Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 27, 1943 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 27, 1943
Page 6
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f AG! SIX HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Major League Batters Have a Field Day By JUDSON BAILEY Associated Press Sports Writer Somebody must have sneaked a supply of the original batata (pronounced baloney by the players) balls into the major league park, under cover of darkness last night. ""There were two games played in the daylight yesterday and in one the Pittsburgh Pirates punished the Brooklyn Dodgers 17-4. The two teams made a total ol 28 hits. In the other the New York Giants beat the Chicago Cubs 4-2 and there were 22 hits. ' But after the sun had set, look what happened. Cincinnati nosed out the Phillies 1-0 and Washington whipped the St. Louis Browns by the same score. There wasn't a swat in either game longer than a single and the four teams together made a total of only 19 hits. Another flood-lighted affair was an 11 - inning scramble at St. Louis with the Boston Braves beating the Cardinals 4-3 and even though it included a couple of Cardinal home runs, it also was a pitching party. Lou Klein and Walker Cooper hit homers for two of the six hits given up by Al Javery as he counted his fourth victory against one defeat. The Braves touched ten safeties, bunched four of them with an error for three runs in the fifth and then won the game in the llth when Eddie Joost led off with a single and ultimately came home on a single by Rookie Charley Workman. This boosted the surprisin_ Braves within half a game of the * second place St. Louis Redbirds In the Iwo 1-0 games the win ninnng pitchers were the hitting pitchers. At Cincinnati Bucky Wai ters and Charley Fuchs pitched magnificently and neither team scored till two were out in the last of the ninth. Walters singled in this inning, went to second on a balk and came home on a single by Eddie Miller, the sixth hit allowed by Fuchs. Walters gave only four. At Washington the lone run of the game was counted in the sixth inning on three singles, the middle one by Dutch Leonard, who held oo tball the Browns to four one - base blows. The Senators made just five singles off John Niggeling and George Caster. The day games were a striking contrast to these duels. At Pittsburgh the Pirates scored 15 runs in the first three innings off Max Macon and Les Webber, -getting five of their runs in the second and in the third frame scoring nine times after two were out. Vince DiMaggoi hit two home runs, one of them with one on and the other with two, and his teammates added an assortment of hits. But wnat really piled up the score was a series of walks by Webber, who issued nine bases on ^alls and forced six runs across the plate. Fred Fitzsimmons took over in . the fourth and cooled off the Buc '. cancers, although they added two final runs in the eighth on a triple ' by Tommy O'Brien . At Chicago the Giants scored all four of their runs in the first three innings of Paul Derringer. The fact they were outhit 12 - 10 and could do nothing in the later innings made little difference. Oh yes, a certain mad Russian, whose name has been in the public prints so much it doesn't need repeating, made his 1043 debut and was the only Chicago player except the pitcher who failed to get a hit. •The'Old Guard SPORTS ROUNDUP •87 Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr.- Associated Press Sports Columnist Barons, Vols Are Dubbed Iron Man Teams Atlanta, May 27 —</n— If Bir- ; ningham and Nashville don't slop j heir iron man stuff and get back , o playing ball like the ordinary i wys. other teams in the Southern i Association might as well pack up j iinil hit for home. i In three games in two nights the Barons and Vols have gone 35 innings with no holds barred. Both ends of last night's doublchcader went overtime, the opener requiring eight innings and the nightcap M. Tuesday night's game went 13. Immediate result was that tin- Barons remained alop (he standings and held a 2-1 advantage in the current series with the Vols. Little Rock beat Atlanta twice- last night, 4-3 and 10-3. Al Moran was the winning hurlcr in Ihe second tilt, opposing Vernon Curtis and Guin Cronic, and Frank Papish bested Elmer "Pep" Rambcrt in the opener. Memphis continued its campaign to cinch the bottom end of the standings by dropping a 3-4 verdict lo Chattanooga. New Orleans beat Knoxville 8-5. Tonight's games and probable pitchers: Litlle Rock (unannounced) al Atlanta Cortes and CozarU (doubleheader). Nashville (Singer al Birmingham (Garner) Memphis (Kcllcy) at Chattanooga (Surratt) Knoxville (Powers an Ogden at New Orleans (Sanner and Rogers) (doublehcader). Berlin Says Japanese Admiral Is Drowned Three Little Princesses Although their country is an island of neutrality in a continent of war, these three little Swedish princesses have gay smiles for the camera at their home near Stockholm. They arc Princesses Birgit- tn, G; Margnrclhn. 