Medicare. $100.00 A WEEK CASH - if you need a full- time registered nurse when you come home from the hospital — up to 50 weeks. $1,000.00 EXTRA CASH for accidental death- up to $2,000.00 CASH for accidental loss of limbs or eyesight. $100.00 A WEEK CASH for each pregnancy, when you go to the hospital, assuming both husband and wife have been enrolled in the Family Plan With Maternity. up to $5,000.00 at the rate of $50.00 A WEEK when a child goes to the hospital for any accident or illness when you are enrolled in the Family Plan. you cash benefits that increase each year... to a maximum of $130.00-A-WEEK... at no extra cost to you. . you cash benefits for hospitalization for any accident immediately. Any sickness is covered beginning 30 days after Effective Date of policy, age'limit — no medical examination required — no salesman will call. ' home to recuperate and yet not be a burden to your loved ones. Yes, if your doctor say3 you need a registered nurse full time within 5 days after you come home, we'll send you checks for $100.00 a week - for as long as you need the nurse - even up>to 50 weeks. It's like having a reserve of $5,000.00 cash to draw on when you need it. These benefits also increase each year by $3.00 a week. Another exceptional' feature you have with Presidential ... f ... Pays you $100.00 a week cash maternity benefits — up to 100 weeks for each hospital stay! Ordinary hospital insurance may take care of part of your expenses when you go to the hospital to have a baby. But what policy can you think of that gives you cash to buy all the things you need for the new baby? Now, if both husband and wife are insured in the wonderful Family Plan With Maternity for the entire period of the, pregnancy, you get extra cash to use any way you want. If a pregnancy, childbirth or even miscarriage puts you in the hospital for one day, five days, 10 days — as long as necessary — you get $100.00 a week for every day of your confinement, up to 100 weeks. Aff these added cash benefits. Yes, in addition to $100.00 a week for hospitalization or $100.00. a week maternity benefits and $100.00 a week for a registered nurse at home .. .you get all this: Added cash benefits: $1,000.00 cash to your family if death occurs within 90 days from any accidental injury. Think of how handy the cash can be in time of loss. It can take care of burial expenses without burdening your loved ones. Added cash benefits: Up to $2,000.00 cash for accidental loss of limbs or eyesight, when the loss occurs anytime within 90 days of the accident. The loss of a limb or eyesight is a terrible thing. Nothing can replace the loss, but a check for ?1-,000.00! or $2,000.00 brings peace of mind during the period of adjustment. "Added cash benefits: Choose either Family Plan... and your children will be covered too'. Presidential pays up to $5,000.00 any time your youngster goes to the hospital... for tonsils, appendicitis, or any other illness or injury! Yes, you w^ll receive $50.00 cash, week after week —for as many as 100 weeks, if necessary. ' t We pay your premiums when you are not able. : As a special consideration to you — if you are hospitalized just 6 weeks or more, all premiums that come due while you are still in the hospital after this period will be paid by Presidential. And your protection continues as if you were paying the premiums yourself! Then if you leave t^he hospital and must return for the same condition before you have resumed full normal activities for\90 days, Presidential will again PAY ANY PREMIUMS WHILE YOU ARE IN THE HOSPITAL — TO A MAXIMUM OF 100 WEEKS per confinement! This means you pay no premiums, yet your full protection remains in fortie — i you collect up $10,000.00 for each confinement! '. THIS LIMITED ENROLLMENT OFFER ENDS ?OON Only 250 for First Month — Money-Back Guarantee. 'You can now have your first month's protection for your 'entire family for only twenty five cents! But you mustact immediately. Your request for this wonderful Income. Protection LICENSED BY THE STATE OF ILLINOIS OFFICIAL ENROLLMENT FORM m« BI err ..,„ ».