The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on January 27, 1899 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 27, 1899
Page 2
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HUTOHIUBOH DAILY KBJ\WB» FEIOAY, JANUABY 27, 1990. RATIFY THE TREATY KANSAS LEGISLATURE. If the Senate Does Not Accept the Treaty NNtnr Xinnnr f utratfne«* A n>II tn Mor« t-he Stale Ltnr— **nate Ifiivun An* other In*»n* A«*iam. Topok*. Kan., Jan. 27.—Senator Zimmer, of Kansas City, Introduced a bill authnrmncr »nd direct. n*r Attorney General (todnnl to brintf suit before the United States Buorciue court to determine thu uuntrovorsy over tho htato line between Kansas and Missouri. Tlio bill natlioriR .is tho attorney gen* era. to employ counsel or any-other assistance lie may due... proper and appropriates *5,lMJl) to pay the expenses BUILDING OF SiiilPS. Two Hundred and Sixty.Two On. der Process of Construction. Or Till* Number Klftr-Klrclit Arc Wnf null Two Unnrired antl roar Itler-. chant Vessels—.Hliipjards |n Thin Country Dmr. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. "The President will Call an Ex- M »»<* litigation end investigation, Henator Zimmersays that ha has posl tra Session and Com- plete the Work. DELAY AND OPPOSITION Furnish Inspiration tor Serious Consequences. Insurgents Under Aguinaldo Encouraged by Opponents to Treaty. Washington, Jan. 87.—"After henr- lOjj that spooch o( Senator Davis 1 • *fen'& see how wo can do otherwise *haa ratify the treaty." This utter Baoe same from a senator who is ou- •ppoved to expansion and wlio has been counted amonir those committed to Tote against ratification. H was snaee at the close of thu second exectt- session of the aenate yesterday. Sen ator Davis had spoken nearly two hoars behind cloned doors. Lie had asade the first slatument of thu work •f Uie commission, the inside history of the negotiations nt Paris su I chswsd how tho American commi.- aioners, although thev had not been of one mind on thu Phllinpine, question whun they started fur Paris, had found themselves, wlieu all of tbe cir- emmslsnoea came to be considered, unanimous for tho course tiiut was taken. That the statement presented Che terms of the treaty in an entirely new light to some of the opposition senators was apparent from their com- merits in confidcneenflei- tho session Senators Divis, Foraltcr, Lodge, Fairbanks, Manns arid one or two others saw tile president yesterday. They learned that the administration preferred a vote as soon us possiole at shla session. To these senators was explained the critical situation In tin; Philippines which tho delay was >v graveling. The president told these senators that It wuula be better to have a vote on the treaty now, even though the necessary two-thirds could aot be obtained. Ue pointed out that Ohe delay and the tactics of the opposition might furnish the Inspiration for very serious consequences. The insurgents under Aguinuldo were being encouraged by the opponents of aha treaty. He said to the senator* "If you fail to pet the two-thirds ncc- -essary, enter a motion to reconsider I will then call an extra session for the Sth of March." Tttf Hlver ami ll*rlt >r It'll. Washington, Jan. -£t —The prospects are that ihe river and harlmr bill will be considerably increased when it enmes pver to the senste. All the In terests which failed to seen re recogni afoa from the house committee are aaw olsraoring at the doorsof the aen­ ate eouiiaitLee and maay intereal which were reoognised ia the house Mil are asking increased eppronria- tlons from the senate. Senator Cork- nil yesterday presented la the aenate aaveral petition* for river improve' •tent* in Missouri. A lanre num er •f the silicons of Charilsm county. Aim aatred for an appropriation for the tut aroveinent of the Missouri river from to .Krankf .M -t. A special committee from LuK .aglon, Mo., urg «<l Heaator Cock re II to secure an sopro- prlalloa for the Improvement, nf 111 Missouri at Lexington. Jeff-rsou City, Charleston, Uiiuavilia and Su Joseph, Mo., all want appropriation* to improve the Missouri river at tlio*e paint*. H.SSBII ** far Am-rirmn -tils* Washington, Jan. :!T.