Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 28, 1911 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1911
Page 3
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Alter Cbrislma? HousccteaniiriJ Has Bcifliiii-Salc Ccnuncnccll WWccscIay and Closes Saturday Mgiit! Monday, New Year's Day, we commence to invoice and in order to reduce this big stock we make these special low prices for Four Days Only! If you can think of something you need this I week, or think you will need it even next month, you can be sure of finding it here at a price which will represent but a small part of its worth. READ PRIf IISJ WEpNEsbAY'S PAPEH! Madison 113 NAiS Uft S. A. Coffman left last night for -j a brief bu^ness visit in Kansas Cit^. { Monej. K SL Cnniiingliain. 1 T , • — I' Deputy County Attorney Taylor i: - in Erie today on official business. —<J; J. Peterson: Farm Loans, In- surance. Abstracts. Fred Steele who has been dangerously Ul with appendicitis for several weeks Is reported to be convalescent. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress BIdg. Office rooms 22 to 24. ~ f . Mrs. J. B. Manley went to Lexington. Neb., last night for a week's visit with relatives. J. T. Miles left this morning for Coazd, Neb., where he will remain for some time on business. —It Will be to your Interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumann, 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 259. ^Attorney Wallace Anderson went fo Ft. Scott this morning on legal business. Miss Ewith Cash and Jliss Viola Cash, of Bine Mound, spent yesterday visiting friends in this city. —At our Special Reduction Sale we i^e selling Garland Cook Stoves and Hanges at a price never offered before.—Bragg & Dildine, Humboldt Kans. ^Prot L. H. Wishard of Yates Center, is here for a brief visit with relatives and friends. At FouiSfc^s & Elsewher/Q! ^ •' Ask for "HdRLICK'S" Tb»..Origiflal and GBouiiia MALTED MILK The Food-drink for All Igas. At restaunnb, hotds, and foantaina. D^dous, kivigorating and sustaining. Keep it on your tideboard at home. • Dcn't travel wJlhou» i|. K quick hnch pKpared in a niaate. Take no imitation. JostttylORLICn.* fiat in Any Milk Trmi ELIMIXATIOX RACE FOE "HOPES." Company M. made arrangempnta this morning to give a big skiite nt j the auditorium rink tomorrow nlplit for rouplps only and today a l«r>;i' j number of invU:i(Ioiis are boIilR sont i out. it is (liotiplit that about llfty ! coupli's will attend. j For Sale—Nice young horses and I mu!e;- .it a bar.iraln at my place one ' mi'e -^iisl of ',o\u .lohn T. Wood. W. \V. Harriss of Pinckneyvillc. III., who has been here for a holiday Visit with his son. Prof. W'm. Harriss, of the hiRli school, left today for Ponca City, Ok., for a visit with relatives there before returning home. The scarcity of tramps at this season of the year is astonishing to the police department. Usually, at this time the benches at police headquarters are filled every night with wanderers but within the past few weeks there have been less than «-ePi.-<: thprp h^vp hppn ipq<! thnn i I ^"ew York City. Dec. 27.— An elimination race in the heavyweight pugilistic field is to be the crowning feature of doren lioboes it fl.e station tns.Ld ' "'"^^t ^^eeks sporting events when Carl Morris meets Jim Kennedy on Mondaj' night and Al Palzer meets Al Kauf- the nicht station to spenu , Tuesday evening here. Next to Jim Flynn.Al Kaufman is at the presont writing the best of the "hopes" with ° • ' Carl Morris a close second. Should Kennedy or Palzer demonstrate any superiority over their respective opponents 1 It tli J.- P. Coffman of Lawrence, been here for a brief and Mrs. Roscoe Richardson left today for his home.' y —^The Richardson Dry Goods Store commence In the morning a four day Special Cl^Uiup Sale. Read ad in I^ay's paper. A. C. Birdsall of Galesburg, 111., who has l>een here for a visit ;wilb his brotSier, Col. C. K Birdsall, and wife, left today for his home. —Fre4 Bowdeta, Period Decorator, none 78«. Mrs, C. V. Shiillenberger, of Kincaid came in last evening for a brief visit wifb her parents, Mr. and iUs. F. Vamer. E. A .Willett and family are moving to lola from LAwrcnc«> today. Tii-y will reside at 816 east Jackson avenue. [ —All kinds of Faints at prices you can afford to pay and keep until liprtng.