„ U,,TU « m ^=> THE PRESIDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF AMERICA COMPLETE AND MAIL WITH 25< TO: jgp=» nm RQQSEVELT BLVD., PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19154. Application to: The Presidential Life Insurance Company of America, Chicago, III., for The Presidential Hospital-Nurse Plan. 1-683-0-64 MR NAME (Please Print) MRS._ MISS ADDRESS CITY First Middle Initial. Last Street or RD # STATE. .ZIP- DATE OF BIRTH. OCCUPATION.. _AGE_ Month Day Year .SEX Male • Female • I also hereby apply for coverage for the members of my family listed below: (DO NOT include name that appears above.) Please list additional dependents on separate page. NAME (Please Print) RELATIONSHIP SEX DATE OF BIRTH AGE NAME (Please Print) RELATIONSHIP SEX Month Day Year AGE 1 i 2 V • 3 4 5 V Mm Snw"* • l-lndlvidual(t) Only Plan • ll-Famlly Plan With Maternity Do you carry other insurance with this Company? (If "Yes" please list policy numbers.). • Ill-Family Plan Without Maternity To the best of my knowledge and belief neither I, nor any person listed above, has been refused any health, hqspital or life insurance • I understand that I, and any person listed above, will be covered under this Policy for any injury or sickness I (we) had before the Effective Date of the Policy but not until It has been in force for a continuous period of two (2) years; and that this Policy shall not be in force until the Effective Date shown in the Policy Schedule. * I am enclosing 25* for the first month's coverage for me and all other Family Members listed above. \ Signature X n»u» HA17M067 ' 1 MAIL ENROLLMENT FORM BEFORE MIDNIGHT SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1969 j, $HMaU1.067 Medical Costs Skyrocketing! (Source: U.S. Dept. of Health, Education & Welfare) 200 180 160 140 1.20 100 1957-'59=10O Hospital Daily .Service Charges. •All Medical- sasrsss Physicians' Fees Prescriptions and Drugs j ,_J i_ 1962 1963 , 1964 1965 Source: Department of Health, Education and Welfare 1966 1967 Socfaf Security Bulletin, July 1967 Govt, figures reveal your present health protection... may no longer protect you against today's rising medical costs! Don't leave your loved ones defenseless! Act at once to add up to $10,000.00 to your health protection for only 25tf for entire family. Make your decision carefully. Think how costly a hospital confinement will be. Imagine paying for those indispensible x-rays, doctor hills, medicines and drugs that are not covered by your present insurance. Would you be able to afford the quiet and privacy of a private room and a private nurse, should you so desire? Or a telephone to keep in touch with loved ones? Or the rental of a TV set to help pass the lonely hours? Who would pay your bills that keep on coming in at home? Many folks have lost their life savings, their cars, even their homes trying to meet such expenses. And no one knows whose turn it will be next. Why you must act before the deadline date shown on your enrollment form—lust a few days from today. Why do we give you so little time to apply for your insurance policy—only a few days? Because, as mentioned above, we must receive your Enrollment Form the same time as all the others in order to pass on to you the savings that come from processing many policies at one time. We mail you the policy as soon as we receive your Enrollment Form. When the policy arrives, examine it in the privacy of your own home. Take all the time you need. It 's a very short document, and you 'll be pleasantly surprised to discover there is NO FINE PRINT. Then — show it, if you wish, to someone you trust. Perhaps your lawyer, accountant, or banker. Better still — show it to your own insurance man .... even though he may very well be working for another company! If he is a personal friend, he has your best interests in mind. So you can believe him when he tells you there is no better bargain available anywhere — at any price! Money back guarantee—in case you change your mind. Even after you mail your Enrollment Form below...even after you examine the policy in your own home and talk it over with anyone you wish... even after all this you are still free to return the policy within 15 days and your quarter will be refunded at once. There will be no obligation whatever. Meanwhile, all during the 15 days you are making up your mind-you 'll be protected by $100.00-A-WEEK extra cash benefits just as if you had already said "yes." That's right, you will be fully covered all this time for any accident which puts you in the hospital, even if you finally decide to return the policy. However, after you've seen the policy for yourself, you will surely agree that this is a tremendous value and you 'll want to continue this $100.00-A-WEEK extra cash protection under the Plan that 's best for you. PLAN I - INDIVIDUALS) ONLY PLAN: If you want to cover yourself — or yourself and one or more adult dependents (including your spouse) — then this is the Plan for you. Each person must be 18 or over, and shall pay (per person) the rate applicable to his or her age. NOTE: Where there are no dependents, PLAN I is the most economical to choose for a husband or wife (or both). Age at Enrollment Monthly Premium 18-39 only $3.95 40-49 only $4.95 50-59 only $5.95 60-74 only $6.95 . 