—-The shipping Mil, providing a system of bounties for American ships, WMS favorably sales! on to day bv the house committee an merchant marine and flsheriea The •ota waaon party lines, the desa.ioratia as embers opposiag a rep irt Ainend- aseala were made emhodyinr ss /nus- Uona by rs-8enator Udinuiids ia behalf of the shipninir interests. Mr. Payar, of New York, will make the •aoaiailttee report aaii a miuur.t/ re> Bart also will lie miule. live proof that the state line is over half a mile too far west Hpcakcr Osborn announced the appointment of the following additional committees. The first namod on each committee is tho chairman: ImmkTiittOTi— 11 A. Smith. Mtlton II Poira'i. ». ri r.invlDy. J. K.'Klwood. J. A. Tjorp, t U. Willcot K K Smith. corporations—W. N. Uwsloy, R. ». Mi -Koevsr, A R Ollrslor, A II»nloy, H. W. Conrad. M. Msrlin. Onnr^u W. Clstirlnl. t>'Klslftltvo Spnolntmiint-A. W. Ilnfl™y, J. N. l".:w..o .l. Mlltnn H Fouue. C W. Si urluoil. A It- Ourslcr. S. J* K'lU'rime. K M. 11 me 11'1. .1. Ci. KSL-S. W. N. IJ?»x! v. Isom WrlahU D. P. Klnr. Daflil Swlnohun. W .1 Ilibtl Oinimtltue on clllo*nr trio lrtlr-1 class—OIJ- m:m Carln, (luoruo p. n ivilrn. H. V. nrsttun, M. C. Uailnlt, A J. QoilnchulU. Atutt HJmoails, l^nni Wrighi. Pulllliiiii rights ot womon—Z I* Wl «i, A Hrnloy. r>. Soalt. Thtvi Ao lorms-i. 1. N. Ul- wno'l, V. V. Oillltlik-, Pieil 11 Wli olor. <J .immltf.eo on nilns—D. 1>' Csm-itmll. A. I. Broik;. V. M ll.ncll-L U. P. Ms .on. UQ llsili -ll, K.I Jinolni W J. Uihti Commlit.'o on suiiorvlslon of tho Journal—W. B Ward, P II Dswos. W t:. Millar. II. P. Ma- Kan. John trvlnfl, Lot Itavcntcrsft, /. A DJ- bttra. The commission an uniformity of state laws, appointod by Gov. Morrill In 18C0, hoscanscd a bill to be introduced in the sun a to by Henator Mathews, of McPherson, and in the house by Representative Wise, of lU-no. to authorize a co.llflea- lion of the entire law of commercial paper. The act has within the last two years been adapted by the states pf New York, Connecticut, Colorado. Florida, Maryland, Virginia snd Massachusetts and hnsbt'un favor- ubiy reported by both houses of con- tiress for the District of Columbia. Thu reflation declaring it the sense of the legislature that tho state needs n notber insane asylum, which was deputed in the senate yosterday, was reconsidered by that body to-day and carried with an amendment that tho new nsvliim be erected In some place jther than Topcka or Osawatutnie. The senate, in committee of the whole, recommended fir passnge the railroad bill of Mr. Titus, of Harper, with amendments. It provides for maximum passenger chaiges. but the portion prohibiting the i.ssiianco of pushes was killed. The bill was amended so ns to make a maximum ptissen- g»r rale of 2% cents for mini is and \H cunts for cluki run instead of two cents and one cent. Senator Anderson, nf Shawnee, introduced a hill declaring that only a majority Instead of a throe-Ufths vote of a people shall be necessary for tho Issuing of county, city or township bonds. A hill to protect cattlemen againft cattle thieves was introduced in the house by Iliiveiiscraft, of Clark. It provided for a caitie brand inspector, and authorizes the county board to appoint Mich iiilleers upou petition of 50 or more cattlemen. The dnliee of the brand lnsncutor are to inspect every animal and every hidu shipped out of the county und see that the cattle or hides belong rightfully to the person shipping. A bill to correct an evil relating to the management of distrlot soltools in western Kansas was