The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1942 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 16, 1942
Page 6
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WGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 1C, 1942 ***> T .' • ,, . ' •. •. • fll Oinen For Byrd-Epstein _ Picks Him To Stiffen Jenkins Ben Epstein, intrepid sports fuesser on. the payroll of the Arkansas Gazette whose ready predictions have not always enhanced his position as an expert, now plants his familiar "kiss of death" on , the ruddy cheek of Aaron "Jack" Byrd, Blytheviile welterweight who is scheduled to meet Ex-Lightweight Champ Lew Jenkins at Hot Springs May 11. <j;Joe Craig's hard-knuckled pro- tege, who deserves a less severe handicap to say the leagt, is picked by Epstein to stop Jenkins. The following comment appeared today in Mr. Epstein's widely-read column "Gazette Sport Gazing": GAMBLES WITH FATE, SIGNS LEW JENKINS -'I As promoter for the American Legion at Hot Springs, Dr. A. C. Ackfrman is doing a good job and probably is earning a few nickels for himself. His build-up of Don Marshall v/as Rickardian. When Jackie Byrd punched all the -drawing, power out of Marshall, Dr. Ackerman wasted little time doing business with 'the Blytheville welterweight. '..' v :JNow Byrd is all the go at the resort city. He's so hot in Dr. Ack- efman's opinion that he matched Jackie with Lew Jenkins, former lightweight champ. If Byrd isn't sick;', he should stiffen Lew. But Jenkins may give Dr. Ackerman a Goodbye Gee-Gee him .In the ring. It looks like a $1000 show which isn't hay for an' evening of boxing at Hot Springs. Jenkins, who- has connections there, has promised to be on hand one week before post time.-Training before the-folks is all well and good, but t : he : -doctor is -advised to do something about Lew's connections. They are.reported to be a crew of el- i>pw-benders who never stop until they hit bottom'. ;? That Jenkins is all washed up in the big "time is certain. Not necessarily as a fighter but 'as an attraction. '.'.:.'"' ..... . : .If Lew can be kept on the wagon for- this one, Arkansas-fans can count on a^good scrap. The fellow loyes to fight and/still can. Jenkins never heard of scientific bcgcing but packs kayo crush in his right fist. As early as a year ago, he was rated next to Joe Louis as the most destructive finisher in the business. Then he started down the old well-known primrose path. Once again Jenkins is the sweet iw alter from Bitterwater. As a nungry-kid, he hammere'd 'em coming and going. Jack Dempsey once said: "Hunger made me a fighter!" Lew is hungry again. So much so, that he telegraphed a Little Rock friend to send him some steak money in advance. The fact that Jenkins can't stand prosperity and is broke and hungry again, may serve as insurance for Dr. Ackerman. What about Byrd? Joe Craig of Blytheville who . sold a dairy to manage Jimmy Lunsford and who now is back in the milk market, declares that "Jackie is one of the six best welterweights in the country!" Craig, of course, isn't happy unless he is managing a fighter. Also, he may be overly excited, and it..wouldn't be the first time. But Byrd always has been able to slug. He once was under contract to Bill Daly, manager of. Pat Comiskey. Jackie went East. Whether he soured on Daly, the country or vice versa, we don't know. Byrd always could box. Now he has blossomed out as a puncher. Hot Springs vaca- tionists, who follow the fighters, believe that Jackie is no Joe-Below- .The Baseball Standings The Dope Bucket SOUTHEKN LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Little Rock 4 1 .300 Nashville 4 2 .667 Atlanta 4 2 .067 New Orleans 3 3 .500 Memphis 2 4 .333 Chattanooga 2 4 .333 Knoxvllle 2 4 .333 Birmingham 2 4 .333 AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Prt. Zero. Remind us to obtain Ed Papstein's version. Meanwhile Dr. Ackerman is making arrangements to handle the battle on a. "greatest-show-on- earth" basis. Jenkins, a genial likeable sort of kid, even may play his guitar over the radio. It is hoped that the guitar isn't Lew's last instrument of offense. On the other glove he may need it against Byrd who'll'probably be in the best condition of his career. St. Loui.s 2 New York 2 j Boston 2 I Cleveland 1 Detroit .. L Chicago 0 Washington 0 Philadelphia 0 0 1.000 0 1.000 0 1.000 .500 .500 .000 ,000 1 1 2 2 2 .000 MIXED KEACTiOIvS Announcement yesterday of the Blytheville's great welterweight, Aaron (Jack) Byrd, and Lew Jenkins, the Sweetwater, Texas, swatter and former lightweight champion of the world, at Hot Springs, May) 11, brought mingled reactions from the fans here. Many with whom I talked ev- pressed delight over the bout. Mud Won't Hurt Apache In Derby NEW YORK (NEA)—Sunny Jim Fitzsimmons, trainer of Apache, which won the six-furlong Experimental Handicap at Jamaica, believes the son of Alcazar-Flying Song can go the mile and one- quarter in the Kentucky Derby, May 2. "The Experimental showed me he is not an excuse horss," says the veteran trainer of William Woodward's brown colt. "Jimmy NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. Pet. Boston ............... 2 0 1.000 Pittsburgh ............ 2 0 1.000 New York .............. 