The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 3
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HUTCHINSON DAILY NEWS. POT HAY. JANUARY 27, 1SS0. A WORD IN PASSING. */ I Bono item* That Will Interest, Yon- Have Gome and Gone. -People Whc , , , . ! .... WfrftWH+HWf Bweelser, the land »Keuv—over A * A. drug ttore. Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhbua Heuivdy can alwa>e be Depended upon oud is pleasant end tale to take., gold by K. S. Treat. Some women marry for money, and got noihluR but love.—Atcbiaon Ulobe. Coughing iujurea and inflames sore tangs. Oue Miuute Cough Cure loosens the cold, allay* aoughiog' and heals quickly. The brat cough cure lor children, perfectly harmless.—K. 8. Treat. Vapor hatha with or without attend ant at the Royal Barber Shop. At a tick bed, and at a funeral, women are always superior to men.— AtcbUon Ulobe. Is your liver tired? does it fail to do ltsdut>? It bo, dou't neglect its call for help. A lew doses of tierbiuo may save you a spell ol tiukueBS. Horbine ia tbe ODly perfect liver medicine. It cures OuilU aud htvor. 76c. C. E Sidlinner. The Ruyal is the only Orst-closs ahop In the city. The beat workmen, natist porcelain bath tubs, best accomm/- dailon. la fuel we take care ol tne public in such a way that they are convinced thai our service Is tho bent. The Koyat. Counipution leuds to liver trouble, and t>ri>ul livt-r, to Llright's disrobe. Prickly A»li U iters is a certain euro at any siage ol the disorder. Sold by A. & A. Drug Co. Baths— Porcelain tube at the Reno House Harbor Suop. Oar idea of tough luck la for a man to be. elected Imperial Potentate ol a Bhriue.—lid Uowc. Dr. Clark, the famous Chicjgo dpecialibl; meiii- bcr ut tbe ujeaical btall of tUe Chicago Curative liismuie;wiil vioillluccli- ^'Uaou Wr-utiebUii^, l-'eb. OlH^o at Midland tiotel. Uue day ouly. Tto..«. • are bf£t.cted with some fcrir of chronic or bp^ciul dltv-use should not laii to consult him. Consultation fiee. There is bope for every one in this fuel: tfoud huoiis are us puw^ilul as bad ones.—Atchison Ulube. Pains in tbn ciiest wuea a person has u coid indicate- a loodeuey toward pneuinuuia A piece ot ilaoiu-1 Oauip- eued witti Chamber lulu's Puin lUiui ami bound" ou to the chi-st over tbe seat of uie paiu will promptly relieve the paiu aud prevent the threatened attacu of pueuinouiu. This same treatment will cure a lame back iu a few houra. Sold by U. Si. Treat. A man lu liutuhiuson warns to buy tweiry blurlc oatri. They must h«y« painted on their side* lu large whito letters, "Uo to the tilir a t>uup, South Main, for a guoa suave.." . When a woman mores to a new place, her firs;, fileods "warn" her auaiust uu ut imlf tue people in town. —Atfchisou Ul .be. The smallest thing's raav ever', the greatest tnlluence. Ue VVltt.s Little slarly Euers are uuequaled fur over- coin lun e juslipatlon aud liver troubleu. Small pill, oust pill, safe pill.—ii. b. Treat. Mew porcelain tuba, everything neat aad clean at tbe Two John a I bath rooms. No. • North Mala. La Orlppe is again epidemic, Every r recauti^n ahouiii (in taken to avoid it, la speuiuu cure is Oue Minute Cough Cure. A J. Suoperd, publisher Agricultural Journal aud Advertiser, feU- den, Mo., save: 'No ope will oe ci.ssp. pointed ia u»iog Oue Minute Cough Cure for La Grippe. " Pleasant to take quick to act. tt. e). Treat. Doctors make their greatest money ontof veueraule women who no to parties, aad try to be gay, in a fierce ambition toauver grow old—Alcniaun Ulobe. Horrible agony Is caused by Plies, Burns aad slain Diseases. Tuesa are immediately rvli v«d and quickly eured by Ue Witt's Witeb Uaset Halve. Beware at worthless imitations.