introduced by Martin, of Rawlins county, in the house.. It manes It unlawful for any M ;lmnl hoard to employ anyone for Iraeher who is related hy blood or mar- ringe loany niemberof the board. The penally for the violation of this aot is a fine of from ISO to CUM. Wright, of Lyon, introduced a resolution in tlio bouse providing for the removal of th.e Qosa bird collection from tho stale house to the statu uor- msl school at lituooria. A concurrent resolution <vas introduced In the . bouse by Ahram 4 , of Sumner, n questing the Kansas delegation in the lower house of congress to vote against the seating of II. II. Roberts the polygainist, of Uluh, in that ho .iv. Reports to the Marine Review, of Cleveland, O.. from shipbuilders in all pnrts of Ibe country show un aggregate of 2G2 vessels, valued at $62,110,1)92,' building or under contract ou January 1, 1809. Merchant vessels number 204, of 254,216 tons, valued r.t S19.T00.tKKI, nnd war vessels 5S. of 14C.409 tons' (lis. placement and 372.U0 horse power, the contract price of which, exclusive of nrmor nnd armament, is $42,340,102, Small, unrigg'-'d vessels, plensurecru/ts, etc., nre not considered in this summary. The list of nnral vessels Included a bnttlcship and cruiser building for lins- sia. HS well na the two cruisers which are Hearing completion for Japan; nil other vessels of war are for the United States, There nre nine battleships, three criuscrs, 17 torpedo boat destroy ers, 21 torpedo bouts, four monitors, otic submarine bout, one training ship end two tugs. Of the merchant ships, 155. valued at S15.DS4.0O0, and oT 17U.04O tons, nre building on the seuconsts; 20, valued tit $2,074.0(10 and of 71.400 tons, are build ing on the lakes, nnd 23. of 10,776 tons, valued at $302,000, nre bulldingon west em rivers. Following arc the tabulated summaries: Ships building or under crAitrnct in the United Stales. .Innunry l.-lSMi: No of Approx Vwwdii Tonnngfl, Value. On tho sea const.... 165 172.0lu |l $.'.>SOX On the cecal lukos.. 20 7I,1cO 2,n;i.W»3 On western rivers.... S3 10.77s sitf.tidO rwa Mnators Olvs Hntlea Thai Thar Will •pH> nn the Vast tl«solatlon—The Iloose Can«l«ter« Army llttt Washington, Jan. 37. —Mr. I'lntt.and Mr. Herrv each gave notice of a speech on Mr. Vest's anti-cxpanslun resolution. A, bill providing Vounl Vernon square in this city as a site for a public library to bo erected by Andrew Carnegie nt a cost of Si50 ,00O, ns a gift to the city of Washington, was discussed for a considerable time, but was laid aside under objection. Mr. Mason announced that to-morrow morning be wonld ask for a vota on his resolution declaring it to be the policy of the United States not to attempt to govern tha people of any other country without the consent of tho people themselves. A house bill authorising the Little River Valley Railway company to construct and operate a railroad through the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations in the Indian territory was passed. In the executive session Mr. Spooner made a constitutional argument for tho ratification of the peace treaty and the retention of the Philippine archipelago by the United States. Without' preliminary business tbe honse resumed consideration of the army bill. Mr. Marsh, a member of the military committee, was the first speaker. Uo opposed certain features of tho bill, nlthotigh'he said ho heartily favored the reorganization and enlargement of tho army. Totals 204 i&4.21o »19,7W),%( Add to the above table of merchant vessels 58 vessels of war. the aggregate contract price of which, exclusive of armor nnd armament, is $42.340.l'J2; displacement. 