9. and Desirec, 5, daughters of Prince Gustaf Adolf anrl cront Granddaughters of King Gustav V. Potato Price Change Favors the Consumer Washington, May 20 —(/!')— The OVA juggled prices on potatoes today, favoring the shopper slightly and granting farmers a higher sum in hopes ot overcoming the scarcity thai has lifted the lowly spud almost to the category ot a rare delicacy in many communities. Price Administrator Prcntiss Brown decreed a seven per cent cut in consumer prices and a 30 cents per hundred pound increase to fanners. Thus potatoes that sold for six ccnls a puond in Washington now will be 5 1-4. To accomplish this. Brown ordered markups by wholesalers held to 00 cents per hundred pounds. In some cases wholesalers had imposed two 00 - cent markups by using complicated systems, Brown said. The order was applied to the 194' crop, one official explaining that farmers who had held back their potatoes in hopes of higher prices later, now might be induced l< start shipping. Ten cents ot thei 80 - cent increase is eompensalioi for changes in the parity index OPA said, and the additional 2 cents is to increase and cncour age production. Onion prices were modified, tor wholesalers being held to a singl markup of 40 cents per 50 pounds, The saving, yet to be calculalec are lo be passed on lo the coi sumcr. o thufidoy, May 27, 1943^ by national action taken by each country separately." The delcfialion made clear nonetheless that it desired to partiw- pate in international collaboration involving Ihe creation and maintenance of buffer stocks of staple commodities for Iho purpose ol stabili/ing supplies and prices. Russia announced 11 supportc_, in principle, a proposal of the United States that the parley authorize establishment of an interim commission to draft plans for an ernalional agricultural agency, d the Soviet action was warm 1 " ceivcd by conference officials, ey interpreted it as indicating e Soviet union's willingness to laborale actively with other untries on post - war economic iblcms. x., Taking a viewpoint somcwHJ. posile that of Australia, Uriuil's legation urged that highly in- uslrialix.ed nations provide less rtunatc countries with equipment id machinery as well us direct clinical aid. It contended le^ 1 cvels of consumption can be ct- cclively corrected only with ncasures destined to reduce to a inimum present economic in- iiuilitics — nationally and inler- ilionally — between different conomic regions of the world. New York, May 27 — (&)— The international League claims to have two of the younsest pro baseball players in captivity in John Henry Moesch. Baltimore inficldor who was 16 last December, and Waller Dyche, 17-year-old southpaw pitcher of Jersey City. . . tf they get any bad decisions, the fans can holler "cradle robber" at the umpire. . . Jim Lynah, Cornell's on-leave athletic director who has been building ships in the south, as been conferring with his suc- essor, Bob Kane, for the pasi few days on what they can do about .. Scuttcbutt rumor at he Norfolk Naval Station is that cooter Rizzuto will be married lext month to Cora Esseborn of Newark, N. J. Mel Shapsowitz, former Brooklyn College flingcr, on the hill. Shirts and Shells ' New Orleans is looking for a big entry and fine performances at its A.A.U. track meet, May 30, which will be the only one this year in that part of the country. . . A Ligonier, Pa., bowling team, Joseph W. Keffer and Simmy Simon, has issued a challenge to any doubles pair of their exact ages — 79 and 12. Keffer rolled a 651 series a few Flashes of Life By The Associated Press In The Swim Elbcrton, Ga. Four Elbcrlon boys yearned for a swim. They got it — and how! Caught breaking, into the city pool after closing huors. they were ordered by Mayor Ben I. Sutton to spend three hours every day in the pool until further notice. Bye-Bye Memphis — City Editor Malcolm Adams of the Memphis Commercial Appeal has a double interest in the Mississippi River flood, •Mrst, of course is the news value, jut the weather bureau assures lim the river will produce few cadlines in the Memphia area. Secondarly, Adams has an acre anted near the river in every- hing from mustard greens to cab- age, and the weather bureau says By the'Assocaited Press The Berlin radio, in a dispatch from Tokyo today, reported the death in action of Rear Admiral Ryusaku Yanagimoto, who "was drowned wilh his crew when hit ship was sunk after a fight." No details as to when or in what theater of operations Yanagimoto died were given in the broadcast, which was recorded elated Press. Yanagmioto was listed as one of 75 naval officers killed in action awarded decora lions during the celebration of Japanese Navy day today. As a commander of a Japanese aircraft carrier he distinguished himself in operations against Wake Island and in Ihe Indian ocean, Ihe broadcast said. Hollywood By BOBBIN COONS Hollywood -- it look the U. S. A. Army to get her there, but Kate Smith faced a camera the other clay for the first time in 10 years —and probably the last. Not the movietypc. big Kale with the big voice made a feature movie back in 1933 called "Hello Everybody." It was regrettable, and she regretted it along with m ., r , other people. This limo Kate came i ' l ' ... . I it-ms ai nomu uuiuiu U-.