—ii. d. Treat. fl When an old man goes topertles.and remains up late at night, It is said >b»t be ia booming "young agalu." iThe facie are, h > is wasting the little I strength h» ban An oak never becomes aa ae <m.—Aublsoo Olobe. Mr. a. A. Feckler. editor of tbe Ml- canopy (fie.) Uistler, with bis wile and children, suffers I terribly from La Grippe Uim Minute Couugb Cure was tbe only rt assay tnal helped them. It acted quickly. Thousand* ol others use this remedy. a< a specific for La Grippe, and its exhausting after effects. Never fail.. B 8. Treat. Go to the Reoo House Harbor Shop lor baths. Porcelain lube. ^ If yrtur stomach is diaordereri, bowels irregular, and you don't sleep well, you i «'t>d Prickly Ash Hit er». It is very etfmotive let > ensuring triii{ erudition. Sold by A. * A. Orog Co For an easy shave or stylish hair cut try the Two Johns, No. 8 North Mai Some lodges are orgauised for no otber purposes than to give the members additional opportunity to get drunk. There are too many opportunities to get druuk now. We wonder that sensible men do not get out of such lodges.—Atchison Globe. Years ago Dr. R. V. Pierce, now chief consul lug physician to the In- j valid*' Hotel and Surgical Institute of UurTalo, N. Y., recognizing tbe fact that consumption was essentially a germ disease, and that a remedy which Would orlvo the germs and tbeir poisons from the blood would cure consumption, at last found a medicine whicu curt d 08 per cent, ot all ca cs, il taken in the earll .r stages of the difreaBe. The tissues of the lung* be lug- irritatid by the germs and poisons in the blood circulating through tnem, the germs Hod lodgeiuent there, and the lungs begin to break down. Soon the general health begins to fail, ai d the person feels languid, weak, drowsy and CO' fused. This Is tbe time to take. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dtbcoven ; It drive* the germs aud poisons from the blood, and bas a soothing effect upon tbe d^y cough. In cases of bronchitis the "Discovery" is Inva 'u able. "Golden Medical Discovery" increases tbe amount and quality of the blood, thus Invigorating and fortifying the system against disease and builds up wholesome flesh and strength ef er wasting disesses, ai fevers, pneumonia, grip and otberdebilltatlog affections. There (i probably more trouble over the spelling of womsu 's first namrs in a newspaper ofll.e, than any otber one thing. Do you know why? Because every Billy wi mm spi-lls her name in her own way. If three girls In a crowd are uamed May, a newspaper reporter mu -t spell lbt« rume lu three difT>"cnt waye, or give offense.—Atchison Globo. It Is said that the soldiers who had talten Mood's ^araapiuilla at nod the long tuureheR in Cuba much better thun tbe others. 8i WILL s. THOMPSON, G1SNERAL INSURANCE. OUT RATfcW TO ALL HOINTS. 209 North Main St.