140,409 I8i:s, and horsi power, 372,150. DIPLOMATS AT WHITE HOUSE. Brilliant Scene nt a Dinner Given to Tbem hf President Wtlllain licit Inter. OltLn MINT 'Lend a Maud!" is the cry cf wornrn tvbosc housework io beyond llirir physical "powers. Such women need to know that all cleaniug is mad o cir-y by Washing Powder It's ne good oa an extra pair of the household. It saves time and worry. Largest package—greatest economy. TUB N. K. FAIIMANK COMPANY, v, Chicago. (St. Louis. New York. C Boston. Philadelphia. JsBAsvMWWsj HELD BY THE GRAND JURY. President McKinlcy entertnlnnl the diplomatic corps ut dinner the other liigut according to the anutial cuhtotn. This nffnir being the one grent Mute function of the yenr. the white hon«e wtis made ns gay its an iihuudn nee of electric lights, flowers unci ferns could lli.-i lie It, but it must have looked nitlier tawdry to some of the foreigners accustomed :o the gorgeousness of Kuro- pcan courts. There were 73 guests present, representing till the nations which have ministers und utnlia &KUdors there. What is technically known as the "state dining-roon:" was. of course, much too small for such a dinner, mid the'tuble was set out in the long corridor. The president took in Liuly rnuncefote. while Sir Julian, OB denn of the diplomatic corps, of course took Mrs. .McKinley ill to dinner. The diplomats in their handsome uniforms made the dinner company a particularly bril- linnl one. Before sitting down they walked through the large circular doorway, draped with two splendid American tings, and were presented to the president and Mis. v McKinley. In addition to the diplomats themselves the guests Included the member* of tb« foreign committees of congress. CHICAGO TO BE FLAGSHIP. fohn Kennedy, saNprotwtl Trsln Bobber. T»kr> Uses to J«ll nt HnrliieKold—Will Apply to Circuit Court for Hmll. Mansfield, Mo., Jan. 27.—John Kennedy, charged with complicity In the hold-up and robbery of thu Kansas City, Fort Scott <t Memphis railroad on the nigSt of January 8, last, and whose preliminary hearing tins been going on here for the past four days, was bound over by Justice Patterson without bail. He was taken to the Springfield jail, where hu will be confined, together with Ryan. The matter will be carried to Judge Cox, of the circuit court, who will be asked to admit him to ball. The state kept up its record yesterday by introducing a formidable array of wiloesses who, in the main, corroborated the evidence that has been Introduced heretofore and elinehed, beyond all doubt, the tact that Kennedy was in this county before and after the hold-up. Their only failure was to show that Kennedy was actually in the crime. None of the trainmen would Identify him positively, although they were united in saying that he looked very much tike the man who handled the engine and afterwards entered the express oar. tT»rvv*»»»»»»4»4»»»»vv« »•»•••••••• MMH« P RICKLY ASH BlTTERSf! CLEANSES THE LIVER AND BOWELS \J UD romras THB STSIKV TO uscrr nzvjjum DISKASM. ;; PBICR •i^o rXB BOTTZJB, SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. vMMMMMMM>MHlTvMMHi*M»MMO»MMMMvf For snle. by A «&. A linur C"., Hiitrhinfnn FOR THE ST LOUIS FAIR. Tfcla Cruiser to dead tha Maadraa to He Itil ta Karapean Water*. T>rrlbl» K - d of Mmallnog. Little Rock. Ami, Jan. 37 —Dr. II. C Dunavanu president of the slate board of health, told of a terrible slate of affairs at Salem, in Fulton county, lie s«ys that tnern have "een at least It Is expected that the cruiser Chi esgo will be placed In commission within a month and assigned to duty us flagship of the European station.' Knrly steps will be taken for tbe organization of a squadron of effective vessels for duty on the eastern side of the Atlantic. Admiral Schley is still mentioned as tbe most probable commander in chief of tbe Btn'.ion, especially us he has expressed a desire fur the billet, one ot the most uttrncllve. If one Of tbe moat expensive, of Ihe naval commands. rtia Promoter* to It" Known as the l^alRt- nam Parehaso VVorla'* P *n'r Association, with n Capital or 05,0(10,000. St Louis, Jan. 27.