—Bragg &, Dildlne, Humboldt, Kaaa. i Mrs. Martha Qutton of Sedalia, Mo. bo has been here for the past BCV- al days vIslUng Mrs. P. H. Shields.' left today for Kansas City for a visit with.Iter Bister Mrs. Beniley Ross. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Oliver and child ren returned home yesterday from a visit of Beveral days with relatives in Vlfgil. IDu. -The Wichita team, which played here iast sight, will go to Buffalo tomorrow- for a game there tomorrow iilgbt with the high school team of *iit city, • —Remnants of Calicoes. Giuj hams Slilrtin^ Percales, Muslins, Sboet- inga, ItJess Goods, etc. at coi t and less at the Kew York Store Saturday. ^ In the IMLS^ ball game last night both LaiR«n6e Kelson and Ix>rralne CuitreU of ihe^Ipla team, soitain^d i»inl&l Injurlea^.to"their Ixands, bfot they wero aide to remain in the game. j; Peterson: Farm Loans, Ii- iBce^'^Ahstra^s.;- ^ so wi as', ^ - , no| Cot J«B. Atchison wid W. T. Steele a»j will sgi:$o Parsons tonight to attend iTibi tSiw ont which is to be giv4n tl ^l ^^the W. O. W. j lAysician reports ^toTi ,'cf Carlyle. inuitBin'ed a number of SQA internal ihjuriesi H. A. Richardson was up from Savonburg today on business. He is located llrmly this time in his old home j town and is supplying the peop^? of Savonburg and vicinity with feed, flour and other necessities and buying their poultry, et'ps. etc. He uses an auto truck and during the season his truck is sent daily to Parsons where ihe poultry is sold to the Swift agency, saving express and dan^r of loss from keeping the poultry on hand. —ICvery lady who visits our China department during the next few day.s will receive a handsome sprig of Holiy with our compliments for tlie .\cv,- Year.—T. B. Shannon. Profi-'ssor Harriss announced last nlKiit that arrangoments had been made for a basket ball game between the local and Clay Center high school teams on the Auditorium court next \V<Hinesday night. It is certain that this ganii' will be u Jsood one as Clay Center always has a good team. Yiar before hiHi they won the championship of the slate. Harvey Howard was one of the lo- lans attracted to Kansas City, Mo.', yesterday by the wrestling match last Aight between Champion Frank Gotch and the English champion. The match was held in Convention hall. —Without opiates or harmful drugs of any kind Foley's Honey and Tar Compound stops coughs and cures colds. Do not accept any substitute. J. D. Mundis & Co. back on tile engine cab with the dreams of a chaiiiplonshii) battered completely out of his head, but they did not reckon on the «tamina and sticktoiiiveness of their man.' Morris just clinch<>d his teeth and jumped in and has since been beating up the lesser lights with astonishing regularity. Kaufman must siiow well with Palzer to retain any standing. He has always claimed that he wras away off the night Flvnn beat him up and his i>erformance here will be watched' with great curiosity. Chanute Tribune says: "The lecture was mighty instructive from the opening sentence to the closing paragraph and those who heard it will long remember its fligiits of oratory and Its educational features tending to a better understanding of the Old Testament Scriptures." —You will find that druggists every where speaK well of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. They know from long experience In the sale of it that in cases of coughs and colds it can always be dcepnded upon, and that It is plpisant and safe to take. For sale b; hll dealers.' , ^ \ i_ A purse containing ti neat sum of money was presented to Samuel Crumley, custodian of the court house ('lirlslmas day. The mom-y was subscribed by the several county ofllclals who wished to show their appreciation of Mr. Crumley's most excellent services in caring for the offices In the county Building. —If you are troubled with chronic constipation, the mild and gentle effect of Chamberlain's Tablets makes them especially suited to your case. For sale by all dealers. j ^Lawrence Nelson. Reed W'atterson, Prank Thompson, Loralne Cantrell and Kent Dudley, who comprise the high school basket ball team left this afternoon for Joplin for the game there tonight. Kirk Badgeley and Kenneth Foust members of the second team went as substitutes. Prof. Harriss, the coach accompanied the ^m boys. .