^IJU-LI-IIIK for "This Is UK: Army," paying" 111 - wl " " ol dance in mis | help from any international agency York picture debut, he Iluss.an theme ' . . n recruiting stations. The women, old and young, who are devoted to Eddy make quite an army — all good movie customers. One of the movie complaints ugainst Nelson was his stiffness as an actor. On the concert stage he now shows increasing ease and naluralnes, together with a bit of ingratiating humor. George \Vag- gner. the "Phantom." producer, believes these qualities will be apparent in Iho film. Toumanova, the baller- not dance in this Says Nations Must Aid Own Food Problems By OVID A. MARTIN Hot Springs, Va.. May 27 A blunt declaration that nations do something about their food problems at home before expecting RE Wyoming was oin the Union. the 44th state MINOR SKIN IRRITATIONS WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY . nights ago and Simmy turned in a 240 game. recently , he garden will be inundated cstroyed. Sports Mirror By The Associated 'Press Today A Year Ago — New York Yankees lead by 4 1-2 games as Ernie Bonham beats Athletics for his seventh straight victory. Three Years Ago — Ben Hogan fails ot qualify for national open Today's Guest Star Harry Sheer, Madison (Wis.l Capital Times: "Tony Galento tried an 'exhibition comeback' at Milwaukee with two sparring part ners and came out with a victory —garden. . . tomatoes and two stalks of celery — without salt. Tony was using that himself to catch his opponents." Quote, Unquote Ernest Jones, pro golf's leading "swing" student: "Trying to tak a golf swing apart and analyze i s like a horse trainer taking slow motion pictures of a horse wit jerfect action. They'd show al orts of queer attitudes, and wha time he'd have if he tried I each all horses to get into th ame positions." Service Dept. Pvt. Artie Dprrell. former top light welterweight, has reccivec permission to teach the rudimen of boxing to his flight of Air Cor] rainees at the University of Ar Executing Rats Rochester, N. Y. — William J. Vincent and C. M. Stanton have wenled a trap that electrocutes ats. The rats run through a scries f openings, which automatically hut behind them, until they reach n "execution chamber." An elec- rically controlled flap drops the victims into a container. in sectional trials, his 150 at Tuck- •ahoe being one stroke too high. Fvie Years Ago—-Charley Yatca ol Atlanta advances to finals of British Amateur Golf Tournament. AIRCRAFT JOBS OPEN For Trained Men and Women For full particulars listen to KWKH Monday, thru Friday 6:50 a. m Sunday night 8:20 p. m Also Electric Welding Sec—Or Write to Shreveport Aeronautical Institute Room No. 442 Grim Hotel, Texarkana and He Tried Hard Salt Lake City — Albert Ban Colt, laundry manager who nov mall.v employes 175 workers found business booming and ho.'i dwindling. Last week in reponse to do mands of irate customers who wanted their laundry back he per sonally ironed 3,500 pillow cases He's suspended ironnig servic until the help situation eases.' Trouble Plus Trouble Bans Spring Dance Baton Rouge, LA. i/P)—Mindful of the war, Louisiana Slate University's SAE group accepted a campus ban against-dance decorations '01- their traditional "black and hite" spring formal. They figured ack and white formal togs for en and white growns for coed.j ould carry out the theme. But along carnc a wartime laun- ry edict against washing linen ats an., then an order requiring 1 male students to wear khaki liforms for the duration. Finally, two days before the mce Ihe real blow fell. A student intracted meningitis and all so- al functions were ordered can- cllccl. Result: no dance al all. her own expenses from New heroic i to Hollywood, and working for 'nothing. The reason she did it, aside from the patriotic motive, is ihat she doesn't have to act and she docs get to sing a , favorito by the Asso- I song. It's "God Bless America." | Irving Berlin's step - child tune ; which Kate dug up five years ago land caroled into immediate hit i Either you like "God Oless Amer| ica" or you don't like it. but you j know it. | Kate did her singing for the pic- | lure in familiar surroundings — a I radio station copied from that at which she introduced the song. She had an audience of some 300 extras. Introducing her number, she