1 1 St. Louis * ............ 1 1 Brooklyn . . .......... 1 1 Chicago .............. 1 1 Philadelphia ........ 0 2 Mrs. M. E. (Liz) Whitney plants kiss on muzzle of The Bear, one of her hunt and show horses sold at auction with stable of Dr. Lewis M. Allen at Llangollen Farm, Upperville, Va. NOT A HOME CROWD AUGUSTA, Ga.—Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters' Tournament, has 130 members. Only 20 of them live in Georgia. inn &//VME4)E YOUR YIELD H,TH U&L SULPHATE OF AMMONIA Cincinnati ............ 0 2 .500 .500 .500 -500 .000 .000 FREE PRIZE* Special refined, immediately dissolving, easy handling: J&Lj Sulphate of Ammonia (contains 20.6% nitrogen) will increase your yield and bring you bigger profits. Use it as a top or side dressing for your grains, corn and cotton. Nitrogen is the first element exhausted from the soil —the first that should he replaced. Ask your neighbor; ask your dealer; ask your (pounty Agent J&L i$ again awarding prizes in the Plant- to-Prpspcr Contest, Ask your dealer about them and about J&L SULPHATE OF AMMONIA. UAIANTBBD Jm J & L SULPHATE OF AMMONIA Manufactured by JdNES & LAUGHLIN STEEL CORPORATION 1 AUCTION AVE. • MEMPHIS, ^TENN. ISM'S STEIRT GOlFJIITt ATHENS, Ga. (UP)—Earl Stewart, national intercollegiate golf champion, is the favorite to win the eighth annual Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament which will be played over the Athens Country Club course today, tomorrow and Saturday. Stewart—a (Louisiana State redhead who's noted for his distance off the tees—was medalist in last year's tournament. Bobby Brownell, Duke University's 1941 champion, won't be back, having grad- uiated last June. Coach R. L. Kcener's GcoYgia golfers won the team title last year and are among the favorites to repeat in 1942. Favoritesi however, don't mean much in the Southern Intercollegiate tourney. Freddie Haas, of L. S., was a favorite for three seasons yet he was able to win only once. L. S. U. has dominated the past seven tournaments, having won the team trophy four times and the individual championship three times. Besides,Haas and Browncll, past champions have included Paul Leslie' of L.S.U., Rossar Little of Georgia, Tommy Barnes of Georgia Tech, Joe Taylor of Duke and Bert McDowell of L. S. U. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Little Rock 9, Memphis 0. Atlanta 14. Nashville 3. Knoxvillc 10, Chattanooga 3. Birmingham 2, New Orleans (10 innings). AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 9, Washington 3. St. Louis G, Chicago 5. Boston 3, Philadelphia 1. Detroit 6, Cleveland 2. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston G, Philadelphia 2. Pittsburgh G, Cincinnati 2. New York 0, Brooklyn 4. St. Louis 4, Chicago 2. Today's Games Southern League Memphis at Little Rock. KnoxvUls nt Chattanooga. Atlanta at Nashville. Birmingham ut New Orleans. National Brooklyn at New York. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Boston at Philadelphia. Chicago at St. Louis. American League New York at Washington. Philadelphia at Boston. St. Louis at Chicago. Cleveland at Detroit. TAKES REST CURE CHICAGO. —Bill Lee, Chicago Cub pitcher, was uncomfortable pitching with spectacles until he started sleeping witlv them on. Decorated Martineau Joins Marine Corps Not only do hops give beer and ANN ARBOR (NEA)—Earle T. Martineau, backfield coach of Michigan's football team, expects a call to service in six ar eight weeks. Martineau, who, as a first lieutenant in the .Marine Corps in World War I, won the Croix de Guerre. -Purple Heart, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, three general order citations and four regimental citations for gallantry in action, went through,every major American battle in France. The former All-America halfback at Minnesota is noted for his development of the spinner, fie drilled Pepper Constable at Prince- Confident that Byrd is ready for big time, especially in the light of successful campaigns in Florida imd ri the East, this group pointed out 5 " that this was Byrd's big moment, the chance of a boxing lifetime. This fight can make him with victory, without seriously impairing his career in defeat. Another group of hopefuls was not so sure that Byrd was quite ready for such a test. There was .some doubt that his, limited experience had fitted aim for such a great hitter as Jenkins, nationally known for hi.s potent right hand that alone just about landed him at the top of the lightweight heap. More fans whom I contacted were undecided. They agreed that this was Byrd's big chance and if he icould come through he would be K>n the high road. They also weighed the evidence against the idea and feared that Byrd was being carried too fast. Just what would be the result in the event of a, bad beating and possible knockout by Jenkins appeared uppermost in their minds, recalling some bright prospects that had been blighted by overmatching. CRAIG IS CONFIDENT Joe Craig, Byrd's craft manager and tutor, poon-poohed the idea that it was an overmatch. Instead, he appeared confident that Byrd not only would "take" Jenkins, but knock him out. "This is the creak we have been looking for," Craig said. "It is not every one who gets a chance with the name boys in