^su — / I in -When you hare a bilious attack give Chamberlain's Tablets a trial They are excellent For sale by all dealers. I /'prcd Bishop, the 13-year-old'son of Col. Chas. Bishop sustained a severe concussion of tlie brain last evening about 6 o'clock as the result of accidentally falling from a wagon on South Washington avenue and striking his head on the pavement. The boy- was hanging to the side of the wagon when bis hand slipped and he fell.. He was unconscious for about half an bour and suffered from the shock for several hours, but Is how reported to b« almost fully recovered. Or.. & 8.; HUscher, pastor of the llntr'PTMbyti^kitn cbdreh ^ delivered "•• -awt Mrs. John Helder. of Mildred was in Tola today conferring with County Attorney Taylor relative to the case against W. E. Maley, the young farm er who is charged with assaulting Mr. Hcidcr. The prpliminary hearing o' Maley will be held In Judge Locko's court at .Mildred tomorrow. Mr. Held- cr will be unable to attend but the county attorney believes that the testimony of Mrs. Helder alone will be sufticleut to bind Maley over for trial the district court. Surgeon 's recently performed an operation on Hender '8 head, removing a piece of the skull and draining ' an abcess which bad formed at the spot where Heider was struck with a hammer. Foley Kidney Fills. —Tonic In action, quick in results. Will cure any cate of kidney or bladder disorder not beyond the reach of incdieinc. No need to say more. J. D. Mundis & Co. Jainiiia finds '.liat banana raising Is a tr.iK-V. iiioiu-y getter. In .Miitrii, Wesiern Ciinadii, the long H i!:iy ii;ia eighteen hours of sun shin . Prnpin on tlic Pacific coast are learning to cat the eggs of seu gulls. llunnin? water over aluminum plates Is said to be a boiler- scale cure. Nightly fonrerls are i)rovlded for telciihone subscribers In Australia. Women comprise 4>A per cent of the University students in Germany. ^There Is. a spring In Nevada whose waters taste like chicken soup/^ The sw.imp and overflew .lands of the irnlted States aggregate 74,541,000 acres. Every year the United States imports between 2,D0O,0U0 and 3,000,000 pounds of camphor. Dr; Fitzsimmons of Tecumseh, Neb., DHY-WOMRS CLUB CITY TEAM TS WICHITA. Game to be Flayed Toni^t on the T. M. C. A. Court. Arrangements were completed this morning for a game tonight on the Y. M. C. A. courts between the Wichita high school basket ball team which was defeated by the lola high s<:hool team last night, and^ the lola city team, recently organized. The Wichita boys were to have gon? to Buffalo today. for a game but when they learned they could catch ft train for Buffalo tomorrow as well, and probably make expense money by staying over, they were willing to match the game. If there ever was a typical example of a dopeless game it is the game to^ night. This Tola team is not yet fully organized, and as was first pro- uosed only about three weeks ago, some fifteen aspriants for positions on I lie lenm have been working out since that time. Practically all the candidates for the team are old players and it is certain that the Wichi'ta boys wi!! be up against a fierce battle. CUi MliSJIS FOR GUffiH ORGAXIZATIOJC FOR MISSOITRIAX STARTED IX FORTY COUNTIES. Wilson Sentiment Seems to be Declining and Delegation Is Claimed For Clark. Topeka, Dec. 27.—^Franks. Thomas one of the original Clark' boosters-Jn this state and a staunch friend and supporter of the Missourian fOr President, stated today that he has- received advices that organizations among Democrats for Champ' Clark for the Democratic nomination for President have been started in .mor^ than forty, Kansas counties. , " . Mr. Thomas said that'the work "of organizing the entire state for* Clark Is now on and that before very long "Clark for President" clubs will, appear 1 nevery county In fainsas. The game was" matched'lnjust a (Clark's friends are sure that the Kan- few minutes," said Coach Roberts of! sas delegation will be for their man the locals this morning, "and mostly.for president at the DemocraUc na- for the fact that a good opportunity for a game presented itself. 