Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 1, 1949 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1949
Page 8
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8-C Sept, 30, 1949 Mkson City Globe-Gazette. Mason City, la. Billy Rose in Tribute to Doctors By BILLY ROSE For my dough, the most important people in the world, are doctors. It you hdve a bum ticker, if a sick tooth is beating drums inside your head, if your kid breaks out in spots, whom do you holler for? Truman? Henry Kaiser? Admiral Nimitz? In a pig's ear! You send for the man with the little black satchel * * * I wouldn't care if they took 99 per cent of the inventors, politicians and generals and chopped them up for firewood. You can't tel me that this is a better world because it's got an airplane. I don't give a hoot whether I can get to Los Angeles in 7 hours, 7 days or 7 weeks. To me that silver bird with the cute stewardess is the same gadget that dropped a cup of plutonium on a city and bloop!—No city. If I were putting up a statue to an' inventor, my hero would be the obscure Dutchman who invented the microscope. * * # Compared with physicians, politicos don't rate very high with me. After being in charge for 5,000 years, they've still got us up the well-known creek. I suppose they mean •well, but they always wind up making the same speech, "As . of yesterday, my country is at war with your country." * # * I stood in the streets and hollered with the rest of the peasants when Eisenhower rode up Fifth avenue last summer. I think Tke is a great guy, but let's face it— does he rate as many cheers as Fleming, the man who found penicillin? Not in my book. * * * My respect for doctors Is no something I came by an hour ago because I needed a midweek piece I ve been tipping my hat to these gentlemen ever since I had a hat There wasn't much on the obituary page when an old friend of mine, Dr. Emamiel Libman, died a few months ago. He was a slender little party with pink cheeks and a library of classical records never had time to listen to During his years as head of the great Mount Sinai hospital he charted a good part of what the top specialists know about your heart. A lot of people are going to see thousands of extra sunrises because of Manny Libman. Do you know anyone in congress who has given the world one-tenth as much? I know a powerful good medicine man named Jules Lempert who has devised a startling method of building a window of living tissue into the structure of a dead ear. For years they called him a quack and insisted the operation was impossible. Today he lectures at Harvard medical, and they write articles about him in the Readers Digest. At the end of a working day this talented surgeon can say, "I have given a man back his hearing." Do you think Benjamin Fairless of United States Steel, is nearly so important a citizen? * * * In a quiet way, doctor chaps are brothers to the priceless madmen who clean put machine gun nests or claw their way up the slopes of Mount Suribachi. When I was a kid I had scarlet fever, and they tacked up a red sign on my house and nobody could come near me. But a little old geezer with a black bag walked right in. I can still see the tiny red veins around his nose, and catch the smell of iodoform and tobacco from the rumpled suit. I remember asking my mother, "Don't doctors get sick?" Mom assured me they didn't—but she was fibbing. The list of doctors who were struck down by the bugs they were chasing would stretch from here to Valhalla. # * * In the last couple of centuries these test tube babies have added 30 years to the average life expectancy. I don't know about you but I wouldn't swap one spring WE PAY TRIBUTE to the members of the CERRO GORDO COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY CERRO GORDO COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY and the NURSES AND HOSPITAL STAFFS for the fine services they are performing. MAJOR FUNERAL HOME 209 Second Street N. E. Phone 511 ' "MAJOR SERVICE MEETS YOUR NEED" SWIFT EMERGENCY CARE—This room at the Park hospital is devoted to 'the swift and sometimes life-saving care necessary in an emergency. The emergency service is handled by members of the staff who have time available when the emergency call comes in during the daytime while at night and on weekends, cases are handled by the doctor assigned emergency calls for that particular night. out of these 30 for a chunk of gold the size of Radio City. # * # Of course, the great standouts of medical science didn't need me to beat their drum. The Warner Brothers took care of that some years ago in their "doctor cycle." You couldn't go into a theater without seeing Paul Muni inoculating rabbits. But the doctor in your neighborhood, with the stethoscope and 1937 Chevy, could use a little applause. In a society that rates a guy by how big a check he can write, he knocks his brains out for practically no dough. Remember that when you run into real trouble—something bites you in the belly, a sledgehammer starts knocking at the base of your skull, your heart is pumping like an old hot water bag—it's old Doc Sawbones who comes around and stops the hurt. * * . * To me that's as important anybody can get. as Dr. Kinsey Working on Women's Report Hollywood, (U.R) — Persons who are anxious to know what Dr. Kinsey, author of the famed "Kiny Report," thinks about Hollywood women will just have to wait until his next opus, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female," comes out. Dr. Alfred Kinsey, University of Indiana zoologist, set up offices in a local hotel and began probing the intimate secrets of Hollywood women as his staff of interrogators popped a series of questions at willing volunteers for the survey. But the doctor had no comment to make on whether Hollywood was expected to be any different from the scores of other cities already probed. "We will make extensive research," he said with scientific detachment, "and as yet, of course, we cannot tell what we will find." IOWA SHOE BROKERAGE WHERE YOU CAN BUY NATIONALLY KNOWN FOOT HEALTH SHOES FOR LESS!! SHOES FOR MEN For work or dress, an Arch Support shoe to relieve that tired feeling. In Kid, Kangaroo, or in Calf. Black or Brown . . . High or Low Shoes. All widths. $£95 and up Shoes for Children Corrective and Health shoes in such famous makes as Propr-Built, Pied Pi p e r, Kreider and many others. High or low shoes, Black, Brown and White. As low as GO Per Pair SHOES FOR LADIES Such famous arch support shoes as Walker T. Dickerson, Shelby, Heel Grippers, Red Cross, Wilbur Coon, Fickany and many others. For walking, dress and every