—The world's fair Mmmitlee on organisation was named yesterday hy Chairman Pierre Chouteau, as follows: D. R. Francis, chairman; llrtcli Jones, secretory; W. H Thompson, Jonathan Rice, D. C Nugent, Festus J. Wade. Roll a Wells, C. W. Knapp, H. C. Pierce. Adolphus Busch, James L Blair. These com initteemen will osll a public meeting to select a number of men to incorporate the company, which will attend to the work hereafter. The com' mittee to increase this committee to (00 was also named. The world's fair will be incorporated at onee, to be known as the Louisiana Purchase World's Fair association. The headquarters will be in St. Louis and the capital stock f»,0OO.o0i) with power to Increase it if necessary. WILL BE A TEST CASE. OaMtlnn at «h* Identity of tbe Kansas Basra Bsssloa su B« Urtarmiawl br tbs Sapr«ni» IHiart- Topeka, Kan., Jan. ST. — Theqoestloa as to the legality of the extra session of the legislature will soon reach the supreme court far decision. The preliminary step has been taken by Attorney Phil Campbell, of Pittsburg. A law was passed ut the extra session of tbe legislature creating a court o common pleas for Cherokee and Crawford counties. The measure is eon flieting as to when tbe court shall be be composition of the Kuropenn fleet is still a matter of conjecture, but establfshed. Gov. Stanley refused to It is likely to be mnde up of tho ships Issue a proclamation to establish the , _ „ i .u i i . of lh * Atl " n,a el «»» »"d possibly two court and Csmpbell brought man 4UIOMM of smallpox in the locality three gunboat. .It Is ustbellevedthat damn, proceedings In the sn within the last two month, and » ! „, of ,he largest ahlp. will b. seat to preme court to compel hii A Hxih Itnhh -rv London, Jan. 27.—The robbery of over £01 .000 from I '.rr's bank in this ally on Monday last whioli has been tbe sensation of the week took a dramatic iurn to-day when the chairmen of the bank niiuouncad a', a meeting nf Ihe shareholders thai «HI, 010 In tha biggest nolo, had buea returned to the bauk by post. C'oia Ntur -a;* PU' t« in tins*. Chlesifo, Jan. H7 .-W. 11. Crosby, of this olty, will start for Havana in a -day or two to select a location fur a Oold storage planL Several Chicago aapltalists have lakeo the proliiainary •tops to organise a corporation to arret warehouses lu Havana. Santiago and San J nan and deal lu butter, eggs, fruit and game. Ilia Wl'« tl-ls lh- rro.rrtr. Nevada, Mo., Jan S7 -- ,1. A. Cross, •Owner of a wull-stoukud farm, lefts B)»tn on a table glvim/ his nronrriy to his Wife, lie Hum drew tl.nllu from the bank and disupnusred. It is believed he has gone to Cubs, number of deaths have occurred. Ho found people walking about, thu streets of the town bruken oat the disease, niKsk -xaarkeri and pilled, and others falling iJi every day. it < n »a» P ^ait «ntli*rv Dlv^eft^rs. Topeka. Kaa., Jan. ST. — Uov. Stanley sent to the senate two sppolnt- menu as directors of the state penitentiary. They are John till more, of Wilson oounly. vice C. B. Allison, for an unexoired term ending in April, 1SD1, and K A. MeFarlaml, of Lincoln county, vie W. Il.,fj. I'enperlll, whose term expires in April, 10 A *>s <>aa f. r -tm ^tinoit. Oiithrie. Ok., Jan. »T.— The nonpartisan statehood convention convened here yesterday and. was largely attended. A resolution ws* adopted urging the present territorial legislature to provide for a constitutional con yen lion. A committee was appointed to memorialise congress for Oklahoma's admission as a slate. European waters. SEND PACKAGES TO DEAD. Palestine Booletr of Urea tar. III. AaV snum C. II. U. Bapresa Bandits t« Pennle Who Are Uaae. Tbe Palestine Historical •aaoriatlnn of Deratur, III., hus sent severul puck- ages through the Adams Express company addressed to people known to be «aneea!"metTts" dea'h'at'the hands of dead and marked collect on delivery aome unknown person or persona. The to act Tbe eourt in this ease, will decide as to the constitutionality of the legislative body that passed the law. Tho B <B» , « Throat Was OSS. Independence, Ma, Jan. ST.