'Although we have been working for three weeks I he tram Is not as yet fully organized and our practice has consisted mostly In passing and throwing the ball, nobody having been assigned to a po-1 sition as yet. We have no definite line ' up and it is probable that a majority of those who have been trying out will participate in tonight's game, wnieeler, Allen, Strawn, Fisher, Fulton, Murphy, Gordon, Goes, Wilson. A. Nelson and myself will probably play in the game. Will we win? I can't say as to that but I hope we won't be swamped." STANDARD IS XO XORE. (Jcorgi' ThompKon Selected President of Munldiml Organization. Years of Suffering Catarrh and Bided Disease-' - Doctors Failed to Cure. Miss Mabel F. Oawklns. 1214 Lafayette , St., Fort Wayne. Ind., wrltea: "For three yean I was" troubled wltii catarrh and blobd disease. I tried siev- eial doctors and a.dosen different remedies, but none of them did me any jKOod. A friend told tap fit Hood'a Qar- •apariUa. Z took two botlW" of this n^MIClne ana iras as. well and kt^ng who J. W [has been visiting his sister Mrs. McCali; left today for his home. Thfe ofllce of county poor commissioner will be^ abolished by the operation of the law, Jan. 1. 1912. Commissioner Abraras will remain at his ofBce in the county building for several ' weeks possibly, after his official position Is abolished for the purpose of preparing and submitting the annual report to the board of county commissibners as required. Word has been received here that C. E. Adams, ex-clerk of the district court. Who underwent an operation recently In tc Sioux City, la., hospital, was able to return to the home of his sister, in Armour, S. D., Christmas day, and that bis rapid recovery is practically assured. - Mr. Adams was taken ill. aliortly after leaving this city ta make a visit with his sister. Dt.l 8. Hllscher, pastor Of the -l First,' Pra«i}|4tri«n cboreti. will .leo- nM^siiVmf OA tbo'ev«qiinjr^of.Jan «J The first regular meeting of the organization of city employes was held In the commission chamber last (light. It was decided to name the Arganlzatlon the lola City Workers' .Society and George Thompson was pliosen to serve as president. Meetings win be held every Wednesday night beginning at 8 o'clock. ' The session lust night was largely devoted to arrangements for meetings that Arc to follow. Plans were made for a systematic study of the many (luestions that confront the employes of the city In the several departments and it is believed that the question box will be well filled in the future. Last night questions relating to the (Comparative durability and strength (if materials were asked and the answers were given by City Engineer Fry. Commissioner Glynn answered questions relative to -the different kinds of materials used in construc- 'tlon work. 'Blackboard and chalk were supplied so that the speakers could Illustrate their replies to questions ^sked. Twenty-seven employes of the city attended the meeting and became •jnembers of the club.. The object of the club is to promote harmony and efficiency among city employes' and to aid them In solving any problem that may .irlse in the performance of Jheir various duties. The exchange of ideas between employes is also expected to be of great benefit. Today its Offspring Begins as Independent Concerns. New York, Dec. 27.—Th6 35 separate companies which formerly comprised the Standard Oil dbmpany, took up their work as individual entities today. While the dissolution of the executive department was accoin-; plished on December 1, the gigantic task oft organizing operating forces for the separate units of the old "Oil trust" was not completed until last Satiirday and this week they began their strife for business, deprived of all conectlon with their fond parentl It will take some time to determine whether the dissolution plan will tional convention and point to th^ big success that their efforts to organize have met with, as evidence of that result. Circulars have been distributed over the state outlining the plan of organization of Clark clubs and the response to these, it' is stated, haVe been general and-invariably favorable. FIglit In Earnest, Something like 20.000 copies of the Messenger, containing newspaper clip pings favorable to Clark, have gone out over the state. The fight to capr tore the Kansas DemocratI(: delegation for Clark Is on in dead earnest and Clark's friends are certain tb^y will win. '-. - J Several months ago there was coOr sideraible Wilson sentiment but 'llf- tle has been heard lately. Political prophets sa^ Clark will vanquish 'Wilson in this state. They point out that the Clark sentrment has already taken on big proportions aqd is grow ing more pronounced every day while little is being heard about the New Jersey man's candidacy. BOTH MEX 60 FREE. Owners of New York SliIrt Waist Fac tory Are Acquitted; New York, Dec. 28.