75 and over only $8.95 PLAN II - FAMILY PLAN WITH MATERNITY This plan is for the family that is still growing. To the total of the monthly premium for the adults to De insured, just add $5. This entitles you to all maternity benefits. It also covers all The Presidential®Extra Income Plan 11401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. The Presidential Life Insurance Company of America (Home office: Chicago, 111.) carries full legal reserves for the protection of all pol­ icyowners and is LICENSED BY THE STATE O? ILLINOIS THESE 23 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Tell you how Presidential's COST OF LIVING INCOME REPLACEMENT HEALTH AND ACCIDENT PLAN gives you the protection you need — at amazingly tow cast/ J. How much will my policy pay me when I go to the hospital? You are paid $100.00-A-WEEK cash every single week. And It starts the very first day you, are In tha hospital. If you are over 65, you are paid $70.00 a week, in addition to any Medicare benefits you receive. You are paid $50.00 a week up to 100 weeks every time your children go to the hospital when you are enrolled In the Family Plan. 2. Will I be paid If I am hospitalized for less than a full week? You certainly will... regardless of whether you are iri the hospital for as short a time as one day... or as long a time as a week, month, year or more. 3. Does the Plan pay you from the first day of hospitalization?. Yesl You receive full cash benefits of $100.00 a week starting the very first day you enter the hospital. The coverage begins when we accept your completed Form and 25^—that is the day you and your loved ones are covered for any accidents. Sickness coverage begins 30 days after the effective date of the policy. 4. How much do I receive for a Registered Nurse at Home? $100.00-A-WEEK for up to $5,000.00 after you have been hos* pitalized for 3 days or more, and your doctor has you employ a full-time registered nurse within 5 days after you leave tha hospital. Ten years from now it will have Increased to $130.00 ' a week in benefits at no extra cost to youl 5; Are there any accidental death benefits? Yes. $1,000.00 cash is paid to your estate when death occurs any time within 90 days of an accident. 6. Will I be paid extra, if I lose a limb or eyesight? Yes. Presidential pays $1,000.00 for complete accidental loss of one hand or one foot or sight of one eye; $2,000,00 for loss of both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes... when dismemberment occurs anytime within 90 days of the accident. 7. How much' do we receive for pregnancies? ' If you have the Family Plan With Maternity, you receive $100.00-A-WEEK for as long as 100 weeks for each pregnancy, childbirth or miscarriage that results in hospital confinement when both husband and wife are enrolled under this plan for the entire period of pregnancy. 8. Suppose I am paid benefits for any sickness or accident. What happens If I am again hospitalized for the same condition? Don't worry. You still collect $100.00-A-WEEK for a total of 100 weeks. And if you have already resumed full normal activities for just 90 days, it's considered a new confinement, and you can collect for an additional lOO weeks. Of course, any new condition Is covered immediately for a full 100 weeks. 9. How may I use these benefit payments? You may use them in any way you wish—for hospital and doctor bills, rent, food, household expenses, or anything else. This is entirely up to you. 10. May I apply if I ani over 65? Yes, you may. Folks any age are welcome to apply—there Is no age limitl Members 65 or over are paid $70.00 a week plus all Medicare benefits. 11. Can I collect from Presidential even If t carry other Insurance? Of course. This plan will pay you in addition to whatever you may receive from any other policies, including Medicare for folks over 65. 12. Why do I'need this Presidential Plan in addition to my other hospital and health insurance? While hospital costs haVe tripled in recent years, very few people have tripled their insurance. The chances are one in seven that you will need money to take care'of all your other expenses, as well as your hospital bills. Your Presidential checks are rushed to you. by air mail to use as you see fit. 13. What benefits do my eligible, dependent children get? If you choose a Family Type Plan, your dependent eligible children, ages 3 months to 19 years, would receive 50%-of all the cash benefits of the basic Plan (excluding Waiver of Premium). 