—Midland Block. Doctors Mistakes, Many times WOUH-D call on their fumily physicians, bulToriug, as they j iui*glne, one frutu 'dyt,pepbiu., another' from heart oiseabe, another from liver or kidney disease, another from ner- vonn ethsustlon or proatrAtioo, an other with a paiu here and there, and in this way they all present alike to thetn-elves and their e»(\v-|/oiug and iudifferent or over-busy doctor, sep-i rate and dUliuct diseases, f .ir wtiliib he prescribes his pills aud p itions aa burning tbem to be bui-h when in reality they arc all only symptoms caubed /by some womb oibOider. Tne physician ignorant of tho cause of suffering, enc >ur- ayes his "practice" until ldr h 'a bills are made. The buffering patient gets no better, but pr lOitbly wort,e, by reason of tbe delsy, wrong treatment nnd consequent cotiiulications. A proper med'ctne, like V>f. tierce's Puv.jriti' Prescription, diri-ct to the cause would have entirely removed tbe disease, thereby dl^pellinif all t.hoao dis' resslng symptoms, and instituting cornf >rt instead nf prol «3nrrod mysery. This rut di- cine enables a sensaiive, modest wo- mnu to avoid tin* unneceiR'try physician^ ''ejtnminttttotit." nnd bis ^pneral- ly usnleFH uud i-tcrntyped "local ap plication" treat me. t. PEHSONAL, J. N. Cowsn wss here todsy from Topeka. Fred 0. Trigg of Wichita visited friepds In the city yesterday evening. C. M. Beed, chief clerk of tbe railway mall service, was up from Wichita last evening. W. J. Smith end O. A Smith of Cowgill, Mo., are here looking after business Interests in Runo county. R bort Milton and wife, S 0. Turner and wife and James Sandlfer of His fiord, attended the funeral of Mrs. Asher. J. W. Pennington of Kingman county has secured a farm iu the south part of this county, and is preparing to movo hi« Nrnlly here. A Qatlat Pletare of Harvey. "Ho (William Harvey) was not tall, but of tho lowest stature, round' faced, oliviuiter complexion; littlo eie, round, very black, full of spirit; his hairo was black as a raven, bet qnite white 20 yearcs boforo ho dyod. I have heard him say, that after hi* booke of the Circulation of the Blood oome-ont, that he fell mightily in his practize, and that 'twos belccved by the vulgar that' he was crack-brained; and all the pbysitians were r.gainst his opinion, and anvyod him; many vrroto against him. With much adoe at lost, in abont IC or 30 yearcs time, it was received in all the Universities in the world; and, aa Mr. Hobboi sayes in his book "De Corpore,' he is the only man, perhaps, that ever lived to see his owus doctrine established in his lifetime. "He was mnch and often troubled with the gowte, and bis way of cure was thus; he would then site with his Ieggos baro, if it were frost, on the leads of Cockoine bouse, putt them into a payle of witter, till ha was almost dead with cold, nutl betake himselfe. to bis stove, and so 'twos gonce. Fie was liolt- heudod, mid his thoughto working would niauy times - keepe him from alecpiuge; ho told me that then his way was to rise out of his bod and wallte about his clismbor In his shirt till ha was pretty coolo, i. o., till ho bepin to bavo n honor, aud then rettirue to bed, and sletipo very comfortably."—Aubrey's "Lives." •--•-^$1 - 20c • 80c And you will make no mistake Uuy your Pionos, Organ", Mu<l cat Instruments and all kind* of Musical Supplieu ot ufc Hutchison No. 1^ S. Main AND YOU WILL MAKB NO MISTAKE 20 CiS. GIVEN AWAY Cut this out, write your name across it in Ink and take it to the drupgitt named below and he will gi .e ynu a 85c. battle of Dr Sawyer's Ukatlne for ft cts. Dk>tine cureb all forms of Kidney riiffl -til- ties puff id eyes, muddy complexion, makes sallow and yellow skin white, cures water-br*sh, cures pains ; n stomach and liver, cureB constipallon. A. A A. Drug Company. PHOttttlUML CAHlli. miSIOlAHS. 4 H. BIDLINOni Phrsletaa aa* Sargsam oaes over sioiinctr 's one •tote '.tlepuonctli! rssU )«DCS ,S4 4. C B01.1.0WAT. Kes. 313 First east. 5. 