had one line to say for the mike. She muffed that one the first take, did all right on the .second, and then she gave — with no more camera shyness than a baby, without a bobble. , to be produced by Casey Robinson. Her only other film work was in the ballet featurelle done by Warner IH-os. . . For war blues, try "Coney Island," another ot those nostalgic color musicals from 20th Century- Fox, in which Betty Grabie is so yum-yum you can skip your weeks, sugar ration. . . Hero of King Vidor's "America" is naiTHid Stefan Dangusbiblcihek, but the plot doesn't bring him anywhere near Notre Uamc. . . Brian Donlcvy plays it, and he'll do several more for Metro because of t. . . ansas — on his own time. . . He limited to such things as bloc ing, feinting and footwork, sin the Air Corps doesn't want any- Qody to get hurled by a stray punch. . . Morris and Sidney Le- t'ender, Princeton football stars of 20 years ago, work in the same office at Pearl Harbor and they're probably the only offciers in the Navy whom the enlisted men call by their first names — they're "Mr. Morris" and "Mr. Sidney." . . . Fort Monmouth, N. J., claims a record of some sort with two no- days. The 1226th Service Unit was the victim both times, losing 10-0 to the 15th Signal Training Unit, which used three pitchers, and,20 to the Camp Wood team, with Check Your HAY MACHINERY Flood Note Coffeyville, Kas. — An aulomr, bile, driven by Pvt. Lorcn McMi han on patrol duty, collided with boat, also on patrol duty. London Has Epidcmi of Book Stealing London i/t'j—Dealers and the polic are trying to end a wave of boo stealing in London and other lar cities in Great Brilian. The losses are greater in lar, shops where people can hand books at will. Because of the i doction in the number of employe it is no longer possible to supervise the shops properly and are more expensive than in pre-war days. The thieves display remarkable cunning, booksellers say. "Only the keenest observers can catch them at it," one dealer said. "They stroll along the shop, taking books out of the shelves, two or three at a time. But when they take out three books, they return only two have browsed over just one will be put back. The other is slipped under a coat, hid- , den in a newspaper or, if the person is a woman, dropped into a handbag." There's another be back before singer some of Metro were sure sin uer who will the camera —• a the wise guys at was finished. This is a chap named Nelson Eddy. The baritone has made one film ("Phantom of the Opera") since leaving Metro, and has just completed a concert lour which brought out Eddy - worshippers by the thousands. His local concerts must have vowed the wise ones, if they both ercd to attend. The "Sold Out' sinn was up. and inside — where WAACs and WAVE'S might have found it advantageous to set up Make-Up Stays Fresh When 'Set' With Cold Water Market ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards,' 111., May 27 #>)— (U. S. Dcpt. Agr.) — Hogs. 3,500; opened 5-10 lower than Vednesday's average on 180 - 270 bs. at 14.25; later sales 10 - 15 ower; early top 14.25; later deals 14.15-20; 170 Ibs. down 10 - 15 lower; good and choice 140 - 160 Ibs. 18.25-75; 100 - 130 Ibs. 12.25 - 13.00; sows 5 lower at 13.60 - 85. Cattle, 2,000; calves, 000; market not established on steers, heifers or cows, although a few low-priced steers and some 15.15 mixed yearlings steady; bulls and vealcrs unchanged: medium and good sausage bulls 12.50 - 13.75; good and choice vealers 15.50; medium and good 13.00 - 14.25; nominal range slaughter steers 11.50 - 10.75, slaughter heifers 10.75 - 1U.25, stockcr and feeder steers 10.7515.50. Sheep. 1.000; opening sales fully steady on lambs; deals confined to odd lots of native spring lambs at 16.25 down and a few native clipped lambs at 14.50 - 15.50. cents a bale higher lo fi cents lower, Jly. 20.20, Oct. 13.02 an Dec. 10.77. Futures closed 10 to 25 cents a bale lower. ,I1j—opened, 20.21; closed, 20.17 Ocl—opened, 10.04; closed, lU.HU Dec—opened, in.nil; closed, I0.7:! put a fresh slant today on discussions of a belter - fed postwar world by delegates to the United Nations' food conference. This fundamental point was raised by Australia in a statement cautioning the parley that cuch country should us c its own intia- tive to raise its economic- standards. It followed appeals from many other delegations urging the creation of a strong world authority with powers and responsibilities to meet the future task of freeing all peoples from want. Some of UK smaller nalions called upon thcit more industrialized neighbors U supply them with material aid. Australia expressed interest in the United Nations' effort to raise living standards throughout the world, but declared, such an objcc- live "must be achieved primarily Own -Hctncj&i k^ V ^ (I Due to the steel shortage, we must ask you to bring your own hanger if you want one back. A hook c a n stretcM fabric unmercifully. Use hangers for your frocks and coats. Hooks hasten wear. They are conservation enemies. ( Hall Bros, cleaned clothes arc beautifully pressed and pleated. A Trial Will Prove It. HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Phone 385 JARMAN'S MEW Mch—opened, 10.60; closed May—opened. Middlin . 