—Efforts of.the .....u^.. ...^ state to fix tiie ^lame for tha.QjM bring about competition the" govern-, J'wror of March 2o. 1911. In which monf >,«T«.- f«,. An««r .n «o. ! 147 cmployes of the Triangle Waist ment hopes for. According to Inde-ii,*' employes of the Triangle pendent oil men there has" been no Ctjmpany lost their lives change in the general situation thus S»-J<5 |y^^ ' proprietors of the factory,, who were DOUBLED RED CROSS SALES. ; The population of Paris with its circle of fortifications is 2.847.000. V:ith .its suburbs it is 4,000,000. Receipts of virgin gold average a pillion a month under normal conditions at the'bssay office of Settle. . ' Borneo'ls nearly ten times greater ta area than Iowa, but there are only 2B or 30 white people on the isIancL , A first class distributor in the U., postal set'vice dtajposed of 711 piec-' ;« of .mall In 11 minutes. The colored Masonic Lodge gave a (janquet last n|giit ln,0. A. R. hall. An enterUlniiig'^prognm.waa giTeh And TayneTpnlMUn fiHraislfed Reiiort of tlie Relief Work Here From Rev. Nan Tomorrow^ A report of the sale of Red Cross stamps during tho holidays will be made by Rev. Carl Nau, rector of St. Timothy's, church, and It Is expected that It will be ready for publication tomorrow. Over the telephone this afternoon. Rev. Nau, who had charge of' the work locally.. said that he believed the .final figures would show that the sale of the stamps in lola this year doubled the sales of last year. In its fight against tuberculosis the Red Cross society issued small red stamps which were sold during the holidays at one cent each the proceeds to be applied in checking the ravages of the white plague. Newspaper reports estimate that the amount raised in this manner in the United States will approximate one million dollars. BEAL TREASURE ISLA5D TALE. Boys Say they Found Chart and Un- eartbed $150,0001 Jacksonville, Fla.. Dec. 27.—Guided by an ancient (diart found in the-ruins of a Spanish shell house on Fort George j Island., two boys of this city say the^i have unearthed treasure worth about $150,000. They say gold silver and copper coins weire found !n a strong box about one cubic foot in size, buried about six feet deep. Those who have seen the coins say they bear dates of more than a century ago. indicted in connection with the holocaust, returned a verdict of "not guilty." The demonstrations against the defendants which bad occurred frequently during the trial were' prevented In the court room. The authorities had guarded against such an occurrence. But this did not prevent one hysterical old man from giving vent to his pent up feelings, as the defendants appeared In the outar doorway of the court house. "Not guilty? Not guilty? Murder! Murder! Murder!" the old man shouted. The crowds surged around apparently ready to take up tbtf ci^. But their leader had fallen. The Old man fell on the steps of tlie' court house, and In convulsions gasped fn-^? coherent fragments about the sister^'' whose life had been lost in the fire. WBinXG A MESSAOE. TVA>'T 9150 FOR GIBL. Parents of MIssIag.TfoM Bnehler Be- eelve •.FropoaltlOB.. Chicago, Dec. 2iB,—A letter, (declaring that'Violet' Buehler, the missing heiress was .being-purposely kept frolm "hivr mother and that she would be returned on the paymentot flSOwas received yesterday by Mr& Buehler, "JShif iwllce regard it as an attempt to extort money. . ' Ifn. Hanni^Nloholaoa, of Pltts-v '2knii.i0Mtge;^ebhrpd,' * It*' The President ITIII Saberit one EeonoBy and EfBefeBcy. v - • —,— •• - • Washington, Dec. 27.—For thenoift week President Taft will work on a message to Congress dealing o'^wtth economy and efficiency In the j^dvera ment departments. Tbei : preaMelBt has • received a preliminary: ^nHp&rt ^rom the economy and efllclenoy 'ami^'- mission indl(»ting that many zoUUbas might be saved each year if• dupltea- tlons were avoided and changeamade in the operation of' the varloaa bureaus. The full report will be-ma&e to the president In time! to he^ sfth- mitted to Congress next mcinth with a message. • \. WAMTB&^MIlH>LB^AeBI>:>Ua>li'' ras lUatron'for two'schabt OoyrtrTllStM*: {^1

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