14. May I add future, dependent children to my policy after It Is VJn force? ' Yes, Indeed, if you have the FAMILY PLAN WITH MATERNITY. Just notify us when they are 3 months old and they will be covered without evidence! of insurability and any additional charge. 15. Will my protection be cancelled because I have too many . claims? , No, definitely not! Presidential guarantees never to cancel your protection because you have too many claims or because of advanced age. We also guarantee never to refuse to renew yourV policy unless the premium is not paid before the end of the 31- day grace period, or unless renewal is declined on all: policies of this type in your entire state, (Of course, if deception Is used in making application, the policy may be ineffective.) 16. Will my rates be raised as I grow older or if I have too many claims? No matter how many claims you have, or regardless of how < long you keep your policy, your rate will remain the. same as it was for your age when you applied. Presidential guarantees never to adjust this rate unless the rates are adlusted on all policies of this type in your entire state. 17. What is not covered, by this policy? The only conditions not covered are those caused by: mental disorders; intoxicants and narcotics; where care is In a Government hospital; expenses resulting from any sickness or injury you had before the policy Effective Date (during the first 2 years only); act of war. EVERYTHING ELSE IS COVERED— including pregnancy when both husband and wife have been . enrolled in the FAMILY PLAN WITH MATERNITY for the entire period of pregnancy. 18. What are the requirements to enroll in one of the Presidential Plans? You must not have 1 been refused any health, hospital or life insurance; and, to qualify during this enrollment period, you must enroll before midnight of the date in the coupon. 19. Why is this offer good ,for a limited time only? Because, by enrolling a large number of people at the same time, underwriting, processing and policy issuance costs can be kept at a minimum—and we can pass these savings on to you. 20. Besides the savings, are there other advantages to Joining Presidential during this enrollment period? Yes, there certainly are. A very important one Is that you do not need to complete a regular application—just the brief enrollment form in the lower left hand corner of this page. Also, during this enrollment period there are no other requirements for eligibility—and no "waivers" or restrictive endorsements can be put on your policyl. 21. Can other members of my family take advantage of this special offer? i Yes, as long as they can meet the few requirements listed under Question 18. 22. How does the money-back guarantee work? Examine your policy carefully in the privacy of your own home. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return It within 15 days and we will promptly refund your money. Meanwhile you will bo'fully protected while making your decislonl 23. How do I Join? Fill out your brief enrollment form and mall It, with just 2St' for the first month's protection for your entire family. Mail to- The Presidential Life. Insurance Company of America. 11401 Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, Pa. 19154. your unmarried, dependent children between the ages of 3 months and 19 years who live at home. Future dependent children will be covered when they reach 3 months of age and without any additional charge. ;•. PLAN III - FAMILY PLAN WITHOUT MATERNITY This plan is for the family, that is no longer growing. To the total of the monthly premium for the adults to be insured, just add $3. With the exception of children yet-to-be-born, PLAN III covers all your unmarried, dependent children between the ages of 3 months and 19,.ye'ars'who live at home. / NOTE: The regular Monthly Premium shown here (for your age at time of enrollment) is the same low premium you will continue to pay; It will not automatically Increase as you pass from one age bracket to tha next. Once ou have enrolled, your, rate can never be changed because of how much or low often you collect from us — or because of advanced age — but only if there is a 'general rate adjustment, up or down, on all policies of this type In your entire state. , 1 • • Act now — "later" may be too late! TIME IS PRECIOUS! Act quickly. (No salesman will call.) Get your enrollment form into the mail today — because onca you staffer an accident or sickness, it's TOX) LATE to buy protection at any cost. The sooner you mail your enrollment form, the sooner your protection starts. That's why we urge you to act today — before anything unexpected happens. n!

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