8. HOLLOWAV, Rss. 301 Aessl 0 rs Hollowaj & Hollowai Phr-fclan. ud SarcMtta, Office No. 6 Nortd Mala Street. Offlce Pbonc 20. RestrtcDce Phone 14. HUTCHINSON, KANSAS, M. aTBWAKT, M, D., r'liifilnliDt atirt HnrKAon, Office, Cot ner Main anil Sherman Streets., Over wt Piiiiruiacy. Pbone l .'.s. ReMclencc, 12» West 8th. Grip •- avag< s U .umtd So much misery aaii t>o many deaths have tn-tjn ctueed hy the Orip, 'hat every on« bhnuUl Wnovr whiit a wonderful L -rciiit-dy is found fur tim malady in Or.ij King's Ne »y DUuavvry. That di.strt-asiii^i Biubborn cou^-h thu.1 inlltiiueK your ih^oat, robB you of bU'cp, woakons your BVP'PIU and pfivea lti« w»y far Cunsuinption in qn'clily itopprii tjy t>i 1 H rufi'clili-fcK I uro If you huvt* chills uud IvTi-r, pnin In tl>e hHCW head, Borencia in honva and muscles, sorn .thrnatand thatcouyh ^rlpH your throat like a vlei', von ii«i-d Dr. Kio^'s Now lli-onvt'ry !o cure your Grip and prevent Vn* ^i<uoniu or Con anmplion. Pru-p fiO eentH und SI 00. Money hn«U if not cun d A tri*l bot tie free at C K Sidlin^tT's Urug'Store. H. s WUOOW .lUU. M D. it '> >iu;>. ,v I'll. No. '!8 n'f«t -lu-rra .n St., Huiciilnson. Kan, .-piclaltv Ucitn.itoiuKy. atiiu l> Bclat-tf .a 11." WKLMi, M. D, NVHtlKIIN Private hospital lor those needing hosptl al accomuintiatlutis. G. PUEU TDCKKK, l >KHTI8T, Iiooui" OtSr star Olothicre. * Deutlst. Parlors corner of Main and First Avenue Upstairs LifTOHWJJVt-. Attnrnvr at Liv JfBcs, 1, a. n, *, over No 24 South Mam How to Prevent Pneumonia, You are perhaps awaro that pneumonia always results from a cold or from t,n attai'U ol Is. prippe. During the epidemic of la frriupe a fe.v jctrs airo when so many cti^es resuUed it pneumonia, it was observed that the attack was never (oliowed by that dis- eat,o when Cliarjihi>ilaiu's Cuu(,;li Item cd/ was us. d. It counteracts any ten- deucy of a cold or tt prippj to ret-ult in tliat daniferotis disease. It is the best remedy in the world for tm.l colds and la crippp, 1-Very bottle warranted, QKor sale by R « Treat. La Grippe successfully treated, "I have )nst recovered from tba second attack of la irrlpp* this year," says Mr. Jas. A. Jon-a, publisher of the Leader, Mexia, Texas, "la tbe latter case I used Cham'terlain's Cougb Bern edy, and I think with considerable success, only beinif in bed a littlo over two day* against ten cays for tbe for­ me- attack. The second attack I am satisfied would have been equally as bao as the dr.I but for the use of this remedy a* I bad to go to bed In sb >ut six hours after being 'struck' with I', hile In tbe first case I was able to attend to business about two days before getting'down.'" For sale by E. B. Treat. N-tt-.n^e in a great, n-peuter. Wo are bf)rnning to see the aa-tie old i-igns of spring mat w » uvv forty y-'urs a^ro. Nut oue i.s mUhirur. and not one i» c"nn|fed. The'UjiirbleM, the f-kippinp rope, theb'idt*. unri a po u iar lijjriit in the r-ky, a»."i a poculinr "reitlh in t'-e air, are ail on h-.nd ready to do hue : ness as ti^tiul, and showing no *\^n of ehnnire. If nature cotild rinir in a new stjju of fprintf occaaianally, life would be more iuterest.inir.— v.