— A coroner's Jury yesterday found that the babe born to Georgia Westmoreland! the IB-year-old granddaughter of John Hollowsy, southeast of Independence, who died under suspicious ciroum rsir V!-*.nvB 'Vwrs-. i 'i S *« Ar nf. Washington, Jan. 'JT.—Si ..alor Burrows lias Introduced a nil) t' provide for the employment of women nurses In the army, to number not less ihun half of one per cum. of the meu in the army. All nurses employed are to bu graduates of )ni >pliiil irnlningi.oimols. A superintendent is provided for at iu.iluo salary ami sn assistant at f 'J n it>. The iiursiia are to be givuu JlO per suuulh. $3.05 The destiiiutlon of at least eight una St. I.ouls, Mo. 1)1 hers were seut to ilif- ferrnl points In Missouri and Illinois. The pneknges eontalurd, so far lis examined, a -mall wooden cross alleged to be made ..r wnoi'. from the Mount of Olives. Palestine, hut estimated in St. Louis to be of the value of about five cents. The bills brnr the names -of John Mitrhell. president, and F. C. Porter, arc re I a ry unit I mi Mirer. I aby's throat wss cut. Tha grand jury will try to find out who caused tbe death of Miss Westmorelsnd and the Infant. Meslvo's Tnhneen Raport. I During IStW-07 Mexico exported more,' tobiirro to Cuba (lluviinul tlinn in nil the rest of the world. It reached ill* United Stii lys ns "Iln vnim" cigars. lee t'miii' Kni -I. |n llnsstit. The livers in norlliern Idissi:. were f >D7ru Intt Jesr bclure th« etui of October, D *nlsra Ih^v Win f 'to .ti tbe saloons. Arkansas City, K.n., Jan. 27.— irusade against the saloons has been Feeling was urou-u-d when a locitl joint 1st purchased one of the finest buildings in the city snd fitted up a complete saloon. A meeting was held last night and the temperance people declared they wonld close the saloons. i TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. Editor C. A. Lamb, of the Parsons (Kan.) Eclipse, wss married to .Miss M »v Sehreiiier, a music te&sher of Parsons. Gen. Brooke ivnorts thu death in Cuba of First Lieut. Arthur llnrnntt, Twenty-third Kansas volunteer*, from Aydeutury, "A TRAINING IN CLEANLINESS IS A FORTUNE." COMPLETE YOUR EDUCATION WITH SAPOLIO G AIL B ORDEN \ E AGLE BRAND C ondensed M ilk. O UR I LLUSTRATED P AMPHLET ENTITLED " BABIES W SHOULD BE IN EVERY HOUSEHOLD. SENT ON APPLICATION. New YOOK CONOCNSEO Miut Co. N(W VOSM. Two Convincing Arguments In favor of SELZ SHOES are: I. Their thorough reliability —they are always the same. There is no guesswork in their construction. Twenty-seven years of shoe building has' placed SELZ far beyond that. 2. .Their price—is far below what other manufacturers and dealers ask for corresponding values. That's why, we Mil them In ever Increasing numbers, and that's why you should wear them—to your lasting satisfaction. F-r Ft le by Star Clothier'. FTr tch n«on. BEST TRAINS VESTIBULEO "ELT to OffiCASO. VESTIBULED LIMlTED^ST.LOUIS. FRII CHAIR CAM, LATEST PATTUINS OF •LCKPKR8. . J. C. BEAMHALL, L. W. WAKBLBY * TT»Y. Paaa'r Agt., BL Joaopb, Uo. 6011. Paas'r Agt., St. Loois, Mo. The Fruits of California, Should Vo eaten fresh to enjoy their full flit-nr. "' Many delicious varieties «re too perisbabls to bear transportation and are neverseen in the esst. To obtain tbem one must gn to California, where fresh frolt la a staple throughout the yesr. You may buy it on every street corner.' Only iX days from Ohlcsgn, and <s hones from Hntehlnsoo, by TheCslif rxU L'ml'eH. Ntn'a Fe Route. Address J. G. Boberta, Agent The Atchison, T peka & Panta Fe R«- H'JroaiNsON, KANSAS. When answering advertisements please mention thisDaoer*

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