15.40: closed 10.'i4n spol 22.0fJn; off 2. N - Nominal. See us for Genuine Ports and First-Class Repair Service Your McCormick-Deering Dealer Arkansas Machine Specialty Co, V. C. Johnston 218 North Walnut — Hope, Arkansas Telephone 257 POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. May 27 —Wi—Poultry, live 14 trucks; firm; market un- Thirty different airplane models are produced for Great Britain by American factories. Finland has a national less than $25 per head population. debt of of the . _s, arrivals 80: on track 77: total U. S. shipments G99: supplies light: California long whites demand good; southern triumphs demand slower: market confused and prices unchanged. Alabama 100 Ibs bliss triumphs U. S. no.l, 3.91 - 4.2'J; Louisiana bliss triumphs generally goo'l quality 4.15 -30; Mississippi bliss triumphs generally good quality 4.05; Califon! nia long whites U. S. No. 1, 4.40- cummerciuls 4.40 - 45. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, May 27— (.-Vi—. Kyc dropped about a cent at limes today as profit - taking, following four consecutive days of advance came into the pit in fairly large volume. The reaction was considered primarily technical. Activity was on a smaller scale than in other sessions this week. After holding about steady most of the session, wheat slumped in the last hour and prices fell below yesterday's finish. Threat of :i ceiling continued to act as a restraint upon trading in the bread cereal. Oats eased toward the close under scattered selling. Wheat closed l-'l — 1-2 lower, July SI.44 1-4 — 1-8, September $1.44 3-4. corn was unchanged. July $1.05; oats were 1-4 — 7-8 down and rye lost 3-8 —.-4. Cash what no 2 hard 1.48 3-4. No corn or oats. Barley mailing 90 - 1.07 noni; feed 84 - 90 nom; no. 1, 90. Soybeans sample grade yellow, 1.G2" 1-4 — 8-4. for Victory IT TAKES BOTH 1. Taxes 9. War Bonds PLUS MORE WAR BONDS NEW YORK COTTON New York. May 27 Uv-Cotton prices kept on a fairly even keel today in restricted dealings, opcr- MISS McNELLIS: tells secret. By Alicia Hart NEA Staff Writer Supper club singers have what ifeiru; to be magic means of looking just as fresh at 4 o'clock in the muiiiing as they did when they made their first appearance several hours earlier. Maggi McNellis, ss'hose sultry style of singing songs haj made her a great favorite of New York night club aoci-s, says the secret of an ever-fresh make-up is its foundation. j Select a cream powder base thai I blends with the color of your skin ;gi i-ociimrnends, "and srnooll it on in a thin layer from hairline to just under your chin. Usc a facial tissue to blot any excess base s that i 1 - will be evenly distributed Thc-n blend in a small bit of cream rouge and powder generously. No\v, here is the "magic" touch. Dash cold water over the powder and pat dry. This will "set" your make-up so that it will last through long evenings of dancing al the service club or serving at the canteen, without once having to be powdered over. From then on. proceed with your regular make-up routine of lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, May 27 -f.-Vi— Blue chips held the center of Ihe stock market luge today, many climbing 1 to 2 points to peaks since early 1U40. Best prices were witne.-iM-d in the forenoon. Profit taking on the three - session upswing reduced ations were largely routine with quotations in most cases near t Intrude price fixing against textile i close opiunre and there., small orders absorbing small hedging j declines were in evidence. i and liqudiation. 1 afternoon values wor 10 Dealings with were lively at interior,' - down;: after rnirl- A home catches fire on the average of every minute and a half n the United States. First dental college in the United States was organized at Baltimore, Md., in 1839. Free/ing causes water pipes to burst due to Ihe expansion of the water a^ it changes to ice. day aCLoiinjunyinj; the atcinniin of Ihe I'dvance. Transfers were .in Ihe neighborhood od 1,500,000 shari-s. VENTILATED FOR YOUR COOL COMFORT ALL SUMMER LONG Just slip on a pair of smart "Brcezalongs".. . walk ., . and feel that refreshing coolness I Yes, sir, here's the answer to hot weather walking. You'll find Jai man's distinctive friendliness of fit in every pair, too. Let the shoe horn choose — juot try on a pair—and a cool, comfortable "Breezalong" will be your next shoe. $535 to $$85 wosr sm« Rephan's "The Friendly Store" EIWSM J I \\1__ I \M1/I. \\ ' t \

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