-h'son Globo. The D-ad y Grip Isn^aiu abroml in th.j lard, you oieat:u! mty bo full of ^erua I Don't neglect il-e >ou will open tho duor lo I' tt.d t'ot^sumption I : s sure signs ure The air its fatal 'U-V or i< umonia atifi invite d--ath chil's with fewer. Florida-Cuba. Tbe Memphis Route— Kansss City, Kort Scott A, Memphis Railroad— bas inaugurated daily through sleeping ear service, Kansas City to Jacksonville, Florida, via Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta sn I Macon, in c mmic­ tion with train 1 <aving Kansas City at 1(1:40 a. m., rea-hlntr Jacksonville at »:J5 a. m second morning, with close oonneeiions for all rJouta Florida points; aud malclog hut oae ebange of ears, Kan »aa City to Bavana. for nap and time table folder and sleeping car reservation*, address J. B. LoaawooB, O. P. A., Memphis Boute, Kansas City, ate. Rock Wand Route Playing Caret. Tbe iltekeet eard* on tbe market are the "Book Islet Vs." They are a! tbecoeapest, and we will send you these excellent stea lard goods at the low rate of 9 eenta per pack if yon ardor five or more p vcks. tiend money >rder, draft or itainji and they will be ,ent promptly by ex jrens, charges pre paid. Orders for e ogle pack must •on tain It cente In stamps, as they will be sent by mall. Addrew, JOHM S «B iHTIAH U H. », Chloagc Have your uiagaxiaa* bound. neidtii-he, dull h'-avy paiiiM, IHUCOUH dischartre-'r.ui the n 'He, tore throat and never-let-go co'<K'h Don't wafite P'ccluu» lltue irea'inif this cough »l h troches, tablets, or po >r, cheap syrupi. Cure it at once with Dr. Kind's New Discovery, the InfalU >le remedy for broncbial troubles. It kill* the disease verms, heals the lungs and prevents tbe dreaded after effect* from the malady. Prior* AO cts. and II 00 Money back If not cured A trial bottle free ctC. B. Sldllopsr's Drug Store. An Atchison girl, who, has been married six months, said today: "I wouldn't ha'e a> bmbtnd wh > didn't 'boss'me. I wouldn't respect a man who came h'irae with his .alary every Saturday night snt pla ed it in uiy lap. My husband wans to know where I go, and what ( am doinir, and ( am glad of it. When a woman 'bo'ses' her hu-band, be a weak man, and the neighbors don't ie->ptct him."— Qlobe. A MAN •an step into tho Midland Barbor Shot uid truthfully say I have FOU^D in up-to-date Barbor Shop, .hop dooo such good work. No olhei Mot by A JUG 'all. Every Btrunyer who TitiitH our •ay tpe&k^ iu tbe hi^hoHt tornib OF Mis shop, Its furniture and workmen. '•n fact tboir work iu juot as i<ood as GOLD. La Grippe and Influenza can be robbed of all their evil effects by Dr. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. It cures every time. Kidney iriutlis. Tbe kidneys cleanse tbe blood and on tbeir activity depends 'he health of the hodv. If the liver becomes so torpid that It lateferes with the work of the kidneys the body suffer* and dropsy result*. The most valuable feature In the curative eff-ct of H iek- A*h Bitter* Is lis stimulating influence In the kidney* It heals ana strengthens tbone organs so that they resume their blood cleansing and urine g tb- erinir function*, purine* and regulatee tbe liver, tonne op tbe etomacb and dl geetloo. scd by a mild yet thorough cathartie rSeet. all poisons and hillou* InourltlM In the bowlee are driven out. it «j«loWly restore* strength end health. Sold by AAA. Drug Company. when Going Catt Try tbe Book Islaud tourist line. Lowest rates and be*t service. For partic- ulsrs vail on or »rdr si C. E. U ABC Agent. T.lepnoue 160. This is the ratio at which every Winter Suit -^Overcoat ia oar stook is beiag sold. We want to get rid of oar stock of clothing, not to quit the business, but to make room for more goods. Every Suit Goes at 20 Per Cent Less THAN REGULAR PRICES Figure up your clothing bill and see how much you might have saved* by trading with us - - THE HUB. CHA.S. YOUNGHEIM, Prop. Corner of First and Main—Opera House Block. Wholesale and Manufacturing Houses. H UTCHINSON STAMP CO. CUA4 B. CAMPBELL Mgr. Rubber Man-ps, Steucils, Seals, Badges and Checkf. WOUK OlMIHNTmil, l -HICEM UlttHT No. North Main Street, Hutchinson, Kansas. RAWSON, No. 0 Second Avenuo West. Hutchinson, Kansas. FlHE HUTCH LN80N SALT UO., Manufacturers and Jobber* In ALL GRADES OF SALT. Capacity twenty car loalu per day. OcncrAl offlce In Hutchinson Nat'l Bank Batldla V AN8A8 SALT COMPANY, || afaaufactures all grades of salt Try our celebrated R. 8. V. P. Table Salt—put up in 3 and 5 pound cartoons. Fine Shelf Package. 