day wear in Oxfords, Pumps and ties. Black Kid, Suede in Blue and Brown. All widths and sizes. A COMPLETE LINE OF RUBBER FOOTWEAR IOWA SHOE BROKERAGE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED SHOES FOR LESS British Health Plan Scored by Optician Service No Matter of Politics, He Says In a letter to a London magazine, The Optician, a small-town optician in Herfordshire, England, describes the changes in his pro- 'ession since the adoption of the 'New Health Scheme." He writes: I am only a "small man" in op- :ics but I have built up my practice from scratch and do not mind admitting that I have a fair amount of pride in that fact. I worked hard and created that trust and understanding which is so necessary to our work. Everything was under control and I knew my commitments ... Now all that is changed. We were all given about 3 weeks' no- iice of our terms of service under the new Health Scheme and were advised to accept. • I, in common with the majority of my colleagues, accepted with a proviso (mentally) that should, the terms not be satisfactory then further negotiating would be necessary. . . Life Disorganized After the scheme started my whole life became disorganized. I had to engage more assistants and my overheads went up in other directions. I worked, on average, from 9:30 a. m. until 1 a. m., after which a meal had to be prepared and eaten, so that I seldom got to bed until about 2 or 2:30 a. m. Working days included my half- day and also, unavoidably, a portion of most Sundays. Of private life I literally had none at all and my wife was drawn into the vortex. Then' came the delays and the queries, endless hundreds of them. After that came the losing of much good-will, hard fought for and justly earned by my efforts prior to the Health Scheme starting. Things are still as bad nowadays except that, as jobs are so slow coming back, less time has to be spent on checking. Again, checking is an awful headache. We all know what the manufacturers are up against and they have done a marvelous job and are still doing it, but they are unable to prevent the semi-skilled labour they now have to employ letting a few jobs go which would never have been passed normally. I have sometimes had to return half of the jobs received during he day. Some jobs I have had to* •eturn as many as 3 times before hey were correct. As may be imagined, I did not return the jobs or fun as it meant clients having :o wait perhaps another month or two. Much mental stress ?nd strain has been caused by this one 'acet of the Health Scheme alone. A Matter of Politics The health service is now a matter of politics. It is all a matter of forcing the public to hand over hard cash and then giving part of it back again and at the same time saying "aren't we jolly good fellows—look what we are doing for you." To say the least of it. the present scheme is ill-considered and, to say the most of it, it is plain downright crazy. By all means 'let the people who need medical attention have it free if they cannot afford to pay for it but not in the manner in which it is now being perpetrated. I say that now is the lime for doctors, dentists and opticians all to get together and say to the government: "We will not work the scheme as it stands any longer." Wasteful Nose Bleed Irks Blood Donor Sydney, Australia, (U.R)—Peter Stanton had to run out of a meeting of 500 Red Cross blood donors. He had a nose bleed. "I've given a lot of blood donations," Stanton said, "but this is a wasteful affair." The donors formed an organization to campaign for the blood bank throughout New South Wales. Probably no profession requires so much study through the years of practice as the medical, sine* science is constantly improving methods and medicine. We Hove Always Believed Cleanliness Is One of the First Rules of HEALTH Have Your Clothes Cleaned the SUN HONE WAY Ever since we've been in busi- ' ness, our purpose has been to give you the best cleaning we know how to do. Whenever we could we've made improvements in our technique and service. Now we've taken a major step which we think you'll like very much. We've adopted the nationally known SANITONE METHOD' which cleans clothes cleaner than ever before. After testing Sanitone and studying it, we've adopted it because we're convinced that it produces the finest cleaning that can be done. It wasn't all one - sided, either. We were pretty thoroughly investigated and inspected ourselves, to satisfy the Sani- tone people that our workmanship and equipment meet their standards. Sanitone is licensed only to carefully selected cleaners. Frankly, we're proud to be one- of them. Now we'd like you to try our Sanitone Cleaning Service. It's so much better that you'll be able to see and feel the difference. APPROVID \\MIOM SfftVICI Our prices are still the same. No increases. Call us today for Sanitone cleaning. £ Your SANITONE Cleaners IDEAL AMERICAN , ; LAUNDRY and CLEANERS 22 First Street S. W. Phone 21 Mason City, la. THREE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS ^ -" fs *^ AT THIS WORLD SERIES For complete World Series coverage in word and picture read "|"HREE? Sure! On the playing field, the championship teams of the American and National Leagues. Covering them for readers of this newspaper, another championship team —The Associated Press all-star outfit in any league...experts who know the players and know the plays. From the pressbox, AP's galaxy of star writers will send graphic, expert analyses...vivid accounts of the plays that count. In the dressing rooms, AP's wideawake reporters will get the story behind the story...why the master-minding worked... or why it didn't...the victors' jubilation...the losers' gloom. From special camera platforms, AP's prize-winning photographers will cover the sensations...the long fly into the stands... the home base steal that breaks the tie...the rhubarb with the umps. AP will have more than two-score writers, editors, photographers, technicians, analysts, statisticians at the World Series. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE A Member of the Associated Press TEOSMITS GAYLETALBOT JOEREICWER JACK HAND HUGH FUUERTON, JR. WHITNEY MARTIN JOHNROOHEY Associated Press Writing baseball Outstanding Preeminent His "Sports Roundup" Wit sparkles Sweeps the field General Sports since Ty Cobb's expert on authority on is chatty, in his with Big Bertha Editor. days. play-by-play. baseball lore. informalive. "Sports Trail." camera. JOHN LINDSAY HARRY HARRIS Specialist en Photographs sports sequence the play pktures. with 60-Irxh lent,!

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