the boxing game. This came out of the blue at a time where I was trying to figure out how to edge into the upper circle without going the long route. •'Overmatch? Certainly not! I have seen,Jenkins fight, and while \ he is a good boy—you have to be to be champion—he is far from unbeatable. He is strictly a right- hand puncher and if he can land that right hand it likely is curtains, our job is to keep him from landing it, and at the same time,"toss a few ourselves. He isn't hard to hit and this Byrd can pop 'em. "You can take it from me, Byrd has what it takes. Right now there are not more than a half dozen welterweignts in the country who can beat Aaron. Even then, if he should fight them three times he would stand a good chance of whip corning into the stretch, and he responded like a shot out of rocket. "The race proves he is a superior mud runner and a mai feels good with a mudlark 01 Derby Day because rain and mud are frequent." Study More Important Than Practice In Golf EVANSTON (NEA)—Ted Payseur relieves study is the most important actor in a successful game of golf. "It isn't necessary for a student to play a remarkable game in or-" der to enjoy golf," says Northwestern's coach. "Golf is 10 per cent natural ability, 40 per cent practice and 50 per cent study. The greatest thing about college golf is that the student acquires proficiency in a sport which he can take with him in later life." SCHEDULE SAILORS BLQOMXNGTON, Ind'.—Baseball coach Paul Harrell rescheduled the Wabash game so Indiana could meet Great Lakes baseball team, 'April 28. Benjamin Franklin attended school for only two years, between the ages of 8 and 10. Ninety-two per cent of the 9,000,000 people living in Egypt are of Mohammedan faith. Ensign Vmgts Is Handled With Care GREAT LAKES, 111. (NEA)—Ensign Bob Voigts, former Northwestern football star and later coach at Illinois Wesleyan and Yale, always gets a snappy salute from sailors quartered at the U. S. Naval Training Station here. Ensign Voigts- is the officer in charge of the brig. KEEPING FIT •MADISON.—Durina the 1941-42 school year, 2967 men student or 47 per cent of Wisconsin's male enrollment, competed in 15 sports under the intrumura'l program. 1/2 PINT important Nutiff OLD QUAKER at its new low price is the same Special Itcgcrvequalhy said at ihcliigher price. DISTILLED FROM "THE-TOP-OF-THF-CROP"' STWIGHIIOUIIDN WHISKEY -lifltOOf -THIS WHISKEY IS 5 YEARS CIO -THE OLD QUAKU CO., LAWIEHCHUM, I ale their bitter taste, but they act ton and Tom Harmon for these bcv- Wcstfall at Michigan, as a preservative erages. and all Bob Alli Americas. THE 5 CROWNS BLAST TOUGHNESS That son-of-a-gun thinks he's TOUGH, But Seagram's is calling his bluff, Our blenders lambaste him, They bomb him—they paste him, For we won't put up with such stuff. Our 5 Crown is smooth as a tune, And mild as a morning in June, It's rich as the mint, And it's light as a tint, And mellow as beams fron, the moon! f?+,,,-*,„ ^ llf , *"*~I~">*M/& , , J -~«*<>T/rW.>-,, coming out on top of two. •Byrd can fight. Don't let anyone kid you into believing he can't He is a good boxer, is hard to hit solidly and can punch with both hands, some tiling Tew fighters can do. He has a few rough spots to iron out before he Is a finished product, especially in fighting, but is improving ngnt along. He is ready to shoot the "works". I am certain he can come through all right." BURTON ISSUES CHALLENGE : While,-local fistic circles buzz with fight talk of the Byrd-Jcnk- 1ns match, a challenge to Byrd's supremacy come from another comer. Speaking through his mouthpiece, manager, advisor, secretary, publicity director, trainer, and what have you, 'Paul Kirkindall, Don Burton hurls defiance at Byrd and dares, yes double-dog-dares, him to meet in gloved combat. "We have nothing against Byrd," Kirkindal complains, "but believe he is overrated. What Is more, we would like to have a chance to -prove it. The only way is to get .both in the same ring arid battle it out. "I have taken Burton over to .get him in shape and promise he will be in A-l condition for the ight—if Byrd and Craig can be coaxed into accepting. "Burton says he can tame Byrd. In workouts he has little trouble landling him. Byrd is a sucker for left and no one can deny the act that Don has a beauty. "Give me a month with Burton nd I'll have him in such good shape that he'll run Byrd out of he ring. This is no publicity stunt. We are serious and warn Byrd to be careful when he crawls into the ring with Burton." Offhand. I would say 1 it will be a corking good fight with Burton in shape. Don does have a corking left hook. U a very good boxer backed with years of ring experience. He will have a ten-pound advantage but Byvd will have youth in his favor. What do you .say. Joe? Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Don't waith until the last minute l<f have your Tires Repaired—Come in NOW - - Materials Limited! Blytheville Tire Co. Highway 61 North — Phone 2201 Seagram's 5 Crown Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 72 Vi% grain neutral spirits. Seagram-Distillers Corporation, New York TOPS" for SPRING and SUMMER Sport COATS Step out in a new Sport Coat. 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