1 HUTCHINSON, FANSA 8 l\ fji .he Reno Acetylene Gas Generator. A carbide dropping mschine. thtit prooorttotis its own oharges aoto- tnatieallv. This principle is held hy all Icatlln..' uiitlioritieii as being the correct, princlule hv which Aeelyleue CKs should be produced, Mttnu faeltlred by. RENO GAS GENERATOR CO., Hutchinson, Kansas. bv ctvea. that do of February, IHBI. Bhsrlll's 8al* ol Real BVitaie. rirst publication Jan. IS, 1800. No. 7842. The MortKare Trust ' Cooipmr."! Penn-} I- vaoli, a corpnrAtl Plaintiffs, vs. Benjamin r' Wright et al, Defendants. Public notice tai oereb; Tburadav.the Ifltn rtar of Penruary. at 10 o'cloct a ul. I wilt ofler at public sale, sttbrr st ilo rot Ibe court noutv, In the city ot lluichlnstin. Kansas, and svll tu the hlsheal hlflilt-r. wllb'.ut appraisement for cash to hind, the lollowln* described real «trttc, to- »U; I'he nor h a alt nf tb* southwest quarter ] of rtclloo sixteen (I8i. txirnstilp twenty six C ^U). raisnr tea (10) «cstof ibrslstti p>ia 1- pai meridian In Kvno county, Kaunas, to. E ether »lth 11 and singular toe tenement*, vredttaments aud appurteu tnc^s lb. reun> to helonglnr, " r 'a auy wise appertslulns. Said prop rtv will ue' >ol I under and by virtue ol an order of sale Isxucd ou t of tne district court of lieno cnuotr, Kansas, to satisfy * finding ol tntltb • tines, obtained In raid court uu the Hth nay of April. A. l>. I88S, at the April term ol said cou t, by Toe Moril^ge Trust Company af PeuaMl- vaula, acuruo'S'loa, asatast the real estate hereinbefore described for Ik* .urn ot one thousand two nuutlred dollars, debt, together with costs of »ull and Intvrest at t"c nteofirn t»r crnt per annuo, from tb* dateof Judgment: and a farttrr decree of laid court, L barging *ald desci Ibed real estate wttk the payment nf said debt aad cost ef suit. a« a Urn tttsreoe. O vea under my mod at my oalce In ta* city of Kansas, this I4lb da ef January. ltt'.'U. W. R. i oxti. »hrrm of RtBO Ceuaty. PaiQO* Wll.UAHH. attornoa t -r I'lalntlfl. We Know Jitxl Mow to Pack Your Household (loud* for Shipment— We are. at your service at all hemra for anything in our line, such aa me*Ins; pianos, safes, household rood* bsffcrsce and peneral deliver*, trivia* your orders our personal and proaafl attention. HCHALL * TOTTBM, Prwfsj. Office with Owl Paarmacy i'<l!*s The Santa fe best route to Chicago* Try it is the and be convinced. M'KEE LIVERY AND MULE CO. Lliirj ant Bojrdlr j Stable., Good Rl|t at Riatoaibli Prices. HM the Only Funeral Outfit in tbe City. KoekawsT for Weddinf* and Oalllnf . Horses and af ulee Boofht aad fTnlephooe No. 1W— First Aveaae Weet .2 A Mile-a-Minutt Shave. On tbe Ctltf >rnia L mited, Santa Fe Route. There ii> a barber shop In the bi>ffei-itmoWi»tf c»r. Kotire train elee- iri«-.-li|fhtrd. Ttirou|rli in mo and three fourths days, Chicago to Los {Autjeles. 1 If You Want to Get the Want You Want You Want to Advertise You .Want in the Want Columns of the NEWS. 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